Help! My TDEE is so low!

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  • My TDEE is only about 1400-1600 calories and apparently most people are around 2000 so I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong! I’m a teen girl who is trying to learn how to maintain her weight but I’m struggling to fit in fruits without going above that limit and also I can’t eat any dessert ever without gaining. What do I do? Is TDEE higher for a teen?

    Have you used the calculator on this site?
    I’m 55, 5 ft 3 and female, I swim 2 to 3 times a week so chose lightly active and my TDEE is 1825, yours seems very low for a teenager compared to mine.

    The calculator said 1600 which is still quite low for a teen….how long do you go swimming for? I don’t know if I count as lightly or moderately active if I cycle for 30 mins every day

    Moderately active :
    Moderate exercise or sports 3-5 days per week. This level is for people who exercise or play very active sports at least 30 minutes non-stop at a time at least three times a week, every week. This is the level for people who keep up a good fitness regime that fits into their daily life.

    As a ‘teen’ not sure of your actual age, if you are happy with your weight as you state you are trying to maintain, it sounds as if you are aware of healthy eating. I’ve worried about my weight all my life and been on a permanent diet since my mother dragged me along to weight watchers at 14, I weighed 7 stone then I could not have been fat. I’m sure dieting has given me my underactive thyroid, my metabolism is shot at 55.

    Eat plenty fresh veg and fruit, protein and the occasional treat, I’m sure you’ll maintain your weight.


    May I ask what is your BMI?

    BMI is 29.8, BMR is 1326, TDEE is 1823.
    BMI is not good.


    If you re-read my post you’ll see my question was for Tina.

    Around 19.5 , fluctuates in the 19-20

    Apologies Amazon, I’ll butt out.

    It’s OK Susie, I just wanted to ensure Tina realised I was asking her.

    Your BMI is at the lower end of the normal range for a woman but as a teenager your body is still developing and growing and needs more energy than an adult so you should not be restricting calories.

    It is really important for your future health you eat enough for your body to grow and mature properly. Why don’t you try eating 2000 calories per day for a month and see what happens. Unless you eat lots of junk you shouldn’t gain weight and there’s no reason why you can’t eat dessert every day.

    Exercise is important so if you are cycling for 30 minutes every day that’s great, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day here and there.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

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