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  • Hi LJoyce

    Thank you very much for your most helpful advice and suggestions.

    Before I forget, do you mind saying how long you’ve been on 5:2?

    It’s comforting to know that unexplained plateaus are not rare.

    I will record what I eat on NFDs.

    As I have a mild kidney impairment, I do try to keep salt intake down.
    Also have slow motility, so also keep fibre intake up. Could possibly increase this, though.

    I did take measurements just prior to embarking on 5:2 and again after 3 weeks. I did measure 2cm less around hips at widest part and at navel level. “Waist” hadn’t budged. Will start doing that weekly now!

    TDEE for goal weight sounds awfully low, but will try that also.

    It’s still hot and quite humid in Perth, so fluid retention may be contributing to the weight. I have to keep reminding myself to drink more water, too!

    Thanks again for your generous advice! Especially valuable as it’s based on your personal experience.

    Hi GdayfromSA

    Thanks very much for responding to my post, and telling me about yourself and your experiences on 5:2 and other weight loss methods.

    I am so sorry to hear about the unexpected loss of your husband last year. I cannot fathom how awful that was, and still is.

    Reading of your weight loss experiences, I can relate to so much.

    Pre menopause, I lost 10kg over a period of 5 months. I wasn’t following a specific diet, but was overseas for 8 months in miserable family circumstances, so wasn’t eating much. I went from 65kg to 55kg.
    That appeared to be my ideal weight. On return to Australia, I kept it off for a few years, but lost focus, and the weight not only crept back, but increased. I think I maxxed out at 72kg!

    I then lost 7kg over 3 months. Had an accident two months later and was unable to focus on my weight for some time.
    To cut a long story short, I committed to 5:2 on 04 January at 67kg.
    I wear a fitbit for sleep and step calculations, but have never heard of Fitbit scales! Will check these out.

    I’m post menopause, so this could be an issue.

    I’ve never considered keto, as know it’s heavy on meat, and I don’t eat red meat, just chicken occasionally. I’m really interested to hear that you have modified keto, and that it works for you. Must explore this!

    I’m not sure how I’d go with a 4 hour eating window, and the 72 hour water fast, though.
    I can easily skip breakfast, but then feel hungry by 1pm. We usually eat dinner at 7:30pm or so, which is likely not good.

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences with me. It is greatly appreciated.

    Hi Innyanga,

    I’ve been doing 5:2 for about 9 years, mostly for maintenance, but since covid my weight has fluctuated a lot more and I’ve needed to get weight gain off a few times. I’m in the middle of another of those episodes.

    What I’ve seen repeated here often, is that people join and initially attempt 5:2 as written, then most of us start tweaking it.
    Those with insulin resistance often find they do better with either a lower carb or keto approach to their food choices.
    Some find the weight loss too slow so they do 4:3 or start adding control days.
    Other use time restricted eating in addition to 5:2.
    For those that have a great deal of weight to lose and want some early fast progress, they choose Fast800.
    Personally, I move around within some of these options, depending on what is happening in my life.

    I guess what I’m trying to say, is that if you need to tweak things to get a rate of weight loss that keeps you motivated, that’s ok. Many of us do that.

    Morning all, well my streak is over. I gained back the 400g that I lost last weigh in, I’m back up to 104.0 kg. It’s so annoying how hard I have to work to get it off, but how easy it comes back on when you do gain.

    Morning all.

    It’s been interesting to be reminded of our journeys through 5:2 and weight loss . I agree with everything that’s been written Innyanga. And good work on the measurements – the weight will catch up.

    We all have to tweak it. I lost quite a bit first with a rigid 500 calorie 5:2 and time restricted eating (16:8) Typically, I’d finish dinner aroud 7.30, then not eat until around noon the next day. Worked for me. Then my weight crept up again, and I tackled the Fast 800 with a friend. She lost a huge amount of weight and has kept it off. I unforunately slipped, but am plugging away. I still never eat within a 12 hour window; more usually now I’m eating 14:10. I have also stepped up my activity – having two big dogs means more of that. I take my oldest girl to the park every morning and can crack up 3 to 4 thousand steps before breakfast. It all helps.
    I can admire Gday’s approach, but could never emulate it. As Neil says, we all find our own way to conquer the dragon.

    Neil, sorry to hear about your 400. And yes, it slides back on without constant vigilance (and even with it sometimes).

    So, a day at the coast yesterday for Rosy to get her post-puppy show clip. And it’s bucketed overnight, so the park will be sloshy. But she’s a dog, and needs a run, so so be it.

    How did your waistband turn out Cinque?

    Have a good day all.

    Good morning,

    Anzac I am glad you kept power, but sympathy to all the trees and the debris they lost.

    I hope you can access your inner Zen through these hard times, I imagine lots of exercise helps too. Sending good wishes.

    LJoyce what an excellent overview of the different ways we tweak with 5:2.

    And then your example Lindsay. (All power to you).
    I bet Rosy had a happy muddy run.

    I wish I could have worn my skirt yesterday, it is white cotton with red roses and green leaves all over it, I do just love it, and I had lunch with my sisters and BILs so it was just the right occasion. However (yes I know Australia is in a heatwave) it was too cold! I wore trousers and a shirt.

    I had a lovely meal (but I don’t find it lovely and generous when they give everyone twice as much food as a normal meal. It just seems appalling.)

    Neil, sympathy.
    Such true words about how quickly our bodies will regain weight. I think it is true what they say about our body fighting to keep whatever weight it thinks our ‘normal’ is. And unfortunately once we have been overweight for a good while, doesn’t it just decide that is normal. Sigh.
    And I think it is the long hard slog to take off weight and then retrain our metabolism to accept the new weight. And any little slip is like with a toddler (or a dog?) and just undoes all the training and we have to start again.
    I am being philosophical about keeping around this weight which is so much healthier than my heaviest, but still slogging away to get back down to where I want to be.

    I’ve been having bad days including bad sleep with a nasty cough and saw the doctor yesterday. It might be reflux so I am off to take a pill and then make breakfast. Hope it works.

    Best wishes to everyone for a good day.

    Hello losers!

    I’ve just had a quick read through and thank you Cinque, Lindsay, LJ and Minka for mentioning me (and any others that I may have missed).

    We had a fabulous time on a private safari in the Okavango Delta and later spent a couple of weeks in Kruger National Park on a self-drive safari. My new camera lens has made me look as if I know what I’m doing with wildlife photography. There were so many baby animals.

    The highlights were watching a hyena desperately leaping up to a tree branch to try and steal a lechwe from a leopard, watching a breeding herd of elephants negotiate a deep, fast flowing river with tiny babies and seeing a hippo enter the water alone and coming out with its bundle of joy. But it’s not just the big five that make a great safari and I have lots of photographs of spectacularly coloured birds and little critters. Cinque, tell your sister that I caught a honey badger and a genet on my camera trap.

    I’ve realised what wimpy snowflakes we have become when measured up against Africans. Our cook was a very wide lady. Our guide introduced her as “the big, fat mama that will be taking care of our food”. Everyone including the cook was laughing. I asked them if it wasn’t a bit rude to introduce someone like that. The consensus was that ‘it’s a fact’ so no. They explained that if you’re given a nickname in Botswana, you cannot reject it. No one is offended. Our very tall, skinny camp manager was called Tallie. On the airport tarmac bus recently, a man gave up his seat for OH and me saying we were a lot older. I thanked him but said I wasn’t sure I was altogether happy about being classed as old. Two strangers said in unison, ‘it’s a fact’. Lesson learned. I’m old. You’re fat. Toughen up.

    More recently, we have been in Cape Town walking barefoot on the beach and soaking up the warm rays of autumn sun. In a few days we will be back on the narrow boat.

    Welcome innyanga. I lived in Perth when I started here in 2014 and I met many of the contributors for coffee over the years. I wish I were there to answer your questions in person but I see you have been given plenty of support here. At the moment I live in England but the locals allow me to post anyway.

    Minka, lovely to see you back and to learn that we are exactly the same age – did we already know that? Great to read that you’re doing so well and I hope I didn’t make it sound like we know everything and everyone who left us did so at their peril.

    Intesha, oh no, another move. I dread the day that we have to consider buying another house but I will never get to the point of owning ‘all that stuff’ again. Our tiny storage locker in Perth has already become the cost of a small mortgage payment.

    Anzac, oh no, I’ve only skimmed the posts but you poor thing with the job lark. How frustrating.

    Cinque, I haven’t read many posts but I am so happy to see you posting regularly. That is good news for the rest of us.

    GDSA, I hadn’t realised that you’d also lost 23kgs on 5:2 and arrived at exactly the same weight as I did. I also hadn’t realised until you referred to Mr GDSA as your husband recently that you and he had married – although I do remember when you were expecting the offer any day. Sorry about your foot.

    Lindsay, I hope you get your fasting mojo back soon.

    LJ, I hope your life has settled down after the school holidays ended. Ha! Never again travelling with this much luggage! How are your travel plans shaping up?

    Neil, hello to you too. I do realise that you have to engage and read others’ messages in order to be a decent participant here and I shall endeavour to get caught up properly as life returns to normal.

    Oh, and it will be straight back to 5:2 for however long it takes me to get back under 60kg after this very challenging African food and far too many G&Ts on safari. The big fat mama set up a full bar – with ice – just for the two of us every evening after the afternoon game drive and it would have been rude to refuse. I did manage a FD every week and kept under 60kg for the first five weeks but things have gone awry this past week as we try to cram in all our Cape Town restaurant favourites into one week. Thank heavens for my trusty travel scales or it would be much worse.

    Keep strong everyone.

    Hello all from a rather cool Sydney. After several very warm days, last night I had to put a jumper on. In February. Madness

    Lots of lovely, chatty posts to catch up on – Yay!

    Thin, what a wonderful trip, I’m so glad you saw so many animals and had such an awesome time. I laughed at the ‘it’s a fact’ mojo and it would be a great thing for more people to adopt in this world where everything has to be so ‘PC’. I say pfffft at your slight weight gain because, my disciplined friend, you will have it off in no time at all. We too had a few too many G&T’s over the Christmas break because we could not resist buying a couple of litre bottles of duty-free Gordan’s gin in Vanuatu at $22 per bottle. This is more than 1/3 of the retail cost

    I’m sorry to read about your troubles over the past years Innyanga. I lost 15kg in 2019 doing a strict two day 500 calorie FD and some of that crept back on in 2020 and 2021. Then at the beginning of last year my darling hubby was diagnosed with bowel cancer and the more weight he lost, the more I put on. I put on about 12 kilos before I managed to stop it all. Hubby is doing well, we have adapted to the new ‘normal’ and he has a follow-up colonoscopy next week to check that he is still cancer free. Yes, we are both anxious about this and I truly understand what PTSD is all about these days. However life goes on and we must enjoy every minute.

    This weather is crazy isn’t it Cinque? I hear you about portion sizes and it is so hard to leave good food on the plate. But I do as I refuse to overeat just because I am not in control. Anyway, I have a labrador so I can always take food home to him (depending on what it is). We have ZERO food waste here as Mr Anzac has his very healthy appetite back too.

    Neil, sorry about the 400g. It blows my mind that you are so active yet those kilos are so stubborn. Don’t give up

    We were caught in a shower of rain on the dog walk today Lindsay and of course Maxx had to dance through every puddle. But he’s a dog and loves it and especially loves this cooler weather. I’d love to see a pic of Rosy after her clip

    Well, only a few days of freedom left before I start work again and I’m determined to finish spring cleaning this house so will attack it early. Take care all

    Hello thinatlast

    Firstly, thank you for your lovely welcome. Yes, it would have been great to meet in person!

    You are so right regarding the wonderful support on this forum! I’m very grateful for all the information, advice and suggestions I’ve received already.

    I envy you your travels. Haven’t been to Botswana, but have great memories of Kruger, as well as other Game Parks in South Africa. My OH and I are sorely missing our previous annual 4-week travels overseas, but hope to catch up in a few months time. I actually allowed my passport to lapse for the first time since I had my first at 16, and that was many decades ago! Happy to have had it renewed once more.

    Looking forward to reading your previous posts. Sounds like you’ve been having a terrific time!

    Travel safely!

    Hi Everyone

    I am most grateful for all the advice, information and suggestions that have made by so many of you. I am concerned that I haven’t acknowledged and responded to all comments addressed to me, though.

    Have been having both technical and other issues, primarily eye problems, which have hindered my ability to use my device these past weeks.

    If I haven’t acknowledged your posts or comments as yet, please know that I hope to do so very soon.

    Thank you to all of you.

    Hey Innyanga, no need to respond to everyone, we all know that is not possible due to our busy lives and no-one will think twice about it. We just want to share the journey, do some venting if that helps and be supportive regardless of anything. I have never once seen any judgmental comments on this forum in 4 years so yay!

    Hi Innyanga, don’t concern yourself ….we all of us miss replying to posts sometimes. We are all pretty sanguine about it.

    Just home from the radiation oncologist who felt OH’s brain tumour radiation had gone well. I think of all the stuff that my love’s been through over the past year and three quarters,the one that’s brought him to his lowest is the carcinoma/skin graft that required 6 weeks of bed rest. In that six weeks, he’s lost so much weight and muscle tone, that he looks quite frail. talking to the oncologist today, he’s suggested a specialist reconditioning physiotherapist. Why wouldn’t the plastic surgeon thought of that, I wonder? Apart from that, all good, and OH will continue with his fortnightly immunotherapy until we go on holidays on 15th April. Yea!!!!

    Thin, how nice to have you back, and to hear about your amazing trip. I’ll respond in a day or two – heading out again, to handler training. Rosy’s due to go back into the ring, and Scarlett will probably start her show career soon, and I need to get back into practice.

    Anzac, what a x@#%^* of a boss – he’s really let you down badly. Hope it all works out, and the job comes to pass, with contract and time off in lieu. You deserve better.

    OOh Cinque your skirt sounds divine. I’m sorry you’re having tough times. YOu deserve better too. xx

    OK, off to heat some soup, and put on my running shoes. Oh my creaking bones. But I do it, so that’s a first step.

    Hello everyone,
    Today is hot in Melbourne and my little flat has had a couple of days of warming up, despite my best efforts, but I have ice and cool water!

    Thin, woot! you are back!
    Your safari sounds the most wonderful I could think of!
    I think the hippo baby might be my favourite, but so many precious memories for you (and glorious photographs for reminders). I am so glad you managed to wrangle your big lens in your luggage.
    I am zooming with my sisters in about an hour so I will share your camera trap prizes.

    Haha with the calling of fat and other terms. It makes such a difference if you feel safe and included, and people tease you in a way that makes you feel even more included.

    I hope you are enjoying getting back into 5:2.

    Anzac, You say you are back to work again… Is that a job you’ve got? Or back to looking for work? Best wishes either way.

    Yes, I left half the plate of food. I was too tired to bring it home in a container. I guess they get double the profit for a double sized meal.

    Actually the veggies I’ve been getting from my daughter’s weekly box have been gradually building up in the fridge. We are going to have a week off next week. I need to make some yummy stews etc but I don’t want to cook until the heat passes. But it is a bit overwhelming, I think “I must use those mushrooms, and the cabbage, and goodness the eggplants need using and that half green pepper has been sitting there for days…”

    Maybe on this hot day I can sit and plan.

    Part 2!

    Lindsay, SUCH good news that Mr Lindsay’s treatment looks like it might have done the trick. All my fingers and toes crossed that it might be so.
    A specialist reconditioning physiotherapist sounds excellent!
    Yay for an April holiday!

    After my doctor visit I discovered LPR which is the kind of reflux that comes with no heart burn but nasty coughing including through the night. When I had looked at reflux symptoms, I didn’t fit any of them, but with lpr (Laryngopharyngeal reflux) I fit almost all of them.
    Luckily the advice suits me fairly well: don’t overeat, small meals, don’t eat for a few hours before sleep.
    The diet advice is baffling (I wish Quacka was still here as she had reflux and I would love to talk to her about it) (Lovely entertainment for you all 🙂 )
    But then I found a nice bit of research that checked all the lpr diet research:

    Of the 372 studies identified, 7 met our inclusion criteria. In these seven studies, laryngopharyngeal reflux symptoms improved following dietary modifications. However, the studies did not present the independent effect of each dietary factor on laryngopharyngeal reflux. Moreover, only one of the seven studies had a randomised controlled study design.

    The reference studies of dietary modification for laryngopharyngeal reflux patients are not sufficient to provide recommendations.”

    My doctor is checking out other possibilities too, but this is fitting and treatable so I hope it is it. I gather it takes a while to improve but I had a much better sleep last night and less coughing through the day, and the glorious relief of things making sense. So fingers crossed.

    Innyanga I second what Anzac said. Make being here be easy. We understand what life can be like.

    Best wishes all

    Thank you for the welcome back. I’m killing time on free airport wifi in Johannesburg. Lindsay’s post prompted me to check Cinque’s posts. Oh, you poor thing. But good news that the advice sits well with you. When I get back on board, I’m not only going to do 5:2 for as long as it takes, but also the eating window employed by Lindsay. OH says he wants to gain 5lbs when we get back.

    Lindsay, that is good news indeed about your OH’s cancer treatment success. I remember the first time you mentioned the terrible news as well as Anzac’s report on Mr A’s devastating news so it is wonderful that both have had such good outcomes. Empathy with the squamous cell ca graft recovery though, they are nasty, nasty pieces of work.

    Anzac, I’m also wondering about your work situation as I’ve seen various of your posts, all out of order and over several weeks. It’s hard to fully appreciate the time you have off when you’re busy searching, isn’t it? Good luck.

    Innyanga – marvelling that no one has abbreviated that yet in the land of acronyms – let’s see if Inny catches on. I look at this forum like meeting a group of friends for coffee. If someone can’t make one session, they catch up on the highlights next time. Some of us did try to respond to each and every comment in the beginning but there were too many drop outs to invest so much time and now we just do what we can. I, for one, will be delighted to hear your fasting questions as we have been so far off-topic for years now that it’s sometimes hard to believe that it’s a 5:2 forum.

    Off to repack for subzero temperatures. Not really but a big temperature drop means I have to swap my shorts for thermals, bubble coat, scarf and beannie. Brrr, the thought of that. But we have the promise of spring to look forward to.

    Hi all, quick post as the day has gotten away from me.

    Another week and another 0.7 kg down at my weekly average weigh in. We finally have some relief in the weather after a full week of 40 to 45 deg temps, so nice to have the roller shutters up, doors and windows open with some light breeze flowing through the house, although still using the ceiling fans day and night.

    Thin, my story to Inny was the shortened version of my weight loss journey, I didn’t actually lose 23kg using 5:2. When I joined this forum I originally lost 15kg on 5:2 to get to 65kg but then put the weight back on (and some extra) when Mr GDay and I got together because I started drinking alcohol again, my good eating habits went out the window and I hit menopause. It was doing Keto where I lost 23 kgs as using the 5:2 method stopped working for me when I tried to lose the weight again. So it’s Keto where I lost 23kg to get to the 59’s, which is the weight I’m heading back to now.

    Any yes Mr GDay and I married in 2018. A short time of marriage but we had known each other as friends for over 30 years.

    Inny, don’t worry about not responding to everyone, some of us (like me) may go MIA (missing in action) for weeks or months and some (like me) will get too busy to keep up with posts and will miss some of the conversations. We are an understanding bunch. Oh, I hope you don’t mind the shortening of your name, it seems to happen to all of us, as Thin has mentioned. I know for me it’s about ease of typing and not having to remember long usernames.

    Happy Sunday everyone xx

    Hi all.
    A quick one, after a stressful but pretty uneventful day.

    OH not well, so has spent the afternoon in bed. One of the side effects from the brain tumour radiation is extreme fatigue….to get him to go to bed in the day, I have to pretend I want a snooze too, so lay down next to him and the minute he’s asleep (it only takes a minute) I get up and go about my chores.

    Then just a little while ago Scarlett was stung by a bee. I was in the courtyard, and OH had the dogs down by the pool, and you could hear her screaming. I gave her a kids’ Clarantyne, which hopefully will stop it (it may even get her to bed a bit earlier than normal).

    She’s a lot harder work than Rosy ever was – or maybe I’m just older!

    Thin OH isn’t out of the woods yet,but we celebrate steps forward. His immunotherapy is ongoing. He is quite frail (horrible word) from 6 weeks of bed rest, but his oncologist has recommended reconditioning physiotherapy, which he’ll start in a week or so, and that should help him get back to his stronger self.

    Having said it was an uneventful day, we saw the kids so that was good. DS picked OH up and took him to watch our little grandson play soccer. Then DD popped over with her girls for a swim and a visit, which as always was nice. She came to admire my new garden and fence. I must say, I am pretty pleased with it. Usually we get a plant here and a plant there, but this time I thought ‘hang the expense’ and bought enough to plant out the site. Seems crazy to spent a couple of thousand on the fence, and leave it looking like dinosaur teeth (it’s made of vertical sleepers, offset and with a 100 cm gap (the handman measured Rosy’s head to make sure she couldn’t find a way through).

    Anyway, for your amusement, I’ve posted a pic which I’ve called my two-tiered dogs (or double-decker dogs, if you’d prefer).

    Gday what program do you follow for Keto? I think I need to bump off more carbs, to move my weight along. I’ve just done back to back 800s. A good result this morning and fingers crossed for a similar result tomorrow. But when I first did 5:2 it was 500 calories on fast days, and I’m struggling with that now.

    OK my long awaited dinner needs to be cooked, so bye for now all, and back tomorrow.

    Hello everyone,

    So cool in Melbourne! This is particularly good because Miso hurt her leg a few days ago. It is getting better but I am glad to have a day where she is happy to stay inside curled up on a chair.

    Lindsay I do hope Mr Lindsay has some good rests, cancer treatment is so hard on the body. You are a good strategist, and your dogs are beautiful.
    Ha, I do remember Rosy giving you such a run around when she was a pup.

    Thin, are you nearly home? I hope there wasn’t too much more waiting.
    My sisters were impressed with your camera trap catches, although we had to look up what a genet is! (They were also very impressed with the baby hippo story).

    Gday nice work, all power to you.

    My waist is getting smaller (1 cm down 😉 ) avoiding discomfort is such a good reward for eating a bit less! Not that this condition (silent reflux) is making sense to me yet but I am having less coughing and better nights, so on I go.
    I do now understand why that fashion came in for a huge pile of pillows on the bed. Trying to get the head of the bed higher because reflux! I have mine chocked up, but also use five pillows to get into a good position.

    Sending out best wishes to everyone.

    Morning all.

    Well, I was hoping to have a control day on Friday, unfortunately I forgot to take my lunch to work with me, and then someone brought cake and chocolates, so I ended up eating that, and then having a huge afternoon energy crash. I tried to balance it out by eating better over the weekend, and today is my regular fast day, then I’ll try to get a good low control day in tomorrow (1200-1500 calories is what I’m aiming for) and hopefully I’ll manage to get down below where I was at my last weigh-in.

    Cinque, reflux is no joke, my wife had it for years until she was finally diagnosed with a helicobacter pylori infection. A course of antibiotics finally cleared it up.

    Thin, so no politically correct language in Africa, I dread to think what they would come up with if I went over there. Sounds like you had a good trip though.

    Lindsay, isn’t it weird how we struggle with things that we did so well at before? I easily managed 800 calories a day for 12 straight weeks, now I struggle after one fast day.

    Gday, congrats on another 700g gone, I’m hoping that I’ll hit something similar on my weigh-in, but I’m not counting on it based on my previous weigh-in results, and my big sugar day on Friday.

    Anzac, I’m guessing your idea of a cooler day varies greatly from mine. We had a bit of a shock to the system last week, after a pretty warm summer (mid 20s-mid 30s over the last 2 months) we had a couple of days or rain where it was 7 degrees overnight and our top temperature was only 14 degrees during the day. My wife was actually considering lighting the fire at one stage.

    Innyanga, how are you getting on? have you tried shaking things up with a different approach and has it worked on the scales?

    Well, back to work, I’ll catch up with you all later.

    Morning all from the chilly canals,

    I forgot that the pages load two back from the current one so I’ve been busy catching up in detail on ‘old news’. But it was a good page full of weight loss stories, albeit with lamented slow progress. Neil, in particular, don’t worry about that. Remember I told you when you were almost at your goal weight that maintenance was the hardest part of all this? So, experiencing a nice steady loss is a much better place to be. Who cares how long it takes?

    Definitely no PC language in Africa. They tell it like it is. You can only take offence, not give it.

    As for the high cost/shortage of fresh food, we have returned to England to find a shortage of eggs and salad items (the latter due to bad weather in Europe and Africa). I enquired of the checkout lad about the reason for no eggs and he replied, ‘Dunno, there just haven’t been any’. His mother must be so proud.

    Inny, don’t worry about slow progress. A loss is a loss. My only advice is to nail the FDs first. Make absolutely certain that you’re counting every single thing that passes your lips on those days. Counting calories is boring. Enjoy the feast days for now, they can be tweaked later as 5:2 gradually shapes your eating habits and food desires. As Cinque mentioned, the general consensus is fast weight loss keeps people motivated – I personally disagree with this. We simply need a downward trend and to learn to eat to sustain the weight we want to be. I’m speaking as someone who lost 23kg in the first year, then another 2kg over the following seven years and who has never missed at least one fast day a week, employing a ‘trigger’ weight for an extra FD if I ever reached 60kg. So much easier than yo-yo’ing up and down and all the misery that brings.

    LJ, I read a very long post of yours but can only remember a small part but I noted that you continue to struggle with social invitations involving food. They used to derail me too. You haven’t mentioned Bridge for a long time – did you not like it? I used to get a lot of my socialisation from that and Cryptic Crossword classes – true, there’s usually a coffee break but it’s easy to resist packet biscuits. I see the cat has been doing a better job of training you than the other way around.

    Cinque, yay for 1cm down on the waistline. I hope you can assemble enough strategies to take care of that horrid reflux issue. I’m happy for your lovely video call with your sisters. I was pleased to trap something besides a hedgehog on my camera! I think I forgot to mention trapping a hyena one night. Yes, we have been back on the boat for a day. Our winter mooring ends tomorrow and we will cruise away on Wednesday. I feel down in the dumps that our DD is no longer here. She’s very good at keeping us informed on an almost daily basis and I can see her colourful photos on instagram but it’s not the same as having her in the country. She’s heading to Honduras to take a scuba diving course this week.

    Lindsay, thanks for the update. I hope your OH soon gets his strength and endurance back with the physio.

    GDSA, thanks for the background. I missed the part where Mr GDSA had popped the question but I did know that you anticipated it. Wow, 2018, time flies.

    Anzac, are you OK?

    I had a good FD yesterday, dropped 800gm. I find my body will forgive some horrible digressions as long as I counter them with rigid fasting. I feel so much more comfortable eating my own home cooked food than eating out. I have a pub meal to negotiate before we leave this marina as we have credit to use up. I’ll have another FD on Wednesday and hopefully that’ll put me comfortably under 60kg. No alcohol for the foreseeable future.

    Morning Thin, yeah it’s been slow going, but it’s just annoying how easily it comes back on compared to how hard you have to work to get it off.

    It seems like there is a global shortage of eggs at the moment. I have a friend in Florida who invested in some chickens because eggs are $10 a dozen over there, and he has 3 kids who are egg mad. I’m not sure about overseas, but over here it’s a combination of the price of feed going up 30%, and new government regulations around removing cage chickens. Many producers are drastically reducing their chicken numbers. The farm I buy mine from is a pig and poultry farm, but with the new restrictions they’re concentrating on pigs, and reducing their chicken numbers from around 5,000 battery chickens, down to just 300 barn chickens. The supermarkets constantly run out of eggs, and when they do have them, they’re also $10 a dozen like in the states. I’m lucky the farmer I go to knows me and she’ll set aside a couple of trays for me a fortnight. She sells trays of 20 eggs for $9.50, a much more palatable price, because I really don’t want to miss out on my 3-egg omelette, which is a staple for me on fast days. 3 eggs with some onion, spinach, tomato, and a bit of grated cheddar is around 400 calories, but keeps you feeling full for ages.


    I just lost a long, chatty post

    It is my first day back at work and I now need to get stuck into the accumulated emails before the official start time of 9am. I will try to re-type my lovely post later. GAH!!!

    PS: Happy Happy birthday LJ! I hope you have a wonderful day

    Hi friends, will try and remember everything I lost

    First day back at work today and while I have loved every second of pretend ‘retirement’ it is time to resume making an income. I also know that the work discipline helps me with my weight loss and healthy eating regime. I have resurrected my tracking spreadsheet and devised some achievable goals through the year based on around 0.5kg per week loss

    Welcome home Thin! I’m fine, thanks for asking, was just busy helping Dad with some stuff as well as a lot of paperwork in preparation for the job. I was sad to read how much you miss your DD but it sounds like she is having a wonderful time in South America. Do you know how long she plans to be there?

    Neil those egg prices are crazy. I did read about the government restrictions regarding cage eggs – which is a good thing – but it doesn’t help people already struggling with the soaring cost of EVERYTHING on top of fast-rising interest rates.

    Yes, 14 degree maximum in February left me shivering for sure! Our ‘lower’ temps mean highs in the low 20’s

    Yay for your smaller waist Cinque. I have terrible reflux, a side effect of the diverticulitis. I take Somac to counter it and although the doctor told me to only have it when needed, I find that two days without a tablet results in the reflux returning with a vengeance. I hope you can get on top of yours soon

    I’m sorry your OH is feeling so fatigued from the radiation. Mr Anzac had the same problem. When he was first diagnosed the first, and very quickly organised, treatment was radiation therapy and within less that 2 weeks he went from Robust health to a physical and mental wreck. He has his first post-surgery colonoscopy on Thursday and we are both feeling very anxious. Hopefully the all-clear will be given. I hope Mr Lindsay’s health improves soon

    We have said many many times that Maxx is MUCH harder work than our first labrador (Benson) was. However the nice folk on the Labrador Friends forum remind me that we tend to have rose-coloured glasses that block the memories of croco-pups. I’m not so sure, I will never forget the small, furry, crocodile that was wreaking havoc on the house, plants, furniture, human skin and we often wondered whether he was actually possessed by a demon. This was December 2017 so I can’t see those memories fading any time soon. We ran into a lovely man with a 4 month old crazy border collie who was leaping and jumping on Maxx and biting his face. The man said ‘look how calm your dog is’ and I almost looked over my shoulder to see who he was talking about! Maxx? Calm? But then I realised yes he was when it comes to little dogs. He just rolled his eyes at us a few times as if to say ‘Come on Mum and Dad, can we continue our walk now?’ A different story with big dogs and he gets a bit jumpy and excited.

    Ok I will go before I lose this post too! Take care all, hi to everyone else and one more birthday wish for LJ

    Lindsay, I do my own version of Keto. I don’t count macros but I do reasonably high fat, moderate protein and minimal carbs.

    I rarely eat meat because A) Miss Gday doesn’t really like meat except for a bit of chicken or mince occasionally, B) I won’t eat meat that is produced with hormones or grains so therefore I only eat organic grass-fed meat which is very expensive and C) I can’t afford to eat meat. I will occasionally have some prosciutto that I buy from an Italian deli which is traditionally made without any of the added nasties that’s in the supermarket prosciutto.

    For fats and protein, I only have organic full fat dairy (yoghurt, quark, white cheese and I make my kefir from organic full fat milk) and coconut cream/milk.

    I have a variety of different nuts and seeds (no peanuts) which I activate to get rid of the enzyme inhibitors and eat lots of my own chook and duck eggs.

    Sadly, I rarely eat fish anymore as I am unable to get wild caught fish where I live, it’s all farmed fish (which are fed hormones) or ‘unknown’ fish from overseas. I absolutely love salmon fillets but again I cannot get wild caught and the supermarket salmon is farmed and injected with dye to give it the pink colour – Eeewww. If I can find a wild caught tinned salmon or tuna I will have that but they are getting increasingly harder to find on the supermarket shelf. I do have fresh Coffin Bay oysters when the company travels to my area once a month or so. I wish I could eat Sardines, kippers etc as they are so healthy, but the smell makes me dry reach…..another Eeewww.

    I eat a huge variety of vegies (but rarely white potato) as well as salad veg, herbs, avocado, olives and berries (frozen) but occasionally, I will have another type of fruit but only a small portion.

    I make my own keto bread, rolls and keto biscuits/crackers and will very occasionally have an organic wholegrain pasta (Miss GDays favourite meal). If I do have pasta it’s a very small portion and I have a huge salad with it.

    No junk food or processed foods, 2 meals a day and no eating between meals at all. My treat is 2-3 squares of 95% cacao dark chocolate each day. No alcohol, soft drink etc, just water, tea, coffee and my home made kombucha. Occasionally I will have an alcohol-free beer, wine or gin and tonic, but that is rare.

    I will allow myself treats but they are also rare because it’s only when we go to Adelaide where I will have a pistachio and a berry ice-cream from the specialty ice-cream shop and if we are in the city some Haiges chocolates and wine gums from the Central Market.

    We are actually in Adelaide for a quick overnight trip for a medical appointment next week and will be passing the ice-cream shop on our way through so will definitely be stopping there but have no need to go into the heart of the city so our other treats will wait for another time.

    I forgot to mention I don’t calorie count and I don’t weigh foods for portion sizes. I eat as much as I feel like at each meal, sometimes it can be a big portion and sometimes a small portion. And I also water fast for 72 hours every 2 weeks.

    I forgot to mention I don’t calorie count and I don’t weigh foods for portion sizes. I eat as much as I feel like at each meal, sometimes it can be a big portion and sometimes a small portion. And I also water fast for 72 hours every 2 weeks.

    Anzac, good luck with the job. You will be a brilliant asset. I hope you don’t let them work you too hard. Look how relaxed you were about it – posting here first! That’s horrid to read how the cancer treatment knocked your OH about so badly but good luck to him with the colonoscopy this week. Is his life more or less back to normal now? Thanks for your kind words about my empty nest woes. DD thinks she might be travelling for about a year.

    Neil, the cost of produce is horrendous everywhere it seems. It’s good that you can get eggs from a farmer. I often saved enough calories on a FD for a boiled egg later in the evening, so satiating. The issue here has been bird ‘flu, the worst case in UK history. There was a turkey shortage at Xmas but we weren’t here so not sure how bad it was. The trouble with shortages is that people greedily panic-buy (like Australians with the loo paper during covid!) exacerbating the problem. I thought food prices were high here but with your accounts, GDSA talking of not being able to afford certain food groups and Perth friends telling me that a cup of coffee is now $7, I’m nervous about returning downunder.

    Head down today applying for OH’s spousal visa extension. We thought it would be a question of applying to renew the current one for which we submitted 46 documents and £2500. But no, we must start again from scratch proving that we have lived together for the past 30 months – which we cannot do. Had we known we needed an alibi, we’d have been better prepared like all the scammers who come here illegally and have do-gooder lawyers filling in their forms for them. The questions are utterly absurd and geared towards people who shouldn’t be here. One question asks, “Have you already met your spouse?”. Another allows you state, “I do not know how to write the name of my spouse”. And then several statements denying your involvement in terrorist activity or ideation. It would be laughable if the country wasn’t in such a mess. My OH’s grandparents were born here, his wife and daughter are British citizens and we’ve been married for 30 years. But the application is designed for people who haven’t even met their spouse.

    A brief post as I’m feeling a bit weary tonight.

    Thin, your holiday sounded wonderful. I hope the visa application doesn’t throw up too many more hurdles. (Some of those visa questions are nuts.)
    I do like bridge, but I haven’t mentioned it lately as I stopped going in the early days of covid and then my bridge partner decided she wouldn’t be returning as her husband was terminally ill. So I keep delaying my return because I hate showing up without a partner, just hoping there’s another loner there too that I can play with that day. I enjoy it more if playing with the same partner. My life is busy enough now so I don’t need it, but I may go back at some point.

    Anzac, thank you for the birthday wishes – I’m impressed that you remembered from last year as I haven’t mentioned it in recent posts.
    I’m hoping you tell us a little more about the new job – or is it the same job where they were slack about organising a contract?

    Lindsay, I hope your husband gets his bounce back soon. Hopefully the physio will be able to help.

    GDSA, I hope you enjoy those treats on your fleeting visit to Adelaide.

    Cinque, I hadn’t heard of your form of reflux. I hope the small regular meals routine makes a real difference to your symptoms. I have a hiatus hernia and suffered with reflux for 30 years before it was diagnosed with an endoscopy after I was finally referred to a gastroenterologist. He prescribed medication – I take 40mg Nexium daily. My symptoms stopped immediately with the medication.

    Neil & Thin, I’ve noticed erratic availability of eggs here too. Oddly Woolworths always seems the have plenty, but the shelves are nearly empty every time I go to Coles. That difference makes no sense to me.

    As to food prices. I’ve been looking at prices and noticing what has increased – some things have gone up 25% over the last year and others items have barely changed. I’ve spent less than usual on food over recent weeks and I was wondering why. They I remembered that I’m buying almost no veg as I have an abundant supply in my veggie patch. Although I’m starting to pull some things out now, in preparation for planting cold weather veg. My initial plans are for purple sprouting broccoli, parsnips, spinach, peas and broad beans (which won’t ripen until early spring).

    There have been several birthday brunches, lunches etc in recent days – the last one is tomorrow. I managed to do a strict FD on Monday despite going out for morning tea with the neighbours. I just ordered a cup of tea.
    I thought I was doing well today as I went walking with my best friend and we stopped at our regular cafe for an early lunch. I just had a buttered scone and though I was doing well until my nephew’s wife and their kids showed up after school with this: https://imgur.com/a/v2HBg3E It’s a lemon crumble tart with a lemon curd cheesecake in the shape of an actual lemon on top. It looked spectacular and tasted divine. I persuaded my nephew’s wife to have half. Still, it’s more calories and sugar than I intended to consume today – the scone was meant to be my birthday treat. One more morning tea to go tomorrow and then I should be able to get back to my usual eating routine.

    Well I must go, as it’s a cool night I think I’ll have a hot cocoa made with almond-coconut milk before bed. Night all.

    Morning all

    Well my weigh in was this morning and I was down a measly 100 grams. It’s in the right direction, but it really should be going faster. I think I’m averaging something like 1800 calories a day (which alone should be dropping me weight) and then on top of that I’m averaging 500-600 calories a day in exercise. Really frustrating, then as I said last week, I have a couple of bad days and the weight piles back on.

    Hello all

    That really is frustrating Neil and I simply don’t get it. I can only assume you are building heavy muscle with all of the cycling. I too only have to look at bad food to put on a stack. Hang in there my friend!

    This ‘new’ job is back at the same bank but a whole new project. It isn’t the dream job I wanted in payments; that never eventuated. However this is with the same project manager which is the only unfortunate part but the work is familiar, interesting and best of all full-time WFH. Many of the old team (the nice people) are there too so I am happy to be here after a false start. The nearly 2 weeks I worked unpaid will be repaid to me in paid time-in-lieu

    LJ, I hope it was ok to let the birthday cat out of the bag? I’m so sorry if I overstepped the mark there. I’m glad you had a nice birthday and don’t worry about the lemon cheesecake, one FD will rid you of that. It is so difficult when you have to manage social events isn’t it?

    Mr Anzac’s sister arrives from NZ tonight. The brother is picking her up and having her stay while we get the colonoscopy out of the way tomorrow. I assume there will be many meals out so here comes my own tricky path for 3 weeks. I have been slack with my exercise the past 3 or 4 days and the scales rewarded me with a jump of 400g for no good reason otherwise

    G’day that is very sad that you can’t get the fresh food you love to eat, that really is tragic. I always have some NA wine in the fridge as I like it and when I feel like a treat I can have a glass. It is low sugar too

    Thin, the more I read about England the more I see what a mess it is. Most of the labrador forum are in England and from not being able to get in to see a GP to so many awful stories about the NHS, to rising prices (especially electricity). I can’t believe what you said about the visa. Seriously?

    The sun is shining but rain is forecast for the next 3 days. I see next week the temps are rising again to the mid 30’s so Mr Anzac’s sister won’t like that. We will make sure we stick to places with air-con

    Must run, keep losing losers!

    Morning all.

    I laughed out loud at your comment about the checkout lad’s mother Thin.
    It wasn’t just Australians who panic bought loo paper. It seemed to be a worldwide phenomenon. I had friends in both the US and China who couldn’t find a roll for love nor money.

    Gosh Thin, if your Perth friend pays $7 for a coffee, remind me not to go West. I had a terrific long black this morning in a lovely little garden cafe, for $4.50. It’s about average here in Brisbane.

    Here’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. Yes, the price of everything is going up up up. But I am quite surprised by the amount of highly priced, highly processed food that goes into people’s trolleys. Example? Well, those little packets of crackers and cheese that so many people seem to buy for kids’ or their own lunches. Soft drinks. Prepared food. Yoghurt drinks. Without wanting to sound smug, I see trolleys where I could reduce the cost of the shop by a third. One thing I loved about Jamie Oliver was his ‘learn to cook’ classes – my friend went to one, and she was amazed at how good cheap food could be. OK, rant over.

    Anzac, I hope the new job gives you everything you want, without draining you like the last one did. I also hope the colonoscopy goes well tomorrow – you’re in my thoughts.

    Neil, slow and steady. It’s hard. Thin is right about maintenance.

    I’m back on Fast800. Day 5 now. I looked at the scales, at my swimsuits, and my ticket to Bali on 15 April, and realised the time had come to stop phaffing around. So far so good.

    LJ those social events are very hard to negotiate. Fine, if you go somewhere and you can order a salad with the dressing on the side. Not so fine if it’s an Indian restaurant (or even Vietnamese, where the food is laden with sugar). A tricky conundrum.

    Gday thanks for the long post about your way of eating. It sounds very doable, and obviously has good results. Know what you mean about the price of meat….it’s expensive. We just about gave up red meat but OH needs to keep his iron up, and although he can get it from plant based foods, he’ll eat a steak or similar. I found a butcher (Forage Farms in the Mary Valley) that is organic, pasture raised, no chemicals etc. It wasn’t cheap …but I bought an eighth of a beast (eekkk!) which turned up prepackaged and frozen and all I had to do was pop it in the freezer. It cost around $620 but has lasted for ages and ages because we eat so little of it. But the important thing is that it is chemical free which is important for us all, but particularly those of us who are unwell.

    OK, it’s too hot for the first day of autumn, so perhaps it’s time for a dip. Enjoy the rest of your day all.

    LJ, nice to hear from you. How wonderful to be supplying your own produce, it must be so satisfying on various levels. A 25% increase in food costs is even worse than here. Thanks for filling me in on your Bridge status. I totally understand that, a steady partner is essential to progressing in the game. I miss it a lot.

    I’m having my second FD for the week today. Food already cooked from Sunday’s fast. We had the pub meal last night. I forgot to ask for the dressings on the side and both the salad and chicken were swimming. I now have a fridge full of healthy food so I’m back on track.

    Lindsay, I like to smugly assess others’ shopping trolleys too. Sometimes I don’t even recognise the items as food. There are entire aisles that I never even venture down. So much packaged, processed stuff. Expensive and unhealthy no doubt. I was busy judging a couple at the next table who’d chosen the carvery buffet last night. I think my jaw probably dropped visibly when they returned to their table with their stash piled so high that it was falling off the plate. They were definitely no strangers to the knife and fork. The NHS is groaning under the strain of self-destruction.

    Anzac, thanks for filling us in on the job front. I hope you have fun with Mr A’s family. Three weeks of meals out will be tough. No joking about the visa questions. I got to one asking if OH and I were already related before we married. In true PC terminology, there is no longer even a check box for applying for a ‘spouse visa’ as a ‘spouse’, only as a ‘partner’. We’ve turned over another £2500 for the application. We don’t expect to get something for nothing but it irks me that, if you’re destitute, you need not pay it. And people wonder why the country is in such a mess.

    We had a good, long towpath walk yesterday. It’s wonderful to be able to get out and exercise without fear of someone coming for your shoes. We take a lot for granted. There were 7555 murders in Johannesburg in the past three months.

    Neil, hang in there. Frustrating as it is, you’re on a downward track so that’s good.

    Back for a quick post, as I head off for a pre-dinner shower. It’s a hot one, and I’ve been in the pool.
    Cinque I am really sorry to hear about your condition. With a diagnosis, hopefully it can be resolved, or at least the symptoms managed.
    Hooray for a centimetre off the waist.
    Wow Thin, that’s a lot of people killed. We do take a lot for granted. Your tow path walk sounds lovely.
    One of the high spots of my day is my early morning outing with one (or sometimes two) of the dogs. Particularly, I love taking Rosy. I take a tennis racquet and whack a silicone ball across the park. She grabs the first one, then I hit the second one and she runs to it and sniffs it out for me. I get steps up, she practises sniff and find, and doesn’t jar her back picking up the ball.
    A man commented to me the other day that Rosy just owns the park. And she does. She is beautiful to watch – people stop to watch her – and so independent and happy.

    Thin your buffet story reminds me of a night in Edinburgh a few years ago. A small middle-aged Scottish couple sat at the table next to us. They got up to the buffet and came back with mountains of food, all mixed in together, and proceeded to plough through it. The stack was as high as the plate was wide. And the funny thing? they didn’t say one word to each other the whole while they demolished their meals.

    goodnight all.

    Good morning everyone on the 2/3/23,
    (I do love number patterns)

    Neil, a hard price to pay for forgetting your lunch. But isn’t it interesting how we come to connect that dreadful energy crash with eating badly. Once it is in our head it takes root.

    I am so sorry to hear how much trouble Mrs Neil had with reflux, hooray for antibiotics. (Mine seems to be clearing up although I had a surprising bout of coughing when I got up this morning).

    Thin, I agree with you in that, while evidence shows many people need that fast initial weight loss to give them the impetus to keep going, personally I like that slow downward trajectory.

    I am so glad you have your fridge set up with good food and are back to cruising the beautiful places.

    But omg the visa application. Fingers crossed it is just all the hundreds of irritating steps… but then done. Please don’t tell me it is all for a 3 month visa extension.

    I haven’t noticed an egg problem here, but I have been lucky enough to a) get half a dozen eggs from my sister’s chooks (best eggs ever) and b) try the eggs they sell at the Helping Hands Mission Op Shop. I donate my eggcartons there, but never bought the eggs before. They must have an egg farm owner in their church and he donates(or sells cheap) the double yolkers. It is amazing to have a whole carton of double yolkers and, as a general rule, they are just the right size for the frittata or whatever egg thing I want to make.

    Anzac, I am so glad you are back at work and will get paid those days T.I.L. A pity it isn’t the project you were keen on, but hooray for good workmates and work from home. And hooray you are back in the rhythm to look after your health.

    Maybe it was you and not Quacka who I remember talking about terrible reflux. Sympathy. I need to make the appt today to talk with my doctor next Tuesday. Hopefully I can stop taking the medication and keep doing the lifestyle things, but even more hopefully my eosophagus can heal and the problem go away. Fingers crossed.
    I’ll ask if anyone is doing research as I would be interested to be in a trial.

    Gday, I do hope you enjoyed every mouthful of that icecream in Adelaide.

    LJoyce, apparently a hiatus hernia can set off my sort of reflux too, another question to ask my doctor. Hooray for immediate relief for you. Finally.

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes!

    Lindsay, Best wishes to you on Fast 800. I hope it is just lovely to focus on fitting into your holiday clothes in 6 weeks.
    I can just imagine how gorgeous Rosy looks owning that park!

    I had coffee with a friend yesterday and it had gone up a dollar (since whenever I went out for a coffee last). Worth it though, it was a brilliant one.

    I’ve lost another centimeter from my waist. I am enjoying how comfortable my clothes are feeling.

    I’m off now to make a coffee and see if I can make it close to as lovely as yesterdays one was!

    Best wishes everyone.

    Lindsay, that just sounds marvellous to be out walking with a healthy, happy dog. Oh dear, the Edinburgh over-eaters with no time to chat to each other. All of us here deserve a big pat on the back for bucking the trend.

    Cinque, you sound bouncy. So pleased your reflux is clearing up. Great to get the fresh eggs and support the local community. We always buy eggs left at farm gates on an honesty system if we see them. I’ve just read that there are moves to start vaccinating chickens here in an effort to prevent bird ‘flu spread to humans.

    Ouch for the dollar rise in the price of a cup of coffee. But if it’s a good one and you get a lot of chat time in a pleasant environment, it’s probably worth the cost. I miss my coffee buddies in Perth. OH is not a cafe man (unlike Mr Lindsay). The visa extension is for 30 months, not three, thankfully. So yes, once submitted, we can forget about it for some time.

    I dropped 700g with yesterday’s fast. I’ll carry on with two FDs a week and no alcohol until I’m comfortably in the low range. I don’t want to spend every week moving above and below the trigger weight.

    It is so wonderful to be back on the canals. It’s bleak and cold but we can see rolling hills instead of someone else’s portholes. And there’s an optimism for warmer weather and longer days.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Weighing in on the coffee debate, up until recently I would always stop at one of the local coffee shops for a hot bevvy when in town doing my weekly chores but not anymore. A large long black has gone from $4.50 to $6.00 and a medium chia latte was $5.50 is now $7.50. Yes its only a few dollars but I live on a very tight budget and with the increase in costs for everything else, I’ve had to forego my weekly coffee outing. There is no such thing as a bit of surplus spending money anymore for many households and I fear there is no reprieve on the horizon any time soon.

    Good morning everyone

    A day at home today, so a chance to catch up with your posts.

    Cinque, thanks for the birthday wishes, lovely roses.
    I’m glad that what you are doing is helping your reflux, but if it doesn’t solve the problem it’s definitely worth asking more questions.
    I think your memory was right – I also remember that Quacka was having trouble with FDs because of reflux. She needed to eat in the morning to settle it.
    All those double yolkers – great for meals, but a challenge when baking.

    Anzac, excellent news that you get to WFH full time. Isn’t it a valuable working condition? I definitely valued it when I was working.
    Yes, letting the birthday cat out of the bag was fine. I wasn’t hiding, I just hadn’t posted for about a week so I hadn’t mentioned that it was approaching.

    Thin, is lovely to hear you full of anticipation for the canal adventures ahead. Where are heading this year?

    Lindsay, I’m not surprised that everyone stops to look at Rosy running. It’s that long glossy red coat that is shown to perfection when she’s running.

    Congratulations Neil, Thin, GDSA and Cinque on the continuing loss of grams or cms. Even small losses a re a good thing.

    On the cafe coffee debate. I resent paying $5-8 for a cup or pot of tea that’s usually worse than anything I can make at home. However if it’s an outing with company I treat it as such and put up with the poor tea, because it’s about the conversation and spending time with friends. If I’m alone I rarely go a cafe, I just wait until I get home.

    I did something exciting (and a bit scary) yesterday. I booked a trip to Antarctica for 25 Feb-8 March 2024. I’m still in a bit of shock that I committed to that amount of money. It’s odd the way my mind works. I spent the last three years saving for travel and not actually travelling. Now I have a healthy balance in the savings account – enough to pay for at least 2 o/s trips, but I panic when committing a large amount funds to a holiday. I think I spent too many years barely able to cover my mortgage and dipping deeply into savings hits all my risk buttons. I need to keep reminding myself that nothing else I want to do will be remotely as expensive as Antarctica. The only reason I could afford it this time was because one cruise line was offering some cruises without a single supplement (which usually doubles an already high price for Antarctic cruises). So I’m doing the Ponant cruise that’s a joint venture with Smithsonian Journeys – which means the Smithsonian sends experts along to provide an educational element. The time of year I’m going should mean penguins, whales, fur seals and albatross.

    After a couple of weeks of poor NFDS followed by several birthday brunches and lunches my weight is up by 4kg. A FD yesterday has my weight heading down and I will need to have some very careful NFDs over the next few weeks. I’m glad the weather is bit cooler as it makes veggie soup for one of my meals an appealing option.

    Time for a well made pot of tea and a handful of strawberries from my garden. I did the watering and produce picking earlier. I have zucchini and cherry tomatoes for later.

    Hello everyone,

    omg Thin, I wish I was bouncy!
    I did too much yesterday and so only running on one cylinder today.

    But yesterday
    I did make pastel de choclo, corn pie, (simple version with yummy mince and greens topped with a savoury fresh corn custard). Six ramekins, 5 in the freezer and one in the fridge ready for tomorrows lunch. It is one of my favourite things to eat, and needs sweet corn to be cheap and lovely, so yesterday was the day (69c each).

    After thinking my coughing was enormously improved, it has plateaued. I am tweaking my behaviour to see if I can figure out why.

    Yay for 30 months visa extension (wish it was 30 years for Mr Thin).

    Gday, so sorry you have to give up your weekly cafe coffee, I couldn’t do it either, I am at about a seasonly coffee 😀
    Are you able to make good coffee at home?

    LJoyce, so many people with reflux. Miss you Quacka.
    Good point with the double yolkers for baking.

    My sister dislikes coffee and would agree with you 100% about tea in cafes.
    Such a pity they can’t do it well. Hooray for a pot of tea made at home.

    Woohoo for Antarctica! I can relate to your anxiety but oh wow, what a gorgeous destination. So exciting!

    Here is a picture of my latest bread, rye and cocoa flours It is so tasty!

    Off to rest before lunch, since I can’t rest after lunch (not for at least an hour anyway).

    All good things
    <3 <3 <3

    Cinque, oooh that bread looks delicious. Too bad I couldn’t have any of it. It looks like melted chocolate in the centre!

    LJ, I completely agree with your sentiments about tea and coffee in cafes. Happy to pay for one to be with a friend and the hours of entertainment it brings. I wouldn’t consider having a coffee alone in a cafe and never buy one ‘to go’ as my own efforts are usually better. At least I know it will be HOT.

    How fantastic that you’ve booked that trip! You downsized your house so that you could travel. I remember what you went through to achieve that. You live alone, worked hard all your life, answer to no one and have no direct heirs – so why not? Saving on the single supplement makes it the perfect timing. Spending habits are so ingrained. Our private safari expenses in Botswana were ludicrous. When I say it out loud, it makes my head spin. But OH and I have always been frugal, we don’t waste money on other peoples’ ‘must haves’ and we’re finally at the point in our lives where can actually do what we want. Mostly, we continue to act with great restraint. But African wildlife viewing is something that gives us great pleasure in life. So, woohoo to you as Cinque says!

    Phew. DS and his two little ones, and the 4 year old’s mate, have just left after a morning in the pool. DS came first at 6, and we opened the bee hive and took a little honey. The bees were frenetic – don’t know if it was because we were earlier than usual, or because they are busy making honey (and bees, by the look of the comb).

    So, 7 days of Fast800 and pretty much carb free, and I’ve dropped 2.3 kilos. I know it’s partly water weight, but I’ll take it.

    Cinque I’m sorry you’re down to one cylinder. May you fire up soon. Double yolker eggs. Wow! You triggered a childhood memory of cracking eggs from Dad’s hens to see who got the double yolker.

    The coffee discussion hits a nerve. I will happily pay $4.50 but baulk at $5, when I make such good coffee at home with my Europress. But ….on the mornings that I walk Rosy with DS and his dogs, the local sourdough bakery is just opening as we finish (6.30) so I stop with Rosy and have a coffee, just for the socialisation for us both.

    Gday those increases are unreal – I know stuff is more expensive, but how can they justify that? I get my cheese etc at a Greek deli in West End where they still charge $2 for a coffee. No increase for years. Probably a loss leader, but cafes that boost their prices unreasonably will lose more money from the customers that don’t come back, than the revenue they gain from the increase.

    I took my DD to a coffee shop a few days ago where they charged $17 for my one shot long black, her chai latte, and her chocolate brownie sort of thing. Daylight robbery, as my mother used to say. But the kicker for me was that they served it in those awful paper cups. I asked for a china cup – no, apparently they couldn’t do that because health and safety meant they needed a dishwasher, and they didn’t have room. They were in a warehouse/gift shop which was huge, for heaven’s sake. My last visit.

    Thin I think these frugality habits die hard – and I think we are lucky to have them. It’s what allows you LJ to take this fabulous trip, and allowed you and your OH to go to Africa Thin. They create memories that are with you for life – unlike the newest car, or the expensive dress, which only thrill for such a short time. Look at the fabulous things you get Cinque in op shops. They are only there because they’ve stopped thrilling someone. But now they thrill you, for a fraction of the original cost.

    OH and I have stopped travelling for the past 3 years – Covid first, then his illness. But we are going to Bali in April, for 8 days in a modest beachside hotel, and then 6 days in a new luxury French resort up in the mountains, with cocktails and massages and the like. It’s how we like to travel….mostly modest, with a splash of luxury when and if we feel like it. Yes to what you say Thin about working hard and being moderate, to be able to please ourselves at this time in our lives.

    OK as I read this post I’m surprised by how I’ve banged on about coffee. Sorry folks.

    How are you travelling Neil? Still on a downward spiral. And Cinque, another cm off your waistline. You’ll have to keep adjusting that skirt, at this rate.

    Back in a day or two. Enjoy your weekend, all.

    Lindsay, I think there’s a lot of gouging going on. As soon as 11% inflation was mentioned here, it seemed everyone jumped on the bandwagon and started raising prices. It reminds me of when when GST was introduced in Oz in 2000. Absolutely nothing should have risen in cost – yet everything did. And so many stamp duties that were intended to be abolished in lieu of GST still remain 23 years on. As for serving tea and coffee in paper cups – awful! I bet you’re looking forward to that two week trip.

    Hello all, a quiet couple of days on here!

    My tracking and conscious eating is going well, very slowly tracking downwards. Still a way to go until I’m back in the 80’s but I will get there

    LJ, you have awakened the Antarctica beast inside me! We have been talking about it and researching it for about 15 years but never did it. I am so happy for you and don’t ever think twice about the cost; life is for living and it will be totally awesome. Are you doing any other side trips while you are down there? Who are you flying with and what is your route to get to Ushuaia? I want to hear all about it please. I did raise it with Mr A and he too is now all keen again

    Mr Anzac’s lovely sister is enjoying her stay apart from the heatwave. 38 yesterday and 36 today but thankfully we have air-con and the pool of course. She is finding the pricing here very cheap compared to NZ: for example she was quoted $750 – 900 NZD for a single pair of glasses. She went to the discount optometrist chain store this morning and can get two pair, both with transitional lenses (the NZ one did not have this) for A$800. She does not have private health insurance so that is why it seems high but to her it is cheap.

    Lindsay I was aghast at the price of the two coffees and a brownie. And in paper cups! I don’t blame you for never going back, daylight robbery as you said. Your Bali trip sounds lovely – and something wonderful to look forward to 🙂

    How is your coughing and reflux Cinque? I hope it has improved. That bread looks simply divine…yum

    Thin, my labrador friends in the UK said there is a very cold snap coming today or tomorrow with snow is some areas. Rug up!

    Hi Neil, G’day, Inny – hope you are doing well.

    Take care all

    Good morning lovely people,
    Well, it will be afternoon by the time I have written this, so good afternoon too!

    Haha Thin, don’t they serve coffee cool these days! I do understand it has something to do with the science of good coffee, but I want mine hot.
    (I heard them making jokes about old people asking for their coffee to be hot, and I thought ‘That’s it! I am officially old!’ )

    Lindsay, wow! losing 2.3 is super, and even if it is mostly water, your precious body will be glad not to be carrying that around.

    I am like you except it was my Aunt who lived in Yarrawonga who had the chooks and sometimes had double yolkers, so exciting to get one. My little niece enjoyed one when she was here on Sunday (she doesn’t eat much so I was glad about that and absolutely delighted that she liked my dark bread toasted with peanutbutter)
    (mind you, I took her to the playground first to get her super hungry 😉 )

    I am more horrified about the paper cup than the cafe prices!

    And I so agree with you about thrift, and finding good quality bargains, and the pleasure they bring.

    Anzac, it sounds like you are back into a good space to do all the things that help your health. Yay for tracking downward.

    Sympathy to you all, but especially to Mr Anzac’s kiwi sister, for the heatwave.

    My coughing is improving. Still there but SO much improved. I spoke to my doctor this morning and asked her lots of questions.

    I am still working out lifestyle things to help (posture being an issue as I do slump at the computer – Cinque says, sitting up straight and putting shoulders back…) but the biggest thing is that my Way Of Eating is transformed!

    When I started off making my meals small I got so hungry, every day was like a fast day. I don’t quite know the steps my brain took, but I have figured out the size of meal that suits me (pretty small) and I get as much nutrition into it as I can and then I don’t eat until I am hungry again which is about three hours later. I feel so good eating this way. Somehow meals are easier. Even my kitchen is tidier!

    I think I will be able to have fast days again, as I just need to make the meals a bit lower calorie on fast days. (I’ve just reread this and it sounds so bonkers and obvious, but truly, I feel my life has changed wonderfully in my relationship to eating.)
    (So that balances out a bit that I might have a wrecked esophagus forever, still some coughing and even worse sleep).

    Best wishes and all good things

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Cinque, that rye bread looks marvelous. Do you just add some cocoa powder to the rye or is it a special flour? I’m eating very little bread at the moment as I remove the extra 4kg from 2 weeks of excess. I will get back to making healthy breads. Now that the weather is cooler bread baking sounds more inviting.
    I guess I’m old too as I like my tea hot.

    Thin, old habits die hard don’t they. If frugality gets us some lovely holidays it is worth it. I doubt I’ll do anything as exciting as your recent trip, but I do want to do an African safari at some point. I just need to prioritise which animal I most want to see, so I can pick the right country.

    Lindsay, well done with that weight loss. Are you continuing with Fast800 or was that week just to get your weight loss moving quickly?

    Anzac, I thought you only went to warm places! Antarctica is pretty special though and worth the chill. There don’t seem to be as many cruise companies doing Antarctic cruises since covid. The companies I found were: Hertigruten, Ponant (some joint cruises with Smithonian Journeys), Lindblad Explorations (some joint cruises with National Geographic), Quark Expeditions, Scenic, APT.
    There’s a lot of difference in the ships, even within the same cruise line. Some are nice with lots of cabins offering a good view of the scenery. Others are a bit old and frayed around the edges, with very few cabins offering a window with a view. (A room with a view was a minimum requirement for me. As an introvert I don’t want to spend all day in public to see the view, I want to be able to see it from my cabin too, although I’m happy to go on deck to get better photos and to see things from the other side of the ship.)
    There are also some icebreakers that go beyond the arctic circle – they are exploration vessels and have multishare cabins and very basic amenities. As I wasn’t willing to share with strangers I quickly ruled those out.
    The prices for a room with a view range from $15k-$70k per person, depending on the level of amenity you want and also the length of your cruise. I had few viable options due to the huge single supplement most cruise lines charge (that won’t be an issue for you and your husband, although you do have to pay for two). I only had 2 options that were less than $20k, Ponant and Hertigruten. Hertigruten was slightly cheaper, but the ship has 500 passengers, which means less time on the ice (ships are only permitted to put 100 passengers on the ice using zodiacs at a time). I went with Ponant as the ship has half as many passengers, so more ice time for me. The cruise I’m doing is a 12 day holiday with 10 nights on the ship. This is my cruise: https://au.ponant.com/antarctica-antarctica-the-white-continent-with-smithsonian-journeys-bo260224-10 and I’ve booked a deluxe stateroom which is the the cheapest cabin available without a single supplement. My tour has a night in Buenos Aires and includes the charter flights to and from Ushuaia. (Every tour I looked at included these flights)
    There are a lot of tours available that also go to the islands (Falklands, South Georgia etc) – good for wildlife photography. There are tours that include more of South America – the Chilean fjords would be nice. I would have loved to do the Galapagos too, but the cost is just too much. I’m already pushing the boundaries of what’s financially manageable with this trip. I will book an additional 2 nights in Buenos Aires at the end of the tour and do some day trips. Currently I’m looking at whether I can do Iguazu falls as a day trip.
    If I wasn’t still in shock at the prices of the cruise options. The flight costs also made my head spin. I will be booking flights with the travel agent in early April (apparently they get access to flights 11 months before your return date). The cost seems to start at $3200-$3500 discount economy, but that price range sells out fast, then you are looking at $4000+.
    Most flights are listed as Qantas-LATAM. That’s the only way to get to South America directly from Australia (Sydney-Santiago-Buenos Aires, some also stop in Auckland). Those flights take about 22-25 hours and you arrive the same date that you departed. You can go via USA, but it takes the flight time up to around 37-45 hours. It does give you more airline options, but doesn’t appear to save you money.
    I’ll let you know more once I have booked my flights.
    I chose the dates of my trip for a couple of reasons – I wanted to do the cruise that combined with Smithsonian Journeys as the educational aspect is something I’ll enjoy. I also wanted to spend my birthday in Antarctica. Going in late Feb to early March, means the penguin chicks will be nearly fully grown, but there are more whale species there in February and the fur seals should be there too in March. I’ll also miss most of the icebergs with the time of year I’m going – I don’t find that a disadvantage!

    Hope everyone is having a good day. Take care.

    Morning all

    I’m happy this morning, I had a significant drop at my weigh-in for the first time in a while. I came in down 800 grams from last week’s weigh in, so I’m really chuffed with that.

    I haven’t been posting as much recently because work has been a bit hectic, but hopefully that will ease off soon because they’re looking to hire an extra 2 people in our team, increasing it from 6 to 8 people (finally they realised just how under the pump we have been)

    The cycling month went well. I racked up around 630km in the month, and because I managed to get the most in our department, the boss gave me a nice coffee voucher.

    Well I’d better go and get ready for work. I hope everyone else is good

    Have a great one.

    These fast days come around quickly on 5:2! Neil, I think you took some of my loss this week as I usually drop 900g with a FD but it was a disappointing 400g after Sunday’s fast day. I’ll stick with two fast days for a while longer just so my body doesn’t get any ideas about retaining that holiday excess.

    I enjoyed your posts Cinque and Anzac but I just wanted to say to LJ – what a well-researched trip. I did enjoy learning about it all as it’s never really interested me that much – but now it does. Definitely need the cabin with windows, I loved looking out in the middle of the night when we went to Helsinki. It would have been far too much trouble to get all those clothes back on and go out on deck. And bah to sharing with strangers, could be fantastic but not worth the risk!

    I’m pleased that you might consider a safari. You can’t control nature so you never know which animals will present themselves. My favourites are breeding herds of elephants, they are just so entertaining – but big cats are thrilling to see. We didn’t see any cheetahs this time but I was really looking hard in that long wispy grass. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected that causes the most joy – like when I came face to face with an African Wildcat outside our rondavel at 5am one morning. I don’t know who was the most surprised.

    Wednesday morning,
    Home help day, but she isn’t coming until after lunch so I have time to write.

    Another centimetre off my waist, and what a pretty cotton dress I found at the opshop yesterday (also one linen knitted long sleeved top and one merino knitted long sleeved top). I am especially pleased with the dress though, but I probably won’t wear it until next summer. 🙁

    Happy International Women’s Day!

    LJoyce the bread was based on a couple of recipes I have for black bread, both of which have rye and cocoa added, but other recipes also have coffee and grated root veggies, vinegar etc added. I just made my basic no knead loaf with one cup of rye and a 1/4 cup cocoa added to the nearly three cups of plain wheat flour. So flavourful!

    Neil, harroo hooray! About time all your work paid off on the scales.
    Congratulations on your work voucher, good to be appreciated and what a relief more team members will be taking some of the load soon.
    And wow, 630km! (I do about 630cm 😉 )

    Thin, cheeky scales! Yours usually behave themselves. Ah well, I hope they make up for it next weigh.

    Sending out best wishes to everyone, must leave before I accidentally start slumping at the computer!


    Good afternoon everyone.

    My house has been invaded by a dalek and the cat’s terrified! https://imgur.com/a/BKXRbMK I treated myself to an irobot self-emptying vacuum for my birthday because. I’ve been watching prices for a while and found them for 20% off. Vacuuming is one of the household tasks I struggle with the most as it hurts my lower back, so this will be a wonderful help. I just hope cat gets used it. It’s chased her up and down the hallway and then found her in her hiding spot under the bed and evicted her. She’s now taken refuge on the back porch. I think she’ll need some treats tonight and lots of cuddles.
    The irobot has just finished its first run it has done a good job, even on the carpet. Robotic vacuums don’t have a good reputation for cleaning carpets well. The reason I bought this particular vacuum was because it is one of the few that has a good rating for carpets.

    Neil, excellent news on the weight loss. Glad the scales finally recognised your efforts. Well done for persevering – that can be such a challenge when efforts aren’t rewarded.

    Thin, I suspect you’ll be glad to get back to 6:1 once the holiday weight is gone.
    My childhood goal was to get to every continent, so Africa is definitely on the list. Cats are top of my hit parade but I can never decide whether cheetahs, leopards or serval cats are my favourite. The other thing I have wanted to do in Africa is ride on the blue train – not sure it it’s even still running. I haven’t done any research as Africa is still a few years away – I’m hoping to do Egypt and Jordan in 2025. I might need to do cheaper holidays for a couple of years after that, to get my holiday savings balance up a bit before I tackle an African safari, which I anticipate will be expensive.

    Cinque, thank you for the bread tips. I will definitely try that when I start eating more bread again, I do like dark rye and also pumpernickel.
    Well done finding nice clothes at the op shop. You deserved a reward for that shrinking waistline.
    I hope your depleted energy levels improve soon.

    I have been doing alternate day fasting this week and have had similar results to Lindsay, I’ve lost 2.4kg this week, so well on the way to dealing with the 4kg I had gained. I have a lot of special occasion lunches and dinners to deal with in the next 2-3 weeks. I have family 40th and 70th dinner, several lunches with various groups of friends and a birthday morning tea & tour at Dunluce Castle (https://www.dunlucecastleevents.com/historical-tours ). Because these food challenges start next week, I wanted to make some quick progress this week. I plan to continue with at least 3 FDs each week this month. Hopefully I can counteract all those meals out before they cause more damage. I suspect my weight loss will slow alarmingly when the FDs are interspersed with celebration days rather than careful NFDs.

    Time to go and pamper the cat and reassure her she’s safe.

    Take care.

    Hi all, still warm in Sydney but has now dipped below 30. I am loving the sunshine

    LJ, thanks for the info re Antarctica, I am more excited then ever. I remember we baulked when it was 5k per person, yikes (a long time ago yes). And you are correct, we normally avoid cold places until we did 7 weeks in Europe in December/January 2019/2020. Remember we just made it back before Covid really hit? While I hate hate hate the cold, this was enough of a novelty for me to really enjoy it. And how similar are we in travel tastes? We were planning a trip a the end of this year to Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Athens, Venice and London. We even booked the first long haul leg from Sydney to Dubai on Emirates on points but for various reasons have decided to put off the next big trip until next year. This was before the Turkey earthquake as poor Turkey is obviously now off the travel beacon for a while. Congratulations on the 2.4 loss – whoo hoo!

    Neil, hooray at last! Even when it seems impossible, if you keep going it eventually pays off. Fingers crossed they find the extra team members asap

    Another cm off your waist Cinque – yippee! Your dress sounds so lovely. Mr A’s sister is a massive baker and is so so so healthy and fit. She made us the most delicious loaf of bread that was full of goodness. I am so glad your cough is improving

    Thin, how awesome to come face to face with a wildcat, that must have been a highlight. I remember we were staying in a lovely lodge and I went out onto the balcony one morning with my coffee and a giraffe (my favourite animal) was munching away on a bush about 5m away. Best. Experience. ever. Now I want to do another Africa trip too – as well as the above mentioned Middle East/Europe, Antarctica and many places in South America. Hmmm. Our savings took a hit by my being off work for 2.5 months unfortunately and that ate into the travel section

    Work hollers….take care everyone

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