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  • Hi. I have been on the 5:2 diet for about 3 years now though this is my first time on this forum. I love the diet and have successfully reduced my BMI from 32 (obese) to 27 (overweight). I have been plateaued for the last year or so, but am happy with my new body and planned to remain on the diet indefinitely to maintain the loss. But a wrench just got thrown in the system. Yesterday I learned I am pregnant. It was not a planned pregnancy, as hubby and I thought we were ‘done’. As such I have not thought about how I would change the diet for pregnancy. My hubby thinks I should abandon IF for now. That may be the best for the baby but I am wondering if there are perhaps more pregnancy friendly versions out there I can try? Like maybe increase the fast day calorie count or something? I just feel like it will be so much harder to start again after a 9 month break. Anyone have experience with this or relevant medical knowledge?


    In the FAQs section it states that pregnant or breastfeeding women should not fast.

    You shouldn’t Fast while pregnant, nor do you have to ‘eat for two.’ Decide with your obstetrition what would be a good TDEE for you to use to maintain your weight, rather than to gain. Fasting will not help the baby due to lack of nutrients.
    Mediterranean diet, comes to mind…
    Good luck.

    Almost every fasting expert I listened too or read doesn’t think fasting is for children and women who are pregnant or nursing. This might be a great time to just focus on very healthy eating.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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