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  • Hi, I’m staying in a Hotel for the next month for work, Monday to Friday. I think dinner is easily sorted by having steamed Chicken and steamed veg without all the dressings.

    But what about breakfast? They offer all the usual fayre of a decent price hotel from cereals to the full English, porridge and various fruits.

    Anyone got any tips for a breakfast that will fit around the “New 5:2?”

    Any advice appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    On the road, I’ll have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast if I have one on a fast day. Keeps me full for the day.


    Boiled or poached eggs are a great and filling option.
    Ask how they cook the tomatoes and mushrooms. If they aren’t fried you can have a decent helping. A small helping of baked beans would be OK too as they are a healthy option despite containing a small amount of sugar.

    You could also ask how the porage is made. If they use water then it is a great option with a splash of milk and a some fresh fruit.

    I go with plain oatmeal sweetened with sliced fruit. If the peanut butter is real I would add that too. When I’ve been in China I actually had salad (large to very large) and maybe some water melon juice for breakfast. Don’t know why there was a salad bar at breakfast but it was good.

    If I’m fasting it is water, coffee and/or tea. (No sugar, no cream)

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Looks like it could be Eggs as a way forward, looks convenient and easy enough.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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