Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Morning all.

    Oh dear, up 1.5 kilos this week. I’m guessing it’s water retention from the salty and sugary diwali food. I might weigh again in a couple of days to see if it’s gone.

    Thin, Oh the curse of being trained as a kid to always finish what’s on your plate. I’m the same with restaurant meals, no matter how full I am, or how big the meal, I’ll always finish what’s on my plate. I have pretty much recovered from my crash, the only thing remaining is a couple of lumps where my main injuries were, in my thigh and on my chest. I’ve been meaning to go to the doctor to get them checked out, but since they’re not actually sore, just…there, I haven’t been in too much of a rush.

    Have a good one everyone

    That was our family Neil, finish everything on the plate. I had a difficult time when I lived in the USA with the buffet-type restaurants, watching people going back to pile more food on their plates and then just wasting it. I don’t much like buffets myself and, if we do book a hotel with a breakfast buffet, I get a cup of coffee while investigating the offerings and then sit back down to decide on a plan. One thing about that ‘training’ is that I’m proud to say that there is virtually no food waste from my kitchen.

    Oh no, I hope the weight gain is a temporary reprimand for the sweet treat indulgences. I wonder what would be the cause of those lumps – you’ve mentioned them before.

    Greetings from Adelaide. Yes I returned home last night.
    Still quite sleep deprived as I woke at 1:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I gave up and got up at 4am and started washing all those dirty clothes. Every time I sat down the cat jumped into my lap – making up for lost time.

    My weight was up 2.5kg this morning. Considering how swollen my ankles and calves are from the flight I expect it’s mostly water weight. The fit of my clothing around the torso didn’t change at all during the trip, despite the amount of food I consumed most days. It helped that I did between 12,000-24,000 steps most days. Even the few days when I was sailing or flying all day I managed 8,000-10,000 (by doing laps on the boat’s sundeck, using the exercise bike in the onboard gym or walking around the massive airport at Doha between flights). There were also stretch or yoga classes on the boat before breakfast and I always did those too. Most days I had 3 very hearty meals, but once a week I ate lightly. (Fresh melon and pineapple for breakfast, salad veg with a slice of cheese for lunch and the healthiest main course on offer for dinner and no other courses – they always offered 4 courses.) I also ate desert most days – sometimes at both lunch and dinner! I’m going to have to stop that now that I’m home. I definitely can’t manage to keep up that level of activity permanently – my knees, ankles, achilles tendons, and ham strings still haven’t forgiven me for what I put them through in the last fortnight.

    I had intended to do a FD today, but I’m too fatigued to face it. Over the last 3 nights I’ve managed a total of 6 hours sleep. So I’m eating light today and concentrating on drinking lots of water to help with the fluid retention. Will attempt a FD tomorrow. I did manage to drag myself out for a walk, that was comparatively short by recent standards.

    Thin, Yes I am home safe and sound – arrived last night.
    I’m not sure whether we were moored or docked – I’m not a sailor so I don’t know the difference. This is the boat I was on: https://www.tourradar.com/o/travel-marvel/ship/travelmarvel-capella
    Basically the boat is tied off to secure it to the wharf and then a mobile gangplank (with hand rails) is used to bridge the gap so we can get off. It got interesting when 2 or 3 river boats were all docked side by side at the same spot. In that case the gangplank led into the next boat which you had to walk through to make it onto the dock. It was quite weird when the other boats had a different deck design as the only area that always seems to line up was the roof deck. Which meant walking up all the stairs on our boat to get to the sun deck, across the gangplank to the roof of the next boat, down their stairs to reception then across another gangplank onto the wharf. It felt decidedly odd.

    Neil, yes I grew up with that rule too. I still find it challenging to leave food on my plate.

    Amandina, welcome. Glad you have the whole family onboard.

    Cinque, I did like the medieval fortresses and found it interesting that different countries had varying approaches to issues of maintenance, restoration or modernisation. Most have repaired what is left in an historical fashion while making it safe for modern visitors, others have done themed displays with armour and mannequins within the fortress and one in Belgrade has turned the very wide moat around their fortress into a modern use – basketball and tennis courts.

    Anzac, that sounds like a yummy menu you are planning. I hope you find a solution for the dog phobic relative. Poor Maxx.

    Lindsay, I hope Mr L’s health is better now, as too your own anxiety levels.

    GDSA, I hope your stress levels are also improving.

    Intesha, Is christmas in the UK still happening? If so, I hope it’s wonderful.

    I promised photos when I got home. I am yet to do much culling and I have hundreds of photos, so I’ve loaded just a tiny sample.

    I have only managed to catch up of fairly recent posts. If anyone else has been reading or posting, hello.
    Take care all.

    LJ, I like the look of your vessel and the cabins. You will have plenty to do sorting out the best of your photos and reliving your trip.

    Neil, I thought of you this morning while checking our DD’s IG post. She posted a cycling video with her GoPro entitled, “56 kms of downhill awesomeness” on Bolivia’s Death Road. After signing a waiver acknowledging risk of death, she said her guide started the safety talk with, ‘Most of you will survive’.

    My life spotting kingfishers is very tame these days.

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Wonderful pictures and commentary LJoyce! What a treat. I hope your sleeping patterns are getting back to normal and that painful swelling is settling down too.

    Neil, I hope the wonderful Divali food has evaporated off and you are feeling light and trim.

    Thin, I have the same ingrained feeling about waste, and I have tried hard to over ride it with common sense, but it is hard, especially in as far as avoiding waste is common sense, especially after all the cost and work of preparing food.

    But I am probably least worst at restaurants. I go to them so rarely and feel that it is an enormous treat and that I am the princess who will decide if I eat and how much I eat. Once I order, it is the restaurants fault if the food isn’t nice enough or they give me too much.

    (That said, I do take yummy leftovers home, with the feeling I have paid for the food and should be able to eat the rest of it later.)

    I’m missing Miso the cat today, as I am having some tinned fish for lunch and can’t share any with her, and because I would love a silky soft cat purring on my knee. So hello to all the cats out there.

    Sending out best wishes,
    Lovely weather here today and the pollen count is low. 🙂

    Good afternoon.

    I am trying to hang onto the extra leg muscle from all those hills and stairs in Europe. Today I did a 7km steep hills walk. I would have struggled to do it before I went away, but today I could walk and talk without trouble. I walked with a friend and we stopped part way for lunch. If I can do 1-2 hills climbs each week until February, I’m hopeful I can keep my increased fitness for Antarctica.

    My ankles and calves are still slightly puffy, but most of the swelling has gone – as has almost 3kg. I’m now just under my pre-holiday weight. I’m extremely happy about that as I was worried I’d gain a lot while away.

    I’m continuing to do light fresh food days (mostly fresh fruit and salad).

    Cinque, Sorry you are missing little Miso. I have a message from Sylvia for you: https://imgur.com/IW3GV1W
    My sleeping patterns are still a work in progress. I slept from 4:30-9:00am this morning – still on Hungarian time.

    Thin, yes it was a very comfortable ship. Only 2 years old I think. Lovely cabins and I really like the window system, which allowed me to lower the top half and turn the entire cabin into a verandah.

    Time for a pot of tea and a short rest.

    Cinque, I’m definitely a doggie bag diner. Sometimes I even plan it and take my own container. I saw something unusual when we had the roast dinner – the diners at the next table asked for their vegetables to be wrapped in foil to go. They then both ordered dessert! I’m sorry that you’re missing your cat. A pet leaves a huge void.

    LJ, I noticed the huge picture window in the cabin. As you know, my OH is a retired pilot and spent most of his life travelling through time zones which is very tough on the body. People do all sorts of things to try to combat jet lag but the professionals say that the thing your body needs most is sleep so that’s what you should give it. So you’re doing the right thing (rather than forcing yourself into the new time zone). That extra fitness will be handy if you can maintain it. Well done getting the excess weight off too.

    Morning all

    Better today, I’m down over a kilo from last weeks’ weigh-in.

    I hope everyone is well, it’s been a bit quiet in here this week

    Hello friends,

    Friday morning and the sun is burning the clouds off. I have had a bit more oomph lately, and got some gardening done. I planted coriander in shady spots, and basil, zucchini and a tomato in sunny spots. I do have some radish seeds coming up too. AND I did manage to mulch, thank goodness. It is lovely to go out in the garden and try to help the little things through the hot days. With any luck they will have a bit of rain today.

    LJoyce, hooray for holding onto that muscle, and losing that painful fluid.

    That is a lovely message from beautiful Sylvia.

    Have you got your sleeping patterns back into Adelaide time?

    Thin, cute story. I can identify well with people who find a dessert out to be a special treat.

    Neil, woot! A lovely weighing. Best wishes for your week… and weekend.

    I have done some good cooking lately. I made a kind of calzone pie because I was in too much of a hurry to make individual ones (and was thinking how to get more filling than casing per serve). My sister had brought broad beans (mine finished a while ago) about half of them needed peeling but oh they made a great filling with butternut and slow cooked onions and a little bit of cheese sauce to hold them together. What a pleasure.
    And I am building up my tolerance to acid again, now my inflamed esophagus has settled down, so (avert your eyes Thin) I am very much enjoying beetroot I pickled.

    Did I tell you I have moved a bit from my focus on African food, and have become fascinated by Chinese cuisine. I love coming to understand it better, and it really suits my small meals as I stir fry or steam a veg or two. (Still loving African recipes of course!).

    Sending out best wishes to everyone, and hoping it is easy 5:2 eating for you today.

    Hi all a quick post as work and life so busy

    I’ve paused FD’s as I have had to go into the office a lot and lots of other reasons. Weight loss has stalled but I haven’t gained so for now I count that as a win

    Lovely cooking Cinque and so glad your reflux has settled. You and Mr Anzac both love pottering in the garden and I love reaping the rewards of his pottering with lots of lovely garden-fresh herbs and veges. I’m so sorry you are missing little Miso 🙁

    Yay for a dratted kilo gone Neil!

    LJ welcome home and I loved following your trip. It has inspired me to suggest another trip and now Mr A is also excited and starting to plan. Thinking Egypt, Greece (Athens and Santorini), Venice, Amsterdam, London, Prague and The Maldives. Early days and this is for this time next year. Not sure how we will go with Mr A’s lingering (and permanent) effects from his illness but he is determined to get with life as normally as possible. Good for him

    Thin/Neil, my mother also forced us to eat everything on the plate and it does make a life-long impression. However I am over it and refuse to eat more than I want just to save waste. Anyway, I have a husband with a big appetite and a labrador. Ain’t no waste in this house lol

    I mentioned the dreadful weather for our friends 60th a few weeks ago and now we have a big family pool party planned for Sunday week. The 10 day forecast is rain (of biblical proportions) and low 20’s temps. What happened to El Nino and low rain/high temps? Huh? Drats but there is still time for it to change. We must stop planning parties

    Have a great weekend all, hi to everyone else

    Hello hello from Melbourne!

    While not new to fasting, I have picked it up again after a long while. Had a successful FD yesterday but feel like I must be balancing out a bit today because I have eaten everything in sight. I have also been working from home which I find can be a bit problematic for me as I eat a lot more because I am bored.

    I am unsure if we share current weights but I am the heaviest I have been in a long while. I think part of that is due to being out of routine, but also due to yoyo dieting and obsession about calories and I would really like to spend less time thinking about that.

    Lovely to join you all.

    Welcome effelle90, I’m so happy to have another faster joining me here. Yes, feel free to post your weight loss. I believe it makes us more accountable when we say it out loud. I think we’ve all been guilty of eating a little too much the day before and/or the day after a FD when we started out. It settles down as we learn that we won’t starve to death on a FD. I’ll be fasting tomorrow as I practice 6:1 maintenance (it’s my tenth year of IF without ever missing a single FD and it works well for me). I lost 23 kg in 2014 and now weigh 60kg.

    Anzac, I’m sorry we’ve lost you to fasting. It sounded like it had been going well. And sorry that you have to go in to the office more often. Fun that you’ve started considering travelling again. And quite an ambitious trip by the sounds of it. I can’t get motivated.

    Cinque, lovely to read of your activities and increased energy. Hurray! How nice to have a little garden, that’s very rewarding. I’ve just taken my rooftop lettuce down. It is SO cold. -2C overnight. Frost on the ground this morning but sunny.

    Neil, good job on the downhill weight slide.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Hello Effelle!
    I am in Melbourne too (raining!),
    Haha and sympathy for obsessive eating the day after fast day, it can be tricky to avoid that, I know from experience.
    When I am in the mindframe to enjoy the lovely empty feeling (morning after fast day) I can often just coast on it through the day. But other times I am ravenous.
    And boredom! It’s the worst.

    As Thin said, in this thread people have just worked out for themselves if it is useful to post weight loss or not. (I don’t have scales but keep an eye on my waist measurement). We are all ready to cheer you on anyway.

    5:2 saved me when my weight started creeping up again (after I had lost 15kg very easily by cutting added sugar from my diet). 5:2 saw off another 15kg nicely over a couple of years and took me to the lower end of my healthy weight range. But maintenance has been important for me or else it just sneaks back on.

    I am now dealing with gerd/lpr and the small meals and good space between meals, that is needed for that, has been good for my general health and keeping my waistline around 75cm.

    Hello Anzac!
    So sorry to hear that work has undermined your 5:2. AGAIN!
    But cheers for managing to keep your weight stable. That is so good!

    I did do my gardening at just the right time! Everything has grown so much! A couple of little basil have been, or are being, eaten but I am doing my best to protect them (and I started with about 12 so I did have excess).

    Thin, brrr, your lettuces would be collapsed!
    Cold and a bad foot is hard! Sending best wishes.

    Best wishes to everyone reading!

    Coffee time. Woot!

    Yesterday was the worst FD I can remember. I woke at 5.30am, already feeling hungry so I knew it wouldn’t go well. I was hungry all day long until my 5pm feeding despite several cups of coffee, tea and a miso soup. And then only a meagre 500g loss this morning. Bah humbug.

    Cinque, ha the lettuce, it didn’t wilt but it got a bit woody and inedible. I was saving it only because I needed something earthy in which to stick my solar lights. I kept the soil in the planters and might put in some colourful winter bedding plants when we get to a nursery not far from here.

    Nice job on the waist measurement maintenance, well below the recommended girth – 80cm is it?

    It warmed up all the way to 7C this morning so we headed off in the drizzle – just for an hour of cruising each – most of my half was spent in a tunnel which felt warm and was fairly dry. We have traded cows for sheep in the fields opposite.

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