I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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  • Well, Big Welsh Mam, how does it feel to be a veteran 5:2er now?

    Hooray for you, NorthernGal. That simple act of saying “no” is far more heroic than normal people will ever appreciate. But *we* certainly can understand what a personal triumph it is! So well done!!! 🏆

    The business of my giving up sugar was a life long slog. Baby steps over decades and decades. First the table sugar. Then the artificial stuff. Then carbonated sodas (still NEED my Pellegrino mineral water!). Finally I had to recognize that, at least for me) grains convert directly to sugar in my body and fuel the unrelenting craving that makes me not only fat but, more importantly, miserable. Every one was a loss in my life. I can remember a doctor telling me my weight was killing me and I should try Atkins. …which meant giving up bread — I’m a baker and baking the perfect loaf of bread is my Holy Grail. I got in my car and cried all the way home at the prospect of no more bread. It was like being dumped by a lover!

    It probably took me 2 more decades to get to the place where I could let it go. BUT now I can bake and enjoy doing it, enjoy what I can make, enjoy offering to my family and friends and not be tempted.

    I hope it happens — whatever it is you each need to do because we’re all different and have different metabolisms and different triggers — I hope it happens for you much sooner. But the important thing is that we get to that spot one day. And in retrospect I must say, every diet I was ever on (over half a century) taught me something about myself and something about eating. Every “failed” diet got me to that place. So DON’T EVER GIVE UP!!! Take a break — IF you need to — but don’t ever give up until you feel healthy and feel confident and feel good.

    Skyblue, you’re just burning it up, aren’t you!!! Nothing is more motivating than success so I’m sure this will propel you right into more progress.

    But I can’t remember. Are you new at this or carrying on?

    I had a great week. I had to see my doctor yesterday. It’s the only time I get weighed and I wasn’t looking forward to it given the ups and downs of the last couple weeks but I lost some weight nevertheless. And, more importantly, he said I can stop using a steroid inhaler for my asthma. This is soooo wonderful I can’t even tell you. …though Buttonboots will probably understand how excited I am.

    There are still traces of the asthma but he says it doesn’t sound like anything a rescue inhaler can’t handle on the occasions I want to use it.

    I’ll still be using topical steroids on my skin but I hope to see improvement there over time as well.

    My blood pressure is down. My cholesterol was reasonable. The evidence is in: my life is better and more secure when I stick to a plan that prevents my impulses from running my life. I know this will take a l-o-n-g time. But every day is better than the one before because I give my body a 2-day rest.

    Hi Mme and welcome:

    The average weight loss on 5:2 is about a pound a week. Your initial, above average loss was water weight. It sounds like you are doing just fine.

    This thread will answer most of your questions as you do 5:2: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    MmeMonkey, how lucky you are to have the support of your husband!

    My husband is supportive too in the sense that he eats leftovers cheerfully if it’s a day I don’t want to cook because I’m fasting or because, without me vacuuming up every available bit of food in the fridge, the fridge is full of leftovers. But he’s not doing intermittent fasting too.

    I wish he *would*. He had a gastric bypass some years ago. It probably saved his life by making his insulin levels controllable with drugs and took a lot of burden off his heart which is challenged by a family history of cardiac issues and his own weird electricity. (He’s had 3 or 4 ablasions and 5 stints).

    Regardless of his gastric bypass, over the years he’s developed a bit of a gut again. I know IF would help him. So I wait patiently for him to come to that conclusion too.

    If your husband has a more modest amount of weight to drop at least he’ll understand how your method works and what the experience is.

    I wish you both great success at it!

    Mme. that really is good going…I’ve put my goals at 1/2 stone increments…..I figure 6 stone in 12 months equate to 1/2 stone each month which allows for blips & triumphs.

    Had a bit of an emergency FD today as I slightly over did it yesterday….not helped by the 6 nations being on (it’s a rugby tournament LA and is played nearly every weekend for 6 weeks with lots of shouting at the tv, drinking and snack eating) though managed to resist the snack eating and drinking lol even only because tomorrow is my weigh in day lol

    Oh and I don’t do Valentine’s Day either (love for me is him getting up at 6am when it’s a my turn & b it’s raining) so I haven’t got to worry about chocolates.

    How do people manage when they’re on holiday with 5:2?


    Late to the party but would you ladies mind if I joined? Would love some group motivation for this new start.

    I’m looking to lose around 5 stone to get me down to a healthier weight. Trying to get out of bad habits (eating late at night, not eating breakfast etc etc). Aiming for around 1200 calories on non-fast days and two days of 600 calories. Just going to eat an evening meal on those days I find if I eat earlier I’ll be hungry later so it’s better to just put it off.

    Excited to get started- I’ll be fasting on Tuesdays and Thursdays alongside going to the gym on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

    Loving reading all of your progress and here’s hoping I have some success too.

    Hi, darlin, and welcome! Hope this will help you on your way to success.

    Have you read the guidelines for intermittent fasting? There aren’t really very many. This plan is blessedly flexible and that’s been an enormous help to me in making it part of my life.

    Thanks for the explanation of 6 nations, BWM. I can’t say I understand rugby but many years ago my son used to have his football/soccer practices on one of the fields of a rugby club in Vancouver. I was fascinated by the rugby practices. Never seen a sport where players lift someone out of the herd like that. 😏

    Sometimes we live in Vancouver (we’re just scheduled to go up later this month). Rugby is on the tube there and my husband and I will occasionally watch it. I must say, tho, that it’s hard for me to follow when you can’t see what’s happening to the ball beneath that enormous spider of bodies from which it mysteriously emerges!

    It’s fun to be part of another culture and to actually live and immerse yourself in it. One of the other things that has seduced me over the years is curling. I used to think it was so odd but one day I had flu or something and spent an entire day in bed watching curling. I have NO idea what made me do it but by the time I had put in an hour or two I was completely into the zen of it.

    Got to say it’s all so much superior to our American football that causes horrible head injuries and turns people into miserable and sometimes violent people.

    Hey LA!

    Headed to California this summer (the basis of one of my goals, in fact) so awesome to see that’s where you’re from.

    I have read up on it and yeah I know I should probably have more calories on non fast days so I’m prepared to go up to my TDEE if necessary but I want to teach myself appropriate portions and eating more often instead of just snacking/eating big meals at night so it’s all part of an overall over-haul of my habits if that makes sense?

    Time to shock my body into behaving- I’m very much an all-or-nothing kinda girl.

    darlin, I’m very much all or nothing myself. I stick to 2 large meals on my food days. Sitting down and filling my belly sets me up to manage my days and hours (between meals) of fasting more successfully.

    As an all-or-nothing type gal I understand the concept of “shocking” the body into behaving but I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see, as I have, that intermittent fasting is actually very respectful and gentle to your body. It may be, as Dr. Mosley says, that our bodies were not designed for 3 meals a day 7 days a week and that overloading them as we’ve been conditioned to do is what makes them behave poorly and leaves us paying the price in health consequences.

    When I stick to the regimen I’ve worked out I’m not plagued by hunger or unreasonable cravings. Then it’s more effortless cooperation between my intentions and my metabolism than I ever expected. I went from someone who was “hungry” even when I had just eaten to someone who genuinely *enjoys* veggies, protein and beans. For 9 weeks now, if I have one of those moments when I think fondly of bread slathered with butter I am able to calmly put the idea aside without even feeling nagged or deprived. It’s quite *amazing*!

    I don’t trust myself to have sweets and simple carbs like bread but others incorporate those into their diets in reasonable amounts without going overboard too.

    I wish you well with it! Hope you’ll tell us how you’re doing as you progress.

    Omg LA has it only been a week….feels like I’m with people on my wavelength totally….am doing 5:2 with the girls in work but they’ve only got a few lbs to lose.

    Know what you mean about the head injuries LA though rugby isn’t without it’s fair share of life changing injuries …though thankfully the authorities have clamped down & changed the rules to try and make the game safer.

    Welcome darling….where in the world are you?

    I had my first weighing today and I’ve lost 3lbs….I know in the first couple of weeks a massive loss is to be expected but I’m so geared up for this…oh is out this week 3 nights and I’m so tempted to do 4:3 as I find it easier to eat less when he’s not around…not that he wouldn’t support me but I want him to notice I’ve list weight without me telling him I’m on a diet – does that make sense??

    LA- Thank you! I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated and I can’t wait to read more updates from you all and your progress. I’m quite disciplined as a rule once I commit to something so hopefully this should be good for me.

    Hey Big Welsh Mam 😀 I’m in Herts in England :). Congrats on the loss- couldn’t do 4:3 myself it just doesn’t fit around my schedule because my work is so unpredictable but power to you if you can!

    Darling I’m not sure I can do 4:3 on a regular basis but next week oh is out 3 nights so it makes it a little easier iyswim

    Like LA I’m an all or nothing sort of girl ( landed me in a few scrapes in the past!) so I guess that’s why 5:2 may be better for me than convention diets

    YAY, BMW! 👏👏👏 Three rounds of applause for 3 pounds gone forever!

    I am thinking about a variation on 4:3 myself. But first I want to solidify my program from the wobbles of the last couple weeks. Once I accomplish that I think I’ll retain my 2 back-to-back days on the weekend and on Wednesdays I’ll try to see how far back I can push eating. If I need to I’ll have a protein and veggies meal. I never count calories but I’m guessing that would be within a 500 calorie limit. We’ll see what happens, if I can manage that and how it goes.

    Was it you who asked about stomach acids on FDs? I think someone here did. I had a rather bad attack of them yesterday. I finally relented and put something in my stomach for them to work on. I had some chicken broth and, when that wasn’t enough, a piece of mozzarella and a small serving of ratatouille. This morning I took a Prevacid proactively before the acids start pumping. I’m hopeful about that and I’ll let you know if it makes a difference. The hunger I experience is minimal and entirely manageable. Even fasting. The stomach acids are the pits!

    Big Welsh Mam…I totally get the thing about not telly your other half you are on a diet! I have five siblings – and only one of them has been told!

    I am a total foodie and 5:2 works for me because nothing is forbidden! I can stick to the fast because I know if I still want chocolate/crisps/biscuits/bread and cheese(a big temptation!)/ a large G&T or whatever, then it is only 24 hours until I can allow myself a controlled treat!

    I’m not sure how much is ‘in the mind’ but I get stomach acid after drinking tea – much worse on fast days!

    Hey ladies, Hope that you’re all well. Well done on the weight loss and welcome Darlin

    Thanks for the info on your approach to sugar LA. You have one lucky hubbie with you being a baker. You are doing sooooo well resisting it when you are still baking. Hats off to you!! Have you tried baking any non-wheat breads at all?

    It was me asking about tummy acid. I’m still getting it on fast days in the evening. I too finally decided to put something in to see if it went away and few nuts did the trick. I guess my tummy is just telling me it wan’t a teeny something in it, though like you, I think it might be a Pavlovian reaction to the smell of dinner cooking! Like you too Buttonboots, it is MUCH worse if I have a hot drink, so I just have water now on fast days.

    I’ve not been able to get on my PC this week because my poor little boy has been really ill. I’ve been following all your comments though on my phone when he was snuggled up asleep next to me.

    The good news is that I lost another 4 pounds last week. Hurray!!! That’s a stone and a half now. I am very pleased. I’m just starting to notice it in my clothes now. I wear skirts, so I can lose and put on weight without really noticing (not good). I have to lose a lot to notice a difference in my clothes, so it’s nice to finally start feeling it as well as see it on the scales. It’s also a full week since I last had sugar, so I’m really proud of that too, especially as I’ve had a really tough week and would usually have turned to chocolate or cake. I’ve not even really felt like it, which is AMAZING!

    Anyway, have a good week all of you amazing, fat busting ladies and happy fasting and weight loss.

    Hello Everyone! I haven’t posted for nearly a week but have been following posts when I can! Well done Big Welsh Mam and Northern Gal on your amazing losses! Northern Gal I hope your little boy feels better very soon. I’m going to weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed! I have been quite good this week keeping under TDEE on non-fast days and I’ve done lots of walking too but we will see!! Might not be able to post tomorrow until next week when back at work but Happy Weekend to everyone until then, keep up the good work!!

    Just checking in to say hi and I’m pretty occupied at the moment.

    Have I mentioned that I’m making a temporary move from Los Angeles to Vancouver, British Columbia? We’ll be there for 4 months and there’s so much to organize and accomplish and pack up. Just now I’m trying to get my husband equipped and on his way tomorrow. Then I hope to have my own stuff in place to leave next week.

    Hoping you all make good progress in the coming week and that I won’t manage to do myself too much damage while my life’s in chaos!

    Thanks Skyblue69! Hope your weigh in went well.

    Wow LA Chubster!! Lucky, lucky you. I’ve lived and worked in 19 countries but I’ve never been to North America and one of the places I would LOVE to visit is Vancouver. It’s supposed to be an amazing place to live. Best of luck with the move and let us know how it goes. Hopefully you’ll just be too busy to think about food.

    Have a fab weekend everyone.

    I hope you will get to see Vancouver, NorthernGal. Not only is it a piece of heaven on the Northwest Pacific but it has the most lovely people anywhere. After they held the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 the city exploded and has grown ever since because *Canadians* discovered their lovely family-centered outdoor city and started moving West. It’s beautiful, relaxed, vibrant (that should be a contradiction but in Vancouver it works!) and in the last 10 years they’ve developed a food culture that represents world cuisines and is second to none.

    Hi everyone

    Well it seems everyone has / is having a busy old time …here’s hoping that the eating plan is going well to plan.

    For some strange reason this week (and yes I know it’s only my 2nd week) but it’s been a bit hit and miss…I’ve stuck to tried to stick to minimal food / fasting but it’s as if the gods have conspired against me…..I seem to be on course for a weight gain which is not part of the plan. I would mind but I’ve resisted chocolates in work all week!

    got 24 hours to turn this around…….

    BWM – hugs to you, it can be very demotivating. However, stick with it and I’m sure you’ll get the weight loss. Couple of things I’ve gleaned from other posts:

    Measure yourself. I’ve read several people who haven’t lost weight one week, but have lost inches. No idea how that works, but seems to be common!

    One bloke measured himself every day just out of interest. His weight went up and down literally every single day by as much as 2lbs. Overall there was a down trend, but it just goes to show.

    The time of the month can make all the difference.

    During the fast days is seems best not to eat throughout the whole day (your body goes into “starvation mode” instead of “fast mode”). People seem to recommend going as long as you can without food and just having 2 meals a day (you might be doing that anyway).

    This WILL work for you BWM. You can do it, just keep at it.

    LA Chubster. It sounds absolutely fabulous. I know that I’d love it and I will get there one day. Do you live there for 4 months every year?

    Take care all

    I’m obviously a doom and gloom merchant as I lost 1.5 lbs this week….I don’t know if it’s because (and I don’t know if I can say this without freaking out any males lurking) Mother Nature paid me a visit after a four month lapse.

    So I’ve lost 4.5lbs in a fortnight.

    Northern girl I normally on FD eat a high protein yougurt and then lunch time eat a portion of vegetables with 60g of chicken for lunch. I’ve also eaten 75g of homemade chilli with slim rice as a lunch time meal as well. Should I try and cut out the yougurt?

    Hey, way to go BWM!!! You must be chuffed. Well done.

    There’s no right or wrong re the yoghurt. Do what works for you. If you’re able to go without the yoghurt, you may lose more. But you may not! Do what you feel is right for you.

    I started off by having breakfast, but it just made me hungry so I went as long as I could, then had something to eat. I did that for a week and then discovered that if I didn’t eat at all and just drank water then I was even less hungry! So now I’m water only, but I could never have done that at the start. I do a 36 hour water only fast now.

    Just do what feels right for you. Well done again. I knew you’d be OK!

    NorthernGal- I could only wish we got to go to Vancouver on a regular basis. We might set up a life up there in that case and move between spots much more seamlessly. As it is, it’s purely a matter of chance and necessity so we have to do all the organizational stuff and physical moving back and forth. Still, it’s a very blessed opportunity so we embrace it enthusiastically when it comes along.

    You are noticing what I found out a long time ago. It is much easier for me to simply fast in the traditional sense of foregoing everything but water than it is to limit what I eat. When I don’t serve myself up frustration on a regular basis I am much better situated to have success. As a result, the revolution of making fasting a regular but not a continuous process has made this what conceivably will be a way of life for me.

    I know, at least, that I felt *instant* well being as soon as I had done my first 2 days of fast and that propelled me to real enthusiasm for the week-in-and-week-out of IF.

    I wonder, when I read other threads and other people struggling, how many would be better served to just truly fast. But that’s a discovery and decision for each person. Some people’s 500 calories, I suspect, make them a better candidate for intermittent fasting. And some people’s 0 calories accomplish that for them. I know which I am.

    YAY for you, BigWelshMam. 🎉 4.5 pounds is right at the top of what conventional medical advice recommends. You gotta celebrate your successes and make them the fuel for the next one.

    As in the case of the individuality of what a fast day means, I don’t weigh myself at all. The only time I know what I weigh is when I have a doctor’s visit and they tell me what their scale read. I experience much less frustration and I skip the temptation of “oh, well I’m down _# of pounds so surely I can have *one* cookie”. I just keep plodding on and mark my progress when I can wear smaller jeans. That’s key for me since all my weight is around my waist and a looser waistband is the most productive result I can get.

    Proud of what you’re doing!

    Hey ladies. You all OK? It’s very quiet on here!! Hopefully you’re all enjoying the sun that has FINALLY decided to show it’s face.

    Well it’s my weigh in day today and after averaging a loss of 4lbs a week since I started, today there is no weight loss (nor inch loss). I thought I’d be gutted, but actually I’m pretty philosophical about it and know it’s just a minor blip.

    I’m putting it down to either:
    the delicious sugar free, wheat free (but highly calorific) banana and date cake my partner and little boy cooked (well, threw ingredients around the room with gay abandon is more accurate for my little fella!)
    lack of exercise because my son was ill, so no climbing around soft play areas or running in the park
    time of the month (I think anyway, it’s become erratic as I approach 46) and I can feel bloating
    none of the above and it’s just one of those things

    It’s not put me off in the slightest, which in itself is amazing because in the past I would probably have gone out and bought some chocolate to commiserate, undoing all the good that I’d already done. However today I don’t want to do that and I’m looking forward to my next weigh in next week to say what the scales say then. After my last period ended I lost 6lbs that week, so that would be a nice bonus!!!

    Hi all – just checking in quickly. BWM congratulations on the weight loss last week – well done!! NorthernGal – glad to hear you are not too disheartened, at least you didn’t gain anything and an average loss of 4lb a week is amazing!!! I weighed in on Friday and had lost 1lb so pretty happy with that – 4lb lost in two weeks and am now in the 14s! However, it’s been a pretty bad weekend for me as it was my birthday weekend and I was off work Friday and Monday and have pretty much celebrated all weekend food-wise, hey ho, back to the grind today with the first fast of the week and its going pretty well, haven’t had anything yet as saving my 500 cals for tonight. Did a 40 minute walk at lunch time too and hope to keep this up for the rest of the week but don’t really expect a loss this Friday. Keep going everyone!

    Sorry I’ve gone silent. I’m still reading but I’m supposed to be leaving early Thurs AM so the time has come to stop making lists and admiring the challenge and get packing. I don’t know if I mentioned it here but I have to pack for the current Vancouver cold but also for how hot it will be there in June. And I’ll need a basic operating kitchen so that all has to be packed up too. Finally, all this has to fit in my car which is quite a small hybrid which is to say it’s equipped with a trunkful of batteries rather than space. This means being judicious and prepared to submarine things that simply won’t fit. And, perhaps, take a couple passes at getting the car packed up.

    I also am attempting to pack a cooler with all the salad stuff and protein I’ll need for the 4-day trip up so I don’t get sabotaged by the poor quality food available along the interstate.

    I hope to be up there and getting settled and able to participate again in about a week.

    You guys hold the fort down and continue making progress! I’ll be thinking of you and reading what you’re up to in the evenings when I stop.

    Good luck with the move LA – sounds like an adventure!

    Well done Skyblue losing another pound and now being in the 14’s!! I’m hoping to join you there in a few more weeks. Psychologically it’s going to be a huge boost. You must be chuffed! And belated Happy Birthday to you.

    All the best with the move LA. That’s a lot of packing! Your summer clothes are going to be too big for you come June anyway, hopefully.

    Oh dear. Tomorrow’s the day. But I think I’ve got a giant case of nerves over it because I had an extra bedtime meal last night and today I’ve been eating since I got up. I’m not even doing a decent job of fighting the impulse. The only saving feature is that it’s extra protein I’m eating.

    On a happier note, I got the car packed with all but the food and last minute things that will go in tomorrow morning. Everything fit with some room left over for comfort.

    I just pray that when I’m on the intestate with fewer food cues I won’t let the boredom be an excuse to stop unnecessarily to eat. Fingers crossed!

    Good luck for tomorrow LA x

    Hello everyone and good luck with your weight loss. I wish a good result for everyone.

    I’m now 17.5 lbs down from mid Jan, losing an average of 1lb a week although had a bigger loss last week as was very active (6 mile walk plus started the C25k running programme – I know some people think exercise can retard weight loss, but we will see). Very pleased. Just another 2lbs away from my next mini goal. Trousers now very loose on the waist, I can take most of them down without unzipping. Wish I’d taken a waist measurement when I started. Must buy a tape measure.

    I have a question of a sensitive nature:-

    Normally fast on either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday but this week did Monday and Wednesday to accommodate some social events (love the flexibility).. I now find fast days very easy so no problem doing this, but I was woken last night (after my second fast day) with tummy ache. Felt like trapped wind and constipation and wondered if it was because of the alternate fast days? My husband fasts with me and he has also been constipated, very unusual for him. And I’ve never had these problems on the 5:2, if anything it’s made me more regular. Had coffee and lots of fruit for breakfast and feeling a bit easier now.

    Interested in other people’s experiences or any advice/tips. And sorry if TMI!

    Hi MmeMonkey, well done on your weight loss! And your exercise!

    I’m sorry, I can’t answer your question personally I’ve never experienced this, but I’ve read on several of the other threads that constipation (not sure about the trapped wind) is really common on this “diet.” I guess just adding more fibre?

    Good for you for staying flexible and not using excuses to abandon you 5:2 MmeMonkey. You and MMonkey are to be congratulated.

    When you celebrated your social event/s were you sure to get lots of vegetables? I think lots of fiber is the best plan for regularity. If you make sure you get plenty now it will all work it’s way out. 😉

    I also take a probiotic supplement. Keeps a good population of gut flora to completely break down food and extract all the nutrition.

    Thank ladies. I’m sorry if I over shared. I was feeling a bit hyper this morning. Maybe it’s just one of those things. I feel like I eat more fibre now than at any other point in my life! We had chickpea curry and brown rice last night. Maybe that can lead to bloating? But we’ve had it before with no ill effects.

    The social events are a black tie dinner tonight, which I’d rather get out of now, but it’s work related and I should make the effort. I will avoid the alcohol and leave when they serve the coffee. And the my sister in law is staying for a couple of days and I didn’t want to be fasting while she’s here.

    Hello Everyone Happy Friday! MMeMonkey well done on your weightloss you are doing great! I agree with NorthernGal and LA Chubster regarding lots of fibre, just see how you get on going forward. LA Chubster I hope the move went well yesterday! Well I weighed myself this morning – wasn’t going to as was feeling a bit chicken after the excesses of last weekend – but, holy moly I lost a pound! So now I’m 14st 12lb down 5lb in 3 weeks. Bit shocked at that as really wasn’t expecting a loss at all this week, maybe its the walking I’m doing. I’m trying to do 10,000 steps a day if I can. Anyway have a good weekend all, keep at it!

    Skyblue, that is absolutely fantastic news!! Well done, I’m chuffed for you. I’m sure the walking is making a difference. It boosts your metabolism I’m sure, as well as burning calories.

    LA are you there yet?

    MmeMonkey I hope you manage to resist temptation, but even if you don’t, don’t beat yourself up about it as you’re doing brilliantly.

    I had a bad day yesterday and after managing not to have sugar for 2 weeks, I ate a whole load of chocolate. I’m fasting today and almost abandoned it, as I decided “stuff it, let’s get the chocolate out of the way and back onto the diet after the weekend”. But I couldn’t do it! I looked at the chocolate (Easter eggs are a big weakness of mine) deciding what to have, and I walked out of the shop without any!! I am sooooo pleased. The thing is I’d decided it was fine to have some anyway and to not feel guilty as I enjoy fasting and I know I can lose the weight, so why not have a treat if I want every now and again. But in the end I just thought about how yucky it would make me feel and I just didn’t want it. Hurray!

    Well done on walking away from walking away from the chocolate, NorthernGal. It feels great when you can do that.

    I was late for my dinner (long story) and frazzled when I arrived so felt like I needed a drink and didn’t resist the wine or the after dinner Baileys. The food was lovely (halibut, then beef fillet then blackberry mousse) but the portions are never very big at these things, so I’m not too worried. I’ll get back on track over the next couple of days.

    Still feeling a bit bloated and tummy achey. Woke up this morning feeling ravenous. Probably the effects of the alcohol. I’m going to try and avoid it. Including last night I’ve only drunk on three occasions since New Year’s Eve.

    Well done NorthernGal!! You should be proud of yourself! Well done for carrying on fasting today – honestly after last weekend I thought of abandoning it all this week but I still lost a pound so it just shows you sometimes when we think all is lost it really isn’t! MMeMonkey I’ve avoided alcohol since New Year and had some last Friday night – felt awful on Saturday morning and had a headache and thought ‘never again’!!! Well not for a long long time anyway!

    Ah Northern give yourself a pat on the back….if I had decided I was having chocolate then chocolate I would have but then having said that I’ve got into the mind set of look at the calories and thinking how much ??

    Mme. I know what you mean about going out …..I find if I want an excuse not to drink I offer to be the designated driver …though it’s a bit awkward when you’re paying an extortionate sum each month for your son to be insured on your car lol!!

    Skyblue don’t you dare go anywhere….

    Not there yet, NorthernGal. It’s a 1300 mile drive!

    I spent last night with a friend in San Francisco and made it to the north end of OR today. I’ve just got 450 miles to drive tomorrow and then I’ll see my honey again!

    LA hope the drive went smooth & quickly!

    Well I put a lb on this week…not really sure why..unless it was a throw back to last week but I’m not really disheartened ..I see it more of a speed bump lol.

    I was taken out today as an early Mother’s Day meal….am off to NY next weekend so won’t be here on the actually day. I did indulge and probably ate more than my Allowance for nonFD but (in my defence your honour) that meal was the only meal I’ve had today – I spoke to the dr last week and he asked how it was going and he made the comment that I’d probably find that I wanted only smaller portions on the non FD days. He may be right…..I’m finding that meals that just filled me now make me uncomfortably full….has anyone else found this?

    Morning all!

    I apparently put a pound on last week too – (and am trying to convince myself that the fillings the dentist gave me were REALLY heavy ones!!! *giggle*) – I was so good last week too. Sometimes it just doesn’t go to plan I suppose.

    Big Welsh Mam – I still like a decent portion on my plate on non-fast days…but it tend to be more veggies and less of the starches. For example, I often eat chicken and veggies for a Sunday lunch – no roasties and no Yorkshires. Yesterday I had one of Mum’s curries, but just one helping and I had it with sweet potato rather than rice….So it does seem that things are changing dietwise even on non-fast days.

    And that is the ‘unconscious’ changes….I am surprised at how easy it has been to give up the soft drinks – I have had just the one fizzy pop since I decided to cut right back on them.(it was a sugar free Dr Pepper Zero….I certainly enjoyed it, but feel no compulsion to have another in the near future)…..and whilst I still like the occasional biscuit, I no longer automatically reach for the tin every time I put the kettle on. (One sultana cookie last week – it used to be 2 or 3 a day…..and don’t get me started on Custard Creams…I once demolished a whole back in one sitting!!!!)

    Morning everyone! BWM & Buttonboots – good for both of you for not being too disheartened. You are right BWM – its only a ‘speedbump’ and we are all in this for the long haul anyway. There will be ups and downs (hopefully more ‘downs’ for us if you see what I mean!!). I went a bit overboard again this weekend and went over my TDEE by quite a bit on both Saturday and Sunday and the walking went out of the window too. But – no alcohol I’m glad to say after last week’s Friday night frolics. Oh well. It’s Monday morning again now and back to the working week, I always find it so much easier to stick to during the week when I’m at work, I suppose its because I’m kept busy. I plan to try and walk as much as I can too every day this week. Hope you all have a good week!!

    Afternoon everyone!

    LA – what a road trip! Hope it all went smoothly.

    BWM – yes definitely find that I get full much quicker. I ate a steak last weekend and felt absolutely, completely and utterly stuffed! Not like me at all. Enjoy NY you lucky thing!

    BB – I’d say it was most definitely the fillings! That dentist was up to some mischief 🙂 You’ve already done so well, that I’m sure it will be gone again next week.

    SB – I’m with you on the going overboard!! Had way too much to eat this weekend, including sugary stuff. Weigh in tomorrow and I’m expecting a gain, but that’s ok. I’ve decided to try a 4:3 for the next 2 weeks. Not so much for weight loss (though that would be nice too!) but more for getting back to recognising what my body is telling me and when to stop eating. I seem to have lost my way a little bit with that and I miss it. Soooooo, let’s see how a 4:3 goes. Kind of looking forward to it and if all goes well it’s something I might do every 2 months.

    I bought some new scales today as I’ve decided I’d like to monitor body fat etc (I know they’re not massively accurate, but it’s just to get an idea of how my body is changing). And guess what??!! My old scales were nearly 2lbs out and I’m actually less on the new scales (I put them both in the same spot and tried the old and then new straight away). Hurray!! I guess the new scales could be wrong (she says vigorously shaking her head) but I doubt it. Check your scales ladies!

    It was an adventure! I’ve made the trip up and back many times before but I’ve never had to drive through so much rain. And this part of the US is far more populated than it’s been in the past so the traffic — even on the interstate — was much heavier than I’ve known it to be in the past.

    But I’m here and it’s rainy but glorious. I’ve even made a good dent in getting re-organized. I’ll have a big shopping trip to make the next couple days but we’re up to operational. Here’s a pic from the window of the coffee shop where we had brekkies yesterday. I brightened it up quite a bit to counteract the overcast skies.


    I’ll take another from our deck when the weather gets better. We’re expecting a *week* of rain! ☔️

    – – – – – –

    Hope you guys with those heavy filings and recalcitrant scales won’t let it get you down. It’s the big picture that counts! And you’ve been doing soooo well! Also, if you aren’t using balance scales like at the doctor’s office, you might not always be getting accurate information from bathroom scales. I know ours at home gets more and more inaccurate — even though it’s showing results — when the batteries need replacing.

    Hey NorthernGal let us know how you get on with the 4:3! I think your old scales were definitely broken and the brand new ones are totally correct!!! LA glad to hear you arrived at your destination safely through all the rain – just had a look at the pic you posted – oh wow what a view! Well, to counteract the weekend of stuffing my face I’ve managed to be very good with what I’ve eaten so far and have also managed to do 12,500 steps so far today too Just need to have dinner tonight and should be well under my TDEE today. I think I’ll put my feet up for the rest of the night when I get home methinks!! Have a lovely evening all!

    Good morning everyone – Happy March! It’s a fasting day for me today and the weather has been pretty rainy and windy this morning but it’s brightening up slightly now so I’m hoping to get out at lunchtime for a bit of a walk if it stays like this! Fasting today and Thursday this week and I will weigh in again on Friday. The weeks seem to be flying by I can’t believe we are in the third month of the year already! Good luck to all those fasting today!!

    Happy March to you too SB and well done on the 12,500 steps!! Hope it brightened up for your walk and that your fast is going well today. Are you enjoying the walking? I did a brisk 4 miles first thing every morning when I was pregnant and I absolutely loved it. In fact I miss it. Once my little fella starts preschool in September, I’ll hopefully be able to start again, though I work from home too so there are never enough hours in the day…..

    LA – wow what a photo. Mountains and sea together are my absolute heaven, so I am very jealous. Rain or not, it’s spectacular. How did the diet/fasting going during it all?

    I had my usual Tuesday morning weigh in today and I’ve lost another 3 lbs this week! (or 5lbs if you include the extra 2 I lost by changing scales, but I’m not really counting those). I am over the moon as I was expecting no loss or even a gain. This diet seems to have no rhyme or reason at times!! I scoffed a whole load of chocolate one day during the week and had lots of sweet stuff over the weekend and generally ate a lot worse than I did the week I didn’t lose at all. Not that I’m complaining! Maybe I should be scoffing a load of chocolate every week, hehe. I’m still going to try the 4:3 for 2 weeks, although I can feel myself faltering a little already as I only had a fast day yesterday and it means fasting again tomorrow, so we’ll see.

    Have a great week everyone and happy fasting

    Whooo!! Oh Wow well done NorthernGal that’s an amazing loss!! I bet you are so chuffed!! I’m really pleased for you! It really gives a boost to see the scales go down doesn’t it. I agree this diet doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason, I’m just going to try and stick with it and go for the long haul slow and steady. Hubby is doing it with me too so its good we can give each other support and I don’t feel like cheating or ditching a fast day when I know he’s doing it too, it keeps us going and I think it’s easier to stick to. He’s doing really well himself and has lost quite a few pounds from his starting weight. We both started on 2nd Jan but didn’t weigh ourselves until the 5th Feb so no idea if we had lost anything or not in the month of Jan. I am enjoying the walking NorthernGal, I’m trying to get out every lunch time if I can and also walk around the office every hour or so. I have a desk job so sometimes its not so easy if I’m busy but I just thought to myself I’ll do what I can when I can! I do love the lunchtime walks, I pop my headphones on and listen to the radio as I walk!

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