Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Morning all

    Weigh-in this morning and the good news is that I am still under the 90kg mark, now 4 weeks in a row under 90 kilos. The bad news is that I didn’t drop any. I had a 0.1 kilo gain. I was hoping for a drop in my weight but I guess remaining reasonably stable is the next best thing.

    Only 3 more days of work left and then I’m on my break!

    Have a great day everyone

    Thin. Yes Very annoyed.

    Hello everyone

    You are a very communicative lot and if I try to respond to everything I will never get this message finished. But I do read it all with interest even if I don’t specifically respond.

    Penguin: I wish you all the very best for these 12 weeks of chemo.

    Lindsay: thanks for asking about my daughter’s visit – yes, she and her partner will spend three weeks here, with the puppy – they are driving over. Cinque, the puppy is a Jack Russell- Shih Tzu cross and absolutely delicious, as puppies are. He is a very lively little soul and I think I will be left in charge of him for a couple of days while they have a relaxed puppy-free jaunt somewhere. I will be happy with that! And Thin, yes, my DD is an only child, though she has 3 step-siblings from my previous partner’s previous marriage. (Messy family – but warm and well-connected!)

    Lindsay, I am wondering what kind of dog Rosy is. I gather she is pretty young.

    Neil; yes, I agree about dal being an absolute god-send for FDs. It’s delicious and it has a bit of substance to it. I don’t seem to be good on just soups, but this may change. Here are the walks my brother and his boys have done, on those individual son-father expeditions, and on visits since in various combinations: Routeburn, Kepler, Greenstone, Isthmus Peak, Kapels and Ress-Dart. Two years ago I was lucky enough to go there with my brother and his wife and my cousin. My brother and his wife walked the Routeburn. I had planned too but was having foot trouble (that damned plantar fasciitis) so my cousin and I stayed at Te Anau and did day-walks on sections of the Kepler. So I got to walk in those wonderful beech forests. I won’t forget them. Nor will I forget emerging at the airport at Queenstown and seeing those mountains! It is a very beautiful part of the world.

    Cinque – hope the ear infection is under control. I am always inspired when you write about your tasty

    Penguin – I was interested to read of the bread-making and of how you use some of the dough to make mini-pizzas. I had a pizza lunch at my place last Sunday for a nephew’s birthday (I have 4 beloved nephews, all in their twenties now) and used shop-bought bases. The pizzas were good but I am sure they’d be better with home-made bases.

    I love reading of the bird-spotting. Am envious of the pheasants! Was really interested to hear of rosellas in New Zealand. We have a lot in our parklands. So colourful and beautiful.

    I am on Week 11 of this WOL and am fasting today. My tum, though less round that it was, remains stubbornly resistant to flattening. But I feel generally better and am eating more sanely. Each Wednesday my sister has a loaf of wholemeal spelt bread delivered and passes half over to me. Previously I would have eaten it all by Sunday, but now there’s still a large chunk left at the end of the week, without me even trying not to eat it. Interesting.

    All the best to everyone and hope you have a great holiday, Neil.

    Helen Kate

    Hi everyone

    Long time no see (or write) lol.
    Just wanted to drop in quickly and say hi.

    I try and read a little bit of your posts but then I get distracted by that annoying work 😉 and then I don’t get back to it.

    I managed a FD last week (well the ‘new’ FDs for me, kind of like the ‘new’ normal…) It was probably about 700 calories and my acid reflux handled it ok. I don’t think I will ever be able to go back to not eating all day and then having a normal dinner which was my original FD style but I’m hoping I can cope with this modified one.

    I’ll keep in touch and let you know.

    Hope you are all going ok. Think of you all often and hope to one day be back to being a regular poster on here 🙂 🙂

    Take care xx

    The Autumn Equinox has gone. On my Mother’s side my ancestors earned their living from the sea -two Master Mariners that I knew preceded by generations of illiterate inshore fishermen and fishing boat builders. That lack of literacy makes it difficult to trace them. The records of my great-grandfather’s marriage and death exist but I can’t find anything earlier. They were recorded as whatever the Parish Clerk decided they were, if they were recorded at all. I find myself thinking of them now because of the number of times I heard the mantra “Autumn Equinox, be a gale of wind coming”. They were right. This morning’s met was promising gales for the north-east coast. This morning I packed away my light weight clothing and dug out the winter woolies. I also had 1.25 tonnes of firewood delivered. If we sold the house tomorrow we would still use a lot of that before we move, the paperwork takes 8-12 weeks here. Old age is creeping up on me – I stopped for a cup of tea half way through stacking it under cover.

    That post ended abruptly when the nurse turned up to change my dressing.

    Betsy, what you say makes sense. We are thinking of taking a storage unit just before we move and putting all of the debatable stuff in that until we get settled. We have also moved many times, a quick count suggests this will be house number 36, but I may have forgotten some. Before we came here, 18 years ago, we were averaging a house every 15 months and twice did three moves between January and Christmas (and one in the snow between Christmas and New Year). The difference then being that if you live with the knowledge that the service can move you to another country with a couple of weeks notice you tend not to accumulate many possessions. We have lots of space here and I have proved correct that old scientific saying “nature abhors a vacuum”.

    Neil, I can’t remember what your target is, but you are getting plenty of exercise and staying below 90 so it sounds OK to me.

    Helen. I am a bread addict and have been baking my own for years. I usually make three loaves at a time, slice them, freeze them and take out what I need on a daily basis. Pizzas, Naans, chapattis as required. The problem is that for me freshly baked bread is the most tempting thing on the planet and I have to try it to ensure that it is up to standard! For variety I made some pork pies last week. Last night I watched the tv programme “The Great British Bake Off”. Like most of the long running cookery shows it is becoming somewhat silly in some of the things it asks the contestants to do. Fortunately, for once most of the contestants seemed to have seen an oven before.

    Hello Quacka, long time.

    Morning all.

    Penguin, My initial goal was 90, which I hit last October, then I was aiming for 85 and got down as far as 87, but since gaining a bit of muscle after several months at the gym and getting back to 90 kilos again, I’m just hoping to get back down to 87 kilos, which would give me a bit of a buffer on that 90 kg number I dislike so much. It seems like it was the same on both sides of the planet with the wind. We just had our spring equinox and it announced itself with gale force winds. You might have seen the news that Auckland’s harbour bridge was closed because two trucks got blown over in the wind and damaged some of the bridge’s supports.

    Quacka, good to see you back on again, good luck with your fasting regime, hopefully it will work out for you.

    Helen Kate, those are some good tramps. I’ve done the Reese-Dart when there’s been 2 meters of snow up on the pass in between them. That was a lot of fun. I’ve also done quite a bit of tramping and hunting in the Mavora Lakes area that joins on to the Greenstone-Caples tracks. It is my favourite areas in New Zealand, and since we’re in Dunedin, which is only a few hours from the lakes district, we go there almost every year.

    Well this week is absolutely dragging. Yesterday felt like I should be kicking up my feet for a couple of Friday evening drinks, but it was only Wednesday. MY wife was the same, when I told her that I felt like it should be Friday she said that she almost wished her workmates a good weekend when she left work at the end of the day. I guess it’s the anticipation of a week off work.

    Well, I’d better go and slog through today and tomorrow so I can start my holiday.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good morning,
    I’ve had a couple of busy days. As soon as I finished writing to Cali that I wasn’t feeling dizzy, I got up and felt really horrible and needed to lie down. So yes, I was feeling dizziness. The next morning I rang the doctor and he said I’d better have a covid test before he checked my ear. Luckily there was a place right near me to go.
    Then yesterday morning I woke up feeling really good and started tidying up in the hope I’d get my negative result and be able to have my home help. Negative result came through and I did have home help (hurrah), and then I HAD to go to the shops for milk and coffee.
    I went to Aldi in the hope they would have something in the central aisle for my little darlings birthday, but I was too late. But Oh Dear! I spied an electric milk frother, and treated myself to it. NOOOOO!!! I keep trying to be a minimalist, and failing. (But ooh it really works well, and coffee has been lovely.)

    Anyway, now I need to catch up and woohoo, tweets from Merry and Quacka!

    Merry, I was starting to worry we would never hear from you again! It is good, good, good to read your news and to know you are 5:2ing.
    I understand completely about the CFS cocoon. (If only we could emerge as butterflies). You (and Mr Merry) probably needed a few months in hibernation to recover from the last year or so.
    Sympathy (and understanding) re the chocolates and carbs, but yay for the lettuces and herbs growing in the garden. What a good time of year to get back on the horse (we have missed having you here to say that!) and you will enjoy 5:2ing down to your happy weight. You will emerge as a butterfly.

    Hi Thin, wonderful to hear of fog and birdlife, a good fast day (of course) and some warm days before the cold sets in.

    Hi Betsy, it is all go with your research. I hope those programs you are trying out will be easy to use and just what you wanted.
    Such lovely numbers this morning, and so relieved our hard lockdown has been worth it, and we might come out a little quicker than first thought. Oh dear, I will want to squeeze those granddaughters so hard.

    Penguin, they have started showing ‘Only Connect’ here, and I am just loving it. I seldom get an answer, but it stretches my brain in a lovely way.
    Here are some Sturt’s Desert peas for you, because I love them. https://images.fineartamerica.com/images-medium-large-5/3-sturts-desert-pea-outback-south-australia-carole-anne-fooks.jpg



    Anzac, Gold medal every day for avoiding stress eating https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0877/9468/products/SBUK507-1-Multi_grande.png?v=1527507021
    I really worry for you working too many stressful hours. Sending lots of best wishes. Are you still working with that interesting freelancer (can’t remember how to describe him, but I remember he had a great mind for you to work with).

    Neil, congratulations for 4 weeks under 90. I do agree with Betsy talking about the lovely stability result. (+ or – 2kg). That test of ‘a year at a healthy weight’, retraining your brain to a new normal. While you are striving to get to 88, you are nailing the stability test.
    I hope these couple of days don’t drag too much, you will soon be off with the wind in your face!

    Helen Kate, ha yes, you need a whole morning, and two pots of coffee, to respond to everyone.
    Ooh I am acquainted with the liveliness the Jack Russell side would bring to the puppy, and I gather Shih tzu’s are energetic too. (Does anyone on this thread get a quiet dog?)

    If you like baking at all, do try pizza bases, they are SO easy! I do the no knead method, so you can just mix it up the night before, and make pizza the next day.
    Nicely done with the yummy spelt bread. So sensible to just spread out the pleasure (but so tempting to scoff it all).

    Quacka, I am SO glad you found the time to let us know how you are going. So sorry to hear that the acid reflux is still a daily trouble. Not fair.
    700 max calorie fast days are really good! In fact Dr Mosley says they are mostly better that lower calorie ones as you are more likely to keep your nutrition up. (Although I think I just turned my fast day into a 700max one by having a second pot of frothy coffee) (oops).
    Are you finding good information and online support groups or whatever, for living with acid reflux? Any chronic condition is so wearing, and every time you spit the dummy, because you have had enough… damn, it is awful and you have to live with the consequences. Sigh.
    I looked for an encouraging meme, but they all sounded a bit irritating, so here is a flower instead: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/fa/44/7d/fa447d506a1bacfcd818ef34750081bf.jpg

    Betsy, I forgot to say YES! I do those same typing mistakes ALL THE TIME and dozens more.

    Well, I had better make the rest of this fast day light and nutritious! I have a great mushroom and spinach soup. Cheers all!

    Hi Everyone,

    Lovely to read all your messages !!!!!

    Hi Helen Kate . Those nuts in the car boot would not have lasted with me. If I have a craving my usual practice since 5:2 has been to put that off as long as possible then maybe once a year or two years get it, have some then put the rest in with other rubbish and put it in the big bin outside. Nothing. Else. Works.

    Good to see you back as well Quacka 🙂

    Well done! to Neil and HK and anyone I’ve missed.

    Hi Cinque! Good to hear you are doing Ok in lockdown. DD acquired housemates of the feline variety.

    Baking, pizzas, are not the norm in our house, and ditto for sweet biscuits, cakes etc. I have a couple of dietary quirks being intolerant to all grains except corn, and a small amount of rice infrequently. Quinoa and chia seeds are new additions since the gruelling (pun intended0 long sessions with a dietician eons ago working out what doesn’t turn me into something not very pleasant.

    My grandchildren have been a bit partial to an American cooking show I forget the name of, where the entrants really have little to no cooking experience, and they are given a sample to try to emulate which is invariably decorative in some form. The results are hilarious! There’s another which involves being crafty and/or sewing which is equally as hilarious.

    I’m currently experimenting with trying to grind almond meal down to almond flour which really made not actually a paste but something that clung together. My goal is to be able to quickly make something that resembles pikelets or pancakes. Currently doing OK with that, and it’s based on almond flour and egg, and a few experiments to go.

    Past History:

    5:2 since November 2014, reached goal weight of 62Kgs 2 years later having lost 23 kgs.
    I’m part of the Clan of the Hunger Dragon of 5:2ers ie I am not hungry on any given day until I eat something. When I eat something it’s like flicking a switch, or as a visual, opening the cave entrance that lets out a roaring dragon that is a raging appetite. Doesn’t matter if it’s 7am, or any time after – that’s it, the dragon is out and circling food! The exception is having 1 skim milk drink of coffee which doesn’t flick the cave entrance switch, but which I don’t do very often. Breakfast was never something I really wanted or felt hunger for, and has not been part of my world since 5:2 except sometimes when travelling depending on the circumstances. Due to my rather warped bodily reactions to food, even the normal ones, I discovered I could not lose weight past an initial few weeks on 5:2 unless I cut out all starchy carbohydrates and only eat the unstarchy ones.

    Bye for now,
    If you fall off the horse, just get back on the horse!

    Onwards and Downwards!

    Hello everyone. Sorry for the absence – I seem to be apologising for that a bit to often lately and it will continue as my weeks will be busy for at least another fortnight. I am trying to keep up with reading posts – but am failing at that too.

    Finding time to respond to everyone who has posted is the issue so I tend not to even start a post as I know it will take me too long – it’s usually a couple of hours before I’m happy that I haven’t forgotten anyone and have triple checked what I’ve written. If I’m to post at all, I will need to keep it brief I’m afraid.

    Welcome back Merry and Quacka – lovely to hear from both of you again, but sorry that your ever present health issues have continued to make your lives difficult. I will continue to hope that you both see some improvement.

    Penguin, I’m very glad that things are looking positive on the chemo front.
    I will keep my fingers crossed that a Londoner with deep pockets will fall in love with your house soon.

    Betsy and Cinque, has the ability to connect with one other person helped a little? I know it’s a very small concession. I am so pleased to see your infection rate coming down as it must give everyone hope that the easing of these tight restrictions is closer.

    Hello to Neil, Thin, Cali, Anzac, HK, Lindsay and GDSA.

    Despite the busyness I am managing to stay in my preferred weight range, although a long lunch in the hills with a friend yesterday has surely tested its boundaries. Needless to say today is a FD. I think tomorrow will need to be a FD too as I’m hosting a family dinner on Sunday night and I have lunches out on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had been hoping to delay the next family dinner for a bit but received a subtle hint about how long it’s been since the last one from my eldest great-nephew. It means a weekend spent cooking lots of food. Thankfully the younger ones like taking home leftovers for the next day’s work lunch so I am not left with so many tempting treats. I’m going to have to make careful choices on Tuesday and Wednesday as my body doesn’t cope with that many high calorie meals in a week.

    The next 2 weeks also includes 4 days of school holiday babysitting (I feel exhausted just thinking about it). Which means lunches at the local bakery as the kids have come to expect that we’ll walk there for lunch. So many food challenges! I have accepted that the only way I’m getting through these weeks is to do 500-800cal FDs on all the days when I don’t have meals out to deal with. It means a very erratic eating pattern, but I’ll be over 80kg again by the end of it if I don’t do this.

    Take care all. I must rush now.

    Good evening all!

    Cinque, I’m glad someone else has the same fingers too fast for thought problem that I have. Frustrating! Good that the numbers are coming down so well here, but I’m hanging out for retail to re-open. Doubt it’s going to happen before the end of October though. Sigh!

    I think I mentioned that I finally gave up and ordered some things I wanted online? Or maybe I put it in an email to my cousin?? Anyway, it’s been lovely having parcels arriving at the door. The greatest relief was the arrival of a new Fitbit wristband. The one which came with the watch in 2019 just split, so for the past week it was being held together with sticky-tape. The new one arrived this morning, unfortunately the only colour in “small” was a purple-pink “berry” colour, but better than nothing. Very happy to dispose of the broken band and replace it with one which will (I hope) last longer than a year this time. Books have also been coming, a couple of DVDs and CDs, a diary for 2021 (yes, I still do the hard copy thing). Very pleasing.

    Eating hasn’t been going well. I seem to feel really tired all the time. Not sure why, as I’m getting adequate sleep, and keeping up the regular walking, but the food …. well, let’s just say “enough said”, need to get back on the horse, as Merryme would say.

    LJoyce, you’ve given yourself a bit of leeway with your weight, so your outings shouldn’t be too disastrous, and how lovely to be able to enjoy being with family and others.

    Quacka, 700 cals is still fairly good for a FD, and if that is what you can manage, go for it.

    Penguin, like you, I moved around a lot in my younger years, and never had large amounts of things to traipse around with me. But being finally settled in my “final” smallish home, I’ve gradually accumulated to fill the space provided, and then some – which is why some items are going. I’ve already donated quite a bit of this and that, or given it to friends.
    Basically, my rule has become – have I used it in the past 5 years? Am I likely to use it in the next couple or is it just “in case”? If the answers to those two are “no”, my final question is – Do I have an attachment to it that makes me want to keep it? If the answer to that is also “no” out it goes. If the answer is “maybe”, that’s when I keep it for a bit and give myself thinking time. Of course, an answer of “yes” means I keep it, even if it doesn’t make logical sense. 🙂

    Anyway, seems like you’re and Mrs P are working it out. Meanwhile, glad there’s a plan of action for your health, so hang in there, and come out the other side.

    Neilithicman, enjoy your holiday cycling with your son!! Maybe you’ll surprise yourself when you come home with a lower weight on the scales.

    Anzac65, hope you’re hanging in there with your weight and will soon be under that wretched 90. I’m dreading getting on the scales tomorrow morning, but maybe it will push me in the right direction.

    LindsayL, hope you’re doing well, MrL and Rosy. Is your OH’s foot any better?

    CalifDreamer, hope the air quality over your way has shown some improvement. A couple of my US friends have commented on it being better in their States.

    Thin, I gather restrictions are tightening in the UK; do you think people are adhering to them?

    G’DayfromSA, Intesha, Turnabout, CrazyArtist and everyone else who may be lurking – summer is coming in the Southern Hemisphere, it will be sunny, warm and happy, despite Covid-19 – let’s choose to be glad!

    Good night, and enjoy your weekends!

    Oops, sorry HelenKate, didn’t mean to leave you out – you are doing so well with your weight loss. Be patient with your shape; it will gradually change, though some core exercises might tighten things up a bit. Only to some degree; the fat has to go, too.
    Be happy, though, you’re going great guns with this WOL.

    Good morning,
    Day before fast day for me.
    I am morphing into Thin by having frothy coffee as my non fast days treat. None on fast day.

    Merry, good luck getting those almonds ground fine without the motor heating them up enough to make them oily. I love the taste of almonds, it will be exciting to hear how you go with your pikelet experiments.

    What a good catch up overview. It is so good to have you here again.

    LJoyce, we do miss you when you are not here, but sometimes life just gets in the way of the dear old 5:2 forum. (Those pesky demanding relatives! 😉 )

    Because I have had this rumbling ear infection (Dr’s appt on Monday if it is still going) I haven’t bothered with any social bubbling.

    Well done keeping your weight stable through the busy week, and all power to you continuing to do so. I hope those 4 bakery lunches work out well for you.

    Betsy, sorry to hear how tired you are feeling. We seem programmed to use food to try and make us feel better when we are not feeling well, and it worked well for most of our evolution, just a bit counter productive these days (as I find out to my cost).
    With those tired times I go: hydration, iron, vit D. Which reminds me to go and take my vitamin D tablet.
    I hope you spark up.

    Your purple-pink fitbit sounds gorgeous! May it last well.

    Sending good wishes all round.

    A quick fast day shout out to everyone, hoping your day is going well.

    Little Miss 4 is 4! Ha. Just facetimed in, with her Oma doing the same, while they had cake and sang happy birthday. She had a fine time and had asked for a cheesecake with strawberry topping , all home made and so delicious everyone was saying it would be their go to birthday cake from now on.

    In the meantime I will keep eating nothing, and I am just off to soak some mushrooms, seaweed and yuba sticks ready for my evening miso soup.

    Cheers all,

    Hello all

    It’s always so nice to take a break and catch up on all of your news.

    Quacka, very happy and relieved to hear from you and that you are ok. I recently had a colonoscopy and one of the results came in that I have bad reflux and this surprised me as my symptoms were mild. The gastro doc said it doesn’t always affect people the same way but instead mine probably contributed to the other tummy issues I was having. That and the diverticulosis that was also diagnosed. He put me on a tablet called Somac for a month and then just ‘as needed’. That plus a very high fibre diet and copious amounts of water have really helped. I hope your acid reflux continues to improve. Well done on the 700 cal FD – that is my normal FD too

    Penguin, I find it funny that down here, if we get a wind from the North then it is a warm wind; however southerly winds were often last-stop Antarctica. In your part of the world my labrador friends on the forum are complaining about freezing northerly winds. You and my Dad would have a lot in common with mariner ancestors plus you are both incredibly fit for your age. He is 95 in November and still walk up to the doctors, drives around everywhere, takes care of himself with some help from my sister and I (mostly in relation to cooking meals). I think it is perfectly acceptable for anyone to stop for a breather when toiling over a woodpile to be stocked!

    I too am a bread addict and it’s probably a good thing that my bread baking never seems to quite work out right. It stops me from baking it too often. I did make some nice garlic, rosemary and thyme flatbreads last night to go with some Middle Eastern beef koftas I made last night. We had hummus and chutney along with a nice mandarin and spinach salad. Mr Anzac has a new toy – a hot smoker/charcoal barbeque (not sure exactly what it is called) but it looks like a black barrel and EVERYTHING comes out of it tasting divine. So he cooked the koftas until they were charred on the outside and juicy within. Yum

    My second week of extreme stress did sadly result on quite a bit of mindless snacking and the scales have punished me. Next week is looking better (so far). The past two weeks I’ve had 5-6 hours of irritating meetings then somehow have to find time to do 8 or 9 hours’ worth of work – resulting in late nights and weekend work. I’ve made a pledge to myself that I am going to do a second walk EVERY lunchtime and stop the snacking

    Not sure when you are leaving for your bike trip Neil, but if you are reading I hope you have an awesome time.

    I hope that lingering ear infection gets lost soon Cinque. I’m sure you would rather not have to go to the doctors, but if it is still there tomorrow please make sure you do go. I hope your Sunday FD is going splendidly

    Lovely to hear from you Merry.

    Kudos to you LJ for managing to stay in your preferred weight range when you are busy and social

    Betsy, you are I seem to be in sync when it comes to falling off the wagon. Get back on that horse with me and onwards and downwards (to quote Merry). Yay for the new FitBit. I love my Huawei fitness band although it tells me off almost every morning for not having a good sleep. Oops.

    How lovely that your daughter, partner and cute pup are coming to visit Helen Kate. You must be so looking forward to it

    Thin, I’m worried about you over there as the Covid numbers in the UK are skyrocketing. Take care please.

    I used to love McLeod’s Daughters Cali, but it was so long ago I can’t remember much about it. We don’t have streaming otherwise I’d try to find it again.

    Ok, back to work so I can have a break and go for a walk. It has been cold the last couple of days but I stopped complaining when I saw the temps in Victoria and South Australia. Brrrr! Snow where it has never snowed before – and in late September! Madness.

    Take care all

    Morning friends,

    Merry, lovely to see you on here again. I love quinoa and chia seeds and I was always the same about breakfast. Give me two steaming hot frothy coffees over breakfast any day. I do so miss my Carmen’s muesli though, it’s not available here which surprised me. I used to eat it around 11am. Unlike you though, I could never throw food away.

    Betsy, I hadn’t realised that the typing glitches were to do with the right hand typing at a different speed from the left. My most persistent mistakes include ‘greta’ for ‘great’ and ‘don;t’ for ‘don’t’. I hope you feel more energetic soon.

    Betsy, England’s in a mess. Labour and the other opposition party, the BBC, blame the government for everything (the measures are always either too strict or they haven’t gone far enough) and while I agree that some things could have been handled differently (who could know how to handle this crisis perfectly?), I believe it’s people flouting the rules that have caused the current rise in numbers.

    Apparently, some people don’t even self-isolate when they have symptoms. Young people are amongst those most affected by job losses in the hospitality industry but they still don’t seem to have made the connection that, had they done their part when it mattered, we wouldn’t be seeing this spike. And students are whinging about not being given ‘notice’ about a uni lock-down – so they could have a few more parties before it came into effect? D’oh!

    Everyday there’s another whiny, sob story about someone who’s been affected. Toughen up and just get on with it FGS! We’ve all been affected.

    Anzac, ha ha about bread making. Don’t work too hard. Thanks for your concern. We are very careful, seldom come into contact with others and treat everyone as being potentially infected. I managed to get the grocery deliveries restarted last week, such a relief. Our slot was between 10.30 and 11.30pm! People have begun panic buying again.

    Cinque, happy birthday little miss four. It’s the same day as our anniversary! I won’t be joining you for a FD today as OH really wants to go for a meal (much research involved to find a pub with well-spaced outdoor seating and staff wearing visors). And the high is 14C. Brrr. I prefer to have my FD in the bank rather than one owing, on the rare occasions that I change the day, but decided to fast with all you Monday fasters tomorrow because I am going to the dentist.

    Hurray, I finally found a dentist who could give me two appointments close together. The good news is that the broken molar only requires a filling, not a crown. Expensive, but could have been much worse. The dentist is South African and the small practice is going all out to be covid-safe. After a procedure such as a filling, they have to vacate the room for one hour before the next patient arrives in order to give all the particles time to settle on the floor.

    LJ, I know how you feel but you don’t have to reply to everyone. That’s a lot of babysitting and a lot of bakery trips.

    Neil, well back on track. Good job.

    Penguin, HK, Quacka, hello to you.

    Cinque, keep the home fires burning, I’ll take the fasting baton from you tomorrow. Good luck at the doc.

    Good evening everyone!

    Another NFD today after what has to be called an EFS day yesterday (Sigh!). The Antarctic blast we’ve been having in Victoria hasn’t been helping – too cold to fast has been my excuse, and it’s a bad one, I know.

    Anzac65, we’ll have to pull each other up again by the bootstraps and get back on Merryme’s horse (or the wagon, or whatever). You have the excuse of having been VERY busy; no such excuse for me. I’m tired of feeling tired.
    By the way, not a new Fitbit, just a broken band which had to be replaced, but still a relief. Much more comfortable than having sticky-tape rubbing the wrist.

    Cinque, Vit D is part of my daily regime, and I don’t need iron (my Haemoglobin is usually near the upper limit for females) but maybe I could increase my hydration and see if that helps. Also cut out ice-cream (yet again! Oops!). Maybe too many carbs?

    Thin, so glad you’ve finally found a dentist to fix your tooth. That’s been going on for a loooong time.
    Re people complaining – well, they always do, don’t they? I try to not listen and not join them (mostly), for my own peace of mind.
    Great that you now have grocery deliveries again!

    Hi to everyone else, and have a good week!

    Morning all

    Well I’ve had to have a change of plans. The forecast is awful for the next couple of days and it’s currently snowing outside. So we’re cutting our cycle trip short and staying just one night in central. I’ll find something to do with my boy round town for the next couple of days and head off on Wednesday.

    I’ll try to spend this week having a bit of a sugar and carb detox. I’m not going to the gym this week so ai’ll try to do a plant based fast800 for a week and see how I go.

    It was good to see cricket back up and running in Australasia with the AUS and NZ women’s teams playing the last couple of days. Unfortunately we got taken to the cleaners though, beaten 2 games in a row.

    Well, back to my holiday. Have a great week everyone.

    Good morning, oops it is afternoon, everyone,
    Day after fast day, I hope you caught the baton no worries, Thin. And hello to the other Monday fasters too.

    I had my doctors appt this morning and no sign of an ear infection, but it is probably my jaw and my back molar so I am in the process of making a dentist appt.

    Dentists all round! So glad you got your appointments Thin. I do hope it is a particularly good dentist.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Thin. https://miro.medium.com/max/6048/1*NZjYiu8PidyVQ8MTyHhQTA.jpeg I hope your meal was a lovely celebration.

    Anzac, how lovely to have such a good catch up from you Mr Anzac’s new toy is positively scrumptious and if you can just fill the flatbread with koftas and salad, what a healthy meal.

    Fellow feeling, I am suffering from enjoying my bread too much, and if I can’t stop overeating it I will have to make it less often. My brain just keeps finding some new food to gorge itself on. Sigh.

    I am so SO glad that next week shouldn’t be as stressful for you. Health comes first! (But I do understand, you need the job and you do it so well). A second walk every lunch time is such a good idea! All power to you. I hope you are off walking as I write.

    Betsy, I hope you are feeling more energetic today. Ha, more water and less icecream might do the trick. This cold weather has made it hard, just when we were easing off the winter vibes, back again!

    Neil, that antarctic blast is affecting you most of all, you and your son. Nasty of it to spoil your plans. I do hope you have a good plant-based-fast800-week.

    Goodness, I didn’t even know the cricket was on, and I have news going all day (I do tend to zone out with sport I am sad to say). Well hooray for the Aussies, and commiseration Kiwis.

    I can officially meet my daughter and the littlies in a park today, in an area where our 5km circles intersect, but we are putting it off until tomorrow because of my appt and her need to do 6 loads of laundry. Tomorrow, hopefully!

    I’m on track for a good, light eating day. Hooray! Best wishes all.

    Good afternoon everyone. As I have a rare free day at home I thought I would try to catch up on posts properly for a change. I had very slow morning as after weekend crammed with cleaning and cooking I was a bit tired. Unfortunately the overeating that took place last night didn’t help – it always leaves me feeling seedy and dehydrated the next day. After lots of fluids and sticking to my 500cal FD I am feeling a bit healthier this afternoon.

    Cinque, when I heard the new rules for Melbourne I hoped that would mean you finally got to see your grand daughters in person. How wonderful.

    Neil, how disappointing that you have to cut short your cycling holiday. We have had some extremely unseasonal snow here too, so I’m not surprised that your area had snowfall in spring.

    Anzac, sorry to hear that work is continuing to be the major stress source in your life. I think a lunch time walk is a great idea. Just getting out of the house when you are hungry helps and the extra exercise should also help too. Also nice to be able to walk during the nicest part of the day. I hope it helps you deal with your working days a little more easily.

    Thin, glad you are on the road to getting that tooth finally sorted. I know it won’t be as cheap as your usual dentist, but I hope not too awful.

    Betsy, when you described your new fitbit band it had me looking down at mine, which is a lilac colour. I specifically wanted purple, but this was the closest they had to that.
    I suspect it these weeks of shot down have felt like an eternity for you and Cinque, when you are living with those restrictions every day. I am not surprised that food presents itself as a source of comfort. I hope the path out continues to look hopeful. I was so pleased to see the continually improving infection rates in Melbourne. Only 5 today was so much better.

    Betsy & Thin, it’s not just dominant hand that effects typing, it’s also stronger fingers, for those of us that touch type. My index finger is always faster to the keys than my little finger or ring finger, so I often end up with the same errors.

    Merry, I hope you have more success baking with almond meal that I have. I tried making scones from int once, but they were so dense they were more like rock buns. Although I did do a frangipane tart last night and the filling for that is almond meal rather than flour – a lot of sugar too though!

    I am on the same bandwagon as the rest of you when it comes to bread. Stopping is very difficult, both when I’ve baked but also when I’ve bought a new loaf. I always mean to stop at one or two slices, but I rarely manage that before I can get the loaf sliced and into the freezer.

    Hello to everyone else, hope you are doing well.

    I managed to an hours walk this morning and will head out shortly for another half an hour. I need to get plenty of exercise today as I’m babysitting all day tomorrow so there will be no long walks.

    Take care all.

    Got the baton, thanks Cinque! And thanks for the pretty flowers. We managed to find a canal side pub with strict covid measures. Enjoyed a drink on their deck in the sun and then retreated to the indoor area for a nice meal. Pubs are now requiring patrons to wear masks when not seated at their tables so that feels a good move. Oh no, another trip to the dentist.

    We spent the weekend on the Ashby Canal and then cruised back to a bridge near the dentist’s location yesterday afternoon. A good day to fast although I will request no injection for the filling. While he had to ramp up cleaning procedures, he offered to do a scaling as well so that will be out of the way. It’s hard to get routine work like that done right now.

    LJ, good that your FD has re-set your eating habits. Hurray for 5:2.

    Neil, snow, wow. Sorry that your plans were thwarted.

    Hi Betsy, and everyone else, have a great week.

    Good evening all.

    Well, I’ve had another NFD, but will be trying for a FD800 tomorrow. Someone’s comment (?Neilithicman?) re having a break from carbs struck a note with me – have been having too many lately, so maybe that has been partly instrumental in the tiredness? I will avoid them tomorrow – mainly vegetables and protein – and see how I feel on Wednesday.

    Re typing, LJoyce’s comments re the stronger fingers is also very pertinent, and also where a finger naturally reaches too. Like thin, I often type don;t instead of don’t, and I think that one’s because my little finger doesn’t naturally stretch as far sideways. It’s interesting.

    Thin, glad you and Mr Thin had the opportunity to celebrate your anniversary in relative safety – belated happy anniversary!
    And hope the filling got done without needing an injection.

    Neilithicman, sounds like our weather then moved across the Tasman to you. Brr! Hope you and your son still find some fun things to do nearer to home, and then enjoy the briefer ride.

    Cinque, great that you’ll be able to see DD and grandchildren in the park tomorrow. Even though sunny today, it was still quite cool; tomorrow should be more pleasant, so enjoy! 🙂

    LJoyce, my Fitbit band is officially called “berry”, but I found it hard to exactly describe the colour. But, it was that or nothing. The only wristband possibilities for the Fitbit Charge 3 were black or berry for the large size, and berry for small. I’d have preferred black to berry, but…. you take what you can get. So mine may actually be the same colour as yours. I’m just not great at describing colours.

    Well, I’d best sign off for now. Maybe more tomorrow?

    FD almost complete. It’s been a busy one and I barely noticed it. Yes thanks Betsy, I got away without the injection which was good because the dentist said that, as I hadn’t yet eaten (it was 11am), he would like to give me a food supplement to help with the anaesthesia. I avoided both thankfully. He joked that I was tough – I joked you’d have to be a wimp to require an injection for that procedure. I found the scaling worse.

    Anyway, I’m rambling but I wanted to say that I was surprised to discover that they still use amalgam here (I had a choice – the remainder of the existing filling was amalgam so it was easier than replacing the entire thing). I told him that in Australia the dentists seem to want to replace all your amalgam fillings. He replied, “yes, I understand there’s a lot of money in that”. Interesting, isn’t it? Mercury, tin and silver alloy doesn’t sound too good really but I’m just reading how they’re prepared these days – fascinating. I wonder which Dental Association is correct.

    The other reason I came back was because, while writing my entry this morning, a new email flashed across my screen from the Home Office so I had to sign off quickly. It was nerve-racking opening the Word document because it kept requiring me to download successive new fonts adding to the suspense. I’m pleased to report that OH has been given ‘leave to remain’ which is such a funny turn of phrase. He can stay for 2.5 years. It means we can stay safely here self-isolating if needed due to covid, but we could also leave in winter for a couple of months if it becomes safe to do so. Weirdly, he is permitted to work. I shall have to check the ads …. 😉

    Hello all you quiet and/or busy 5:2ers,

    It is a fast day for me, I still haven’t seen my grandchildren! I might turn into one of those grandmothers that goes to court claiming it is my right! Haha. No it is mostly that we do need to drive to a park that is in both our zones and my daughter’s car battery is flat and she is taking forever to get it fixed. In the mean time I am struggling to keep up my end, but by the time we meet I will have the gigantic present with lots of layers and a home made pop up card (an easy one).

    I got my emergency dental appt and they carefully checked but no sign of anything wrong with that back molar or jaw, so my infection was probably in my ear but almost gone. So two appt’s and then I had to get my annual blood test done yesterday first thing (before I could even have a cup of tea). Then to pick up my ‘click and collect’ presents and find something else in a supermarket to make it a bit more gigantic.

    So now I am up to catching up on everything else.

    LJoyce, I hope babysitting is going well.

    I did make a loaf of bread and am managing to eat it sensibly.

    Thin, I am glad you had such a great anniversary celebration and woot! for the visa coming through. Yay for your dentist. I think the fear of poisoning from amalgam fillings took hold more here, another instance of theory conflicting with evidence.

    Betsy, is the low carb change working well? I am finding I need to up the protein, and I am even wondering if I am craving carbs when I really want protein. My brain does not give good messages! Including typing! I make all those mistakes while typing with two fingers, which is a good indication of how slow my brain works, it can’t even keep up with that tap tap tap!

    Cali, I am thinking of you with the fire and virus crises all around you. I wonder if you have seen this (some light relief) https://www.theguardian.com/global/2020/sep/29/fowl-epithets-swearing-parrots-separated-after-telling-folk-where-to-go

    Best wishes to everyone, I do hope this is a good day, fast day or non fast day.

    Good morning everyone

    FD for me today and time I caught up with people’s news.

    Cinque, I also read the item about the swearing parrots and was highly amused. It seems a pity to separate them when they are having such fun! I am glad that the ear infection has almost disappeared, and hope it is soon gone completely. How wonderful it will be for you and the grandchildren when you do finally get together, with the very large present in its layers of wrapping!

    And Cinque, you are right about the liveliness of the Jack Russell element in my daughter’s dog. Little Giles is keeping DD and her partner on their toes. But of course they adore him. He had his first puppy school class last Sunday and did well – ‘advanced’ the teacher said!

    Thin, good news about the visa for OH and about the dental work being done.

    Betsylee, we’ve had the Antarctic blasts here in SA too, and it has felt colder to me than it did in mid-winter. Perhaps the brief burst of warm weather softened me up! Spring is always a variable season but it seems especially so this year. Thanks for your encouragement re the WOL, and yes you have reminded me to keep going with the core exercises.

    I weighed myself 2 days ago and another half kilo has gone, so I have lost 5K altogether over the past 3 months. My daughter’s new puppy is 2.5K, so I am visualising having lost two chubby puppies – no wonder my jeans are much more comfortable!

    Anzac, I hope the work pressure eases up.

    LJoyce, hope the school holiday babysitting is going well and everyone is having fun, including you.

    Penguin, your bread-making is impressive! Pizzas chapattis, naan – yum! Better for me not to think about them today.

    Neil, how is the holiday going? Well, I hope, despite the tricky start.

    I am off to Kangaroo Island this long weekend, to stay at my sister’s shack on the wild southern coast, with quite a few other family members and a couple of dogs. I am looking forward to it. My brother-in-law has built a little pizza oven outside, so there will be some feasting!

    All the best to everyone
    Helen Kate

    HK, so funny that you have shed the equivalent of two puppies! Well done. I used to think of my lost kilos in terms of 500g margarine containers. Have fun at the island. Stay safe and go easy on the pizza!

    Cinque, what a lot of driving about for you but hurray that you are now feeling better. I hope Rose gets her act together and buys a new car battery soon.

    Good evening all. This is the end of a disastrous eating September for me, so it’s back on the bandwagon again for October.

    Cinque, yes, adding protein is something I’ve also found to stop carb cravings, but …. haven’t been doing that because I just wanted to EAT. Anyway, I’m optimistic that October will be better. I think it’s been a mix of being locked down for so long, plus stress with respect to my study, that have affected me so badly. I’ve regained nearly 3 kg this month. Now I have to lose it all again during October. I definitely don’t want to end up doing again what I did towards the end of last year where I regained 10 kg. It would be an awful waste of hard work.
    Good that your teeth are okay, so probably just the tail end of the ear infection.
    With all the anticipation, won’t it be wonderful to finally meet up with DD and grandkids and gift the present to Miss 4.

    Thin, yay! Mr Thin has permission to stay for 2.5 years! What a relief. Now you just have to send him off to work and you can enjoy some peace and solitude 🙂
    Glad your dental work was finished and went okay. Finally!

    HelenKate, sounds like you got the blast, too. Let’s hope that’s the end of the really cold weather for this year.
    Re exercise, I do plenty of walking, but don’t think I’m as aerobically fit as I should be. I tried doing a few of those exercises where you stand with feet together, arms by your side, then jump out with feet wide and arms outstretched, then jump back to the original position. I actually saw my neighbour doing it in her front yard, so I thought that it might be something I could do. Well, 20 jumps in 15 seconds and I was almost gasping for breath, which tells me how unfit I really am. I’m going to add a few jumps several times a day into my routine, and expect to see some improvement.

    Now it’s warmer, I’ll get back out on my cross-trainer and rowing machine, too. I started that a few weeks ago, and then we had rain followed by the Antarctic blast, so that was that, haven’t been out to the machines (they “live” in a room in my garage).

    Okay, lots of plans, plus the study is now better organised and so, less stressful, so October will be a better month. Anzac65, I’m including you in the October reset, so let’s encourage each other there, okay?

    Goodnight everyone.

    Day after a very good fast day for me 🙂
    Miso the cat was also pleased as she got her whiskas dinner.

    HelenKate, how lovely to be walking around without those two chubby little dogs hanging off you!
    Have the best time this weekend on Kangaroo Island! Keep warm.

    Thin, I hope my daughter gets her act together too! She has a phobia about ringing people, so she has identified that they need to sign up to RACV roadside assistance, but needs to get her partner to do it, even though he doing his high powered job.
    Update! Just had a message that it is done, battery recharged! We will meet this afternoon unless the little one is too poorly from her vaccination yesterday.
    Constant nagging from mum wins again!

    Betsy, Oh dear, your study pressure is as bad as Anzac’s job pressure, playing havoc with 5:2. I do hope you can work out successful strategies for October. I bet you can!
    And I want a successful October too, so I am with you.
    Good luck with those star jumps. They would be good for me too, if I start feeling skipping is too dangerous.

    Well, I have somehow taken an extra long time writing this. Hope it makes sense. Good wishes everyone.

    Betsy, sorry to read about your lapse. Hopefully, 3kg will be the limit before you turn it around again. It made me laugh to imagine people doing star jumps in their front gardens. The effects of your study is concerning, how long until all that stress comes to an end?

    Cinque, yeah! I hope it’s a wonderful visit. I’m sorry I haven’t kept abreast of Victoria’s lock-down rules (Betsy mentions it too) but whatever form your visit to the park takes, it will be wonderful I’m sure. I had a dream about you last night. I was looking for you in your apartment block – it was an enormous complex set across acres of fields on a cliff. There were two single beds in each tiny room and the numbering was all over the place so I had to check every single room to find your number – 105 – but I never found it. I’d been watching ‘A Fortunate Man’ on Netflix and I think the setting influenced my dream.

    Greetings from the Charcoal State! It used to be The Golden State but there have been so many fires that I’m renaming it! While your southern states and NZ are getting that cold Antarctic blast, we’ve been having unseasonably hot weather for close to a week after having a really hot week a couple weeks ago as well. We’ve gotten close to 38 this week. Thankfully it cools way down on most nights. But now with the high temperatures, another big fire has started up in the wine country where they had gusty winds along with the heat. It’s not to close to here but we’re getting a lot of smoke when the wind blows in this direction, so we have to sleep with the windows closed. The breezes have been mostly calm here, thank goodness. Everything is so dry.

    Cinque and Betsy, the covid numbers are looking so much better there. I check them every day. Cinque, I’m happy to hear that you’ll be seeing your granddaughters very soon. The quarantine is working well. I did see that article about the swearing parrots. That really made me laugh. One can only imagine what they said! We have to be careful what we say around our birds because they do pick up words, particularly words that are shouted. Luckily, they only say things like, “Stop that!” Or “Knock it off!” rather than “Shut up” or worse. I’m sorry to hear you had a problem again with your ear but good to hear that it seems to be going away. You may end up having to get an antibiotic if it doesn’t.

    Thin, a belated Happy Anniversary to you and OH. Glad you were able to find a pub where you were able to celebrate safely. Glad to hear you finally got into the dentist too. OH’s root canal seems to have been successful (and expensive!) and next week he will go to have a permanent filling put in and hopefully won’t need to have the crown replaced.

    LJ, good to hear you’re maintaining your weight even with all the babysitting and busyness. It sounds so nice to be able to go out to restaurants again without worrying. They’ve opened some up in our county with reduced seating and some outdoor seating, but too many people disregard the masks and social distancing around here for it to be safe for our higher risk household. I do miss going out, especially now with all the smoke again. But at least we have plenty of TV shows to stream these days and usually watch a couple episodes each evening. 4 of them are Aus series.

    Merry and Quacka, good to hear from both of you. I read everyone’s posts but run out of time to respond to you all individually sometimes. But I do think about all of you.

    My eating has gone back and forth with a lot of CD’s but not the 800 calorie days right now. It does work but I’m having a difficult time with the stress eating and all the worry about fires, covid, economy and the upcoming election here. Last night’s first presidential debate was a train wreck! It was an embarrassment. I truly am concerned about the future of our democracy. It seems to be one thing after another lately. I need to get my head into a better place.

    Evening all. Well the abbreviated trip went well. We drove through hills covered in about 4 inches of snow, but when we got to the Teviot Valley to start our cycling there was pretty much no snow and s nice warm wind, about 14 degrees. We managed over 40 kilometres yesterday and then just over 20 kilometres today. When we drove back home today pretty much all the snow had melted off the hills and tomorrow is supposed to be 23 degrees. What weird weather.

    Hopefully I can catch up with all the posts tomorrow.

    Good evening all.

    Good to read your posts. Tomorrow will be the first of my FDs for October, so Here’s hoping I stick to it. Actually, last time I put weight on, I regained 11 kg, not 10kg. This time it turns out to be only 2.5 kg this month, according to my scales, but that’s 3.5 kg since I saw that wonderful 68 on the scales. However, I feel in a much better place to persevere this year, so here we go.

    Thin, my study goes till mid-2022, unless I get my thesis finished and submitted beforehand, and if I need extra time, I can still take another semester off, as I did for the first half of this year – would prefer not, it’s already been too long.

    You and Cinque both commented on the stress of the study – yes, I have been finding it stressful. What I’ve decided to do (as I like documenting things) is to look on the doctorate like a part-time job and keep a weekly record of my hours. Once I reach 20 hours of study done, that will be it for the week (unless I FEEL like doing more), and I can then relax. It will be a way both of ensuring I do some work, and also giving me permission to relax without the study hanging over me once the hours are done each week. Kind-of starting that this week, but as I came up with the idea mid-week, I’m only aiming for 10 hours tomorrow and Saturday. Next week, I’ll start “work” on Monday.

    Cinque, thanks again for the reminder about protein. I KNOW that, but just disregarded it. Now I have it in the forefront of my mind again – must ensure adequate daily protein intake!
    Not sure the star jumps are particularly good for me, actually. I think I may still be a bit heavy for them. Might do the rowing and cross-trainer instead, and review the star jumps once I’ve lost a bit more.

    CalifDreamer, so sorry to read of all the fires that are ongoing over there, with poor air quality. Not nice to have to keep windows closed all the time. Hope the cooler weather comes quickly for you!
    Here, we’ve been told a “La Nina” weather pattern has formed over the Pacific Ocean, so we’re expecting a wetter and more humid summer than normal. It will be a relief if it means fewer bushfires.

    Neilithicman great that you’re back and the truncated (abbreviated) trip went well. Dare I ask what the scales have done to you now you’re back??

    By the way, I’ve been using some Salter scales for the past few years, but many moons ago I bought a super-dooper pair of weight-watcher’s scales which I retrieved yesterday evening from where they’d been stashed and decided to try them out. They give slightly more extensive information than the Salter scales, and weigh me as 0.4 kg lighter. Not sure if I want to shift across to using them, so may use both in parallel on my “big” weigh-in on Saturdays for a while, just to compare the readings.
    I’m actually not sure if they really weigh me lighter – I haven’t changed the battery in the Salter scales for quite a while and it may be reaching the end of its life. Might be better to change that battery over before doing the comparison.

    Okay, enough for now. Keep safe and well everyone!

    Good morning friends

    It is 5.15am and I have arisen early to try and get caught up on some work. I did go to bed at 8.00pm as I had a sudden onslaught migraine but no surprises there given the work stress

    I noticed something interesting this week. On Monday I had a quiet day and managed two good walks and 20 mins on the exercise bike. I ate sensibly – about 1200 calories – and the scales dropped 300g which is good for me. Tuesday I had 8.5 hours of meetings, only managed a quick walk but still ate sensibly. No drop at all. Wed and Thurs pretty much the same, not as many meetings but hardly any exercise and the scales stayed the same. So clearly exercise is a very important part of weight loss for me, regardless of eating below my TDEE.

    Happy belated anniversary Thin and Mr Thin and I’m so glad you finally got that dratted dental work out of the way

    We’ve had some bad news for my Dad. He is riddled with skin cancers and has them cut out/burnt off constantly. One on his lower leg was quite bad and the local skin guy has had two goes at it and the biopsy still came back that he didn’t get it all. Now Dad has to go to a plastic surgeon for a big operation to try and get the damn cancer out. He is 95 next month so this is not a good thing. Fingers crossed he comes through it ok

    The smoke from bush fires is awful Cali and I’m sorry you are going through it. Hopefully your weather will turn soon.

    The cold snap has finally gone (for now) and we are going to have gorgeous weather this long weekend. 25 today then 26, 27 and 29 and lovely and sunny. The pool is up to 26 degrees so lots of swims and plenty of lengths for some good exercise. Also plenty of walks. It is plunging back to 19 on Tuesday but so be it. I will have to work, as I have done the past two weekends, but I blocked my calendar today and refused all meetings so I can catch up as much as possible and not work every day on the weekend

    Betsy, absolutely we will both get back on the horse for October. And support each other 100%. I can imagine how stressful it must be to study – and especially to do a doctorate. I hated school and studying so the mere thought of it sends shivers down my spine. Good for you!

    I silently cheered like mad to read that you can see your family Cinque. Hooray for most Victorians doing the right thing and getting the numbers down. I hope you managed a catch-up yesterday, please tell us all about it

    Neil, snow in late September sounds crazy! So glad you managed to have a fab trip and to get some cycling done. I have to agree, the weather lately has been crazy all around the world

    5 kilos is fantastic Helen Kate. And I did laugh at the vision of you walking around with two chubby puppies clinging to your shoulders. Enjoy Kangaroo Island, I have read a lot about it and would love to visit one day. We need a detailed update of all of your fun activities when you return please!

    Hi LJ, so glad that you are keeping well and healthy despite being really busy. It is not an easy thing to do

    Well I’ve enjoyed catching up on your posts, hi to those I haven’t mentioned. I also enjoyed a glorious sun rise and now the birds are singing madly and it is lovely and quiet inside as the two boys are still sleeping soundly. Mr Anzac took Maxx downstairs last night to ensure I was not disturbed upstairs in the spare room. I’m sure Maxx enjoyed his half of the king-size bed 🙂

    Take care all

    Good afternoon,
    Back from family time! Yesterday it had to be postponed because logistics got tricky at my daughters house, and this morning her car took some time to get started, and then I had a bit of trouble finding the right part of the park, but finally we all got a lovely long hour sitting in the shade and mostly building little structures out of bark and twigs in the sandy area. Just perfect. The gigantic present with lots of layers was a success. A treat of a morning.

    Ha, Thin, what a dream. I am glad my flat isn’t two single beds in a tiny room! I will call you to rescue me for real if that happens!

    Cali, so glad to read your post, even though it is such bad news for your poor state. It was terrible for smoke affected vineyards here last summer, and that is for the people who didn’t lose buildings and infrastructure, but had smokey grapes that made disgusting wine.
    Hooray for parrots keeping spirits up. I saw someone recommending them as pets today, saying they are the primates of the avian world.
    I’ve got my fingers crossed for your democracy, I do hope everyone gets out and votes (covidsafely!).

    Neil, what a great trip, cleverly avoiding riding on slippery snow. And just about time to prepare for a balmy 23 degrees.

    Betsy, you have such a good plan to keep stress more controlled. All power to you.
    And how nice that your WW scales have a lighter weight, much nicer than if they added grams.

    Ooh Anzac, so sad for your dad, and what a worry it must be for all of you. Fingers crossed the surgery goes really well and that he recovers well.

    What a great result from squeezing more exercise in. Hooray hooray for no meetings over the weekend, but boo boo that you need to work at all. I hope it is a great weekend with lovely exercise between the work hours.

    Well, I have just had lunch, and I finished with some dried yellow striped trevally that are little dry fish usually deep fried, but I brush them with oil and soy sauce and microwave them a couple of minutes (in a container) and they are like chips, thin and crunchy. They must have some protein. Anyway, they made me feel like I have had a savoury treat, and now I am going to get things done before a rest.

    Best wishes to you all.

    Hi all, has been a long time since I last logged on so I haven’t read any posts for at least a month at a guess. So just an update from me as I have no idea of the conversations to be able to comment.

    Good news, Mr Gday’s exploratory tests came back negative so his GPs cancer diagnosis was incorrect which was a definite relief. We spend 8 days in the caravan at the Barossa Valley in the 2nd week of September and had a wonderful time wining, dining, sightseeing and catching up with friends. Too much I’d say as I gained 4.3kg in 8 days….oops. We also bought some wine home with us so here we are 3 weeks later, the purchased wine has been consumed and now we are returning to being alcohol free and back into healthy eating and hopefully some further weight loss. Definitely need to get the over consumption of carbs back under control.

    I’m also back into the swing of my studies and making good progress on my Cert III in Fitness. I’m fairly certain last time I posted I was about to enrol in a massage course, however something made me a little hesitant and I had a re-think. So I ditched the massage course and enrolled in 2 Weight Management courses instead. After re-assessing my future business path I decided that being qualified as a Weight Management Consultant/Nutritionist would be a better fit as a business model to compliment being a Personal Trainer. That way I will be able to offer a more holistic approach in terms of health, wellbeing and weight loss. The Weight Loss course is similar to a nutritionist course but not quite, although I will be able to call myself a Nutritionist when qualified if I choose too. So at the moment I’m studying Cert III in Fitness and Cert IV in Weight Management and once I’ve completed those I move onto Cert IV in Fitness and Diploma in Weight Management. Phew, it seems like a lot but I’m loving them both and study is not a chore at all compared to the last Cert IV and Diploma course I completed which were incredibly boring to say the least and I had to really push myself to complete them.

    Wow what weird weather, we had snow nearby a few weeks ago and today its 35deg and tomorrow 37deg. The vegie patch, orchard and everything else in the garden is absolutely booming at the moment. Picking delicious broad beans, greens, celery, onions, carrots and herbs from the vegie patch. Unfortunately nothing came of the broccoli and cauliflower plantings as they both went to seed. The chooks and ducks are laying like crazy too. Daylight savings begins this weekend so looking forward to that.

    I see on the news just now that Donald and Melania Trump have been diagnosed with Covid. I bet the press will have a field day with that one given he didn’t appear to be too fussed about the whole thing. I have to say I had a little chuckle when I read it. No ‘Fake News’ on that one Donald. I don’t take too much interest in American politics but the Presidential debates are worth watching.

    Oh well must go now. I have to do 2 Client Screening Assessments and MissD and Mr Gday are my mock clients. They have to role play a case study each and I have to do a health and fitness assessment on them. Should be a laugh. Happy Friday everyone.

    Good evening everyone.

    Just a pre-weekend check-in. I was doing really well with the FD until I decided to eat something for dinner, and that set off the munchies. I’ll be finishing at around 1400 calories which is still below my TDEE, so not a disaster, just not a FD.

    Anzac65, good to hear from you. Your work seems to be really demanding and stressful at the moment. Would you be having as many meetings if you were actually at work rather than WFH? Glad you had a good night of restful sleep, without your furchild disturbing you. Very thoughtful of your OH to keep Maxx out of your way.
    Sorry to read of your dad’s skin cancer. Hopefully, even with the plastic surgeon, it will still be removed under local anaesthetic, which is much less stressful for the body, though he may need a skin graft if the lesion is a big one. Hope not!

    Cinque, yay for a lovely meeting with the family, and great that the present was a hit. Sounds like you had an really enjoyable time. It’s been so long!

    G’DayfromSA, so lovely to hear from you again. What a lovely holiday you had in the Barossa Valley – hope it’s a case of quickly on and quickly off re the weight.
    Glad Mr G’Day’s preliminary cancer diagnosis was found to be wrong, very good news.
    Your study sounds very rewarding for you, much better than the last lot you did.

    Yes, I read of President Trump and wife Melania’s Covid-19 diagnoses. Rather wry, considering how he’s been poo-pooing the severity of the disease. Irrespective, I am sorry for them both and pray for a safe recovery.
    I wonder how much it will affect his re-election chances? CalifDreamer would probably know more about that – will it make things more difficult, or will he get a sympathy vote? Or will he push for a delayed election? I’m thankful it’s not our problem over here.

    Tomorrow is “weigh-in” morning, so we’ll see how I’m going. Also have to put all my clocks forward one hour tomorrow evening because of daylight savings. I’m attending a Zoom 50th birthday party at 6 p.m., so will change the clocks over after that’s finished. I really have to make sure I do that, as I’m “on duty” for online church on Sunday morning.
    There’ll probably be many people who try to log on an hour late because they’ve forgotten to change their clocks over, and as online church only goes for an hour, they’ll miss church entirely and will have to log back in at 11 a.m. for the later service.

    Well, I’d better move on to other things. Would like to do a couple of hours of study this evening. Hope you’re all doing well – stay safe, stay well!

    Gday, it’s so good to hear from you again and catch up on your news. I’m so relieved to hear that Mr Gday’s exploratory tests came back negative. But his initial cancer diagnosis from his GP must have caused a tremendous amount of worry. So glad that is past now. Your decision to go for a Weight Management Consultant/Nutritionist certification sounds like a great idea. It will complement your Personal Trainer studies. It sounds like your temperatures there are pretty much the same as ours are this week. It’s much hotter than normal for this time of year. And it sounds like it’s warm for you in early Spring too.

    Betsy, the news about Trump and Melania both testing positive for Covid last night wasn’t too surprising considering all of the campaign events and so many people and with little social distancing and no face masks. Packing so many people into his campaign rally’s, many of them indoors and then discouraging masks seemed to be inviting the spread of the disease. This afternoon they flew him to Walter Reed Military Hospital because of worsening symptoms. He was already behind in the polls so I can’t imagine this helping. With several more people in his administration becoming infected in the last couple of days voters may start to question his disagreements with his own medical officials on precautions. Look at how quickly the virus spread in Melbourne from just a few people in those quarantine hotels.

    Cinque, I’m so happy to hear that you finally had some good family time with your daughter and granddaughters. It sounds like a lovely day at the park. I bet Miss 4 was delighted with her gigantic gift! It sounds like the weather was nice too.

    It is a warm Sunday afternoon in Melbourne, fast day for me, with the day conveniently going quicker thanks to daylight saving.

    I had a easy day yesterday, and so far so good today.

    Gday, excellent news after such a cancer fright. And what a lovely Barossa break you have had.
    I am so glad you have found study you are passionate about. You will fly through it.

    I am picking broad beans too! I will have them in my miso soup this evening. Lovely tender little ones.

    Betsy, I do hope your weigh in morning was pleasing… on both sets of scales! And that most of the people got to the church service at the start.

    Hi Cali, I hope your weekend is going well. Oh dear yes, re Covid at the White House, you only need one superspreading event.
    I did appreciate the tweet hoping the President has a speedy recovfefe.

    I was so sidetracked by grandchildren, the Thin Anniversary and so on, that I missed Penguin’s floral tribute this week, so here I have some stunning brassicas for you: https://c8.alamy.com/comp/2ADXXMT/decorative-cabbage-unusual-funny-flower-of-brassica-oleracea-bouquet-flowers-of-roses-in-glass-vase-shabby-chic-home-decor-wallpaper-2ADXXMT.jpg

    Cheers all

    Joining you in a FD, Cinque, much needed for me. I’m looking forward to it.

    CalifD, you have a lot on your mind. I’m thankful that our US citizenship doesn’t compel us to vote. I can’t imagine being forced to choose between those two goons. Here’s something lighthearted on Netflix for you to take your mind off things: White Collar. We did persevere with ‘Away’ but the next episode was dedicated to how the crew members had learned that one of them was gay …

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

    Good evening everyone.

    It’s a long weekend in SA, but a quiet one for me. I seem to have busy weeks and slow weekends at present. Due to bakeries and cafe lunches, not to mention making homemade fruit and nut bread (what was I thinking), my jeans were feeling a bit tight. So it’s a very strict long weekend for me. A FD500 yesterday and FD800s today and tomorrow. My jeans already feel nice and baggy again.

    Thankfully I managed to go for a long walk this morning as the rain had been unrelenting all afternoon. I even binge watched all 4 episodes of the Salisbury Poisonings as there was no hope of leaving the house for an afternoon walk.

    As most of you know I had a goal of walking 2020 kilometres this year. I got there 3 months early, reaching 2020km on 30th September.

    Cali, I have been thinking of you with the unrelenting heat and fires. Just when I thought they were under control I saw the news of the new Napa Valley fire. I keep hoping that cool wet weather will arrive very soon.
    I saw the announcement of your president’s positive test and thought the same as you – it was only a matter of time with the way he has behaved.

    Thin, so very glad to hear that you and MrT have a permanent home for the next couple of years. I doubt it took them long to decide that MrT didn’t marry you for a potential residency. I heard of playing a long a game, but that’s ridiculous.

    GDSA, so very pleased with the misdiagnosis for your OH. Sometimes it’s wonderful when the doctor is wrong!

    Cinque, I’ve been imagining your family reunion for days – only to keep hearing it was postponed. I bet the kids were so excited to see you again after so many weeks apart. I hope the better weather means more picnics in the park.

    Betsy, I think treating your study as working hours is an excellent idea. I did something similar during many years of tertiary study. It gave me the discipline to cope with home based work later on.
    Sorry to hear that September was so bad on the weight front. I have no doubt you can deal with that though. You have taken on bigger challenges this year than a 3kg gain and you you can do it again. We all believe in you.

    Anzac, best wishes for your dad’s surgery, I hope all goes well. My dad had plastic surgery twice in his 90s and coped with both, despite his heart issues.
    I too notice that I need a certain level of activity and that I must be consistent daily, although it doesn’t show on the scales each day, it is evident across the week. I think it’s partly that it burns a few more calories and gives us a higher TDEE that day, but I think it puts me into a healthier mindset where I want to make healthier food choices (most of the time anyway).

    Neil, sounds like you are making the most of your biking holiday despite the unseasonal weather, enjoy.

    Helen, I hope you are getting finer weather on KI than Adelaide is at the moment. Enjoy your break.

    Lindsay, I’ve been meaning to mention that I saw a Landline story about bees – they were talking about the the risk of varroa mite. Apparently they have created a purple hive which photographs the bees as they enter, so that they can be checked for signs of infection. As the colour purple is the most attractive to bees, they head for this purple hive. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-07-26/purple-hive-project-aims-to-save-bees/12485018
    I knew bees were hard workers but I didn’t know they had such good taste in their colour choices!

    Hello to everyone else, I hope you are doing well.

    My FD800 dinner is ready, so time to go and eat it. I have a jacket potato that I’ve baked in the airfryer – it was parboiled yesterday to create resistant starch.

    Enjoy what remains of you weekend.

    I’m pretending it is three hours ago, because if it was, my day would be on track, so good morning!
    (Yes, I am usually Ms Reality-is-my-friend, but I am taking the day off)

    It is a good day anyway, I just feel like I have been working hard and I just have a house full of half done tasks! A short break to say hello, and then I will be back in the fray.

    Thin, LJoyce, happy day after fast day!

    Thin, Penguin, sorry to hear about the big jump in cases in the UK. Fingers crossed the new restrictions are hard enough and early enough. Keep safe.

    LJoyce, I hope you can have some really happy healthy slow days, doing all the good things.

    Best wishes to everyone, I hope today is a good day.

    Hello everyone from a very warm Sydney. Google tells me it is currently 34 degrees in my suburb and it feels like it

    So plans to catch up on work and chores have gone out the window due to three days of spectacular sunny weather. The pool keeps calling us away from what we should be doing but to be honest I think the break from the computer and work has done me the world of good. I am feeling nice and relaxed and ready for another intense week (and only 4 days! Hooray!)

    So lovely to hear from you G’day and such tremendous news about Mr G’day and his health. Your studies really do sound interesting and your Barossa trip sounded awesome. I have the Barossa Valley way up on my ‘must visit’ list. One day

    Cinque your family reunion must have been so wonderful and I’m glad the giant gift was a hit. I laughed out loud at your ‘good morning’ just to pretend your day was on track. I should do the same thing 🙂

    Nice to hear that you are having a more relaxing weekend too LJ. Good for you to pounce immediately on tight jeans and undo the damage straight away

    Cali I have to admit to feeling a bit ‘serves you right’ when I heard about Trump. Maybe he will get sick enough to actually take it seriously. I’m with Thin though, I don’t envy Americans only having those two characters to choose from to vote for

    I’ve been trying to stay on the straight and narrow Betsy, in support of our determined push for a great October. I’m going to have two very strict FD’s next week as I did overeat yesterday when Dad came over for lunch. I cooked two courses and really didn’t need to eat the portion sizes I had nor to indulge in some chocolate later. I don’t even really enjoy chocolate but a neighbour bought us a huge box of Favourites for Mr Anzac for helping him with some things and despite me telling him not to open them he did. He is a chocolate fiend so luckily he will eat the majority of them, but I can’t resist a cherry ripe.

    OK, I need to walk away from the computer again and I think I will go and sit in the shade and read my book. See – I immediately felt guilt for not doing something productive! Bad Anzac….relaxing is a GOOD thing

    Take care all

    Anzac, what lovely weather you’re having. I hope you have plenty more time to relax. I wonder if all the ‘working from home’ people put in as much effort as you. I read that it’s going to be the new normal.

    LJ, what a lot of walking that sounds. We’ve walked almost as far as we’ve cruised as we usually walk several miles ahead each day. But I don’t know how many miles we’ve travelled as we measure in engine hours, a lot of which is taken up waiting for locks to fill or empty. Enjoy your long weekend.

    Cinque, I hope you’ve found the lost hours in your day!

    I dropped 800g with yesterday’s fast but it’s not enough. It’s useful to have the daily weight record to peruse. After one year of 6:1, the fact is that I weigh 2kg more than when I started trying to maintain on only one FD per week so I need to be a lot more vigilant or get back to 5:2. On the other hand, I had dropped 3kg during the house sale and other major changes to our lives last year. So maybe I’m just back where my body wants to be. At 58.4kg, I’m still under 60kgs but I mustn’t get complacent. I firmly believe that two FDs are best for re-setting eating habits yet here I am trying to justify continuing on 6:1.

    Morning all

    Well I weighed in today and my weight has ballooned. My goal of cutting out sugar and starch over my holiday went out the window a couple of days in and I seemed to be constantly be eating bread and junk. Probably because the weather was miserable and food was readily available whenever I felt like eating. I went up 1.5 kilos during my week off, I weighed in at 91.4 kilos this morning. Now I’m back at work and into a better routine hopefully that will drop back to normal by next week. I have to get my bike fixed on Friday because the gear cable is a bit frayed, but next week hopefully I can start taking my bike in to work in the mornings and then ease off my gym sessions a bit.

    Well I’d better get back into it, work piled up on the week I was away so I’ve got a bit to chug through this week.

    Have a great day everyone

    Hello everyone,
    A quick catch up between preparations for a very welcome homehelper, due in an hour or so.

    I am fasting today, and also feeling quite healthy! I had a good day on Monday turning up three pairs of lovely trousers, (opshop finds from last year I think, but designed for longer legged wearers). So I feel like I have a new wardrobe. And yesterday I did a bit of granddaughter babysitting while my daughter worked on her textile business, in the rules hooray, and that was lovely. Miss 4 was at kinder (it’s back!) and among other things Miss 6 started teaching me how to play Mario Party. Ooh my brain had to work hard, but what fun.

    Anzac, hooray for relaxation in the warm weather, just what you needed!

    Thin, Neil, this maintenance thing is a trick, isn’t it. But you are doing well Thin. And Neil, ha, bread and junk, that is our downfall always. Back on the horse! We live and learn. (Repeats to self three times).

    Penguin, there is a gorgeous callistemon on our property, not showy, a tall tree with pale flowers, but it is so gloriously hung with flowers at the moment that it’s branches are hanging down to the ground. So I chose a picture of callistemon for you today https://nnimgt-a.akamaihd.net/transform/v1/crop/frm/5Hw4diqMS6vE7dLX3uHPVX/a844fbf8-f876-4f70-856e-765c6a2adb66.jpg/r0_0_957_575_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg

    Ok, must go and get the rest of the house organised enough to allow my homehelp to do her job.

    Sending best wishes. Do all the good things!

    Hello all. I’m getting to the point that if I don’t come onboard for a quick comment, I’ll just fade away and lose this forum. So, here I am.

    It’s been a funny couple of weeks since I last wrote. The most dramatic was we nearly lost Rosy. She nicked a chicken bone as OH was scraping the plates into the bin, and the first we heard was the crunch ….too late to retrieve it. On the way over to the island the next afternoon, she vomited, but was fine until the next morning when she couldn’t even lift her head, and getting up and down from the window seat where she sleeps caused her tremendous pain. The local vet was on holidays, and work on the phone tower meant we had no phone access, and consequently no internet (because we pair our phones in the absence of wireless). She recovered, but for a day it was touch and go. we came home and our vet gave her the all clear. HelenKate, you asked what sort of dog Rosy is. She’s an Irish Setter, 14 months old. https://imgur.com/v4lMXiH

    To comment on posts from a while ago about typing mistakes, I was working as a journalist in 1982, and could never type Falklands. Just couldn’t do it. Always ended up as Flaklands.

    Betsy, thank you for asking about OH’s foot. Yes, it is getting better! Our myotherapist is a miracle worker, and OH is now also seeing an exercise physiologist in her practice, who is teaching him to walk properly again, after so many months (years, even) of favouring one leg. He was delighted just yesterday to find that when he chased Rosy to retrieve his glasses, he actually ran up the steps without even thinking about it.

    Are you still feeling tired Betsy? Would extra zinc help? I’ve been reading about the Covid treatments, and stumbled across an article on zinc. Perhaps worth talking to your GP about?

    Thin very happy for you, that your OH got his right to remain. That takes one pressure off the table, and you can go on your merry way knowing you don’t have to make decisions until the world is in a better place.

    HelenKate, Kangaroo Island sounds just lovely. Hope you had good weather, and a lot of fun. Ooh, pizza cooked outdoors. Sounds perfect.

    Calif, I think most people were shocked by the level of ‘debate’. Here’s a funny thing though. President Trump often calls out Mr Biden’s lack of verbal acuity …but my brother found a clip of him speaking about 40 years ago ..and exactly the same speech patterns. Perhaps it’s just mannerisms, and not failing mental faculties. I was shocked to see the drive-by out of Walter Reed. I guess there’ll be a clearer picture of the President’s health by the weekend. He certainly looked to be breathless standing on the steps of the White House. I hope he recovers well …but so irresponsible to tell people not to fear the virus.

    Really sorry to hear about your Dad Anzac. Do you have a date for his surgery? Does he live independently? Will he recuperate with you?

    Yea Cinque, to be able to see the grandies and your daughter again. Your morning in the park sounds lovely. Has your earache settled?

    My DD and family have been on the island for a week, and Miss 4 came off her little push bike’s training wheels on the beach. My DD heard her call out, as she whizzed by, “I’m so impressed. I’m impressed with this good work I am doing’.

    Great news, Gday, that Mr Gday’s tests were negative. Ooh more than a week in wine territory. How lovely.

    LJ thanks for the link to the Landline story ….I haven’t watched it yet (PhD editing, sigh), so will save it as a special treat for when I finish.

    Neil, you’ll soon shift that little bit extra, now you are back into your routine.

    OK off I go. A poached egg, two pieces of toast, more black coffee, and a day at the computer planned. We have a plumber coming this afternoon. I turned on the tap from the tanks (empty, but on the other side the town water turns on when they are low and water is needed) only to find a flood. DS investigated for us – and it looks like a rat has chewed its way through the pipe. Grrrr. We have seen a rat here on the verandah if we leave Rosy’s wet food down. As she sleeps at our feet, it whips up on to the verandah quick as you like. We don’t leave it down for her any more, but it seems our black friend is still around. We’ve put down a trap – a rat often leaves to very large carpet snakes, and I know which one I’d rather deal with.

    Happy day all

    Lindsay, what a great catch up from you. That must have been scary about Rosy eating the chicken bone. Glad it’s all OK.

    Neil, bread is just the worst, isn’t it, for stacking on unwanted weight. Although I love it, I seem to be able to avoid it quite well. I’m striving for an alcohol-free week and I’ve made it to Wednesday so far.

    Cinque, lovely that family life is back to normal for you and the offspring. You sound very busy. Don’t work too hard preparing for the home help! Is she (or he, mustn’t be sexist!) wearing a mask properly now? I read an article about ‘Long Covid’ and thought of you. There are an alarming number of post-covid patients suffering long-term symptoms similar to CFS. Perhaps it will receive sufficient medical attention that some positive spin-offs will be developed for sufferers like you, Merry and Minka.

    Good mornining dear ones, (ooh I will leave that one in so you can see the sort of typing mistake I do all the time, haha)

    I had my fast day, with a bad afternoon, so it went from a fasty fast day to a fast800, followed it up with a bad night (and I woke up Miso the cat and gave her a bad night too, which involved her waking me up as many times as I woke myself up). Awake since 4am, up since 5:30. Brain is about to cark it any moment, so I will try and get this post in first.

    Lindsay, so lovely to get a good catch up from you, but oh no, what a frightening time to have with poor Rosy, so far away from help. Hooray that she managed to sort it out (finally) and now has the all clear.

    I called my daughter Rosy when I was there the other day (her name is Rose, people who don’t know) and little Miss 6 thought that was hilarious. She was giggling at it so delightedly.

    I hope the plumber has sorted the water, and that you can get rid of the rat. I had a family of rats move into a little house I was living in in the hills, decades ago, and it was horrible! They ate the plastic lids on jars of food, got into my clothes drawers. I used a rat trap that was like a giant mousetrap and caught the dad, and then his family moved away. Since then, mice seem like a minor problem. (But when I tell people who have mice that it is a minor problem, they never believe me! 😉 )

    Ha, we are all the Flaklands at the moment!

    Such wonderful news that Mr Lindsay’s foot is improving so well. What a huge relief!

    I was worried in the night that my ear was aching again, but I think it was just all-over aching.

    Thin, congratulations on your alcohol-free week, so far 😀
    Oh dear, yes the ‘long covid’ is so terrible, and no idea at the moment how long it might last. I did think the same, that one bright spot could be that they will investigate thoroughly and any findings may also help those of us with CFS. I knew ‘stealth viruses’ are considered as a cause of CFS, but I didn’t understand what they were until now.

    My home help wears her mask full on when she arrives, then down under her nose after a couple of minutes, and takes it right down under her chin when she is out of the room (which I suspected, but yesterday she gave up bothering to pull it back up when she came in sight, although she remembered when she came close for me to sign the tablet).
    It feels pretty good, I open the house wide for a couple of hours before she comes and wear a mask, hoping both those things would protect her should I be infectious, and the open house and mask will hopefully help me, should she be infectious. I also put lots of things in the back room, which makes things easier for her and safer for me.

    I have memorised Japan’s 3 C’s to avoid: enClosed spaces, Crowded spaces, and Close contact.

    Well, I need to be sensible today, such a bad night does mean I am likely to overeat. I will go for little walks in the hope that will help me through the day and sleep better tonight.

    Broadbeans for lunch again! Lucky I love them.

    Best wishes everyone,

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