IBS Cured??

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  • Hi 19lani93,

    I don’t change it too much on fast days – I already cook for my vegetarian husband (which I can no longer eat) and my fussy kids – I just can’t be bothered thinking about it! I don’t eat all day (though I have found I can’t survive without my one cappucino in the morning – this leaves me with 400 calories for food, or 350 if I have a big coffee), then at tea time I’ll have either: scrambled egg with parsley and a piece of lean, chopped shortcut gluten free bacon on a piece of g/f toast; or dry fried egg & lean shortcut bacon; or I make a lean turkey mince burger with chopped capsicum, zucchini, carrot, egg & small amount of g/f bread crumbs with a big low fodmap salad; a piece of grilled fish with a big low fodmap salad. I often have a few calories left, so have some low fodmap fruit with a small amount of lactose free ice cream. Not very adventurous, but I no longer have to weigh & calculate. The first couple of weeks I was starving by 4.00pm, so sould eat a small can of tuna wrapped in a lettuce leaf to ward off the hunger pangs…

    That sounds fairly similar to what I’ve done on my first week! So that’s good!

    I haven’t noticed a difference so far – let’s see how week 2 turns out! 🙂

    Good luck 19lani93! I am so glad I have done the diet, as I have lost those couple of kilos which I put on in the last couple of years. But also I feel so good!!

    I too find that IBS/Diverticulitis has gone. I attribute this both to the 5.2 diet and to weekly yoga which has helped enormously.
    We are very fortunate to have a wonderful teacher.

    Gone! I too believe that my IBS has gone. Previously after eating, my stomach cramps were so intense, I would get very weak and yawn constantly, and just felt like sleeping. I would ‘Burp’ (sorry if too much detail) constantly, very loud, long and embarrassing burps. 2 months in, and no symptoms, so much energy and enjoy a very brisk, hilly,5 mile walk after eating on an evening (something I would have struggled to find the energy to do).

    I am completely convinced I have IBS in control.
    However, I have no doubt at all, should I return to my previous eating habits, it would return. What more of an incentive is needed to continue on this great eating plan.

    Good luck everyone x

    Thanks to all for sharing your own experience about the IBS cures solution ideas. I appreciate those fasting ideas that are really working. Apart from that due to changing lifestyle some peoples don’t have much time for applying these ideas in their busy life. So I think they can use some natural remedy or medicines like “LeanNclean” with doctor’s approval as these medicines are also showing good result on solving this IBS problem.

    Long-time sufferer from IBS. My IBS gets normally triggered by high-carb and/or high-fat food, though not all fats are bad e.g. dairy fat seems alright. Sometimes there is no clear trigger. Though I know what triggers it regularly, the temptation of a fish & chip is sometimes too great and I know I am gambling with my bowels.

    I have been doing the 5:2 diet for 2 months. Of course on the fast days I don’t eat easy carbs and very little fat. but I noticed that on non-fast days I can eat more or less anything without upsetting my bowels.

    I’m the same my ibs is better I think my stomach enjoys a rest from digesting food and I definitely feel this diet has worked wonders on my ibs too

    To Sean. I have been on 5:2 for four weeks. I have had IBS with constipation since chemo and radiation treatment for anal cancer in 2009. I control it with diet but it has been an annoyance at best. I noticed after week three that my symptoms improved a lot. I didn’t expect it and didn’t start the diet because of it but it has been a huge benefit. I also lost 5 ponds and 1/2″ off my belly in 4 weeks which is why I started it. I love this way of life. I hope you find success. Peace.

    Hello I’m new to this and I don’t know if this forum is still active but I recently was diagnosed with ibs. I’ve been very stressed lately as at first I was told I had chronic gastritis and I know what that can lead to ;however, when I went to the doctors for an ultrasound scan there was no sign of that. I have now recently been diagnosed with IBS and was wondering if any had chest pain and shortness of breath that was potentially associated with that. Would love to know as I need some reassurance if it is nothing to worry about!

    Hi James,

    It’s hard to give reassurance but what do you think about the chest pain and shortness of breath. Is it constant or intermittent? Does it get worse when you are more stressed?

    It is most likely caused by anxiety associated with the stress you’ve been under but it would be worth seeing a doctor and having a check-up to ensure there’s nothing unrelated happening.

    Good luck with managing your IBS. I suffered with it for about 10 years and I found a way to manage it and I’m sure you’ll be able to do the same.

    Hello Amazon,
    The chest pain is more intermittent and at the moment it seems to get abit worse when I’m eating no matter what the food is. Before being diagnosed with gastritis I was a daily user of cannabis as I have been around it for my whole life. It’s no excuse but I thought it would be more healthy for me then smoking cigarettes every day. I stopped using it as soon as I become realised something wasn’t right with my health. I have been extremely anxious lately but never suffered chest pain with anxiety. But all of a sudden I now get chest pain pretty much daily for about a week. My GP told me that this has either been caused by my anxiety or by my IBS as she said that chest pain can be caused by IBS also. I was really interested in finding out if anyone else has had similar symptoms with IBS or even from cutting out smoking cigarettes/cannabis and if it is a normal reaction I was just wondering how long it would be until it didn’t happen anymore. If this isn’t a common part of IBS I’m definitely going to get a chest X-ray and an ECG as this is a problem I’m not willing to deal with for the rest of my life. Thanks for the quick reply though Amazon
    Thanks to anyone that has any info!

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