Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Morning all.

    Oh dear, up 1.5 kilos this week. I’m guessing it’s water retention from the salty and sugary diwali food. I might weigh again in a couple of days to see if it’s gone.

    Thin, Oh the curse of being trained as a kid to always finish what’s on your plate. I’m the same with restaurant meals, no matter how full I am, or how big the meal, I’ll always finish what’s on my plate. I have pretty much recovered from my crash, the only thing remaining is a couple of lumps where my main injuries were, in my thigh and on my chest. I’ve been meaning to go to the doctor to get them checked out, but since they’re not actually sore, just…there, I haven’t been in too much of a rush.

    Have a good one everyone

    That was our family Neil, finish everything on the plate. I had a difficult time when I lived in the USA with the buffet-type restaurants, watching people going back to pile more food on their plates and then just wasting it. I don’t much like buffets myself and, if we do book a hotel with a breakfast buffet, I get a cup of coffee while investigating the offerings and then sit back down to decide on a plan. One thing about that ‘training’ is that I’m proud to say that there is virtually no food waste from my kitchen.

    Oh no, I hope the weight gain is a temporary reprimand for the sweet treat indulgences. I wonder what would be the cause of those lumps – you’ve mentioned them before.

    Greetings from Adelaide. Yes I returned home last night.
    Still quite sleep deprived as I woke at 1:30am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I gave up and got up at 4am and started washing all those dirty clothes. Every time I sat down the cat jumped into my lap – making up for lost time.

    My weight was up 2.5kg this morning. Considering how swollen my ankles and calves are from the flight I expect it’s mostly water weight. The fit of my clothing around the torso didn’t change at all during the trip, despite the amount of food I consumed most days. It helped that I did between 12,000-24,000 steps most days. Even the few days when I was sailing or flying all day I managed 8,000-10,000 (by doing laps on the boat’s sundeck, using the exercise bike in the onboard gym or walking around the massive airport at Doha between flights). There were also stretch or yoga classes on the boat before breakfast and I always did those too. Most days I had 3 very hearty meals, but once a week I ate lightly. (Fresh melon and pineapple for breakfast, salad veg with a slice of cheese for lunch and the healthiest main course on offer for dinner and no other courses – they always offered 4 courses.) I also ate desert most days – sometimes at both lunch and dinner! I’m going to have to stop that now that I’m home. I definitely can’t manage to keep up that level of activity permanently – my knees, ankles, achilles tendons, and ham strings still haven’t forgiven me for what I put them through in the last fortnight.

    I had intended to do a FD today, but I’m too fatigued to face it. Over the last 3 nights I’ve managed a total of 6 hours sleep. So I’m eating light today and concentrating on drinking lots of water to help with the fluid retention. Will attempt a FD tomorrow. I did manage to drag myself out for a walk, that was comparatively short by recent standards.

    Thin, Yes I am home safe and sound – arrived last night.
    I’m not sure whether we were moored or docked – I’m not a sailor so I don’t know the difference. This is the boat I was on: https://www.tourradar.com/o/travel-marvel/ship/travelmarvel-capella
    Basically the boat is tied off to secure it to the wharf and then a mobile gangplank (with hand rails) is used to bridge the gap so we can get off. It got interesting when 2 or 3 river boats were all docked side by side at the same spot. In that case the gangplank led into the next boat which you had to walk through to make it onto the dock. It was quite weird when the other boats had a different deck design as the only area that always seems to line up was the roof deck. Which meant walking up all the stairs on our boat to get to the sun deck, across the gangplank to the roof of the next boat, down their stairs to reception then across another gangplank onto the wharf. It felt decidedly odd.

    Neil, yes I grew up with that rule too. I still find it challenging to leave food on my plate.

    Amandina, welcome. Glad you have the whole family onboard.

    Cinque, I did like the medieval fortresses and found it interesting that different countries had varying approaches to issues of maintenance, restoration or modernisation. Most have repaired what is left in an historical fashion while making it safe for modern visitors, others have done themed displays with armour and mannequins within the fortress and one in Belgrade has turned the very wide moat around their fortress into a modern use – basketball and tennis courts.

    Anzac, that sounds like a yummy menu you are planning. I hope you find a solution for the dog phobic relative. Poor Maxx.

    Lindsay, I hope Mr L’s health is better now, as too your own anxiety levels.

    GDSA, I hope your stress levels are also improving.

    Intesha, Is christmas in the UK still happening? If so, I hope it’s wonderful.

    I promised photos when I got home. I am yet to do much culling and I have hundreds of photos, so I’ve loaded just a tiny sample.

    I have only managed to catch up of fairly recent posts. If anyone else has been reading or posting, hello.
    Take care all.

    LJ, I like the look of your vessel and the cabins. You will have plenty to do sorting out the best of your photos and reliving your trip.

    Neil, I thought of you this morning while checking our DD’s IG post. She posted a cycling video with her GoPro entitled, “56 kms of downhill awesomeness” on Bolivia’s Death Road. After signing a waiver acknowledging risk of death, she said her guide started the safety talk with, ‘Most of you will survive’.

    My life spotting kingfishers is very tame these days.

    Good afternoon everyone,

    Wonderful pictures and commentary LJoyce! What a treat. I hope your sleeping patterns are getting back to normal and that painful swelling is settling down too.

    Neil, I hope the wonderful Divali food has evaporated off and you are feeling light and trim.

    Thin, I have the same ingrained feeling about waste, and I have tried hard to over ride it with common sense, but it is hard, especially in as far as avoiding waste is common sense, especially after all the cost and work of preparing food.

    But I am probably least worst at restaurants. I go to them so rarely and feel that it is an enormous treat and that I am the princess who will decide if I eat and how much I eat. Once I order, it is the restaurants fault if the food isn’t nice enough or they give me too much.

    (That said, I do take yummy leftovers home, with the feeling I have paid for the food and should be able to eat the rest of it later.)

    I’m missing Miso the cat today, as I am having some tinned fish for lunch and can’t share any with her, and because I would love a silky soft cat purring on my knee. So hello to all the cats out there.

    Sending out best wishes,
    Lovely weather here today and the pollen count is low. 🙂

    Good afternoon.

    I am trying to hang onto the extra leg muscle from all those hills and stairs in Europe. Today I did a 7km steep hills walk. I would have struggled to do it before I went away, but today I could walk and talk without trouble. I walked with a friend and we stopped part way for lunch. If I can do 1-2 hills climbs each week until February, I’m hopeful I can keep my increased fitness for Antarctica.

    My ankles and calves are still slightly puffy, but most of the swelling has gone – as has almost 3kg. I’m now just under my pre-holiday weight. I’m extremely happy about that as I was worried I’d gain a lot while away.

    I’m continuing to do light fresh food days (mostly fresh fruit and salad).

    Cinque, Sorry you are missing little Miso. I have a message from Sylvia for you: https://imgur.com/IW3GV1W
    My sleeping patterns are still a work in progress. I slept from 4:30-9:00am this morning – still on Hungarian time.

    Thin, yes it was a very comfortable ship. Only 2 years old I think. Lovely cabins and I really like the window system, which allowed me to lower the top half and turn the entire cabin into a verandah.

    Time for a pot of tea and a short rest.

    Cinque, I’m definitely a doggie bag diner. Sometimes I even plan it and take my own container. I saw something unusual when we had the roast dinner – the diners at the next table asked for their vegetables to be wrapped in foil to go. They then both ordered dessert! I’m sorry that you’re missing your cat. A pet leaves a huge void.

    LJ, I noticed the huge picture window in the cabin. As you know, my OH is a retired pilot and spent most of his life travelling through time zones which is very tough on the body. People do all sorts of things to try to combat jet lag but the professionals say that the thing your body needs most is sleep so that’s what you should give it. So you’re doing the right thing (rather than forcing yourself into the new time zone). That extra fitness will be handy if you can maintain it. Well done getting the excess weight off too.

    Morning all

    Better today, I’m down over a kilo from last weeks’ weigh-in.

    I hope everyone is well, it’s been a bit quiet in here this week

    Hello friends,

    Friday morning and the sun is burning the clouds off. I have had a bit more oomph lately, and got some gardening done. I planted coriander in shady spots, and basil, zucchini and a tomato in sunny spots. I do have some radish seeds coming up too. AND I did manage to mulch, thank goodness. It is lovely to go out in the garden and try to help the little things through the hot days. With any luck they will have a bit of rain today.

    LJoyce, hooray for holding onto that muscle, and losing that painful fluid.

    That is a lovely message from beautiful Sylvia.

    Have you got your sleeping patterns back into Adelaide time?

    Thin, cute story. I can identify well with people who find a dessert out to be a special treat.

    Neil, woot! A lovely weighing. Best wishes for your week… and weekend.

    I have done some good cooking lately. I made a kind of calzone pie because I was in too much of a hurry to make individual ones (and was thinking how to get more filling than casing per serve). My sister had brought broad beans (mine finished a while ago) about half of them needed peeling but oh they made a great filling with butternut and slow cooked onions and a little bit of cheese sauce to hold them together. What a pleasure.
    And I am building up my tolerance to acid again, now my inflamed esophagus has settled down, so (avert your eyes Thin) I am very much enjoying beetroot I pickled.

    Did I tell you I have moved a bit from my focus on African food, and have become fascinated by Chinese cuisine. I love coming to understand it better, and it really suits my small meals as I stir fry or steam a veg or two. (Still loving African recipes of course!).

    Sending out best wishes to everyone, and hoping it is easy 5:2 eating for you today.

    Hi all a quick post as work and life so busy

    I’ve paused FD’s as I have had to go into the office a lot and lots of other reasons. Weight loss has stalled but I haven’t gained so for now I count that as a win

    Lovely cooking Cinque and so glad your reflux has settled. You and Mr Anzac both love pottering in the garden and I love reaping the rewards of his pottering with lots of lovely garden-fresh herbs and veges. I’m so sorry you are missing little Miso 🙁

    Yay for a dratted kilo gone Neil!

    LJ welcome home and I loved following your trip. It has inspired me to suggest another trip and now Mr A is also excited and starting to plan. Thinking Egypt, Greece (Athens and Santorini), Venice, Amsterdam, London, Prague and The Maldives. Early days and this is for this time next year. Not sure how we will go with Mr A’s lingering (and permanent) effects from his illness but he is determined to get with life as normally as possible. Good for him

    Thin/Neil, my mother also forced us to eat everything on the plate and it does make a life-long impression. However I am over it and refuse to eat more than I want just to save waste. Anyway, I have a husband with a big appetite and a labrador. Ain’t no waste in this house lol

    I mentioned the dreadful weather for our friends 60th a few weeks ago and now we have a big family pool party planned for Sunday week. The 10 day forecast is rain (of biblical proportions) and low 20’s temps. What happened to El Nino and low rain/high temps? Huh? Drats but there is still time for it to change. We must stop planning parties

    Have a great weekend all, hi to everyone else

    Hello hello from Melbourne!

    While not new to fasting, I have picked it up again after a long while. Had a successful FD yesterday but feel like I must be balancing out a bit today because I have eaten everything in sight. I have also been working from home which I find can be a bit problematic for me as I eat a lot more because I am bored.

    I am unsure if we share current weights but I am the heaviest I have been in a long while. I think part of that is due to being out of routine, but also due to yoyo dieting and obsession about calories and I would really like to spend less time thinking about that.

    Lovely to join you all.

    Welcome effelle90, I’m so happy to have another faster joining me here. Yes, feel free to post your weight loss. I believe it makes us more accountable when we say it out loud. I think we’ve all been guilty of eating a little too much the day before and/or the day after a FD when we started out. It settles down as we learn that we won’t starve to death on a FD. I’ll be fasting tomorrow as I practice 6:1 maintenance (it’s my tenth year of IF without ever missing a single FD and it works well for me). I lost 23 kg in 2014 and now weigh 60kg.

    Anzac, I’m sorry we’ve lost you to fasting. It sounded like it had been going well. And sorry that you have to go in to the office more often. Fun that you’ve started considering travelling again. And quite an ambitious trip by the sounds of it. I can’t get motivated.

    Cinque, lovely to read of your activities and increased energy. Hurray! How nice to have a little garden, that’s very rewarding. I’ve just taken my rooftop lettuce down. It is SO cold. -2C overnight. Frost on the ground this morning but sunny.

    Neil, good job on the downhill weight slide.

    Have a great weekend all.

    Hello Effelle!
    I am in Melbourne too (raining!),
    Haha and sympathy for obsessive eating the day after fast day, it can be tricky to avoid that, I know from experience.
    When I am in the mindframe to enjoy the lovely empty feeling (morning after fast day) I can often just coast on it through the day. But other times I am ravenous.
    And boredom! It’s the worst.

    As Thin said, in this thread people have just worked out for themselves if it is useful to post weight loss or not. (I don’t have scales but keep an eye on my waist measurement). We are all ready to cheer you on anyway.

    5:2 saved me when my weight started creeping up again (after I had lost 15kg very easily by cutting added sugar from my diet). 5:2 saw off another 15kg nicely over a couple of years and took me to the lower end of my healthy weight range. But maintenance has been important for me or else it just sneaks back on.

    I am now dealing with gerd/lpr and the small meals and good space between meals, that is needed for that, has been good for my general health and keeping my waistline around 75cm.

    Hello Anzac!
    So sorry to hear that work has undermined your 5:2. AGAIN!
    But cheers for managing to keep your weight stable. That is so good!

    I did do my gardening at just the right time! Everything has grown so much! A couple of little basil have been, or are being, eaten but I am doing my best to protect them (and I started with about 12 so I did have excess).

    Thin, brrr, your lettuces would be collapsed!
    Cold and a bad foot is hard! Sending best wishes.

    Best wishes to everyone reading!

    Coffee time. Woot!

    Yesterday was the worst FD I can remember. I woke at 5.30am, already feeling hungry so I knew it wouldn’t go well. I was hungry all day long until my 5pm feeding despite several cups of coffee, tea and a miso soup. And then only a meagre 500g loss this morning. Bah humbug.

    Cinque, ha the lettuce, it didn’t wilt but it got a bit woody and inedible. I was saving it only because I needed something earthy in which to stick my solar lights. I kept the soil in the planters and might put in some colourful winter bedding plants when we get to a nursery not far from here.

    Nice job on the waist measurement maintenance, well below the recommended girth – 80cm is it?

    It warmed up all the way to 7C this morning so we headed off in the drizzle – just for an hour of cruising each – most of my half was spent in a tunnel which felt warm and was fairly dry. We have traded cows for sheep in the fields opposite.

    Hi everyone,

    Neil, I hope Wednesday’s weigh in was a good one.

    Thin, what a hard fast day. I so hope the next year’s worth are easy and you can coast through them.

    I visited friends yesterday (woot! I am such a homebody nowadays, it was amazing to be social). I came home with a little pot of chives grown from seed (Em is a wonderful gardener) a love-in-the-mist seedpod and some sweet pea seeds because we ate sweetpeas out of the pod… and they tasted lovely! I want to grow them for the flowers and the food! Her garden also reminded me that my garden needs manure. So I will try to do that over the weekend.

    Thin, you are right about my waist measurement. My focus is to keep it below 80cm and it is hovering around 75, but not often less than 75cm. (And still a little pot belly below my waist).

    I’m glad you had some nice warm 7C :O It has been so wet here, are you above water Anzac?

    Ooh yay coffeetime. Sending out good wishes.

    Hi all, happy Friday

    We had a LOT of rain earlier in the week Cinque but now it has morphed into warm sunny mornings with rain in the afternoons. The forecast for our big family early Christmas pool party on Sunday isn’t looking very good……24 with high chance of showers. Drats

    Weight has crept up as I have taken my eye off things. I’ve decided to try to maintain for the rest of the year and hit it hard when we come back from our holiday to QLD in late December. I have a new motivation because we have booked the first leg of our next trip! We couldn’t get first class seats on frequent flyers on the same day so Mr Anzac flies Sydney to Dubai one day next November and I fly the next day. Yay! I lost 15 kilos leading up to the big 2019 trip so I know I can do it again.

    Warm and 7c does not belong in the same sentence Thin. Brrrr. I’m sorry to hear about your hard FD but so glad you got through it (not that there was ever any doubt). How is your poor foot?

    Wecome Effelle, this is a good place to come and vent and talk about all things Intermittent Fasting as well as anything else we think of!

    Hi to everyone else, take care all

    I enjoyed your news snippets, Anzac and Cinque. Wondering what happened to Neil’s weigh-in report though?

    Thanks for asking about my foot, Anzac. The ‘growth’ site seems to have healed smaller after the surgeon had a poke around in October. I’ve been tempted to just cancel the surgery because the logistics have been wearing me down. But it’s still painful to the touch so it’s probably better to get it taken out while I still have access to this surgeon. Because of the train strikes, boater friends kindly offered to drive me to the operation and the follow up visit. So we abandoned Plan A and have been backtracking to get closer to them – remote countryside with no public transport access. The high has been 3C for several days (low -4C last night) so, although beautiful, it is COLD on the back of the narrow boat. The canal is frozen in parts. We do an hour each and then stop for the day. We are almost there. And sod’s law – the year-long train strikes were called off yesterday.

    Anzac, exciting that you have something to look forward to. First class on Emirates? That includes a hot shower I believe! (former Captain friend & wife still get one first class flight per year). I enjoyed her account of the shower.

    Cinque, great to enjoy visiting your friends and come home with things to plant. I imagine you living in an apartment but you frequently mention a garden. Is it a communal garden or do you have a little plot right outside that you can look out onto?

    It is December so I will put up my reindeer and other Christmas lights tonight to add some cheer to the gloomy evenings.

    How did your party go? I hope it was great.
    Lovely to have a holiday as a goal to give you impetus to do all the good things.

    I cry-laughed at the trains stuffing you around again. Life! Hooray for the friends who will make sure you get there no matter what the trains are doing.

    Yes, I am in a flat but there is the the little area at my front door (that was lined in black plastic and covered with white stones, but already looking shabby, when I moved in. I started with pots and then little raised gardens, and now I have things growing over all of it (and trying to sneak up in front of flat 2).

    Also, I am in the front flat so closest to a little area around the letter box, bins area where there are a couple of trees. I keep my compost bins there and have managed to build up the soil enough to keep the trees happy, and grow a couple of things.

    Then there is the strip between the driveway and the fence, ooh it has been a tricky area, but I have things growing there now too.

    And at the path along the other side of my flats I have pots.

    My waist size is creeping up, I might get to the point where I 5:2 again. My reflux is so well controlled now it is easy to push size of meals etc, and apparently that is enough for me to increase my tummy.

    Best wishes everyone

    Good evening everyone.

    I had a very easy FD today. With multiple medical appointments I was out of the house for most of the day and away from easy sources of food – funny how that helps a FD along with ease.
    I am finding it a bit challenging to eat as moderately as I should on NFDs however. Although it’s an old issue for me, I think my new exercise regime is adding to my appetite. To my pre-holiday regime of about 55k weekly steps, I have added stair climbing, regular steep hills walks and also longer walks. (About an extra 25,000 steps per week.) I am hoping to maintain the increased fitness level that I acquired during my holiday. Also, despite my intention of limiting my bread consumption to occasional, the only day I don’t seek it out is on FDs. The end result of all this is that I’m maintaining my weight, but not losing anything.

    Anzac, I’m glad to see that you are still getting to travel in style without paying for airfares, excellent work. Have you booked any further than Dubai at this stage?

    Cinque, I’m impressed with how many little nooks and crannies you have found to grow some produce. It’s so nice to pick home grown things. I am having my first summer without home grown veg in many years. With the travel I had planned, it felt unreasonable to expect neighbours to do all that watering. So I decided to just focus on getting the winter crops in early next year.

    Thin, although I don’t mind the cold, I think I’d find your 3C days a bit much. How lovely that you have fellow boaters kind enough to offer transport. I hope the next surgery fixes everything properly.

    The December rush has caught up with me. Every day seems busy at the moment and I know that January will bring lots of babysitting.

    Take care all.

    Evening all

    I’ve been trialling something this last week. I gained a lot in the previous two weeks. I gained 2.5 kilos in 2 weeks, and I was really struggling with eating lots of carbs in the evening after work, and I’d been having stomach issues. This last week I’ve tried eating breakfast, and making sure there’s plenty of protein in the breakfast. Lunch I’ve been eating a mixture of a protein source, some fats through nuts, seeds, avocado, and then some vegetables. Dinner is usually meat and veg, and I have a tablespoon of peanut butter when I get home from work if I’m feeling hungry. I’ve been eating between 1300-2100 calories per day.

    My weigh-in this morning I was down 1.6 kilos from my last weigh-in, my stomach discomfort is easing, and I’m not really getting the carb munchies in the evening. I’ll try to continue this coming week and see if things continue to improve.

    Good morning everyone

    Neil, An excellent loss. Good to see that the new eating pattern is helping. I find nut butter is a helpful food that gets you through a hungry spell.

    I also had a weigh in this morning. I’m exactly the same as last week.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Good Morning fasters, new fasters, and lurking readers whether fasting or thinking about it.

    Errant faster and Southern Hemisfairy here back to fasting again till I get back to goal weight and finally getting rid of Covid kilos.

    So a 5:2 update:
    History- a nasty virus 25 yrs ago left me with a nasty dose of ME/CFS which I’ve been managing ever since (like Long Covid). After a couple of years in bed and some more yrs mostly housebound and unable to exercise I’d put on 33kgs. Took 6 yrs to get 10 kgs off fiddling with food then got stuck there. Saw Dr Michael Mosely on documentary about IF and with some trepidation about if it was OK with my ME/CFS I talked with a dietition, joined the forum in late 2014, couldn’t find anyone else like me but found others with other chronic challenges that were doing well so I plunged in and lost slower than most but lost my final 23kgs in 2 yrs without exercise.

    5:2 and the forum helped me discover so much about how I react with food physically and behaviourally. Increased stress is an eating challenge and when “Life” kicks in I shift to maintaining till I get past the extra stress. Except for Covid years, sigh, which I mostly read my way through (mostly serious stuff) and watching house renovation shows on TV like many did, and various gorillas in zoos on Youtube, who also were plunged into ‘where are the people’. Anyway, I ended up 11.5 kgs over my goal weight (damn those addictive ginger biscuits). So……. after a bit of a dramatic year this year , my health is down somewhat, but yay!, I’ve started getting my body refit going again, and so here I am again back on this wonderful forum, and particularly this thread.

    I have started reading this page catching up with your fasting news and other news. Christmas month is upon us and lots to do and that includes catching up with some 5:2 post reading. I’ve missed being here, but so happy to find you all still here encouraging each other.

    Started 5:2 again 3 weeks ago, goal weight 62kg, FDs Monday and Thursday., not counting calories but going back to my routind for FDs.

    Start weight 73.5kg
    7 FDs
    Weigh-in today: 70.9kg
    Down 2.6kgs

    So FD today. Happy fasting Thursday fasters!

    Onwards and downwards,

    Hello MerryMe!
    What a delight to hear from you!
    Sympathy for the excess kilos that have snuck on (the way they do) but hooray that they have brought you back here! There is a silver lining to that cloud!

    Happy fast day today.

    Hello LJoyce and hooray for easy fast days!
    How annoying that your excellent physical activity is heightening your appetite unnecessarily. The cheek of it!

    But hooray for maintaining the weight you are!

    Thankyou for the garden praise, but actually my garden is looking much worse than usual because I hadn’t done anything to it for months. Luckily warrigal greens kept growing. But I have been able to do a lot in the last week and it is already rewarding me.

    I am hoping you have a few herbs surviving to delight you over summer, and won’t you enjoy next year when you are cropping again.

    I can tell Christmas is coming because the shopping centres are chaos.

    Neil, so glad to hear from you, and sympathy with those evening munchies, they are so demoralising and hard to do anything about. I bet you are on the right track with the extra protein, I seem to need that too. Fingers crossed next weigh in is another beauty.

    Merry, I have reflux badly these days. Horrible, but the small meals with big spaces in between actually suits me very well and my weight has been stable at the lower end of my healthy weight range. My symptoms settled down to the point where I didn’t have any, and I increased the size of my meals a little bit and ….
    … symptoms are starting up again.
    Sigh, but on the other hand, what I just said, this way of eating suits me very well.
    I have gone back to being super strict.

    Sending out best wishes to everyone

    Morning all

    It’s good to see the forum picking up a bit, and a welcome back to Merry.

    It’s a sunny warm day here and our department is heading out for a Christmas barbeque (yep, it’s that time of year). The BBQ is at a park about 10kms away, so I’m going to take my bike out there, get a bit of exercise before and after lunch. Next Friday my wife and I are heading away for the weekend because it’s our 21st wedding anniversary. We were going to go away to celebrate our 20th last year, but finances were a bit tight. We’re looking forward to having a couple of days to ourselves.

    Cinque, I’m sorry that your reflux flares up when you increase your meal size. It would make things tricky if you’re eating at a cafe or restaurant or having a meal with friends and family, but as you say, the bonus is it helps with your weight management

    Merry, 2.6 kilos down is a great start, I’m sure those 8-9 kilos will fall off. I had a real struggle recently, my weight has climbed, plateaued, climbed, plateaued to the point where I’ve regained almost half of the weight I lost with 5:2. I’m hoping that my current eating routine will help with things, eating more protein and starting to eat breakfast certainly seems to be helping reduce evening eating so far, but it’s early days.

    Ljoyce, stable weight is better than a gain, next week I’m sure you’ll see a change.

    Thin, what are you up to at the moment? You’ve been a bit quiet the last week. I see from your last post that it’s been pretty cold up there, hopefully it’s easing a bit for you.

    Have a good one everyone

    Good morning friends.
    Back for just a quick post. I’ve been reading, but not contributing. A few dodgy months but hey, we’re both still standing, so that’s the positive.
    Thin, I’ve been reading about your trevails with getting your foot healed. Life shouldn’t be this hard. Have you given any thought to your winter travel plans?
    Cinque, well done for maintaining and managing your symptoms. I was happy to read about your garden too. You seem to have colonised every available space, and I bet the other residents are happy you’e done so.
    Anzac I am sorry to read how your work undermines your 5:2. It is so hard when work is so consuming. But lovely travel plans, and a good motivation for weight loss before the big trip.
    LJ what adventures you’ve had! Loved reading about your travels, and your plans to keep that fitness level. All those steps don’t seem hard when there are amazing things to see – keeping it up at home in familiar surroundings is a challenge. Well done, for planning for that.
    Neil, you are doing so well adjusting your diet to compensate for extra cravings. You’ve had a tough year – full marks to you for still managing your diet and exercise.
    And Merry – how wonderful to see you back, and to read your post, so full of commitment and optimism.
    I won’t write about my situation just yet – in time. But in he meantime, can I leave you with a photo of my precious, vegetable-loving Scarlett, who, despite being a devil in a red coat, gives us such happiness, as does her mother, the kind and loving Rosy.

    Hello friends,

    Cinque, thank you for the garden layout explanation. You have made use of every inch of soil by the sounds of it! If your waist size creeps up, I will love having you back on 5:2 reporting on your preparation for the FD meals and the empty feeling the morning after.

    In the meantime, we have Merry back here fasting which is terrific, welcome back Merry! Good job so far. A determined effort. Reporting out loud for accountability!

    Neil, happy 21st anniversary and have a lovely weekend with Mrs Neil. Where are you going? Are the boys staying home alone?

    And Neil, thanks for mentioning me. I had my foot surgery Mark II yesterday. It poured with rain all day so our dear friend had to keep his wits about him on the M1. It was a big day out. It was only a nine minute surgery but hours of prep and post-care (you still get a nice cup of tea and a biscuit on the NHS just like decades ago). I’ve ended up with a 2″ incision, two deep dissolving sutures and five surface stitches but – hurray – no crutches. I dread the two weeks of foot elevation with just a five minute toilet break on the hour using ‘the boot’, but it’s a much easier to use, flat soled model this time.

    It was a comedy of errors getting back on the boat in the dark and pouring rain. The large towpath puddles had become one continuous pond, too deep to get through with my makeshift plastic bag over ‘the boot’. OH went ahead for my wellies while I stood shivering under the bridge (unable to get my thermals back on after the op). My right foot wouldn’t fit in the wellie with the huge bandaging so I had to sort of drag the wellie through the pond with my foot only half in the boot. The surgical team would have been horrified. But I hope I’ve amused you, I know LJ will be laughing.

    I made the surgical team laugh yesterday when they asked for my name, DOB and postcode. I got the first two right but, after three incorrect attempts at the third, I said, “can you give me a clue, which county is it?”. When they replied, “Oxfordshire”, I could immediately provide the correct postcode. But if the NHS lists Oxon for my postcode, why was I refused care this past summer at Oxford Uni hospitals on the basis of supposedly having a Notts postcode. Madness!

    Cinque, the train strike is back on, by the way.

    LJ, it sounds like you’re keeping busy. And doing well with weight management. No alcohol or extras for me while I’m sitting around doing nada.

    Intesha, if you haven’t yet left, pack your thermals. It’s warmed up to 10°C which is a big improvement on 0°C, but might feel nippy to you. The sun is shining today, always a boost.

    Anzac, hello! Are you OK?

    Lindsay, a fun photo of the doggo with its red pepper. Your underlying message sounds like things have not been going well for you. Sorry. But what about your trip to Hobart? Did you have a good time?

    OK, I’m off for my five minute walk along the boat length.

    P.S. Ha Ha! Not foiled, I copied this before pressing submit, so I was lucky not to lose the lot when the internet died!

    Good Evening/Morning or whatever it is where you are,

    Thank you for the lovely welcome back. So good to find you all here!

    Cinque – Oh Yuck! Bad reflux is the pits. So good you’ve found a way that works to keep it under control and is doable on 5:2. I’m imagining your productive garden in bits around the place. Give this woman a cup of dirt and she’ll grow something to eat.

    Neil – Congratulations on your 21st Anniversary! Have a wonderful time away! I remember the challenge you were having the last time I checked in, and it’s really good that you’ve found something that seems to be working well now. You are intrepid! Well done for keeping on getting back on the horse. Sometimes it seems a bit like Edison’s lightbulbs searching for the answer to one of our individual puzzles but we do get there if we keep working on it. Well done Neil!

    Lindsay – Scarlett is adorable! Such an innocent face Ha Ha, such a beautiful dog. Thank you for the photo, and I remember how lovely Rosy is! Sounds like you’ve had a bad dose of ‘Life’ for quite some time. I’m so sorry. Life can be such a bl…..mess sometimes. Chin up Lindsay. Thinking of you and yours. So good you’ve got Scarlett and Rosy to keep you loved and laughing.

    Thin – OMG – Picturing you dragging your monster foot half in the boot through the towpath stream in the dark and rain. Heck, what a scramble. I do hope your foot is kinder to you now than it has been. And your daughter is in Bolivia? I’ve realised we are total opposites at our 5:2 ing. I think you started a few months before I did, you haven’t missed a FD. I’ve been reasonably good at FDs for years, with maintaining during ‘Life” Events, then lost the plot during Covid. I’ve fiddled a bit with 800 along the way but much prefer straight 5:2 500 cals max/2 days/wk. Whichever, it works, and so good to be getting back on track and through the first few weeks.

    Intesha and Anzac – sounds like you’re both off on wonderful trips overseas. Have fun! Travelling is wonderful.

    Check in after FD Thursday: 70.3 kg, down 0.6 kg
    Total lost: 3.2 kg
    Goal weight 62 kg
    Next goal: < 70 kg

    Onwards and Downwards,
    Getting back on the horse,

    Morning all

    Thin, glad to hear that your surgery went smoothly, hopefully it heals up properly this time. I must confess that when you wrote about walking dragging your gumboot behind you, the first thing that popped into my head was Igor from the Mel Brooks movie “Young Frankenstein” walking and dragging his leg behind him.

    Merry, congratulations on another half kilo gone,I’m sure that next goal will go by your next weigh in.

    We had our staff Christmas BBQ yesterday and I was very restrained. I managed to avoid all the carby sugary goodies, and eat just one sausage, one meat patty, and one piece of steak with a couple of scoops of salad. The salads were very nice, one was a leafy salad with capsicum, red onion and edamame beans, the other was roasted kumara, onion, capsicum and feta with spinach. I was feeling pretty full in the evening so I skipped dinner. But then we had our normal Friday movies and I had some popcorn and potato chips, and woke up this morning feeling all bloated and uncomfortable. I guess I’m going to have to try to find a non starchy snack that I can eat.

    We’re going to the Steampunk capital of New Zealand for our anniversary, Oamaru. They have a nice motel there that is right on the Botanical gardens grounds, so we can go for a stroll through there in the evening after our dinner at Fat Sally’s. Our boys are staying home alone. But since they’re 15 and almost 18 now we don’t need to worry about them.

    Well, I’ll catch up with you all later. Have a good one everyone.

    Neil, those work BBQ salads sound so delicious. I’d have happily passed on the meat selection. That will be a peaceful weekend. Wow, your boys are almost men. I felt the kindy/primary school years seemed to go on forever but the high school and uni years whizzed by in a flash. DD said she spent her first nine years of schooling ‘learning how to make friends’, that her year two teacher taught her everything she knew, the rest just kept repeating it year after year!

    Lindsay, I forgot to answer your question. We haven’t made plans for the winter escape yet. On 21st, I’ll try to access local health services to get the dressing changed/stitches out (or maybe my Swiss Army Knife and a bottle of red). By 22nd, the winter maintenance works should be complete on the locks and culverts south of here and we’ll make our way towards Oxford. We hope to arrive by 1 January but don’t dare make any onward travel plans until we get there as so much could go wrong – canal iced over, fallen tree obstructions, incomplete maintenance works, bodies in the canal, you name it. We bought a supply of hand and foot warmers for the ‘cruise’ (seems the wrong term for boating in the snow) the other day. They worked well in Sweden last year and DD used them for calving in the middle of winter. Do you use them in NZ, Neil?

    Merry, my DD has been backpacking through central and south America since January. You’re a determined faster when you’re able so I’ve no doubt you’ll see 62kg in a flash. Everyone’s different. I should be doing 5:2 right now, not 6:1 but I’m managing the best I can with a silly little ice box for a freezer and random opportunistic shopping. I’m no martyr, I rigidly stick to it simply because I know that one ‘excuse’ can quickly lead to the slippery slope. It took me most of my adult life to find this solution and I’m never going back to those dark days of letting food control me.

    Good morning everyone from wet, cool Melbourne. Not complaining.
    Pollen count is low. Woot!

    Neil, hooray for the weekend away. So nice to have quality time with your wife, and a wedding anniversary to celebrate. The kids will have loved having the house to themselves too.

    Meal sizes at restaurants were already three times bigger than I could eat. 4 x bigger now, haha, I just need to take a bigger container for leftovers.

    Lindsay, I am so glad to see your post and sending a continuous wave of good wishes.
    Tell Scarlett I want that capsicum!
    Doesn’t she look wonderful.
    Thanks re the garden, my neighbours do like it, and very tolerant when it becomes a mess. They are generally too polite to eat anything from it, even when I have masses of stuff.

    Thin, goodness me your operation date ended up coming around quicker than I expected! Hooray that it went so well (apart from the circus trip back home). I do hope that this time it heals super quickly, and properly.

    With my Gerd friendly way of eating I need to go to bed with an empty stomach, so every morning feels like a day-after-fast-day morning. It is very nice I must say. And even though every evening feels like a fast day evening (gnawing hunger) 5:2 gave me good practice for managing.

    Merry, nice results! Lovely to have your positive humour here again. Yay for the 5:2 horse.

    Neil (again) Oh dear that popcorn and crisps. I do hope you find a strategy to avoid them. Maybe only indulge every second movie night?

    Best wishes to everyone

    Afternoon all

    Thin, I’ve seen quite a few people use hand warmers playing frisbee golf in the winter. It’s kind of hard to throw your frisbee when you can’t feel your fingers. The most common ones I’ve seen are little gel packs that have a metal disc in them. you snap the disc and it warms up the gel. I have no idea how they work.

    The weekend was a bit of a lazy one. I was hoping to get out for a good ride and do some gardening stuff, but it was howling with wind all weekend, and there was no way I was going to slog away into the wind on a leisure ride, and I couldn’t get any of the spraying done that I wanted to in the garden. I did get most of the Christmas shopping done, and did a bit of baking/cooking/brewing. I cooked up dinner last night and we headed round to my dad’s to share it with him. I’m having a fast day today after the starchy movie snacks and layabout weekend. I’ve just had a couple of cups of miso soup so far today, and just sauteed okra on the menu for tonight it might end up a super fasty fast.

    Cinque, I guess you get good value out of restaurant meals if you pay for one and get a few meals out of it. We’re definitely looking forward to our meal out, it doesn’t happen very often these days. Perhaps in a few years when both our boys have finished school and we’ve got the empty nest thing happening.

    I hope everyone else is well, have a great day everyone.

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Well, after maintaining my weight since mid November, the pre-Christmas get togethers have caught up with me. This week I gained a kilo. I have squeezed a third FD into this week’s schedule to deal with it. Necessary as the food occasions won’t stop until boxing day.
    The awful weather here hasn’t helped either as we are into day 4 of high winds and heavy rain. It has been difficult to find opportunities for exercise out of the house.
    Not sure if this weather system is heading east. If it is, please make sure you have clear gutters, everything outside very well tethered and supplies that will work if you lose power. Luckily I didn’t lose power this time, but thousands here are still without power. Everyone’s garden christmas decorations have found new homes.
    The weather changed in the last hour – still stormy but it’s become much warmer and awfully humid.

    Cinque, I hope get the cool weather without the storms.

    Neil, I’m so pleased to hear you are having a date weekend with your wife. After the difficulties and grief you’ve endured you really deserve it.

    Merry, lovely to hear from you again. I’m impressed by how focused you are in getting that extra weight off quickly – especially when you started it in December.

    Thin, I have fingers (or should it be toes) crossed that this time the surgery will have your foot fully functional and pain free.
    I have some hand warmers – I don’t use them here, but I’m taking some to Antarctica.

    Lindsay, I think we’ve all lost our heart to Scarlett. Does she actually eat the capsicum, or is just a new toy she found? My cat seems to think my cupboards are full of toys that I’ve hidden from her, just waiting to be liberated.

    There’s been a hiccough in my future travel plans. After spending time researching east African safari holidays, my plans came to a screeching halt when I realised I should have checked vaccine requirements first. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to have live vaccines so I can’t go anywhere that requires a yellow fever vaccine. I was surprised to find out that I would need one for Kenya and Tanzania is in the “maybe” zone (depends which provinces you go to). It’s a few years since I had looked at where yellow fever was – it was further north in Africa then – the countries around Nigeria. Looks like it’s been spreading south. I can still go to Africa, but I’m basically restricted to the southern countries – South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Botswana. However, as I’m not going until 2025, I run the risk of booking and not being able to go if the WHO changes the yellow fever status of any of those countries after I’ve booked. I doubt travel insurance would cover that. I’m uncertain what to do now.

    Hope you are all having a good day.

    Day after FD, empty, light feeling, 600g disappeared. But I need a second FD really.

    Neil, the hand warmers work when two chemicals mix (either by snapping them or opening the packet) to cause an exothermic reaction. That’s as far as I can go with my explanation. When they work, they’re fabulous but we had a couple that didn’t react and so we rotated the day’s supply between us or held hands.

    Reading your weather accounts, one after the after, Melbourne, NZ and Adelaide, I was wondering what’s happened to your southern hemisphere summer.

    Neil, you made me laugh about Cinque’s doggy bags. Value for money when you look at it like that.

    Cinque, it’s good to have the 5:2 training. You know that nothing happens when you get hungry.

    Cinque, LJ, thank you for your kind wishes on my foot. It’s deja vu sitting here with the massive bandage, foot elevated – ten days to go. OH has to take the boat to get water today. Of course he can do it himself, so can I, but it’s so much easier and safer with two crew especially in this messy weather. While we’re sitting around waiting for my foot to heal and the locks to get repaired just south of us, we’re having some new windows made. We will go into a poly tunnel at the weekend. It will be interesting having a carpenter’s face at the window for several days – not much privacy here! The cost of things is mad here, especially anything to do with a boat but we’re very pleased to finally get it done.

    LJ, that whole WHO thing with the vaccinations is such a palava. Be careful not to get scammed in South Africa. We once found ourselves in a situation whereby the WHO’s official position was that no YF vacc was required coming from Tanzania. But when we got to S. Africa, they were demanding it just because they could. They sent us to their airport doctor who openly admitted it was a money-making racket by the SA govt. USD240 for the three of us (just for a two day transit). She suggested we check in to the airport hotel instead by-passing immigration altogether (it used to be in the building but it’s no longer there, by the way).

    On the way up to the hotel, we passed a throng of passengers from an incoming flight from Australia and I had an idea. We asked them what their flight number had been, filled in the landing declaration forms, mingled amongst them and took our chances back in the immigration queue. The officer we’d had the argument with was just two aisles down and we prayed he wouldn’t turn around and recognise us. He didn’t and it worked. Totally illegal but so was what they were doing. It wasted several hours, we missed our ride but eventually got to our accommodation and saved USD240.

    Good morning everyone

    Thin, summer has hit Sydney for sure. It’s hot and so humid it’s hard to think straight. It was over 40 on Saturday and I had to go to a birthday lunch and seeing I was one of the birthday people I really had to go. Mr A couldn’t go as he has had a virus or something for about 10 days and I’m about to take him to the doctor again as he is no better. Trying not to worry. Glad your foot surgery is behind you and sending healing thoughts your way. Loved your story about customs in SA

    I hope you are ok Lindsay, sending hugs. Maxx goes nuts for capsicum too

    Enjoy your weekend away Neil

    What a huge disappointment LJ, what a palava indeed. Good luck with the decision

    welcome back Merry!

    I didn’t realise you had to go to bed with an empty stomach Cinque, I thought about it and as we eat very early due to Mr A’s ongoing cancer surgery impacts I guess I do as well and I’m just used to it now

    Quick post as I need to get a lot of work done because I only have three more sleeps before our beautiful holiday. I just hope Mr A improves soon

    Anzac, oh no, all the best for Mr A having a quick turnaround in that illness and that the holiday goes off without a hitch. I’m sorry to hear that he still has residual issues from his cancer and I hope everything settles down to your new normal. Oh gosh, as miserable as it is here, I don’t miss that heat!

    Morning all, I’m at a loss to explain my weigh in this week, apart from the Friday night movie snacks last week, I stuck to decent eating. My average daily calories for the week was 1800, and yet I gained 2 kilos last week. I really have no explanation.

    Gosh that’s frustrating Neil, I’m sorry. But take comfort in knowing it can’t be actual weight gain / fat; instead it is just some weird body thing that will correct itself in time. Hang in there

    Neil, I hope you get a new set of scales for Christmas.

    Saturday morning and a nice (for me) day in grey Melbourne,

    Neil, this must be your special weekend away, I do hope you and Mrs Neil are having the best time.
    Aaagh re your scales. Gremlins I hope.

    LJoyce, ooh the preChristmas get-togethers are not 5:2 friendly. (I don’t think I have any, so hooray!)

    Congratulations for surviving the mad weather.

    So sorry to hear your travel plan headache. Have you worked something out?

    Thin, best wishes for the ongoing healing of your foot. I hope it is doing really well.
    I hope all the carpentry goes well and that the carpenter is a nice person to have around for a few days.
    What a wonderful YF vaxx tale.

    Anzac, I do hope MR Anzac is starting to feel better now. Take that back, I hope he has had a quick and wonderful recovery from that virus.

    Happy belated birthday!

    It is interesting that you are eating early too.
    With Gerd/Lpr it is about limiting stomach acids and other gastric juices leaking out of the stomach through the leaky esophageal sphincter and wicking up the esophagus as we are less vertical. (I have my bed set up so my head and shoulders are raised and that helps too).
    Might it have been beneficial for your reflux too?

    Ooh yay! You must be on holiday now!

    Cheers everyone, best wishes

    Good Morning everyone,

    Hi LJoyce – those pre-Christmas gatherings can be deadly, and how good is it you know how to counteract them with a 3rd FD. Imagining those Xmas decos flying all over to their new homes.

    Thin – hope the foot continues healing well and the window peepers are cheery. DD’s trip sounds amazing! Clever SA switch.

    Neil – gain seems a lot like fluid retention, or your scales are acting ornery. That weather sounded wild, like LJ’s.

    Cinque – Well done on getting the GERD worked out and sleeping better. Re meals out – Mr M and I sometimes share a single meal and ask for an extra plate, or ask for doggy bag like you.

    Hi Anzac – you’ve probably left already, but Bon Voyage and a belated Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful trip. Best wishes to Mr A for continued recovery.

    Christmas has overtaken some of each day and I’ve been forgetting to check in, so catching up today.
    My policy for Decembers is to keep the Christmas food for Christmas Day and leftovers on Boxing Day and that’s it. My other general policy year round is to not drink calories and I don’t miss them. Boring for some but it works for me. The TDEE I’m capable of is lower than a person with normal energy so I’m always eating down the lower calorie end of each food category. Yay for Prawns – just about 100 cals /100gms so great for Christmas food. Fortunately I’m not keen on every dish floating in sauces/ dressings and that helps also.

    Food-wise I’ve been working on the transition from how I was eating and getting back into FD and NFD mode. Being gluten and most grains intolerant has always been a challenge and the commercial replacements are often full of fat and sugar but a lot better than they used to be. So- I’ve been experimenting a bit with how to do NFDs and still try to keep a little bit of GF product in there but I think I’ll have to stay off the starchy carbs again while I get my weight back to normal. I’d forgotten the water retention thing that starchy carbs do. Getting off those first 3 kgs felt so good, and it’s good to be back with that different internal not-full-all-the-time-feeling that 5:2 gives. Anyhoo, fiddling with food and what to eat when has seen me flatten the weight loss this last week.

    Checkin in for last Friday’s result after Thurs FD:

    Goal weight: 62 kg
    Mini-goal; <70.00 kg
    Previous weight 70.3 kg
    Day after FD: 70.0 kg
    Loss to date; 3.5kg

    300gms isn’t much for the time since last check-in but I’m taking it 🙂 My pants are all fitting much better !!

    Onwards and Downwards,
    Cantering on,

    Good morning everyone.
    I went out early to do the grocery shopping before it got busy. There were still way too many people – I’m not fond of crowds. Home now and brewing a welcome pot of tea.

    I added an extra FD yesterday, so that it would be 3 for the week. I now have most but not all of the kilo I gained last week off – still 200g up. When I checked this week’s schedule, fitting in the FDs around events was challenging, so I’m going to do another FD today. I don’t like B2B FDs, but the only other days free this week are Wednesday and Friday, so I’m going to try another 3 FD week. Probably needed as there are a lot of food events this week.

    Merry, well done continuing the losses, and on the looser trousers.

    Thin, I love your solution to faulty hand warmers – holing hands. That really made me smile.

    Cinque, I can see why the small meals and sloped bed would help for a hiatus hernia. I’m really glad you have found a non medication solution that works.
    I do take a daily tablet for that condition, but I still need to be careful with some fatty foods and avoid overeating otherwise I still get reflux.

    Neil, forget the scales and enjoy your weekend away.

    Anzac, hope Mr A recovered and the holiday is wonderful.

    On the holiday planning front, I’m tempted to put it in the too hard basket and just go somewhere else. My unhelpful relatives have suggested I go to Monarto instead – that’s an open plains zoo about an hour east of Adelaide. https://www.monartosafari.com.au/

    Take care all. Hope the final week before Christmas isn’t too frantic.

    Afternoon all

    We had a great weekend away. The weather played ball, it was sunny and 26 degrees, we spent the weekend hanging in the gardens, doing a bit of op-shopping, playing mini golf, and our meal out was nice. The restaurant heard me mention it was our anniversary and had some chocolates waiting for us when we arrived. I tried to pick something reasonably light from the menu, so picked a crispy chicken salad with brie, cashews, and honey mustard dressing. It was pretty good. My wife got a meal that was layers of sole fillets and smoked salmon with a salsa verde on smashed potatoes with steamed veg. We shared a white chocolate and raspberry brulee with raspberry icecream and fresh raspberries.

    I got out for a 40km ride this morning. I’ve booked in to ride the Around the Mountains track after Christmas, so I’ll need to keep my riding fitness up. One disappointing thing I saw on my ride was I rode past a golf course, one one guy was out playing and had already cracked into the beers when I went past at 8am. When you can’t play a round of golf at 8am on a Sunday without sinking some beers, it really must be time to ask yourself if you have a problem.

    Well I’ll catch up with the rest of the posts later. I hope everyone is doing ok.

    LJ, I’m not sure if you read my post of 11 December but, further to that, have you ever had a Yellow Fever vaccination? While looking into requirements for Cuba on the UK Gov website, I came across this link on Travel Pro which might be worth verifying:

    According to World Health Organization (WHO), from 11 July 2016 (for all countries), the yellow fever certificate will be valid for the duration of the life of the person vaccinated. As a consequence, a valid certificate, presented by arriving travellers, cannot be rejected on the grounds that more than ten years have passed since the date vaccination became effective as stated on the certificate; and that boosters or revaccination cannot be required.

    Neil, so pleased that you had a good weekend away. A guy just passed us on his narrowboat at 7.45am and he was downing a Fosters. In this weather! I never like the idea of boaters operating 20 tonnes of steel while under the influence. At least with the bachelor parties of rowdy boozers, it’s easy to identify the hire boat from a distance and give it a wide berth.

    Anzac, Happy Birthday (belated). I hope your trip is going well and Mr A is alright.

    Merry, a downward trend is all you need. Well done. Good Christmas strategies. I found if I kept two FDs in the mix throughout the silly season, my body could handle the feasting on the other days. Agree with alcohol intake, empty calories. Another thing I did on Christmas Day when it was my turn to be host was to avoid much of the excess knowing it would still be waiting as leftovers on Boxing Day. When it wasn’t my turn, I’d concentrate on the foods I wouldn’t normally have at home. I don’t need a strategy this year – I don’t even know on which day it falls.

    The carpentry is complete and the carpenter has done a good job (except the prep and clean-up). Having a stranger at the window for two days turned out to be least of my worries. He’s a nice guy. I felt I was in a tomb with cigarette smoke and sawdust periodically blown in. The commercial radio station blasting adverts right outside the window for eight straight hours was a nightmare for someone who revels in silence. We wore ear plugs and noise cancelling headphones but I could still hear him singing along (some of the songs weren’t bad to be honest).

    I’m on Day 11 of confinement. My foot must be healing OK as no pain or swelling but I’m quietly losing the will to live. It’s a FD.

    Good morning,
    Poor Thin <3 Take heart, it will be over before too long.
    Oh dear the smoke and sawdust and noise when the carpenter was there. Talk about living in a circus.

    I have a loud motor going out my front window, it will make zooming with my sisters interesting. They are steam cleaning the concrete around the flats. Very glad they are doing that, the concrete under the clothes line is green and slimy in winter. But I do have a headache already.

    Merry nice work. Down to your mini goal already!
    300g a week is a fine loss, especially if you can make the 5:2 nice and easy so it is no problem how long it takes, and you are very good at that, so all power to you.

    Good Christmas policy!

    LJoyce, I need to shop today and I am already dreading it. Madness out there! I wasn’t bouncy enough to go first thing, so I will have to be prepared for carpark and shop lunacy.

    Yes, re reflux, overeating is the main thing I have to avoid, and isn’t (avoiding) it good for me! I seem to tolerate the amount of fat/oil I like on things, but I am really not much of a fat eater, so that is probably just as well.

    Haha your relatives suggestion for a safari alternative. But I hope you do work out how to get to gorgeous Africa.

    Neil, what a lovely time for you and Mrs Neil.
    Your meals sound just so delicious!
    Wo, that is some early drinking on the golf course.

    Well I am off to fine tune my shopping list. Wish me luck.

    Cheers all

    Good morning everyone. It’s humid day here and it unfortunately rained just as I was about to go walking – it was my only free window of time today – grrr.

    The extra FD saw another 0.7kg off, so I’m now actually down 0.5kg from the start of December. If I can get to the end of christmas without gaining I’ll be happy.
    Today is definitely one of the pre-christmas indulgence days. I am currently making chicken-feta-rocket sausage rolls and strawberry-rhubarb-crumble muffins to take to a neighbours lunch which will not end until about 6pm (if past years are any indication).

    Cinque, good luck with the shopping, I hope the parking and crowds aren’t too awful.

    Thin, unfortunately I have never had a yellow fever vaccine as I’ve never been anywhere except NZ and Europe. The only travel vaccine I’ve had were the hepatitis shots in 2020 and they are good for life because I had 3 over 7 months. I knew I’d need those for some of the places I hoped to go. I’d started the series before covid, but continued them, even though I knew it might be a couple years before I’d be able to go anywhere.

    I’d better go, things should be ready to come out of the oven shortly.
    Have a lovely day everyone.
    Glad the window is fixed, but the cigarette smoke would have been too much for me – I don’t even deal well with walking past someone who’s smoking.

    Neil, the weekend sounds just lovely.
    Glad to see you are able to get back into some riding again too.

    Hi all, checking in before I fly out tomorrow. Merry so lovely to see you back. I well and truly fell off the wagon the past twelve months but am determined to get back on that horse when I get back. I will have eight weeks then before my trip to India, so the goal is to lose at least 5kg. Hopefully won’t put on too much more in the UK but I’m trying to be gentle with myself.
    LJoyce I also had Africa on my wish list but it has become very expensive. My travel agent suggested Sri Lanka, they have safaris although not all the big game like Africa but it looked interesting. The company I am doing my travel through is called Encounter Travel. They cater for solos with a maximum of 16 per trip, they travel everywhere, maybe something might be of interest to you.
    Probate has been granted and it looks like my brother has backed down. I received a letter from him, saying he forgives me. It made me shake my head in disbelief. I’ve done nothing wrong but he is still playing the injured party. He said he missed me, well he should have thought of that before attacking me and accusing me of all sorts of things. I certainly will never forgive him.
    I wish you all a very safe and happy festive season and enjoy every minute.

    Good afternoon,
    cool, wet, grey here. Not complaining.

    LJoyce, congratulations! Good work!

    Intesha, Ha! What an extraordinarily passive-aggressive piece of work your brother is!
    But hooray that he has backed down.
    Best wishes for a great trip and a wonderful time with your daughter’s family.

    Hello all. Have no idea of what’s going on in the forum as I haven’t logged on for ages so hope everyone is well. I thought I’d post an update seeing as I’ve been missing in action for quite awhile.

    Finally, all of the estate business is settled. I’m glad I don’t have to think about it and deal with it anymore but still feel saddened and disgusted at the disrespect shown to Mr G’Day and his final wishes from the low-life person who contested his will. This person saw a chance to get money for nothing and the stupid law system allowed them to do it. I am relieved it is all finalised though so I’m moving on with the belief that in time, Karma will restore justice to Mr G’Day’s final wishes.

    As you all know the passing of Mr G’Day and the ensuing 18 months of dealing with lawyers, estate administration, being broke and learning how to be a solo person again had taken its toll on me both mentally and physically. I’m pleased to report the old me feels like she is on the way back. I’m feeling positive and productive, the stress cloud has definitely lifted, I’m back into my healthy eating and exercise routines and I’m back on track with my business and Diploma study.

    I told my GP last week I was ready to stop the depression medication so I’m now slowly weening myself off over the next 2 weeks, it was a low dosage, so no side effects expected, and I haven’t experienced any so far which is good. Still struggling with sleep but I’m slowly getting better at convincing my brain to switch off at bedtime.

    I’ve also given up coffee. It’s been a week now and again, no side effects such as headaches which I know is common when giving up coffee. My coffee intake was getting ridiculous so I’m stopping for awhile and then plan to go back to just one expresso every day. I do love coffee and I do miss it. I’ve given away all my jars of instant coffee as they make it too easy to make a cup and have more than one. It’s much more effort to make an expresso (I use a Moka Pot on the stovetop) so if I only have coffee beans in the house, I can only make a Moka Pot and one is always enough for me, compared to instant coffee where I can drink it all day long.

    On the fitness front, a few weeks back I purchased a season pass to the local swimming pool (outdoor, unheated so only open from Nov to April each year) so I’ve been going for an hour of lap swimming at 7am every morning which I must say has been wonderful, even on the colder mornings I have still enjoyed the swim. Have been walking the dogs each day with Miss G’Day and getting back into strength training a few times a week.

    I’ve also been busy the last few months going through the entire house, rumpus room and the office/gym for the third time in 12 months – culling more unused items, clothing, shoes and furniture. I’m now of the minimalist mindset and have let go of things I’ve been holding onto for far too long. I also treated myself to a few new pieces of new furniture for my bedroom and the kitchen/lounge area, so furnishings now match and look quite stylish instead of cluttered and frumpy. I’ve lost count on the number of bags and ute loads of furniture and bits and pieces I’ve taken to the op shop. I actually have empty drawers in my bedroom and the spare room now – who would have thought that Mrs’horder’G’Day would end up with spare room in the house. Given our house is quite small I’m very proud of my de-cluttering and minimalising efforts.

    Tackling my weight gain of the last 18 months has been a yo-yo of success and failure all due to the stress and lack of consistency in my daily routines, fitness and eating patterns. The ongoing consumption of bad carbohydrates, junk and comfort foods has now ended. I know I am now in the right mindset to tackle this and get back to the 59’s again. So upwards and onwards from here. 2024 is going to be my year of success, the year all of my hard work comes together and the year I nail the work/life balance and the peaceful, fulfilling life I’ve been striving for.

    Oh, I also had another little splurge besides the new furniture, I treated myself to something I have wanted for many, many years – a home infrared sauna. I’ve been keeping an eye on prices for the last few years and finally found one on sale for half price as they were getting rid of old stock due to a new model coming out – it was $4,000 and I got it for $2,000 plus $400 freight to my door. It’s coming from Sydney, so I thought the freight was reasonable given the size and weight and how far it has to travel. Not sure when it will arrive given the Xmas public holidays, but it shouldn’t be too far away. Several years ago I used the sauna at one of the local masseurs at $80 for a 30 minute session so I don’t think it will take long to get my money’s worth with mine, I’m super excited about being able to have one at any time I choose. Miss G’Day thought it was too extravagant and gave me a big lecture about spending too much money – Ha Ha.

    I’m in the middle of a 48 hour fast and feeling a bit peckish so I think it might be time for a green tea. I do promise to post more regularly now my motivation for life has returned. I wish everyone a wonderful, happy and safe Christmas xx

    Afternoon all (just ticked over 12:00 over here)

    Just an hour to go until the end of my working year, so I’d thought I’d check in, since I’ll probably be going radio silent for the next couple of weeks.

    I was also prompted by the welcome notification that G’Day had posted, it’s really good to hear from you again, and great to hear that you’re feeling more up. It must be frustration to have the legal situation you had, but must be a load off your mind to have it all now in the past. Never feel guilty about treating yourself to something you know you’re going to enjoy, my wife was sceptical when I splashed out on a new bike 3 years later, with over 12,000km under my belt, several enjoyable bike trips, and has now become my primary mode of transport to and from work, I’d say it was well worth the $1500 I paid for it.

    Speaking of which, I’m all sorted for my post-Christmas cycling trip on the around the mountains trail. I’ve booked the boat from Queenstown over to Walter Peak Station. At $114 that’s the biggest expense of the trip as I’m bikepacking this one with a little 1 person tent. Hopefully the weather plays ball.


    Until I return, I wish everyone a great Christmas and New Year and I’ll see you all in 2024.

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