Hyperthyroidism, Radioactive Iodine and this diet. .

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Hyperthyroidism, Radioactive Iodine and this diet. .

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  • I’ve been taking 20mg of Carbimazole for the past 18mnths and my consultant has advised I have radioactive Iodine next. My weight and T Cell count has varied to silly degrees. I guess I’m trying to find out if there are others who have been in my position and tried this diet and if they have been well enough not to have the iodine treatment. Would really love some feedback on this.


    I did have the radioactive treatment 21 years ago after finding in an operation to remove a goiter I had thyroid cancer. Do you know I’ve never had another problem since. I have been on the same dose of thyroxine since but since being on 5:2 for 5 months and losing 21 lbs my blood test showed too much TSH so I’ve had to lower my dose.
    In terms of cancer treatment the radioactive dose did not make me sick, my hair didn’t fall out and it lasted 3 days in isolation(I think now you don’t even have to go into hospital). I do eat a lot of veg from the garden and I know after the treatment I really tried to eat natural as I felt a bit rundown but hey it saved my life and I was back at work teaching in a week.
    Hope this has been helpful to hear another experience

    Hello Firefly,

    I’m hyperthyroid – diagnosed 1.5 years ago. Was severe at the beginning and advised to have radioactive iodine for both testing and treatment purposes but opted not to. Not keen on radiation of any kind and don’t believe that it isn’t harmful.

    I was quite terrified with a heart rate of 144 bpm, arrythmias, extreme jitters, insomnia, even blacking out at times. I really wondered if it was safe for me not to do what the hospital ER was saying and what other people (my doctor friends) were telling me with respect to radioactive iodine. I can’t believe on doctor friend told me to just get the thryoid removed and get it over with!!!

    Anyways, my endocrinologist (that I was referred to via ER) was willing to respect my wish not to have radioactive iodine and minimize prescription medications so he monitored me while I saw a naturopath. I took the medication as the endocrinologist recommended (PTU – 6 x 50mg/day) at first and got some symptoms under control and then i started taking a herbal remedy that is available on-line – Thyrosoothe. I took both the meds and the herbal and slowly reduced the meds while continuing the herbal. I went every six weeks for blood tests and now I am in the normal range in all areas – WBC, TSH, free T4, liver enzymes etc. I try to eat a healthy diet but often fail. All the same I am pleased that I didn’t succumb to the pressure to tamper with my thyroid. It did take several weeks for the prescription meds to calm my symptoms but within about 8 months I was down to 50% of the prescriptions meds. Each time I reduced the meds I had a little blip but it quickly passed and now I take PTU 1 x 50mg pill per day in the evening. I think I don’t even need that now.

    For the person who discovered cancer during the surgery to remove a goiter, I’d say that is very fortunate. Nowadays, the blood tests are available that would flag likelihood of cancer being present and I doubt cancer would go unnoticed with such thorough blood tests/screens. The vast majority of people don’t have thyroid cancer so I don’t see that being a worthy argument for radioactive testing and ablation.

    Just my 2 cents. Hope its reassuring.

    Please be very carful advising not to have radioactive iodine when a consultant has advised it. I’ve met several people recently who had a goiter removed and the pathology after proved it was malignant. My endocrinologist recommended radioactive iodine even though my cancer appeared to be encapsulated in case there were some cancer cells free in the blood or glands.
    Why has the consultant suggested radioactive iodine treatment???
    I like to live and eat naturally but my naturopath advised I take the treatment and build myself up afterwards…
    As I stated above I have had no further cancer problems or even thyroxine variance in 21 years but I have had trouble losing weight which 5:2 has helped me overcome.

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