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  • Hi
    My son is 17 and has Aspergers. He isn’t over weight or has any weigh issues. I am interested in him doing 5:2 or IF to help deal with some of the issues he has like anxiety and other related problems.
    I was wondering if we should wait until he is 18 to put him on 5:2 or start now with something like 16:8 over the weekends?

    Has there been any studies or people who are on 5:2 that have Aspergers that have seen an improvement with anxiety, stress and other day to day problems they face? I know that there is no cure for it and I am not expecting one. We love our son very much as he is and won’t change him for the world. I was just wondering if this WOL would benefit him in some way.

    Hi Cat:

    I would look into the ketogenic diet. In small trials it has been shown to help improve some with autism.

    Thanks – will look into that. Thanks for the link.

    Hi Cat,

    I think also taking out things like gluten and dairy help too. I did a Keto years ago and my Aspie son (was 4 at the time), loved eating what I was eating and would pinch my food of my plate if I wasn’t watching LOL. We put him on a gluten and dairy diet upon the Paed’s advice and he’s definitely less anxious and now he’s 9 , he’s very careful about what he eats (avoids nightshades and few other things). He avoided all wheat when he was a toddler.

    Go Well.

    I have Aspergers and have felt much less anxious since starting ADF. But whether that would be the case if someone else was making me fast is another question. Fasting needs to be done from your own motivation or it would inflict huge amounts of stress and defeat the purpose.

    My son also has Aspergers and he does need to lose weight and suffers badly with stress and anxiety but although I have discussed it with him and he likes the idea a huge stumbling block is the narrow range of foods that he can bring himself to eat. He barely gets enough decent nutrients as it is. He gags if he can’t cope with a texture so getting him to accept new food is a nightmare. He is very overweight which I blame on the quantity of orange juice he used to drink. I had no idea it was so bad for him:( Now he drinks unsweetened sparkling water which I hope will reduce his sugar cravings somewhat although as he eats so much cereal he still has far too much carbohydrate. He is terribly stubborn. No one can make him do anything. But then so am I!

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