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  • Anzac, did you give us the results of Mr A’s colonoscopy? Apologies if so but I don’t remember reading it. Giraffes are cool. But surely your gorilla meeting was the best experience ever?

    Lindsay, you asked ages ago what are cruising plans were for the season and I keep forgetting to answer. We hope to do the Thames Ring. ‘Cruising Rings’ are really for hire boaters due to the need to get the boat back to the hire base without back-tracking. I only recently realised that we’ve done half of it already on the way to Bath and Bristol. First though, we’re heading for Market Harborough from where I can take a train for my bunion surgery followed by two weeks’ recuperation where I am allowed to do NOTHING (that will be so hard) before heading off towards London.

    LJ, that dalek looks super. I’d be less worried about the carpets (we only had rugs anyway) than corners. How does it cope with corners and table legs, etc? I hate vacuuming and ironing and I’m proud to say that I have never owned a full sized ironing board.

    LJ, with so many social engagements involving food, do you ever take restaurant food home with you? We used to get a ribbing from friends for doing that in Perth but I know, like me, you hate food waste which can mean eating far larger portions than are needed or wanted. What do others here think of doggie bags?

    Cinque, well done with all those cms falling away. Yes thanks, 900g gone from yesterday’s fast. The op shop finds sound great. I’ve finally had to throw away my NZ-made pure merino wool long johns after 35 years. Despite all the holes, rips and repairs, I have found nothing that comes close to protecting me from the cold. I miss them sorely especially as it’s flipping SNOWING and sooo cold!

    Thin, I can’t believe I didn’t share the good news….in my head I did but I didn’t. ALL CLEAR! All the surgery joins have healed beautifully, there are no polyps or any sign of disease. I burst into tears when the surgeon called me and thanked him blubberingly for saving his life

    Must run, everyone is in the car waiting for the dog walk

    Great to hear Anzac, thank you.

    Hello quiet friends,
    I’ve had a very quiet week, too unwell to do anything. Getting better now!

    Anzac, Woot! Hooray! Best news for Mr Anzac. What a lovely relief.

    LJoyce I love the dalek. I wonder how long it will take silver cat to get used to it and start riding around on it.

    Thin, the Thames ring sounds so interesting, it must be chock full of history, but I hope it has plenty of nature in it too.
    Ooh those wonderful merino longjohns, I hope you can find another pair. I love how they can make pure merino wool so fine and light and not itchy these days.

    I have discovered Gaviscon gives me chills and so much nausea I can hardly eat for three days. I took it two nights in a row and thought I must have caught a bug. After three days it had settled down and I was managing to eat something close to normal and I took another dose. Bad! Looked up side effects. Stopped taking it. Another three days to recover.

    So a week of involuntary fasting, very glad to have that over. At least it gave my esophagus a rest. I’m still not hungry and I’ve been too unwell to go out. I need to start getting organised today.

    Sending out good wishes to everyone,

    Hello all

    Cinque I am so very sorry to hear how unwell you are. I’m shocked that Gaviscon can have such a bad reaction but glad you figured it out and can now chuck that bottle in the bin. I take Somac for my reflux and it is very very effective. Not sure if that would be right for you? Maybe talk to your doctor next time

    I had a pretty bad few days eating-wise as we had a few meals out plus I’ve spent spare time with SIL rather than exercising. The scales crept up but not too much. SIL has gone back to stay with BIL for about a week then she will come back for her last 5 days to stay with us

    Maxx is desolate as he really bonded with her. He keeps staring at the couch where she used to sit. I’ll post a couple of really cute pics when I get a chance to upload them into Imgur

    I had to laugh at the dalek LJ, I can just imagine huffy, insulted kitty hating it. I’m sure she will soon get used to it (or manage to kill it somehow)

    Some rain and cloud yesterday and today but another heat wave on the way. 35 on Thursday, yikes. Poor SIL does not like the heat and BIL is in a top story flat with no air-con. Double yikes.

    Must get back to work, hi to everyone and take care

    Morning all

    Weigh in today and no change in weight. I was kind of expecting it because I’ve eaten a bit of ice-cream after dinner over the last few days, and sugar tends to make me hold a bit more water, even though the calories are within my daily range. Hopefully next weigh in if I can cut that back out it will come off again.

    Still pretty hectic at work so I’ll leave it there and I’ll catch up with you later.

    Cinque, sorry to read that you’ve not been feeling well. I hope you’re better now. Yes, hasn’t it been quiet here?

    Neil, ice cream will do it, unfortunately. I had to postpone my FD until Monday as it was OH’s bd on my FD. A second restaurant meal within two days didn’t help although I chose wisely having studied both menus online beforehand. I’m not ready for another FD two days later so this week will be 6:1 and back to 5:2 on Sunday. I’ve kept to my no-alcohol resolve but still don’t feel that I’m top of things hovering at 60kg.

    Anzac, I could do with your heatwave. The weather has been awful, so cold and bleak. It snowed again yesterday. Such a waste as we had all this week that we could have been painting while waiting for our new alternator to arrive. Somehow, our solar panel has kept up with our basic power needs despite the gloom.

    Good evening everyone.

    I felt like slinking off to bed as I’ve been on the go all day. But I haven’t posted for nearly a week, so I thought an update was in order.

    Despite doing alternate day fasting, which this week meant 4 FDs and 3 NFDs, I gained 200g. A vast difference from last week’s loss. Some of this is the excesses on the NFDs, some is fluid retention from the increased carb intake on the meals out and some is also inflammation. My knees and shoulder joints have been like radiators in recent days, giving off heat – a sure sign of inflammation. I have more challenging meals out over the next 3 weeks, so I just need to do the best I can. I keep reminding myself that without all those FDs the damage on the scales would be huge. If I can get through this period without a gain I’ll be thrilled as I don’t want to have to lose several kilos when my life returns to normal.

    Neil, it sounds like a few extras on the NFDs has had a similar effect on you. Hopefully we’ll have better results next week.

    Cinque, I’m so sorry to hear you have been unwell. I agree with Anzac, another chat with the GP might be needed. There are prescription medication options and you shouldn’t need to put up with those symptoms. I had little success with over the counter antacids either.

    Anzac, excellent news on Mr A’s results.
    I hope Sylvia doesn’t manage to kill the dalek, I can’t afford to replace it. She still hates it and hasn’t quite figured out how to stay of its way, except to go onto the back verandah. If she just climbed onto my bed, rather than hiding under it she’d be fine.

    Thin, the irobot actually does a better job than I manage with my Dyson barrel vacuum. I couldn’t get the dyson to clean right into the corners or along the edge close to the skirting board. I had to use a narrow attachment that was actually designed for cleaning slatted blinds to get those areas clean. The irobot has a little rotating brush which sticks out to the side and flicks debris along the skirting board egde back into the path of the suction. It works very well and there is just a tiny spot in the corner of each room that gets missed (about 1cm). On the hard floors I will just clean them with a dustpan before weekly mopping. In the bedroom I’m just visually checking to see if there is actually anything in the corners that I need to manually deal with.

    Time for a quick decaf tea and then an early night as I have another busy day tomorrow. Take care everyone.

    Anzac, I have vague memory of you mentioning you had acquired an air fryer. I notice this on the BBC Food site, that might be of interest to you: https://www.bbc.co.uk/food/collections/air_fryer_recipes

    Hello from a very warm Sydney

    LJ, thanks for the recipes, I will definitely check them out. We haven’t experimented enough yet. You are doing SO well with all the outings, well done

    Sorry about the cold Thin, I am seeing so many pictures of deep snow all over England. It’s incredible. They have finally declared La Nina has finished over here, so 3 years of cool, rainy weather is gone. They are already saying there is a 50% chance of El Nino by August so I guess we will have bushfires and flood. Never a dull moment in Australia

    Sorry about the weigh-in Neil. I still shake my head at your crazy scales but soldier on

    My weight loss has plateaued so time to shake things up starting on the weekend. More exercise, less carbs

    Hi to everyone else

    I’m having trouble with Imgur so not sure if this will work


    A gorgeous photo Anzac. Is that your Sil?

    Sorry I’ve been Mia. Though times chez L. Back later with the detail.

    Hi Lindsay, I hope Mr L is doing ok

    Yes, that is my lovely Sil and I’m glad the pic worked. Here is another grainy one (cropped for privacy) with a very protective Maxx paw on her leg❤️



    Anzac, poor Maxx missing his friend, but what a lovely photos of them!

    Cheers with being able to amp up your strategies. You have such lovely food you won’t miss the carbs.

    Melbourne had a lovely day today, but it will be nasty hot and windy tomorrow.

    Neil, those scales. Let’s hope this week gets them back in shape.

    I bought icecream the other day, desperate to eat something with higher calories, but I forgot how disgusting commercial icecream is. I enjoyed a few bites but then was glad to throw the rest away.

    Lindsay, best wishes to all at Chez Lindsay.

    Thin, keep snug! Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Mr Thin.

    I hope you got a good sleep after your big day, and the inflammation has had the chance to lessen.
    I am so glad the irobot is being so useful. Fingers crossed Sylvia does get used to it.

    I thought of you with that news report about a link between gut microbes and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it leads to good treatment and even prevention.

    I was a bit optimistic when I thought I was getting better a few days ago, but I am almost back to normal me today!

    Still not 100% sure it was Gaviscon, maybe it was a nasty virus. But I am definitely off gaviscon for the foreseeable future.

    I’m not taking any medication for reflux at the moment. I wanted to try lifestyle things and exercises for a week before I take the new ppi scrip, but I have been too ill to do anything for about 10 days. My symptoms have been very light though since I was hardly eating. Today I am back to my new diet of small meals and doing all the exercises that I can manage. Hopefully in a week I can decide what the best management will be for me.

    Best wishes to everyone

    No one answered my question above about taking ‘doggie bags’ from restaurants! Is that because you’re all shuddering at the concept? You know you can’t offend me, so please speak up, he he.

    Anzac, that’s a beautiful pool. The cold snap seems to be over, it was 9C overnight and will be 15C today. The sun is shining and I have put some violas in planters to cheer things up. I could soon be down to just one set of thermals and socks.

    Lindsay, hope the ‘tough times’ are not to do with Mr L.’s health. You haven’t mentioned your Chinese neighbours for a long time. Are they still there?

    Cinque, it sounds like you’ve been having tough times. I’m very particular about my ice cream too. But what a price the decent stuff has become.

    Neil, LJ, hello.

    Looking forward to Sunday’s FD. I need it.

    Thin, I would not hesitate to take a doggie bag from an Asian restaurant but anywhere else I would baulk a bit I think. It would totally depend on the restaurant and what food was left over. I don’t actually have a lot of experience because Mr A is obsessed with not wasting money or food so generally he will finish whatever is on my plate as well as his own. Asian is different as you normally just have a bit of each dish and then the rest are for leftovers the next day(s)

    I am so glad you are almost back to normal Cinque, I hope things continue to improve

    We are just back from a lovely dog walk where the funniest thing happened. We were in the park and Maxx’s good friend Teddy the golden retriever came tip tapping down the lane. The two dogs were greeting each other nose-to-nose through the fence and we were having a great chat to Teddy’s mum. We took our eyes off the dogs and before we knew it Teddy had dug a huge hole under the fence and was half way through coming into the park! Not that it was a problem but you should have seen the state of him…dirt, grass and bits of twig all through his beautiful coat. Teddy has been getting special training to stop him digging…..oops

    Another lovely warm day, but the house is a tip so housework calls. Sigh. Take care everyone

    Afternoon all,

    I didn’t see your question about doggie bags thin, I don’t like the idea of food going to waste, because after working as a waiter in my early 20s, I saw the amount of food wastage that was happening in restaurants. On the rare occasions that we go out for a meal, I don’t hesitate to get a doggie bag to take food home. Although usually I will finish my meal, and my wife is the one whose food we’re taking home.

    It’s a long weekend over here this weekend for our local anniversary day, and the weather is awesome so I’m going to head out for a couple of rides.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Sunday morning in Melbourne and the hot windy day has gone, lovely cool grey weather here. They are still putting out fires though.
    I hope everyone is comfortable where you are. Thin I am glad it is getting a little warmer.

    I come from a family of eating out doggy baggers. My youngest sister is fanatical, she and her partner are farmers and can’t stand waste and have plenty of animals at home if the food isn’t fit for human consumption. They often bring their own containers.
    Because eating out is always exhausting for me, often it is one more thing and I don’t bother. But I do hate waste and am all for food being used.

    For years before I gave up sugar, I only ate homemade icecream. I just had a simple ‘bowl in the freezer then churn on the bench’ ones, but oh my I made delicious icecream.

    Lindsay, worrying!
    Flow of good wishes continues.

    I get a little bit closer to back-to-normal every second day. Then I have a day when I am weak and nauseas again. Yesterday was bad, today is better!

    Good posture everyone!

    Have some great rides Neil!

    I’ve missed so many posts, as I’ve been through a week of hell.
    OH went in for his vocal chord surgery on Monday, and an overnight stay. From there it was like something from the little house of horrors. Despite all his documentation saying he was allergic to penicillin, he was given a dose, and went into full anaphalyxis. He was even wearing a red alert bracelet and the whiteboard in his room said he was allergic, but the nurse didn’t ask the usual protocols – name, date of birth, any allergies. Just that his doctor wanted him to have 5 days of antibiotics. Almost immediately he felt it coming on, and grabbed for the call button as he collapsed on the floor. Long story short, it was 25 minutes with him mostly unconscious on the floor between his getting the medication and being given adrenelin in ICU. His diastolic blood pressure dropped to 34 during the anaphalaxis Then to compound matters, he was discharged from ICU on the Wednesday to go home. As was packing he stood up and had a turn. His blood pressure was 210, and he complained of chest pains and shortness of breath. The nurse sat him down and when his blood pressure had fallen to 169, walked him to the surgical ward to collect his belongings, and then left him to walk out on his own.
    I was so shocked when I saw him walking towards me. He was short of breath and had pain still. After a dreadful restless night, paramedics were called and he spent a day in Emergency before being transported to another hospital where he had 3 stents inserted in his heart on Friday, and another 2 perhaps more scheduled for this Wednesday. This is despite being told in ICU on Tuesday that the ECG showed his heart was in good condition. Either they missed it (one a 90% blockage!!!) or it’s been triggered by the anaphalyxis. (his Emergency record said he had cardiomyopathy triggered by anaphalxis.) So, a simple one hour procedure has turned into this. For the first time ever, he said that as he lapsed into unconsciousness, he felt he was going to die. The anaethetist had apologised for his error, and the hospital too. Not much use though. The hospital wants the family to sit down with its executive team when OH is well enough. We’ll be doing that with legal representation. They nearly killed my beloved OH. After all he’s been through, he nearly died through medical negligence. Had he been in bed and not in a chair, without question he would have died. Even though he feels he pushed the call button, no one came for 20 minutes. Had he been in bed they would have thought he was just dozing. The kids and I are in a state of shock. It’s like a bad dream.

    Omg Lindsay, I have tears in my eyes and I can’t bear to think how close Mr Lindsay was to losing his life over a stupid mistake. Unbelievable when they usually ask every question every time.
    I hope you have good lawyers!

    Lindsay, that’s awful. Another level of stress. And, ultimately another potential level of stress dealing with lawyers.

    Cinque, I wish every day could be a good health one. All good wishes to you.

    Thanks for the doggy bag survey answers. Anzac, your account of your OH reaching over to finish your food made me laugh. I used to do that too as we were indoctrinated as children not to leave anything on our plates. The amount of food waste I see on other peoples’ tables is staggering especially when you consider the cost. I really like the ‘seniors’ meals in pubs – smaller portions and marginally cheaper. OH prefers quantity over quality.

    FD for me. I’ll be making Mexican Chicken Soup on the diesel stove. We’re in the beautiful Leicestershire countryside, rolling green hills, muddy towpaths and not a soul around. The temperature his risen significantly (14C) and, when the sun comes out, it makes all the difference to your outlook.

    Dear Lindsay, my heart was in my mouth for your entire post and now I am shocked and angry on your behalf. The complete neglect, from start to finish, takes my breath away. I hope with everything that poor Mr L recovers fully from this. Sending mega hugs and positive, healing thoughts xxx

    Lindsay, what a terrifying episode. I hope your husband finally gets a chance to recover now without further mishap. Sending thoughts and hugs.

    Morning all

    Lindsay, that’s awful, I know the health services are pretty stretched for resources at the moment, but there isn’t any excuses for that.

    I had a rough few days. I did get out for a decent 50km ride on Saturday, then my wife had her birthday celebration on Saturday night so we didn’t get to bed until almost midnight, then our delightful neighbours decided they would start playing loud music at 4am until at least 5am. I had to get up early the next morning to lead our church service, so I was living on coffee and adrenaline. I hadn’t recovered on Monday so I spent most of the day in the kitchen, cooking lunch from eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes and spinach, all from our garden, doing some baking for the kids lunch boxes, preserving some pears, then cooking dinner. Then yesterday we had some wild weather, our trampoline, which was secured to the ground with 1 foot long hoops of concrete re-bar, got ripped out of the ground and thrown against the side of our house and garage. It crushed the brand new guttering on our garage and damaged the outside unit of our heat pump. I called our insurance company, but they said it would be ages before they could process our claim, because all their claims officers are busy with the fallout from cyclone Gabrielle.

    On top of all that, I didn’t bother weighing myself this morning for my weekly weigh-in, because I’ve been a bit backed up for the last few days and I know that my weihgt will be up a few kilos, and I don’t want to depress myself. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing, try to get myself unstopped, and then weigh myself next week.

    Well I hope everyone else is doing well, have a great day everyone.

    Hello all

    I’m really sorry to read about your very bad few days Neil. I would have cranked up my own loud music at straight after church while your charming neighbours are trying to sleep off their hangovers. But I’m guessing you are nicer and more forgiving than me lol! I’m also guessing you can’t fix your damage until the insurance people do their assessment? That is so frustrating but I can only imagine what the insurance world is like at the moment after the cyclone. My SIL tried to get an earlier flight home to Napier but while she was easily able to get a flight from Sydney to Auckland there are NO flights from Auckland to Napier as flying is apparently the only way to get in at the moment due to the damaged roads and bridges

    How are you and Mr Lindsay going Lindsay? Sending so many positive thoughts and cyber hugs

    I have been the same weight for 7 days in a row which is unheard of for yo-yo me. Maybe my scales are stuck? I didn’t end up shaking things down on the weekend as planned so I need to get motivated.

    Glad the weather has improved Thin. One of my labrador friends lives in Leicestershire and her photo’s of where she lives are stunning. She did say there is a high crime rate so keep an eye out for canal no-gooders

    Take care everyone

    Hi all. Thanks for your kind thoughts OH is still in hospital and has the second bout of stents done today.

    Neil it wasn’t a case of medical faciltiies being under the pump. It was sheer carelessness on behalf of the anaethetist (he said to my husband that he didn’t know where his mind was when he prescribed it) and then an absolute failure of protocols in the hospital. OH saw the chemist before the procedure and reminded her of the penicillin allergy, so it should never got past the pharmacy. Then the nurse didn’t follow normal procedures. This is in a private hospital – we had to go there because it’s where OH’s ENT has his rooms. He was transferred to the sister hospital, the Wesley, last Thursday night – the care has been superb. There is such a difference in the management. For example, the first hospital’s corridors were cluttered with trolleys etc. This one (admittedly it’s a cardiac ward) has nothing laying around. The rooms have a small medical station insetfrom the corridor – so the medical staff can observe the patient as they are writing up notes, instead of gathering for a good chat in the nurses’ station, as they did in the other hospital. OH is not well still, but hopefully this procedure will put him back on track.

    When we first got there and saw the cardiologist, he leaned over OH and said, ‘don’t worry. you’re in our care now. You’re safe.’ Such a kind, reassuring statement.

    As an aside, the food he gets in hospital is superb. He isn’t eating much but a full meal comes (ordered from the menu at a time to suit him) and I often share his leftovers which means I don’t have to cook when I get home. For example, last night he had clear chicken, ginger, and lemon soup, followed by salmon with mashed potato and vegetables, some fresh fruit salad and a panna cotta. The fish was beautifully cooked – he only ate a quarter….it was a very large serving, and I enjoyed the rest.

    So, Thin, I guess that answers your questions about doggy bags! Yes, always, we take food. I hate waste. I have also been known to take meat that’s been left on others’ (family and close friends only) plates, for the dogs. They so love a piece of steak and they don’t get it around here. I find sometimes when we have Asian food, if we order a dish each and rice, there’s often enough for a second meal for the two of us at home the next night.

    Cinque I have been really sorry to read that you haven’t been well. I hope, so hope, that you can get relief. You’ve been through too much.

    And Neil, I am really sorry to read about your wild weather event. Poor NZ…you have really copped a bashing.

    We had neighbours like yours a few years ago, but now our neighbourhood has quietened down. Yes Thin, we do still have our Chinese neighbours, but they are more setted now, although their boy has a drum kit but no muffler. Puppy barks and barks from the verandah when he bangs away, so I guess it is quid pro quo, or something like that.

    OK, off to the hospital to see OH before his procedure. Take care all and thank you again for your kind wishes and thoughts. Your friendship means so much to me.

    OMG, unmuffled drum kits and loud music from neighbours at 4am. It takes me back to years of stressful living where we simply could not enjoy our own home. I remember days when we just got in the car and spent the day elsewhere to get away from the screeching. Now we can just start the engine and clear off if someone is annoying us. Although I can’t think of many occasions – once there was a barking dog on the bow of an unoccupied boat and the odd generator can get irritating if being run beyond prescribed times.

    Neil, my goodness, what a mess from those winds. Happy Belated Birthday Mrs Neil.

    Lindsay, here’s hoping everything goes smoothly from now on. You really do have to question everything these days which isn’t what you need or expect when you’re unwell. If a vet did what that anaesthetist did, they’d be struck off.

    Anzac, where are your Leicestershire lab friends located? I know Leicester itself is noted for its crime. It had the dubious honour of becoming the first British town where white English comprise the minority. We did stay there briefly during lockdown on a very secure canal mooring, gated and locked with a boaters’ key. We actually really loved it because no one was around in the city so we could wander around looking up at architecture. But thank you, we remain vigilant when passing through larger cities.

    It’s another FD for me. This is taking longer than I thought. I seem to go below the 60kg trigger after the FD and then above it the next day. Hovering around 60kg when I want to be hovering around 59kg. I haven’t had any alcohol in weeks but I think my carb portions need attention.

    Cinque, hope this is a good day for you.

    Morning all.

    OH had another procedure yesterday, and all things being right, and if his 3 doctors agree, could be home tonight. One night’s stay turned into 10.

    Thin I know what you are saying, but I am sure even vets make mistakes sometimes. What was dreadful about this one was the system fails in the first hospital that compounded the error.

    I think you and I are chalk and cheese, when it comes to where we live. Our family settled this area in the 19th century …there’s even a street named after my great great grandfather further out where our family farmed. My grandkids go to the same school that my father did. I love my house and my big garden. We are quite close in – OH can walk to the shops and library and get good transport into the city now he doesn’t drive. We back on to bushland, and I wake to the sound of birds (and my far neighbours’ chooks). I’d prefer the kookaburras get past 3.30….I can almost set my watch by them,..but it’s a cheery sound. Can’t say I love the drums, but he’s at school most of the time, and he’s not a dedicated drummer (by the time he spends practising, and his ‘progress’). His big brother on he other hand is a beautiful classical pianist …a joy to listen to, although he doesn’t play much now he’s in his senior school years. So different when we had the renters from hell living in the front house in 2018, and the dreadful neighbours with the pool you had when you lived in Perth. No wonder you like this boating life.

    OK I’m off to walk my girls. Actually we are off to the very large dog park. I can get 3 or 4 thousand steps up while we are there, which sets me off for the day.

    Have a good one all. I hope you are all well and happy.

    Hello everyone,
    I planted lots of seeds today, rather casually through the garden, but I had lots (beans, sweet peas, radish, broad beans, coriander, chard) so if just some come up I will be pleased. Hopefully I will recognise them!

    Lindsay, what a relief to read about Mr Lindsay being properly cared for. I hope the bad hospital gets a kick up its bum and puts in changes.
    I really do know how annoying it can be to have birds going at 3am, but Oh what I would give to hear kookaburras, even at that time. They’ve vacated this area and I so miss their call.

    Neil, what a rough few days you, and your household, have had. I hope you get your digestive system on track and then a nice weighing.

    I am concentrating on maintaining my weight after a week or two of not being able to eat much at all. I am back to my reflux driven small meals and nothing in between, so I hope I don’t find a way to undermine myself. I want to give my body a chance to adjust to this normal, which has me fitting very comfortably into all my clothes…. (Well nearly all, there are just a couple of things that are a bit tight sitting in the other wardrobe. I did fit into them years ago so I will keep them a bit longer). At the moment I am concentrating on staying this weight, with my waist measurement sensibly under 80cm.

    Anzac, staying stable must be a better thing than yoyo-ing wildly. Well done!

    Thin good luck this fast day, I hope it does its trick and gets you nicely under 60kg.

    Today is a good day for me thankyou.

    I am making cauliflower soup for my evening meal. The pressure cooker has made short work of the cooking, and the blender will do the rest.

    Sending out best wishes to everybody.

    Cinque that it so nice to read that you’re feeling well and fitting into so many clothes. Long may the new normal waist size continue. Thank you for asking but I’m grumpy about my weight right now. I dropped only 500g after yesterday’s FD. It’s not awful, 61kg was my trigger weight for years but I just want to be closer to 59kg. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I’m having foot surgery next month and I won’t be allowed to move for two whole weeks other than five minutes per hour to go to the loo on crutches. The rest of the time, my foot must be higher than my hip. With OH in charge of meals and no exercise whatsoever, I really wanted to be a couple of kgs lighter beforehand. Yum, cauliflower soup. I haven’t had that for years.

    Lindsay, that’s good that things have settled down in the neighbourhood. If/when we return to Oz to buy a house, we’ll be looking a lot more closely at the immediate demographics/configuration of pools, etc. Hopefully, it will be a much smaller house with a lot of land and a moat around it. Yes, of course vets make mistakes. I was just making the point that they’re held accountable. As they should be. They too work ludicrously long hours and have to be the cardiologist AND the anaesthetist (and everything else). I was thinking of a WA vet who was deregistered some years ago when two guinea pigs died after castration. Fingers crossed for OH’s safe return home tonight.

    It’s a sunny morning so we’re off for a walk in the countryside. Don’t ever take those Australian blue skies for granted.

    Back for my Sunday fast. Where’d everyone go?

    Hello everyone, gosh it has been quiet here

    I just lost a big post, when will I learn?

    My weight remains stubbornly the same and is now not helped by a crook back. I did go on the dog walk this morning but quickly realised that was a bad idea. Work is getting very busy so I am spending too much time sitting at my desk so I must get up and walk around at least every hour – no actually every 30 minutes

    Glad the weather is warming up Thin and I never take our blue skies for granted, especially after three years of La Nina. It has been cloudy and drizzly again the last few days despite La Nina being over apparently. I do hope to get a few more swims in before the weather turns too cold

    I can just picture you in a house with a moat! I’ll join you as I am becoming less and less tolerant as I get older

    I’m sorry the reflux is still troubling you Cinque, I hope you can get on top of it soon. I also hope your seeds come to fruition beautifully. Yay for nicer fitting clothes

    Lindsay I’m so glad Mr L finally received some good care and I hope he is now home and recovering well. I loved reading about your home and the history and family links. I grew up in a small house with a backyard surrounded by neighbours windows and directly under the flight path (and the airport only 15 mins drive away). When we bought this house with its gorgeous views over mostly bushland, I realised I could never live in a house without an outlook again. It was so very run down but totally worth the 25 years of renovating!

    Must run, hi everyone else and I hope you can post soon

    Hello everyone, I am sitting with a wet Miso on my knee, wanting me to scratch her head instead of writing. She has just come in from the rain.

    Thin, I do hope Sunday was a good fast day and that you are back in your comfort zone, weight wise.
    It will be nice to be feeling as healthy as possible when you go in for surgery. Isn’t it amazing what they can do. I understand it is a short stay in hospital but then a long recovery at home, but fingers crossed it all goes beautifully.
    You will miss exercising but I expect your body will be working hard healing and most of our energy does go to the basic functions of living. Exercise is usually the cherry on top (says sedentary Cinque).

    Anzac, oh no losing that big post. Thanks for writing again.
    Ouch, doesn’t a crook back make everything hard. I hope it is getting better.

    I have had some indications that my coughing etc isn’t reflux but maybe related to lung issues, however, when I have let that change my behaviour I have suffered! So until my appt at the respiratory clinic in three weeks I am sticking to small meals, lots of upright times and the exercises I can find that might help.
    Yikes I already had to be so disciplined to live with ME/CFS but now I feel like every minute is regimented.

    (Could be worse!)

    I am so hoping others of you have time to write, and Neil that you have your Wednesday weigh day today, and it is a good one.
    Lindsay, thinking of you and Mr Lindsay. LJoyce has your extended social partying finally come to an end? Turn, have your survived NZ weather? Gday, how is it at your place? Intesha, what are you up to? Merry are you there? Hello to everyone else too, keen to hear what life is like.

    Hi all, I had a horrible weigh in, I was up 1.7 kilos from my last weigh in two weeks ago. I didn’t really do anything different from normal, and my digestion issue showed up, it’s so annoying.

    Things still a bit hectic, getting insurance sorted for the damage to our house, work is still hectic and the weather means I’ve not been able to get out on my bike as much.

    I hope everyone else is doing ok, better get back to work, have a good one.

    Ooh Neil, hard times. The cold weather coming in doesn’t help. I hope things start sorting themselves out.

    I’ve got lots of seedlings coming up, but so far the only ones I can recognise are the beans.

    I am aiming to make Chinese steamed buns today, hoping to have fairly thin dough and lots of mince and veg inside, and to freeze them so I can thaw and cook them one by one. (My small meals need to be a bit more calorie dense, so I am pleased to try these after thinking for a few years that they are off my menu).

    Best wishes everyone for your day.

    Cinque, I’m so sorry that you have all these health issues to contend with. You are so adventurous with your kitchen activities. Yes, you are correct, the bunion surgery takes less than an hour, is done under a local (so you’re aware of the sawing and filing) and then I am literally not allowed to do anything for two whole weeks. Total recovery can take one year but I’m ignoring that fact for now. I’ve made a list of boring jobs that can be done while sitting with my foot elevated. I have two WASGIJs, several books to read and a book of Bletchley Park puzzles. I also have thousands of safari photos to cull choosing only the absolute best to keep. What I really want to do is paint the boat. Oh and no, I’m not yet back where I wanted with my weight. OH can’t wait to take over in the galley (and I dread it on several levels!).

    Neil, that’s frustrating about the weight gain. Something is going wrong (same with me).

    Anzac, I hope you’re feeling good and the weather is pleasant.

    I’m tired this morning. The fire alarm went off at 2am in the hotel and we hurriedly half-dressed but, just as we reached the door, it stopped. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep.

    Hi all, I’ve been extremely busy so haven’t logged on for ages, hope everyone is okay as I haven’t read posts for over a month now.

    From memory last time I wrote Miss GDay and I were off to Adelaide for a quick trip and our usual icecream treat. Miss GDay also turned 15 a few weeks ago so we made a double batch of cake mixture, as is a tradition in our house to eat the cake mixture when making a birthday cake. After eating the mixture (I did feel sick afterwards) and the cake plus a few other ‘no no’ foods during birthday week it bumped my weight up by about 1.5kg and it’s taken a few weeks for the scales to decide to head downwards again.

    I haven’t done an extended fast in over a month so need to schedule one in for next week to boost the weight loss and get back on track. I have 4kg to lose to get back to the 59’s again.

    I’ve been busy working out in the yard, finishing some landscaping jobs that have been sitting idle since Mr G’Days passing last June. It’s been heavy work, shifting rocks, paving some unfinished areas and paving some new areas, fencing, fixing the draining issues around the car shed (which has been a huge job) – the list of chores which need to be done is never-ending.

    The downside of getting these jobs done is I’ve been neglecting the things I need to be doing to get my business up and running and I still haven’t started my Diploma studies. I’m avoiding sitting in front of the computer as I’d rather be outside being active, but I do need to dedicate some time each day for the business and for study – I can’t keep putting them off any longer as I admit I do lack the enthusiasm I once had for them both but I know once I get back into the swing of things I will get my mojo back again.

    I’m off now to give our guinea pigs their daily cuddle, make a cuppa and relax in front of the tv. The new series of The Cleaner (with British comedian Greg Davies) has just been released on Britbox so I can feel a binge-watching night coming on, the first series was absolutely hilarious.

    A quick update from me.

    My busy schedule continues for another couple of weeks, but thankfully I’m through the flurry of food events, it’s mostly non-food commitments for the next fortnight to keep me busy. Despite a minimum of 3 FDs per week I still gained 3.5kg over the last month. I went back onto a strict regime again yesterday as I intend to make a big dent in this gain before easter. To reduce the damage to the scales over easter I have declined an invitation to dinner for good friday and will just do the family brunch on Sunday. It wasn’t the meal out on Friday that worried me, it was the fact that everyone there is expected to exchange easter chocolates. I have enough trouble dealing with the haighs eggs that I’ll get on Sunday, I don’t want to double the problem.

    I’ll let you know whether my strict week is successful. I’m combining 4:3 with very limited daily food choices, which I usually find a successful approach over the short term.

    Hello everyone.
    Apologies for not responding to everyone’s posts, but I would have delayed making this post yet again if I wanted to do that and I’ve been delaying too long.

    Take care.

    Morning all,

    We booked two nights in Nottingham due to the rail strikes on the day of my pre-surgical appt (the strikes were later cancelled leaving us with non-refundable hotel costs and expensive train fares on the wrong days – they hike the train fares up ten-fold on the day before and the day after the strikes). This also meant several days of restaurant meals which did me in (calories and financially) despite careful selection. What should have cost us £6.60 for two r/t rail fares ended up closer to £300. Thanks a lot greedy rail workers. Contributed to even worse inflation for the rest of us.

    It’s a wonder they get anyone to attend for the foot surgery after the pre-surgical appointment – so many complications and restrictions. I know they have to divulge every single thing that can go wrong but I was starting to question whether the pain and deformity is really all that bad.

    Post FD for me. I’ve decided there are too many beans in my chosen FD meal, Mexican Chicken soup. I dropped only 600g. I have one more serving for Wednesday, will then revert back to my Hairy Bikers’ FD meals that have served me well for years. I’ll probably have to switch to 6:1 for the two week period that OH is in charge of the galley activities. I’ll fill the teeny freezer with FD meals as best I can.

    We don’t celebrate Easter so there will be no trappings. We’ll be seeing no one, so no stress there.

    The sun is finally shining, temperatures are slowly inching higher and I hope to get some boat painting achieved this week. And then, next week the enforced inactivity begins. I dread it.

    Hello everyone, I thought I posted two days ago but a week has flown by. It is quite terrifying how quickly time flies

    Not much to report, still maintaining rather than losing but I guess that is better than going up. I have an incredibly painful gum infection to go with my bad back so exercising is definitely out of the question right now. Dentist yesterday, physio today ho hum

    What a complete farce Thin! I am so cranky on your behalf – 300 pounds versus 7 pounds. And a middle of the night fire alarm just to top it off. Grrr. We arrived in Paris in 2019, Christmas time, only to find a complete general strike. We had to forfeit a couple of pre-paid tours as there was no way for us to get there (e.g. Palace of Versailles) plus many exhibits and things of interest were closed. Mind you, the big benefit was we had to walk everywhere and saw much more that way plus kept the kilos off. On Christmas day we walked from our hotel in St Germaine to the Eiffel Tower, then to Montmartre for a pre-booked lunch and back again. 25,000 steps that day alone. I hope the op goes well, everything is crossed

    LJ I find it most difficult when there are lots of social events to navigate. Sorry about the 3.5 but I know you will get on top of it quickly. We have nothing planned over Easter thank goodness. Perhaps a venture to our favourite Thai restaurant but that will be it

    I’m in awe of the tasks you are undertaking G’day. Paving, fencing, fixing drains etc. It proves that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Good luck getting your studies and business up and running again

    How were your steamed buns Cinque? Yum

    I hope you get the extra staff in soon Neil so work isn’t so crazy

    The forecast here was three days of torrential rain yesterday (happened) today and tomorrow. However I am looking out to blue skies and gorgeous sunshine. It is 25 degrees and perfect. I think we will even venture into the pool for one of our last times this season. The cooler temps will have the temperature down but I heard the heating turn on around 10am this morning so I hope it is get-in-able (new word lol)

    Take care all

    Good morning everyone,
    Gday, it makes sense to make the most of the good weather, and you can get back to the computer, business and study, once it is too hard to be outside any more.
    Good to catch up with your news, and best wishes to you and Miss Gday.

    LJoyce, so busy! All power to you managing it all. Good luck with those Haigh’s eggs.
    I do hope your strict week does the trick.

    Thin, doesn’t it make things easier just to not celebrate Easter 😀 . My only job is to hide Easter eggs at my daughter’s place to delight the girl’s when they return from their holiday. That will be fun.

    It must be stressful heading into your foot surgery when the way seems criss-crossed with difficulties and uncertainties. Lots of good wishes from me (so surely that will make a difference!).

    Anzac, yes, the time fly is terrifying!
    Good work maintaining. Hooray.
    Hoping that you can lose a bit now.
    I do hope that gum infection clears up quickly. It must make everything so hard, and on top of back pain, which makes everything else so hard!
    So many good wishes.

    I am so glad you mentioned the steamed buns… I had forgotten about them!
    I had been eating my way through a (very nice) little lasagne (with veggies). Trying to make sure my meals are not bigger than my stomach means I work my way through food so slowly! (Not complaining).
    Anyway, I got a steamed bun out of the freezer this morning, and it is now an experiment to see how long it takes to thaw and then puff up. And then another experiment to steam it and see how good it tastes.

    Sending good wishes to everyone.

    Cinque, laughing that it took a cyber mate across the country to remind you of something in your freezer. So funny. So much fun hiding those little eggs in the house and garden. We lived in our house for so long that DD got to know all my hiding places too well and could just zoom around gathering them. One of my favourite Easter things was placing a large stencilled rabbit foot that I made across our patio with talc sprinkled to make the footprint. How old are those little girls now? Is your SIL enjoying good health and are they settled in their environs?

    Thanks for the good wishes for my surgery, yes it will make a difference because you’re a glass half full girl. We are now on a fourteen day mooring adjacent to a little alley that will give me access from the towpath to the road so our kind boater friend can drop me very close to the boat after the surgery. First though, we have another train trip to make to Nottingham for OH’s visa interview.

    Anzac, I remember your big trip to Europe but was amazed to read that it was 2019. It seems like yesterday. Our boater friends from Perth live on theirs in France. It sounds like the French are even worse at strike action than the British which is saying something. Flipping passport office workers on strike here now for five weeks! Mine expires shortly. I was going to ask when your final swim might be but, reading on, you answered my question.

    The sunshine has made a big difference to my outlook. I managed to get one side of the hull painted (above water line obviously) so I feel somewhat productive. It’s made the other side look even worse. The boat gets scratched during a cruising season and it’s more cosmetic than anything. But there are bigger maintenance paint jobs required that we were hoping to complete before my surgery that will now have to wait until summer. Once the blossoms start falling, it’s hopeless.

    There’s a kingfisher in residence on this stretch of canal so, while I’m inactive, I’m hoping to use my newish lens to get a good shot.

    Neil, LJ, Lindsay, et al – all OK with you I hope? CalifD, still reading?

    FD for me. The last of the Mexican Chicken soup. It’s supposedly 277 cals. These days, I eat nothing until 5pm on a FD but I probably rely too heavily on coffee and tea. How are doing with cutting your down LJ?

    Yesterday, while shopping for a ‘cast protector’ so I could protect my wound in the shower, a man said to me in conversation, “she’s like you, not an ounce of fat on her”. Such a lovely thing to hear but it took a few seconds to sink in that he was talking about me.

    Hi everyone Happy Easter. The sun is shining but there is a wicked cold breeze so no pool for us. Boo

    Doing ok weight wise, I seem to have found my mojo. Yay!

    We very recently got rid of Foxtel and subscribed to Netflix. Best move ever! I am enjoying ad-free shows and just finished both series of Bridgeton – and absolutely loved it! Mr A has also subscribed to Kayo sports so both very happy campers in the Anzac household

    I know your surgery is this month Thin, but what date? It will be great to put that behind you. I have to have a nasty skin cancer cut out of my back on Friday and I can’t get it wet for 2 weeks. That is going to be tricky but I don’t think there’s anything I can buy like you did for your foot. I loved that compliment ‘not an ounce of fat on her’. I can only dream!

    I hope your steamed bun was delicious Cinque and that dratted reflux is settling down a bit

    Hi to everyone else, I hope we can see some more posts after Easter

    Hello everyone,
    Happy end-of-summer chocolate festival, for all who celebrate.

    Thin, I do hope you get a good picture of the kingfisher, you can give it greetings from its Australian tree kingfisher relatives at Lindsay’s house.

    Good luck with that painting.

    Anzac, hooray for your weight wise mojo!

    Excellent to be getting that cancer cut off, ouch, I’ve had a mole off my back and it does hurt at first! I can’t even remember how I washed myself after wards! At a basin with a washer maybe. Just so long as they get it all!

    Well, my steamed buns have been a disappointment. I think I needed to give them their second rise before I froze them, the poor yeasties just did nothing, so I have been cooking one and then cutting open the dough and just eating the tasty filling. Sigh. But at least it is a tasty filling.

    But otherwise I am going pretty well. My reflux seems close to under control with my small meals and uprightness, 10 days until my hospital appt which might give some insight to what is going on.

    Yes, I am hoping for more posts too, I miss the sense of community here.

    Best wishes to everyone

    Anzac, I was so happy to read your post and that you’re doing well weight wise – long may it last. Concerned about that cancery thing though – what type? We get Netflix on and off. I’ve found there’s little new material so we halt membership for a while, it’s very easy to do that. My surgery is on Thursday, thanks for thinking of me. There’s a doctor’s strike this week (is there any discipline NOT on strike in England?) but I think I’ll be OK – especially if I don’t answer my phone, I’m thinking they’ll have to cancel the next person on the list.

    First, we have OH’s spouse visa interview on Tuesday. It’s still called that but we are not allowed to mention the non-PC term ‘spouse’. Partners, please. If he gets rejected, he might get deported to Rwanda and then we can see the gorillas. 😀 The Home Office now invites us to take part in a survey. Have a laugh at the utter absurdity of PC and woke movements. Totally lost the plot. https://imgur.com/a/Jqq0R65

    Cinque, too bad about the buns. You’re very adventurous in the kitchen. Let us know how the hospital appt. goes if we forget to ask. Agree, we need a few more updates on here and I fear it’s slowly dissolving.

    FD for me. I’ll be busy painting to take my mind off being hungry. I can look forward to a delicious Chicken Provencal containing a hint of wine in 7.5 hours’ time. Have a wonderful day all.

    Good morning all

    Thin, I laughed out loud literally at the survey responses. Seriously? When it is a black and white yes/no question why on earth do you need to give someone that option? I’m glad I’m the age I am and grew up when the world was normal. Dearie me, I used to leave the house straight after breakfast and go off with friends and climb trees and explore and fall over and pick myself up and carry on and then not come home until the street lights turned on. I’m surprised I made it to 57 having lived such a dangerous childhood. Sorry, I do know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but honestly!

    You would think that after last year with finding Mr Anzac’s bowel cancer in the nick of time that I would be more alert to getting regular check ups for all things health related. My skin specialist is very hard to get into so in the middle of last year I went to the GP for a skin check instead. I remember thinking that he was not at all thorough and I should make a booking with the specialist. Well I put it off and off and finally went and BOOM – the skin cancer on my back is not cancerous but in the scale of pre-cancerousness (new word) it is in the moderate to severe range. He said we got it ‘in the nick of time’ and my entire body went cold. He also said the incision will be large so I will need to be very careful with it for weeks. I don’t mind, just get rid of the dratted thing please

    Back on the subject of pc-ness (another new word) I remember getting a jolt when I watched my nephew’s wedding on live-stream a year ago. They didn’t pronounce them as husband and wife; instead the celebrant said “I now pronounce you married to each other’. Puhleeese!

    Sorry about your buns Cinque but I was so happy to read the reflux is a bit more under control

    Hope the painting and the FD went well yesterday Thin. My scales took another 200g off this morning so I am happy. That is 1kg since Thursday. Yay!

    Hi all. Back I come. I got a startle when I read your comment Thin that the forum seemed to be petering out. And that you miss the community Cinque. So I gave myself a talking to “must do better.”

    All a bit preoccupied with OH’s medical dramas – the hospital, after admitting it was to blame (I took their apology to mean that) are now dragging their heels and not answering our questions. Horrible. I pointed out to their Risk and Quality manager that our family is made up of journalists and lawyers, and one half is urging one action, the other half a different action, and we hadn’t made up our minds which path we’d go down, but it would be one or te other. Deafening silence. Then yesterday, up pops a credit card charge for his trip to Emergency, after they prematurely released him from ICU with chest pains and laboured breathing, and agreeing there’d be no charge for A & E. And it goes on and on.

    In all of that, I have to say so very happily that he is seeming better. More himself, chattier,even getting out in the garden and coming to the dog park with me and the girls.

    The girls continue to give us untold joy. Rosy adores Scarlett ….a couple of times now, she’s taken a piece of fruit from the bowl to give to her puppy on her bed. An apple one day, a pear yesterday. I’d prefer she didn’t, of course, but think it is very sweet.

    My weight is a constant source of frustration and anxiety, but I am holding, holding, so feel at the moment that’s all I can do.

    Oh Thin, I am so sorry you’ll be laid up for so long. It’s just so very unlike you to be still and rest. I hope you’ll take good care of yourself post-op. I was shocked at the price of your train tickets – seems like price gouging from the company. Looking forward to the kingfisher pic. How peaceful, to watch a bird on the water

    Anzac such a relief to know you’d caught the skin problem pre-cancer. If OH’s SCC is a guide, he could’t shower for yonks, and was essentially forced to elevate it for 6 weeks. But ….it was in a tricky position on his shin. Your back should heal much faster, if you can keep it dry. BTW, OH’s has healed beautifully. No one can quite believe how well, for a man who’s not exactly in his youth. Good work on the kilo lost. Each one down is one more you don’t have to worry about.

    So, dear Cinque, still having troubles with the reflux, though good news it has improved. What a disappointment about the buns. Love though how you try all different things.

    Anzac I just went back and found your post about strikes in Paris. Is it fair to say the French strike about so many things? I found the same thing in Italy, when I was studying language at Bologna. I’d study in the morning, and travel to other cities in the afternoon/evening. Every other day there’s be a public transport strike, which left us walking home from the rail station to our accommodation in the old quarter. The long distance train workers didn’t strike, but often the local ones downed tools without notice.

    Thin I loved reading about the stencilled rabbit foot at your house. What a lovely lovely thing to do. I will do that next year for the little girls (I’d do it at my son’s house too, but his dogs would soon scatter the talc). How is DD….any news of her travels?

    Neil, how are you going? And Calif, and LJ, and Gday and others I’ve missed. Hope you are all well and happy, and life is being fair or even good.

    I’m going to finish with a story about me and bad behaviour. It was our wedding anniversary last week, and my SIL’s birthday, so the four of us went to a posh wine dinner at a lovely upmarket restaurant by the river. Our first night out in so so long. All went well – a great night – but after not drinking much in the past 6 months, I had more than my share of wine. We left the restaurant, and sat on a bench around a big circular garden in the forecourt of the precinct, waiting for our driver. I mistakenly thought the bench had a back, and leaned back ….only to go head over heels in the garden. My lovely new sunray pleated skirt ended up around my ears. I was helpless with laughter, and OH couldn’t help much (hand still protected after the stents) and it fell to a lovely young Middle Eastern man on a bike to haul me out. I should know better at my age.

    So, off I go now to finish the ironing on this lovely sunny but cool Brisbane day. Take care all….good health and good times.

    Two cups of coffee, two chatty posts – who could ask for more?

    Anzac, thanks for the detail on the pre-cancerous growth. Yes, once out, it’s behind you (although I guess it always was) and you can look ahead to healing. Perhaps it’s possible to use the hand-held extension in the shower (if yours has one) being very careful to keep the wound dry. I loved reading about your carefree childhood. As children, we played with others in the street (roller skating, etc) or making up games in the fields behind our houses. We had to be home before dusk. We walked to primary school without our parents (two miles uphill each way in the snow). Survived nicknames without lasting psychological scars (my maiden name lent itself to plenty of teasing).

    Lindsay, I was hoping you’d give us an update as I took your absence to mean bad news on OH’s health front. Everything sounds very good. You’ve completely blown my image of you (again) with the story of falling off your seat drunk. OK, tipsy. Happy Belated Anniversary. What a funny thing for Rosy to do with the fruit. Unbelievable that the hospital would send a bill in the circumstances but I suppose those things are generated automatically by a separate system. Just wait until AI takes over our lives.

    Now that I’ve read that your OH had to elevate his leg for six weeks, I’ll stop whinging (quite as much). Thank you for your good wishes. It’s such a minor thing in the scheme of what so many of you and your OHs have been enduring. But as DD said, when you’re contemplating surgery, you don’t want to have to worry about the logistics as well. Yes, the train fare was gouging but at that appointment, we were told in no uncertain terms that public transport is out of the question for the follow-up dressing change so we have had to rent a car at £111 per day (OH’s age – he can still fly a helicopter but a car might pose a risk). Why I can’t go elsewhere for that appt is a mystery. The river is in flood so we can’t move the boat closer and our kind friend who’s bringing us back after the op will be cruising in Wales at that point (having delayed their trip for me).

    DD is in Costa Rica. We were mugged there on our honeymoon. OH sported a black eye for the remainder of our holiday which didn’t look good for a newlywed couple. DD contacts us daily and we have ‘what3words’ and ‘polar steps’ to track her whereabouts and movements. She’s still travelling alone but hooking up with other travellers for short periods. Recent highlights were the scuba courses in Honduras and volcano boarding in Nicaragua. Lots of very interesting wildlife too.

    You both mentioned weight. I’m inching closer to where I wanted to be after Sunday’s FD. I’m glad I did that painting yesterday, it’s raining yet again.

    Good morning,
    Such lovely posts from you dear people.

    Good luck with that interview today Thin, hope you can both keep your sanity.
    Woot for a good fast day on Sunday and all that painting that got done before it rained.
    So glad DD is having such wonderful adventures (and no mugging).

    Anzac, yay that they are taking that nasty cancer off in the nick of time.
    And nice work with that 1kg off too. All power to you.

    Lindsay, a lovely catch up, thankyou, and such good news that Mr Lindsay has been recovering so well and is able to be so much more sociable. What a pleasure.
    I am very glad you are a family of journalists and lawyers and that you let the hospital know so clearly. Haha.
    It is so easy for hospitals to become ponderous, dangerous bureaucracies.

    Rosy and Scarlett sound such fun. Who’d have thought Scarlett needed fruit presents, or fruit lessons maybe. I think we need pet cam.

    Well, I had some nights of bad sleep and was exhausted and stopped doing the exercises that might help reflux, and have been coughing much more, so very glad to have had some good sleep last night and back to doing them. (Still not 100% sure they make a difference, it might have been lack of sleep, or slouching more at the computer, or letting my meal sizes creep up again. ) I’ll keep on doing what might be working until I know what does!

    I have just accidentally made my appt for my flu vax and my 5th covid vaxx on the morning of my hospital appts next Tuesday. I can fit them in but it will be a big day!

    Off to continue getting organised

    Best wishes everyone.

    Cali, I send you good wishes every time I see a parrot, which is every day since I have a picture of one on the wall, and another one on my cup.

    Good afternoon everyone. I have a rare day at home, so I’m taking the time to catch up on posts.

    Thin, after all the difficulty of getting to your surgery appointment, I hope the bunion removal goes well. I also hope your waistline survives your husband’s cooking.

    Lindsay, I’m still giggling about your flight into the shrubbery.
    Excellent news that your husband is on the mend, despite the incompetent hospital.
    What a sweet dog Rosy is. The question is, does Scarlett actually eat the fruit, or just play with it?

    Anzac, wow it’s a good thing you had that skin check when you did. So glad it was found and removed before it became dangerous.

    Cinque, I hope your sleep improves, as it has such an impact on your health. It sounds like Tuesday will be busy, but on the plus side, you get it all done and can then hopefully have some quieter days.

    You might remember I had many food challenges in March and did extra FDs every week to help, but I still gained 3.6kg that month. I started a one week regime on 2nd April to prepare for the next challenge of easter. I had intended to eat from a limited range of “no frills” food choices and do 3FDs. I doubt I actually went over 1000 calories even on the NFDs as I got bored with those limited food choices very quickly. I lost 2.6kg that week. Easter was the challenge that I expected it to be and I regained 1.2kg. The final tally of all that is that I still have 2.2kg of the March gain to lose. Beyond that I need to lose a further 5+ kilos to get to the weight range that I used to be (and haven’t been since the covid lockdown in 2020).
    I can do this second goal more slowly and am thinking of following the same plan as I followed last winter, where I did a FD every third day and I actually counted calories daily on my fitbit, aiming for 1500 calories on NFDs. (If I do 8000 steps per day my TDEE is around 1600cals.) I did that for the whole of last winter and lost almost 9kg over the 3 months. Once I got into the swing of it, it was easy and I oddly didn’t stress about meals out, I just made the best choice I could and accounted for the calories then went straight back to careful choices for the next meal. This was easier in winter as there always seem to be fewer social outings involving food – fewer family birthday dinners and people just avoiding planning outings when it’s cold I think. One of the things that worked especially well for me was that it also avoided the weight gain I usually experience every winter.

    As I want to be as healthy as possible for the travel in October and next February, I think I need to take an approach like this. (Less weight on my joints will make a difference.) I will be starting this no later than the end of this month. I’m just doing a more restricted week or two first.

    Hello to everyone one else who is reading. Take care.

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