I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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I need to lose 6 stone. Any big girls want to buddy up?

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  • Hi Ladies, I came across this today on My Fitness Pal and thought it was a great, positive article about what to do when you reach a plateau, so thought I’d share it

    Hope you’re all well!

    Morning everyone! Happy Friday!

    NG that’s a great article I really love the sitting in traffic comparison! It’s just like that – if we are not going as fast as we like its no good giving up or going the other way just keep looking forward and keep chipping away!

    Well it’s Friday and I’ve weighed myself this morning and I’m happy to say I’ve shifted 1.75lbs this week after putting on half a pound last week! It’s so strange as I actually ate more this week than I did last week, so if that isn’t proof that weight loss is not linear then I don’t know what is!! I’m now down to 13st 8 1/4lbs.

    Wishing you all a happy Friday!

    That’s fab news SB!! Well done you!! You’re nearly at the half stone mark, which I always find exciting as psychologically it feels as though the next stone drop is very close. You’re absolutely right about there being no rhyme nor reason sometimes as to why we gain/lose some weeks.

    Anyone else notice that MFP now allows 1/4, 1/2lb etc when you’re adding your weight? A huge improvement.

    My weigh in tomorrow. Have a great Friday and weekend everyone. It’s been very. very quiet on here and I hope that you’re all OK.

    Great stuff SB and impressive that you’re still keeping up that step count. Thumbs up NG for the article link, enjoyed reading that. We’re all off on another jolly weekend later today – long drive though so summer tunes will be on and volume up – fingers crossed the sunshine makes an appearance to match. Weigh in on Monday will be interesting – haven’t managed much exercise this week and a few social drinks are more than likely! Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are.

    Hello All

    It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted so thought I will provide an update.

    Well on the 6th June, I was away with work in a hotel for 5 nights where we held a week long conference. I thankfully managed to fast on the second day by eating scrambled eggs for breakfast and toast (calculated this around 400cal with all the extra milk a hotel will add to eggs) Then had a low fat cheese triangle and 2 slices of cracker bread in the evening. The rest of the week was a disaster! I was really busy and woke up absolutely shattered after the fast day and proceeded to have a large breakfast – then after a long day, had dinner fairly late 8.30pm (I try not to eat after 8pm) with wine, wine and more wine. Then the following day I done the same thing, large breakfast to get me through the day – I was too busy to stop for lunch so that was my reasoning to the large breakfasts – then again in the evening large dinner, whilst the company provided beers and wine.

    So upon getting home – I really should’ve had a fast over that weekend which would have limited the damage but I went for a night out instead. I know I’ve had advice that I should cut back the night out but I really don’t want to give this up even if it took me double the amount of time to reach my target weight.

    So when I weighed myself I was hardly surprised to gain 2 pounds – devastating after I had managed to lose 11 pounds in 6 weeks. I worked hard to lose that 2 pounds but next week on the scales weight stayed the same, the following week, it stayed the same! Thankfully today – on the 3rd week 1 of those pounds came off! I have read about plateaus on the forum and I was worried I was on one quite early on so thankfully it was a short slip.

    So all in all, this is the end of week 9 for me and I am down 10 pounds – which is great, in line with the 1 pound per week guideline but I can’t help but feel disappointed. I had a first milestone goal of reaching 14 pounds (1 stone) after 8 weeks. My clothes feel looser and I do measure myself and I think it’s around a 1 inch loss around my stomach and same on both thighs. I have had comments from people of weight loss around my face – and I definitely feel different! more motivated, energized and generally healthier.

    I’m not going to give up I do want to keep going but know this will be a longer road than first imagined! But happy to keep going!

    And last thing – I recently bought a fitbit and it is incredible. I only do an exercise class once a week (hope to increase this) so a fitbit has got me moving A LOT more. I have done 10,000 steps per day for the past 2 weeks since the purchase – I even just march on the spot at home to reach my step target so it is ideal for those using walking as exercise.

    Hope everyone is well and have a good weekend!

    Thanks NG and Lisa – you’re right NG it’s getting exciting now nearly at the half stone mark – its certainly a milestone for me!!

    Ghirl you are doing amazingly well just keep at it. Sometimes it is disappointing when it’s not going as fast as we like but there is nothing but ourselves to stop us going forward. Plateaus are so frustrating but eventually you do break them! I’ve had a really bad few weeks, gaining, losing and staying the same but mainly gaining!! But onwards and downwards I say. 10lbs in 9 weeks is fantastic and as you say you can feel it in your clothes which is always a boost!! Well done on your steps too – I try and walk a lot I have an app on my phone which records how many steps I do a day. Keep at it we will all get there eventually!

    What an encouraging point of view in that article, NG — thank you! Keep going, SB, you’re doing so well! Are you still working this with your husband? Sing yourself hoarse, Lisa, and have a wonderful weekend. πŸ™‚

    Ghirl, don’t we all love instant results! But if you switch your view to lasting results, you’ve done what so many can only wish to do. How many “diets” last 9 weeks? Very few. How many pounds stay off from those diets? Usually, they are all gained back, plus some. So you’ve made a life change — and that’s gold. Keep playing with combinations until you hit the one that works for you. Then you’re set. Good luck!

    Happy weekend to you all.

    Well as yet I haven’t hit the scales, that is for tomorrow but I feel good and had to go and buy a couple of pairs of pants for work as all my other pants were falling down and had become very baggy. The funny thing is that suddenly the others at work and clients have noticed I have released weight. I had told them previously, but they looked at me as if to say “really???”

    I had been trying to avoid buying clothes just yet but these were on sale and I was sick of hiking up my trousers every time I stood up or moved.

    Thanks for the recipes NG, I haven’t had a chance yet to source my juicer but I will. And the “plateau” article is very good and work keeping as a reminder.

    What is MFP???

    Well done on your releases NG, SB and Ghirl. Every little bit counts and I agree that you cant work it out as I know I have had a few weeks where I was sure I wouldn’t drop on the scales and yet I have and other weeks where I expected more.

    The most important thing is to just keep at it and I know myself that I have gotten into a routine that makes it pretty easy to follow.
    Ghirl, as you said if you want to have those weekend evenings out, then it will be slower for you but if that is what you want to do as long as you keep at it then it will happen.

    The best news this week is that I have adopted a cat. She is just beautiful but very timid as she has come from a neglected home. Her owner was a hoarder and when she died, my friend who is executor of her estate, discovered that she had 4 dogs and 5 cats that all needed to be re-homed. So “Lady” was the last left and as I was dog sitting at my friends hadn’t put my hand up but she was waiting for me. We have spent the week getting to know each other and me being very vigilant about not letting her outside – I live on a main road in a ground floor unit and while I have a courtyard, I just don’t trust her not to get run over. In time I will let her out on a lead but I wasn’t her to be comfortable here first. But I am in love! and it is so nice to have a little friend to come home to after work.

    Happy days my friends and I hope you had a lovely weekend away Lisa.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Hi everyone. I’m still here. I was a bit shocked and exhausted by the referendum result (let’s not talk about that!) but have rallied now. I somehow put on 1kg last week, which was annoying (I took my team out for hamburgers and scoffed half a pot of frozen yoghurt) but have been a bit better since. Weight down to a new low as of this morning (3lbs down from last week and just 1lb away from Onederland). Back to my twenties weight, which is good and motivating.

    Morning all
    Had another great weekend – I’m from Wales so between the football result and other social events I am a little tired and feeling delicate this morning. Our weekend away involved a 500 mile round trip but so worth it! I haven’t gone near the scales as I know they won’t lie and want to give myself this week to recover. Well done Ghirl1987 and MMe – more great losses and glad the motivation is still strong. Speckles – hope your new addition settles quickly for you and great you have had to go and buy smaller work trousers. MFP is an app – My Fitness Pal. Great for all sorts. I use it as a really easy way to keep a food diary/calorie tracker and have the free version. I’m sure it does so much more as it links with all sorts of fitness gear, lists regular blog articles, recipes etc. SB – what app do you use to track your steps and do you have to have any other gear linked up etc?

    Morning all!

    Lolly – yes hubby is still doing this with me and released 1 and a quarter pounds last week, its good to have a partner in crime!!

    Speckles how wonderful to have to go out and buy new pants, its such a great feeling isn’t it! Aww congratulations on adopting a little cat, I have a cat too, I just love them it really is nice to come home to a little friend!

    MMe welcome back and congratulations on the 3lb loss! You will reach Onederland in no time at all now!

    Lisa, I use an app called Pacer which was a free app. There is also an app which was already on my iphone called Health which is quite good too but I don’t use that as much as Pacer.

    Hope you all have a lovely day!

    Thanks Lisa, I will google it and see what I can do. However I don’t use my phone for the internet or anything aside from emergency calls or txting and while I have a tablet I don’t carry it around with me and prefer to used my “Old fashioned” PC. I don’t think many apps work with PC’s.

    I didn’t get on the scales for nearly 2 weeks due to a week of birthdays and time to get back on track, so I weighed in on Sunday and am the same as before my “week off” so I am content with that and am back on track now. – Admission of a sausage sandwich which is obligatory when you are queuing up to vote for an hour +. Yes we had a general election last Saturday and still no result as to who is going to govern us. Just no Hung Parliament please!

    My little cat had to have a tooth out today so was none too happy to go off to vet but very happy to be home.

    MME, well done! so close to onederland. As I work in KGS I will have to wait a bit longer if I convert to LBS. But it is all about sticking with it and lifestyle changes for the long term, so I can hang out.

    SB I am impressed that you are keeping up the steps. I have been on the vibration machine more since I’ve been home, though it scares the cat so I am trying to do it while she is not around LOL. Talk about pussyfooting around the cat! I do think it is helping to tone the muscles, especially in the abdo area, which is good and well needed.

    Lolly, you are full of common sense and wisdom and thank you for sharing it with us.

    Cheers all
    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Speckles, if you want a good food tracker (free) for the PC, I use cronometer.com — I remain unglued to a phone.

    Congratulations and encouragement to everyone. You’re all so inspiring!

    Good Afternoon Ladies!

    Congratulations on the 3lbs loss MMme!! Another step closer to Onderland!

    Like you Lisa, I decided not to get on the scales on Saturday, as my second fast day of the week was cut short. My little fella has a referral from the GP for the end of the month and in the meantime, sleep has become even worse, which I didn’t think was possible. I’m typing this literally like a zombie after a very rough night, followed by a 4:08am start to the day. Which means that all I want to do is eat, eat eat. Speckles, you mentioned hypnosis for children to aid sleep. Do you think this would work on a just turned 3 year old? I’ve very successfully done self hypnosis in the past and I’m a great believer in it. I did Google it (in sheer desperation) when he was younger but nothing came up for such a young child. We need something to manage pain for him so that he can get back to sleep when the pain wakes him/manage the pain so he doesn’t wake. I am feeling very, very desperate about this today and it’s really getting me down. On the plus side, the scales showed a release of 1.25 lbs this week, which I’m really happy with. Plus another 5 cms gone (although 1.5 added to my tummy which I’ll put down to the time of the month). I did a 2 day juice fast this week and I think that’s the way forward for me at the moment as a way to deal with the sleep deprivation. I think that without a strict 2 day structure, it’s going to be too easy for me to give up on the second fast day, as I did last week.

    Speckles, I hope that your cat is settling in nicely. I absolutely love cats and as a teenager every stray cat in the vicinity seemed to find it’s way to our house to be adopted. Oh yes, and at Uni a heavily pregnant stray cat turned up on my doorstep one day, happily settled into my wardrobe and gave birth to a gorgeous (and very large!) litter of kittens on my favourite blouse which as a student, I had just flung on the wardrobe floor! They were born on my mum’s birthday, who ended up with one of the kittens. Sadly she had to be put down 2 years ago, but given that she was born in 1993, she lived to a ripe old age. Sorry, I’m rambling on about cats.

    Hope that the rest of the week goes well ladies and that any weigh ins bring a smile a to your faces.

    I have recently started wanting to loose weight, I’ve been on the fasting diet for two days. Yesterday I didn’t eat nothing until around 6.30pm, after doing an 8 mile walk. Today I ate toast for my breakfast and Chicken Kiev’s with Vegetables for my tea. I haven’t been tempted to eat anything else during the day. I don’t drink fizzy drinks. I drink plenty of water during the day and take a bottle to bed with me. I don’t normal keep a check on how many calories I consume a day.

    Afternoon all, Happy Friday!

    Ahh Speckles hope your little cat is okay after having his tooth out bless it!!

    NG – Gosh your situation sounds desperate, I really do feel for you, sleep deprivation is absolutely awful. I really hope you find a solution for your little one soon so he and you can get the sleep and rest you need. Congratulations though on the 1.25lb loss this week, its absolutely fantastic you are still losing weight with all that is going on with you! Well done!!

    Welcome AlishaSpalding! Sounds like you are off to a good start and will soon find a pattern that is best for you. If you stick around here you will learn a whole host of tips and patterns we are following here. Drinking plenty of water is good too and walking well done!!!

    So, it was my usual Friday weigh in this morning and I’ve shifted 0.75 of a pound!! Not too much but combined with last week’s 1.75 that’s 2 and a half pounds in two weeks which I’m pleased about. Digital scales are now showing 13st 7Β½! Hubby lost half a pound this week too so we are both chipping away at it!

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

    SB, so nice to have a supportive partner in the house! I was talking to a woman whose husband was constantly trying to sabotage her diet while complaining about her weight. Talk about crazy-making!

    My usual Wednesday check-in was delayed this week until today, but I can report being 3 lbs lighter as a result. You are so right: this is about chipping away at it and keeping on day by day. We will get there, I have no doubt at all.

    NG, from my sister-in-law who’s son had problems at that age, a couple of thoughts. He had food allergies (wheat, milk, nightshade family of foods, legumes). Changing his diet took testing and time, but worked. As did visits to a chiropractor, where he had massage which lasted him about a week. She also recommends a night-long recording of soothing stuff from Enya playing softly. I think I might try that one myself! Good luck with finding the solution — this is not easy on any of you.

    NG I am so sorry your little man is poorly and just as importantly that you are having a heck of a time with sleep. The hypnosis was actually a meditation tape. I bought it in the UK at a health food store (or that is what we call it. It really worked a treat for her children and she passed it on to others due to that.
    As Lolly suggested, Enya is lovely and soothing – for all of you. So that could be a good option as well.

    Lolly, well done on releasing 3 lbs. Way to do (downward).

    Sky, Yes it is the long haul that counts and 3/4 of a pound is 3/4 of a pound closer to your goal. Keep chipping away.

    Alisha, how is it going. As Sky said you will find a rhythm to how you want to do this. I don’t eat during the day till dinner time so fast for 18hrs approx. each day then have a good nutritious dinner and sometimes some Greek yoghurt and fruit or berries. once a week I will have a splurge and have brunch out and relax with the eating a bit. Dong this I have been releasing around 1kg a week.

    The scales dropped .9kg for me this week and I do feel I am in a bit of a plateau but that is fine as I am remembering that article about plateaus.

    blessings to you all.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    NG 5cm is fantastic. and yes forget the tummy at certain times of the month. I haven’t been measuring myself as I find the fat has redistributed eg fallen down! So while I have lost from abdomen the tummy not so much.

    Lady- my little cat is gorgeous. She is so loving , with me anyway but very afraid of any visitors. As I said she had a tooth out last Monday and she was so grateful to be home from the vet but alas I cant get her to poop. Just like having a baby me thinks. LOL She is currently rubbing herself against my leg and meowing. NG your adopted cat sounds beautiful and how lovely that you were in eachothers lives for so long, that is a beautiful story.

    I don’t know what happened to that last post, it all got scrambled.

    Morning everyone – Happy Monday!

    Lolly – that sounds absolutely crazy, why would anyone complain about someone’s weight yet sabotage them when they try and do something about it, absolutely awful poor woman!! Congratulations for losing 3lbs that’s amazing well done Lolly!! Yes we are all chipping away at it each week, some weeks we lose, some we stay the same and some weeks we gain but if we stick to it regardless and the overall trend is downwards then none of us can go wrong. You’ve had a FABULOUS loss this week though!!

    Speckles! 0.9kg is practically 2lb that’s fantastic well done!!!

    I had a bit of a boost this weekend, we are going on holiday in November and I got all my holiday stuff out – swimsuits, cover-ups and sarongs etc. Was elated to find a lot of my cover-ups that were too tight now fit perfectly and some of my costumes that were too small are now fitting great so I was so pleased with that and I now know I have lots to choose from when we go on hols, the last few times have been a bit whatever fitted I took regardless of whether I liked them or not!!

    Wishing you all a wonderful day!

    Skyblue, save your pennies for a shopping trip before November — I predict you’ll need some new clothes before then! What a lovely thing to look forward to as the grey season begins.

    Speckles, consider switching to pounds: 2 lbs sounds WAY more than .9 kg. πŸ˜€ Well done, you!

    OOh Lolly how exciting!! That’s exactly what I’m going to do!!

    Skyblue, Yes that is a really exciting thought. How wonderful to be fitting into clothes you probably thought would end up in the glad bag. What a lovely “holiday gift” you will have.

    I have been making a point of wearing all my “good ” clothes instead of saving them for good only. I figure that next season they will be falling straight to the floor so I may as well get some wear out of them now.

    Lolly, I tried the pounds but my mind thinks in KG. It would be easier and yes 2lb does sound a lot more then not quite a KG. I am trying the link you sent me, problem is they don’t have a lot of brands that we have in Australia, so I am on the lookout for an Aussie one. .

    It is only Tuesday and I am exhausted. Working extra days this week as we are short staffed and a small office so off for an early bed.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    I’m really looking forward to the holiday more than ever now Speckles. I so agree about wearing your good clothes now instead of saving them – we might never get a chance otherwise (hopefully!!!). Have a peaceful sleep Speckles!

    I’m only eating real food these days so I hadn’t even considered brand names, speckles! Hope you find one that’s more Oz-based. Love your thinking on wearing your good clothes today — no point in saving them for best now! I’ve been wearing a pair of trousers perilously close to falling off — just for the sheer joy of owning anything TOO BIG.

    Morning all, Happy Friday! Just popped in to log my weekly weigh in. I’m happy to report another 1ΒΌ pounds has been shifted this week and I’m now down to 13st 6ΒΌ.

    Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

    Well done Skyblue. That is better then a 1 lb average and I noticed you are now closer to 13st then to 14 stone. Ta-Da!

    Lolly, I love the vision I get of you walking along holding your pants up with one hand to keep them from falling. I am keeping my old pair that were falling as a reminder and hopefully I will put them on one day and they will fall straight to the floor.

    I’m looking forward to your holiday SB and I want a full account of what you are going to buy. I am longing to buy new tops but am seeing the breast surgeon next week about the reduction so there is no point buying smaller tops till after the surgery. I would like to drop another 7kg first (at least)so am looking at a date in October if he concurs.

    NG, how is your little man? How did the appointment go with the specialist??? I do hope you have been getting a bit of much needed rest.

    Lisa, and you??? How is our singing gadabout doing?

    To be honest, I have not been releasing as much as I previously was. It seems to have plateaued then slowed down a bit but I suppose I have to expect that as well. I do think that I need to shift my goal to make it more of a challenge – as I do like a challenge. The other thing is I have been craving for a pizza for about 6 weeks now. Not your regular pizza but a crispy base, gourmet one that is not so bad ( a frozen pizza is not worth the calories). I think I need to buy a small one and have 1/2 as I don’t think denying myself is mentally good. It is not that I don’t enjoy what I am having, it is more that this is something that I have been CRAVING for. I realised that since I started this in Feb, I have not had take-away or fast food (except a couple of salads) in the whole time and only been out to dinner twice.

    On that note I read this article on Facebook this morning which is quite interesting and humorous.http://www.smh.com.au/comment/richard-glover-20160712-gq3pfm.html

    Off to do the shopping. Happy weekend to you all.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Well done, SB — passing the halfway marker from 14 to 13 stone! You’re on target, even if we DO want to see the big numbers every week. We just keep chipping away and that’s all we need to do.

    I finally had to honourably retire those trousers today, speckles — they were dragging so low that I tripped over them! I’m excited to have found that I can now get into some pairs I bought several years ago which were too small even then. It’s like a shopping trip without the shop. But, like you, I’m going to hang on to those old ones as a marker of how far I’ve travelled. Everything else I shrink out of will be disposed of as I go. Konmari would be proud.

    Lolly, I love it! Honourably discharged, what a perfect term for something that has served you well in the past but you can now move on. Well done!

    I have released just .5 or 1pound this week. I am wondering if the reason it has slowed is that I reached my first goal and I was so focused on reaching that, I hadn’t looked ahead.

    Interesting day yesterday, we had a party for my nephews 5th birthday and were talking about my brothers 21st where they had a big party at home with a spit and over 100 guests. My brother was the baby and mums favourite. It reminded me of my 21st 4 yrs earlier that was a total disaster. Mum was not interested in planning anything (I can see that in hindsight) and I wish I had chosen to go out instead. I was allowed only 30 guests including family and we ran out of food after the first 10 people had been served. To make it worse, -as if it could be, when it came time for speeches and cutting the cake etc, no-one made a speech for me, after waiting for that to happen, and realising is wasn’t going to I just thanked everyone for coming etc and just wanted to run away. I wonder if this has something to do with food issues and lack of. It was a long time ago but I remember the feeling like yesterday.- Need to do some work on this I think.

    Hoo-Roo for now and have a great week everyone.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Morning everyone! It’s been pretty quiet on this forum of late – hope everyone is enjoying the hot weather we have been having! (Personally I like it a bit cooler!!), but I hope that those who love it are enjoying it!!

    Speckles excellent article – so true and funny, restraint is not one of my good points either! Congratulations on the 1lb loss, that’s two packs of butter and another pound closer to goal! Lots of luck with your appointment with the surgeon this week, I agree there is no point buying smaller tops just yet – but just think of the spree you can have later!!! It was very sad reading about your 21st, especially compared to the one your brother had. I wonder if parents realise how much things like this actually hurt, and even in later life, years on from the event, things like this can still resonate.

    Lolly congratulations on getting into those smaller pants – WHOO HOO!!! Such a fantastic feeling! I agree, it really is like shopping but in your own wardrobe! I have a pile of jeans folded on the top shelf in my wardrobe, with the largest pair on the top and graduating to the smallest pair at the bottom. There must be about 7 or 8 pairs. Last weekend I managed to get into the top two pairs which I couldn’t even get the button and buttonhole to meet up before. Slightly snug, but I think I would wear them, so there’s another two pairs of jeans I can choose from and also a lovely cotton top that I hadn’t worn in a while fits now, so another summer top to choose from too. I quite like this shopping, it’s certainly cheap!!!

    Hope you are all having a lovely week!

    Skyblue, Yes wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all go back and undo the mistakes we have made and allowed others to make without stopping the pattern. It is interesting how such things can affect us in the years to come and I always over-cater for everything.

    Well done on getting into smaller jeans and a lovely (newish now) top. I don’t have a lot of clothes to fit back into as I did a big clear-out a year ago, never imagining that I would be requiring those clothes again. I have a few things and a couple I have never even worn- bought with hope in mind, but that is all.

    I had a long session with the surgeon yesterday and he is Ok to go ahead with the surgery but I have to have blood tests first as he is concerned that while a great result with losing the weight, that my immune system may not have the healing capacity. Also he wants to talk to the rheumatologist about my Lupus, which really is only mild and not an issue.
    I also have to stop smoking which I knew and am quite prepared to do so 6 wks prior I have to stop. At the moment I am allowing myself the cigs while I am releasing the weight as it does help me.

    So we have a tentative date for Oct 20, which gives me time to release more and get myself in shape both mentally and physically.

    My cat “Lady” is just lovely, we are enjoying getting to know each other and she does try to push the boundaries at times just like a child. She is now cuddling up to me after dinner and watching Masterchef. She even recognises the music when it starts. LOL

    I hope all you girls in the sunny UK are enjoying the weather as we are in the coldest winter I think I can ever remember. Our cold is completely different from your and we don’t as a rule have central heating. So UGH boots all around.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Morning ladies,

    I’ve not checked in for a while. Last week I was at a conference, plus had a couple of social things so there was no point trying to do 5:2 and I didn’t bother weighing. Back on the wagon this week and I’ve just weighed in and I’m 1lb down and now in Onederland!! Second goal met. Very pleased, I was expecting to have just maintained at best so delighted with a loss. Been slow progress this last few weeks but there is some progress.

    And how great is it to be able to kick back for a week and then get back into things so easily.

    Will now go back and catch up with everyone’s news. πŸ˜€

    YAY!!! MMe well done! That’s fantastic news getting into Onederland!! How brilliant is that and you thought you would have just maintained too – what a lovely surprise!!

    Well, it was my Friday weigh in on Friday morning, however I didn’t get a true result. I was quite unwell with a sickness bug on Thursday night and when I came to weigh myself on Friday morning it showed a huge 5.25lb loss and the scales were showing 13st 1lb, down from 13st 6ΒΌ the Friday before. However, I think obviously this was dehydration etc so I’m going to have to wait until this Friday for a true recording. Hope I haven’t gone up as I more than made up for the lack of food on Saturday ha ha!!!

    WEll done MMe, especially as you were not trying and it just goes to show how this is a lifestyle change doesn’t it. How nice to be in Onderland!

    SB, I am sorry you have been poorly and yes, as much as I am sure you would like to clain those lost lbs, I suspect some of it was due to illness. Lets see what next week says and maybe you will have a nice surprise.

    Has anyone heard from NGal? I am a bit concerned as we havnet heard since she took her little boy to the specaliast. I am praying that all is OK with him and that NNG has just been a bit too busy to jump on the computer.

    I am in ho-hum land at the moment. The scales seem to be stuck and I havnet changes my diet much at all. After the bad birthday week which was a month ago now, I think I have only lost a lb or two which before I was consistent with 1kg a week. Bit frustrating and I am thinking about that article about plateau-ing but it seems a long plateau.
    Either way I will keep at it.

    I am loving my cat, and we had a night visiting my parents who will look after her when I go on a conference for 4 days. Thought it would be good to introduce her to their home and stay the night with her before I abandon her. She is still so timid among strangers and spent most of the time hiding under the bed covers, but she did have a good sniff around. LOL

    Blessings to you all

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Congrats, MmeM — Onederland attained! I’m so pleased for you.

    I’m dealing with a medical issue at the moment so I haven’t been around as much but it’s good to see you, SB and speckles. We seem to be crossing all sorts of goal lines these days and I’m happy to say that I have bidden farewell to the 19 stone mark. Always nice to refocus on a new target!

    Here’s to all of us: success and happiness. πŸ™‚

    Contgrats Lolly, that is a big barrier and you have done well, especially if you have medical issues as well to cope with. These stressful times really do test us so give yourself a big pat on the back.
    It is nice to see you here.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”


    It’s been a while πŸ™‚ I’ve just been caught up with life atm but happy to say I’ve kept with the 5:2 (nearly 4 months now) and 2 1/2stone down πŸ™‚

    Feeling great and looking much better. Hoping to be able to catch up on all the news properly but with a toddler it’s difficult to get 2 mins to myself.

    Hope everyone has a great day

    NSMK – great to hear from you and that is wonderful news that you have kept at it, especially with a toddler in tow. I just worked out that you have been releasing just over 2lbs a week and that is fantastic. Well done! (insert a party hat here)

    I had a good surprise this morning as I have released 1.7kgs which I am very happy about and the hiatus is over, plateau gone and heading on the downwards direction.

    Happy Sunday to you all.
    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    Nice to see you again, NSMN — glad to hear you’re doing so well!

    Amazing, speckles — you must be so chuffed! I’ve noticed the same thing, having a plateau for no apparent reason then dropping quickly for a bit. When I first bought my scales I was thinking to weigh myself only once a week but I actually find it more helpful to do a check each morning and chart the patterns. It helps me with the big picture and I don’t get so hung up on numbers. It all averages out if you just keep moving forward.

    Thanks Lolly and Speckles!

    I’m quite chuffed now you’ve mentioned it works out to about 2lb loss a week πŸ™‚

    Hi I’m looking to loose 3 stone and would love to buddy up with everyone..could do with the motivation to keep on the straight and narrow πŸ™‚ would also offer my support of course πŸ™‚

    I’ve just read through the posts on here and you all sound really lovely and helpful . Can I ask a couple of questions please ..
    What days do others do their fast days
    Those that have cut carbs ,when do you eat your carbs
    As a newbie how hard is it to change the way one eats
    Thank you πŸ™‚

    Choose days that suit you and then STICK TO THEM. Avoid carb dense foods like sugar (like the plague) and bread, pasta, pizza, rice. Avoid potatoes. No sugar drinks or diet drink. Get your carbs from veggies. Don’t be scared of fats like cheese, high fat low sugar yogurt. Protein like chicken, tuna, tofu, almonds or walnuts. Work out your TDEE amount and to start with calorie count what you eat so that you can work out what that amount of food looks like. Its surprising how little 2000 cal worth of food looks like.

    Good luck it works.

    Morning Ladies! I hope that you’re all well. Sorry that I’ve not been around. A combination of lack of sleep, lots of work and also decorating, so my laptop has been covered with plastic for the last week or so.

    I’ve been reading on my phone about all your successes, milestones reached, pounds and kilos shed, trousers falling down and holiday shopping thoughts and I’m delighted for you all. Well done ladies!!! I hope that you’re feeling better SB. And wow Speckles, your surgery is booked. Very, very exciting for you, though nerve wracking too I’m sure. Great to see you back NSMN.

    Welcome thenunn. I hope you find as much inspiration, ideas and support on here as I have. Fast days are entirely up to you and whatever suits your lifestyle. I always like fasting on a Monday as I find it’s a good start to the week to keep me motivated, bu sometimes that wasn’t always possible. Then my second day would be Thursday or Friday, but one of the best things about this “diet” is the flexibility. As for the carbs I think everyone is different. I stopped eating them back in January and I stopped craving them almost straight away. The great thing for me about not eating carbs (apart from a flatter tummy and the extra weight loss) is that it naturally makes me eat healthier as the carbs are replaced by veg instead. I say I’ve given up carbs and that’s pasta, rice, potatoes and bread. Sugar is another story however and is an ongoing battle for me.

    So, on to my own weight. I’ve been off 5:2 for over 3 weeks now. The lack of sleep was really getting to me and I decided to just have a break and eat whatever I wanted until my partner broke up for the school holidays and I’d be able to catch up with sleep. That took a lot of pressure off myself that I wasn’t even aware that I’d putting myself under and allowing myself to eat what I wanted without feeling as though I really shouldn’t be was good for me. When I’m sleep deprived my body wants me to eat and that’s now OK with me. I am now feeling rested again and hallelujah, my little fella is sleeping much better so I’m back on to the fasting today. I didn’t intend to weigh myself, since as per usual with the sleep deprivation I was eating a LOT of chocolate and sweet stuff. After over 3 weeks of eating whatever I wanted, I really thought I’d be back up in the 13 stones and I didn’t want to see that on the scales. But I decided this morning that I needed to check as I didn’t think I looked as though I’d put on too much. So, I took a deep breath and I’m still in the 12’s!!! 12 stone 12 3/4 lbs to be precise, so I’ve put on 3 3/4 lbs. I actually just stood on the scales thinking I’d put on over a stone at first as I was so convinced that I’d weigh 13 something that I wasn’t even looking at the first 2 digits on the scales. I’m absolutely chuffed. And amazed. And incentivised to get back to fasting.

    I hope you all have a good week everyone.

    NG, How lovely to have you back and I really hope that you are feeling less sleep deprived and back to your old self. You did well to stay in the 12’s so well done. Sometimes we just have to do what our body is requiring.
    I hope your little man continues to sleep better as well and that all is well with him.

    I am so over winter here and it has been the coldest winter I can remember in at least a decade. I know our temperatures in AUs are higher then the UK but it is a different cold. I was there a few years ago for Xmas and didn’t find it cold at all, went rugged up with multiple layers and kept having to strip off, even outside.

    Welcome to thenunn, I hope you find this thread as useful as I and many others have. Bigbooty has given some great tips. I always fast on a Thursday as I work the late shift at work and it is easier, however my days off change each week so I pick a working day to fast as it is easier, so I don’t stick solidly to specific day though wish my roster would let me. What I do is intermittent fasting which means I don’t eat till dinnertime. I drink lots of water, black tea and coffee during the day then have a big salad full of really healthy things. I add some protein to that and if I really want something after I have Greek yoghurt and berries. My downfall is chocolate, though I have changed to 80% dark choc and I do have a square or two at night. In the past I used to have a bar or two, so this is a big improvement.

    This is much easier if you do cut out the carbs especially bread, rice potatoes, pastries, cakes etc or anything with flor in it. Give yourself a day a week to have a splurge but make it a gentle splurge not a buffet. You will find it doesn’t take long to stop missing the usual foods which are the culprits, but if you are desperate – have a small portion and get it out of your system, so to speak. That is better then craving it for months then pigging out.
    I, like many others here have discovered how versatile a humble cauliflower is. I have it grated in my salad along with kale and that substituted for any previous rice, pasta or grain and it is really yummy. I make a batch and it keeps in a good container for 5 days. I also grate beetroot and carrot and add this.
    If I am hungry during the day, which doesn’t often happen, I always have some soup on hand and have a cup of that. I make a big batch of zucchini soup and puree it to keep in the fridge. 2 nights a week on my fasting days I have a mushroom omelette and a cup of soup and that really satisfies me.

    As Bigbooty said, count your calories to start with as that gives you a good idea on how much you can have and makes you more aware of what you are eating. – good luck and let us know how you are going.

    Lolly I am like you and get on the scales most days. Simply to track where I am at. I don’t count a loss until I have seen it 3 days in a row but it inspires me to see the lower numbers.

    One thing I have noticed is that often when on driving somewhere I will be approaching a row of shops and think” oh I can call in here and go to the bakery” then my inner voice kicks in and says “sure you could but do you really want to” the answer is NOOOOOOO! and I just keep driving. In the past I would have stopped and bought something yummy and now I don’t even feel like I am missing out buy saying no.

    What things have you all noticed that has changed about what you used to do???? I would love to hear about it.

    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    SB I hope you are recovered and let us know how you are going.

    Hi everyone

    I’m still here – haven’t posted for a while but still plodding on and sticking with it. Just caught up on the posts and so glad to read of your successes and as usual, some great tips and advice to those of us just starting out. Speckles, love that last question and could create a great big list – will come back to that later at some point I promise but haven’t got time just now. As for my progress – well, lets just say July was a bit of a write off diet wise – up and down, frustrating despite knowing I was sticking to the system. Looks like I’m back on the downward trend after a solid 3lb loss last week – yeah!. My biggest downfall is still coping with these busy weekends away and not undoing the good days from midweek. I’ll be on annual hols very soon so the immediate goal is to enjoy myself but try not do too much damage to the scales. Destination this time is Belgium – not the easiest place to stay on track so wish me luck – I’m sure that at some point we’ll be sampling a few Belgian chocolates, big sickly but delicious Belgian waffles and hubby will no doubt will do his best to try just a few of the hundreds of Belgian beers!.

    Morning everyone!! Wow the forum has been busy since I last logged on last week!

    NG You’re back!! So glad to hear your little one is sleeping better now and absolutely well done on staying in the 12’s after a 3 week break!! That’s fantastic!!

    NSMN, Speckles and Lisa congratulations on your losses too!! Brilliant news!

    Welcome to Thenunn! Good to have you on board, you have had some great advice and tips here! Hope you stick with us!!

    I didn’t post on Friday but I still did my weekly weigh in, I only lost 0.75 of a pound last week but that has taken me down to 13st 5Β½. It seems to be slowly but surely at the moment but I’m ok with that!!

    Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

    Hi all

    speckles – realised next week is a full year since I’ve been doing the fastdiet so your question was definitely timely – things that have changed compared to what I used to do – food prep: I will only use what I need and freeze the rest – before I would cook the lot and be tempted to serve it all up and make larger portions. We use smaller dinner plates and dish up the veggies first so they fill at least half the plate – sometimes no room and so the protein and/or carbs are much smaller portions than they used to be. That goes for the carvery and all you can eat buffet situations too – plus I make the effort in those situations to eat more slowly and mindfully and not have multiple visits – just because I can doesn’t mean I want to. I use the kitchen scales until I can trust my eye estimations. My go-to snacks on the run are probably cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks instead of junk, and the children have mini breadsticks and healthy dips as we no longer have biscuits in the house. Only occasionally will I drink alcohol and don’t miss it. Also gone for the family are the fizzy drinks – diet or full fat. Crisps for the children are occasional treats also. I nearly always have lots of fresh melon / berries in the fridge, and have low fat greek yoghurt only which is low in sugars also but filling and versatile in so many ways. I do have long ‘tip-tops’ for the children which are just low calorie frozen sugar free squash and satisfy any sweet craving if needed. After years of being drummed into me that breakfast was the most important meal, I now realise I can happily miss it if needed without feeling deprived for the rest of the day. I haven’t managed to kick sugar in tea/coffee but carry sweeteners everywhere with me instead. I can say no thank you when the biscuits, cakes and chocolates are passed round the staffroom at breaktime without feeling impolite. Packet slim-a soup is my standby at work if feeling hungry on a fast day – and no visits to the onsite canteen. Lots of stairs at work and no longer feel as puffed after climbing a few short flights. I no longer look for a chocolate bar or easy snack at the petrol station when filling up. Eating out – I frequently order a side salad (even in the indian restaurant) instead of rice/potatoes just because I prefer it – not because I want to be good. I am happy to take the children for the occasional fast food treat and sit there with a cup of tea not burgers/junk all round and not feel strange. Likewise, at the cinema, its now a bottle of water and perhaps small pack of tic tacs or sugar free mints. So, a year later, I am overall a lot healthier, over 8 stone lighter and down from size 32/34 to 20 clothes (UK). I am moving more, now walking on a treadmill and/or swimming a few times a week and I have recently ventured back onto a bicycle after at least a 30 year gap (to much laughter due to the wobbling and nervousness – families eh!). Seriously, though, I am lucky that my family and friends – online ones included, have been nothing but supportive along the way. The awkward one is dealing with the question “how much have you lost now?” to which I smile sweetly and say, “oh a lot and I’m still getting there” – there’s no hiding I am a lot slimmer but still don’t really want to admit to everyone by listing numbers just how bad the start total was as I am ashamed of where I had got to. It doesn’t get easier – you get better with practice and lots of it. I still have a way to go so here’s to the next twelve months and the downward trend continuing. Sorry – didn’t mean it to be such a long post. hope you all have a great week

    WEll done SB, a loss is a loss and that is great.

    Lisa, what a great post and you are so inspiring!. WOW 8 Stone in a year is 50KG, what an amazing feat and determination.

    I loved all the changes you have made and have taken some on board while others I have changed as well but hadn’t realised, they just happened.

    You have also put your family on the path to health and wellness and they will remember this when they are older.

    Isn’t it great to be able to pass up on the “snacks” at work. We have a food court about 50 meters from my office which used to be a danger. There are about 30 different food outlets and only 1 of them is a healthy salad outlet. I used to often stop by after work, especially if I was tired and see if there were any last minute specials- not any more, I have my meal ready in advance at home.

    Thank you so much for sharing that Lisa.
    “I release all excess fat cells and any emotional baggage that is attached to them that no longer serve me. I am safe being slim.”

    My God Lisa what an inspiration you are!! Like Speckles said thank you for sharing with us!

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