I'm a believer! But there are tummy and dizziness issues…

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I'm a believer! But there are tummy and dizziness issues…

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  • I’m now some 3 months a 5/2-er and it’s worked! No question about it – some preceding months of exercise and careful food intake hadn’t produced the desired results but adding 5/2 to the mix has done the job.

    From a BMI of 25-26 down to sub-24, a reduction of some 10% body weight. My ‘proto-paunch’ is but a shadow of it’s original self. Moreover I definitely feel healthier and more energetic. More reasons to believe in the other touted benefits? I hope so.

    OK, that’s the good, now for the not so ‘good’:

    Apart from the obvious battles with hunger and low-energy malaise during my two fasting days I do get bouts of tummy/abdominal aches/cramps. They usually occur late on the first or into the second day. I’ve been fairly zealous on my personal interpretation of fasting; generally restricting myself to plenty of liquids (tea, water and occasionally a hot Marmite beverage – try not to laugh please). Lately I’ve relaxed this strict regime to include fruit such as water melon, pear and kiwi. So perhaps not surprising that my digestive system has gotten cranky.

    More disturbing are the thankfully few dizzy spells I’ve had shortly after breaking my fast. The most recent was during a meeting at work (on an offshore drilling installation) – about half an hour after a ‘generous’ breakfast of muesli followed by a plate of tuna/beans/cooked tomato with whole-wheat toast I had a hot-sweat and near black-out spell. Perching myself on the edge of a table saved me from a potentially difficult situation.

    I surmise that being more frugal with the first meal might avoid this issue but I’d really like to read other fast-dieter’s experiences / thoughts on this and the pluses / minuses of this life choice.

    Hi there,

    Yes I have experienced something similar maybe not quite as extreme, but have sometimes felt odd if I have eaten a lot in the first meal. A sharp pain sometimes, or just feel extremely sick. A light breakfast after a fast day seems to have helped so I avoid any big breakfast (although it is so tempting after a fast day):P

    I’m fortunate not to experience the stomach cramps, but what concerns me is the dizziness and fuzzy head I experience on fast days. I only had 5 kilos to lose and after a good loss in week 1 the reduction has been slow and steady. I have just under 1 kilo to go. My general health is great, but my dizziness is worrying. My husband thinks maybe my blood sugar levels drop too much on fast days. I only eat at dinner on fast days, this works better for me, but today the dizziness is very off putting. Anyone else experienced this and do you think it could relate to blood sugar levels?

    I had bad dizziness the first few times I fasted, which did concern me. But when I sat down and thought about it, I wasnt having my regular massive hot chocolate in the car on the school run, or my cuppas during the day, or a beer in tbe evening! It sorted things for me when I made a conscious effort to drink plenty of water.

    I do get a bit of a dodgy tum the day after my fast, but dont most people when they change their diet suddenly? Im hoping it settles down after a while.


    I suspect the fruit isn’t helping.. try shifting the balance to more veg and including some nuts / higher fat content foods rather than those with a high sugar / fructose content (fruit).. so you’re shifting your carb intake from quick burn sugar to slow burn fibre/fat/protein

    if you use a few nuts on your fast day to keep you going I suspect you’ll wave goodbye to the feeling faint stuff.

    It is really really important to drink lots of water / non caffienated /non sugar loaded liquid

    I only did my first fast day yesterday but today I feel really dizzy and I have the shakes quite bad. My lack of energy isn’t helping me in looking after my 2 children during half term! How can I combat this? I really need to shift this weight I’m 3 stone overweight!! 🙁

    Hi rlb14, If it’s only your first fast then you might just be feeling the effects of your body going “What the hell just happened?” especially if your fastday meant that you missed out on (what your body has hitherto experienced as) your usual sugar/caffein intake. If it’s a case of your body suddenly not getting much of these 2 days a week then I’m afraid you will be going through the detox/rehab process and you’ll just need to suck it up and keep going. Cold turkey is a pain but once you’re past it the rewards will be immense.

    Keep throwing water down your neck today and try not to over-compensate for yesterday with lots of caffein or sugar today, as it won’t help you deal with your next fastday. Just eat and drink as you normally would today and try to be kind to yourself this week. The dizziness, on or off fastdays, will not be a longterm thing but you’ve only just started, so there are bound to be some side-effects.

    Great to see those folk fairly new to 5/2 fasting posting their experiences and the helpful advice from ‘seasoned’ hands.

    I’ve not had any significant dizzy spells since I re-evaluated my literal interpretation of 5/2 and split my fasting days. (don’t laugh)

    That said I still get a growly tummy on some fasting days.

    Glad to hear you have found what works for you… that is THE best thing about fasting.. there are as many options as there are people needing to lose weight / adjust their diet.

    My husband and myself have been on 5/2 for nearly 3 month now with excellent results ,it just seems so easy now ,no guilt involved just a new way of life. My husband has lost 14 kgs and I have lost 8 kgs something both of us have not be able to achieve from other diets in the past without giving into food temptations.
    The one thing that concerns me is that we are both suffering from regular dizziness
    more the postural type rather than low blood sugar , I wouldn’t even post this but we both have it and have never had this before and it only started when we both started 5/2. Maybe it is a coincidence or maybe we have been more active , but its is so weird just wondering it this has happened to anyone else.
    (when I say postural dizziness i mean getting out of bed, bending over etc.

    Natesjoey I have had the same issue with positional vertigo/dizziness type symptoms, especially when doing things like laying down, bending over, etc. Mine has been for a couple weeks and was figuring I’d adjust, has yours happened over the entire 3 months?

    The best way is to check you blood. I have anemia (not enough iron), and fasts trigger more intensive dizziness for me than usual, which is easily treatable.
    Unfortunately, many reasons could trigger dizziness, it could be other deficiency like magnesium, potassium, or problems with sugar, high blood pressure, with liquids in ear that responsible for balance and so on. If your dizziness lasts more than 3 months, it is not just a body adjustments to fast routine. You need to discuss it with your doctor.

    I just did my first fast day. It’s as easy for the first half by the second half of the day though I had a major intense head ache that lasted the rest of the day til I went to bed, it’s really painful, but I know from experience it happens when I give up chocolate and caffeine and it will pass – the first time I had it I also had a small rash from something completely unrelated, I was rushed to hospital with suspected meningitis – that was embarrassing – no you just eat so much chocolate and sugar that you’re having withdrawals.

    However on my first fast day I also have had a queasyness mild dizziness and the worst is burny throat and stomache what I assume is acid reflux?

    Hi Suzi,

    The headaches will get better. You need to hang tough for 2-4 weeks. Drink lots of water and take vitamin B5. Your body has become so lazy at utilising stored fats and is relying on glucose top ups all the time. The headaches are your body screaming for a glucose hit as it doesn’t know how to burn fat and turn it into ketone bodies. Ketones are the other fuel source your body uses. Youre going to have to teach it how to use ketones again. No easy way other than going calorie restricted for a few weeks. Are you doing a water fast? Or reduced calories? If reduced calories stay away from sugar, and simple carbs, it will make life easier for you.

    Checking back in. The vertigo continued and I got so worried I probably should have gone to the doctor but first I ended up buying a blood glucose meter. When I felt the vertigo the worst I checked, expecting some horribly hypoglycemic number. Nope, 80s (middle of normal fasting glucose range). I checked during other ‘episodes’ and same, 80s. After exercise/eating it went up to the 90s/100s as expected. After some minimal research after that I saw something where some people have hypoglycemic symptoms adjusting to a normal fasting glucose range, so I decided to ride it out.

    The third month I only had a couple vertigo ‘episodes’. The fourth I had none. On top of that there’s this usual slightly tired ‘fog’ I used to have all the time before that I’d attribute to dehydration and/or lack of sleep. That is all but gone, especially in the fasted state.

    Thanks for the support everyone!

    hey BoxOfBrickSalad,

    I have been feeling dizzy pretty badly myself, i get vertigo or dizzyness if i stand up to quickly or if i perform certain exercises. Or if i exercise in a fasted state. I remember the first time, it was so bad, it was intense, like i had been smoking drugs! I was having trouble walking straight and felt like i was going to pass out. Anyway, glad to hear that yours went away eventually, I’m going to push through with my fasting and hope i get the same results

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