Insulin cessation.

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  • Hi,
    Just joint the forum and hoping to get advice.
    Was on 4X500mg of metformin a day along with 28 measures of Insulin in the morning and 42 in the evening (Humalog)
    Started 5:2 on 11/3/19 and weighed16 stone 10 pounds (although I weighed 17 stone 12 pounds in January 19.
    Now I understand that Michael had said that insulin dependant diabetics should be wary, but due to time restricted eating and exercise am now down to 15 stone 4 pounds and have taken no diabetes medicine at all since 28 March having cut down insulin by 2 measurements every few days since start of 5:2. This was with my GPs blessing, as long as I checked my bloods regularly.
    I am now only having 1 meal a day and fasting for almost 20 hours a day, apart from tea anf coffee, with a sweetener.
    My problem is that prior to stopping all meds, my average blood sugar levels were 7.72 on average, but since stopping meds, this is now 9.05.these are based on before breakfast bloods.
    I know the obvious answer is to start all meds again, but my goal was to stop insulin. For the past couple of days, I have taken 2X 500mg in the evening, so no improvements yet.
    It has to be said that I am still feeling really good and that the blood count has always lowered to acceptable levels as the day goes on.
    I have lost 15.4kg since January, so am obviously keen to carry this on.
    It has so far cost me a couple of hundred quid on new clothes, but the fat people who visit our local charity shop are quids in!
    I have an appointment with my GP, but not till 2/5/19.
    Sorry about length of this first post, but any advice welcome
    It has to be sa

    Please ignore last 5 words of my post!!!!

    @pabrmu I hope you are working with a doctor. It is great to get off of taking insulin, but it isn’t worth it if you kill yourself in the process of getting off of the medication.

    Thanks for the reply dykask,
    I have an appointment with my doctor on 2nd May, so will let you know what she says.

    Welcome to the Fastdiet forums, pabrmu. And congrats on your weight loss so far. You mention having 1 meal per day and fasting for 20 hours. Is this just on your FD’s (fast days) or every day? The 5:2 way of eating usually involves eating 600 calories on each of 2 FD’s and whatever you want the other 5 days, just eating mindfully. Dr. M has also come out with another plan, the Fast800 to jump start weight loss, which is 800 calories per day, every day, for a couple of weeks to get things started. Lots of people on these forums limit those calories to a certain number of hours on those days.

    I don’t know much about diabetes medications, but please talk with your doctor about whether you need to be on medications. It sounds like it may take a little longer to be free of them. I got off blood pressure medications while I was losing but then had to go back on them again after a couple of months. I’m still on them now, even at my low weight. Some things aren’t tied only to weight. (I’m 70.)

    Local charity shops are great places to buy clothing while you’re losing as well as to donate the too large ones. Sometimes you end up wearing a certain size for a short period of time before moving down again. I found that after losing 25 pounds there were a lot of very nice clothes in the charity shops in my new size. People buy small sizes when they lose weight on other diets and then gain it all back when the diet is “over”. Their new clothing in small sizes ends up donated to the shops, sometimes barely worn. The nice thing about 5:2 is that it’s sustainable. I kept right on with it after I reached my goal weight in Dec of 2017. I just eat a little more on NFD’s. (Non fast days). It gets to be such a habit after a while that those two low calorie days are just routine.

    I wish you continued success and patience with getting off of your meds.

    Pabrmu, from what I understand, for T2 diabetics, taking insulin is equivalent to alcoholics drinking alcohol – absolutely to be avoided. T2D is too much insulin, so why would you take more? 5:2 can be a great tool to reverse the lifestyle damage done, and can reverse T2D.

    Best of luck with your progress on this way of life.

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