Increased Number of Infections

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  • I apologize if this topic has already been covered, but I couldn’t find the answer I was looking for. Has anyone experienced an increase in infections since they started fasting? I started at the end of November, combining a 4:3 fast with HIIT. I’ve experienced success, losing one dress size, but have also had some unexpected side effects. Ever since I started I’ve gotten yeast infections with each period. I’ve also now have an upper respiratory infection and pink eye. I haven’t gotten a YI or an eye infection in years (at least 10-12), so to get them (multiple times in the case of the YI) is a little alarming. Anyone else experience this, or have ideas around what the issue could be?

    I suggest you look at the amount of sugar and gluten in your diet and try to cut out these as much as possible
    I had this problem previously and had to take a good look at my diet I There are lots of remedies you can use long term rather than resorting to medication from the GP Hope u feel better soon

    Hi Nickel:

    You have hit your body with a one/two punch. By eating less, you are consuming fewer nutrients (vitamins/minerals) than you were consuming. By beginning to exercise, you are using more nutrients than you were before.

    Proper nutrition is necessary for a strong immune system.

    You might review the foods you are eating and attempt to make your diet more nutritionally dense (a natural result of decreasing sugar in your diet). Or you could take some good nutritional supplements (in the supplement world, I’m afraid the old adage of the more you pay, the more you get is true).

    Good Luck!

    Thank you! This is helpful. I’ve actually gone off the diet over the last four days in an effort to try to stabilize whatever has gone wonky in my system. I’ll move to a low-sugar, lower carb way of eating and the make my way back to IF. I’ve also started taking vitamins and probiotics, so hopefully those will help as well.

    That’s interesting.

    I’ve just noticed that in the year I’ve been IFing I don’t think I’ve had a cold or URI. That’s extremely unusual for me. As an asthmatic on immune response depressing meds I am typically either sick or on the verge of it.

    I’m still on the meds but both my resistance to bugs and breathing challenges have been much improved and I am able to exercise regularly and vigorously without any respiratory distress.

    Maybe it’s worth also noting that I’ve been taking a whole range of supplements along with IFing. Wouldn’t know what to attribute to what. Still, it’s been a remarkable change for me.

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