Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Hello all

    Terrible week for me, so busy at work and doing 13 hour days with just a few 5 minute breaks. Poor Mr Anzac having to bring me food and do all things house and dog and of course I have been stress-snacking so despite being terrified I weighed myself this morning and the results were as expected. Bad. Bring on the holiday and a fresh start

    My company has mandated a mandatory return to the office 50% and I’ve told my boss I will leave if I am forced to go back in. He said to just continue as I am and he will let me know if any Seniors kick up a fuss. I have a vocal agreement to WFH full time but nothing in writing. There is a new Leadership after a major restructure (so many wonderful people made redundant) so I am not hopeful. Gosh I wish I could retire

    LJ that storm sounds scary, glad there was no damage

    Thin, 20 degrees and sunny here today but I’m very sure your 21 will feel much warmer. The winter chill in the breeze makes it feel much cooler. If I sit on our back porch in the sun (it is very sheltered) then and only then does it feel like the actual temperature

    Sorry about the extremely frustrating time with MyGov Cinque. 6 hours is simply unforgivable and it still isn’t resolved. So sorry about your reflux flare

    Glad you are feeling better Neil and take care on the icy roads

    Take care everyone

    Hello everyone,
    I’m snug in my home, Miso the cat is on the bed. My waist is politely staying under 77cm. And Woot! I got onto MyGov and from there to Medicare and yes they have my vaccinations up to date so I am all set for next time I feel able to visit my friend.
    Thanks so much for the sympathy and fellow feeling. It was a bad day!

    Thin, I love hearing about the birdlife on the canal. Yesterday we had lorikeets screeching through the sky. There are some winter native blossoms out so they are pleased.

    Ha with your moorhen story. Some people can be told but don’t hear. Sigh.

    I am spending a bit of time on the reddit GERD forum and Oh dear the chaos of young people with little understanding of science, little access or confidence in doctors, confusion about symptoms and can’t believe that a pill won’t make them all better. I’m still pretty new to it all myself but I’m letting myself fall into the role of forum mum saying the same ‘tidy your room!’ sort of information over and over again just in case one of them listens. Haha.

    You know I was getting vegetables from my daughter’s ‘ugly veg’ weekly box. Now she has changed it to fortnightly (that suits us best) but it has meant they don’t start again until next month.

    So I went to the fab veggie shop at Northland. I thought I was being sensible because I kept saying ‘no you don’t need that’ to myself… but I bought WAY too much. (Including the freshest most beautiful king oyster mushrooms I have even seen, so my last two breakfasts have been GORGEOUS.)

    Anyway, I need to cook today! I want to make lots of those ramekin meals (lined with greens and eggplant, filled with lightly spiced cauliflower and some pumpkin and bean stew) and also the beef stew with veggies and orange from my sisters recipe. And I will still have a drawer full of vegetables. And my freezer will be chockers.

    Okay I am off to check the freezer drawers, check my planning and start cooking. I must say, eating well and healthily is much easier when my fridge and freezer are stocked so I will stop stressing about excess and keep planning!

    Best wishes dear ones.
    Anzac, I’m so annoyed this job has been so hard on you. Hooray for that holiday coming up now.
    Lindsay, lots of good wishes to you and Mr Lindsay. I hope you are both caring for each other happily and continuing to recover.
    Thin, more good wishes to that healing foot!

    Cinque, that was such a lovely post that I have read it more than twice. Yes, I was thinking the same about poor Anzac, what a tough industry and with such ruthless managers. But not long until that getaway trip now, Anzac.

    That sounds like so much cooking Cinque, I would be overwhelmed. But I am so envious of your checking the freezer drawers! I am fed up with trying to cram all I can into a silly little freezer box and having to defrost it to get anything back out. I do miss cooking in bulk and that wonderful feeling of pulling whole meals out of the freezer.

    Funny that you speak of people expecting a pill to solve everything. I see Dr M. has made his first appearance here since 2019 and is tweeting away on the right of the page on a similar subject (weight loss pills). Can you see this on the website in Australia too? Topical in the news here is a new injection for weight loss. It is hoped that it will alleviate pressure on the NHS. It’s said that it’s not a substitute for healthy eating and lifestyles. But of course it is. I seriously doubt that it will work because it’s an appetite suppression drug – and I really don’t think we over eat or eat poorly because we’re actually hungry.

    I love the screeching of lorikeets. Of course the birds I see on the canals are nothing like those in Oz (and DD is sending photos of toucans and such exotics). But I’m learning so much about their behaviour just through observation so it is fascinating. In the past few days, I’ve photographed a few that I haven’t yet been able to identify from my Book of British Birds so perhaps they are visitors.

    It was a glorious 28C today. 29C tomorrow. Just in time for Turn’s arrival. I started prepping at 6.30am and a bit of painting when it got warm enough (after a rest). Thank you for mentioning my foot, Cinque. I’m trying to just ‘get on with it’. It’s been two months since the surgery and I can now do anything I want as tolerated – but the consequences (pain, throbbing, swelling and/or stiffness) don’t show themselves until later. So I’m still learning what is too much. So, that could be an hour’s walk. Or standing/steering through locks for about the same time while OH does all the hard work. This made me think of you and how you have to navigate life’s activities pacing yourself all the time, wanting to do things but paying a price for them later. So hard for you.

    Hi all from a hot and sunny Hayfield, England!

    Yes, we made it and I’m so sorry I didn’t get to post before we left NZ but things got a little hectic, plus we both had awful colds, the dregs of which are still hanging around, namely my OH’s bad irritating cough, and my sniffles, but manageable.

    The weather since arriving on Monday has been fantastic and we enjoyed a fabulous day on the hill yesterday with brother and sisters in law plus others, clocking up around 24kms, so having a relaxing day today catching up on washing, emails, etc. Been out every night so far, at a BBQ with friends tonight, so copious quantities of alcohol and not so mindful eating being consumed, might just try a 500 day tomorrow if nothing pops up?? That does have a habit of happening though, so we’ll see. We are driving down to Devon on Saturday, around 6/7 hours journey, so had planned on having a fast day then, but now one of the party has booked dinner at a restaurant when we arrive, so that may have to change!!

    Walked some of the local canal towpath the other day Thin and watched a large grey heron catch and eat a fish, amazing, I so envy your current lifestyle. Hope to catch up with you later on, well done with the foot rehab, must be tricky learning what is too much?

    Not long to go now Anzac, it will feel so good to be away from the stress on that long awaited holiday, you so deserve it after the time you and Mr.Anzac have had of late. What happens to Maxx when you go?

    Best off and hang out the washing, hi to everyone else I’ve not mentioned, thinking of you, speak again soon, Turn

    Welcome back to England, Turn! On this page at least, we now have as many posting from England as from Aus/NZ! Hey, what about this weather, then?

    Glad you enjoyed the towpath walk – maybe a narrow boat is the next adventure for you. It’s just like a campervan but without the wheels. We are currently in a beautiful woodland area (of Watford but you’d never know it) and there’s a resident heron on the opposite side of the canal, also three cormorants and a female mandarin duck with her four offspring. There’s also a noisy solo duckling who’s lost its family but is surviving. Herons remind me of crocodiles – hunting by stealth and patience!

    Have fun zooming all over England and, if you do find time to visit us, you are most welcome. I know it’s hard when family and friends take over your lives with all sorts of ‘plans’. Plus we are hopeless at making firm plans as there are so many variables with narrow boating. We’re slowly heading south on the Grand Union Canal towards The Thames. If you have an old email address that’s not important to you, you could perhaps post it in your profile, tell me when you have and then remove it when I’ve seen it. Just an idea.

    Morning all

    Turn, I hope you have a good time over in blighty, you’re probably wise to skip out on the NZ winter, it looks like it’s going to be a harsh one this year after the ridiculously mild one last year. I was commenting to my wife that we had more frosts in the past week than we had all last year. Even Auckland got as low as 2.9° yesterday morning, which was apparently their coldest overnight temperature for the last 21 months.

    The less said about my weight the better at the moment, up over a kilo.

    Have a great one everyone

    Hello everyone,
    So exciting to read your post from the other side of the world, Turn! It sounds wonderful.
    We should all teleport there for the sun!

    Hello to all the birdlife around!

    Neil, doesn’t the cold weather make us eat! And I know you have got too much going on at the moment. Keep looking after yourself and your dear family as best you can.

    It is my birthday today. I am going to meet with my daughter and sisters at a lovely looking Italian restaurant who thinks they might be quiet enough at lunchtime for us to hear each other talk. Yes that is an indication of how old we are all getting 😀 😀 😀 .

    It is cold, and breezey, and the breeze is very cold. But the sun is shining!

    Sending best wishes to everyone,

    Happy packing Anzac!

    Happy birthday Cinque!

    Another year older, another year wiser as the saying goes 😉

    Happy Birthday Cinque! I hope you have a lovely lunch with your sisters. So glad the sun is shining for your special day

    Thanks for the holiday good wishes, I can’t wait to get on that plane. I have a heart specialist appointment today (just a check up) and I am not looking forward to it. From what I hear you have to run on a treadmill and I am so unfit I will probably make a fool of myself. Ho hum

    Lovely to hear about your trip Turn and I’m glad the English weather is finally being kind

    Brrr Neil, that sounds so cold. Don’t fret about your weight, your mojo will be back soon. I am out of control too and this holiday is the line in the sand

    Your mooring spot sounds so perfect Thin, enjoy. I hope your foot continues to heal

    Hi to everyone else, will report back about the trip once we are back next Sunday. Take care all

    Happy Birthday Cinque. Have a lovely day.

    Turn and Anzac, hope you both have wonderful holidays.

    Hello to everyone else.

    Happy birthday Cinque, have a lovely day

    Happy Birthday, Cinque. Have a lovely time in a quiet restaurant with your family.

    Have a fabulous holiday, Anzac!

    Thankyou so SO much for the lovely birthday wishes (and lovely link LJoyce). I had such a good time with my sisters and daughter.

    The food at the restaurant was just gorgeous (plus it was quiet enough for us to talk) but I didn’t realise quite how rich the food was and I also indulged in tastes of the desserts, which were beautiful but I won’t do that again. So last night was dominated by LPR symptoms. I took Gaviscon and it helped but I would much rather not have had to take it. Lesson learnt!

    Morning all

    Cinque, glad you had a good time with your family on your birthday

    My weigh in this morning and down over half a kilo, so not a bad week on that front. But yesterday was a stressful day. My wife’s mother fell down the stairs and shattered her ankle. She was in A&E all day and I’m not sure whether she is out yet or not, she wasn’t when I last heard at 9pm last night. Also my wife’s brother is up in court at the moment (on a bogus charge) so my wife was there all day supporting him, so last night after work I was running round like a headless chook trying to get dinner cooked, the fire lit to heat the house for when my wife got home, prepare a plate for my son for a shared lunch he had today, drop him out to his parkour, drop round a birthday present for my niece, pick up my son after his training, and then get some baking done because it had all been eaten and there was nothing for my other son to pack for his lunch.

    I’m back at work for a rest this morning. The court case should be finished by Friday so hopefully we’ll be able to have a nice relaxing weekend to decompress.

    I hope everyone else is well, have a great one everyone

    Good evening everyone

    Neil, my goodness what a lot you have had to deal with. I was so pleased to see that you have had a good weight loss this week after struggling with it for a while. I do hope life calms down a bit for you very soon.

    Cinque, glad you have some lovely sister time on your birthday. Sorry you had to deal with the reflux after your meal. I must admit as I was reading what you’d eaten I was already feeling tense about the impending repercussions.

    I hope Turn, Thin and Anzac are all enjoying their time in the sun. It’s been very wet and cold here lately. I don’t mind the cold when it’s dry, the rain is very restricting.

    Lindsay, I hope you are doing better now. Thinking of you.

    I thought I’d better report in how I’ve been going with my current eating approach. My plan was to reduce the amount of carbs to about 30% of my daily calories on NFDs. (I’m not counting carbs, just limiting gains.) I was also going to continue with my portion limits. The only change I have made to that plan is to change my portions to 1 dinner plate meal, 1 entree plate meal and 3 things (I’ve added one extra “thing”). I found I was struggling on the NFDs without this adjustment, mostly because my baseline is only 2 meals not 3. That small change does seem to be helping me stick to my self imposed rules on the NFD – which is the main point of the exercise. I am currently doing 2 strict FDs each week and I have been only weighing myself after each FD. I have been pleased to see a very steady and modest rate of loss of about 0.3kg after every FD, which means I’m losing 0.6kg per week and have lost 1.2kg over the fortnight. I’m feeling more confident that I can sustain this over the winter without having to resort to calorie counting or weighing daily. This regime has also been tested with cafe/restaurant meals lately. I find I can fit them into my NFD plan easily and my daily portion limits mean that I don’t throw caution to the wind and indulge in lots of calorific things for the rest of the day, just because I’ve had a decadent meal out. Unfortunately this was all too often my pattern of behaviour.
    So the end result of all this is that I’m managing to resist some unhealthy behaviour patterns, and steadily lose weight with my FDs. This approach is easy to fit my life around and I think it’s sustainable. I’m quite hopeful about this approach moving forward.

    I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

    Good morning,
    When my computer couldn’t find this site yesterday I worried that they had taken it down without giving us notice! No chance to say good bye. So I am glad to be here this morning.

    Neil, what a stressful day!
    How is your MIL now?
    And hoping all goes well for your BIL too.
    Cheers to you for surviving the day, and I hope the days that have followed have been easier.

    Miso the cat has just turned off the heater for the second time this morning! She is still sitting on the button so I will wait for her to move. Or until it gets too cold. We will see.

    I’ve got a coffee so I should be right.

    Hello Thin, Turn and Anzac in sunny places.
    Lindsay have you been able to sneak off with Mr Lindsay to somewhere sunny too?

    LJoyce, haha yes exactly. (My birthday food). Luckily it all settled quickly.

    Well done tweaking your winter rules so they work! And hooray they are working.
    It is nice to have that array through the day so that the next meal or thing isn’t too far away. And good steady weight loss. Magnificent.

    I am doing well. Still tweaking. Oh goodness the force is strong to make meals that little bit bigger or that little bit richer. And I do just have days when the comfort eating drive is very strong. Balancing being kind to my psyche and kind to my esophagus is a juggle. But it does mean my comfort things are very small and spaced and nutritious and I am managing well enough that my waist is still the same.

    Interesting post on the reddit gerd site on how much fasting helps. It makes sense as once the esophagus is inflamed, any food going down irritates it. No food gives it a chance to settle down.

    Miso is still sitting on the heater button (bad space heater design!) and my coffee is finished. But I am going to go and do stuff for a bit.

    Best wishes all.

    It’s a FD for me. I’m putting one in the bank because we’re meeting up with boater friends tomorrow, Sunday, and there could be a G&T or two involved. I’m still ranging just above and just below 60kg when I’d rather be 59kg.

    The weather continues to be superb. Mid to high twenties, sunny. Daylight until nearly 10pm. Long may it last. We are now on the Thames. It’s vast, noisy and full of action. Very different to the canals. But right now as I have my first coffee, the water is calm and the area silent. Soon boaters in bikinis and shirts off will start cruising up and down in their show-off plastic boats. Some of the waterside properties are amazing. Their end of garden boat houses are bigger than most people’s homes.

    Cinque, well done with maintaining that tiny waistline. I’m afraid I’d have to get a new heater or a new cat. Have a great weekend all.

    Hello everyone, home safe and sound. We had THE most fabulous, wonderful time with perfect weather. But we ate like cavemen so both of us are now on a strict regime

    Work is crazy so I have not read your posts. I hope everyone is well and I’ll be back soon

    Morning all

    Anzac, great you had an excellent trip, back home and back on the wagon now 😉

    Unfortunately the stress hit me hard in the weekend. When we had some cards with friends and a lunch with my family, I went on sugar bender. I had an OMAD fast day of around 500 calories yesterday (had just 3 eggs, some sauteed taro leaves, and a couple of kiwifruit for dinner). I’m planning a similar day today, and hopefully that’ll counteract the sugar excess of the weekend.

    Thin, I had heard that the temperatures in the UK were pretty high recently. On a podcast I listen to the hosts were complaining that the temperatures were hitting 27 degrees some days. It’s been pretty mild here. The temperatures have been around 14 degrees during the day, but only dropping to 9-10 degrees overnight. It’s a comfortable temperature for riding my bike to work in the mornings.

    Cinque, great news that you are doing well at the moment, hopefully it will continue

    Ljoyce, great that you seem to be doing well as well. Slow and steady weight loss is the best kind.

    Well have a great one everyone, I’ll check in tomorrow to check in after my weekly weigh-in, but even with the two fast days I’m not expecting a super result on the scales.

    Anzac, welcome back!

    Neil, the English are a funny lot indeed. The weather is never far from anyone’s mind. But it is amusing to hear people moaning about the heat. To be fair though, it did get to 31C at the weekend and that temperature does ‘feel’ hotter than a 31C day in Perth. Our friends in Perth meanwhile have had the coldest day in decades.

    We’ve now met up with our boater friends and are cruising the Wey Navigation together. I’m managing OK with the extra food and alcohol flowing but I will have to be super careful if this keeps up over two weeks.

    Morning all

    Well the back to back OMAD fast days definitely did the trick balancing out the sugar binge…and then some. I dropped 1.8 kilos last week!

    Thin, I guess it depends on the type of heat it is. When we go to Central Otago in the summer it regularly hits the mid 30s, but since it’s such a dry heat it’s reasonably comfortable. But when we went to Fiji it was mid 30s, but because it was a humid heat it was pretty uncomfortable.

    Catch you all later.

    Cinque, I wanted to give you this link before I lost it! https://www.jukiclub.com/sewing-with-disability/ It’s an article my Claudia (a sewing/knitting) youtuber that I follow. I know I have mentioned her to you before because she has ME also. In this article she discusses a lot of techniques that help her get tasks done. (While she is talking about sewing, some of those principles would be adaptable to tasks generally.) I thought there may be things there that you could use. I liked her idea of working in 30 minute blocks with rest breaks – I am hopeless at pacing myself and I pay for it later, so I am going to try that one.

    Hello to everyone else. Sorry, I will catch up properly later.

    Neil, great job! Keep up the good work. That will give you such a lift.

    Morning all

    This week has been pretty good eating-wise. After my back-to-back fast days on Monday and Tuesday, I had a control day Wednesday and yesterday. I didn’t really feel hungry either day, and averaged only 1200 calories those two days. I’ll probably have more today, since it’s only 9:45am and I’m already feeling hungry. But I have managed to cut my starchy carbs and sugars right down after going a bit crazy last weekend. I’ve mostly been sticking to soup, meat, and veggies, with an occasional spoonful of ice-cream just to get a taste. Hopefully that will mean that the big drop on the scales on Wednesday will continue in the coming week.

    The upcoming week is looking pretty turbulent, it is supposed to be getting colder today and tomorrow, then on Sunday we’re getting snow down to 100 meters with heavy falls over 300 meters. Since our house is sitting at around 280 meters, we’re preparing to have an indoors Sunday with the fire running all day. Luckily I’m supposed to be working from home Monday morning, so if it’s still snowy I won’t have to worry about tackling the slippery roads. I’ve got some leave coming up in the next couple of weeks for the school holidays so I’m looking forward to being able to unwind a bit.

    I hope everyone else is doing well.
    Have a great one everyone

    A very welcome FD for me. Big pot of coffee made. Too much alcohol and carby things this week. It’s interesting to see how other people live (and how much they drink!). I’m trying to avoid co-mingling our eating and drinking where possible. Last evening though, we shared my Thai pumpkin soup which was all the carbs I needed and our friends shared their dinner. It was tasty but chunky bread based – so essentially what I’d class as pizza (something I never, ever eat). This morning I’m paying the price, well above the 60kg trigger. Constant vigilance required. I’m looking forward to today’s mini menu.

    Hello everyone,

    From cold, old Melbourne… brrr.

    Glad to be in my snug little house.

    Welcome home!
    I am SO glad you had such a wonderful time and such perfect weather.
    Hello to Mr Anzac too.
    I do hope that your crazy work hasn’t scuttled your plans to do lovely things for your health.

    What a lovely social time you are having.
    Yay for that big pot of coffee. Heaven.
    Always tricky to be thrown out of our health routines. Sending lots of good wishes.

    Miso doesn’t think much of your idea about getting a new cat. However, she has just been sitting on the space heater button (good vantage position for looking out the window) and managed not to turn it off.

    And my daughter’s family have just got two new cats! As if four of them in a tiny flat wasn’t enough. They are rescue kittens, brother and sister (Murphy and Meg), white with blue eyes, and both completely deaf.
    Very good for the kids, having little creatures to look after, and not bad for the cats to be deaf as it can get very noisy in there!

    And did I tell you about the little warm dome cat bed I bought for Miso so she could be snug now she seems to be getting a bit arthritic? She sniffed it but wasn’t the slightest bit interested in going inside. So I have donated it to Murphy and Meg, and they love it.

    Huge congratulations for last week. It must have felt so good to see those scales down, and to find you were doing it all pretty easily.
    Sympathy for the turbulent weather, but so long as family life isn’t too turbulent, I am sure you will sail through it.
    Best wishes to Mrs Neil. I do hope things are going well for her health wise, and every other wise as well. And also that the rest of your extended family are getting through those difficulties of health and law.

    Thankyou so much for that link. Such a lovely read and such a good philosophy and tips.
    I also love the retro things she makes!
    Best wishes, I hope you are happy busy and your food plan is going well and your cat is managing to keep out of the way of the vacuum cleaner!

    My food has been a bit up and down. I have been experimenting a bit and some of the experiments failed. I wouldn’t wish LPR on anyone, but I must say I do find the immediate body feedback very useful for keeping myself at this weight… I don’t have much leeway at all, especially if my meals get too big or too close together.

    Instant feedback! And that makes it simple and straightforward.
    I haven’t managed to do my ‘ramekin meals’ that I do count on, for a while. They make everything sensible and organised. I must do a batch. And I forgot about my little microvwave bowl meals that are so handy (I’m having one for lunch today).

    here is a little something to share with you all: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001ngjx Michael Mosley and Time Spector.

    Best wishes all

    Afternoon all.

    Wow it is COLD! we had around 4 inches of snow yesterday and it never made it above 3 degrees. It rained overnight so most of the snow disappeared, but it’s still only 5 or 6 degrees today. I had an enforced rest weekend, which I was really hoping for, because I can’t remember the last time that I had a weekend that I didn’t have to do work for someone, work around the house, prepare food for someone, or look after a sick relative. A weekend with the fire going, sitting on the couch reading and watching movies is probably good for my mental wellbeing, but possibly not so good for my weight loss.

    This, you and me both. I had a couple of drinks on Friday evening and a couple more on Saturday evening, we had some chips and popcorn while watching movies so I have a bit to undo, luckily I did manage to resist the temptation of sugary stuff, so I don’t have to do a re-set on the sugary stuff.

    Thanks for the link Cinque (I’m a poet and didn’t know it) I’ll definitely check it out later on I liked his just one thing series, and I didn’t realise there were new episodes out.

    Have a great one everyone.

    Cinque and Neil, I enjoyed your posts. I’m not envious of your cold weather though. We’ve had temps in the twenties for some weeks which has been terrific but a little gloomy the past day or so.

    Good mix of deaf cats and someone for the children to care for at Rose’s house. I wonder how many dog (and cat) houses have been built and bought only to be eschewed by their ungrateful new owners!

    By now, we all know what works for our weight and health. It’s a matter of putting it into action and sticking to it. Easier said than done sometimes. Yippee for a great fast day reset and that smug, emptier feeling. Now for a more careful week. But it will include an Indian restaurant meal to celebrate our friend’s birthday. I’m not a fan of eating out with other couples! OH and I never order starters, extras, desserts, bottles of wine but usually end up paying for them anyway. I’m thinking if I order a half pint of beer, it will get me out of feeling obligated to participate in drinking bottles of wine.

    Hello everyone

    Brrr Neil, I didn’t realise it got quite that cold where you live. I’m glad you were able to have a nice weekend at home and stay warm

    Gosh your life is so interesting Thin. I never ever worry that you will lose track as you are just incredibly disciplined. Good for you

    I stuck to my eating and exercise plan despite having to travel into the office a few times last week for the first time in 3 years. It was a bit traumatising and a lot lot lot of loss of productivity. No choice though. I lost 1.3 kilos in the week after the holiday. I find if you put weight on very quickly, you can get it off almost as quickly if you do a dramatic change straight away. It worked

    It’s cold here too Cinque, but not as cold as Melbourne. Until today (very wet) we have had lovely sunny days but the breeze has been icy. We bought Maxx a lovely, snug (expensive) bed about 2 years ago and he wouldn’t have a bar of it. He would get on it for a treat but jump off straight away. We put it out on the back porch where it gets lots of sunshine but he always chose to lie on his furry brown mat that was in front of it. Then, out of the blue, about 2 weeks ago this! (see enclosed pic)

    Must run, as always work is crazy. Will post more about our gorgeous holiday with pics later


    Morning all

    My weight took a huge spike today, but I was expecting that because my stomach symptoms have been flaring up and the last couple of days I’ve been feeling pretty bloated and backed up. I’ve got some time off from tomorrow (have morning training session on Friday morning, but other than that I’m as free as a bird). Hopefully the weather will improve a bit so I can get outside with my boys and do a few things.

    I hope everyone else is well

    Morning all, now heading back towards the Thames having left Godalming and Guildford. Godalming high street has more op shops than you could poke a stick at, ten I think. I bought some bright red high waisted cords, a WASGIJ depicting a narrowboat scene, a beautifully cut summer dress (I have a matching cardi to hide my chicken wings) and a bargain fruit bowl made by a South African potter that we recognised. I didn’t need any of it but it was fun shopping in upmarket towns where the quality of junk is superior!

    I’m managing OK (just) navigating the mine field of food and alcohol while travelling with friends. It’s been great spending time with them but it does make me anxious about food. We’ve yet to do the Indian restaurant as our friend was quite ill on his birthday so that’s still to come in our final week of three.

    Anzac, are you now having to work at the office regularly?

    Hello everyone,

    Snug Sunday here, I have henna on my hair under a spotted showercap and am recovered enough from consecutive grandma days to start tidying up. Phew!

    My waist is behaving itself. Veggie deliveries have started again so I am hoping to make a big tasty stew today and get those ramekins filled.

    Neil, SO cold. (I just have to ignore your part of the world when I complain about the cold here). I do hope you are having a good weekend and getting out and about.

    Thin, I’d swap for some days in the 20’s except that I know El Nino is coming and I fear ten years of drought and fearsome temperatures, so I will try and appreciate the chill here.

    Ha yes, it is so expensive eating with others! It just has to be part of the birthday present, I suppose.
    I do hope it is particularly beautiful Indian food.

    Woot for those beautiful opshop finds! I do especially love finding something beautifully designed and made. Haha yes, superior junk.

    Anzac, sympathy for those trips to the city. I hope you are back to work-from-home now. Nice to have those added kilos gone again. I hope the new habits are easy and life is good and it all becomes entrenched.

    Hooray that Maxx found the lovely bed! (Miso no longer has that option).

    Okay, I am back for another go at the kitchen. Just three things! No, this time I will do 3×3!

    Cheers all

    Cinque, best wishes for a productive Sunday. It’s still in the twenties with a bit of morning drizzle. Amazing that ten years of drought can be predicted. Should make it easier on farmers. I often wondered about WA farmers. Having recorded 99 out of 100 years too dry for farming, you wouldn’t think another dry year would be much of a surprise.

    My brother is coming to stay for a few nights next weekend. This Wey Navigation is where it all started for us with a hire boat holiday in 2004 when our girls were little so it will be a nice celebration. How we managed that 70′ boat in these deep locks with our lack of narrow boating experience is anyone’s guess. I hope we didn’t annoy too many people.

    We’ve now had the Indian meal. It was decent food. The most boring man at the next table was talking far too loudly to his long-time friend about his new girlfriend that he met on a dating app. And all the ones that didn’t work out. We all felt sorry for the friend who couldn’t get a word in. It was a solid hour before they left so we know all about it too. So self-absorbed with no concept whatsoever of other people’s comfort. My OH (who talks quietly and very little) says that the loudest people usually have the least to say. Our friend said that, had she been the girlfriend, she’d have been out the restaurant’s bathroom window on the first date. Our share cost £15 more than we ordered so I suppose we got off lightly in the scheme of things but there was a lot of wasted food from ordering up big. I hate that.

    Anyway, today’s a new day and a fasty one so things are looking up.

    Hi all, welcome to a new week

    Thin, the current trips to the office are because we are doing really detailed work, on whiteboards etc so it is almost impossible to do over the phone. Going forward I hope to continue to WFH permanently but I’m resigned to maybe going in one day per week. It is so unproductive. Glad you survived the Indian meal and there is nothing more aggravating than a loud-mouthed ‘listen to me’ arrogant person. I remember we went out for lunch not long after Mr Anzac found out he had cancer and a woman was going on and on really loudly about some friend who was going through chemo and how terrible it was etc etc. I had to go over and ask her to shut up. She was mortified when I explained why

    Glad you are recovering from Grandma duties Cinque, those veges will be lovely

    Hope you were able to get out on your bike on the weekend Neil

    We had a 60th lunch on Saturday and it was at an Italian and the food just. kept. coming. I overate, of course, so had a very low eating day yesterday. It wasn’t hard as I woke up with one of my raging sore throats that I get when I’m run down. It is still sore today but a day of rest yesterday (instead of much needed housework) helped

    Have a great day everyone

    Anzac, that’s awful about the loud diner but good for you for saying something. The other place I’m astounded by this behaviour is on the train. An entire carriage of people subjected to one self-absorbed bore having a one-sided conversation about nothing. Re WFH, thanks for explaining. Too bad you’ll have to suffer those rude people on the trains.

    I had an uneventful FD and feel good today. The sun is shining and we’re on the move later.

    Evening all,

    Well the weather FINALLY cleared up, and since it was the first day of my holiday, I took my bike out for a couple of hours. I was pretty sore by the end of it since I hadn’t ridden for around 10 days, but I’m feeling in a much better head space.

    Hi all. Just dropping in – reading, but not writing.
    Neil, good to read you are feeling better.
    Anzac, your work life sounds crazy again. Hope your WFH routine is possible, in time.
    Anzac, like Thin, I felt for you but full marks for dealing with the loud diner. I had something similar. We were out at a dog show, and my OH was talking quite softly to another friend with cancer and sharing their progress. A woman listening in nearby turned and said to me, ‘how long have they given him?’. I was so shocked that I replied that he was okay, and having treatment for metastized throat cancer. She replied, ‘oh it will keep springing up everywhere.’ How stupid people can be.
    Thin I like the quiet carriages on the trains for exactly the reason you described. And how right your OH is. Least to say, say it loudest.
    I also hate food waste. One of the things that used to entertain me in China… People always ordered far far too much – a sign, I was told, that told others they could afford it. But then at meal’s end, they’d signal to the waiter and ask for ‘da bao’ – big bag, I think it meant. And then take all the excess food home.
    Actually one Chinese woman we often shared meals with always way overordered (I used to say to OH that she could feed an army), but then bundled it all up, including soup. We found out later that she took all the food to people in her apartment block, who were not well off. Such a lovely woman.
    How are you going Cinque? Get the henna done, and the wonderful shiny, healthy hair that follows? Oh I wish I could use it, but I am too too grey now. I still colour my hair though – dark brown. Every 2-3 weeks, to get rid of the racoon stripe in my straight straight hair.
    We are on the island – it is wonderful. First time since October last year. The girls (rosy and scarlett) are loving the beach. It’s cool, but we light the fire at night and it is very cosy in our small cottage. Lots of koalas around, and kangaroos, and whales breaching off the point.
    Back Wednesday for OH to have another brain scan, and a review with the radiation oncologist, after the last scan was a bit troubling. Apart from that, he is much better, although still having immunotherapy sessions fortnightly, which will continue. Containment, rather than cure.
    It is good to read about all your busy lives. Even though I don’t post much I am still here and will be back more regularly when things settle.

    Lindsay, that sounds fabulous – a cosy fire, nice beach, kangaroos, koalas and breaching whales.

    In Quordle, I use the same first three words to utilise 15 letters of the alphabet. It’s no longer much of a challenge but I still do it. I got a surprise the other day when my first word was the correct one for Box 2.

    Hello everyone,
    How is it Friday already?

    Thin, I laughed at your boring man in the restaurant story, even while I was so sorry it spoilt the eating experience, but then I was horrified at Anzac’s story and beyond shocked at Lindsay’s. Just dreadful.

    Luckily that 10 year drought is not locked in. But that is what happened with the big El Nino in the first decade of this century, and with climate change escalating, I do fear what it could do here. I suppose it is our turn, other countries have been bearing the heat/drought/fires damage for a while.

    Thin, best wishes for a lovely time with your brother. I bet the narrow boats are full of people remembering their first hectic experience when they were young and a lot less knowledgeable.

    Lovely Quordle! That happens so rarely, even with the one I play with 32 boxes.

    Hello Mr Thin!

    Anzac, I had hoped your trips into work were over and done with. Ah well, fingers crossed it is not long before you are back with easier, more productive days.

    I hope your sore throat has gone now, and that you are having good days doing things you love doing, for work and health and pleasure.

    Cheers to your whole household.

    Neil, happy holidays! And how nice for the weather to clear up for them! May that good head space settle in!

    Lindsay, so good to have a catch up from you! Loving thinking of you on the island and enjoying it.
    Bu you must be back home now, I do hope Mr Lindsay’s brain scan was straightforward and fingers crossed all is going well.
    Sending you both good wishes, and good wishes to the dogs too.

    Well, my waist is staying stable and it has been several months now and I am beginning to have a lovely feeling that my body is thinking this is normal now.
    I made some good ramekin meals: a mix of cauliflower cheese and fish pie with lots of greens in the white sauce. (might sound weird but it is so tasty) and Shrewsbury stew, which is a good meat and veg stew with lots of mustard.

    Sending out best wishes to you all. All the lurkers too, I hope you can write soon.


    Hello everyone, super, super busy and haven’t been on the forum at all since my last post (whenever that was) so hope everyone is okay. Just letting you know I’m still here, albeit inactive for the time being.
    Been working really hard on finalising everything for the business and have set myself an opening date of 1st Sept. We have a new addition to the family, an 8-week-old Koolie pup called Ollie who is cute as a button.
    Money woes have been relieved for the time being by the sale of my car last month – such a relief not to have to add up the items as they go in the shopping trolly to make sure I can pay for them.
    Took a bit of time out a few weeks ago, Miss GDay and I went to Adelaide for 4 days – shopping, eating out, the zoo, cinema etc – we had such a great time and it was so nice to just do what we wanted for a few days.
    Short post I’m afraid, but I wanted to let you know that I’m still about. Take care everyone xx

    Morning all,

    I’m back at work now after a decent time off. I had a good mixture, with some days of awesome weather that allowed me to get out for a few decent bike rides, some frisbee golf, and to get some gardening done. There were also a few cruddy days, which meant that I had a couple of days lazing around the house on the couch, which was also good. My weight was down a kilo from last week, but still a bit up from the week before that.

    I hope everyone else is doing ok.

    Have a great one everyone.

    Morning all.
    Neil, good you had a good break from work. Good too, to lose a kilo while you were on holidays.
    My weight is a bit of a roller coaster, but today I’ve knuckled down and planned a week of Fast800, to get me back on track. Lots of soups, minus the sourdough.
    Gday good to read your post. Sounds like you and DD had a lovely break too. Good luck with the new business ….although with the planning and effort you’ve put in, I am sure luck won’t be needed. What, btw, is a Koolie? Not a breed I’m familiar with.
    Cinque the brain scan wasn’t 100% perfect, but no new tumours which was the news we were hoping for. A reat sense of elation when we got the news. There is still a shadow around the tumour that was radiated, and the oncologist can’t say if it is still some cancer associated with it, or just swelling, but it hasn’t increased, and there are no new ones, so it’s a watch and wait. Very relieved. And here’s cheers to your stable waist Cinque. How lovely when you body stops fighting, and accepts the new normal.
    Thin hope you continue to get the lovely weather in the UK that I’ve been hearing about Must be lovely with the long evenings, on the water, watching birds swoop and sail along.
    On that poetic note, I’m off to do something motivating in my wardrobe. Trying on those shirts that are just that little bit squeezy will do the trick, by reminding me how good they look when looser.
    Hope your work day isn’t crazy Anzac.
    Take care all.

    Hello everyone,

    Neil, an excellent break! Hooray. I hope your bouncing weight does a bounce down this week. Sending good wishes for a great week.

    Lindsay, I find myself hoping Mr Lindsay has a a swelling in his brain. One that is gradually settling down so the scan will come to show there is no cancer there at all.
    A huge hooray for clarity otherwise!

    Yes! My body hasn’t quite stopped fighting, but it is definitely settling (touching wood and whistling as I write).

    I do hope you had a lovely time with your wardrobe and an encouraging time. Health is the real issue here but a bit of vanity can be such a delightful spur! You will look gorgeous when those shirts fit well again!

    Ooh and I meant to say, I have those badger stripes too (wise old badger, not skunk! 😉 ). From next henna I will be allowing one stripe to come through white and then gradually expand it (I expect it to take months and months) until my hair is old badger perfection.

    Lovely to hear your news Gday. Ha, you don’t read, but I will send good wishes and hopefully they will reach you. All good wishes for the business start up.

    Best wishes everyone!

    Everything is going well on this forum at last – a steady waist measurement for Cinque, weight loss and a holiday for Neil, a new business and a new dog for GDSA and some good test results for Mr Lindsay.

    All is fine here. We are back on The Thames. It’s 8pm, dozens of rowers are out practicing. Canada Geese are honking loudly and there’s a BLACK SWAN! Who knew? We had three fun weeks on The Wey with our boater friends who are now heading back to their home mooring. We spent three nights with my brother on board, also fun. But gosh, people who don’t live off-grid don’t understand the vagaries of boat toilets and water use! On Sunday, we watched more sport (Wimbledon Men’s Final) than I’ve seen in ten years. A five hour thriller. We will see family friends over the weekend and then meet some other boater friends later in the summer. My weight is still hovering above and below 60kg when it should it should be 59kg but I’m working on it.

    Hi everyone, quick hello

    How much fun you had with your friends and brother Thin. I envy your nice weather, it is freezing here. We had a strange day last Saturday where the weather was well above average and got to 23 and walking outside felt like spring. Loved it. Very short lived though

    I’m a bit lucky with my hair Cinque and Lindsay. It is half dark blonde and half grey so quite easy to cover up and not have obvious regrowth. It helps that I have a wonderful hairdresser who has been doing my hair for 23 years. Sadly she just found out she has aggressive breast cancer which is devastating as she is only 42 and has two small children. They told her they found it quite early so everything is crossed for her

    I was so happy to read some positive news for Mr Lindsay. May it continue to get more and more positive

    yay for holidays and nice weather Neil

    Lovely to hear from you Gday and I do hope you will soon be able to get the finances settled from probate soon. It must be awful to have to worry so much about money and you had to sell your car which was also sad to read

    Work continues to infuriate me and I am on the lookout for a new job. Weight is stable after some losses but I’m ok if it goes stable….small loss….stable….small loss. So long as there are no more upward swings

    Take care all

    Anzac, so happy to read your weight loss report, slow and steady. But sorry to read about the job not working out. You are highly skilled and I’m confident that you will find a job that’s a good fit for you – I’m guessing that’ll be easier now that you can search without the pressure of needing to find something quickly.

    How sad about your hairdresser. I never saw my hair grey until we lived on the boat. My hairdresser of 18 years started introducing highlights the moment the first few grey hairs appeared. Over the years, it became a full colour. This was impossible to maintain in our itinerant situation so I let it go. I’ve not only saved a small fortune but the strange thing is that I’m really not as grey as I’d imagined all these years. Or maybe my standards have dropped!

    The weather hasn’t actually been very good for July. Overcast, gloomy and sometimes cold. Quite a lot of rain. Someone told me you know it’s summer in England because the rain is warmer!

    Hi all
    Thin your travels sound just lovely – even if the weather hasn’t been perfect. So relaxed and free.
    Grey hair …mmm. My lifelong girlfriend (seriously – she was six months when her mother took her to the hospital to see my mum and me, newly born) and I both had very dark hair …hers was curly, mine dead straight. People used to compliment her curls – I silently thanked the hair god that mine wasn’t, although no one else seemed to appreciate it. Then, as she greyed, she started to get highlights, light at first then all over. As she says, her husband married a brunette but ended up with a blonde. (and pure trivia – ‘blonde’ is thought to be the only English adjective inflected for gender…the blond adonises (if that is the plural of adonis…maybe it’s adoni) don’t have the final ‘e’).
    My first FD went well – I dropped 1.5 kilos (although much of it water). Then another yesterday, and I lost .1. Looking forward to tomorrow’s weigh in.
    Anzac, the world of banking seems a cruel environment. Like Thin, I hope you can find that job where your significant talents and experience are given full credit.
    On that note, back to the ironing.
    We’ve heard from the hospital finally – but only after my son and daughter got involved. I swear the hospital thought they were dealing with a couple of old folk who’d gradually let it go. Little did they know. So, we are meeting with them on Monday morning – OH, me, DD and DS. I am anxious that I don’t let OH down.
    have a good evening all.

    Ironing, what’s that?

    Lindsay, sounds like your FD efforts are rewarding you nicely. Good luck with the hospital. I hope you get your desired outcome.

    Anyone else besides Lindsay fasting these days? It’s Sunday so I’m on it. I defrosted something last evening for my FD dinner, can’t remember what it is but chicken something. It was a feast day yesterday with our family friends from Perth. I only had one drink but that was one more than I needed.

    Have a good day everyone. Stay strong, be happy.

    I’m still fasting, I’m playing around with what I do on non-fast days now to see if I can get things moving. I’m trying out eating breakfast to stop overeating in the evenings (my main problem), at the moment I’m eating some bircher oats in the morning, a regular lunch, and then smaller evening meal.

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