I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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  • I’ve been significantly overweight since I started elementary school. And I’ve had a BMI well into the obese category since adulthood and well into the morbidly obese category for the last decade or so.

    I lost over 50 pounds (more than 3 stone) several years ago and managed to keep it off for more than 2 years before I backslid. That was my most successful attempt at dieting ever. What undermined it was going for some Christmas goodies 3 years ago when I thought I was finally “cured” and had a normal appetite and ability to control it.


    So armed with the information that I will never be “normal” and will always need to be wary of my particular body’s inability to handle grains, I began a 5:2 fast 4 weeks ago — a week before Christmas.

    I have been very successful and very happy at it so far.

    I do a water fast on the weekends and eat sensibly 2 meals a day — completely avoiding grains and sugar — during the week. My body is calm in response to veggies and protein. I feel peaceful and successful. I don’t have cravings or any feeling of deprivation. I am not weighing myself at all, nor am I particularly curious about what weight I’ve lost. I just see my results in my clothes. I have dropped 3 jeans sizes so far and had many comments about the visibility of my weight loss. And, remarkably, I am able to bake and cook for my family — even on my fast days — without being tempted or feeling deprived or resentful in any way.

    When I stick to my program I am very fine indeed.

    Despite this measure of success I know I have a LONG way to go — at least 4 more jeans sizes. I’d love some company from anyone on a similar long range campaign. Let’s make this a sustainable way of eating for one another for all of the future!

    Hey LA Chubster, I would love to buddy up. I am just beginning my journey on this diet & need all the help I can get. I to have been over weight for a very long time & would like to lose 4 stone.
    It would be great to hear from you.

    I would like to lose 3 stone and could do with motivation can help each other!

    Yay! Company!

    How is it going for each of you? How do you arrange your meals and fasts? How long have you been at it?

    And maybe some person info would be helpful in getting to know one another. I’m 68yo. I live in Los Angeles. I love cooking and baking. And I have no intention of giving up *making* food while I’m not *eating* it. ; >

    I gave up soft drinks and processed & fast foods ages and ages ago. I don’t miss them at all and I think skipping them has certainly been helpful.

    I am new too need to lose 9 stoneπŸ˜ͺ 5 foot 6 I started dieting when I was 10 years old now I am 48 it would be great to motivate each other .i will try to log in regular but I am a bit pants at that so we shall see😎


    I think I started closer to that than I am now.

    How long have you been doing IF? How is it working for you?

    The BIG motivation for me is getting actual results. And it’s highly motivating to be getting so much results so quickly in response to the modest effort I have to put into this way of eating.

    It’s been several days so I thought I’d check in and see if anyone has any progress to report.

    I don’t weigh. I just keep plodding along and noting that, occasionally, I need to buy smaller jeans.

    Today’s my last eating day for the week. I was going to have just boring old rotisserie chicken for dinner but when I went to pick it up I found some really gorgeous scallops on sale. I’m looking forward to them. And I think from now on I’ll try to make that last meal on Friday night a little special.

    Water fasting over the weekend.

    Love to hear what you’re all up to!

    Hi LA Chubster

    I also have a large weight loss journey ahead of me and would love the company on my journey. I have always been a yoyo dieter and have lost and gain regularly in my life. I have just been the heaviest at 104.8kgs and my lightest was 67kgs during my adult life. I started this new me 3 weeks ago at 104.8kgs and as of this morning I now weigh 99.2kgs.
    I have found 2 x 500 Cal and 5 x 1200 Cal is working well for me. I have to admit I don’t always reach my calories for the day and as yet haven’t exceeded either. I have found my clothes are looser and I have a bit more of a spring in my step.
    Look forward to reading and participating in this journey with you

    Kanga πŸ™‚

    That’s just amazing. You’re already having good success. No wonder you’re feeling it in your clothes. Yay for you

    Are you saying you divide 500 cal days into 2 meals and 1200 cal days into 5 meals? It’s certainly working for you!

    Hey all,

    I have about 6stone to lose,

    I started 5:2 last Jan and lost 20lbs but then got out of the mindset after a skiing holiday full of cheese and wine and never got back onto it.

    I have now put nearly all of the weight back on after a fairly big xmas and january blues splurge.

    I had my first fast day yesterday and will be doing 3 weekdays fasting. The other 2 days I am planning to restrict to 1500 calories and then on a weekend unrestricted.

    All of you seem really prepared, motivated and successful on this so am looking forward to all of that rubbing off on me hopefully!

    Welcome Mayfiield!

    How wonderful that you can ski! I used to just *love* skiing but it got so hard to find any appropriate clothes I could wear. Then I broke a kneecap and my knee has never been the same so I’m afraid torquing it like that makes skiing out of the question for me. Boo hoo!

    That’s an ambitious plan! I hope it’s realisitic for you and won’t set you up for disappointment but it just plain seems to be true that it’s the eating part that works against us if we’re not — some of us at least — very careful about what choices we make when we do eat. The fasting part seems much easier to me. Odd but true!

    Do you feel a difference yet? I felt better after my very first fast. It defies reality but I felt younger and taller (I’m only 5’1″) right away and that’s what fueled my resolve from that point. Hope you get a similar boost!!!

    Hello all!

    I have about 7-8 stone to lose (Eek!) so would be good to join you all for a bit of motivation and support. I’m 46 and only 5 foot 1 and I have a long journey ahead which I hope I can stick to! Hubby and I started fasting a couple of years ago. I started at a weight of 15stone 8lbs (218lb) and I lost 26lbs which I was really pleased about and hubby lost quite a bit too, but with one thing and another we both got side-tracked this last year and we have put it all back on and I think more!! I was 8 stone all through my twenties and it would be an absolute dream to get back to that now but even 9 stone would be good – crikey ANY loss would be good!! We both started fasting again at New Year and our first fast again was 5th January so this is our 5th week. I haven’t weighed myself yet (was too scared of the scales when we started fasting again and thought I would just see if I can feel a difference in my clothes) so not sure if I have lost anything yet, jeans do feel slightly looser and hubby says his shirt collars are a lot looser (he couldn’t do one shirt collar up at the beginning of January and can now!) so hopefully we have lost a little bit! We are fasting Tuesdays and Thursday and are trying to be very good on non-fasting days. We have given up alcohol completely so I’m hoping this will help too! It will be good to do this journey with you all!

    I’m a 40 yr old female and I would I weigh just under 16 stone. I’m 5’9″ so carry the weight well but my knees are beginning to creak and I have zero energy. I’m on my second day of fasting (I’m doing Mondays and Thursdays).

    Good luck and keep us up to date x

    Hi Ladies, only registered on this forum today, also looking to loose roughly 6 stone – can I join in with ye please?

    Hey, I have just registered on this page. It’s great to see the help people are willing to give. I have read up on the 5:2 diet and I need some help to understand it. What kinda foods are you all eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

    Hi Wee and welcome:

    You can eat any foods you want at any time on 5:2.

    This will answer most of your questions: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Hello,may I join you? I started IF last July and overall I’ve lost around 15kg. However, I seem to keep getting to the same point, around 109kg and then I get tired/injured and can’t keep going and relapse to old ways (basically MacDonald’s and chocolate). I think I have issues with fizzy drinks which holds me back, but I’m looking for a way back on track… I need to lose 6stone, hence the name. I look at healthy people and thing ‘wouldn’t life be wonderful to have their energy’. Best of luck to all!!!

    Morning all, well I psyched myself up and took the plunge and weighed myself this morning – not as bad as I thought – 15 stone 3lbs, which although I’ve put most of the weight I lost back on it is not the 16 stone plus I thought I was! Onwards and downwards from now on! Completed 2nd fast day of the week yesterday that’s five weeks done already! Next fast is Tuesday! Have a happy weekend all!

    Hello Ladies! As another lady with 6 stone plus to lose, I’m hoping this thread will help keep me motivated and that we can support each other. Well done to you all for losing weight so far. LA Chubster – fair play for not getting on the scales and judging only by your clothes. You’ve got much greater will power than me and it’s a much healthier to approach, I’m sure.

    I’m nearly 46, 5″7 and weighed 17 stone 3 lbs when I started. I started in earnest in mid Jan (after several “I’ll start properly next week, after I’ve eaten all this cake/chocolate”!!!) and at my last weight in (each Tuesday) I was down to 16 stone 4, so I’m over the moon with the diet so far.

    I piled on just under 4 stone or so in the last 12 months. I’ve got a 2 1/2 year old with some tummy problems and night awakenings and 5am starts left me majorly sleep deprived and reaching for the biscuits. And cake. And anything else with sugar that I could get my hands on!!!

    Soooooo. My initial goal is to get down to the weight I was before I piled it all on (around 13 stone something) and then just keep on going until I’m slim once more.

    I can’t actually believe that I’m writing that and genuinely feel as though I can do it. I love the diet. I just drink water on the fast days, as otherwise I feel hungry and other than a couple of pangs, I’m finding it really easy. I already have loads more energy, which I think is more to do with the diet and how it affects you, than with the weight loss and feel good. The most remarkable thing for me so far is my ability to say no to sweet stuff during the week (I have treats at the weekend if I really want to). I don’t even have to use will power. I think I want to buy something, go to do so and then just don’t. It’s so liberating!!!

    Oh and I’ve given up wheat as I find that really addictive. As a by product of that, my toddler who I’m still breastfeeding (obviously he’s mainly on solids and eats like a horse, but still loves his mummy milk) has loads more energy too. We don’t give him wheat as it really upsets his tummy and the doc wants him to be tested for coeliacs disease. I’m absolutely gutted that my wheat eating appears to have affected him (he’s borderline anemic so thought it was that affecting his energy levels), but it does mean that I have the biggest incentive of all not to eat wheat again. His pooh has also become normal since I gave up wheat (TMI???!! – sorry I’m a bit of beastfeeding bore – it’s the most amazing thing and I just find it really interesting that what I eat still affects him, even at this age).

    Anyway, it’s time for me to shut up and get on and try and do some work!!

    Please keep posting ladies and I’ll be back every Tuesday to post my weigh ins.

    Is anybody worried about loose skin out of interest? I don’t really have time to exercise but I am worried about getting excess skin.

    Take care and have a fab weekend

    Hi everyone!

    Just to offer you a little encouragement and give a wave from another big lass (but getting smaller!)

    I have no idea how heavy I was…but I do know I couldn’t weigh myself on my bathroom scales as they couldn’t cope with my bulk (I sort of guestimate my weight was about 22 stone – or 280 English pounds…on a small/medium boned 5 foot 4ish)…and I didn’t exactly have a dress size – I bought clothes from just one catalogue, which did joggers and sweats up to a size 5XL, so that’s what I wore.

    I tried EVERY diet going – haven’t we all! I had some success with a slimming club back in my early twenties but put it all back on and then some!…so I found myself in my fifties, disabled and on meds for life, no hope of ever working again and finally came to the decision that I would do something about the weight.

    I lost a stone or so with calorie/fat counting and then plateaued. Later I tried 5:2 and had moderate success until I found myself being rushed into hospital (with a condition totally unrelated to weight loss!!!….a very nasty skin condition) Coming out of hospital I had little interest in dieting (but LOTS of interest in food!)….and I also found myself having to move – into sheltered accommodation.

    Having settled into my new flat, I decided to take up the weight battle again – by now I could use bathroom scales! I had put some weight back on – and weight around the 18 1/2 stone mark…..I have a thread on this forum detailing my journey downwards from this point)

    I have plenty of barriers to weigh loss…my age (in my 50s) …disability (I am housebound for long periods – chairbound sometimes….exercise is tough/impossible)…on meds which state weight gain as a possible side effect….and I am a total foodie!……despite all this I have just dipped under the 14 1/2 stone mark. ….so I have already lost more than the 6 stone mentioned in the opening post here – with plenty more to shift!

    I just wanted to let you know that it IS possible! 5:2 is the only thing that works for me. Good luck to you all!

    If you let me I might pop in here for encouragement and the odd push from time to time?

    Hi another big girl wanting to join if she can!

    I’ve always been a big girl but over the last few months, for no apparent reason (honest!) I’ve put on weight like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve had to go to the doctors as I’ve been feeling drunk without the drinking and other symptoms and blood tests have shown there’s no obvious medical reason.

    The doctor herself recommended IF so tomorrow is day zero and I’ve spent the last couple of days researching & planning.

    I’m luckly as a couple of work colleagues are already doing IF and the days they have their fasting days suit me as well.

    Would like to lose 5 stone but taking baby steps and my first target is 7lbs

    Hi, NorthernGal. It sounds like we are wired similarly and working this program in a similar way with similar results. I also need to avoid grains. It was life-changing for me to do that and made every other food and health decision I have to make do-able.

    So far as the excess skin goes, yes, it is sort of a worry for me. It is in the sense that, at my age (68) it’s inevitable as my skin will have no resilience and it’s been stressed and stretched for more than 50 years. I’m not in the sense that I’d far rather deal with that than the difficulty I had moving at all and the discomfort I experienced from merely trying to sit and arrange my body around the belly.

    I’m in the US where the cost of surgery to remove it is prohibitive. Perhaps you’re where national health will eventually come to your aid with respect to that. But don’t let it get in the way of your progress one way or the other!

    YAY, Bottonboots!!! πŸ‘πŸŽ‰ You are doing so well and I’m sure that the difference in how you feel is the greatest reward possible.

    What has helped you most to achieve this much success?

    I have a pair of 3# hand weights and even when I’m sitting at my computer I can do a few lifts from time to time to burn up a few calories here and there. I also set a timer to remind me to just get up and walk around my house at intervals.

    I hope you will stop by and tell us how you’re doing!

    How exciting to be part of the very beginning of your journey, Big Welsh Mam! I hope you’ll find — as I did — that it is very do-able and results *immediately* in a feeling of well-being. I’m not exaggerating to say that within 48 hours I felt younger and taller. The “taller” part is flat out ridiculous as I’m 5’1″ but somehow I felt straighter and stronger and just “changed”.

    That feeling of being healthier has fueled me at the moments when it’s a little tougher. But, really, this is sooooo much easier than “dieting” and all that “healthy” “moderation” that everyone preaches at us that simply doesn’t work for very long.

    So glad to meet everybody here and join in the effort. It’s extra exciting that it’s an international group with lots of individuality and yet sharing so much. Great success to all of us!!!

    Buttonboots – WOW what an amazing achievement! An inspiration to us all! Well done!!

    LA Chubster – yes agree that it’s better to be healthy and slimmer with excess skin. Unfortunately our health service is stretched to it’s limits, so definitely no operations available there unfortunately!

    Buttonboots- that really is amazing. Well done you!!! Can you post a link to your thread please, as I’d love to read it.

    Big Welsh Mam – feeling drunk? How weird!! Hope the diet helps.

    Will post tomorrow with my weekly weigh in. I had quite a lot of sugar this weekend compared to usual (very yummy home made gluten free cookies) and it actually made me feel a bit off. Wonder if it will affect my weight. I’ve been wanting to fully give up sugar, as well as wheat, so that might be my next step. If I have the willpower!

    Hello All my 5:2 Buddys, sorry it has been a couple of weeks since I last posted. Work has been busy and life has just been counting calories, working, sleeping, getting up and doing it again. My last weigh in was Sunday and I weighed 97.4kgs which brings my total loss to date at 7.4kgs (1st 11/2lbs approx) sorry my conversion is a bit rusty we have been metric here in Oz and I am really bad at imperial measurements. Hope everyone is well and I will make a better effort in posting. Kanga 😊

    Yay for another loss, Kangablue. In pounds, stones or kilograms that only thing that matters is that it’s ⬇️. We can all understand that wherever we are! 😏

    Afternoon all! (or appropriate greetings for whatever time-zone you are in!)

    NorthernGal….despite having a BSc I am remarkably untech-savvy….so have had to try and work out how to post a link!….I think this should do it….*crosses fingers*…..

    What has helped me to achieve success?…well, actually I think I am working towards ‘success’ but have won a few small victories so far!

    ‘Small victories’ is one of the things that helps me. Whilst I have no set target weight at the moment, I was always aware that I was looking at halving my weight – and then some! And that was just too big a goal….so I look at manageable targets – half a stone at a time…dropping under each stone marker is always a cause for celebration!….my first pair of jeans…the first bra in decades!…the first time I bought something with a size-number rather than a large number of XLs.

    Then I am a great believer in ‘pick your battles’. Some battles are just not going to be won – so don’t fight them! Giving up chocolate was never really an option for me – I can cut back, but not give up completelty…..so I accept that, ration myself to the ‘good’ stuff (I once tasted Hotel Chocolat – and was spoiled for life!)….On the other hand I used to have a couple of biscuits with my cuppa – and decided that was one battle I could win – it took me only a couple of weeks to stop associating the drink with the biscuits…..I have recently given up fizzy pop drinks….Coke and Dr Pepper were my favourites – especially to get me through a fast day! …I always drank the sugar free/caffeine free sort but just felt it wasn’t ‘good’ for me – and that I would be better for retraining myself to enjoy less sweet treats….I now drink water – or veggie smoothies (spinach, cucumber and maybe a couple of grapes…yum!)

    Make the plan work for you! Everyone is different, so everyone will have a different way of fitting 5:2 into their lives…one of my meds gives me serious munchies – so I never fast the day after taking them, it just aint gonna work!…..my roots are German, and I love the German cuisine (does anyone make cakes like the Germans? I don’t think so!) So I fit my favourite meals in on non fast days – and never fast on a day when visitors are expected for Kaffee and Kuchen! 5:2 is flexible – make the most of it!

    Make the most of 500 cals on fast days…for me that means low/no carbs…I get a bigger plateful by having just protein and veg. ….and if you cook from scratch (which I heartily recommend!) then you NEED a spice rack! herbs and spices mean there a hundred and one ways to eat white fish or a chicken thigh!….oh and God bless my spiralizer…veggie pasta even on a fast day!

    And have faith! For me that is two-fold…I am a woman of faith (when I could still get to Church I was active in the Baptist church)….but also have faith in 5:2 – it works!, and have faith in yourself – you CAN do this!…If you DO stay-the-same or eek! put on weight – even if you plateau for a few weeks – reassess your TDEE (it gets lower as you lose weight!) and provided you are not overeating then hang in there…if you DO pig-out one day then it is just that – ONE DAY! you have plenty of future days to rectify that one minor slip – remember how far you have come…remember why you are doing this….take a few photos (even if no one but you ever sees them!) to remind yourself of your journey.

    Finally – we are, each and everyone of us, totally awesome, strong women! Don’t let ANYONE tell you different-(especially not yourself!)

    Thank you for that link, Buttonboots! It is truly inspirational to read how you embody that old maxim of “slow but steady wins the race”. What’s more it’s equally reassuring to see that 5:2 is truly something that we can stick with. Is it 2 full years you’ve been at this? Remarkable!

    Giving up sugar and sodas has been very helpful for me. That’s not a 5:2 thing I realize and I realize you still enjoy your occasional sweet treats. I don’t trust myself to do that. I have the evidence of stones and stones and stones of weight lost over the years followed by the confidence that “I’m over that and I can eat ‘normally’ ” followed by getting fatter than ever. So, over the years and over the “diets” I gave up sugar and sodas — naturally or artificially sweetened — and grains. Those are the things that always undermine me. And, happily, at this point in my life and thanks to intermittent fasts, I’m content with protein and veggies with occasional cheese.

    I don’t weigh at all but I rely on how my clothes fit — I’ve dropped 3 jeans sizes since Christmas — and pictures that I take weekly of myself in profile and faced to the camera. I don’t see weekly progress in the pix but over the course of time I do see actual change. That provides me with motivation. And, blessedly, the 5:2 regime has changed my appetites and made it much easier to stick with sensible food on my food days.

    I am soooo sympathetic to the psoriasis issues. I just have plaque psoriasis but it gives me an appreciation of what that constant irritation is. And I’m on steroids too for asthma so I know what hurdles they add. It all makes your confident upbeat attitude about everything all the more remarkable.

    So glad to have your story as encouragement and the company of all the big ladies here! May we all be as successful as you are!

    hi ive been doing the diet since 4.1.16 and lost 11lbs and im delighted however over the last 3 weeks ive remain the same. I eat carefully on non fast days and go to the gym twice a week. Any ideas why ive stopped??

    I have just under 5 stone to lose. But would be happy with just losing 2-3 stone. Anything including just not putting more on would be great at this point.

    I would like to join you. I was just thinking how overwhelming it will be to start this weight loss and that I really need a partner or partners and I saw this post.

    Well, join away, 25fast! And welcome to you! No need to freak yourself out. Just start with one day and we’ll be here to talk you through it.

    Remember you can have 500 calories on your Fast Day and you can decide how to arrange them. You can also decide what you want to use your calories for. Personally, I find it easier to cut out the foods that fuel my cravings. For me that’s sugar, grains and sodas (either naturally or artificially sweetened).

    After your first Fast Day you can eat again. Again, I skip the foods that fuel my hunger and go for foods that fuel my resolve. Things that fit in the categories of veggies, protein and beans. And I enjoy them much more when I don’t have the craving monster running my life.

    Other here mange their program very well with the occasional treats. Maybe you will too. But, maybe just to get a good start, you might want to wait on those until you’re confident about your program.

    Good luck with it and call on us for tips and support!

    Thanks for the link Buttonboots. What a great inspiration you are. Amazing.

    Welcome all you other ladies. Look forward to hearing about your weight loss.

    Yesterday was supposed to be a fast day for me and usually I find it really easy but I wasn’t feeling great (and there was yummy lamb left over from the day before!!!), I ended up eating. A lot. I had major sugar cravings too – left I presume from the sugar I had at the weekend. If there had been chocolate in the house, I would definitely have eaten it. So, I think I’m the same as you LA Chubster in that I just need to cut it out completely. I’m just not able to eat it in moderation, as it brings the cravings back like a raging monster!

    Fasting today instead and all going well.

    I had no intention of weighing myself this week, as I only did one fast and had quite a lot of sweet things over the weekend. The scales were out though, so I thought OK, lets see what’s happened (expecting no loss or more likely a gain). I LOST A POUND!!! WOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!! I am over the moon. Love this diet.

    Have a great week ladies.

    Sorry I missed you yesterday, Fasterer. So glad you’re here with us!

    woof, you’ve been doing 5:2 much longer than I have so I’m reluctant to add anything but, speaking from other dieting experiences, I have to say, those plateaus just are inevitable, aren’t they? That’s why I’m resolved to not weighing myself at all this time around. Wish I had the magic key to busting plateaus. I just don’t, but have you checked your TDEE to see if it needs adjusting? Could you up your activity in some way? I hope you find what works for you!

    Well done on the loss, NorthernGal! I think when our bodies switch into fat-burning mode it takes more than a momentary veer into old eating patterns to disrupt the loss. Thank goodness! So I hope you’ll be able to get back on the 5:2 horse and keep the fat-burning mode churning on.

    I am embarrassed to say I fell off the horse yesterday too. I didn’t eat terrible stuff but I ate almost every hour after my lunch through my dinner. What’s even more concerning is it feels like it’s part of a pattern that began with getting an acid stomach on my FDs for the last couple weeks. And then I had more hunger on my otherwise disciplined Food days. Sunday we had an event with lots of food that came on my FD. I made it through the FD but the next Food day I went right to my usual pre-5:2 insatiable. I REALLY don’t want to be in that place anymore. It was the big plus of 5:2 that I had a “normal” relaxed relationship with food. I’m hoping I can do better today but I’m starting out hungry and I’m NEVER hungry at breakfast. Not even before I discovered intermittent fasting.

    Wish I could have a food guardian angel to get me though a clean week so I could hit my stride again!!!

    I’m rethinking this a bit this business of being headed in a bad direction this morning.

    Short history: I started the week before Christmas. Have had consistent results and the absolute BLESSING of being devoid of hunger until the last 2 weeks. My pattern is water fasts Sat & Sun and 2pm lunch and 8pm dinner Mon-Fri. This worked seamlessly until 2 weeks ago when more and more hunger crept up on me. I don’t weigh but I went from size 20 jeans at Christmas to size 14 today.

    Now here’s what I’m wondering: Do you think my body needs to stabilize for a period before it is ready to resume a hunger-free 5:2? Could a little more calories aimed at a month or so of maintenace be constructive? Or is it me playing mind games with myself?

    Hi. I’m new having started 5:2 2 weeks ago. I need to lose 6+ stone though any loss will be gratefully received!!!!

    Just been reading lots of posts having discovered these forums. You’ve done amazingly well LA Chubster but I wonder if you’ve done TOO well. That is a huge loss in just over a month and I’m not surprised your body might be reacting a little. I started this diet/way of life after reading a different book to Mosley’s bible so don’t know his take on it but I thought it was not ideal to run the fast days consecutively??? Maybe changing to fast days separated by 2000-ish calories days will settle things down a little. Weight loss may be slower but I imagine more sustainable.

    Either way I hope you find a solution and get back on track X

    Morning all!

    Fasting day for me today….so I will be keeping myself occupied and avoiding the nibbles today! When I’m in the flat all day it is so easy to start to get ‘bored’ and look for a little something to eat!

    As to the question about dealing with a plateau….if you have not lost for a few weeks = then firstly double check you have been eating within your limits, especially on non-fast days (only TOO easy to get carried away on those days!)…then, if you have lost weight, you might want to recalculate your TDEE – this should go down as you lose weight. (I recalculate after each stone lost)….and finally, it might help if you increase your fasting window – and this includes on non-fast days! Try to limit the hours when you eat. I aim to only eat between the hours of 8am and 6pm. This is, of course, flexible, but I manage it well over 90% of the time!

    I have tried back-to-back fasting and it is not my favourite way of doing things. I started off by fasting on Saturday and Monday (bookending my Sunday weigh in!). But for many people, fasting on a weekend would be difficult/impossible….now, I still do Saturdays but general do a Tuesday or Wednesday for my second fast day. I think that it is a very personal matter. The important thing is to do 2 days of fasting a week – and the actual days are less fixed-in-stone. The beauty of 5:2 is its flexibility….you pick the days each week that work best for YOU.

    I totally agree with you LA Chubster – 5:2 totally rejigs your attitude to food! I choose to go low/no carb on fast days – simply to get more on my plate!…but I am amazed at how often on a non-fast day I find myself choosing not to have rice/potatoes with my main meal.

    Big hugs LA Chubster. It sounds like you’re having a tough week. I hope that today is going better. Wowsers you really have lost a lot!!!! Well done you.

    I read somewhere about a body going into starvation mode if you restrict your calories too much and the body just refuses to lose weight. Maybe eat more calories on NFDs? I decided to have a meat free week one week and I lost less weight. I think partly because you really need good protein on this diet, but also I wasn’t eating enough calories and my body rebelled.

    Or maybe it’s just a short phase and will pass. My fingers are crossed for you, whatever you choose to do.

    Thanks for the support, Buttonboots and NorthernGal. It’s a GOOD thing to have when things go wonky!

    I had a better day yesterday. Got my stride back so I feel pretty well set up for another good day today.

    I had thought about sticking another FD in mid-week to compensate for my bad day but, in the end, I decided what would be more constructive is just accomplishing a successful 5:2 week and enjoying good quality food to support my coming FDs.

    I also think I learned that I’m better off starting my food days with a great big salad and filling my belly with a TON of veggies than swapping that out for a sexy protein food now matter how otherwise “sensible” it may be. Maybe that’s just a personal quirk but that very full belly once a day seems to set me up better for success the rest of the day.

    Wishing you all success today and something that you really enjoy!

    Hi All

    Well I had my first FD today and even I’m impressed how it went!

    Had one of those high protein yougurts for breakfast but had hunger pangs far earlier than if I’d had my usual porridge so had dinner (one of those prepacked frozen portions of veg you microwave along with 100g of chicken – how little is that??) and I didn’t have any hunger rumbles until I had a roll for supper…..and I haven’t craved snacks either.

    I do have one question though re recipes. I want to take homemade chilli into work on future FDs but how do I work out the portion size? I’ve worked out how many calories are in the entire batch of chilli so do I just divide the number of calories by the total number of grams so I have a figure of what 1 gram of food is in terms of calories and then simply weigh the required amount for what I’m prepared to eat in terms of calories?

    Well done Big Welsh Mam!! Getting the first fast done is always great. I found that they get easier and easier, so hope you have the same. I ended up just doing a water fast as I found as that if I ate anything, it just made me hungrier and hungrier. Plus I really feel as though I’m giving me body a little detox twice a week and it makes me feel great.

    Not sure about working out the calories. Working out what 1g would be and doing the maths sounds about right.

    Glad you’re back in your stride LA Chubster. Well done you. I slipped up today on a NFD. I’m really tired and I was at a play area with my toddler and they had amazing looking gluten free cake (damn them!!) I succumbed. So much for staying off the sugar πŸ™ I really really want to knock sugar on the head. It’s so hard. However, having decided that I might as well have some chocolate, having had sugar anyway, I put some in my shopping basket at the supermarket. But when I got to the checkout and looked at, I decided I just didn’t want it and put it back!!! I feel very good having got one over on the sugar!

    Why do you think you get an acid tummy on FDs LA Chubster? I do too. It’s one of the things I was hoping would disappear on this diet, but not yet, despite my general very healthy eating. If I try and have a herbal tea on a fast day, I really get and acid tummy, so it’s only water.

    Hope you’re all having a good day ladies x

    Who said there was going to be so much maths?!?!?! Eh, Big Welsh Mam? I bake so I have a baking scale that tares out the weight of a container. Do you know someone who might have one, BWM? If you got the serving size “right” once, you could probably do it visually from that point on.

    You could come use mine but I’m in Los Angeles and that might not be convenient. 😈

    I do water fasts too, NorthernGal. Much easier for me to just not eat than to limit. I think that’s why 5:2 seems so do-able to me: I eat when I eat and I don’t when I don’t and I don’t worry about too much else than avoiding my trigger foods and doing that.

    YAY for you for passing on the chocolate bar!!!! I am not dealing with the sugar monster anymore. I’m sure I *would be* if I had any so I just don’t. And then I find I can bake and have those things around me and not be tortured by them. It’s quite liberating. And it’s quite a heroic thing for you to walk away from it like that! πŸ‘ I hope every time you do it gets easier and easier!

    As for the acid stomach thing, I don’t know why it happened when it hadn’t happened before. I know I was cooking for my family when it happened. Perhaps it as a Pavlovian thing. …but I cook for my family all the time and most of the time I don’t start pumping out those digestive acids. πŸ˜‘ I wish there were something that would absorb them that wasn’t full of sugar like most American antacids are.

    Yeah, I’m feeling back in my stride and I even started using the treadmill again yesterday. I just do 5 minute sessions but I do them at a brisk pace (1.5-2 mph) and I do them on an inclined bed. That way I don’t pound on my knees. In any other venue I’d be afraid of being laughed at to brag about doing 5 minutes but for me it’s a start and a bit of bullying my inner slug to get moving.

    I did 4 sessions yesterday and I’ll try to be more consistent today about doing them every 45 minutes that I’m in the house.

    Proud of you all for doing your best!!!

    Yes I’ve already got one of those scales and was going to use that to weigh the food.

    I’m even sadder to the extent that I’ve bought a load of little Tupperware pots (suitable sized to fool my brain) so that I can batch cook the chilli and freeze the portions so I never have to think about what I can eat in work….do I take prize for the most smug newbie lol?

    Today was my 2nd FD and that went OK as well….this might be one diet I can actually stick to!

    I take my hat off to you both for doing water fasts…..that would totally floor me!

    Maybe, Big Welsh Mam, it might not be right for you. But keep in mind the reason I do it is because it’s *easier* of me than the discipline of stopping before my belly’s full. πŸ˜‰

    I know what you mean LA .

    The one thing I do like about this way of eating is that you can pick the days when it suits to the FD.

    The other thing I like is that it gives you an idea of what a portion size should like and deciding whether I want to spend the calories on such a tiny portion or spend the equivalent amount on a larger portion of something else

    Oh! That’s how I am too. I certainly LOVE my trigger foods — baked and cooked foods with grains, desserts, cheese, nuts. I miss them. But it’s far more important to me that I have a full belly. So for lunch I have a huge salad of veggies, greens and beans. Once I’ve taken care of that business of not letting my stomach get panicked, I can go on to behave like a normal person and choose only high quality proteins and veggies.

    OTOH, if I don’t eat at all I never invite my stomach to feel “empty” and I can do my 2 days of fast with only passing and waning hunger feelings. …and sometimes those gastric juices that I treat with some chicken broth or tomato juice.

    It’s part accepting a proven plan and part, I think, learning about your own body and putting that information to good use.

    Do you eat processed foods? I’ve cut out most of them and I think I do much better by knowing what goes into my body and not letting manufacturers sneak sugar and chemicals past me. I’m not doctrinaire about it. I certainly use some. But I check the labels when I do. And I like to cook so I think my homemade meals are much better anyway. 😏

    Morning all! It’s great reading everyone’s posts and seeing how everyone is doing! Keep up the good work everyone!! Well, I was going to weigh myself only once a month, but I couldn’t resist this morning and hopped on the scales – I’ve lost 3lbs since last week!!!! So happy and over the moon with that – so I’m 15 stone exactly now and I’d love to see that drop to the 14s next week fingers crossed! I downloaded a pedometer onto my phone earlier this week and have really stepped up my walking, did 10,000 steps Tuesday and Wednesday and am hoping to do that today too, I’ve also managed to keep slightly under 2000 calories on my non fasting days, but now its the weekend and time for a little treat of a takeaway curry tonight!! Hope you all have a great weekend!!

    Big Welsh Mama, you are so organised!! Would you mind coming around and organising me please?!

    LA Chubster (when are you going to change your name to LA Slimster?!) do you still get sugar cravings or do they completely go after a while? How long did it take? I had another small triumph last night. I asked my partner to pick up some chocolate on the way home as I was dead beat and wanted a pick me up (when am I ever going to get into my head that chocolate is NOT the best thing??) An hour later the craving had gone and I told him not to bother. Yesterday’s results – sugar 1, me 2. Take that sugar!
    Well done with the treadmill LA! It will get easier and easier I’m sure.

    Skyblue69 – yay!!! Well done. It’s such a great feeling isn’t it? It really helps keep you motivated, especially when you know that your next weigh in will start with 14 and not 15.

    Take care all and have a fab weekend.

    Thanks NorthernGal! Yep was really over the moon this morning when I read the scales! Well done to you too for resisting that sugar last night, it’s little triumphs like that make you feel so chuffed with yourself and motivated!!

    Hello! May I delurk?

    Started the 5:2 on Jan 12, although didn’t have the nerve to weigh in till Jan 16 after 2 fasts. Been doing weekly weigh ins since, and this morning I was 6.5kg or 1 stone lighter than I was just 4 weeks ago. Amazing. I guess that’s my first mini goal gone. I’d like to lose another stone by my birthday in mid April and then of course a lot more. We’ll see; the weight loss has really slowed. Between my first and second weigh ins I lost 5kg or 11lbs – no I couldn’t believe it either. But then the loss slowed to just 0.5kg or 1lb a week. Still it’s all in the right direction I guess.

    I’m doing it with my husband which makes things easier as we plan our fast days together. He’s lost 9lb so far but doesn’t have as much to lose as me.

    I’ve found it surprisingly easy I suppose. The first fast day was probably the toughest as I had a fruit breakfast then nothing for about 11 hours. I found that pretty hard. But now I skip breakfast altogether and have a late lunch, generally some kind of vegetable soup or Asian style broth – it’s amazing what you can have from the high street lunch retailers with a bit of research (am in London and work full time and too lazy to prepare my own lunch). Then we have dinner about 8pm, generally one of Mimi’s recipes. I always carry an emergency apple with me on fast days, but I’ve never yet needed to deploy it. I’ve had a couple of psychological wobbles but never come close to quitting a fast day.

    Knowing how to pitch my eating on feed days is a little trickier as the 5:2 is a bit vague, so I try and keep it sensible. Cake, chocolate and biscuits are occasional treats now rather than things I have every day, I’ve pretty much entirely cut out booze and massively upped my fruit and veg intake. However in the last 4 weeks I’ve also had a late night Burger King, an Indian meal, pie and chips in a pub, gone to a 40th birthday meal where yes I did have the sticky toffee pudding, and baked a batch of muffins for some visiting friends, so it’s not like deprivation city. Anyway, I’ve rambled long enough. Time for breakfast. I wish everyone well in the journeys.

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