How to reduce aging through exercise?

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How to reduce aging through exercise?

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  • We can’t stop ourselves from being aged. But there always some hope not to get aged so quickly. We can do this by maintaining regular exercise. A study shows that physical exercise minimizes the inflammation in the body due to aging. It is beneficial to reduce the heart disease, depression, and many other health issues during you aging.
    Wish you all a healthy life.

    Hi Amanda,
    Right you are. But still, we are concerned about aging. Can’t stop it.

    Even brisk walking can have a big impact on health and aging. I’ve found that even 7000 or 8000 steps per day, measured on my fitness tracker, has a big impact on lowering blood pressure.

    Recently in Australia I saw an episode of “Trust Me I am a Doctor” in which you discussed 4 muscle strengthening exercises for older people. Can you please tell me what the four exercises were? I was able to write 3 down, but the 4th was obscure. Also how long do I do each exercise?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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