Intermittent fasting for Seniors?

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Intermittent fasting for Seniors?

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  • Hi, everyone! I’m new to the site and was just wondering if anyone can share their thoughts with me. Do you think intermittent fasting is a good diet plan for seniors, people over 60 years of age? Is it something their bodies can tolerate and adapt to?

    According to what I’ve seen and read on here, it’s certainly also a good fit for seniors!!

    Hi savtoosh – judging by the number of – you call them seniors, we call ourselves LOACA (Ladies Of A Certain Age) because we’re all young inside – on these forums. 5:2 is a very good diet plan for us. Most of us have been through all the others and find that this one really works.

    Welcome to 5:2. There is a thread called ‘help-all-ladies-of-a-certain-age-please-respond’ – have a look, there are a fair few of us around.

    Hi savtoosh, trust me it works. I’m a 63 year old female who started in January at 90.8kg, now 72.4 and still going (aiming for 66). I feel great, do 1 x 40 hour fast a week and 3 more 24 hour (dinner to dinner) – water only because it works for me not to have any taste temptations. The rest of the time I eat normally (but find I am eating less) have wine and no guilt as I have had with the last 40 years of diets. I also do an hour on the crosstrainer 6 days a week (couldn’t do 10 minutes when I weighed 90kg) I will do this for life, cholesterol has dropped along with tryglicerides. Just do it

    Hi Savtoosh, I am 68.5 year old male, been on the diet since early August, have lost 18 lbs and many inches. I frequently do the 4:3 instead of 5:2 and have no side effects except I feel much better. I definitely recommend it. OBTW, my blood work has improved quite a bit. A1C has gone from 7.9 to 5.9, an improvement I will take anytime. Try it you’ll like it.

    Hi, all! thanks for replying.

    I love the term LOACA,@sylvestra. I think I’ll be using that from now on. *wink* And I’ll go check out that thread as well.

    @vicki – congrats on the weight loss! I weigh nowhere near your weight and I find I cannot do an hour of crosstraining. So yeah, this is starting to sound really good.

    @hardjudge – That’s really great about your blood work and the weight loss!

    I worry that I will overeat on the 5 days to compensate for the 2. Did you struggle at all with something like that initially?

    I think that we all have to learn what we can and can not do. I have about 60 more lbs to lose. Currently around 230 and want to get to 170, so I do 4:3 as it speeds up the weight lose process. Also rather than trying to hit about 2400 cal on non fast days, I try for 2000. I walk for 45 min 3 to 5 times a week depending on the weather and health. (male, 68, lupus, high blood pressure, type two diabetes). I am in it for the long haul, not a quick fix. Moderation is a key most people have trouble learning( me included). You will over time figure out what works best for you. Strangely we are all different and one size fits all does NOT work.

    Hello savtoosh, we have met elsewhere I think!! πŸ™‚

    Re your query, I think quite a number of people do have to struggle with not over-eating on non-fast days, especially at the start, tho MM’s study showed that not many overeat by much.

    Some people don’t have a problem with it tho, some find that over time their cravings reduce, some just learn how to manage those cravings – I am in the latter category, I do give in from time to time, but as I don’t want to put weight back on, generally I can resist.

    In my early days, I gave in more often, but cos I had weight to lose, and was more active then, I could get away with a bit of indulgence and still lose weight. Now I have to be more careful πŸ™‚

    Sassy πŸ˜€

    oh hey, @sassy! that gives me some cred then πŸ™‚

    I think the hardest part for me really is I’m the only one in the house interested in weight loss and dieting and a lifestyle change. Makes it hard to manage those cravings when everyone else is eating πŸ™

    I am 69 and only been doing this for a week. Would like to loose 14lbs. More if i felt i could. Feel hungry all the time though. Do not give in to over eating on the non fast days. So i lost 2lb so far. I do have a gin most evenings. Diet tonic. Its my daily treat. When i worked abroad we had a sun downer drink at evening times.

    Hi, Irenc-

    I just turned 69 myself a couple weeks ago.

    I’ve been doing 5:2 since the week before Christmas. I haven’t had more than a single glass of wine in all this time because I’ve never really enjoyed much more than an occasional Margarita or Bloody Mary and then only on social occasions. But I think Dr. Mosely would say that if it fits into your TDEE see how it works for you. I have seen others advise to save the calories of your fast days for food, in case that makes sense to you.

    I have far more weight to lose. …tho when I say “weight” I have no idea what it is since I don’t weigh myself. But I can tell you that since Christmas I have gone from size 20 jeans to size 12s.

    So, welcome aboard! And I think you’ll find good company of all ages but more than enough of us “oldsters”.

    Hi thanks for replying. I feel so hungry on fast days. Wishing it was bed time so temptation of food is gone. Big salad with 2 boiled eggs for lunch 4 hours ago but stomach is rumbling. Maybe weigh myself hoping i lost some since yesterday. NO EVER SAID LOSING WEIGHT WAS EASY. Husband drinks 3 beers a day and is like a greyhound. I have been at my pilates today. Got an energetic dog but my husband beats me to it on the walks, so he does 2 miles a day. I BOUGHT THE DOG !! For my exercise. We love her dearly. She came 2 years ago when both our old dogs died.

    This thread has been dead for months, anyone over 60 interested in keeping it up? I am 67 years young and believe we, the golden age group, are the ones who need the most sympathy and encouragement. After 60 weight piles on and it becomes almost impossible to remove the spare tyre around the middle. I am a firm believer in IF (I am doing ADF) and hope to get buddies to support each other on the road to health and weight loss. Join me for a shoulder to cry on and hugs for encouragement. Easy does it and I am in it to win it!

    Hi there!

    I’m 69 and I’ve been doing this since just before last Christmas with a serious backslide between April and October this year. Nevertheless, I’m back on it and since Christmas it’s done a LOT for me regardless of the 20 pounds I regained and had to re-lose.

    I have a MAJOR spare tire as ALL my weight is between my knees and my boobs/upper arms. And, tho it’s slow progress, I’ve seen a lot of it disappear even tho I’ve been fat since I started school at 6yo.

    I’ll keep you company!

    Hi LA Chubster,
    Glad to have you as a buddy. Let’s keep talking on the marathon and we won’t notice the distance.Yesterday finished my 4th week and I am 2kg down from my initial weight. Not much, but the direction is right. My problem is wine, my DH and I love it and daily have a few glasses. I would like to see the weight go faster, so I’m planning to have it only on NFDs. I am also planning to replace ATF (24 hours fasts) with 4:3 on water only to see how it goes. I am so impatient to see results asap, I know I didn’t put the weight on in a month and it will take a long time to shed the fat. I have about 20kg to lose. Deep inside me there is a slim and elegant girl lost in the woods, very eager to come out and show her figure. My husband is very supportive, always joining me on diets, even though he doesn’t have more than a few kg to lose (only bellywise). He doesn’t comment on my gaining weight, but I remember when I lost 17kg on the Ducan diet a few years ago, he could’t take his eyes off me, telling me I looked like the schoolgirl he fell in love with 50 years ago. I’ll fight to give my young spirit the body it deserves! Let’s do it!

    I understand the struggle to maintain pleasant habits like wine. For me it was kombucha which is a fermented tea I brew myself. I really like it and it has a lot of probiotics which are very helpful BUT it’s also made with a lot of sugar which is converted to alcohol in the fermentation process.

    I wasn’t willing to give it up and that’s how I instigated that long back slide. 😡 It took me forever and many, many, many tries to get past it and back on track. I’m grateful to be back in control again but I’m also asking myself when the weather warms up again will I start brewing again and subject myself to that struggle. The answer I’m currently getting is: yes, I really may. We’ll see when the time comes. πŸ˜‰

    How wonderful that your husband is supportive! My husband is supportive of me too but more in a general way than relating to dietary stuff. He’s a sweetie and he’d still be there with me if I stayed a blimp or not. But he does say appreciative things and he’s fine when I want to spend major bucks on a new piece of exercise equipment.

    I no longer worry about how fast it happens. I don’t weigh myself at all and I don’t pay much attention to the TDEE or my calories on food days. I just stick to what’s been working for me, satisfy myself with natural foods without additives or hidden sugar and carbs that I prepare myself when I eat and as long as I feel so much more comfortable in my body I know I’m headed in the right direction. That’s why I may take that little detour in the summer and enjoy something refreshing for a few months.

    Looking forward to the size 10 jeans that are in my future and delighted to have your company! πŸ–

    Hi girls,
    I blew up my FD yesterday, but it was Nov. 17th and the yearly coming out of Beaujolais Nouveau, the famous French wine, and as my husband brought a bottle at dinner, I just couldn’t say “no”. It was excellent!
    My next weigh in is on Monday and hope tomorrow’s fast with compensate the wining and dining last night. I actually didn’t eat much at all – a small salad with tomato and fresh mozzarella and two WASA wholewheat crackers with cheese and pickles. I do feel the blubber is melting and my step is lighter. I am just keeping my fingers crossed it shows on the scales.
    My last winter in Beijing and I am dreaming of going back to Bulgaria and having a white Christmas. No snow here, just cold wind and dust. Depressing…I can’t believe we spent 27 years in China! For many years it felt “home” to me, but now it’s time to leave and go back to the roots – children, grandchildren and friends. The mere thought of it gets me excited. Yes, I am grateful for the experience, visited lots of other countries and made new friends, witnessed Beijing turning from a dirty, smelly village into a mega city. We’ll continue exploring the world, but from our home base (hopefully at least 10kg less). As it will be a new beginning, I’ll try to start with a slim figure.

    You spent 27 years in China! Surely children in your family have grown to adulthood in that time.

    We spent one Winter and Spring on the other side of the world from our family and it was *rough*. As you say, it’s an experience to be grateful for — actually *living* in another culture instead of just visiting it — but even making phone calls with that kind of time difference took planning and traveling back and forth was just *punishing*. So my hat’s off to that kind of commitment!

    So, Bulgaria is home? I just LOVE that there are people from so many different countries and cultures here!

    My news is that I had a doctor’s appointment on Wed. and I got weighed. I don’t weigh myself but I do take note when they do it. I’ve lost 9 pounds since Sept. 30.

    Hi Chub,
    Congrats on the lost pounds, isn’t it great to know that the effort is paying off. You are right about the kids – when we came to China they were 18 and 16. Now they are 45 and 43 and four grandchildren, amazing!
    Yes, we are from Bulgaria and will be returning there, but otherwise we’ve become citizens of the world in the sense that we do not attach ourselves too much to one place. We love to travel and, hopefully, will continue to do so, if finances and health permit.
    Where were you on the other side of the world? Where do you live now? Do you have children and grandchildren? Sorry if I sound too curious, but I just would like to know you better.
    FD today, weigh in tomorrow. Will share results.

    Too curious, bjanna? Not in the least! I love to round out our personalities and really get to know one another!

    I am American living in Los Angeles but I love that concept of citizen of the world and though we can’t afford to travel much we sometimes have an opportunity to really live within another culture. I value that tremendously just as I do this sort of international forum.

    Congrats on your really excellent English! I wouldn’t have had a clue that you weren’t a native speaker.

    We were in Cape Town last summer and fall. It was a great experience and we still miss it. And then we’ve lived in Vancouver, BC in Canada many times over the years. The culture in BC is very similar to California in many ways but still has it’s own personality and a really WONDERFUL inclusive community-based culture that I wish Americans appreciated and emulated.

    We have 3 kids, a son-in-law and one grandchild. One daughter, her husband and son live with us in a guest house. I love the intergenerational thing and feel very privileged to be a part of my grandson’s growing up.

    What had you in China for 27 years? That’s a looooong time!

    Hi ladies of a certain age, love that. 5.2 is fine for our age group and very easy to get into this way of life! I’m 68 and started 5.2 in May. I’ve lost 2.5stone and gone from BMI of 28.5 to 23.5 and have just 6lbs to my target of 9.7stones.
    I’ve also had issues with the wine, and now just have a couple of glasses at the weekend.
    I fast Monday and Wednesday and often Fridays. But what I really like is the flexibility of 5.2 so fits in with my life very well!
    Good luck to us all! Onwards a nd Down!!

    Hi, Rocy, and very well done indeed!!!

    Hi gals,
    Happy to share my scales results of this morning – 1.8kg (4lb) less than last week!!! I was 82.6kg when I started four weeks ago and now I am 78.7kg. Four kg lost in four weeks, even with the wine last night on my FD. Finally I saw off the hateful 8 in front. Hope to see 65kg by next June (at least I’ll try).
    @la Chubster: Thanks for the info, it’s nice to know each other better. I envy you having your daughter and grandson living with you, whis is what I have missed for so long. We came to China in 1990 with my husband representing a Bulgarian company. One year later his post was terminated and we satyed on, as I was teaching (I am an English teacher) at an international school. Ten years later he was offered another job in China and we again sayed on. In the meantime I graduated (at 55) in Interior Design and took a driving license (I am so proud of that). Then our oldest grandson came to Beijing to study at an international school and, as he is graduating in June, we are going back to Bulgaria (finally!).
    We visited LA five years ago, one of the places we wanted to visit on our US trip. We started in Chicago (a friend of ours lives there), then flew to Nashville (both hubby and I love country music), hired a car and drove to Memphis (Elvis’s home), on to New Orleans (loved it!), Las Vegas and LA. Great adventure, still talk about it.
    I am just fed up with long flights and most probably will limit our future trips to Europe, and if possible, by
    car. There are still many places there that we haven’t visited.
    @rocy65: Welcome, dear, so you are also doing 4:3 like me. Great results so far, keep it up. I do not have issues with wine, I simply love it and, hopefully, will enjoy it on the rocky road to gorgeousness. Keep us informed about the last encounters with weight loss. How tall are you and where are you from?

    byjanna, I’m sorry I didnt mean to infer that I (nor you!) had a wine problem! I just enjoy a good wine but found the calories stacked up so now just have a glass or few at weekends!!

    I am from Cornwall Uk and am 5.5 tall.

    Previous encounters with weightloss! Where to start! I seem to have had weight problems all my life and after my third child never really lost it and kept it off. Yoyo dieted, Slimming world weight watchers and many in between.

    I got to the stage where I really wasn’t happy, lost self confidence, my cholestrol was 9.5 my joints ached with arthritis and I felt OLD! I discovered 5.2 through my brother being on it and then went onto the forums and found Codas May challenge, posting everyday and its been a great journey. Not without its difficult times but the support and motivation from others on the challenges has been inspiring and being able to give support and encouragement has helped as well.

    I am now much fitter, my joints don’t ache now the weight is off them, Ive not had a cholestrol test but feel confident that it will be much lower!!

    Love to travel though mostly to New Zealand as we have family there. But in between lots more trips around this country as there are so many beautiful places!!
    So that’s me!

    Intermittent fasting can be an useful tool for weight loss for seniors. Since seniors find it hard to stick to a particular diet and do strenuous exercises, they can try intermittent fasting. This is an eating process where you need to stop eating food for several hours, or eat in a eating window period. The fast can be of 16 hours to 24 hours. It is very effective for fat loss.

    Ni, non-aging spirits,
    Haven’t posted in a long time, but there was nothing to boast about. I went up 1.5kg, then painfully down 1kg, still trying to reach my previous success. It’s very difficult for me to lose weight, as we have wine every night at dinner and it’s a habit of 40 years, very difficult to break. Now I am trying to fast for 36 hours starting tomorrow (no wine on FD) and see if it works. I am on 4:3 on 24 hour fasts, but with the wine I hardly lose 250-300g/week. It is still going in the right direction, but with my ambitious goal of losing 13kg by the end of June, I should take measures. Another problem are the carbs – for me a meal is a meal with carbs -be it potatoes (I love sweet potatoes), rice or bread (crackers are also fine). Even though I love desserts, they are not my worry at the moments, I do not crave sweets at present. I’ll be weighing in on Sunday and hope to have lost at least another half a kilo.
    We’ll have guests on Christmas and, as we are Bulgarian, we’ll have baklava, which is awfully sweet and syrupy, but delicious, banitza(Bulgarian cheese pie)d, turkey and salad and on the 26th it’s a fast day, so I hope to balance the calories and at least stay the same weight. What about your holiday plans, do share.
    Merry Christmas to all of you and let’s keep in touch!

    My mother is 70 years old and takes medication for high blood pressure. She has had her gall bladder removed around 15 years ago.
    Three years ago she had a knee replacement surgery done. Her doctor asked her to lose weight but that hasn’t happened. I would like her to start with the intermittent fasting diet but am concerned if her condition is suitable for such a drastic change (high blood pressure, no gall bladder).
    She does naturally tend to give long gaps in eating but I suppose the sugar in her tea and random snacking doesn’t allow her to lose the weight she might otherwise.

    Vasundhara, only her doctor can give her the final okay. I only have two things in common with your mom – I’m around her age, 68, and I have high blood pressure. Actually, my blood pressure is much improved since I began the 5:2 way of eating on May 10 of this year and lost 5.4 kg. I dropped one of two blood pressure meds I was taking and have had to cut the remaining one in half because my blood pressure was dropping too low both on fast days and on eating days when I wasn’t eating for several hours. (I became less hungry and less focused on food.) So anyone on high blood pressure meds should check their BP often to make sure the meds don’t force their blood pressure down too low. I would definitely consult with her doctor first.

    That said, in my case the weight loss has averaged about .7 kg per week. It hasn’t been difficult and I feel great without that extra weight. If your mother does decide to try it, point her in the direction of this forum. We’d love to welcome her!

    Thanks a lot for the reply. I hope your example inspires her to try this out.

    Hi Vasundhara, I’m in my mid-50s so not quite your mum’s age, However I’ve been without my gall bladder for over 30 years and haven’t had any issues on 5:2. I find I always need to keep to a moderate fat level as my body can no longer produce the concentrated bile required to digest it – but that is more of an issue for normal days, not fast days.

    When I started losing weight I was on blood pressure meds and since getting my weight down I no longer need them. CalifDreamer’s advice is sound – this needs to be monitored by a doctor. My need for blood pressure meds changed gradually and the dose was slowly altered until I no longer needed it. It meant that my GP had to check it regularly and make the necessary adjustments.

    Thanks LJoyce. I think my Mom can now go ahead with this diet. Apart from the high BP thing, the absent gall bladder was a real concern for me because it was years before she could begin to digest food properly (especially since there is always some fat in all our home-cooked meals). I was afraid a regular fast might disturb her digestion again.

    Hello, everyone, I don’t think I have posted here before but was doing some research on this topic since my TOPS club has asked me to present a lesson on what I am doing to lose weight when we meet next week. I have been following a daily intermittent fasting plan since early May and I am nearing my mid 70’s. My sugar cravings have almost vanished completely and even the former urge to be thinking about food incessantly has diminished, too. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in October of 2013 and put on metformin. My A1C was 9.5 when I was diagnosed and I was taking the lowest dosage possible.

    I saw my family physician in May about the same time my morning blood sugar readings were rising for an unknown reason and mentioned the idea of intermittent fasting to her since I had started researching it at that time. She advised me not to go below 1100 calories per day with my 16/8 daily regimen.

    I had an appointment with her this past week to review routine 6 month lab results and my A1C is down to 5.5 so she advised discontinuing the metformin for now and rechecking in 3 months. My cholesterol numbers were down considerably, too. After reading the comments here I think it is important to emphasize with my TOPS friends that consulting their physician is highly recommended since I know that some of them are taking blood pressure medications.

    I am so thrilled with the lab results and it has only been a little over two months since I started following this program. I make every effort most days to get 10,000 steps on my pedometer and I participate in an exercise class geared for seniors 3 times a week that includes a lot of stretching and some strength training, etc. The discomfort I have felt in one knee has diminished, too, which is a good thing.

    Thanks to those of you who have written of your experiences. My customary eating hours are about 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. so it was a challenge to get beyond the conditioning that one has to start the day with a good breakfast. I found that I felt much better during my morning exercise class if I had not eaten beforehand so decided that “the proof is in the pudding” and it was safe to adopt some new beliefs and follow them.

    I am 62, and have been doing 5:2 fasting for 15 months. I have gone down from 70kgs to 62kgs, and feel much fitter. I think it’s a very good regime for Ladies of a Certain Age! I feel rested and calm after my fast days, and because I am lighter I able to be much more active. I have found that I sometimes binge on non-fast days, but that is happening less often now. And I seem to have broken a lifelong habit of craving (and eating!) sugary foods when I am upset or stressed. I did have some problems with acid reflux (vocal problems, not heartburn) last year, but that may have been caused by stress. I stayed off the medication that was recommended (PPIs) and now I am absolutely fine again. I will be on the 5:2 for the rest of my life, I am quite sure!

    Hello from Indianapolis Indiana in the USA. I am 75 years old and am anxious to start this eating plan. I am lucky that I do not have to take any medications as yet but concerned that because of my weight and age I may have to in the future. Also, I need a knee replacement that would certainly go much smoother if I were not so heavy. My goal is to lose 50 pounds (23 Kg?) in the next year. I had some reservations that this diet would be healthy for seniors but you guys have put that to rest. I am so grateful to have found this site.

    Hi, Visagirl, Just wanted to wish you the best with your new undertaking and much success as you pursue your goal for the year. In my first post I didn’t mention that I had seen an orthopedist almost 5 years ago regarding a lot of pain in one knee. I had had a cortizone shot in that knee in the emergency room a couple of months prior to seeing him. Since implementing the 16/8 plan and losing weight I have little pain in that knee for which I am very grateful. I remember him saying that for every pound lost it takes 5 pounds of pressure off one’s knees. Wishing you well for sure! One other thing, my massage therapist told me of a friend of hers who lost 144 pounds but responds when asked, “I didn’t lose 144 pounds. I lost one pound at a time”.

    Hiya: I am 61 years young, just started on here today.
    Aiming to lose at least 10 kgs, if not 15 kgs or more in total.

    Hi morning glory, Thanks to you I have been looking at the 16:8 diet. Whoa that looks great. I may stay on the 5:2 an a little longer to get a feel for my weight loss and then switch to the 16:8 to compare but wow it certainly looks like something I could handle more easily. Thank you so much because I had not heard of it. And thank you for the info about the knees and your words of incouragement.

    Hi Visagirl, Another resource that I found helpful regarding daily intermittent fasting is “The Buddha’s Diet” by Tara Cottrell and Dan Zigmond. They also have a website which offers the basics laid out in the book and a person does not need to be a Buddhist to find the research and information they share to be of value. When I started the 16/8 plan I had not heard of their work but discovered it after the fact and think it has some merit, too, since we are each uniquely put together.

    Update on my Mom’s fasting.
    After much hesitation my Mom (age 70) started intermittent fasting. She chose to do the 16:8 because it suits her daily routine better. It’s been a little over a month and she has lost around 3 kgs. Her blood pressure has lowered and after consultation with a doctor she has reduced her dosage.
    Also, the missing gall bladder has not caused any problem whatsoever.

    Hope this helps anyone who has similar concerns about beginning with intermittent fasting.

    Hi morning glory, Well I have decided that this 5:2 diet is a little too hard for me. I just don’t feel well on 500 calories on fasting day. Maybe I am being a wimp or maybe it’s my age I am not sure, but I am done at least for now. I am doing the 16:8 and am feeling much better. I am so grateful to you for telling me about this plan and the “The Buddah’s Diet”. It is a much better fit for me.

    Hi Visagirl, Wishing you the best with your new intermittent fasting approach! Since I had already jumped right in to the 16/8 plan I didn’t follow some of the recommendations of “The Buddha’s Diet” but I think they seem quite valid…..such as starting out more slowly than I did. I still need to remind myself when a craving arises now and then that there is very little if any food available to me that will resolve the stress that is linked to the craving….at least more than temporarily. Most days I can catch myself and be quite successful with that reminder although I have noticed that when I feel physically depleted I am more challenged.

    I came to this thread because I tried three weeks of the 5:2 plan and although I did loose a bit of weight, I felt absolutely terrible – no energy andcouldn’t think straight. I was OK on the fast day;I just distracted myself when I felt hungry, but it would take me 36 hours for my energy to pick up. I am 62, at the higher end of the ‘normal’ weight range and have no known medical conditions. I have given the plan a rest for two weeks and was thinking of starting again, tomorrow but I’m not sure whether I can face it. I might research ‘The Buddha Diet’ πŸ™‚

    Hi Karen, I am 75 and I also had issues with the 5/2 diet. I have no health issues but I just did not feel well on it. When I stated that on here, morningglory told me about both ‘The Buddha Diet’ and the 16/8 diet. I chose to try the 16/8 and it has worked well for me. I feel much better. Occasionally when I am feeling strong I will do a fasting day. But no pressure. I’m too old for that. I wish you much success in whichever diet you choose. All you can do is your best. Good luck!

    My Mom (who is now 71) had also tried 5:2 first but found it difficult. 16:8 is pretty easy in comparison. All she needs to do is keep busy and distracted till lunchtime and then she can eat. Not that she is hungry before that. It’s more of a psychological thing, knowing that you are not allowed to eat for a few hours.

    Just thought I would update since I haven’t posted since labs were done in October. I continue following the 16:8 plan and my A1C results were still at a good level (5.7) without metformin. Although I haven’t read extensively yet on the possible benefits of intermittent fasting in the area of preventing or slowing mental decline such as dementia, etc., this possibility is another motivator for me to continue with this eating pattern. Occasionally I need to “get back on track” due to too much snack eating in the evening but when that happens I am able to pick up the eating plan the next day and proceed.

    Hi morningglory, Good for you! I know you are working hard. I have lost 15 pounds so far on the 16/8 diet and feel pretty good. My bp and glucose are still very good but I am still having issues with my short term memory. I guess that is to be expected at my age. I hope this diet slows the progression of this some. My mother is still alive at 95 but she has Alzheimer’s. I hope that is not in the cards for me in 20 years. I am very hopeful that intermittent fasting will give me some extra time. Well we all need to pat ourselves on the back that we are making steps to improve our health.

    Hi, Visagirl, I don’t know that I’ve mentioned here that in addition to following the 16/8 eating plan I am also exercise regularly which I know is a big help, too. I have been carrying a pedometer in my pocket for a good while and aim for 10,000+ steps each day in addition to doing some light weight training several times a week. I’m not walking in my neighborhood as much since the weather turned much colder but there are plenty of other options to choose from. I walk inside my house, at the local mall or big box store or with any number of walking videos via youtube. I recently came across some videos of people doing chair dance yoga that are lots of fun, too. I agree with you that we need to commend ourselves for taking steps to improve our health and our lives, for sure.

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