Intermittent Fasting at Midlife

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  • I am interested in how IF can help people in their midlives. Can it repair the damage we may have done to our bodies? Can it regnerate our cells? Can it tackle/prevent age-related disease? Can it help us improve our willpower and adopt better eating habits? Can IF help us age-proof our bodies so we can enjoy a healthier mid and later life?

    Hi Beaulieu, I’m 60 years old and have been practicing IF for 5 months and have felt damage repair, experienced cell regeneration, feel it has rolled back my biological clock and strengthened my willpower by clearing my head of brain fog. My eating habits have never been better and I’ve been an emotional eater who has a history of binge eating. So, in essence, any aches and pains I experienced have evaporated including a burning feeling in my joints when under stress from simply tasks such as kneeling. I’m thinking much more clearly and I’ve also cleared a lot of emotional baggage since starting 5:2. This has had flow on effect of boosting my will power. Chemical and physiological changes have taken place which support healthier eating since less healthy options are naturally no longer as appealing.

    Just today I attended a ladies morning tea where an array of enticing sweets were spread across before. A plate of special gluten free options were chosen just for me. I had trepidation about taking even one bite of any of it, though knew I’d create a scene of sorts by passing on them. Usually even one bite of something sugary sparks instant craving. Thanks to 5:2, I was able to eat a narrow sliver of brownie and orange/almond slices and leave it at that. I expected I’d have further cravings on the drive home and didn’t. This is new! I feel new at 60!

    Hi Beaulieu,
    I would certainly agree with Lael regarding the effects of IF.I have only completed three months of the diet and I have nearly lost about 5 kilos. My figure is nearer that of a 20 something than a 50 something. Although I didn’t have much weight to lose I was more interested in the health benefits after suffering from various “inflammation” related complaints and infections of different kinds for years.
    Losing the weight and doing the diet has indeed brought other health benefits. I no longer suffer so much with hot flushes, I am finding that stiffness is much reduced and sleep is improved. I have not needed any antibiotics in the last three months. I have more energy too!
    Fasting has changed my appetite for the better and made me realise I don’t need to eat so much or so frequently. The great thing is that I can also enjoy a treat from time to time on Non fast days without any harm. Whereas before I started the diet I was trying to lose weight by cutting out all sugar and sweet things, which didn’t work at all.
    What is going on at a cellular level is another matter. There are some studies and Dr Moseley does touch on them in his book. It will probably be too late for me by the time we really know what the benefits are at a scientific level. I found Dr Moseley’s current understanding convincing enough for me to want to give it a go. “The proof of the pudding …….”

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