Intermittent fasting 2 days in a row

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  • Hi there is there anyone else out there that is fasting 2 days in a row instead of in between
    I am fasting Monday and Tuesday and have lost 5 kilos since beginning of June, with a 4 week plateau in between when I nearly gave up
    It is slow progress however I am now seeing it as a lifestyle change which is what it’s all about I think
    I would love to hear from anyone else that is doing a similar pattern
    I try and have 17 hour fasts from dinner night before to having lunch the next day ( skipping breakfast)
    I am very hungry on the Tuesday but what keep me going is knowing Wednesday I can eat what I want and often when I wake up I’m not that hungry amazingly 🙂
    Look forward to hearing your stories

    Hi mariao, I don’t do it your way but have heard from other posters who have. I find I have most success (in terms of the whole concept of coping with ‘hunger’) when I have my fasts several days apart. I am just too hungry if I have them close together. Unfortunately for me, this week I will have only one day separating my two fasts (to fit them in around unavoidable eating occasions!), ie. yesterday and tomorrow. I just KNOW I’m going to feel STARVING tomorrow 🙁 . Four months into this diet and I still have as big an appetite as when I started. Oh well…

    Hi Have been following the fast since June in the traditional two separate days until recently when chatting to another faster who is having breakfast and lunch one day and going through until lunch the following day without eating. Thus sleeping through most of the fast time of 18 hrs. Huge difference to my 10 hr fasting day. Lost 7 lbs since June but things have stabilized so hoping the above will give loss a boost. Great video by the way, reminds you, even having read the book – a must do!

    I am doing 2 days in a row this week to see how I manage.

    I had 500 calories Monday eating lunch and dinner and then the same on Tuesday. I have not ate anything yet, although had my morning coffee with milk and will have soup for my lunch again. I have not been shopping yet so may end up with a weight watchers meal for my tea tonight as I am the only one at home tonight so no need to cook so it could actually spread to 3 days.

    I will then have some crispbreads for breakfast and then a healthy lunch tomorrow when I go shopping with my mum.

    I did back to back last week as it was a week sandwiched between excessive birthday celebrations ! So I wanted to fit in a 4:3 to make up for it….
    I fasted from dinner on Sunday to breakfast on Wednesday, 500 cals each day Mon & Tues. It wasn’t as hard as I thought. I then ate normally on Wednesday and fasted again Thursday.

    I felt good, and was very encouraged by weight loss. and most surprisingly I didn’t wake up feeling starving hungry on Wednesday morning.

    Indeed I might do a 4:3 once a month as a boost.

    Thanks heaps for all your comments
    I may give a 2 day intermittent fast a go, perhaps Monday and Wednesday and see if I lose weight quicker that way
    I had not thought of 4:3 either tomtommum say may look at that as well

    I’ve done consecutive days a few times whilst working out what approach works best for me, and have found it very manageable. I only eat one meal a day. Once I have passed 13:00 hours on the second day, my head tells me I’ve cracked it, and I can just press on until dinner. Sometimes on the weeks that I’ve done 2 consecutive days, I’ll do a third day, and it’s then I’ve noticed most weight loss. I do have to monitor the amount of calories I eat on non-fast days though, for my own peace of mind so that I don’t undermine the fasts.

    @ Paula Jayne
    “I’ll do a third day, and it’s then I’ve noticed most weight loss.”

    I’m working up to doing a 4:3.

    Currently, I’m content with a consecutive 5:2 fasting and pleased with my progress.

    I will find the right timing in the future when I can be successful at a consecutive 4:3 without eating.

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