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  • Hello everyone,
    Today is Day 1, my 1st fasting day. Big problem, idle eating. So far have had 2 cappucines, 100 cals. Plan chicken breast and veg for supper, with water and Bovril, green tea in between. BUT the peanut butter in the cupboard beckons. Perhaps I should bin it. Help please. x

    Hi there.

    My advice is to stick with it. Make a rule that you have breakfast in the morning and dinner at night and nothing else passes your lips between apart from liquid without calories. Its the easiest way to deal with the fast days. If you resist eating througout the day you wont get hungry and if you know that nothing can pass your lips until dinner you tend to stick to the intention behind it. I wouldnt waste too many colories on milk, rather use towards real food at a meal.

    Good luck!

    Definately stick with it, just tell yourself you can have some peanut butter tomorrow! Thats the great thing about this way of eating, you dont have to deny yourself anything. Just work hard at your fast days, and they will get easier. Your stronger than you think 🙂 and we’re all here to support you along the way. Posting on here helps keep me strong too, knowing I’m accountable. Keep going ….. 🙂

    Thank you so much. I’ll have a boiled egg as feeling really hungry. NO peanut butter. X

    Hope you got through it okay itwhat 🙂 My fast day was yesterday, so I know I can enjoy more to eat today 🙂 Have a great day x

    Thank you. Was really, really hungry by 1600hrs, water etc not helping, so had boiled egg. Sorted. X

    Congrats for pushing through that temptation. You will work out your own individual triggers. I didn’t have my first food until 3.30pm today then ended up having all the rest of my calories straight afterwards as it really stimulated my hunger. Lots of people have posted that it is easier not to eat at all on a FD and I think that could be good advice. I may make it a rule that if I don’t have my first 100 cals by 1pm then I won’t bother having it at all. I used to be very fearful of not eating in case I binged but now I know that won’t happen it is an amazing feeling 😊

    I hate how I always feel hungrier the minute I eat something. Yesterday was a normal eat day for me, and I felt hungrier than when I was fasting, crazy!

    Well done on getting through it though, it will get easier. The problem for me on fast days mainly is headaches 🙁 another thing that makes my body tell me to eat something. Keep going, I have read that the headaches do go away the more fasts you do.

    Have a great day itwhat, Jilly R and everyone else on this journey 🙂 xx

    Thank you. Did find I got quite a stomach ache but the egg sorted that. No headache as drank lots of water. I was very conscious yesterday about not eating too much and stuck to salad (which I loathe) and tinned mussels for lunch, 1/2 apple for tea and chicken breast and endive for supper.
    Today, so far just cafe con leche (milky coffee) which I could live on but my tummy takes a dim view. Salad again for lunch, but what for supper. very unimaginative I’m afraid and can never think what to eat. X

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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