Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Morning all, weigh-in today and I’m down 200g. It surprised me a bit since I haven’t been exercising and not strict on eating, but I’ll take it.

    I got the rest of my blood tests back, and my wife has started calling me “Mr Goldilocks”, because all my levels came back right in the middle of the normal zone. The only thing that was slightly up was my cholesterol, but because my good cholesterol was pretty high, it said I still had a good ratio of good to bad cholesterol.

    I hope everyone is doing ok, catch you all later.

    Good morning everyone,

    Neil, nice weigh in and excellent blood results!
    I am so glad you are feeling a lot better. keep looking after yourself carefully until that cough is completely gone.

    I keep reading how little exercise has to do with calorie burning and weight loss, it does take an enormous brain shift to accept that, but hooray that it means you don’t have to stack on weight when not exercising.

    I had a terrible time at the movies. It was freezing cold, even though I had my big coat on, and painfully loud, even though I had borrowed some noise cancelling headphones. The movie was cute and with a good heart but so, so long.

    Anzac, I do hope your neck is a lot better and your posture exercises do what they are meant to (she writes, straightening her spine now you have reminded me). Are you still keeping your eye out for other jobs that might allow you to give more time to your health? I hope so. You deserve better health.

    I am keeping my weight stable, which is my aim, and hoping that my brain will refigure it to normal. I have been finding it pretty easy (touch wood and whistle) except in the evening, but even that is not too bad.

    Sending out good wishes to everyone

    Cinque, well done keeping your weight stable. Where is it compared to, say, five years ago? I love noise cancelling headphones! But I’d never have thought to take them to a movie. A bit mean not to turn on the heat!

    Neil, I’m glad you’re feeling a bit better now. It got to 32C today. Everyone’s moaning about the heat which makes us laugh. The evenings are still light until just about 8pm and I love being able to sit outside with no mosquitoes, in fact, no biting things at all. We had a BBQ tonight.

    Anzac, hope all’s going well for you and ditto what Cinque said.

    We are heading to Lechlade, the furthest navigable place upstream on the Thames. It is SO quiet, still and peaceful. I have seen so many kingfishers in the last few weeks that I’ve come to expect a turquoise flash. I even got a photo opportunity when one landed on a branch right where we were moored.

    When we get to Lechlade, we will only be about half an hour on the bus to Diddly Squat Farm Shop in the Cotswolds. It’s owned by Jeremy Clarkson (Amazon Prime’s Clarkson’s Farm – don’t miss it). I was never a fan of his when he did Top Gear but this programme is brilliant and funny. British farmers say he has done so much to highlight farming difficulties through his show.

    Four weeks of 5:2 and I’m going OK. It’s been a summer of boating with friends and some bad food and drink habits had started rubbing off. We’ll be parting company with the second set shortly.

    Hi all,

    Well, finally back home to a very warm spring-like September day here in Christchurch. We can’t top your 32’c Thin, but it’s up to 18’c today, so not too bad for the time of year.

    We arrived home safe and sound around 10am last Thursday morning and it’s taken since then to try and get our body time clocks sorted! I was still awake at five this morning, finally got up at 8.30, fed up lying there!! Getting up early to watch the rugby hasn’t helped, (nor the score,) but I think I’m finally getting there.

    It was absolutely brilliant catching up with all our friends and family back in the UK, we had so many laughs, and we visited so many places we have never been to before, which I always love to do. One of our highlights was finally completing the South West Coast Path, all 630 miles from Minehead to Poole! It’s taken us the best part of 10 years to complete, just walking sections as and when we can when visiting and holidaying in the UK. I just need to collate all the photographs now, putting them into the SWCP file, instead of each years holiday. That should keep me busy for a while! I am busy editing the holiday images at the moment as the friends we are staying with here want to see them, so I’m putting together a slideshow, highlighting the best of the trip. Unfortunately no blue streaks of any kingfishers but there is a beautiful white heron, and an awful lot of seascapes and heritage architecture.

    I have been reading and catching up on all the posts whilst we’ve been travelling, just not finding the time to post often myself. Some of you are doing it so tough right now, be kind to yourselves.

    I finally took the plunge and stepped on the scales Friday morning and when I could steel myself to eventually look at the reading weight I was at first shocked at the increase, then I was surprised it wasn’t higher. So after this mornings reading I have already lost a kilo, down from 74.2 to 73.1 kg. I’ll take it.

    Off to walk the dog, do some laundry, and photo editing, hope you all have a more interesting day than me?

    Take care, Turn

    Morning all

    Turn, glad to have you back in the country, although I think you timed your return a bit wrong, I think there’s supposed to be some nasty weather on the way in the next couple of days. What are you aiming for as your goal weight?

    Thin, I saw that you were getting hot weather. I was having a smile at the news story over here when they were talking about the heatwave in the UK, and everyone panicking over 32 degrees. I used to work in orchards in Central Otago and early to mid 30s temperature were the norm, and we were working 10 hour days out in the sun.

    Cinque, I do know that it’s supposed to be like 80% diet and 20% exercise when it comes to weight loss, but it did help that I was burning like 500-1000 calories a day through exercise. I guess because I was at home all the time, I wasn’t getting the afternoon snack attacks that I usually get when I come home from work.

    The weekend was great, I got the all clear from the doctor to start riding again (it turns out that my wrist was sprained not fractured) so I rode the new cycle path that goes from town out to Port Chalmers. It was a beautiful day and the new path is amazingly popular. My favourite moment was I rode up beside a mother and son riding together up one of the little hills, the boy looked around 5-6. I said to the mother “He’s doing very well” and the boy proudly stated “YES I AM!”

    I’m working on getting better at lunch prep the last week. I’ve cooked up a big batch of a base for my lunch (last week was quinoa, this week is red lentils.) I’ll take some of that, add in a protein source, like boiled eggs, chicken, marinated tofu, tinned tuna, etc., then bulk it out more with some veggies. It seems to work well so far to keep me full. A typical lunch is around 400-500 calories.

    Well I hope everyone is doing well at the moment, and I’ll catch you all later.

    Hi all from a VERY smoky Sydney (burn-offs)

    So glad you are back on your bike Neil but I do worry about cars. That path sounds lovely

    Welcome home Turn, your trip sounds amazing

    Thin, 32 degrees in the UK is the equivalent of about 40 here. We are bracing for a very hot summer that will dry out all the undergrowth then the forecast for the following summer is terrible fires again. Who would be a farmer in Australia?

    Sorry to hear about your terrible trip to the movies Cinque. Fancy having the air-con so cold?

    I’m just back from the physio as my neck is being stubborn and is incredibly sore. He loosens it and it feels great but I have no strength and it soon locks up again. He has given me strengthening exercises this time so fingers crossed

    Weight is stable which is frustrating but must keep on trying

    Take care all

    Tuesday morning and I am beginning to recover from a busy weekend.

    Welcome back to the Southern hemisphere Turn!
    I do hope your internal clock is starting to get in synch with NZ time.
    I hope you also enjoy getting into your eating routines that help you get back to the weight you are happy with.
    What a wonderful trip you had. It will be so enjoyable to relive through your photo selection.

    Hello Thin, Hooray for a BBQ with no biting things!
    And being able to get back to your healthy eating habits.
    I did get tired of Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear, all those years ago. But I can imagine him being very entertaining farming.

    You asked with how my weight compared with about 5 years ago. That was when I thought I was doing 5:2 maintenance, but my weight was sneaking up at almost 2kg a year, which I only found out at my annual hospital check up because they weighed me there. And because my clothes were gradually getting too tight for me.

    I think I must be a couple of kilos below what I was weighing 5 years ago. I think I am about 52 kg but I can’t remember why I think that, haha. I am concentrating on my waist measurement which I wasn’t taking regularly 5 years ago, and it is staying under 30inches, which is nicely below the 31.5 inches the Heart Foundation wants us to be under. (There is a bit of a tum poking out below my waist).

    Neil, I am so glad your wrist wasn’t fractured after all! Great news. How lovely to be back on the bike and yay for that boy.

    Lovely lunch prep!
    I made that Afghan stew with mung beans that I love so much, and an African meat stew with peanut in the sauce which has been absolutely delicious. I hope to make some vegetable pasties today or tomorrow.

    Anzac, poor smoky Sydney. I hope a good breeze comes to clear it soon.
    I am worried about the Summer, and Summers coming too. Fingers crossed we get off lightly.
    Your poor neck. Are you like me and trying to undo a lifetime of bad sitting at the computer habits? I am partly delighted and surprised that I got away with it so long, but oh my goodness, it is hard to get into good sitting habits. Have you got an alarm going every 20 minutes to remind you to move and stretch? That is what I am trying to do.

    Cheers for stable weight. It will be readjusting your brain, which is a good thing. Fingers crossed you get some nice losing-weight time soon.

    It is a sunny, pretty day here, but moderate pollen count so I am wary of being outside too much as I have had some rotten hayfever already. Must attend to the compost bins though.

    Sending good wishes to you all.

    Morning all

    Well backing lunch packing and subsequent lacking of snacking has got me tracking in the right direction. I was down 1.1 kilograms from last week. It’s a good start, now to see if I can keep it going.

    Have a great one everyone

    Good morning everyone,

    Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far, we have a lovely warm sunny day today, up to 20’c but with the most disgusting strong winds, a couple of fellow travellers have stayed on as it’s too dangerous to drive in such windy conditions.

    Took a trip out on the bikes yesterday, feel it on the bum this morning and around my neck/top shoulders, we’ll get back out again tomorrow to help loosen up the muscles before they tighten up too much. First time in the saddle for at least 9/10 months!

    I cooked a three course dinner for the hosts and some friends on Thursday night, 7 of us in total, then gave a slideshow of our holiday snaps! It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that with images and I really enjoyed it, so did everyone else too, (or at least, they said they did) hahaha! It’s so easy to take photos and then just file them away on the computer or wherever, and never look at them again.

    My weight dipped to 72.9 but has come back to 73 so I will work harder this week to get a handle on it, I really don’t want it to start climbing again.

    Hope to hear from you all again soon, Turn

    Evening all

    Turn, apart from the sore muscles, it must feel good to be back out riding again.

    This weekend was a weird one. I had a bit of a relapse of my flu symptoms so I was off work on Friday. Saturday I was feeling a bit better so I tried to do some gardening, but I ran out of energy so quickly. Sunday the weather was really foreboding all day. Weird grey threatening skies all day, but warm and calm. I got a lot more gardening done, and as soon as I had finished there was lightning, thunder, torrential rain, and howling wind. It blew through really quickly and then we had the brightest double rainbow I have ever seen.

    I should be able to get back to work tomorrow, but I really just want to be fit and well again. I’m sick of being sick.

    Afternoon all

    Well I was well enough to get back to work on Monday and I’m feeling a lot better now, it’s going to be a long road to get my fitness back up to where it was though. Weigh in today and I’m down 300g from last week. It’s not much, but it does mean 5 consecutive weeks of loss now for a total of 2.2 kilos. Moving in the right direction finally.

    I hope everyone is well, it’s been pretty quiet here recently.

    Great job Neil! So happy for your run of weight loss – what a boost.

    Hi Cinque, thanks for answering my question and I’m sorry I’d forgotten that you don’t have scales so I made it tricky for you.

    Anzac, how’s your neck?

    Hello Turn. I’m laughing at the slide slow. Super amazing photos or very tolerant friends!

    Hi all

    So glad you are doing better Neil and even better news with a nice loss

    Thin I am struggling with my neck (thanks for asking) but today it feels a tiny bit better. Physio twice a week. I’m basically taking Cinque’s advice and standing up and stretching every 10 minutes

    Weigh is down a bit, slowly slowly. I have some goals for upcoming events and the holiday so that is keeping me motivated

    We are having the most incredible heat wave in Sydney. It has been 35 today but there is a southerly coming tonight and it is dropping to 20 tomorrow

    Love the slides story Turn!

    Take care all

    Anzac, sorry about your neck. These skeletal things can take so long to heal properly. I imagine it’s easy to become absorbed in your work on the computer and you’d need an alarm to remind you to break away every ten minutes. I wonder if a standing station would be helpful for part of the day? Dreaming of a heatwave, even an English one.

    Hello everyone,

    Neil, so glad you recovered from that relapse. Don’t push too hard!
    Lovely news that you don’t have to carry around that extra 2 kg any more.

    What wild weather NZ has had.

    Those winds sound scary Turn! But what a lovely night with friends.
    All power to you getting back into the swing of 5:2 and all the things you do to look after your health and not only stop putting on excess weight, but to lose some.

    Anzac I have been thinking of you so much with that Sydney smoke and then heatwave. Intesha too. Today sounds nice there?
    Also solidarity with those stretches and breaks. I think I am going to have to do them for the rest of my life! The pain eases but then it just comes back if I stop doing them. (Could be worse!)

    Thin I hope you get a warm day.

    We have had some glorious weather but it is cool and grey today. My reflux has been bad, it snuck up with a different symptom, I think, so I missed it was getting bad until it was terrible. I hope so, and that it is settling down. Otherwise I will be back to the doctor to check things out further.

    It is school holidays here so I am giving all my energy to my grandchildren. A big day yesterday and I am still trying to get the oomph to clean the kitchen.

    LJoyce, have been thinking of you and hoping things are going well in your busy life.

    Best wishes to everyone

    Morning all, I just did a big post but apparently lost it.

    Anzac, sorry to hear about your neck. Necks and backs can be really troublesome, and I often have issues with mine. Your heatwave sounds oppressive, our weather has been really weird recently. We’ve had hot days, but then we’ve also had lots of cold days, and over the weekend apparently the ski fields in Queenstown got a whole meter of snow. In the last week the South Island has had EARTH quakes, bush FIRE, gale force WIND, and flood WATER. I quipped that if we get something to do with HEART, we get to summon Captain Planet.

    Cinque, sorry to hear your reflux has been worse recently. I hope you have fun with the grandkids, and lots of time to recover after the grandkids 😉

    Lasy weekend was pretty busy. I had an Elders’ retreat for our Church most of Saturday, it was out at the beach 18kms away so I biked out there and then home again afterwards. Sunday we had a family lunch to celebrate all the September birthdays in our family. It was the first family meal we’d had since my mother passed away, so it was kind of weird.

    I hope everyone is well, I’m hoping to continue my streak of losing weight this Wednesday, but I’ll check in then and let you now how I get on.

    Hi Neil,
    How frustrating to have lost that post! Thanks for rewriting.

    I can imagine how strange that family meal was with your mother not there, and yet in everyone’s thoughts. Painful and powerful at the same time. But what an important step.

    Ha re all the wild weather, of all types. Wouldn’t it be nice if Captain Planet could turn up and save us all.

    Great biking!

    I am healing from my reflux relapse. I can see how it was my own fault. The minute things settled I thought ‘Maybe I can try a little bit more of… (everything).’
    Coffee was probably the worst culprit. I thought ‘Oh look I can tolerate a second cup a day’ ‘a third cup a day’. But it turns out I could not tolerate that for more than a couple of days.

    So I am strictly 1 cup a day now, and three hours between meals, and I am getting closer to symptom free. Phew. So glad. Just had today’s coffee. (Enormously grateful for it, but teary that now I have to wait until tomorrow for my next one).

    Good luck with tomorrow’s weigh in Neil!
    Best wishes to everyone. Your health is so precious.

    Good morning all. I’m sorry I’ve not been on lately. Some tough times here. OH is OK, so that’s the main thing. Me? not so much. But, upwards and onwards.

    I was so sorry, Neil, to read that you’d lost your mother. To have a family celebration without her must have been doubly difficult. I remember the first Christmas without my parents. They leave such a big gap.

    And Intesha, to lose your Dad. So sad, particularly as the past years have been quite hard. But what a daughter you were to him, and such comfort in that.

    And dear Cinque, you have lost Miso. Pets, be they dogs, cats, play such a big role in our lives, with their funny little ways and demanding our attention. Hope you are okay.

    So, friends, hope to be back on more often now. I’ve only been reading from time to time – not at all like me; even when I don’t post, I always read.

    I did catch up with your neck and back troubles Anzac. So sorry to hear that. You spend so much time at your computer, it must be dificult to get relief.

    Turn, welcome home from your holiday. Your slide night and dinner sounds like fun. Well done. I am sure it was nothing like the ones we as children were put through by an uncle, who travelled extensively overseas for work, and came home with so so many slides. I used to hear Dad joke that he must have been up at dawn to get shots without people. He was a very early visitor to China, and even there he managed to avoid people in his pictures.

    Thin, kingfishers. How beautiful. How long have you been on the water now? It just seems such a short while ago when you were teasing us with selling up in WA, and waiting to announce this wonderful adventure you’ve been on.

    On that note folks, off to do more ironing (no, just a Cinque joke…we are the only ironers left in the world).

    Take care friends.

    Morning cyber maties,

    JJ has removed the imposter for us.

    Neil, I’m so pleased to read of your successive losses. Well done, keep it up (or down). Weird weather. Your mum must have left a large void. An Indian man on the towpath was telling me a few weeks ago that the Egyptians have a belief that we die twice. Once when we physically die and again the last time anyone mentions our name. Your mum has many people who will be saying her name for decades to come.

    Cinque, did you have a fabulous time with the grandies? Aren’t you clever and persistent to tweak what works so perfectly for you to be symptom-free. I’m also cutting down on coffee. I miss it. Two normal cups (instead of three) in the morning and one decaf in the evening. I’m back to 6:1 after four weeks on 5:2. Are you looking for another cat?

    Lindsay, good to hear from you but sorry you’re not doing well (hoping it’s not the lingering legal effects of OH’s hospital bungles still plaguing you). OH seems to have recovered well from what you report which must feel fabulous for your family. We’ve been on the narrowboat for four years now. Mad fools. We initially planned to spend one season on the boat and really need to consider our next move but, with age, we’re finding it increasingly difficult to make decisions and so we just keep floating along.

    Currently in the centre of Oxford yet there are cows opposite and a resident heron and kingfisher. We have spent two days at the Ashmolean Museum and another on a private tour of Worcester College. A boater that we met last year on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal is also right here in Oxford. He’s moored on the Oxford Canal, we on The Thames – yet we are five minute walk apart through Jericho. I keep expecting to see Inspector Morse and Sgt. Lewis.

    Morning all.

    Yes Thin, I did report our spamalot spambot, I assume others did as well, but it’s always annoying when they show up.

    Well I shouldn’t have said it out loud and jinxed myself, because I broke my streak of losses and gained half a kilo.

    Thin, every time you post it sounds like you’re looking at a chocolate box cover.

    Lindsay, good to hear from you, even if it’s been tough times for you at the moment.

    Cinque, I also had to cut my caffeine consumption down since it had crept up to 2-3 coffees a day as well as a couple of cups of black tea. My blood pressure had started to rise again. I managed to cut it to one cup of coffee a day, and a couple of cups of green tea, reducing my daily caffeine intake from 270-360mg per day down to around 130mg per day

    well, 3 more days of work and then I get a week of holiday. Have a good one everyone.

    Morning friends

    Where is the time going? Almost the end of September, I simply cannot believe it

    Lindsay I am so sad to hear you aren’t doing well and I hope you are ok. Sending mega cyber hugs

    Thin I concur with Neil that your brilliant descriptions of your whereabouts and surroundings sounds like something out of a dream. Glad you could get back to 6:1

    I took my eye off things and let stress get to me this last week and before I could blink 1.5 kilos went back on. I am so mad at myself I could spit but I just have to get back into it. Have convinced Mr Anzac that a stir fry for dinner tonight is better than takeaway and I’m going back to proper fasting next week

    So very glad you could get back on top of the horrible reflux symptoms Cinque but sad you have had to give up your extra coffees. I guess look at the bright side and you are still able to have one. I cut down to one some time ago and rarely have the second one now

    Boo to that half a kilo Neil, I hope this week is a better one. I was sorry to read about your family get together; I remember how that felt when we lost my Mum. So so sad. It’s pretty scary what the weather and natural events are doing around the world and perhaps yes we do need Captain Planet

    It is cool today and tomorrow – around 23 max – but another heat wave is coming on the weekend. 34 is forecast for Sunday. We had several swims when it was hot a week ago and never ever have we swum in September. It was only 22 the first swim which is 6 below my normal minimum but I decided to be brave. It ended up, with the solar heating, at 28 which was just lovely

    My neck is thankfully much better and thanks for the commiserations. After three physio visits it was no better so, being the brilliant physio he is, he realised it must be stemming from somewhere else. Sure enough the middle of my back was like a block of concrete plus my dodgy jaw was a bit locked. So another 3 visits later and religiously doing my stretches twice a day I can now sit for longer and the pain when it comes is much less. I simply stand up and walk around, do some quick stretches and it’s all ok. I have one more physio visit but then he is going to Spain with the young Socceroo’s (he is their physio)

    Ok this post is long and rambling so time to end it and do some work. Take care all and hello to everyone I haven’t mentioned

    Hi all, life can get so difficult at times. We all just want an easy life without too many dramas but it seems that’s not to be. So sorry to hear everyone struggles. Unfortunately I am one of those people that eats when I’m stressed so like you Anzac I’ve put on 10kg over the past 2 years and struggle to get myself back into the zone.
    It’s a month today since my Dad passed and I’m still struggling with the loss. He was a difficult man but he looked after me during the 9 yrs he was with me and I miss his presence. My very Christian brother came to see me less than two weeks since he passed and informed me he was contesting the will as he didn’t think it was fair that Dad had left me his very modest savings. I was absolutely blindsided and couldn’t believe the things he was saying or accusing me of. He even had a letter he had composed with a list of demands and gave me until the 30th of this month to respond. If he had of approached me and said he was disappointed he was not left any money I probably would have given him some but the way he did it was disgusting. I have been the main carer for both Mum and Dad since 2014. My life was on hold while he travelled the world. He has two rental properties and has just bought a 1.1million house. All I have is the pension and this money would give me a cushion.
    I have retained the services of an estate lawyer who says he is not entitled to anything but he can still approach the courts within 12months but he has to justify why he thinks he is entitled to anything.
    I have been physically sick with worry but just hope the legal system works as it should.
    Sorry to ramble on but at times I feel like I’m losing my mind. I hardly leave the house unless absolutely necessary.
    Take care everyone like Lindsay I read the posts everyday when they are there and enjoy them all, good or bad🌻

    Oh Intesha, I am so very sorry that the sadness of losing your Dad has been tainted by your brother’s despicable behaviour. I hope too the lawyer’s fees don’t eat into your inheritance. The legal system is a funny beast, but it will be hard for your brother to claim entitlement. Not with his wealth, and your ongoing care for your parents.

    We are locked in legal battle too – after nearly killing OH twice, first with the penicillin, then discharging him from ICU while he was actually having a heart attack, the hospital’s lawyers have demanded access to his past medical history so that they can see if there is anything in there that will reduce the hospital’s liability. We refused, of course. OH has a good capacity for compartmentalising things, and locking away stuff that is painful. Last thing he needs is for his illness to be combed through.

    The weight is another beast. Like you, I’ve put on most of the weight I lost on the fast 800 a couple of years ago. Not there yet, but not far off. All to my stomach, too, which is a consequence of ongoing, high level stress and tension which releases cortisol. Fight or flight, and the body needs that fat readily available to do either. Or so my myotherapist tells me. We’ll get there Intesha. One day we won’t have worries, and we’ll get our focus back.

    Try to stay strong, and do get out of the house from time to time. Sometimes a new outlook can put our worries on hold for a while.

    big hugs to you.

    Dear Intesha, I had to read your post twice to comprehend what your brother has done. How can someone be so heartless? My uncle did a similar thing when my grandmother died and left more to my Dad as he had looked after her all his life. She was not a very nice person and drove my poor mother to drink plus Mum and Dad had very little money and dear Uncle was so very wealthy. I’m happy to tell you he didn’t have a leg to stand on so I hope your brother faces the same

    Sending many many cyber hugs your way – both Lindsay and Intesha xxxx

    Where there’s a Will, there’s a greedy relative, Intesha. Everyone has a vulture story. My brother discovered that our step-brother has been syphoning funds from our step-mother’s accounts ever since she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s a year or so ago. This is my family’s wealth that my grandparents built through sheer hard work and sacrifice in business. My step-mother entered the family penniless and my father raised her illegitimate son as his own providing a comfortable life for them both. She and my Dad made identical Wills that clearly intended assets to pass first to the surviving spouse and ultimately be divided equally between the three of us children upon their death. Intention means nothing to parasites.

    Neil and Anzac, I saw a roe deer across the river this morning! But I’ve had you fooled. There’s no chocolate box. It’s been a summer of utter exasperation for me. I hadn’t mentioned it because so much unhappiness was expressed on these pages that I hadn’t wanted to add to it.

    After having recovered perfectly for the first eleven weeks, I developed a sudden onset complication from my foot surgery. We’ve spent the past three months unsuccessfully trying to get medical help as I’m unable to walk any appreciable distance wearing footwear without extreme pain.

    I seem to be lost in some kind of bizarre NHS-administrative black hole. Confined to being barefoot, (very dangerous when operating a 20 tonne steel boat) I injured my other foot incurring a hairline fracture. I tried hard not to allow all this frustration to bring me down but the stress must have taken its toll as I developed shingles (Cinque, we discussed this before and I’m afraid that having had chicken pox doesn’t make you immune, quite the opposite).

    In the mix, my OH was bitten by a German Shepherd. Boater friends are joking that we’re the ‘trainspotters’ of NHS walk-in centres – we’ve been to so many! I have to admit that the care we received for the dog bite and the shingles was exemplary but the foot drama continues ….

    Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

    Wow, we all seem to have major issues at the moment.

    Intesha, Death always seems to bring out either the best or the worst in people. My mother’s passing made the rest of us club together even closer, but there always seem to be some that are just out to get what they can. The annoying thing is now you’re probably going to have to pay a fair chunk of the money on legal fees fighting for the money left to you. When my grandmother passed, my mother told us kids we could choose one thing to remember her by. The only thing I wanted was her bible because I didn’t have one at the time. But my uncle stormed over and snatched it out of my hands, saying that it was the family bible and it should go to him as the only son, so he can pass it down and keep it owned by someone with her family name. He wasn’t even Christian himself, and it’s not like it was an old expensive bible, just a plain old one that my grandmother had happened to own.

    This, really sorry to hear of that. Some injuries just need complete rest for a long time to allow to heal, but that’s practically impossible when it’s your foot and you’re living on the barge like you do. I had issues with my rotator cuff 20 or so years ago, and I ended up having to give up all sport for 12 months before it finally completely cleared up.

    Well on with the week. Just 2 more days of work left before holiday. I’m looking forward to having a week off to kick back and relax. We’re hoping the weather is nice as we’re spending 4 days in Temuka, a small town halfway between Dunedin and Christchurch.

    Have a good one everyone

    Oh no Thin, that sounds incredibly painful and I am so sorry. Please don’t think you need to hide your woes and ailments because that is what we are here for. My friends on the labrador forum often mention that the NHS is in deep trouble, understaffed and sinking. They can’t get in to see a medical person for love nor money, no matter how urgent it is. They find it amazing that I can get a doctors appointment at the drop of a hat or can get any sort of scan within one day and I am so grateful for our medical system here – especially given what we went through last year with Mr Anzac.

    Sending good luck and healing cyber hugs 🙁

    Good Morning, I have been reading posts on and off and wanted to say sorry to those who have experienced loss over the last few months. I’ve been keeping quiet on posting but after reading Intesha’s post I felt I should write about why I have been absent.

    Like Intesha, I have been dealing with a contested will. A week before my late husband’s estate was due to be settled a child he had when he was younger, but had never been part of his life, claimed she was entitled to an equal share of the estate. My husbands will specifically states the child is not entitled to any of his estate and he also signed separate legal documents specifically stating that the child was never in his life, and he was never asked to be responsible to provide for the child (the mother took her away from him) and therefore he was not responsible to provide for the child in his death.

    However, it appears that a persons will is utterly worthless in the eyes of the law.

    Not only was this person entitled to contest, but the costs of going to court are all born by the estate, not by the person contesting. We were given an estimate of a minimum of $20 to 30k just for the initial costs to fight it. Can you believe that a 1-hour mediation session between the parties (mandatory for a contesting will) costs $10k. Then there are lawyers’ fees, application fees, affidavit fees etc and this is all before it goes to court. Then if it does go to the Supreme court because mediation has failed it costs a minimum of $2k for each court session, with the number of sessions needed unknown.

    I had already paid out, prior to the contest claim, in excess of $10k in fees (lawyers, taxes, lodgement fees etc) to get the estate to the point of distribution so to add another minimum of $30 plus thousand dollars was ridiculous, given the estate is small.

    Sadly, even though we were able to prove that this child played no part in my late husband’s life, we were told there was still a fair chance the Supreme court would rule in the contestant’s favour. When we worked out the sums, we were left with no choice but to give this person a share of the estate because by going to court, we would have been each left with less money than what we would have by giving this person a share. I mean really, where do these lawyers get off – $550 per hourly consult, $350 per letter, $50 per base phone call and extra $$ depending on the length of the call, $250 per hour for the work of the office staff (typing, filing etc) – it’s just a total scam and the sad thing is that there is no option, to get the estate finalised you have to use a lawyer.

    For a will that was straight forward and simple, with no complications and a small monetary value, I am utterly disgusted with the law and how it operates. To disrespect a person’s wishes, to go against the words of his will and to allow someone who is clearly not entitled to anything, to can come in and so easily be given what is not theirs. This person lied on their legal documents (which we were able to prove were lies) and we were also able to provide evidence that this person stated publicly that she played no part in her biological father’s life, but still, we were told there was a fair chance this person could win. Even if she didn’t win, there was no guarantee the court would make this person reimburse the estate for the all the costs of the contest.  Either way, we would be the losers. 

    To say my stress levels have been high is an understatement. I’m exhausted both mentally and physically, unable to sleep and have disengaged from the world. We did not want to give this person what they wanted, we wanted to fight it and prove that they were not entitled and to uphold my late husband’s wishes, but how could we when the law is such an ass, the system is so wrong and the costs utterly unaffordable.

    I am so angry that this person is walking away with a share they are not entitled to, and we have to pay for all the costs to make it happen because of course, it’s not as simple as just giving them their portion, there is so much legal paperwork that has to be done at yet again, an exorbitant cost to us.

    I have lost all faith in humanity and all trust in people. I now see the world differently, and yes, I know it is only one person, but for that one person to show so much disrespect by demanding a monetary right from a person she wanted nothing to do with in life but feels they are entitled to a part of his estate in his death is just beyond me.

    And it’s not only that, but how can a person feel it’s okay to cause distress and take away the entitlement of the people he loved, the people whom he wanted to benefit from his estate, how can this person think they are entitled to a part of that? No conscience, no morals and no values that’s what this person has, just total greed, someone who has seen an opportunity to get money for nothing with no care at all for others.

    Sorry for my rant but I am just so totally gutted, I wish my brain had an on/off switch so I could just switch off from everything and rest and reset, no thoughts, no stress, just rest. You know I was feeling okay a few months back when I knew the estate was about to be settled, I thought yeah, in one week it will finally be over after 12 months of all this I can finally sit back and get my life in order and not have to think or worry about lawyers, estates etc again. Just goes to show yet again, you never know what is coming around the corner and what life will throw at you.

    Intesha, I sincerely hope, from the bottom of my heart, that your father’s estate settles quickly, and the outcome is as you want it to be, sending you lots of love and best wishes xx

    Oh my goodness Gday. My heart goes out to you and I can honestly say I know exactly how you are feeling. My Dads estate is also modest and those types of fees would completely drain it. Were you the executor of the Will? The fees charged are astronomical but we have no choice if we want to pursue it. My Dad did leave him some personal effects so he wasn’t completely cut out of the Will so hopefully that will go in my favour plus the fact he is financially secure. Unfortunately only time will tell but in the meantime we are left to suffer. Take care of yourself and keep in touch

    Yes Intesha I am the executor. We also argued that because the contesters mother and stepfather are quite wealthy and the contester is the beneficiary of that wealth, as well as lived a very good lifestyle because of that wealth, the contester should not receive part of the estate of someone they had no relationship with because they will be well provided for in the future estate of their mother/stepfather. But the counter argument was that the mother and stepfather may squander all of their wealth before they pass therefore leaving the contester with nothing so that is why they are entitled to a portion of the estate now because it is a guarantee of an inheritance, whereas a future inheritance is not guaranteed. It seems to me that logic, reason, common sense and ‘doing the right thing’ is not what the law is about in my opinion.

    Hi all. I’d like to weigh in on the estate discussion. Intesha, G’day it is so so unfair. Is Legal Aid or some similar organisation able to help with the fees?

    When my parents died, the estate was divided between the four of us – and there was not one word, not one disagreement. It made their passing easier – or at least, didn’t make it harder.

    But my uncle, that was another story. An uncle by marriage, we were very fond of him, and after my aunt died, took particular care to make sure he wasn’t lonely. When we went to live in China, my kids stepped up … taking him to lunch, phoning and visiting him, and I wrote to him every week.

    While we were away, some ‘blood relatives’ as he called them moved to Qld and latched on, for want of a better word. I came home when it became obvious my uncle was failing, but the relatives virtually banned me from seeing him alone. They insisted on being there for visits The man was a pastor …they told me it wasn’t convenient to visit on Sundays because they were in church. Of course that was the time I came, and my uncle was horrified to know that I’d been trying to see him but hadn’t been ‘allowed’.

    Anyway, long story short, two of us were executors and I was with my uncle in hospital when he died. My brother went to my uncle’s retirement village to secure his unit, and found that the relatives had already been in, and a large sum of money which my uncle always had in a drawer had gone. My uncle had also told us he had entrusted the man with a rather large sum to pay for incidentals, etc, but it wasn’t a gift, because he’d already lent them money for a house, which he doubted he would ever see again. When my brother asked for the relatives to pay back the money to the estate, which legally was required, they submitted a claim that absorbed nearly all of it, including, if you can believe, it, mileage for each time they visited. Once the will was settled (they got a cash distribution) we never saw or heard from them again.

    Seems like it isn’t uncommon or people to come out of nowhere when there’s a sniff of $$ about.

    My friend’s father was told that to avoid disputes over his will, he needed to make some provision for his estranged son, because the courts would be more inclined to give him money if the father hadn’t done so. Isn’t it shocking that courts, or people who don’t know who the players are, or the family history, can overrule a person’s decisions about their estate. I find it so, anyway

    I can’t believe this, I’m so sorry G’day, after everything you have been through. I simply cannot comprehend how someone could do this, in their time of grief. Nor did I know that the courts are so blasé about the wishes of the deceased. Honestly what is the point of a will?

    And my final level of dismay is the sheer volume of greedy parasites that are out there

    My heart is breaking for you Intesha and G’day


    You passed Cinque. 🙂

    I have been wondering where you have been, and how you are. Is everything okay with you?

    Hi from a very windy hot Sydney. I have just done some ironing which prompted me to write to let Cinque and Lindsay know they weren’t alone. I have always ironed, nothing stupid like sheets or towels as I have heard some do but my mother always said her father, who died when I was about 3-4, said to her, even if you don’t have a penny always look as if you do. My mother was always well dressed and looked after herself. Another thing she always said was skin routine, cleanse, tone and moisturise. I also parroted this to my daughter. A few years ago one of her friends said to me she always remembered, cleanse, tone and moisturise. Funny how things stick in your mind.
    After reading all the terrible experiences with wills I was sick with worry. Everyone’s outcomes were different but still very traumatic. I am hoping that because my brother was left something and he has properties etc that I will get a favourable result. He is not destitute and not reliant on a pension. Having said that we along with 4 other cousins were the beneficiaries of my Aunt’s Will when she passed last year. We all got a considerable sum over $50,000 so he is just being greedy.
    I’ve only spent a small amount when I went to visit my daughter in the UK last year. I’ve now decided it’s time to do something for me and what happens will happen. I’ve put deposits down on two trips next year. One to India the other Turkey. Travel is my passion and as I will be 73 this month if I don’t do it now while I am in good health I may never get the chance. Who knows what’s around the corner.
    Anyway Gday hope you are doing okay and everyone else 🌻

    Evening everyone.

    Well the insane weather is continuing, we had snow on and off all Saturday, tomorrow is supposed to be gale force wind and rain, but today was calm and around 20 degrees. I made the most of the break in the weather to get out for a big ride. I trialled a route to the start of the new cycle trail, trying to stay off main roads as much as possible.

    Intesha, that sounds like a brilliant idea. Doing something for yourself to help hit your reset button. My Aunt died a couple of years ago, a year after she passed, her partner did a cycle tour of New Zealand as his reset. After 9 years of caring for your Dad, you deserve to do something for yourself.

    I hope everyone else is doing well, I’ll catch up with you later.

    Hello everyone,
    I posted something with a link in it (will repost it next) and the new aggressive anti spam filter kicked me off 5:2! When my ‘test’ got through I tried it without the link but it still refused me! I sent begging messages to JJ who must have been (understandably) having a weekend, and finally got an email saying I was back on, and a lovely email from JJ apologising. So here I am (I say hopefully, I haven’t hit ‘send’ yet).

    I started today feeling very much like that grasshopper that hit the windscreen, but sweet lovely coffee is working its magic so hopefully I can put some sentences together.

    Here is my post from a couple of days ago

    Hello everyone,
    Oh my goodness, what a lot to catch up on. So many dreadful things.

    Not going badly here, I am glad to say.

    Lindsay, I am so sorry the hospital apology and restitution is not over, or even moving along quickly. It is so cruel that they would know how much their behaviour would burden a family who are trying to heal from medical and mis-medical trauma, but they are making it as bad for you as they can.

    And I am so sad that your health has been hit. Sending lots of good wishes. I do hope it is something/things that you can soon recover from.
    https://bearloonsg.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/5-Tips-For-Choosing-The-Right-Get-Well-Soon-Flowers-1.jpg (haha don’t read the link, just click on it! 😀 )

    Thanks for your thoughtfulness about Miso. I do still miss her and have so many daily reminders of her presence. That is nice though, they are reminders that I gave her the best life that I could.

    Best wishes to you and Mr Lindsay,

    PS Planning to do some ironing this afternoon! 😉

    When I sat down to post a couple of days ago I planned to work through everyone’s post as there was so much to respond to, but now I will just do a huge heartfelt reach out to everyone’s struggles with wills. (A close friend had a similar things happen with her mum’s will).

    But Intesha I read ‘my very Christian brother’ absolutely drenched with sarcasm. I remember he was blind to all you were sacrificing to look after your parents, the very opposite to the best sort of Christian. I am just so SO glad you are planning those trips. All power to you.

    Gday, I just hate that you had to go through all that legal nightmare on top of everything else. It is just awful. Sending so many good wishes.

    Thin, I am glad you shared that you are having such trouble with your foot. So rough, when you were so careful to do everything to help it heal optimally. And double rough that the NHS is so run down you are not getting the help you need. All my fingers are crossed that the right thing happens very, very soon and very successfully.

    Anzac hooray for that brilliant physio. Oh the loveliness of getting to what is actually wrong and being able to address it. Enjoy doing those exercises to keep it good.

    And Neil, hooray for holidays coming!

    I am pleased, I feel like I am finally over that bad reflux flare up and I hope I have learnt enough to avoid another one. Waist still behaving itself.

    Sending out best wishes to everyone.

    PS Woot for another ironer Intesha! and lovely skincare too!

    Cinque, I must have missed the post about Miso. I am so sorry to hear that. My daughter had to have her beautiful Burmese cat put down at the weekend. She had been with them for 13 years and when my daughter had a home birth with my grandson the cat never left her side. She was devastated as I am sure you are🌼

    Hello all from another hot day in Sydney. 35 yesterday and 33 today. It is roller-coasting madly as later in the week it is only a top of 19

    Today is my first day back on proper 5:2. I was turned off for a few years by my gastro doctor who didn’t agree with it and said I need lots of fibre in the morning due to diverticulitis. I haven’t had a flare up for at least 18 months and it is the only thing that ever worked so here goes. Wish me luck

    Intesha I am overjoyed that you are going travelling. You pretty much gave up your life to look after you Dad (hence greedy brother does not deserve anything). India was fascinating and I’m sure you will love it. Are you doing an organised tour? My only concern in India was the sheer volume of people and sometimes I felt a bit daunted getting out of the car. We hired a car and driver so it was just the two of us and I think an organised tour would have been better. Turkey is in the bucket list but I’m not really sure we have another big trip in us. Somehow we both lost much if our travel energy during Mr A’s cancer battle plus the lasting effects of the surgery would make a big trip very challenging for him.

    Cinque I’m so glad you made it back to us (thanks JJ). Also glad you have the horrible reflux a bit more under control. And yay for a well behaved waist 🙂

    Neil it sounds like your weather is as crazy as ours

    I must get back to work but I’m still sending mega cyber hugs to everyone having such awful experiences right now 😔

    Take care

    Anzac65, yes I am doing organised tours. They are for solos only and limited to a maximum of 16. Bit expensive but I would not feel safe on my own in those countries although years ago I travelled through Egypt on my own several times but never felt threatened just constantly hassled. Times have changed and the world has changed considerably. I will meet the other travellers on arrival in each country. When I booked the Turkey tour I knew it went to Gallipolli but didn’t realise it also included the dawn service on Anzac Day. That will be so special as my Dad was in the Navy and was in the Korean War. I know it’s about the First World War but is also dedicated to all who have served.

    Afternoon all

    My weigh in went well today. I dropped the half kilo I gained last week and another 200g on top of that, so I’ve dropped weight 6 of the last 7 weeks with only one blip.

    My holiday is going well, beside the weird weather I’ve managed to get out for a few rides and got some gardening done. We’re heading off tomorrow for the last few days of the week. Hopefully we get good weather.

    Have a good one everyone.

    Good morning everyone

    Well after a very good FD on Tuesday I lost……..nothing. Then after a reasonable (but not fantastic) NFD yesterday I gained 300g. I know I must be patient but honestly

    Great news on the loss and awesome pattern that is developing Neil. Have a lovely rest of your holiday

    I also would love to go to Gallipoli Intesha, you must tell me what it is like after you go. It all sounds wonderful and just what you need after so many years of stress and now more stress. Hopefully it will all be over soon and you can look forward to your amazing trips

    Cinque, the last visit to the physio absolutely did the trick. He said there was one part of my neck that did not want to budge and he finally got it moving. I have had no pain at all since then. Hooray! Thanks for your kind words

    Lindsay, G’day hope you are ok

    LJ, would love to hear from you

    Thin – hope you are ok too and your feet and shingles are somehow getting better. After Mr A had shingles I asked for the vaccine and had to wait a few months for it to be in supply again. But have had it now and phew, I am not good with pain and it looked VERY painful. I hope Mr Thin is recovering from the dog bite…what a nasty time you are having

    The heat has gone and it is a lovely 23 degree sunny day today. We had a lot of rain yesterday and it was badly needed. I can’t believe I am saying that after 3 years of near constant rain. What a strange country this is – summed up beautifully by Dorothea Mackellar in ‘My Country’

    Take care everyone

    Hello everyone,
    Thin, I do hope your shingles are settling down quickly and especially that the pain is not too bad. And fingers crossed you are finally getting the treatment you need for your foot. And that your other foot is healing well. What a rotten time for you!

    Intesha, thankyou for your kind words about Miso the cat, it is weeks ago now, but her heart was failing and the vet gave her a gentle death.

    How nicely you have organised those trips! It will be lovely to get your travelling shoes on again.

    Neil, good work and may the trajectory continue. I hope the time away has been wonderful.

    Anzac, how frustrating your scales have been!
    What has it been like getting back into 5:2. Has it been a nice sense of getting into the groove, or is it different this time round?
    Fingers crossed this week the scales give you a good number. A reminder of this post: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/really-no-weight-loss/

    Hooray for lovely weather. It has been fairly nice here but I haven’t been out much. My daughter’s family has been needing extra help, and I am so glad I can help a bit, but it has not been ME/CFS friendly. I have been enjoying just focusing on my yummy, nutritious small meals and looking after myself as much as I can.

    Sending out best wishes to everyone.

    Good morning, it’s Sunday, so this must be a FD. I’ve woken to a sunny day forecast for 23C. In October! There are sheep opposite and a moorhen family squeaking for food. Moorhens can have five sets of chicks per year.

    Thank you for your kind thoughts Anzac, Cinque and Neil. Spot on Cinque, I followed the instructions implicitly, even giving up alcohol in the weeks prior to the surgery to give myself the absolute best chance of healing. Three months after I first reported the complication (a hard, growing nodule), I’ve yet to be examined by anyone medical but, from photos submitted to various healthcare professionals, there’s either been a foreign body left in my foot during surgery; one of the two screws has come loose or it’s something totally unrelated. I’ve resorted to returning to the NE to see the operating surgeon, four hours by train, more hotels, etc. We’re zooming (at 4mph) from Oxford to Rugby to get near a train station with a more direct route and, fingers crossed, the train drivers aren’t striking on my appt. day.

    Shingles is a different story. I was very fortunate to be given access to powerful anti-virals within the first
    48 hours so it wasn’t bad at all for me. I’d urge anyone who’s eligible for the vaccine to have it as, like Anzac said, it can be very painful. Poor Mr Anzac.

    Neil, I’m so pleased that your weight is under control and you’re mostly on a downhill slide. And great that you’re back on your bike. What crazy weather you’ve been having.

    Anzac, I’m delighted that the physio has fixed up your neck pain. How are you getting on with travelling in to work? I’m sorry that you feel your big travel trips have come to an end but I’m starting to feel the same way about travelling. I’m grateful that I’ve seen so much of the world in an authentic way as a backpacker and living like a local. I no longer have the appetite for budget travel and tourist style travel doesn’t appeal to us at all. With social engineering to make everyone and everything in the world exactly the same, we may as well just settle somewhere and let ‘diversity’ come to us.

    Cinque, it must be so hard for you to strike that perfect balance between helping the family and looking after yourself. I bet the grandchildren are such a pleasure for you and hopefully they’re getting to an age where they can understand your limitations and help you. I’m pleased that you’re learning to handle that awful reflux and that the symptoms have settled down of late. I made mung bean soup the other day and thought of you. Even OH commented that it’s filling and nutritious – a far cry from looking around for the meat.

    On the subject of Wills, it’s idiotic that you can pay good money to a lawyer to draw one up, only to have it contested after your death when you can no longer speak for yourself. The best way we know to counter this is to set up a family trust. It costs a fair bit to set it up but nothing compared to the cost of defending a Will. Money and assets pass seamlessly to the intended beneficiaries (or so we hope).

    Have a great day all.

    Anzac, oh gosh, I completely forgot to say welcome back to 5:2. I was very happy to read that but neglected to comment.

    Morning friends

    So I lost 400g last week which was disappointing as there is normally a fairly dramatic water loss when you make a change like this. Oh well

    Thanks Thin and Cinque, I struggled a bit on the FD’s but I got through and yes, I did feel lovely and light the next day

    I’ve managed to fight the good fight Thin and am mostly WFH again. However not long after I convinced my boss that this was necessary he took off to another project and I have a new boss starting soon. He is not new to the company but I just hope against hope that he is open minded. I do go in once a week/fortnight to do some whiteboarding with my SME so I hope that will suffice

    FD today, number 3 and for dinner I have chicken marinating in yoghurt, fresh thyme/coriander/oregano, paprika, cayenne and lemon juice. I had this last week and it was delicious and ready in 25 minutes in the air fryer. A huge salad with some light dressing and voila. I’m having some fresh spring rolls with crunchy veges for my late lunch

    I’m so sorry about your ongoing feet issues Thin and it must be so incredibly frustrating that you can’t seem to get any help. I hope that going back to the operating surgeon does the trick. Fingers crossed

    Please make sure you take care of yourself Cinque and not overdo things with the family. It’s lovely that they have you but I’m sure they understand when you need to put your hand up

    Have a great day everyone

    Anzac, thank you and I hope your third FD went well. 400g is a good loss. Keep imagining the tally at that rate over a few months …. you’ll be a goddess.

    Morning all, quick Wednesday check in. I’m back at work, and down another 300g this morning. It’s slow progress but still moving in the right direction 7 out of the last 8 weeks. I’ve lost a total of 2.7 kilograms

    I’ll catch up with the rest of the posts later.

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