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  • Hello all from another lovely sunny day in Sydney. 25 yesterday and 21 today but I must say there is a bite in the wind today

    So close Turn! One more FD and you will surely be back in the 60’s. I’m still trying to get into the 80’s but every time I get close I manage to sabotage. I won’t stop trying though. I do Wordle every day

    It looks like we did steal Spring from you Thin. Sorry about that!

    I had a think when you mentioned smaller meals Cinque and Turn and realised Mr A has been giving me a larger dinner portion than I really need. Way larger. So I will gently work on getting it reduced without hurting his feelings. He loves to cook (and eat) as we both do so I don’t want him to think I don’t enjoy his cooking. Every meal he makes is scrumptious. Tonight he is doing a Greek rack of lamb, lemon potatoes and Greek salad

    Yay for getting your bike back Neil and I hope we can both stop overeating so we can get back to where we want to be on the scales. My knees ache

    Must get back to the dreaded W word….take care all and hi to Lindsay, LJ, Intesha, G’day and anyone else who may be reading

    Turn, thanks for reminding us about Wordle. I’d forgotten all about it. Just did it this morning. That’s annoying about the FD not yielding any result (although it wasn’t a gain so it is a good result). Thanks for asking about my foot – the most exciting thing is that I could finally have a shower. What bliss. The wound has healed well but I’m frustrated by how little I can do before the area around the broken toe/screw site becomes swollen. I was told to expect this. It will take time. It’s warming up here though, hurray.

    Anzac, smaller portions have to be the answer. Decades ago when OH and I were travelling around NZ, we met a slender, older man on a beach and got chatting. He said he couldn’t understand why there were so many overweight people around. If you’re overweight, he said, you’re obviously putting in too much fuel so simply put less in. I was fat then and I thought to myself, he just doesn’t understand. But I’ve thought about what he said so often and ultimately came to realise that it was I who didn’t understand.

    Hello everyone,
    Homehelp arrived as I was writing my last post, so I just hit send. Luckily I had got surfaces clear enough for him to clean everything beautifully.

    Neil, Turn, you had our lovely weather from a couple of days before, but I am afraid to say cold and windy might be heading your way now!

    Yes, I am still doing Wordle daily, and redactle, waffle and duotrigordle. I am like the letters equivalent of LJoyce, who I think does all the numbers ones.

    Turn, you are so close! Fingers crossed next weigh in.

    Anzac, isn’t it easy for those meal sizes to increase. I did a bit more research for the volume of a meal, and found 2 cups to be the recommended size, and my little meals have been sneaking up towards that.

    This nice bit of research says 300ml is better for reflux than 600ml, and even though they can’t say it is the optimal size, and I am not having liquid meals (except for soup), I am using that for my guide. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/261445852_Effect_of_liquid_meals_with_different_volumes_on_gastroesophageal_reflux_disease

    I am at a stage of delighting in my small meals in that sort of classic Japanese way of making something little and exquisite. (Comparatively exquisite anyway). I picked up veggies from my daughter’s yesterday, so I am busy planning little meals to stock my fridge and freezer. The food goes further now, and Rose was already thinking of getting the box fortnightly, so we are giving that a go.

    Thin, the slender old man was right but clearly not so bothered by the genes, the hormones, the anxiety, the learned behaviour, the psychology, the advertising, the stress and the social norms, as most of us.

    Foot bliss, and walk appreciation. So long as it keeps improving, you will get more and more delight (and less and less frustration haha).

    Well, I’ve made an eggplant dish, and now I am going to make a lentil and spinach soup.

    I am listening to Father Bob’s state funeral service as I write and someone is just singing Ave Maria so beautifully!

    I got to the opshop a couple of days ago and found a lovely summer cotton dress, just my style. It was the first time I have bought a size 12 and it be too big for me! (Don’t sizes vary!). I was so disappointed, even though I knew I would have been more disappointed if it was too small.
    I needed it the last few summmers when I had several extra kilos. Anyway I have put it in the spare wardrobe just incase things out of my control happen, and I put a few kilos back on. I will be so pleased to have it, should that happen.

    I also found a beautiful 50% silk 50% cotton top that was labelled size 8 – 16 so that gives me plenty of leeway! 😀

    Cheers everyone,
    I hope it is a good day.

    Cinque, that’s so funny, size 8-16! Before 5:2, I had a range of several clothes sizes in my wardrobe, never size 8 or even 10, but 12 and upwards. Don’t lust after that pretty size 12 dress too badly! Yes, you’re right – we are the generation that learned through programming and manipulation to thoroughly complicate everything surrounding food. What was that great little motto of yours? Eat mostly plants and only what you need.

    Good morning from even freezier Melbourne,

    Ha yes, Thin. A very loose dark red top.
    I’m partly lusting after that dress (if only it was in my size) but I was also angry at myself for spending $13 on it. However the next day I saw one hand sized meat pie for sale in a cafe for $9.90 so it is all relative isn’t it 😀 😀 😀

    Eat Food
    Mostly plants
    Not too much

    Yes, that is such a good basis for diet. Thanks Michael Pollan.

    Hello to everyone, is it too cold to sit and write? Best wishes to you, I hope it is a good day.

    Thank you Cinque, I think that little motto should appear here on each of our pages. I had to look up Michael Pollan and was reminded of another great mantra – don’t eat anything that your grandmother wouldn’t recognise. The spelling and absence of adverbs distracts me from the key message.

    Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.
    Eating healthy is common sense. Don’t make it complicated.
    Avoid processed foods and ingredients you don’t recognize.
    Use meat for flavor, not the main course.
    Pay more, eat less.

    Good news is that I dropped a kg on yesterday’s fast, the bad news is that my weight was too high to start with having had a ‘bacon and egg bap’ the day before as a sort of boaters’ rite of passage up the Foxton staircase locks. The egg wasn’t runny and the bacon far too salty so it wasn’t worth the calories. I hadn’t earned it anyway as OH did all ten locks, all I could do was drive the boat with my leg awkwardly elevated on the roof.

    I had to look up Michael Pollan too, I’d never heard of him, but quite enjoy what I’ve read so far. I do try to live by his mantras but obviously I haven’t done in the past, hence I’m on here now? I do like his avoiding the three S’s – snacks, sugar & supper. It certainly is a work in progress.

    Woke to fresh snow on the hills surrounding us this morning, Mt. Cook is looking fabulous, and although it looks pretty, and sunny, there is a bitter wind coming right of that snow meaning I’ll be doubly wrapped up for the dog walking today.

    We had loosely planned, (weather dependent) to go out for lunch today, coupled with a long car/walk with the dog and maybe another walk on the drive back, but wait for it, I broke the 70 barrier this morning and finally, finally weighed in at 69kgs. At last, now I just have to keep it going. I’d love to be around 66 when we leave in just over four weeks time but not sure that will happen, may have to settle for nearer 68.

    Not much else to report so I’ll get on with the day, think I might just wrap up and harvest some Brussel sprouts and a swede for dinner, have a bit of a tidy up in the veg garden, need to doubly earn that lunch.

    Enjoy your day everyone, stay warm, Turn

    Hello all, winter has arrived! Last Saturday was our coldest day in 3 years. They day before we had been in short sleeves but now brrrr

    Turn, the areas around Mount Cook were amongst the most beautiful in my several trips around New Zealand. I lived in Wellington for nearly 2 years and that too is such a beautiful city, especially when the sun is shining (which isn’t that often tbh!) Super congratulations on breaking into the 60’s

    Thin it sounds like your foot is healing nicely albeit you still have to keep off it a lot. I’m sorry the bap wasn’t much good, as you said a waste of calories. I hope you enjoyed it a bit anyway

    I cut down my meal sizes in the last week and it has made a difference. I’ve lost a kilo and am now once again s.l.o.w.l.y. creekping towards the 80’s. The bad news is work is crazy and I have not done any exercise for 3 days now so I know that always has a detrimental effect no matter what I eat. Should be all done by the end of tomorrow so hopefully I can take the whole weekend off and get active

    Must run, sorry for short post

    Good morning everyone,

    Turnabout Woot! Nice to be under 70kg, all power to you staying there.

    The first I knew of Michael Pollan was watching the documentary based on his book “In Defense of Food” and I loved it.
    I hadn’t heard his three S’s and since my idea of supper is ‘soup for my evening meal’ I am not sure what he means by avoiding that! Maybe for him supper is an extra snack after the evening meal? Or does he mean no evening meal at all?

    Ooh that fresh snow sounds beautiful!
    And cold!
    We are finally having a day that is not cold and rainy. It is taking a while to warm up though.

    My waist is staying at, or under, 77cm in the morning and sometimes even in the evening too, so I am going well. My reflux symptoms are settling down if I stay vigilant, and it is easier to see what triggers things: milky cocoa drink is a big no!

    And I am realising I need to do stretches and exercises to counter upper cross syndrome which is where upper back and neck muscles are not doing well and the computer sitting slump with head forward starts causing all sorts of problems… including with my poor old esophagus. So lovely to be able to do that, and I can choose stretches that are ME/CFS friendly.

    Best wishes to everyone

    Anzac, your post hadn’t come through when I posted mine. Lovely to hear your news, the part about small meals Yay! and a kg gone. But bad news about that dreadful work.
    I hope you can have break time today with a good bit of exercise. You deserve it.

    Thank you Cinque, that’s lovely 🙂

    Turn, congratulations on hitting 69kg. I hope you manage to avoid what would come next for me – sabotage! Lovely mental images of Mt. Cook. Your poor friends picked about the worst weather possible to be in the UK! Hopefully, their final four weeks here will be better. I am so sick of it.

    Cinque, 77cm is a good number. Funny how the words, ‘tea’, ‘dinner’ and ‘supper’ mean different things on different continents. When I first got to Australia and people asked what I was having for tea, I just thought, ‘well, of course I’m having tea for tea’. People here refer to lunch as ‘dinner’ which isn’t right for me despite growing up with hot school dinners at lunch time. The one that really gets me is ‘high tea’ which has come to mean a fancy ‘afternoon tea’ but means something altogether different to me.

    Anzac, good job on smaller portions. I’m working on that too. My toe exercises and scar management regime began this morning. Three times a day for three months. I’ll have to make a spreadsheet or I’ll forget whether I did them. That does seem a stressful industry in which you work. I hope you can take time out every hour to walk around (not in the kitchen!), pat Maxx and forget all the pressure for a few moments.

    Thanks Thin, funny – I was just reading an article about technology in banking and I’ll quote a line:
    ” Technology contractors are among banks most unloved and overworked employees.”

    It is true and you may wonder why I do it? I actually find the work so interesting and, to be brutal, the money gives us a very good life where Mr Anzac doesn’t have to earn a wage and we can travel in semi-luxury. We do still have to budget quite carefully but we don’t mind that as we absolutely hate waste of any sort. And the final and more recent reason is I can WFH

    I’ve had the tea, dinner, supper conversation a few times with my labrador friends who are mostly in England but also scattered around the world. Here, of course, tea is a drink, dinner is the evening meal and supper is a snack before you go to bed.
    There is also an ongoing debate about scones: cream or jam first? The debate actually gets quite heated in a non-serious way. I’m a jam first girl (not that I eat scones, maybe once every 3 years) as to me the science dictates that the cream is lighter therefore should not be squashed under the jam. Thoughts everyone?

    It’s a beautiful day here, not so cold so I hope to get out for a walk a bit later. 23 and sunny today but rain forecast for the weekend. Boo

    Take care everyone

    Anzac, jam first – for the reasons you’ve said but also it would look awful the other way around! How could you possibly spread the jam otherwise? Anyway, the late Queen said jam first!

    Good afternoon everyone.
    About time I dropped by to catch up on what is happening to you all.

    Turn, excellent effort getting in to the 60s.
    I do hope the weather improves for your UK trip. I watch the BBC news most days and the last UK weather report I saw did not look like anything resembling late spring.

    Anzac, enjoying your job is half the battle, although I do not have a high opinion of your current boss.

    Cinque, excellent job with managing your reflux symptoms without medication. Also excellent work on the weight loss and disappearing waistline!
    Yes you are right, I do like the daily number puzzles, “nerdle” and binerdle”, although I often play wordle and quordle as well. (I do resent the implication by the creators of these puzzles, that being competent with numbers means I’m a nerd.)

    Thin, I haven’t seen a mention of your foot surgery in recent posts. I hope this means that your determination to rest it properly had the desired impact and you now mobile and pain free.

    Anzac & Thin, As to the scones debate, for me it depends. If they are freshly baked and still warm, I like a little butter and possibly a stingy smear of raspberry, blackcurrant or rhubarb jam (although I’m also happy with just butter). If they are cold, then I’ll put jam and then cream on them.
    I had afternoon tea at Ayers House a few years ago (yes Thin they did call it High Tea). In addition to the jam and cream, they also served their scones with lemon curd. That was a wonderful revelation as I always find the commonly served strawberry jam far too sweet.

    Turn, Thin, Cinque, Anzac, In South Australia (when I was growing up), there was definite class divide when it came to the terms tea and dinner. Growing up in a working class family we called our evening meal tea and it was eaten early at 5:00, because my parents working days started at 7am not the 9am of the middle class professions. We most certainly did not get supper as well, just a cup of tea or cocoa at 8pm. I started calling my evening meal dinner when I left home – trying to fit in with my new university friends.

    As usual I’ve been busy here. Mostly because May is history month in Adelaide and there is a plethora of event options – many free or very inexpensive. I got a bit carried away and signed up to quite a few events – mostly guided historic walks. Interesting, but my weeks are way too busy as a result. Next week I have a “Behind the Shelves” tour of the State Library, A bus tour of the Copper Coast’s botany and a “Blue plaque walking tour of Port Adelaide”. That’s in addition to all my usual medical appointments, a family brunch, a seniors movie morning (with morning tea), craft group… I never learn to pace myself properly!

    One thing this busy schedule of walking tours is useful for, is trying out my proposed wardrobe for the European river cruise in Oct-Nov. I’m getting a good idea of whether the clothing, footwear, bags etc, that I thought would work in cool-cold weather is actually suitable and comfortable all day. I’m already rethinking my decision not to take a day-backpack – I think it’s a must. I also think I need to look for other walking shoes as my current shoes are fine for just walking briskly, but not all the standing involved in guided tours.

    You may recall that I have been trialling a new eating plan aimed at controlling the amount I eat on NFDs, without actually needing to count calories. I have been trying to stick to one main/large meal, one small meal and two “things” (eg a piece of fruit). I’m about 3 weeks in and I’ve come to the following conclusions:
    When I stick to it and choose healthy foods, I lose weight and I don’t have to count calories at all.
    When I stick to it, but choose a few foods that are a very calorific, I maintain my weight.
    When I don’t stick to it and go back to my old snacking habits, I gain weight.
    Doing this has been a revelation, as I’m so aware now of the number of times a day I would mindlessly snack on things – a bit of raw veg while preparing dinner, a slice of cheese or a few nuts while I wait for my meal to heat up (because I’m hungry and impatient), the crusts from a new loaf before it goes into the freezer. These are unfortunately just a few examples of the extra food that normally makes it into my mouth on a NFD. Becoming so aware of this has been very useful and a good reminder that I need to always be more mindful with food.
    The other thing I have learned, is that this will be a useful system for managing food when I’m travelling – I had been worried about how I would manage that. I think I will still need to do two FDs weekly while I’m away. I might make sure flying days are FDs as airline food is rarely worth the calories.

    Hello to everyone else who is reading but too busy to post. Take care everyone.
    I will close with picture of Sylvia who clearly did not want to be photographed. https://imgur.com/a/LnuORf2

    Good morning everyone,
    After a few warmer days it is cold again, but at least some pretty sun is coming through.
    I’m like that grasshopper that has hit the windscreen today, after a big (but lovely) weekend. And I have had a big (but lovely) breakfast and a strong (but lovely) cup of coffee which I loved but silent reflux is likely to punish me. Sigh.

    Ooh Thin, how familiar is that “Look! I am doing really well” followed by “SABOTAGE!” It is quite extraordinary how easily it happens.

    I hope all is going well with the toe exercises. I am similarly concentrating on upper back and neck exercises, luckily the main two are CFS friendly. AND they are beginning to work. Hooray. I hope you can notice yours working too.

    Yes, I grew up on ‘breakfast’ ‘lunch’ and ‘tea’. No such thing as ‘supper’ unless my parents had it when we were in bed. ‘Dinner’ was kept for a big meal like Sunday roast, and we had it in the middle of the day. ‘High tea’ was in Enid Blyton storybooks.

    Anzac I am sorry your work and expertise doesn’t get the appreciation it deserves. But I am so glad you can choose work that gives you the life you want, and the holidays! Let’s just magically exchange that boss for a competent one.

    Yes, cool scones with honey, jam or marmalade on first and topped with whipped cream!
    Hot savoury scones with butter, or a slice of cheese, to have with soup!
    Those were the days!

    LJoyce, so happy to read your catch up and the hear how full your life is with wonderful things you are doing.
    Great analysis of meals and what is working. Hooray that you will have the tools to manage meals nicely when you are travelling.
    Oh those old snacking habits, they get us all.

    Love that photo of Sylvia! Haha.

    My big weekend was looking after Ms8 on Saturday, and having a mother’s day treat yesterday going to the Coburg yarn and fibre festival with my daughter. I picked an absolutely gorgeous merino-silk mix that my daughter is going to spin up and use as highlights in a top she is going to make me.

    So now I had better rest and recover. Sending out good wishes to everyone. Lindsay, I do hope you and Mr Lindsay are okay.


    Grasshopper, oh no Cinque. That doesn’t sound good at all. So pleased you have found some suitable exercises. And what a lovely Mothers’ Day.

    Thank you (and LJ) for asking about my foot. I’ve been frustrated by how little I can walk and stand before it swells up and how hypersensitive the scar has felt (bedcovers felt like electric shock treatment). I was made aware of all this but I perhaps focussed too much attention on that two week post-surgical period, ignoring how long this was actually going to take to repair. I am not used to sitting on my arse. But, with intensive exercises and rigorous scar management, I feel I may have turned a corner at last.

    LJ, what a lot of fun activities in your area. Had we not already sent a small trunk of personal possessions ahead to Fremantle, we would almost certainly have settled in Adelaide instead of passing through to Perth. We were impressed by how much there was to experience within striking distance of Adelaide. Some of that weather GDSA describes sounds pretty horrid but, then again, Perth isn’t exempt from exceptional temperatures either.

    Snacking is deadly. Your snack choices do sound very healthy but they certainly add up. That’s why fasting works so well. It stops us mindlessly putting things in our mouths. I’m back to 6:1. My weight seems to hover between 59 and 60kgs so that’s what it is. We’ve eaten a lot of fish lately taking advantage of the more reasonable fish prices here.

    I don’t suppose it’s available in Oz yet but there’s an interesting new drama called, ‘Ten Pound Poms’. I found the first episode quite confronting. It doesn’t paint Australia/ns in a very good light but I could imagine the arrival conditions being as portrayed in the series and not quite as advertised (white washed houses, kangaroos and sunshine). One of my boarding school friends went to Oz as a £10 pom with her parents. She’s now a high profile, published lawyer in Brisbane.

    Good morning everyone, happy Thursday

    We’ve had some cool days with a bit of rain but there is a run of lovely big yellow sun images on the forecast from tomorrow

    I hope you are recovering from the big weekend Cinque. I am the queen of SABOTAGE! sadly but I refuse to give up. I was a bit happy today as I have now lost 5 kilos since coming home from Vanuatu. In my lightest recent time (end of 2019) I was 20 kilos lighter than Mr Anzac. Then he lost a lot of weight during his cancer treatment and I found his lost weight and placed it every so carefully on my body and we were the same weight for a while. He has gained, I have lost and today he jumped on the scales after me and we are 9 kilos different again (I’m lighter). I am determined to get into the 80’s for our lovely trip to FNQ and that needs another 2.5 which might be a bit of an ask in 4 weeks but let’s see

    How nice to hear all your news LJ and what a busy time you are having but with such interesting activities. What you said about mindless snacking made me stop and think. That is another of my many blemishes when it comes to weight loss (or lack thereof). I will be more mindful in the future

    I’m really sorry about your post surgery pain and hypersensitivity Thin. That must be incredibly frustrating for such an active person such as yourself. Glad you feel you may be starting to turn a corner

    Hi to everyone else, I hope you are all ok

    Congratulations Anzac and Mr A!

    Hi from a very wet and cold Twizel! It has been raining most of the night and all morning in differing degrees of heaviness and it looks very gloomy. Needless to say the dog has not had his walk yet. May just wait a bit longer, it’s supposed to be stopping shortly.

    Congratulations on the weight loss Anzac, that is great, keep up the good work. It is hard keeping up the momentum isn’t it? I hope the smaller portions are helping, it must be so lovely to be married to and live with such a capable chef, I do wish my OH could accomplish something in the kitchen apart from a trail of debris? Oh well, you can’t have everything, as my mother always says.

    Well done with all the foot exercises Thin. It must be so difficult when you have so little patience, haha. It is a fact, we don’t realise how much we use certain body parts until we are not allowed to do so, makes you very aware of what we have to lose when we become immobile. Thanks for the heads up on the programme Ten Pound Pom, we watched the first episode last night and I can definitely understand the confrontation angle you mentioned. I have met many of them over the years, Poms who then came over the ditch to NZ, and although a lot of them bemoaned the early conditions, the bulk of them went on to enjoy their lives and prosper more than they ever would have done back in the UK. I noticed during reading some research on the programme that Julia Gillard was also one of the ten pound poms!

    I was hoping to break the 69 kg barrier today, so close at 69.1 yesterday but put 100gms back on again this morning, so maybe tomorrow will be the day, although we have just accepted an invitation to breakfast tomorrow morning so I shall have to be careful and make sure I avoid any bread or toast. I think that’s what caused yesterday’s gain. I had sardines on toast for brunch, for the first time in almost a year, delicious but a no no till I get more weight off. I seem to do OK with mashed veg, cauli/kumara/carrot/swede, dry fried as a patty with fried or poached eggs and grated parmesan, basically anything left over from dinner the night before, just not grains. At least I’ll be leaving here on Tuesday a light lighter than when I arrived, 71.8 down to 69 kgs, I’ll take it.

    I do hope everyone is doing OK, haven’t heard from you for a while Neil, is everything OK down there? How is Mr. Lindsay? Best dash the rain had eased, time for a hound walk, stay warm everyone, Turn

    A quick hello as it is the end of the day and I am just cooking a digestion friendly veggie frittata (chives and grated pumpkin).

    I got over my bad days (although I did set off a reflux flare, I hope I have learnt my lesson). And I have had a lovely haircut and had a lot of the thickness cut out of my hair so it feels so light and easy. Hooray.

    Thin, so much sympathy for this hard long time of your foot recovery. I hope you have turned a corner. It should never be worse than it is now, at least. I hope!

    Anzac, Not giving up is everything. Hooray for you. And what a fascinating weight dance you have been doing with Mr Anzac. Good luck being in lovely shape for your holiday.

    Brr Turn, cold and rain. I hope you managed to get the dog walked.
    Good luck keeping snug.
    Hooray for yummy mashed veg.

    I listened to this podcast today and really enjoyed it: Haha yes one of my twin doctors has a new book out. But it is half, yes I know that, and half Wow!

    Sending out best wishes
    Yes Lindsay, Neil, Cali, Intesha, Gday and everyone else, so keen to hear how things are going.

    Sunday FD for me and I am starting the day HUNGRY which is not good. I can’t think of anything eaten yesterday that would have led to this. I was up at 5am so this will be a long day to be hungry as it gets dark after 9pm now (not complaining about that though).

    Cinque, I have never tried grating pumpkin. I hope it was a delish frittata.

    Turn, did you break through the barrier? Episode two of ‘Ten Pound Poms’ was even harder to watch. I can’t put my finger on why. Yes, I agree if they were willing to work hard, make sacrifices and above all fit in, good things would eventually come to them. No one should expect anything else from an adopted country. I’ve done it twice.

    It’s going to be 19C today. Sunny, beautiful Warwickshire countryside. Spring has arrived, three months late. The lambs are still young enough to be entertaining, I’ve seen a barn owl hovering above the canal bank, a vole swimming for its life and cygnets, moorhen chicks and ducklings all living nearby. Finally, it’s warm enough to get some external jobs done on the boat but the falling blossoms prevent me from contemplating any painting.

    Have a great day all whatever you’re doing.

    Morning all

    I haven’t been doing well. For more than three weeks now I’ve been getting my old stomach issues that I used to get in the past. I’ve been reading up on the symptoms (not always a good idea I know) but it seems like I may have IBS. My symptoms all match, and it said that although it’s not known what causes IBS, the symptoms can be made worse by diet including wheat, dairy, caffeine and alcohol (all stuff I’ve been consuming more than usual recently) and stress.

    Weight-wise, last week I hardly ate anything, and yet I still gained half a kilo.

    I hope everyone else is doing a bit better than me at the moment.

    Hello everyone,

    Thin, I hope you got through your hungry Sunday. It sounds like there is a good amount of distraction around.

    Yes! It was a delicious frittata, grating the pumpkin gives it a chance to cook as the eggs cook. 🙂

    19 degrees, lovely!

    So sorry to read your post and hear how hard things are for you. Sending so much sympathy, empathy, compassion and everything.
    I have a couple of friends with IBS and I know it is one of those complex, chronic, poorly understood conditions that is really hard to live with, and really hard to manage.
    Just what you did not need!

    Here is the information by the people at Monash Uni (just down the road from me) who found the fodmap link and worked out the process to see which of the fodmap foods effect you: https://www.monashfodmap.com/ibs-central/i-have-ibs/
    They have trademarked everything, but I bet you can find a local dietician that can oversee the process.

    That half a kilo gained will be bloating and inflammation!

    Sending out good wishes to everyone

    Cinque, good thinking with the pumpkin. Thanks for the info from Monash Uni. It took some effort to (re-) discover the FODMAP acronym meaning.

    Neil, I hope you can isolate and eliminate (albeit temporarily) the offending foods. My OH has suffered from IBS in the past, it’s not pleasant.

    Yes thanks Cinque, I made it through the FD and this morning I’m not hungry at all. There were plenty of distractions as you point out. One of those distractions was a gentle stroll along the towpath to the Watford staircase locks where we met an 85 year old female solo narrow boater who’s been on the cut since 1960. What a character and so able. I dropped 600g but that puts me just below 60kg so this will have to be a very careful week.

    Morning all

    My weight was back down 700g this week, back to where I was two weeks ago. I’m trying to get back to the foods I was eating when I was on the whole30 plan, that was what I did last time I was having stomach issues this bad, and it worked well. It is really hard to break the eating habits though.

    The weather has improved, and I managed to ride my bike in the last couple of days, we’re still having money issues, but they could be about to ease. My wife has found that due to her illness, she qualifies for a disability allowance, which should give us an extra $150 per week.

    I hope everyone else is doing well at the moment, I’ve been neglecting reading through all the posts, you miss out for a couple of weeks and find there’s so much to try to catch up on.

    Have a good one everyone

    Hi all from a sunny but damp Christchurch.

    Yes, we have finished our house/dog sit in Twizel, we left the mountains yesterday and headed back to the confinement of our caravan and it feels good to be home. Although I am missing Musky already.

    I unfortunately didn’t break the 69 barrier Thin and have since escalated back up to 69.9 this morning, probably due to the most amazing porridge I ate on Sunday morning, then toast in the evening, a cooked breakfast Monday with black and white pudding and an Indian curry takeaway for dinner with white rice! I really have only myself to blame. Plans changed a little for our friends and we ended up having to collect them from the airport in Christchurch so had to make the 7.5/8 hour round trip on Sunday, to then drive back here again yesterday, so eating choices and timings have been far from ideal. I’ve spent most of today re-organising ourselves and the van, now we’re off to get our Covid booster jabs and OH is having his flu jab too. Not sure what’s for dinner tonight but I have scored a lovely large and cheap cauliflower so lots of that will be on my plate. A nice sunny day here today, I hope it’s good wherever you all are.

    I’ll try and catch up again soon, Turn

    Turn, we feel the same about getting back on board when we’ve been pet-sitting. Also small, it’s home and we have everything we need and nothing we don’t. I love that. You sound exactly like me with the weight trigger foods. Bread, rice, pasta, disaster. We’ve been getting some large projects completed while staying in one spot with the weather finally fabulous – and I somehow feel I’ve earned a sundowner while admiring our work. This can’t go on.

    Hi all, quick post as work is very busy again

    Neil I am so sorry you are going through such a tough time. I hope you get some sort of good balance to know how to avoid triggering your tummy issues

    Cinque boo for a reflux flare but yay for a lovely haircut

    Glad the weather is fabulous finally Thin! Hope your foot is continuing to heal nicely

    We are having gorgeous sunny weather too, except the wind is very cold (well it is almost Winter after all). However our back porch is sheltered from the wind but has the sun pouring in most of the day and it is so lovely to sit there. Maxx has one of his many beds out there and loves it too

    Turn, boo for the barrier bust but you will be on top in no time. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the dratted weight goes ON but likes to take plenty of time to come OFF. Your pet sitting venture sounded great

    My weight is stable so I need to give it a kick. Today I vowed to put 30 minutes in my diary just before lunch for a walk every day. Not negotiable. Umm…..

    Take care everyone

    Hello everyone,
    Cold here,

    Neil, good to hear you have a plan, surely what worked before can work again. Best wishes.
    It is so hard to change those habits, but so worth it.

    Thin, I am so glad you can go for gentle strolls.

    Turn, hello to your lovely caravan and a new adventure.
    A good cauliflower is a beautiful thing! What did you end up making?

    Anzac, work is always too busy!

    Yes, our bodies are so extraordinarily efficient at putting weight on and then holding on to it as much as they can. Wonderful for 80,000 years of our history but not so good for the modern landscape. Sigh.

    According to my clever Dr Twin, all the research saying how much energy exercise works off is basically coca cola funded bullsh**.
    The food we eat when we are sitting around is the real problem.

    Sending good wishes to everyone

    Sunday has rolled around again. A good thing as I’ve nudged up to 60.2kg following a pub meal, the first meal not cooked from scratch since my birthday five weeks ago. I had Hunter’s Chicken, popular pub fare here. It was tasty but came with a mountain of chips (which I didn’t eat) and I forgot to ask for the sauce on the side. According to Gordon Ramsay, half the nation puts a condiment on everything they eat. I prefer just food. Anyway back in the 59s tomorrow.

    Here’s something not previously discussed on this forum: has anyone else noticed tiny little holes in their clothing around the location of the tummy button? At first I thought something sharp had found its way into the washing machine. Then I thought we must have unseen critters living in the drawers. But the fact that it’s, without fail, around the centre, bottom of my tops made me reject those ideas. Finally, I’ve found out! It’s caused by hardware such as buttons, zippers, clasps on pants rubbing against increasingly cheap fabrics being used to make clothing. The clothing I’ve had for a long time isn’t affected, only items purchased in recent years. Good for paint rags anyway. I thought you’d like to know. 😀

    Finally, glorious weather in time for your visit Turn. I was in shorts yesterday. That dreary weather was dragging me down.

    Cinque, I agree with your twin. Whilst exercise is wonderful and makes me feel so much happier, I have found it useless for weight loss. I haven’t gained any weight during my prolonged period of relative inactivity. It’s all about what passes my lips.

    We’re getting a grocery delivery at 9pm. I still find it amazing that I can give a postcode and a bridge number (and a credit card number) and a truck load of food magically appears by the canal.

    Have a fabulous day all.

    Hello Thin,
    Hello everyone!

    All power to you Thin, back into the 59’s Today! (presuming you read this when you wake up on Tuesday).

    I think I spend too much time in pyjamas to be part of the Tshirt wearing-out experiment!

    I’m going pretty well although every time I think I’ve got my LPR management sorted, I find out I haven’t. I am maintaining weight with my waist measurement just under 30 inches (she says, touching wood and whistling).

    I have had fun finding cute small bowls at the opshop to help me not overfill my plate (although small bowls can be quite deceptive in how much they fit in).

    Cheers all

    Hello all, happy Tuesday. Another lovely sunny day and much warmer than the previous few days. I even had to take my jacket off on the dog walk, leaving me in a t-shirt. Gorgeous

    Your reflux must be terribly frustrating and painful Cinque. I know when I get it I really suffer and I’m glad I found Somac as it has fixed it almost completely. Mine stems from Diverticulitis so probably different to yours. I do hope something comes along to help you

    Woot Thin, summer has arrived for you. My weight management is a little different as I find no matter how good I am with food and drink, if I don’t do some exercise the weight will not budge

    Two more sleeps until winter is officially here and 18 more sleeps until our much-anticipated trip to Townsville and Magnetic Island

    Must run, hi to everyone else

    Hi all. A quick checkin. I’ve been reading, but not posting. So much going on here.
    First, Mr L is doing okay. I can’t remember how much I shared last post, so sorry if I repeat myself. He went in for vocal chord surgery in March – it went well, and when I left him was doing fine and eating well. Then he was given penicillin and went into full analphlaxis, and was unconscious for 20 minutes being being resuscitated in ICU. Incredibly, a decision was taken less than 24 hours later to discharge him, which they did the next day, despite his telling them he had chest pains and shortness of breath. But ..they discharged him and let him walk out by himself. He was still complaining of the symptoms when he got into my car, but as he’d been given a heart clearance the day before, we thought it may have been symptoms from his anaphalaxis treatment. Dreadful night, taken by ambulance back to Emergency, where more tests, before being transferred to a sister hospital (we wouldn’t be readmitted to the original hospital) where he had five stents over a week. Now comes the kicker.
    At his post-surgery appointment with his cardiologist, we were told (for the first time) that he’d actually been having a heart attack when he was discharged. No mention of that in the hospital.
    We are still negotiating with the hospital – unbelievably, no one from the medical staff has been in touch. Just two women from the Risk and Quality department (which I think says a lot about the hospital’s focus).
    OH is doing okay, given that they tried to kill him twice. As my GP says, after giving him medicine which they knew he was allergic to, they should have wrapped him in cotton wool, rather than try to push him out the door asap.
    We are trying to get over the shock of it all. I’ve finally dropped my bundle and my doctor has diagnosed post traumatic stress. We’ve had a couple of little trips away – one to Melbourne for a few days with family, and we have just come back from a week at the beach. But – the topic is never far from mind, and will be until we receive our report from the hospital and know what to do from there.

    Sorry this is all about us – I’ll be back in a day or two with chirpier news.
    And finally – Wordle. Yes I still do it every day. But DD has put me on to Worldle which is about identifying countries based on a few clues.

    Talk soon friends.

    Cinque, yes it was Tuesday morning when I read yours and I was in the 59s. But I’m a whole kg higher than this time last year so I’m not satisfied with my efforts. Like my school reports, “Can do better”. Good idea to find small bowls.

    Anzac, yippee, the trip is getting excitingly close.

    Lindsay, in spite of my extensive travels, I am useless at Worldle. DD does it every day. I do Quordle and the one where you only get the clues for next one of the remaining three when they’re completed in order. Not that difficult.

    Sorry to hear of all the stress that hospital bungle has created for you. I’ve been let down by the medical and dental professions in Oz with significant ramifications, one potentially life-threatening, so I do empathise. You expect to be able to put your full trust in such professions/institutions and it’s distressing when that trust is shattered. As you said to me before, everyone makes mistakes. But then when you have to fight for some kind of justice/acknowledgment, it adds another layer of distress.

    Turn, in which directions are you heading now?

    Hello everyone,

    Lindsay, I had been worrying so much that Mr Lindsay’s health had been extra bad that I am just so glad to hear that he is doing okay. Sending lots of good wishes to him!

    However it is just awful news that you are struggling with PTSD. On reflection I can absolutely understand.
    You had both worked so hard for his health care and were in the very place you should have felt safest, and had dreadful mistakes made one on top of each other, that could have so easily ended Mr Lindsay’s life, and must have made his life SO much harder. And there were you, doing everything you could, but having to face up to terrible behaviour and stupidity out of your control, and then try and sort everything out.
    I am sending so many good wishes hoping that you can get the support you need and that time will help everything to settle down.
    It is excellent news that you have had those two little holidays.

    I failed wordle today! I have only done that a few times. (too many choices with the letters I found.)

    Anzac, so lovely to hear about you out in the gentle winter sun, soaking it in.
    Thanks for your reflux sympathy, it has taken me most of the week to feel I have got back on track. But lessons learnt, so that is a good thing.
    I think with my sisters we each have reflux caused by different things. Mine is (almost certainly) leaky sphincters at the top and bottom of my esophagus, one sister has diverticulitis and the other has gastritis that keeps coming back. Isn’t life fun!

    I do hope you can get out walking and doing other active things in the beautiful Sydney wintertime.
    How exciting that your trip is getting so close now!

    Thin, you are doing great. I hope you can stay nicely below 60 and can stretch out and enjoy the British summer.

    I need to make my lovely morning cup of coffee and then see what needs to be done today.

    Sending best wishes to everyone

    Dear, dear Cinque

    Your message made me shed a few little tears. They are pretty close to the surface these days, and your kindness brought them on. But in such a nice way.

    We are very fortunate that every doctor that OH has had, has been excellent. Even the anaethetist who prescribed the penicillin has, in his own way, been good. He acknowledged the mistake and owned responsiblity immediately, he’s been in touch on a weekly basis, has offered to intervene in our dealings with the hospital, and has put in place measures to ensure he never goes into surgery again feeling exhausted. We can’t really ask for more. I was telling a paramedic at the dog park about our hospital experience, and he said there should have been six layers of alerts that should have prevented the drug getting from the doctor to being given. The hospital failed us, and then again by trying to manage their risk by moving OH on. The second hospital where he had the cardiac treatment was wonderful. The cardiologist on duty leaned over OH when he came up from the first bout of stents and said, ‘There is nothing to worry about. You’re with us now. You’re safe.” A wonderful, reassuring thing to say, and such an indictment on the first hospital.

    On other news (using the term loosely) – I’m on line 5 of Wordle today and can’t quite get the sixth. But have put it away for now, hoping for inspiration when I look at it again.

    Thin I do quordle too but less frequently than Wordle, which I like to knock off over my first cup of coffee.

    Anzac hope you are doing okay. Not long now to your holiday, if I remember correctly?

    ok off to the dog park. take care all.

    Hello all

    I’m so very sorry (but not surprised) to read that you are suffering PTSD dear Lindsay. I cannot for one second get my head around what happened with the hospital and I am just so thankful that it didn’t cost your OH his life. As if you both have not had so much to contend with over the past year (or longer).

    I couldn’t get the wordle word today and had to look it up. It was a very dumb word in my opinion

    Just over two weeks until we fly to FNQ and I can’t wait

    Hi to everyone else, hope you are all ok

    Hello everyone.

    Lindsay, sending you hugs. As other’s have said, you have been under enormous strain for many months and it is not surprising that it has taken a toll. I am pleased to hear that at least the doctors have been so supportive – it is so important that you can continue to trust them. I hope life send you no more trauma for a while.

    It’s been a busy month, with some interesting outings as part of the History Festival that happens in Adelaide every May. I mostly did walking tours which I enjoyed. The all day bus tour was too long for me, I’d had enough by lunch time. (I can’t believe I spent 16 days on a bus in Europe in 1993!)

    My trial of restricting portions by size and number on NFDs was useful. I did it for most of May and despite many poor food choices and some days of excess where I did not follow my own rules, I only gained 0.7kg. While it is not a useful way to lose weight, it will be ideal for travel as I don’t want to come back several sizes larger and neither do I want to be counting calories while I’m away. It will mean that treats will have to be carefully chosen and limited in size – which is a good thing whether on holiday or at home.
    There was an unfortunate glitch last week. In my need to work in my FDs to a busy schedule, I had to do two B2B FDs. I was expecting a good loss from those 2 FDs – I got a 0.1kg gain. I did not respond well to that. The toys were thrown out of the pram and I spent 3 days overindulging. The result of those 3 days of course was a weight gain of 2.7kg. I finally remembered I’m supposed to be a rational adult and went back to very careful eating. Thankfully that gain is now off.
    I now have to decide how to approach my eating this winter. I don’t want to just maintain, I want to lose some weight to get comfortably back into the 70s – I’m sick of hovering in the low 80s. Last winter I counted calories every day and I also monitored my carbohydrate intake on NFDs (aiming for <30% of my calories). I lost weight steadily, because my NFDs weren’t reversing the losses from my FDs. There are 2 reasons it worked – having to count calories keeps me accountable and the moderate carb intake was enough to control my appetite. The only other thing I can think of to try is a combination of both approaches. So I would use the portion restriction rules, but I would also reduce my carbs, but no calorie counting. I think I’ll try this for a fortnight and see if it works. If not then I’ll revert to the calorie counting that worked for me last winter.

    I have to stop now as I am heading out for a walk with a friend in a few minutes.
    Hello to everyone else, I will try to post a proper response to you all soon.

    LJ, good to hear from you but how frustrating to show a slight gain after B2B fasting. Did you jump and down on the scales, move them to a different room, etc?

    It’s so chilly that I’m back to wearing my thermals. In June! Yesterday, in not more than a mile of canal, we saw a darter, fluffy cygnets hitching a ride on their mum’s back, three ducklings, a heron in a field with a very large fish in his beak, its mate fishing just ahead, seven Canada goslings, a third heron take flight from a big bush, several hawks gliding overhead, a noisy lapwing landing and then numerous swallows chasing insects. Superb.

    Good morning everyone. Don’t all fall off your chairs in shock, I am posting two days in a row!

    I have finally caught up on all the posts on this page.

    Neil, I was sorry to hear about all of the difficulties you are beset with. I hope the allowance that your wife is eligible for reduces the financial pressure you are under. Looking after a family on one income with inflation and interest rates is such a challenge.
    It is meant to be a drier winter this year, so I hope the absence of rain gives you more opportunity to be outdoors in the daylight. I remember you mentioning in a previous winter, that lack of daylight had an adverse effect on your mood. Hopefully if it’s drier you can get enough time on the bike.
    I had IBS for many years. The symptoms can vary wildly, so there are likely to be different solutions for different sufferers. My symptoms disappeared about 9 years ago after I made three changes – I’m not sure whether one or all were responsible. I’d lost a lot of weight, I started consuming probiotic liquids (kefir and kombucha) and I increased my daily fibre intake >30g per day (40g+ is ideal for me). These days I mostly use just kombucha, because I can easily make that myself at little cost. (Sauerkraut and kimchi would probably be useful too, but I don’t like them.) The increase in fibre is contrary to a fodmap diet which eliminates a lot fibre rich foods. As I said, the solutions need to be personalised and this just seemed to work for me. I hope you find a solution that helps you.

    Thin, what an array of bird life you are seeing at the moment, it sounds wonderful. I must get back to your blog and catch up – I’m a few month behind and I suspect you’ve posted some bird photos.

    Anzac, Your trip will be a reprieve from the winter weather, which you have never mentioned favourably. Aside from warming up, I hope it gives you a good chance to recharge your batteries after the frenetic pace that your work seems to take.
    Glad to see that you and MrA have your weight heading in the right direction.

    Cinque, it looks like you have the ongoing issues with reflux mostly controlled, as long as you don’t deviate from your small serve approach. I hope that continues to work for you as I know you wanted to resolve it without surgery.
    Well done on the tiny waist. Have fun with the opshop finds – always easier when you can fit into the clothing that everyone else has outgrown.

    Turn, I had to look up Twizel and was bombarded with amazing photos, what a glorious spot. Although there are many of those in the South Island, you are spoiled for choice. Probably good to be out of the mountains for winter though – that wouldn’t be fun in a van.

    As to the daily word puzzle debate. I prefer quordle to wordle. My best friend likes blossom – a word games that encourages you to use certain letters for a higher score.

    I made bubble and squeak last night to use up the last of some salad bags (coleslaw and baby spinach), bound together with some mash (potato, carrot & cauli). I cooked it for quite a while in a non stick pan with a knob of butter. It was so delicious it deserves to be made deliberately, not just to use up leftovers. I can’t actually remember if I’ve made it before, what an oversight.
    The food plan for today is a veg tray bake for lunch (carrot, red onion, capsicum, zucchini, cauliflower and potato) and a spinach and tomato omelette for dinner. I have apples if I need a snack.

    Hope you are all having an excellent weekend.
    Although there are likely to be occasional showers here, the sun is currently shining through my kitchen window. Which always makes me (and my orchids) happy in winter. My favourite time for walks are in the sun on cold days. The weak warmth from the sun makes me happy and the cold air encourages me to walk faster.

    Afternoon all

    Weigh in this week was the same as last week, unfortunately all 4 of us have been knocked back with a winter cold (testing every day and so far negative for Covid). It’s really knocked my energy levels, I was exhausted today just from walking around the supermarket doing the weekly groceries.

    Ljoyce, cheers for the info. I already know most of what causes my stomach issues to flare up, unfortunately it’s all the foods that I have real trouble resisting, especially when I’m sick and looking for comfort food, generally it’s wheat products, corn products (except fresh corn), dairy, and sugar. I take a fibre supplement and I’ve been making my own Kombucha for a couple of years now, of which I drink a glass a day. But I don’t eat a lot of other fermented foods. I may try making more sauerkraut, I made a batch of that’s while ago and it turned out pretty well.

    I’m really looking forward to getting better again so I can get outside and do stuff.

    I hope everyone is doing ok.

    Neil, sorry to hear you’ve all been sick. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    LJ, good for you for always working out the food solutions and tackling them head on. Sunshine plays an important part in our well-being, doesn’t it? You haven’t missed much on my blog. I don’t post when we’re overseas in winter as those adventures have nothing to do with narrow boating. And then I wrote a bit about my surgery from the perspective of accessing services when living off-grid. So you’re probably up to date. I haven’t posted many bird photos – they’re so flipping hard to photograph as they move so quickly. And the bird ‘flu wiped so many out sadly.

    Anzac, I tried that wordle just because you said it was a silly word and I do like a challenge. I missed it too – putting MM instead of ZZ before the Y! (Assuming this isn’t a spoiler, they only stay up for 24 hours I believe). I have a system for quordle of using the same two first words every time. They utilise all the vowels and other key letters for a good head start. I could do with a bigger challenge as I always solve it.

    Sunshine and 20C – hurray, hurray, hurray!

    It’s Sunday and it’s a chicken something fast day, ho hum, well into my ninth continuous year doing either 5:2 or 6:1 without missing a single FD but, hey, it works so I’m sticking with it.

    Have a great day everyone. Be happy.

    Hello everyone,

    Brrr winter!

    Lindsay, I am so glad there were those little kindnesses and support through your horrible experience. Still sending best wishes.

    Anzac yes! It was a dumb wordle word!
    Ooh less than two weeks to holiday time!

    LJoyce I completely understand that amazement we have at what we used to be able to do. Sigh. I had a bad sleep on Saturday night and basically couldn’t do anything yesterday. And feeling a lot better this morning I remembered how, in my youth, I could be up at a party all night and then go to work at a busy medical practice.
    (Well, only once, but I did it).

    But hooray for the good things you did through the History Festival.
    And lots of heartfelt sympathy/empathy for working out the good eating practice to not only maintain, but to knock off a bit more excess weight. Good luck with this combination approach! I really hope it works.

    It was so interesting to hear that you were able to manage your IBS so successfully you basically don’t have it any more. Hooray for fibre and kombucha.

    I am getting more and more settled with my small meals and working out how to space them etc. (I must say I much prefer a low fat, more carb diet to the other way around). Maintaining my waist measurement, which is my aim.

    And a big thankyou for mentioning blossom! I looked it up and I love it.

    An hour and a half later… zoomsisters appt. I so love talking to my sisters!
    I also love talking to you lot xxx

    Thin, that beautiful bird life!
    I did the same thing with that wordle, only one line left and I put jammy.
    Big congratulations to you on your ninth year plus and such exemplary 5:2ing

    Neil, I think it was great that your weigh in was no more than last week. Especially when it was such a hard week. I know there is a bug going around here that is neither covid nor the flu, but is really nasty. I do hope you are all fighting fit again soon.
    Good luck with those diet changes you want to make. I know how hard it is. All power to you.

    Time to have a little meal

    Best wishes to everyone including partners and children and four legged friends

    Cinque, thank you for the balloons. I only put in the little brag to fend off the spammer (reported). A nice 800g gone from yesterday’s fasting. Good for you with the waist measurement. I don’t dare measure mine.

    I still think back my epic ‘I’m young and I can go forever’ stint from about 50 years ago: I worked all day on the tractor on my boyfriend’s farm in North Carolina; then we got dressed up and worked until the early hours at his nightclub in a different town (a normal day/night for us); then he drove me a couple of hours to the airport where I flew to London (via Washington DC). My uni room mate met me at the airport and drove us straight to uni for the first day back where we spent a full day of lectures before attending a three hour woodworking class that evening. I think I was a bit tired but didn’t think much of it. Now I feel sleepy just thinking about it.

    Hi, A very quick post.

    We had storms and very heavy rain here today, which was forecast. Unfortunately this afternoon we also had hail, which was not expected. While my property and vehicle are ok, I was very worried that the hail stones that were pelting the kitchen window would smash it.
    So, if you live east or south east of Adelaide and stormy weather is forecast for you, please prepare for hail, just in case. I suspect Victoria is most at risk.
    Take care.

    Evening all.

    Weigh in today and up half a kilo, but not surprising since I spent 5 days of last week lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself, but thankfully over it now. We had a cold change and our first frost of the year this morning. As with most frosty mornings, it turned into a nice calm, sunny, but chilly day. I think it didn’t get above 8 degrees all day. I still rode my bike to work, but I don’t think I’ll risk it if we have a frost heavier than that. The road was a little dodgy in places.

    I hope everyone else is doing well.

    Good morning everyone,
    Yikes LJoyce! Where I am missed the worst of that weather system. Just some pretty ordinary rain here.
    Neil, careful on those icy roads. Brrr.
    I am glad you have managed to get off the couch. You must have been crook. All power to your resilience.

    I had a bad day yesterday. I thought I was well enough to visit my dear friend for the first time since she has been in a nursing home in Central Victoria. However I needed to show my covid vaccinations were up to date and the first step was to get onto the MyGov site where my info is.
    I spent 6 hours on it!
    The second last hour was waiting on the help line for someone to help me. I still haven’t been able to get my identity verified but will try again next week.
    Anyway, it messed up my nice flow of mindful eating. I didn’t do too badly, but just messy enough to have reflux symptoms. Getting back to it today.

    Hoping that no one is having a nasty, frustrating, soul destroying day today.

    Cheers all

    Cinque, ah that MyGov website can be SO frustrating. I dread having to go there.

    Anzac, how’s that countdown coming along?

    LJ, is your car garaged? I still shudder at the word ‘hail’ from a short-lived hailstorm we had in Perth in 2010. We were in our car which was totalled in those few short minutes as golf balls rained down on us and there was random damage to various parts of our house and shed – such as a lead light window I’d recently made. It took months to get everything back to normal including buying back our car and having the repairs organised ourselves.

    Neil, glad you’re feeling better. Careful on the ice.

    21C forecast for today. Birdlife everywhere. I’ve seen and photographed so many species in the last two days. A boater came over to ask if we could stay here for two weeks to take over her job of throwing slices of white bread at a three week old moorhen chick whose mother she says refuses to feed it and the chick is crying out for help. Apparently, the Canal and River Trust (CRT) would only grant her a one week mooring extension to perform these vital duties. I tried to explain in the nicest way possible that, a few days after birth, moorhen chicks can fend for themselves and why it’s better to let them find their own food. People can be pretty stupid but CRT should know better.

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