How different do you look/feel about yourself this Xmas as opposed to last?

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How different do you look/feel about yourself this Xmas as opposed to last?

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  • Hello all fast dieters

    I am currently celebrating losing my first stone on the fast diet and though it’s taken a long time (5 1/2 months); I am really pleased.

    However, it got me thinking; I’m not looking so different to how I did a stone ago but how are other folks looking and feeling about themselves this Xmastime? I suppose I mean the folks who can really see and feel a difference in themselves?

    Most of us ladies buy something new for Yuletide (because we have absolutely nothing to wear……and for a lot of us-nothing fits!) and I bet a lot of the men do to; and let’s face it, we all want to look and feel good about our reflection in the mirror and how we feel in ourselves generally.

    I want to be in this group next year but I’d like to hear about this years top of the class to give me more motivation!

    Oh, forgot to say Have a rare old time this Yuletide!

    Hi booboo, CONGRATS on that first stone well done!

    this is my second christmas since starting this plan, last year i brought myself a LBD and felt great, (id been 5 2ing 3 months then) this year ive had to buy another, yay! its a wonderful feeling and i do look and feel very different to my pre 5 2 days, ive still about 2 stone, (28lbs) to go to be in the ideal weight range for my height, but people are starting to tell me i shouldnt be loosing much more, so i will go on how i feel rather than what the scales tell me.

    have a wonderful holiday time and will see you on the other side! xx

    There are worlds of difference in the way I feel this year compared to last year.

    Last year I was a fat lump of lard – this year I am 45 lbs lighter and feel great.

    I have 18lbs to go to target so by spring I should be there hopefully and this time next year I can have another new dress! 😀

    I don,’t feel that different, but that is because I’ve just gotten rid of some of the fat that I’d put on over the last year (5:2 for the last six weeks).
    If I keep focused I’ll have my body back for winter. and NEXT Christmas I’ll be rocking it.

    Hello girls

    (Where are the men who look and feel considerably different/better this Xmas? I usually address most of my comments quite deliberately to ‘Ladies of A Certain Age’ and I thought this thread would be more egalitarean and yet – no men willing to step up to the plate!)

    Anyways – Wow fast for life – How much have you actually lost in the time you’ve been fast dieting? You should be shouting about what you’ve lost; not telling us that you’ve still got some to go. How lovely though; having to buy another dress…..sigh

    And sylvestra – you too. 45lbs lighter; no wonder you feel fab. I think feeling good about yourself always seems to be more important at Xmas time. You know how people say things like ‘OH I want it done for Xmas’ etc; it’s an especially emotional time.

    And ghostgirl; thanks for pitching up even though you are just six weeks into it. It’s always the thought that counts and let’s face it; we are all losing the fat we gained sometime not so long ago!

    Let’s hear from more Xmas stunners to give those of us with a lot more transforming to go; some motivation.

    Jingle Bells everybody!

    I can speak for the man in my life,my hubby of 40 years,who last Christmas was finding 38inch waist trousers a big tight and is now,on the run up to this year’s festivities,wearing 34s.
    I’m going to wear a size 12 dress ( that’s English size for you Americans who think that’s rather large!) that I haven’t worn for ,well,a while.
    My standby,posh black trousers that have been dragged out for most ‘special’ occasions in the last little while have become unwearable thanks to their being too big!
    (We’ve been following fast diet since the end of July and I’ve lost 26lbs,hubby more.)

    Hey sonunda

    Thanks for telling us about your hubby’s weight loss; the other men who read this site just don’t seem to be biting on telling us about their success.
    But your husband; a four inch reduction in trousers. Not bad at all!

    And you having to bin your ‘posh’ black trousers because they are just too big! I am waiting patiently to have that very nice problem.

    Hello Fast Friends,
    This time last year I was a rather overweight 12 stone, miserable and fed-up with high blood pressure and psoriasis.I started the 5:2 in January and now am 23 lb lighter with a normal blood pressure and no psoriasis.

    I have had to replace the majority of my clothes.I now have a waist 5 inches smaller, 4 inches off my hips,4 inches off bust, 2 inches off under bust, 4 inches off each thigh and 3 inches off each calf.So a grand total of 29 inches/74cms less of me!!!!!!

    I ran my first Half Marathon in March, at 52 years old,and then improved that time by 20 minutes in September.I feel so much better and look so much better too.

    Hey Annette52

    Your fast story is truly amazing; don’t forget other people like to be congratulated too!

    Have a Merry Xmas

    Sadly my congratulations to all were missed in this thread. My apologies.

    Have a Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year Fast Friends

    What a great idea for a thread & congratulations to you all. Really nice stories to inspire 😀

    This is my 2nd Christmas on 5:2 and last year the month of December was the first time that I only lost 1lb all month – but hey – at least the scales were heading down instead of up right! I must say I was feeling pretty happy with myself going into the holidays, I was at the point where I’d lost about 1.5 stone already and although I didn’t feel that I looked much different I was noticing that things were either fitting much better than they ever had, or starting to get a bit baggy. I remember noticing some time around October/November that I no-longer had pockets of fat protruding around the back of my bra and the little purple dress that I’d bought 2 years earlier, on a whim, which had never ‘really’ fit properly, suddenly fit really nicely for a party in early December and looked like it might even get to the ‘baggy-on-me’ stage pretty soon.

    The 1 lb loss over Xmas should have been expected and to be honest I’d just be happy this year (as I’ve fewer TDEE calories to play with now) to maintain. However, it wasn’t really and so Xmas was a bit of a kick up the backside for me and I took the diet more seriously and started experimenting with ways to work it that would work better for my lifestyle and help encourage further losses.

    When I started out on 5:2 I honestly hadn’t really expected to lose anything significant but by the time Xmas came around, with all the health benefits already in the bag, I was so overjoyed by having lost a, hitherto unimaginable, load of weight that I was encouraged to keep it up into the new year.

    Now the health benefits are something I will never part with and I fully intend to 5:2 forever but my new goal is to get down to a reasonable weight. I’m not bothered about ‘ideal’ weight but I want to get comfortably close and to a point where I can happily maintain without sacrificing my favourite foods. It may take another Xmas (maybe even 2) to finally get to that point but slow & steady etc. etc.

    I will have to spend some Xmas money in the sales though I think – can’t continue to walk around in last year’s sack-like clothes, they do look rediculous.

    Happy Christmas everyone & best wishes for the New Year

    Well done TracyJ. I love a positive attitude x

    Hello TracyJ

    Thanks for responding to my post – I don’t think I’m alone in NEVER tiring of hearing the stories of other people’s ‘fast journeys’.

    It is no exaggeration at all to say that it is reading about other people’s experiences of their fast diet journey that encourages me to keep at it.

    We know too, that a lot of people are silent participators on this forum; they, for whatever reason, don’t post but they do read threads/posts.

    I like the fact that you are not bothered about an ‘ideal’ weight and I hope you treat yourself to some lovely new clothes to showcase your achievements up to now!

    All the Best for a fast 2014!

    Cheers PreciousBooBoo & sylvestra, I hope you’re both having a nice chilled holiday period. This has been my first opportunity to pop in in a while & I’m afraid I’ve epically failed to squeeze in a proper fastday since last Tuesday. Oh well, I’m not too worried, I have doubled my usual exercise quota instead and I’ve been throwing at least 16 hours worth of fasting into every day, so hopefully it won’t ruin my ‘maintenance’ too badly 😉

    I have been hitting the shops though 😀 2 pairs of size 10 cut offs for spring and a nice light spring coat too. The cut offs are quite tight but they do JUST fit and we’ve got a while to go before they’ll be needed, so it’ll give me something to aim for 😀

    Happy 2014 everyone – best of luck

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