Helping with Aspergers

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  • Hi
    My son is 17 and has Aspergers. He isn’t over weight or has any weigh issues. I am interested in him doing 5:2 or IF to help deal with some of the issues he has like anxiety and other related problems.
    I was wondering if we should wait until he is 18 to put him on 5:2 or start now with something like 16:8 over the weekends?

    Has there been any studies or people who are on 5:2 that have Aspergers that have seen an improvement with anxiety, stress and other day to day problems they face? I know that there is no cure for it and I am not expecting one. We love our son very much as he is and won’t change him for the world. I was just wondering if this WOL would benefit him in some way.

    Hi Cat:

    I would look into the ketogenic diet. In small trials it has been shown to help improve some with autism.

    Thanks – will look into that. Thanks for the link.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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