I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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  • Morning Everyone!

    Buttonboots, Speckles and Lisa well done on your losses that’s fantastic news!!

    Welcome to the forum Beelishy! Wow what a story you have! There’s been some great advice here from Buttonboots, Speckles and Bigbooty. I hope you stick with us Beelishy its a great group and there’s lots of support and encouragement here!!

    Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

    Hi Speckles and Bee,

    Read the label on the vinegar bottle. They put sugar in lots of vinegars now!! Why would they do that? Because they know that sugar is addictive. Pretty simple really. I once picked up a balsamic vinegar bottle and it contained 55% sugar. CRAZY!!


    Well you’ve answered your own question. Your diet fast days are OK but your undoing all that hard work on your non fat days. Anything with a hint of sugar and simple carbs in it will make it hard for you to eat sensibly on your NFD. It takes about a month to work the sugar addiction out of you. There is no magical shortcut. Get rid of the temptation out of the house. The longer you eat properly the easier it will become. Would you have bottles of alcohol laying around the house if you were attending AA. I suspect not. So why make life difficult for yourself as you try and detox from sugar and simple carbs?

    Wow, some great losses/releases there ladies! Congratulations Lolly, Speckles, ButtonBoots and Lisa. Great news!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a great weekend. Lots of eating out though, so not been great from that point of view, but I had a wonderful time, so worth it. After dinner last night I was so looking forward to my fast today and I’m thoroughly enjoying not eating today. How many “diets” can you say that about?!

    Thanks for the brekkie suggestions Lolly and Speckles. I would love to have Greek yoghurt but unfortunately I can’t have cow’s produce as it causes terrible rhinitis. I love goat’s milk, but goat/sheep yoghurt is just a little bit too goaty/sheepy for me. Still struggling with non fruit breakfast but I think maybe my tummy is slowly adapting.

    Welcome Beelishly. As SB said, what a story. I really hope that 5:2 will be the way of eating that suits you and will be a change for a lifetime rather than a year or two. You have been given some great advice by BBoots, Speckles and BBooty. I guess one of the things I like about it (apart from the weight loss, health benefits and generally feeling great) is that nobody is telling me what I can and cannot eat. I’m not very good at being told what to do (even by myself!!), so I find other diets restricting as I always want to rebel. Stupid, I know. 5:2 has allowed me to naturally find foods that I WANT to eat or avoid, which has led me to a low carb diet. I’m on and off sugar with the aim to be completely off it. I need to change the way I approach it though, as telling myself that I can’t have it just doesn’t work, so I’m taking it week by week, rather than saying I’m giving up sugar for good. Fingers crossed that that will work. Can’t remember who wrote about the 36 hour water fast (BBooty?) but that is also what I found to be the best way for me to fast. I find eating on fast days makes me hungrier, plus I love the feeling of a complete cleanse and rest for my digestive system and love not thinking about what to eat for 2 days of the week. Ooooh and it saves money too which is a great bonus!

    I am an ACV (apple cider vinegar) convert. I started taking it for a skin condition and it has completely freed me of terribly painful acid that I used to get every night in bed without fail. I wouldn’t be without it now. I use organic, raw, unfiltered – 2 tablespoons in a pint of water every evening around 5. I don’t know if helps anything else, but that one thing has taken me of tablets that I thought I’d need to take for the rest of my life, as my mum has for the last 30+ years. In fact probably longer….

    Have a great week everyone and happy and successful fasting to you all.

    PS how’s the vibration machine going Speckles?

    PS Lolly, thanks a million for the bouillon suggestion too. I think you hit the nail on the head with lack of salt, as I tend not to add it to food and it seems to have done the trick.

    bigbooty, wean sugar and flour is a great goal!

    Began the withdrawal of the two poisons to 2 years, I can say that I have had no relapse from a year without them.

    But worth every day stress, well-being acquired, freedom is very good!

    Today do not attract me more and not make me miss.

    Brazilian hugs.

    NG I’m glad you had a fun birthday. The vibration machine is going well. I know it is working as I can feel it in my muscles and some days if I have been on it longer than expected I get very sore muscles as if I had been exercising. I am taking it in slow portions though as it does tend to rattle the body and I am cautious about all the rods in my back. I tend to do 10 mins at a time and today did it 3 times but have worked up to that. Also been increasing the speed as I go. I do have to keep my knees bent or If I stand up straight my teeth start chattering LOL.

    NG I was reading in Jon’s book last night about “good sugars” and bad sugars. we all know about good and bad fats and have become used to it but he says that fruits- especially berries are good sugars as we burn them up quickly and our bodies can assimilate them So maybe fruit for breaky is not such a bad idea, just try to keep to berries as much as possible. Could you take an anti-histamine if you had yoghurt? I take fish oil and glucosamine but as I am allergic to all seafood I have to take an anti-histamine to counteract the side effects. It is worth it though.

    BigB, thanks for the warning on the labelling of the ACV, I will look at that before I buy.

    Well done Lisa, great that it keeps going (literally).

    Bee, Have you ever looked at your TTDE and if it fits YOU? I know that if I ate my TTDE each day I would be stacking on the weight. Probably because of so much yo-yo dieting in my past ( I have a weight history with all the up and downs) that I have switched off my bodies ability to burn excess. So I need to keep to a low Cal = low cab eating plan just to stabilise. At the moment I am having 2 days at 500cals and 3 days at around 800 cals and the other 2 days I allow myself to do what I please, though these days I am not that interested in the same foods I previously was.

    Just something to think about as I know there is not a one size fits all. I also know that my “desired/healthy weight” is not suitable for me. I got there once and I was too skinny and drawn so add 10kg and that is a better weight for ME.

    Anyway I am blabbing now and it is time for bed. I will be back on the weekend after my final week of dog sitting.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    I’m glad the salt worked, NorthernGal. It’s been unfairly demonised (along with fat) but we do need it in our system. That’s why broth is a good choice for fast days, or bouillon for a quick pick-me-up.

    I’m out of breakfast suggestions! I went to gorgeously buttery scrambled eggs at first, but eventually found I wasn’t hungry in the mornings so I made an easy shift to 16:8 and just dropped breakfast. I used to always have oatmeal, yogurt and fruit — haven’t given them a thought. All the things we think we HAVE to have…

    We’re more adaptable than we think.

    Since dropping the carbs and adding the fat back in, my records show that my actual calorie count has dropped. (Yes, I plead guilty to being a stats geek!) I never feel hungry, never have cravings, and I’m losing weight. I’ll never “diet” again, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Congrats, Lisa! And welcome to all newcomers. May you find all the support and experience you need to help you make your own choices. This forum provides that every single day and I’m so grateful that it’s here.

    Good evening ladies!

    Thanks again for all of the warm welcomes! 🙂

    Im gearing up to have my first fast day tomorrow and will do another on thursday or friday.

    Do any of you do 4:3?

    And also, how often do you weigh? Im a serial weigher. I weigh nearly daily. Even though I know allll too well about the fluctuations – even the slightest bit of water retention or any left over food in the digestive system, for instance, can make a difference.

    I checked my ACV and it says (its the asda brand):


    Cider Vinegar [Cider Vinegar, Preservative (Potassium Metabisulphite)] .

    is this ok? and is it imperative that you mix it with water or can i just take a couple of spoons straight and then drink the water separately?

    Thanks angels! You are really so lovely to one another and so supportive.

    Tomorrow’s FD – Im going to try to have my first “meal” no earlier than noon. And then dinner at the normal time which for us is between 5:30 and 6. And that will be it for the day. I will do this for a few FDs and then look to drop the food completely on those days.

    Hey Beelishy – hope your fasting day is going okay! I’m fasting too today so you’ve got company!! I tend to weigh myself once a week on a Friday morning and I fast mainly on Tuesdays and Thursdays only changing these days if something comes up during the week that means I can’t fast on those days – which to be honest that doesn’t happen often! Let us know how you get on!!

    Hi Everyone! Gosh it’s still raining here and we’ve had local flooding some people haven’t been able to make it into work today. Hope all is well wherever you are! Had a sneaky little mid-week weigh in this morning, usually wait until Friday but I couldn’t help myself. I’m pleased to report I have lost 3½ pounds of the pesky 3 and 3 quarter pounds I gained over the two weeks I went a little off-track shall we say!! So just a quarter of a pound to go and I’ll be back where I started before my little sabbatical! Maybe get there by Friday fingers crossed as got another fast day tomorrow!

    Have a lovely day all!

    SB that is wonderful news about the weight!!! Fab, fab, fab. Terrible about the flooding though….

    Thanks NG I’m very pleased it has shifted! Yes it’s been raining non stop here lately – it’s just been relentless. One of my colleagues couldn’t get out of her village this morning all routes were blocked because of flooding and she had to turn back and one of my friends had her garage flooded, at least it wasn’t her house but her freezer was in the garage! Could have been a lot worse I guess!

    Well done, Skyblue! I also dropped 3.5 lbs this week so we can both celebrate. What’s really impressive is the way you got right back on track again so quickly. Life gets in the way of our nice straight lines but when you have a plan that works you just get back to it and carry on.

    Well done Lolly!! Another amazing release!!

    I hope the flooding stays clear of actual dwellings SB. Just had a torrential downpour and a thunderstorm here. Absolutely wonderful. From inside and away from a flood area that is, of course!

    Well done SkyBlue and Lolly – great losses. Beelishy – I used to do 4:3 as a way of kickstarting the losses. Found it worked well for keeping me focused and establishing new habits but in the last few months I’ve now settled down to 5:2. The weight loss has slowed down accordingly but I am finding it easier to sustain and keep my food choices varied so I don’t get bored and slip back to old ways. Slow and steady will still get me there…

    Morning all!

    Thank you Lolly and Lisa! Lolly fantastic news! Another great loss for you well done!!!

    NG I Love thunderstorms and according to BBC News we may be due one this afternoon – I love them if I’m indoors anyway!! There have been no reports of houses flooding here but a lot of the streams are very bloated and have burst banks. We have a brook near us and I’ve never seen it so high in all the time I’ve lived here!

    How did your fast day go Beelishly? Well I hope. Re your ACV – the ingredients sound fine, though I personally would prefer just pure ACV with nothing added. You can get a cheap, organic one in most supermarkets (Aspinalls I think it is). I personally would always mix it with water or oil for a salad dressing. Is there any reason you don’t want to mix it?

    I hope all you ladies are well. I’m fasting today. I’m struggling this week as I’m not getting anywhere near enough sleep as my little fella is waking in pain all night. Unfortunately for me, sleep deprivation = starving hungry all day = making the right food choices very hard. I’m determined to continue the fast, but it is so much harder. It’s a different kind of hunger when I’m overtired and is much harder to ignore. The hunger lasts literally all day and doesn’t pass, as it does on days when I’m well rested. Hopefully it will be worth it on the scales tomorrow, though I’m only expecting a small change, if any this week.

    Have a lovely day and great weekend everyone!

    Morning. I would say good morning, but it doesn’t really feel like it after yesterday’s terrible news.

    Anyway, after a plateau last week, shocked (and rather pleased) to be 2kg down this morning, virtually 4.5lbs. Doubly surprising as I did a cheeky mid-week weight check after Fast Day #1 and was dismayed to see I was actually 1lb up on my last weigh in, so was expecting a very modest loss, or even another plateau. Amazing how it swings about. Another 2lbs and I’ll be in One-derland.

    I’ve been quite mindful this week (no fruit binges), although had a work lunch on Wednesday where I was persuaded to order pudding – pannacotta and berries. I did manage to eschew the pizza and went for the salmon and fennel. Also had a stricter Fast Day than normal yesterday. No lunch at all, and just a small evening meal. Maybe I’ll even try a complete water fast one of these days.

    Have I said ‘welcome Beelishly?” If not, welcome Beelishly!

    And good luck to everyone else! Glad to see Skyblue back on track!

    That’s great news MmeM. What a fabulous loss!!! Well done you. One-derland is waiting to welcome you very soon!

    Thanks, NG!

    So exciting, MmeM — I am delighted for you!

    Hang in there, NG. Sleep deprivation makes everything harder. I hope both you and your little lad are feeling much better this weekend.

    Thanks Lolly

    Hi All, I have so missed these posts the last week and very excited to see some wonderful releases.

    Well done MMe, Lolly and SB. in total you have dispensed with nearly 10 lbs.!! What a week.

    I will be back at home form tomorrow and get back into more of a routine, I have been going back and forward between my place and my friends – dog sitting but they come home tonight.

    I snuck onto the scales when I got home this afternoon and an only 1ln off my first goal weight of 100kg. As Wednesday is my birthday I am really hoping that I will make it there by then as I want to be under 100 for the start of a new year.

    That is awful about the flooding SB, I do hope not too much damage was caused. We had major floods in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and quite a lot of seaside homes (mansions) crumbled into the sea while other parts of Sydney were totally underwater. Floods and fire, we have to learn to respect them as several people lost lives trying to get through rising waters.

    Beelishy, how are you going???

    NG, I was reading the Gabriel method that if you are not getting the nutrients into your body, you will remain hungry even after eating and eating more. It is a very good and interesting read and I can relate very much to what he is saying. Suggests foods that are able to be digested and nourish the body which of course are no preservatives etc. and pref organic. Also as LA has been saying make sure your gut health is good otherwise your body cannot process the nutrients out of what you are eating. He doesn’t say omit bad food entirely, just fill up on nutritional food first and see if you are still wanting that extra. He also says tap water contains chlorine which kills that bacteria in the gut.

    Now I am home, I am going to start shopping at the organic markets that we have here each Thursday. It will mean better meal planning but I want to give it a go.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Lolly, only 1lb away from your first goal is wonderful!! Well done you. It’s a great goal for your birthday and I’m sure you’ll do it. I’m sure your visualisation will help.

    Good news and bad for me yesterday. I’m exactly the same weight, but I’ve lost 5 cm since my last measurement 2 weeks ago, so not too bad. We also had a great night’s sleep yesterday so I felt amazing and the gnawing hunger disappeared as a consequence too.

    Speckles, I wish it was as simple as just eating the right foods, which I do 90% of the time, plus probiotics, which so far seem to have done nothing for me, though I’m still hopeful. The only time I get the constant, awful hunger is when I’m sleep deprived. As soon as I get a good night’s sleep, the hunger disappears. This is something that I’ve always had. In my late 20’s I had a job that involved leading trekking tours, so walking up and down mountains every day for 5-6 months of the year. For the other 6-7 months I’d lead cultural and nature tours, so there was lots of getting up to see a monument at sunrise and predawn safaris etc. On those days I would always be absolutely ravenous for the rest of the day. It didn’t matter back then, as climbing mountains daily for half the year made me super fit and my metabolism was great. Sadly that’s not the case now!! It was in the news a month or so ago (and even an article in My Fitness Pal) that they have now proved a direct link between lack of sleep and food cravings/weight gain. I could have told them that 20 years ago! My son had started sleeping really well, but he’s having night pains again, so until we can get those resolved I’m once again going to turn into a zombie and be fighting constant hunger 🙁

    Hope you’re all having a good weekend

    NG, Yes, I can totally understand that as when I was nursing and working shift work I was the same. Though like your hiking we were always on the run and it was very physical back then lifting patients etc. So I was burning what I ate.

    I don’t know what your answer is but when I used to meditate each day for 20-30 minutes, I barely slept more then 4 hrs a night as I didn’t need it. Maybe a cap nap if you can plan it if your son sleeps during the day or if you cant fall asleep can you try a meditation or visualisation instead. There are some great CD’s or you can download one if that is easier.

    I know that sleep time for kids is often catch-up with housework time for mums but your health is more important than a tidy home.

    It sounds as if you are “hungry for sleep”. I will send you good energy xx

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Morning all….and hope everyone has had a good night’s sleep! (It is so misery-making when you wake up tired!)

    I have waved goodbye to anther three-quarters of a pound this week! (Might sound a ‘low’ loss but I see it as 1 1/2 a fortnight or even 3 pounds per lunar month…which is nice and slow-but steady!….my glass is usually more half-full than half-empty!)

    Have a peaceful Sunday all!

    That’s great news BB!! You’re absolutely right – every little bit is an achievement.

    Thanks for the meditation suggestion Speckles. I’m only getting 4-5 hours sleep on bad nights (left to my own devices, I used to blissfully sleep for 9 hours naturally!!), so if I could happily function on that if I meditated, that would be great. Unfortunately my son doesn’t nap anymore and I’m self employed running a business, so time is very short,to say the least. Housework is the very last thing to ever get done!! However, I will make time each evening to try and meditate. Thanks again Speckles.

    Buttonboots I love your attitude and a release is a release no matter how large or small. The biggest thing is consistency and that is where we are all going.
    Even 1 lb. or 2 a month is close to 2 stone over a year and we are all in this for the long haul right.

    NG, I am sorry I didn’t mean to imply that you were eating the wrong foods. It is interesting that the majority of overweight people I know actually eat more healthily than the underweight people I know. A couple of the ladies I work with eat nothing but junk or fast food for breakfast and lunch and snack in between, They are always the ones to go out and buy a cake or choc in the afternoon lull. I have to hope they will be fat in their next life. LOL

    When I used to teach meditation, I did classes for pre-schoolers where I had them sit on a mat and close their eyes and I would take them on a journey through the jungle, or the zoo or swimming with the dolphins. I realise you little one is too young for this but I think it was as much the music that lulled the kids and the visualisation just kept them focused rather than restless. I had bought a CD in the UK when I was visiting my friend there as her kids really responded well and after I left she kept using it and they all loved it. Maybe if your son got more sleep that would be the answer. – I am scratching around here for you. 🙂

    Northern Gal, I sympathize, lack of sleep is used as torture and for good reason. Hope your son will sleep better and more calmly soon!
    I have little advice to give about how to deal with lack of sleep because I DON’T cope well at all. But what has helped me tremendously with the baby is making it a habit to push a STOP button in my day regularly. I used to meditate a lot, but found out I can’t get focussed enough (I just keep listening and waiting for the baby to wake up), so I started reading the Catholic liturgy of the hours as and when I find the time- it doesn’t take up much time but gives me a chance to PAUSE and sit still for a while and make my self and my soul my concern for a couple of minutes before hurrying towards my next task. After doing this for a couple of days I realized that without these reading breaks I create SNACK breaks. BAD idea. So if you could find something that allowed you to have a couple of ME breaks, it might decrease stress levels? But if your kid doesn’t nap any more…difficult. This, too shall pass!

    NB: Does anybody know how LA is doing?

    Morning all. Congrats to those who have had good losses. Almost without fail I find something that gets me nodding along in agreement from your ways with words. Buttonboots, your sense of perspective is wonderful; as for being “hungry for sleep” – I too don’t sleep well and notice that I definitely feel hungrier when lack of sleep accumulates and catches up with me, and wish I could develop that “stop button” during the day, even if only for short periods. for me – I savour that lovely few minutes when I get up in the mornings before everyone else, the house is quiet, have a hot drink and if a nice day, just a short while to view the sunrise or take in some fresh air and sounds of the dawn chorus before the chaos, chorus of noise and clamour of the morning school run or activity begins. (although in an urban area, I’m lucky enough to look out at a hill, trees and fields at the back of the house). Have a peaceful week all.

    Good morning everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

    NG lack of sleep is awful, I do hope your little one is okay though sounds like he has been having a tough time bless him. Glad to hear you did manage a good nights sleep though! I also find I get hungry the next day after a bad night’s sleep! Congratulations on losing that 5cm too that’s fab news!!! It just shows you that the scales are not always telling the truth!

    MMe – WOW! What a fab loss well done!! And Buttonboots well done to you too! 0.75 of a pound is still a loss – I lost that a few weeks ago and a loss is still a loss and still adds up!!

    Speckles the flooding in Sydney sounds absolutely shocking with the houses falling into the sea – those poor people!! Water can cause so much damage!

    In addition to my sneaky mid-week weigh in last Wednesday I weighed myself as normal on Friday morning and am thrilled to report another 1.25lb loss making last week a huge 4.75lb loss – I am shocked but absolutely thrilled at the same time. This has now taken me down to 13st 9.5lbs.

    Wishing you all a wonderful week!!

    Skyblue, how wonderful! Does it feel like you’ve found the right pattern for yourself now? Once you do, you just know you can take it all the way. Congratulations!

    Happy (almost) Birthday to you, speckles, and here’s hoping you reach that goal soon! Those milestone moments fuel us on and I’d love for you to have a double celebration Wednesday.

    Buttonboots, you’re not racing but you’re certainly winning!

    Lisa, Austrian and NG — a special merit award as mothers. It isn’t always easy to find time for your own needs when those of others are so pressing. I’m always glad to see you here.

    A happy day to all of us!

    Wow, wow, wow SB!!! That is really fabulous. Well done you!! I’m really chuffed for you.

    Thanks for all the support re the sleep ladies. I’m naturally a very (and sometimes very annoyingly for some people I’m sure!!) upbeat and optimistic person, but the sleep deprivation is really starting to get me down. Off to the doc with my son. Again. I’m sure I’ll be told “he’ll grow out of it”. Again. Sigh. Anyway, enough moaning.

    Have a good week ladies.

    PS Thanks for the advice Austrian. You’re so right, ME breaks can very easily just turn into snack breaks when you’re tired unless you actively choose otherwise.

    Thank you Lolly and NG!! Lolly yes I really do feel like I have found a pattern that is right for me. It’s slow and steady and I’ve had a couple of recent weeks where I have gained weight but I have found it has been so easy for me to get back on track and carry on. It’s a way of life and feel that I don’t need to feel guilty if I have a few bad days, I can just get right back on it. In fact it’s nice to let your hair down once in a while, I feel that I have found something that is sustainable for me. And this forum is fabulous for support and encouragement so glad I found it!!

    NG I really hope you get somewhere with the doctor and he doesn’t fob you off. Good luck and let us know how you get on!

    Probably won’t be able to get online tomorrow, so just wanted to say Happy Birthday for tomorrow Speckles!! Hope you have a wonderful day and that you reach your goal.

    I am proud to say I got on the scales and hit 99kg today! That is 1kg under my first goal so I have to reassess that one but I am so happy and what a great birthday gift to myself. I have now released 18kg (40pounds) in 17 weeks and am over the moon.

    Now just have to say goodbye to the menopause middle!

    I am going out for brunch today with friends then dinner with family so am going to enjoy myself and not feel guilty. We have 3 more family birthdays this week but are celebrating them together on the weekend so that brings the damage down a bit. Either way I haven’t had a real “splurge” since I started so that is OK.

    My friend is coming over this morning to take another naked photos so I can have a reminder of what each weight looks like.-

    I tried the A C Vinegar and without thinking just spooned a dessertspoon into my mouth like medicine and it ended up all over the kitchen LOL. I think I got a whiff of it as I was tasting. Second try was much better.

    I second Lolly’s merit awards to our mothers on here. I cant imagine how hard it must be when you are also caring for little ones. NG, I hope you Dr sorts your little man out so you can all get many good nights sleeps.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes, I am off to have a lovely day and the sun is shining so I will enjoy it while I can. It is the shortest day of the year for us here and the longest for you in the UK. Energetically, The solstice is a powerful time to affirm your desires so if you have time, please visualise what you want and where you want to be. I have turned 55 and 5’s are all about change so time for me to embrace change in whatever form it comes in and I know this is going to be an amazing year.

    Cheers and happy days to you all.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Speckles! Absolutely fantastic news! Well done you what an amazing present on your birthday I’m so pleased for you! Happy Birthday and I hope you are having a wonderful day!

    Speckles, that is such fantastic news!!!! Huge congratulations! I hope you had a great birthday yesterday and enjoy all the celebrations over the weekend. You deserve them!

    That really was a happy birthday present to you, speckles! What a thrill. And for an encore — a new goal to set!

    Than you girls, I really had a very lovely and naughty day but it doesn’t happen very often so I refuse to feel guilty. I am not going to get on the scales for 10 days so anything that may go on will have a chance to come off with extra cleansing days.

    Skyblue you did so well at releasing the excess so quickly AND getting below your previous weight.

    Yes Lolly, how great to be able to set a new goal.

    NG, how did it go at the Drs with your little man? I hope he had some answers for you.

    Off to work now but I am fighting an ear infection, I could feel it when I tried to get out of bed this morning as I kept falling back onto it LOL like a drunk soldier.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Hi All,

    I hope you are all well and just caught up in your daily lives.
    NG how is your little man?

    Sky, how is the sugar free coming along? Did you notice a difference after a couple of week, maybe not in your weight but in your general well being?

    Gosh you girls in the UK have had a week o fit haven’t you. I don’t know what the answer is but as a travel agent we certainly saw the fall out of the announcement this week with many clients who have hols booked coming in to see what the impact it may have on them. And they don’t live over there.

    We had the last of the birthdays today so the end of all the “not so good food”. We had a Plum pudding left over from Xmas as I made one too many and decided to have that instead of cake as it was a very cold day here. I have to say it was even nicer after sitting for an extra 6 months so I gave the rest to my brother to take home as I don’t want to be tempted.

    I hope you all have a good week with happy fasting.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Hi Ladies,

    Ooooh Speckles, plum pudding! How delicious!!! Thanks for asking about my little fella. Our appointment is tomorrow morning. I hope it’s better where you live, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to see your GP here (or certainly the GP’s that you actually want to see). Yes, it certainly has been quite a few days. Personally I’m absolutely devastated, but I’d better not get into politics….

    Having hovered around the 13 stone mark for most of June I decided that I’d do a 3 day juice fast. This is something that I’ve known I’d eventually do since reading a book about the toxins stored in our fat and I decided that the time was right. I’d settled back in to a weight that I’d been for a long time and everyone is saying how slim I’m looking, so it would have been very easy to fall back into old ways. So the juicer came out, a 3 day plan found and I started on Thursday and finished yesterday (though still building food in gradually, so as not to undo all the good and give my tummy a shock). I know it sounds extreme, but I loved it!! I found it surprisingly easy and between the 3 juices daily and veg broth that I made I can honestly say that I barely had any hunger pangs at all. I really thought it would be tough. I feel great and my skin has improved hugely. And I’ve finally broken the 12 stone barrier. Hurray! Weigh in this morning was 12 st 10 1/4 lbs, so a 4 lbs release. I know that I may well gain some of that back when I’m back to eating normally, but that’s fine. I wanted to get back to the way of thinking about food that I had when I first started 5:2 and I’m hoping that this will do the trick. The weight I’m going to be releasing from now on is weight that has very slowly crept on over a 16 year period, so I’m expecting losses to slow down significantly now so I figured I needed all the help I could get!

    I hope that all you ladies are OK and look forward to hearing about some great releases from you all next week.

    Well done NG on breaking the 13 stone barrier. That’s what I felt like when I got below 100kg. Mentally it is quite significant. You have a great attitude and know where you are heading and what to watch out for, so Cudos to you!!!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the juice diet, what juices did you do?

    I once went to a health retreat which did 3 day juices then 4 days organic veges with LOTS of wheatgrass which we pressed ourselves. In theory it sounded great as I love juices but turned out it was only watermelon juice 3 times a day and that was far to much sugar for me as I was pre-diabetic. I left after 10 days having paid for 3 weeks- there were a lot of other issues as well especially the cleanliness of the retreat and bed bugs but I came home and continued with just the salads and a variety of juices which suited me better. Then I started work and it all fell apart but it was good while I did it and like you said my skin was so much clearer- my eyes as well and I felt great on it.

    You have inspired me to see if my juicer is still in the cupboard and in working order.

    Thankfully our health system doesn’t rule who we see. My regular GP is not close but I have been seeing her for 20+ years. Alas, sho only works 3 days a week now so if I cant get in to see her I have a backup GP nearby who is quite easy to get into or we have numerous medical centres if you are willing to see just the first Dr available. Like everything it has its pros and cons, I know a lot of people who don’t have a regular GP and only go the first available clinic, which I don’t think is very healthy as they never get a proper once over.

    Cheers 🙂

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Thanks Speckles! Oh dear, that sounds as though it was terrible!!! I pretty much followed this one http://healthyblenderrecipes.com/articles/the_blender_girl_karen_kipp_lead_a_3_day_summer_juice_cleanse

    If you don’t want any fruit at all, she says you can replace with cucumber, but I decided to go for the one’s listed to get the full range of nutrients and enzymes. I do a vegetable juice every fast day and they do really make me feel great. I very skeptically recently changed my 10 year old juicer for a “slow” one, not really expecting much, but it is so much better. Back in the days when I used to quaff a huge amount of red wine, a carrot and ginger juice the next day worked absolute miracles. I’d swear I could literally feel it running all the way through my body, working magic!!

    Morning everyone! Hope everyone is well. NG – WOW!! Well done you 4lb is amazing!!! The juice fast sounds very interesting indeed and what a FAB result! Congratulations in getting into the 12s!

    Well I weighed myself on Friday as usual and have put on half a pound!! I was a bit mystified as I know I was well under my calorie allowance last week! I’ve gone back up to 13st 10lb!! Oh well, this weight loss business certainly keeps us on our toes!! Hopefully better luck this week!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!

    Morning all
    well done, barriers tumbling all round – fab news. NG – love your determination and SB – it is most likely just the body readjusting and will no doubt be gone again soon. My weight loss is definitely not linear – I stayed the same last week and then lost 3lb this week and so have just squeezed past the 8 stone marker.

    Morning Ladies! Thanks SB and Lisa!

    That must be disheartening SB, but as Lisa said, probably just your body readjusting. I’m sure it will be gone in no time. Is the walking still going well?

    A great 3lbs lost Lisa! And 8 stone!!! Wow!! You must be close to your goal now are you? A really big well done and congratulations.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Wow that’s fab Lisa well done!!!

    NG yes it was a little bit disheartening especially when I knew I’d eaten well under my calorie allowance but the big 4.75 loss the week before has kind of softened the blow a little. I’ll carry on and keep chipping away!!

    Ooh and the walking is still going okay thanks!! Still going above 10,000 Monday to Friday and having the weekends off!!

    You can do it SB!!!

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