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  • Still here. Reading the posts as they come.

    How did Wednesday’s treatment go, Penguin?

    Morning Thin. No problems so far. It is done at a mobile unit about 5 miles away and I can drive myself to it. I then take pills every day. So far I have avoided any of the possible serious side effects. I have to watch my energy levels but exercise is prescribed, so I’m trying to keep fit. The exercise bike isn’t as easy as it was!

    You still moving west?

    Penguin, good to hear that it’s going well for you and with a convenient treatment location. Do others attend or is the mobile unit just for you?

    Due to gusty winds, we’ve stayed put for a few days. Paradoxically, it’s wonderfully quiet on the towpath here but OH is suffering serious allergies possibly due to the sizeable dairy farms alongside the canal. We’re allowed to move for essentials and will push on to get a pump out/diesel over the next few days. Inching our way towards the LLangollen.

    Did you see the Space Station pass last evening?

    Thin, it is a truck sized mobile med centre with capacity for three patients. It goes to a different location every day as long as the hospital has enough staff and there are enough patients. Otherwise I drive 25 miles into town, which I will do for my Monday blood test because our surgery, where they are usually done, is closed for the public holiday.

    My computer won’t let me leave this page to check without losing the post, but I seem to recall an impressive viaduct on your route?

    Didn’t know about the space station.

    That’s probably nice to develop some camaraderie amongst people going through the same thing.

    Yes, the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct:

    Sunday Fast Day here in the Cinque home.
    Cold and grey and damp outside so I’d really prefer comfort food. That’s bad. Well, luckily cups of tea and then a pot of coffee is comfort food for me. That’s good.

    (Little soliloquy for those of you who did ‘That’s bad, that’s good’ stories at school)

    Well, just quietly I’m glad there haven’t been too many posts over the last couple of days, it will give me a chance to catch up!

    Ooh Thin, that tunnel. I hope the damage was just a scrape, and that it wasn’t a scrape on your new paintwork. I had heard of the old way of legging it through tunnels, but I didn’t realise the tunnels could be that long, and I had somehow imagined them with their feet reaching up to the roof, rather than the sides (which makes so much better sense, haha), so good to see the pic in your link Lindsay.

    Betsy, it must be good to be on the next step of fixing the great drainage debacle, with a bit more clarity. I do so hope you have a nice process of good people to give you the best advice, and then to do the best work.

    Cali, Doesn’t doing small normal things that enrich our lives hold a special pleasure at the moment.

    Gday, congratulations on the job interview, I’ll have my fingers crossed for you. Sensible decision ditching the stupid application.

    I’m with Mr Gday watching Masterchef this year! I did love the first couple of seasons but then got too irritated by the raa raa hype stuff, and have mostly watched only the first and last 10 minutes most of this season, now the numbers are smaller I am starting to really enjoy it.

    Such good points you make about eating well at home when we are stuck there and bored. And especially hard if there is beautiful home made bread available all the time.
    I think communities over the world are dealing with too much snacking and too much drinking.

    Congratulations on that delicious sounding bone broth. I do love that meat jelly.

    I made a delicious stew with my gravy beef. A Persian stew but basic (onions, tomato, cinnamon, paprika) and cooked in my wonderful pressure cooker, and that has set (in the various containers for fridge and freezer) into rich jelly too.

    Off to make that comforting pot of coffee. To be continued!

    Betsy Yay! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e1/59/f4/e159f454b9411d0e92b6395b52258606.gif
    You are under BMI 30! Settle in 🙂 May this be your new normal.

    LJoyce, https://www.clipartmax.com/png/middle/193-1931590_free-download-of-bouquet-of-flowers-icon-yellow-flower-bunch-png.png
    I am really behind with the flowers, catching up now!

    So interesting to read the comments of people doing an eating audit and realising how things (calories, that would be) creep up. It is so true. I notice it with portion sizes (seeing how avidly I avoid counting calories). I’ve been extra careful lately and making my fast days fastier again, and it is showing. Hooray!

    A bit of a yoyo up and down of a few kilo is a HUNDRED THOUSAND percent better that letting the weight pile on again, but ooh isn’t it lovely to get a bit of focus and some Thinatlast discipline and get that nice result of slimmer and healthier!

    Gday, I am betting you will have a brilliant time getting back into the basics.

    Anzac, that will be the last snack attack for a good while. Fingers crossed.

    LJoyce, some gorgeous papery poppies. https://c1.peakpx.com/wallpaper/503/609/208/poppies-cheerful-happy-bright-wallpaper-preview.jpg
    I am sure we will continue our zoomsisters catch up, they are just lovely.

    Haha, yes I have wondered that about opshops too (whether they will be overloaded with donations once people have the chance to donate again). The big ‘Savers’ stores have remained open and I am just about ready to go and check out the closest one.
    Thin, I am one of those people! (Shopping for food and opshopping are my only outings!) Lucky I get such pleasure from both those things.

    Well to tell the truth I have also been able to walk around the block. Where I live there are quite a few different blocks to walk around, so it is quite exciting to choose which one. My version of Neil’s three hour bike ride, haha.

    Neil, yes, re the gravy beef. I am still learning about meat, but my favourites are the pieces that need long cooking and get so unctuous and delicious and you don’t need that much to flavour a whole soup or stew.

    You must have every muscle aching now with your workouts. I hope it is feeling great. Such an impressive run!

    Hello Turnabout, so glad your dad is home again, and that you do have family near him. I have been like him, sitting out in the sun every chance I get. (Not today, so far though! Brrr).

    Blenheim sounds wonderful.

    Thin, sending good wishes that your broken tooth stays healthy until it is easy to get to the dentist. Ooh and good luck finding a chandlery! (I thought, what is a candlemaker doing stitching canvas? But I see they do!)
    Wo! Are you going across on the acqueduct?

    Ooh you have made me so hungry for fish and chips! A fine thing to be feeling BEFORE MIDDAY on a fast day! I had better go and make my broth to change my mindset.

    Penguin, many good wishes, so glad you are not suffering too badly with your treatment, may it continue! https://static01.nyt.com/images/2006/12/28/arts/28happ.1.600.jpg?quality=75&auto=webp&disable=upscale

    LJoyce, one more bunch of flowers and we are caught up! I have some of these flowering now, such a lovely scent. https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/bouquet-violets-isolated-white-background-144751433.jpg

    Best wishes to you all!

    I suppose you are in bed again now Thin, sorry I dropped out of the only current conversation that was happening but had to drop camp and move on again this morning! Tend to get up a little earlier meaning going to bed a little earlier too! Didn’t seem to take too long though as OH had brekky, I skipped it. I can sympathize with you regarding being joined at the hip when shopping with your OH, same here, mine heads straight to the biscuits, usually filled with chunks of decadent dark chocolate and dried cranberries, they are quite scrummy, but I know I don’t need them! I secretly blame him for me eating them too, even though he isn’t forcing me! We have discussed several times over the recent lock down period how fortunate we were to get out of the business when we did, I would so not like to be there now! I see you have Spring Bank holiday tomorrow and some warmer weather back again, good luck with the aqueduct.

    So good to hear you are doing OK Penguin, make sure you rest when you feel tired and exercise when you have the energy, I am sure you will soon get used to the rhythm. Oh, that was a surprise I didn’t know Watership Down was actually a place that existed, I had a chuckle with that one, and the RAF landrover, bet your name was mud for a while?

    We have now arrived in Nelson and hope to get out and explore it tomorrow? Maybe with our raincoats on! We are currently sitting in the van whilst the rain pounds on the roof, going to be doing so for sometime apparently! Haven’t been here for about 15 or so years so really looking forward to it. I just hope some of this rain makes its way North for those who really need it.

    Hope this is just a blip in your weather Cinque, enjoy your coffee, just about to go and make one myself, thank goodness there’s no biscuits to go with it, hahaha!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend all,


    We have a public holiday next Monday, Queens’ Birthday weekend, so I think there will be a lot of movement on the roads next weekend. We may wait until Tuesday to move on, which will give us a whole week here.

    Good afternoon all. Thanks for the congrats, Cinque, gave me a boost, and to others, too. I was 70.9 kg yesterday morning, 71.5 kg today, but I ate something fairly salty so that’s not surprising. It will drop again tomorrow.

    I didn’t have a good day yesterday, actually. It was at about my TDEE, I did calorie-count it, but I didn’t eat anything which could be reasonably called food. It was a bit of a controlled blowout after my plumber friend came and went. He recommends getting the bathroom shower re-tiled rather than just re-grouted (not sure what that will cost me), and a diagnostic camera through the storm water system to find out what the problems are (around $500, apparently).
    He said to fix what is likely to be wrong, including removing the concrete down some of the driveway, and re-concreting, could be in the vicinity of $10,000+ (Not his line of plumbing, much bigger than he usually handles). When I responded that I’m an aged pensioner, he said even he would have to take out a loan to cover the cost, but he reckons it needs to be done as there’s water going under the house and if left untreated, I could end up with major problems down the track, including termites in damp wood. As a consequence, I comfort ate a packet of Cheezels (625 cals), some rocky road (625 cals) and 65 gms of chocolate-coated snakes (325 cals), keeping me at 1575 cals, but no food value. Sigh!

    At least I showed restraint, and eventually de-stressed. Praying about what to do, but will probably get a tiler in for a quote this week, and phone the plumber with the camera to see if it’s better to come now or wait till the drains have less water in them. Have to quietly follow it through.

    On a happier note, the measurements are noticeably reducing, which is very pleasing, but I do have a question, for advice: I still have a noticeable (smaller than it was, but still there) roll of fat between the bustline and waist, like a spare tyre – are there any exercises I can do to work on that area, or is it just a matter of waiting till the fat goes? I was told once some years ago by a dietician that once there’s fat there, it never goes completely. I’ve never lost enough weight to find out. Any comments, folk?
    And enough about me!

    Penguin, glad you’re coping with the chemo thus far.

    Turnabout, good news re your dad being home again. Low iron can really knock the energy levels for six. Great that your new site is so beautifully positioned.

    Thin, what a pain that you have to wait to get the re-stitching done. Any chance of coaxing Mr thin into letting you do the shopping while he has a wander around whichever village you visit?

    Neilithicman, great to see the discipline coming back into the eating.

    GDayfromSA, any news yet re the zoom job interview? How did it go?

    LJoyce, great the infection seems to have cleared. Hope it stays away!

    Cinque, how lovely that you could have Miss 3 at your place for a visit. Re Savers, I didn’t think they’d stayed open. It was only a day or so ago that I received an email, I thought to say that they were re-opening. I could have got it wrong, as I just registered a few words, then deleted the email.

    Re clothes shopping online – I agree with everyone’s comments; definitely NOT for me. In my wardrobe I have items, trousers for example, all of which fit, ranging from size 10 to size 18 (that’s 6 to 14 in US sizes, Cali). Unless I can try something on, I don’t feel comfortable buying it.

    Can’t remember the other posts. Good to read them all, but can’t scroll back to the last page.
    Keep well everyone and stay safe!

    Hello all, Sunday afternoon on a very windy and dreary day

    Our lunch with our friends went splendidly yesterday. They oooh’d and ahhhh’d about the food (they love our cooking and are not good cooks themselves) and we had lots of laughs. It was so nice to do something so normal. Too much food and wine unfortunately and today utterly no self control again so once again the weekend has undone a good week. Gah!

    Sorry to hear the plumbing might be a huge job Betsy and don’t worry about the blip with the junk food. I would have done the same.

    Enjoy Nelson Turn, I went there once and it was lovely

    More tomorrow as I need to go and start dinner prep. Have a great rest of the day

    Good morning, I have read every word since my last post and enjoyed all three entries so much (well four if you count Cinque’s two posts).

    Working backwards, Betsy, I am so sorry about those plumbing issues. And commiserations on the snack foods (but what were those items doing in your house when you don’t have an OH to blame?!). It sounds like it’s better to bite the bullet and get the problem dealt with and put it behind you. What a pain for you. Oh, so close to the 60s now. As for the roll of fat, I tend to think it will disappear as the kgs disappear. So, come on down and join us in the 60s. You’ll be so happy.

    Great idea but unfortunately, OH would rather do the food shopping! While most passing boaters exchange info about the next place to get diesel or pump out, OH is always asking them about food shopping! He’s highly food motivated. I’m sure we have enough food on board to sink a battleship.

    Turn, laughing about the biscuits. I remember Nelson as being the place where a lot of backpackers stopped to do fruit picking. It’s so pretty around there. Well, all of NZ is stunning, isn’t it? Do you always stay in designated caravan parks or can you go remote? I am so pleased that you’re back posting regularly here.

    Cinque, you are so funny. I missed you yesterday. Don’t worry, the fish n chips, although tasty at the time left my stomach quite unsettled so you haven’t missed out. Hurray, that you can get out and walk around the various blocks. Thanks for your good wishes about the tooth. I definitely wouldn’t want to burden the NHS with it so, unless more of it breaks off, I will try to wait until dentists re-open. Bad timing, I had three small fillings and a cleaning done in Spain. I’m enjoying FD coffee too. I must be more careful with the added milk today as I want a nice big drop tomorrow. 6:1 FDs seem to come around very quickly. I’m making a big Hairy Bikers’ vegetable soup for dinner and will bulk up OH’s with rice or potatoes.

    Yes, isn’t chandlery a funny name? I, too, didn’t know about the men lying on planks sideways through the tunnel. Most descriptions I’d read before Lindsay’s post had them ‘walking’ along the roof, not the sides. It depended on the tunnel and the boat. So many lives were lost that it became a sort of profession at one point – meaning that an assigned team of leggers was appointed to take your boat through. Yes, our next big adventure is that aqueduct. The boat travels in a 12″ trough with nothing between you and the 146ft drop to the ground below. Yikes.

    I’m one that feels the strong urge to jump when I’m on a cliff edge or balcony. I know I won’t do it but the feeling is so strong that I have to move away quickly. I didn’t realise that it was a ‘thing’ until I heard it on the radio a few years ago. Don’t worry, I haven’t joined a support group, ha ha! But I may have to sit inside the boat when we traverse that aqueduct. I do hope not. On that weird note, I’ll leave you to enjoy the remainder of your fasty FD.

    P.S. Anzac, hello! Posts crossed as I took so long. Your lucky friends. I’m moving to your street when we return to Oz.

    A very quick post as I’m just heading to bed.

    Thankyou for all those flowers Cinque. Especially for the violets, which always remind me of my mother. Violets used to grow along the edge of the irrigation channel and when they were flowering I’d frequently stop and pick a bunch for mum on my way home from school. I still have the tiny vase she always put them in. Special memories.

    I’ll try and catch up properly tomorrow.

    Morning all,

    The viaduct looks really cool Thin, I went over a couple when I rode the rail trail.

    Penguin, great your treatment went well. How many more sessions do you need to do?

    Cinque that stew sounds good, I use a fair amount of smoked paprika when I’m doing slow cooking, especially with beef.

    Turn, enjoy Nelson. The Tasman region is one of our favourites and we spent many family holidays on my parent’s friend’s farm by the Motueka river mouth.

    Betsy, I don’t think any exercise will target burning fat in specific areas, you can tone the muscle underneath with crunches, but when it comes to the fat, your body just takes it from where it needs it.

    Anzac, it’s good you had s catch-up with your friends, I’m always pleased when I get compliments on my cooking, but the best compliments I get are empty plates from my two boys 😉

    Well moving into Monday fast day now so I’ll try to make sure it’s a real fast day.

    Have a good one all.

    Thin. The food fixation seems to go with being afloat. A very skinny me got on the ship home from Hong Kong. 33 days later when we docked in London I was no longer skinny. Not that I watch Eastenders, but if I ever catch the opening I am reminded of that journey – we sailed up the Thames and docked next to Albert Square.

    Turn. Queen’s Birthday Parade, AKA Trooping the Colour, is also my birthday. Not often I keep that kind of company.

    Cinque. With you on MasterChef. I used to enjoy it but putting a few amateurs into a top end kitchen or one of HM Ships is not what I want. I would like to see something I could possibly try myself.

    Neil, there is some really interesting country the way Thin is travelling. I am envious. I don’t know how long the chemo will continue. There was a Plan A but because I am handling it well there may be a plan B. I’ll know more next week.

    There are times I feel guilty on this site. My current diet instructions are to eat often and consume lots of calories. I am doing that.

    Good morning 5:2ers,

    Still freezing here. Miso the cat thought twice about going out. I’m going veggie shopping today. Psarakos opens at 9 so I will write a post and then get going. Great excitement.

    News about an earthquake in NZ has just come through, glad to gather it is not a disaster. What a start to the day. I hope there isn’t too much damage.

    Enjoy Nelson, Turn.
    Mr Turn and Mr Thin must be soul brothers.
    They are disgusting biscuits by the way. Don’t eat them!

    Betsy, if anything was going to set off a comfort eating binge, that plumbing news was. Well done on limiting it, and I hope you can have a nutrient rich day today with no wasted calories.
    It is a sobering assessment. Even though the plumber was a friend, might it be wise to get another couple of quotes? Sometimes different eyes and different experience can give a different solution.

    How lovely to see your measurements reducing. Aren’t those stubborn fat stacks annoying. We seem to each have our own place (or places) where the fat lingers. The first place fat goes on, and the last place it comes off. And it seems that the older we are and the fatter we have been, the more noticeable they are.
    But don’t let that send you off searching for another bag of cheezels, It will go!

    And even though no exercise can target that particular fat stack, it will tone you wonderfully and help remove it eventually!

    Anzac, what a lovely lunch with your friends, and doesn’t it feel good to feed appreciative people and to know your food is good.
    Was it exhaustion that made the next day so hard?
    I hope today is a wonderful one. How are you going with the ES? What is happening to your Work From Home with restrictions easing?

    Thin, the very next ‘History of The English Language’ podcast I listened to mentioned a corn chandler (grain merchant). Aha re leggers walking the roof sometimes.

    I hope that you are so busy taking photos for your blog, when you cross the aqueduct, you won’t have a chance to think of jumping off.

    LJoyce, violets remind me of my mum too, and her tiny vase just for them. Hoping today is a good one for you. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3f/37/62/3f37622fc011c89864b41c8493fcd8c4.gif

    Neil best wishes for an excellent fast day, a good work day, and aren’t you right about the best compliment.

    Penguin, re Masterchef: exactly!
    Ooh might plan B involve stepping it up until your do feel really crook? I hope not. Although I guess the end result is the issue, so if they must they must. In the meantime enjoy that chance to eat what you fancy!

    Oo, time to head to the veggie shop. Best wishes Cali, Quacka, and everyone else reading. Cheers all.

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