Hello Southern Hemispherites!!

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  • Good afternoon everyone.

    I am ready most of the posts, and enjoying hearing about what’s happening in your life. I seem to be mostly reading the days posts just before bed, when I feel too tired to respond so I decided to do it earlier today.

    The lung congestion is still with me unfortunately and I begin yet another course of antibiotics tomorrow. I’m not really sick – but needing ventolin to breathe freely. Much tireder than usual too. I think I need another telehealth appointment with my GP this week just to check that I don’t need to be doing more than I am.

    My sympathies to all those with plumbing problems to deal with. I hope everything is sorted properly soon.

    Thankyou for the flowers Cinque – lovely as usual.

    A few nights ago I decided to turn my last homegrown eggplant into a pasta sauce. When I rummaged around in the pantry I found a packet of pulse pasta that I had forgotten about. It was really good – once cooked and combined with the sauce I could not tell the difference between this and normal penne – same taste and texture. It has the same calories as normal pasta but contains no grains – it’s made from equal parts of 4 different legume flours. I tried one piece of the penne without the sauce and I could pick up a slight chickpea taste, but that was not no noticeable once the tomato-eggplant-zucchini-pancetta-basil sauce was stirred through. https://imgur.com/a/g6y9YKR
    This is a good pasta for a vegetable sauce because it contains a lot more protein (and fibre) than a normal pasta. So the pasta can be the main protein element of the meal. It did suggest that 125g of dry pasta (1/2 a box) was a serve but I found that quite excessive. I divided my box into 4 serves of 60ish grams each, but then I do mostly use chunky vegetable sauce that add quite a lot of bulk to the pasta. I’d probably want more pasta with a simple pesto.

    My NFDs were a disaster last week, but FDs were fine. The result was a 3kg gain in a week. I am really cranky with myself for losing and regaining the same 3 kgs about 4 times since January. This week I’m trying alternate days of 800cal between the NFDs. As the FDs seem to be the only thing I can control at the moment I decided to have more of them.

    Take care all.

    Hi all.
    Betsy, no you didn’t misunderstand. Rosy often runs alongside this particular chap but for some reason she nipped his elbow, playfully I am sure, but a nip nevertheless. But … she isn’t normally a nipper, so I am treating it as an aberration but keeping an eye on her.
    So sweet in the field yesterday – there are three little Chinese children who go there with their different families, and they have taken a shine to me. One is in grade 2 and the other are in grade 1 at a local private school. Well they stuck to me like glue – and the little Grade 2er asked if she could be with me and when I said yes, she slipped her little hand in mine. It was a sweet moment. I was rather pleased to see her whip out her little bottle of hand sanitiser a couple of times during our play. Seemed strange though, that I can hold the hand of a stranger, but not my own little Grade 2er.
    Cinque did I read that correctly? You are giving up on your henna? Or did you mean giving up cutting your hair? I always think of you as a striking redhead. What colour are you au naturale?
    I don’t feel qualified to give you little pep talks Cinque given my history of up down and roundabout. But here’s to you for looking to the forum to keep you up to the mark.
    Quacka and Betsy, how are your sore throats? Any improvement?
    Neil how nice to read about your day in the sunshine. I can just visualise it. Perfect. Our island remains out of bounds except for day trips at exorbitant barge fees, until June. Roll on lifting of the overnight travel restrictions.
    I’m with you Turn on coffee. My day always starts with three (it used to be two) killer black coffees, before we brunch. Not quite keeping to the 16:8 lifestyle … more like 14:10 but the coffees are just not negotiable.
    Thin did you see my email address? Hope so – your blog sounds such a good read.
    Penguin I saw that series too … I really like Rick Stein. Of all the TV cooks, he’s the one who seems most genuinely interested in the culture of food. I also like our Luke Nguyen for the same reasons.
    OK Sunday night, 5.38, and I think I’ve earned a G & T. No sugar tonic of course.
    Enjoy the last of the weekend all.

    Oh LJ our posts crossed. I am sorry you’re still not well. Hope you can get that appointment soon, and get it under control. Your pasta sounds delish.

    Thin, I know those Dutch Barges, I used to sail a dinghy in the lakes and rives of Holland. I learned very quickly that they were so big they couldn’t see anything small in front of them. If we were sharing a canal they were so wide that I couldn’t pass, I had to turn and run.
    When I was 13 years old I read a book called “The Journeying Moon” about a couple who bought a Dutch barge in England, sailed it across the Channel, through France and the Med to Malta. She was called Moeder de Gans, Mother Goose. The name stuck with me to give to any boat I owned, but I haven’t used it because i never actually owned anything bigger than a Canadian Canoe. About 30 years later I was in Malta and found a rusty old barge in the harbour, but no one could tell me the history, I hoped it wasn’t the Goose because she was very neglected.

    Penguin, our Perth friends had the Dutch barge built in England while they were still living in Australia, then last year, they cruised it down the canals and into the Thames and, with the aid of a pilot, across the Channel and down through France.

    Lindsay, I’m afraid not. I did check a few times after suggesting it, saw there was no profile and that you hadn’t mentioned it in your next couple of posts (or was there?) so thought the idea hadn’t appealed which I would completely have understood. Sorry. I will endeavour to have another look in the morning. Then you and OH can edit it for me, he he.

    LJ, hope you’re soon on the mend. Do you still buy kefir?

    I was busy scraping and painting all day so it took my mind off being hungry. Agree with the morning coffee being non-negotiable.

    I lost a short post earlier. Merely to report that in OH’s opinion I am a Rockhopper.

    Not a bad day. This morning I helped OH empty the garden room, clean it then put every thing back. At lunch time I went to get the first salad stuff of the year out of the greenhouse and found it occupied by a Wren, which immediately went into panic mode. With a little careful positioning and ushering I got it out of the door. Apart from my asparagus, which seems to get earlier every year, this is the first own food this year. My energy levels bounce up and down so this afternoon I took it easy. I have just been out and watered the garden. We had the driest April for years, possibly ever. It rained briefly once last week and there is no more forecast here this month.

    Good morning and happy Monday

    Rick Stein is my favourite TV chef too and I agree Lindsay that he seems to genuinely care about the culture of food.

    We had a guest this weekend and it was a bit strange to do something normal. Unfortunately it meant everything went out the window foodwise in a huge way and I have undone the last two weeks of healthy eating. I’m so ###### frustrated at myself I could scream but it’s done and now I have to get back on the horse

    Penguin, you have done so many interesting things and I love hearing about them. I also love hearing about your life on your barge Thin. I will definitely find time to read more of your blog this week as work is (so far) looking a little more quiet than the past couple

    LJ, it sounds like you and I both need to get our heads back on track. I can’t believe how quickly the weight piles on when you take your eye off the ball. We can both be strong this week and going forward. I hope that dratted lung infection clears up soon.

    Cinque, I am currently telling myself that I don’t need toast for breakfast and instead I will have one of my small banana bran muffins. There is a reminder as requested 🙂

    Neil, I too wanted to be out and about with you as your description of your bike ride was lovely.

    So glad you have been able to get back into fasting Cali and to stop the stress eating. I need to take a leaf from your book as I too can feel the extra weigh in my knees and my lower back. I can’t even look in the mirror as my face looks like an oompa loompa from Charlie and the Chocolate factory 🙁

    Good luck with the Makesafe people tomorrow Betsy and I’m gunning for the last 0.3kg to be gone this week. Whoo hoo!

    Take care all and have a great day

    Good morning everyone,
    Another glorious Autumn day here. Yesterday I staked my broadbeans and planted a punnet of lettuces (and yes they survived the night!) and generally made my garden look gorgeous. So good to be out in the sun. Also my health is still on an upswing and goodness it makes everything easier, including fast days!

    Yes, I had a particularly good one. Hope yours has been great too Thin.

    Betsy you’d think the no sugar thing would make my health choices easily wise, but sadly I still find ways of undermining myself. My brain is SO SLOW or even broken in its ability to signal that I am full and that extra handful of nuts or another serve or not enough time between meals mean that I stay 3 or 4 kilos above the weight that suits me best. If I lose it easily now, I will also blame a year of worse CFS.

    Ooh you are so close to the 30BMI, all power to you today.

    It will be a relief to have your ‘makesafe’ people there tomorrow giving you more info and hopefully a clear and not too expensive way ahead.

    Thin, I bet your Mexican Soup was a treat. The big tunnel sounds daunting, don’t choose that time to fall in the water! The painting sounds wonderful.

    LJoyce, what a hard time those lung bugs are giving you. Let’s hope this course does the trick. A sweet, simple bouquet today https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/wildflower-bouquet-wildflowers-poppies-daisies-cornflowers-white-background-studio-shot-38838364.jpg

    Ooh your pasta dish sounds yummy. I have a packet of sweet potato noodles to play around with, but they are telling me they want to be in an Asian dish. I nearly put some in my miso soup, but I remembered them 5 mins before I was ready, and they take 20 minutes to cook! I might try them with stirfry.

    Oh dear, it is frustrating to lose the same kilos over and over again (but wouldn’t you be in trouble if you hadn’t). Hoping that you get over the lung infection and start finding it easy again.

    Lindsay, I am growing my hair… and using even more henna! Haha. I originally had very dark long hair (not as dark as my sister who had hair so black it shone blue, mine shone chestnut), but it meant that when my head got fat and my hair started greying I looked so colourless and potato-like, it freaked me out. So I cut my hair and turned it red.

    Is it the protectiveness of your son and daughter that is stopping you from spending time with your grandchildren? Might they consider bringing the kids to the park with you (washed hands and clean clothes) for 20 minutes? Outside in the fresh air seems to be the safest way to interact. I’ve just been reading info here: https://twitter.com/mugecevik/status/1257393259929915393

    Now I want the pep talks that you give yourself (yourselves everyone!) to be extended to me! If you tell yourself “No snack!” “Remember how lovely it feels to be slender” “Less carbs on that dish” “Go for a 3 hour bike ride” Then I want to hear it. I mightn’t relate to the bike ride, but they will all be bracing!

    Penguin (and Thin) the Mother Goose Barge sounds wonderful, I was a comfort reader as a child, and so my mind goes ‘Saucy Jane’. Yes, Enid Blyton https://www.enidblytonsociety.co.uk/author/illustrations/520high+8394066.jpg

    So good you managed to help the wren on its way, and get some salad veggies. Haha, you are rockhopper by personality as well as hairstyle? Keep taking it easy, your body is doing so much work within itself.

    Victoria, well Melbourne to be specific, has been Covid cluster madness with one McDonalds, and then another one, and now a driver that delivered to another dozen. So less McDonalds open in the city than usual. (Not that I have been to McDonalds for more years than I can count.)
    Fortunately it feels okay because it is the massive testing push that found them all and fingers crossed we are on top of it.
    Sadly Australia lost our 99th person to Covid19 but that terrible news is so stark compared to Spain who have had their first day for such a long time, where less than 100 people died in a day.

    Best wishes to you all on this precious day.

    Anzac, I took so long to write our posts crossed. Thanks for the message! All I need now is a bran muffin! Working on it.
    Great start to undoing the weekends damage. You can do it!

    Quacka, hanging out to hear if you saw your dad. xxx

    Good Morning everyone

    Yes, Cinque, I did get to see my Dad. We went up on Friday afternoon and stayed overnight. He’s very very thin, just skin and bones really, but we had a couple of good chats and I’m really glad for the time with him. Also really glad to see Mum and my niece who lives with them.

    I started a medication for the acid reflux yesterday. I think it was you, Betsy, who asked about it. It’s called Losec and I don’t know how quickly it is supposed to work but I haven’t noticed any difference. I actually think I am getting better anyway, whether that is all in my head or not, I don’t know.

    I’m not the best one to give you a pep talk at the moment Cinque as I’m not even fasting. I am eating healthy food and trying to be very mindful when eating as one of the things the doctor said is to slow down when I eat and not over eat. I am guilty of inhaling my food and then I wish I had some more because it is so yummy but if I slow down I get to enjoy the portion I have for longer. So that’s my pep talk. Slow down and savour every mouthful and chew your food really well.

    OK I must run. Sending out love and good wishes to you all, especially Penguin and LJ as you are both not so well at the moment.

    Take care all x

    56.9kg. Successful FD.

    Lindsay, I had a look for it again. Won’t be back here today.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Well done on the fast day Thin.

    Mine wasn’t quite so successful. I thought I had eaten a decent small amount, I skipped breakfast, had just lentils and sautéed celery leaves for lunch, and a little bit of lamb and salad for dinner, but when I tracked it I had eaten about 1700 calories! It’s no wonder I have been gaining weight over the past couple of weeks if my fast days aren’t really fast days at all.

    Great you could get to see your dad and family Cinque. Hopefully you can get in some more trips in the future.

    Isn’t it a great feeling eating food from your own garden Penguin? We’re moving into winter so we don’t have much left in ours but we’re still getting some celery, courgettes, cauli/broccoli, strawberries and cranberries.

    I had my first gym session back yesterday and although I’ve been cycling all summer and I’m reasonably fit, it still hurt doing exercises I’m not used to. 15 minutes on the rowing machine and my arms were dead! I’ll try a different exercise today to save my arms and spread the pain 😉

    Weigh-in tomorrow so wish me luck. I’m over seeing the number climbing on the scales.

    The clouds have covered our blue autumn sky and cold, rainy days are coming. Well, my garden will like the watering.

    Tuesday morning and my sister is coming over, first time since lockdown, we do planning together. It is lovely.

    But even better than that, is you visiting your family, Quacka! I am so so glad you got to spend precious time with your dad. It must be hard to see him so thin, but , best wishes heading his way.
    And I bet your dad, mum and niece were so delighted to see you too, and have a proper catch up.

    Your pep talk came at the perfect time! I had organised to have Miss5 over for a bit of grandma school (she goes back to school next week) but at the last minute remembered she had just about grown out of her car seat, and so had to quickly buy another one (and get my daughter to install in) On special so under $300. Excellent car seat that will last till she is 8, but don’t times change! When my daughter was that age she sat on a moulded plastic block booster, and when I was that age we sat one forward one back (5 children in the back seat) with no seat belts. Much safer now but a lot more expensive!

    Anyway, once seat was installed and we got back here I was starving. Miss5 got busy drawing while I whipped up a frittata and caught up on posts. And as a result I was able to take your wise words to heart and slowed down and chewed well.

    So back at you, today. You will be so glad to get rid of that horrible reflux. Small bites, small amounts, and you will be feeling better all round!

    Thin, lovely scales, nicely below 60kg. Hope you are through the tunnel now!

    Neil, how did those two little meals add up to so many calories? Was your salad like this? https://c8.alamy.com/comp/HEJD78/too-much-mayonnaise-in-salad-like-symbol-of-fat-HEJD78.jpg

    Good luck at the gym today. Ha yes, cycling doesn’t really work your arms.

    I’m planning to fast tommorrow, which is a good idea because I have just about eaten the fridge empty and it isn’t easy to shop until Thursday. Which is best done after a bit of breakfast.

    LJoyce, an autumn bunch of flowers for you today: https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-jxetu2nhyu/images/stencil/500×659/products/442/1070/B7-5127D_600x600__57495.1540321200.jpg?c=2

    Best wishes to you all

    Ha, no, my salad wasn’t like that, but I forgot to mention that I had a flat white in the morning, my home-made sports drink while at the gym, and half an avocado with my salad which added about 500-600 calories 🙁

    I guess I’ll try another fast day on Thursday and try to keep my calories to under 1,000

    Good morning from a glorious sunny day in Sydney. 22 today and 24 tomorrow! Two weeks from winter. Crazy

    I managed a day with just under 1000 calories yesterday and a whole kilo vanished from the scales. So the weekend gain was mainly water so I am pretty happy about that. We bought a nutribullet and it arrived yesterday so breakfast during the week from now on will be fruit/vege smoothies and half a banana bran muffin each.

    I’m so glad you were able to see your Dad Quacka. I’m sure it must be gut-wrenching to see him so thin and my heart goes out to you.

    I hope you have a lovely day with your Sister today Cinque and so glad you were able to have Miss5 over. Is her drawing now having pride of place on your fridge?

    No pain, No gain Neil LOL. Hope your arms are hurting less today

    Thin, you are at danger of vanishing completely. 56.9!

    LJ, how are you feeling today? I hope the evil lung infection is getting hit for 6 by the antibiotics

    Have a great day all

    Who left the door open and let the spam bot in? ^^

    Hi from a sunny Kaikoura, but not quite 24′ Anzac! Well done on that whole kilo, keep it up, I do find it easier to undo the sabotage these days, so I suppose the ‘eating mindfully’ must have it’s own place in this WOE? Enjoy your Nutribullet, I have one, but not with me, I unfortunately made one of my first smoothies too thick and almost gagged getting down, kinda put me off for a while, hahaha

    I am sure you will soon be shedding more weight than you are putting on Neil, good luck in the gym, amazing how those calories creep in eh? How are the boys doing now they are back in the classroom, missing the grandparent teaching?

    Great news on those scales Thin, obviously skipping those Sunday pub lunches is working in your favour? Hope your weather is stable and giving the paint time to dry? How was the long tunnel?

    Enjoy your sister visit Cinque, I think that is so lovely, bit far away to do that with mine, but hey ho, lovely to see other families doing it. Just be mindful of the nibbles with that delicious coffee you will be enjoying together!

    So pleased you got to see your Dad Quacka, it is so difficult when they are so sick isn’t it. Mine was in hospital throughout most of the lock down over in the UK, home now but has been in again for more tests. Mum is keeping strong through it all but her powers of communication can be a little testing at times. I did try to get over when it all went downhill but the borders closed before I could get there, so not sure when I will see him again now. Just try to make the best of the time you have now I guess.

    How are you going with the BMI Betsy, nearly there yet? Wilbur sounds a wonderful companion, hope the throat is feeling better.

    I do hope you wake with some energy today Penguin, funny how books we read early on stick with us, I hated reading as a child and was forced into it for my English exams later, then I found Shakespeare and was transformed. We had to read Watership Down for my exam and I remember most adamantly refusing to read a book about a family of rabbits and then trying to determine all their feelings! Never have read it yet, or seen the movie. And I love reading now, everything!

    We have finally decided to move on and are leaving this beautiful town tomorrow for pastures new. We are heading up to Blenheim for a few nights before moving on to Nelson. The truck is due for service so we’ll get that done whilst we are there, might look at getting a carpet laid too, the mornings are becoming pretty cold! I am still maintaining, not losing heaps, but have spent more of the last week in the 75’s instead of the 76’s so heading the right way. I have cut out salt from my diet and upped my water intake and it seems to be helping in a few different ways so that feels better. Still eating (mindfully) only two meals a day and 16:8 with a very occasional blowout, many days I am just not hungry, but know if I don’t force myself to eat something I will eat everything in sight later! Sigh.

    Oh well, hi to everyone else, Lindsay, LJ, Merry, hope you are all well, enjoy the rest of your Tuesday,


    I’ve reported the Spam bot Neil

    Turn, hope all goes well with the onward move and well done for trickling down on the scales. It doesn’t matter how slow it is so long as it is not in the other direction.

    Funny, I love reading and have been an avid reader all my life. But I also found Watership Down weird at school – one book I didn’t enjoy. Interesting.

    I’ve mapped out my food for today and it is about 970 calories so I hope to see more losses coming my way 🙂

    Good afternoon everyone. I’m currently posting while I await the “makesafe” people. I was told they’d be here between MD and 2 p.m.; they were apparently told between MD and 3 p.m. so at 2:32, still not here. I’ve checked, and they’re coming, so just have to wait.

    Thin, going through a big tunnel – is there a schedule? I read once that years ago, there was a white mark on the tunnel walls at halfway mark, and if 2 boats were coming from opposite directions, the one which hadn’t reached halfway had to back up to let the other through first. Does that still happen, or is it better organised now?

    LJoyce, hope you’ve been able to catch up with your doctor via teleconferencing and have some guidance re your chest infection.

    Cinque, where are your flowers?

    Well, today will be the last day for a while without being cold and (potentially) rainy, so while awaiting the folk to come, I’ve had the front door open. Wilbur is having a lovely time – open up Mum, let me in; open up Mum, let me out, and so on. Typical! See indoors, want indoors, then see outdoors, want outdoors.

    Not many posts in the past 48 hours or so; wondering where everyone is.

    Keep on keeping on everyone.

    Good afternoon

    I’m on another 800cal FD today. The alternate days of 800 cal feels surprisingly easy. My NFDs are still a challenge to control but definitely not as excessive as they were and there are thankfully less of them now. I’m not weighing daily so I don’t know how much this new eating cycle has helped, but my jeans that were quite tight last Thursday are now comfortable – always a good sign. I will weigh after I’ve done this for a week to gauge how it’s really going.

    MY own GP has taken long service leave so I had a face to face appointment with a different doctor in the practice yesterday. She was a little concerned with how long this infection had persisted but was comfortable with me finishing the current packet of antibiotics before considering alternatives. I suspect my thermometer is not very accurate as it was showing a temp in the 36s, but her ear thermometer said almost 38 yesterday – no wonder I had been feeling hot. If I’m not better by the end of the week I go back with a sputum sample and they will test for antibiotic resistance and switch to a different antibiotic. I’m hoping it just clears up this week. I don’t feel sick or overly tired, which is a good sign.

    Quacka, I am so very glad you got to spend time with your Dad, very precious. I hope there are more opportunities ahead for visits too.

    Thankyou for the daily flowers Cinque. Yesterday’s shasta daisies, cornflowers and poppies were all things I used to have in a cottage garden bed at the previous house (although I grew icelandic rather than flanders poppies). Today’s bunch is stunning too, especially the plum coloured dahlias.
    Did you still get time with your granddaughter after the seat was organised? It’s strange how family time feels like such a special treat these days.

    Neil, hope the meal planning to stay under calorie limits gets easier. I tend to estimate rather than track my calories, but I do have a fairly accurate memory for a lot of kilojoule counts which helps.

    Anzac, would a piece of fruit work as a breakfast choice? I remember you saying choosing something that you felt like first thing was challenging.

    Penguin, hope your treatment continues to go well. How much are you planning to downsize?

    Thin, hope the trip through the long tunnel went well. Is there lighting inside or do you have to provide your own?

    Lindsay, hope you can cure Rosy of thinking nipping is part of play. I remember reading that amongst puppies it’s normal, so nor surprising that a young dog will think it’s part of play – they can’t use hands like we do.

    Turn, I hope you find somewhere lovely to wait out the winter. I remember a week’s self-drive holiday that my ex-husband and I did from Auckland. We were meant to go to the top of the North Island but when we got to the Bay of Island my ex-husband loved it so much he refused to move. We spent the whole week there. It was nice, but not really my cup of tea – humidity, sun, sand ocean… not my thing, I’ll take the green hills, lakes and cooler temperate climate of the South Island any day.

    My neighbours asked today whether we can get together for lunch. I have postponed it until the week after next as I need to be sure I’m completely well. We are going to pick up a take away from our usual cafe and bring it back to one of our houses to have – we don’t fancy sitting outside in the cold to eat it at the cafe. It will be so nice to do something that feels normal again.

    Have a lovely day all.

    Betsy – our posts crossed. I hope the makesafe people arrive soon and actually do something useful for you. Well done on your continuing weight loss efforts too. You’ll lose that obese label in no time now. That will definitely be happy dance time.

    Just another quick post – somehow when I posted last time, most of the posts on this page were not showing??? Don’t know what happened, but I’m glad to see that everyone is as active as normal.

    Hope things go well with the infection clearing for you, LJoyce.

    How were the grandkids, Cinque? I can just imagine you with long flowing black/chestnut locks.

    Good luck with the ongoing weight loss, Anzac65 – one good day done!

    The makesafe people came. Wouldn’t go under the house, as they said there wasn’t enough room (despite the 2 duct people scrambling around under there successfully), and took photos of the photos one duct guy took and sent to me. They then left, and came back 15 minutes later to take photos of 2 rooms at the affected end of the house, talking of the possibility of the floorboards having to be lifted (and possibly replaced) to give them access to under the house. That’s my bedroom and study, so not impressed. They assured me that everything would be replaced back to how it is, if that’s what they had to do. None of this even looks at the cause of the problem, the drainage down the driveway being not connected to the stormwater drains. The mould removal should be covered by my house insurance, but not the drains, which could be a very expensive exercise. Sigh. Next thing is to hear back from the insurance company, and go from there. Not sure how long it will be, a few days to a couple of weeks, most likely.

    Okay, sorry for that. What has to be, will be. I am praying that whatever happens will be the best option to eliminate the problem altogether.

    And in all that, I WILL monitor my eating and stay strong with 5:2.

    Morning all

    No change on the scale this week, still recording my weight at 90.6 kilos. Kind of disappointing but now I’ve started the food monitoring and started up at the gym again, hopefully I’ll see that come back down again next week.

    Not a bad day. Interesting phone chat with the Consultant this morning – the Monday blood test showed improvement. Had a call from the physio this afternoon about exercise, quite keen that I should continue to exercise as long as I don’t overdo it. Diet advice is different; balance is good but calories are everything, make sure I get enough. Start my second week of chemo tomorrow.

    LJ, we are looking at about half the size and a minimal or no garden. We have been here for nearly 18 years and have filled every available space, so lots of stuff has to go. Fortunately there is a local “Freecycle” system. You put on a website unwanted items for which you don’t want payment, or list things you could use. My first two listings (wooden pallets and an old guitar) went within hours.

    Turn. I have always been a reader. By the time I was eight I had cornered all of the family library tickets, adult and child, and was taking out a dozen books at a time. When I was 13 yrs I spent three months in bed with Rheumatic Fever and read almost everything in the library. I always preferred non-fiction, apart from Biggles. I was lucky with Shakespeare, the BBC TV did the entire history series in sequence when I was doing Henry IV and V at about the age of 15. I have actually been to Watership Down, it is just south of the old RAF Greenham Common. OH’s cousin and his NZ OH were living in a hippy commune on the Common. I ruined his reputation and damaged mine by visiting him in an RAF Land Rover.

    Betsy. It has to get better.

    Neil, it is frustrating but after the success you have already had you know you will get back on track.

    Morning all
    Neil isn’t it a shame it doesn’t slide off as easily as it slides on. But maintaining is better than putting on, and the monitoring will make a difference.

    Cinque how nice to have longer hair. The henna is so good for shine and hair health.

    And yes, it is my son and daughter who are protecting us – but we are spending more time with our DD’s girls, which is lovely. My son in law came after home schooling on Monday to chop a tree for us (he’s been cut back to 3 days a week), so I had the morning with Miss 6, in the courtyard, where she helped me prune some bushes and she deadheaded the geraniums (and yes, we did have some handholding…bliss). When they lived her during their house renos, she and I used to go into the garden and dig and look for worms. So we did that too, and she’d forgotten until we started to do it. It was lovely. We do see them other times too, and I feel we are relaxing a little more. But I so miss the frequent, and physical contact.

    Did you have a lovely day with your girls, once the car seat business was sorted?

    Quacka, it must be hard to see your Dad looking thin and unwell, but good for you to be able to see him finally. How is the medication going? Working yet?

    Yes, the car seats Cinque. When mine were little they were in little baskets with netting over the top. Hardly effective, but it was all we had. And the little plastic booster seat.

    A kilo Anzac!! good work. Your nutribullet sounds good – but without wishing to give unasked for advice (which I’m about to do – sorry), be mindful of the fruit. It can add a lot of calories and not much fibre.

    Turn interesting to know you are still on 16:8. It seems a good option, with all the information we have about intermittent fasting. I found it easy when I was working, but now I’m not for a while, most days I do 14:10. Actually it’s not because I am particularly hungry in the morning, it’s because OH and I eat together. We have very healthy breakfasts – often vegetable based – but it’s still a third meal in the day.

    I’m losing gradually though – 3.3 kilos since I started in earnest Monday fortnight ago. After sticking for a few days, I’d dropped 100 grams this morning.

    LJ good you aren’t feeling tired and sick anymore – I hope you can shake this bug finally.

    Betsy we’re also doing ‘let me in, let me out’ this morning. Rosy is being a total pain. I know she wants a play and a run, but it’s too early. She has just taken off with a newspaper to her lair, but started shredding it in the garden. OH has taken it from her, but she didn’t want to give it up. It was actually quite funny to watch …. although he wasn’t amused.

    Your plumbing problem sounds concerning – not good, to have water around and growing mould. I hope you can have it resolved before winter really sets in.

    I am editing today, hoping to finish another chapter. It’s frustrating and tiring work, and my eyes gave up on me yesterday. This chapter is all over the place, structurally, so that’s my task for today.

    Have a good one all.

    Wednesday morning, cold, enormous crack of thunder interrupted my night at about 2 am (big storm over Melbourne). Feeling a bit slow and groggy, but it is fast day!

    I am nearly out of milk, so an extra impetus not to have too many milky drinks today.

    I made some bran muffins yesterday, with added finely diced celery, grated carrot and chopped spring onions, a little bit of fresh oregano leaves and some grated lemon rind and parmesan. Very nice. (And if I eat three I score a serve of vegetables haha)
    Not convinced it would be a better breakfast than toast, but I have most of them frozen and they will make such a delicious accompaniment for soup and stew. I will try not to have them as a snack, but if I really really need a snack they will make a good one. Not today of course!

    Neil, hooray the scales have stopped going up. We’ll all be cheering if there is a good loss next time. The move to maintenance is a tricky one!

    Anzac, ooh lovely to be one kilo down. Woot! And won’t you have fun with your nutribullet (and banana muffins).

    I did have a lovely time with my grandchildren on Monday and with my sister yesterday. What a giddy social life.

    Turn, enjoy your next part of your journeying, I hope your new stop will be just as lovely.
    It is hard to be far from family especially with your dad in hospital. Do you have any siblings that are near them? Hoping he is able to be home again soon.

    Betsy, wow it does sound like big things in the works to correct your drainage problem. I am glad you could air your house yesterday. Fingers crossed your insurance company surprises you in a nice way. I’m keen to hear what happens next.

    LJoyce, I’m glad your temporary doctor is keeping a good eye on you, and you are not feeling too bad. A bit of a fever always seems a nice sign to me, of a body working hard to overcome infection. Hope that is the case.
    Lovely to have that get together with your neighbours to look forward to.

    Yesterdays flowers made me think I wanted to grow cornflowers and poppies again. Today’s flowers aren’t quite a bunch, but I wanted to include bees, since it is world bee day, and I thought this was beautiful. https://www.beeculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Cool-Bee-on-Blue-Flower-Wallpaper.png

    Penguin, that must be so heartening that there is an improvement already. And what a relief to have clear advice on lifestyle things. It is Wednesday here already, so I am already sending a flow of good thoughts your way. Should be there soon!

    Lindsay, lovely to read of that time in the garden with Miss 6. Don’t they love hearing about and reconnecting with things they did when they were littler. SO long ago, haha.

    Oh dear, the editing sounds so hard when it starts having to address structure. I hope you can give yourself lots of breaks.

    Thinking of you especially on World Bee Day, say hello to them from me!

    I have homehelp today, most stressful day of my fortnight so I have better get ready. End result a clean house so woohoo!

    Bye now.

    After my very long post this morning, I just had to pop back to say hello Penguin, and so glad to hear there’s been an improvement after the early treatment. Hope your second treatment is gentle.

    Cinque, oh, that bee pic this morning. It made my day. I love my girls, as you know, and I will pop down later to pass on your wishes. It’s bleak here, and chilly (by our standards) so I won’t open the hive. OH and I did a full maintenance a couple of weeks ago, but now I need to check they don’t have too many unused bars. (it’s a top bar hive, and we can take out bars and move in the solid end boards, to create a smaller space for them to keep warm in winter). I won’t take honey now until Spring has well and truly sprung.

    I am cranky with my lovely clothes shop today …well, their suppliers anyway. I pulled on a new pair of jeans which I’ve had in the cupboard since last winter. Same size I always wear, and the other 10 odd pairs in various colours fit perfectly …but these won’t even do up. Grrrrr for mislabelling, or whatever. I’m just relieved the others are still a good fit, so it’s not me.

    All systems go here today already – the butcher has delivered (twice as it turns out – he forgot one box), and the pet shop has delivered Rosy’s order. The washing machine man should come any minute to repair the leaky hose. No home help unfortunately Cinque so my house remains not as clean as I’d wish. Oh well. No-one but us to see it I guess.

    Good morning everyone, sunny and 24 today.

    I heard about the storms in Victoria Cinque, some places really copped it. Sorry your sleep was disturbed. Your banana bran muffins sound so much better than mine and surely healthier than toast? Not sure. Enjoy your clean house 🙂 – I did a big clean last Saturday and while I was sore and tired afterwards it really does feel nice to have everything dust-free and sparkling.

    Lindsay, I am always happy to hear any advice so feel free to do so anytime. Thanks for the info about the fruit and yes we put too much in this morning and they were too thick. We will play around until we get the right flavour and consistency. How lovely that you can spend time with your children and grand-kids.

    Ha ha Penguin, you naughty thing visiting your hippy cousin-in-law in an RAF vehicle. Did he ever forgive you? Very glad your results are already showing signs of improvement. Maxx said you need to follow his lead and get plenty of rest

    Betsy, how awful to have this problem hanging over your head with no idea what it might cost. I do hope the Insurance company surprises you but I’m not holding out hope. Generally it is the other way round. Good luck

    Neil, keep thinking about where you have come from and when you are so close to your goal weight it will come off more slowly. It’s not a sprint 🙂

    I was so glad to read your positive post LJ and happy that you are feeling better and doing well with this WOE. I sometimes do have some fruit for breakfast but I find it isn’t enough most days to get me through the mid-morning snack attack.

    The scales did not move today but that isn’t a surprise given the big drop the day before. Another day of around 1000 calories should see a drop tomorrow. I’m also back on the stationary bike each day on top of the big dog walk every morning so getting some exercise always helps.

    ES calls so have a great day all

    Hi everyone. I just wrote a LOOOONNGG post which has disappeared into the ether, and I had to re-log in, so I think it’s lost forever. Not going to write it again, but will catch you tomorrow.

    That is SO annoying Betsy….I now type mine into a new email then copy/paste.

    My new Huawei fitness watch just arrived – hooray! Did I mention I lost my other one? It eloped with my reading glasses and credit card. I lost all three in a week! Hubby is ready to quietly murder me I reckon but after 33 years he must know how clumsy I am by now.

    Anyway, I can monitor my steps, heart rate and sleep again. Very happy

    Good morning everyone,

    Anzac, hello and good job on the scales. I don’t think I’ll waste away. We had Lincolnshire sausages for dinner last night. Not a great choice for me.

    Betsy, what a drama for you. I hope it all gets sorted soon. Bad luck with the post, it almost happened to me this morning too. It said I wasn’t signed it (although I was).

    LJ, so pleased you are feeling better.

    Penguin, that’s good news about your treatment. I hope it goes well today. I can’t imagine you without a garden, you seem to derive a lot of pleasure from it. Isn’t it incredible how much we accumulate? OH has attempted hoarding on the boat, the latest being some ‘valuable’ steel rods that could be very useful for something. They don’t fit anywhere so we’re currently tripping over them every time we enter the engine room.

    Neil, it’s discouraging isn’t it but good that you’re on top of things. Remember I told you that maintenance is the hardest (and most boring) part.

    Cinque, Lindsay, those grandies provide a lot of happiness. We speak to DD on whatsapp every few days. She seems exhausted but still very happy with the job. Cinque, I loved that picture of the children watching the narrow boat.

    Lindsay, I keep checking.

    We survived the tunnel, thanks for asking, but the boat sustained some damage, unfortunately. LJ, no lights inside. As you enter, huge doors clang shut behind you and a massive exhaust system is turned on making it not only darker than the inside of a cow, but very cold. Our tunnel light went out just as we entered (it had only tripped the switch as it turned out, but we had no chance to check as full concentration on not hitting the sides is required) so we relied on head torches. Built in 1777, it’s 2926′ long and took us an hour to get through. Still, you couldn’t help sparing a thought for the old boatmen who had to leg it all the way – lie on their backs on the roof and ‘walk’ the boat through while the horse was walked over the hill. I wonder if that’s where the expression ‘legging it’ comes from? Immediately out of the tunnel, you’re confronted with ‘heartbreak hill’ – a series of 19 locks within a span of 7 miles. So, we’ve been busy.

    Evening all

    Thin, although it’s a lot of work, the tunnel and locks sounds like a lot of fun. A real adventure.

    Anzac, enjoy your new fitness watch. Although I tend to steer away from technology I am a bit of a numbers geek so that would probably appeal to me.

    Lindsay, it has become a real issue trying to find consistent sizing, For work clothes I tend to stick to clothes that have actual measurements in cm or inches rather than rely on the inconsistent M, L, XL, etc. our badminton club imported some shirts from Malaysia and their shirts were all 2 sizes too small, I was in XL shirts at the time but I needed a 3XL shirt in their sizing

    Cinque, thunder and lightning is always exciting but perhaps not at 2am 😕

    Penguin, great you’re getting some improvement, hopefully it will continue.

    I hit the treadmill at the gym today. It was the first time I’d done any running for ages and I was surprised how long I could run. I can run at a jogging speed for over 10 minutes at a time without too much trouble and a full run for over 3 minutes at a time. I ended up doing 45 minutes and running about 6.5 kilometres, but my legs are pretty sore now.

    Have a good evening everyone

    Checking in again, ‘cos I didn’t want to forget all my comments, but more briefly this time.

    LJoyce, good that the temp dr is looking out for you. Maybe buy a new thermometer?

    LindsayL, good that you could have time with one granddaughter, at least.

    Cinque, yes, the thunder was very loud. Wilbur dislikes thunder, so jumped onto my bed and snuggled himself into the small of my back – maybe he felt safer with “mum”? He’s never done that before. If there’s a thunderstorm during the day he usually hides behind the couch.

    Anzac65, well done you, with movement downwards and more control!

    Neilithicman, good that you’re getting a handle on what’s happening, and implementing a plan to deal with it.

    Penguin, good news that the specialist is happy so far. Your possible new home sounds good, but beware, (as thin mentioned for her boat) it’s so so easy to begin to accumulate again. I’ve a small unit, and have to keep asking myself – do I really need this? – and still my home is very full of “stuff”.

    Quacka, good you could see your dad. Even though he has become so frail, it would have brought him such pleasure for you to finally be able to visit.

    Turnabout, hope your new location is as pleasant and enjoyable as your current one has been.

    Thin, the tunnel doesn’t sound a lot of fun, but much better than in the “old days”. Hope the locks are also negotiated safely.

    News from here: the final decision from the insurance people re my place is that the problems have been caused by poor building/ drainage design, not related to a single event, so no repairs by them. Oh well. Needed to go that route first. A plumber friend will have a look for me, probably Saturday, and then I’ll go from there. That’s okay, what is, is. I’ve been told now by the duct folk (I phoned and asked) that most of the mould is under my bathroom, so it may be there’s something like tiles which can be re-grouted in the shower, or something (one can hope!). The drainage and mould will both need attention separately, but now I can move step by step to deal with it all, and feel better about it too, as I’ve more control over the process.

    And in all that, continuing with sensible eating and FDs. Alas, my weight is hovering 0.3-0.5kg above that elusive 30 BMI, but it will happen!

    For the two nights before tonight I’ve been sitting here reading all of your posts and then being too tired to stay awake and reply. It’s so nice to hear all of your news. I had 2 proper FD’s last week and fasted yesterday, Monday, as well, so back on track with fasting. My NFD’s are still not always under control, but at least I’m not gaining anymore. Meal planning for the three of us when I’m doing all of the shopping is somewhat challenging. I was so used to going to the store at least 3 times per week especially for vegetables. Now I try to limit my trips. I did order some groceries online that I will pick up “curbside” tomorrow morning. Hopefully they have most of the things on my list.

    Penguin, it’s good to hear that you are seeing improvements in your bloodwork already. Have you looked at any houses yet?

    LJ, I hope that lung infection is gone soon. When is your next infusion? I imagine you want the infection gone before that.

    Quacka, so glad to hear that you’ve been able to visit your dad. I bet it did him good to see you. Hope the antacids are starting to help and that you’re feeling better.

    Lindsay, Rosie is getting so big! She’s a beautiful dog, but still has all the puppy habits. I forget how long the chewing thing goes on but as I recall from when we has the mini dachshunds, it was about a year. Since Cooper is a rescue, we missed all of that.

    Cinque, happy to hear that you’re feeling better. You mentioned a couple pages back that I might not consider 5C as icy. To me, anything below 10 is icy! It’s been in the high teens, ow 20’s here and rainy the past few days, but we can use the rain so not complaining.

    So happy to hear that most of you are able to visit family members again. Restaurants are opening here but the number of new cases are still very high even though the trend is downward so we’re still quarantining here. Australia’s total cases are less that half of what the US has as new cases in one day. I see that the world total is now over 5 million. When will this end?

    We do takeaway meals about once per week plus take and bake pizza on Saturday nights. I cut OH’s hair the weekend before last and DS’s hair this last weekend. Both turned out well and were pretty easy. DS cut mine about 3 weeks ago. So we all have home haircuts now. Since we all have simple hair styles, I think we look about the same as when the hairdresser cuts it.

    Anzac and Betsy, sorry to hear about the water damage. I hope you can both get that sorted quickly, before it gets too cold. We just had the roof leak over the laundry room (hopefully) repaired today. We’ll know when it rains again if it’s really fixed this time.

    Neil, good to hear that you’ve been able to be out riding again.

    Turn, good to hear from you again and good luck with the weight loss.

    Thin, I love reading about your channel boat adventures although I don’t think I would have liked that long tunnel! So good to hear you’re maintaining your low weight as usual.

    The quickest of posts …oh Thin, what a life you have.

    Good afternoon all. Very cold and windy here (15deg), have just put the heater on as OH is sitting on the lounge with tracky pants, thick jumper, beanie and ugg boots. Even I’m feeling the chill which is unusual for me. MissD should be home from school soon so will appreciate a nice warm house to come home to. I know 15deg is not cold for many of you but when our summers can be 50deg plus then 15 seems chilly. I had to laugh at this mornings news where it’s hit 28deg in England – perfect, beautiful weather but for the English it’s extreme heat. I’m sure Penguin thinks calling 15deg bitterly cold a bit weird too.

    Spent today doing yet more job applications. I’ve actually scored an interview next week (yay) via zoom (yuk) because of the distancing stuff. The job is only 2.5 days a week but its a large organisation so if I am successful it will be a foot in the door for other possibilities. I threw in the towel half way through one job application this morning, would you believe besides having to do a cover letter, resume, address selection criteria and answer a set of 25 questions, they also required me to record a 5 minute video to upload where I had to ‘sell myself’ to the employer. The job was for a receptionist at a health clinic for goodness sake – I’m not applying to be rocket scientist. That’s just totally ridiculous and over the top in my book so I exited out of that one real quick.

    Thin, loving your boating adventures and woohoo Neil on returning to the gym after all this time away. I’m finding exercising in the morning very unappealing with the chilly weather, even hard to get motivated with indoor fitness.

    I’m a big fan of Rick Stein too, really enjoyed the series that just finished on the ABC on Friday nights, forget the name but someone mentioned it in a post above. If I look back to find it I will most likely lose this post so I ain’t going there! OH likes MasterChef but I’m not really fussed on that one. Also glad that MKR has been given the flick – OH loved that too but again I’m no fan of reality TV shows. Although I’m not actually 100% sure if MKR is finished or just that Pete Evans has been shown the door as I read conflicting media reports on that one.

    Food for me has been tricky. So hard being home all day and having no set routine as I did while I was working. Not so bad when we are busy outside working in the yard but when I’m inside all day I struggle keeping out of the pantry and fridge. Not eating the wrong foods, just picking throughout the day. I’ve been keeping a food diary too Neil and was also shocked (well maybe not if I’m to be honest) to see how my protein intake has decreased and my carb intake has increased of late. I blame the colder weather as those comfort carbs are so appealing as a warming food. I also managed to only have 2 thin slices of OH’s homemade bread from the last batch – I think MissD ate most of it. Shows the power of homemade bread – she would never, ever eat grain bread in her life but devours OH’s homemade grain bread like crazy.

    Cooking successes from the last week – 2 huge stockpots of bone broth which was the best I’ve ever made. It smelt and tasted divine and the broth was extremely gelatinous (just like jelly) which has never happened before. I used Pete Evans recipe and followed it exactly. I had to order the correct bones from the butchers (3 different types) as they didn’t keep them in stock. Also made 2 huge stock pots of chicken stock although I couldn’t get hold of the chicken feet (as per Pete Evans recipe) so had to omit them. Was still a beautiful stock but not gelatinous. Now have enough frozen stock to last quite awhile. I made a coconut cream chicken chilli casserole which was beautifully spiced and the one I loved the most (and surprisingly MissD loved it too) was Pete Evans Healing Garlic Soup made with 5 large garlic bulbs. Surprisingly it wasn’t overly garlicy tasting and was silky, creamy with a touch of nutmeg spice. Once the soup was cooked and blended egg yolks were added so maybe that was where the silky, creamy texture came from. Anyhow it didn’t make much, enough for 3 large bowls but I will make this one a permanent fixture in our kitchen. The recipe called for toasted crushed almonds on top but I did toasted pine nuts and crispy prochutto which really gave it a nice kick.

    Most go as MissD will be home any minute now. Best wishes to those who are feeling unwell, to those with water issues and hoorah to those who have managed to catch up with family and friends. x

    Good afternoon – brief catch-up today (truly!).

    CalifDreamer, great to hear from you, and hey, well done with the haircuts. Things are slowly opening up over here; the numbers over your way are still very concerning. Great that you’ve worked out a workable shopping regime which should keep you safe.

    LindsayL, loved the article, thanks for posting it.

    GDayfromSA, wonderful to have you posting again. Good luck with the actual (zoom) job interview.

    News from me – reached the elusive 71.1 kg this morning, which gives me a BMI of 30, yay! Yay! Yay! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Now I just have to consolidate it, and start aiming for BMI 25, but let me bask, just for a moment, with relief and joy! 🙂

    Catch you next time.

    Good afternoon all

    Cali, the infusion was meant to be this week. I postponed it until next Tuesday but I think I’m going to have to delay it again. So glad you have been able to get back in to the 2 FDs. I hope your NFDs improve too – mine too. I also miss being able to buy fresh fruit & veg regularly. I am cooking more fresh fruit (combinations of apple, pear, berries or rhubarb) and relying on more frozen veg as I’d rather that than fresh fruit or veg that has been in the fruit bowl of crisper too long.
    I could do with one of those home haircuts, but the only bit I can easily get to is my fringe, the rest will have to wait.

    Betsy, I have found with bathrooms that the problem is less likely to be the grout between the tiles and much more likely to be the silicone that is in the gap where the floor and wall tiles meet, and also the wall tile corners where two walls meet. It perishes after 8-10 years and will start leaking. It needs to be dug out and replaced at least once a decade. Over time it loses its elasticity and hardens, then it can’t stretch to accommodate the small movements that a house will undergo across the seasons each year. How quickly it deteriorates will also depend on the cleaners that are used on it – the more strong bleach, the quicker it perishes.
    The other things that can happen in older properties is leaks in the drainage pipes under a bathroom – over time ground movement can crack them. I had both of these problems in the bathroom in my previous house. I hope it’s just the silicone as replacing silicone is a whole lot easier than it was to get the bathroom concrete floor jack-hammered up to replace the drainage pipes.

    Thin, glad you got through the tunnel, but it’s unfortunate that you scraped the boat after just repainting it.

    Anzac, you are not the only one who loses things. I left my wallet at the GPs last week and had to drive back the next day to collect it. Thankfully they had kept it safe for me.

    Neil, I don’t buy clothing online for that very reason, manufacturers can’t be trusted to make consistent sizing. I also find differences between stores. Some always sell tops that are too tight on my arms and too baggy in the body, where another store always seems to make their tops (in the same size) without that problem.

    Cinque, thankyou for the daily flowers and also the lovely bee.

    I am going to have to go back to the doctor tomorrow as I finish antibiotics tomorrow and my lungs are unfortunately not clear yet. It also means than my infusion will have to be delayed again. On the bright side, my lovely neighbour bought milk for me today as I thought it best not to leave the house and I was nearly out of milk. I could have made up skim milk powder, but tea tastes much nicer with fresh milk.

    I’m continuing with my alternate days of 800cal. Today is an 800cal day and I am a little hungrier than I was – probably because the weather is colder in the last couple of days. I will persevere though. I can weigh tomorrow and will know what effect a week of doing this has on my weight. I’m hoping that will encourage me to keep going. I can see and feel a difference on my torso, so I’m hopeful.

    Hello to everyone else, hope you are doing well. Take care.

    As usual I have some crossed posts. GDSA, very pleased to hear you have a job interview. I’ll keep everything crossed that it goes really well.

    Big congratulations Betsy. You deserve that result so much.

    Betsy, great job, well done. Now heading for the 60s. You won’t believe the feeling.

    LJ, hurray for lovely neighbours bringing milk. It was a different part of the boat so my new painting’s intact. The main damage was to the cratch cover which needed some re-stitching anyway but the rip is in a vulnerable spot. And the scraped paintwork is on the railing. Never mind, they’re like bumper cars and boats are always in need in repair.

    Lindsay, thanks so much for posting that article, I loved it.

    CalifD, good job all round on the haircuts. I haven’t come across your Netflix recommendation yet. I’m a big Keeley Hawes fan and swapped a DVD from the marina library before leaving just because it had her in it. We just got around to watching it last night. Subject matter not normally my cup of tea and certainly not OH’s but we both really enjoyed it. It’s called, “Tipping The Velvet”. Three part BBC series about the hardships of living an alternative lifestyle in the 1890s. Very well done.

    GDSA, good luck with the interview. Quite incredible what’s expected nowadays. Last year, DD was interviewed by a vet in his pyjamas in his bedroom! Good grief, times have changed.

    Cinque, Penguin, Neil, Quacka, hello to you.

    I forgot to say a huge thank you to LJoyce for the info regarding your knee replacement. We learnt more from your post than we have from the medical professionals to date so thanks again, very, very much appreciated.

    Been up since 4am, finally gave in and just put the heater on (it’s now 6.30am) and will be time to wake up MissD soon for school.

    Last night I re-read the Dirty Diet Book by Kate Harrison and tonight will re-read MM’s Fast 800 and then the Fast 500 as refreshers. Re-calculated my TDEE and plan on going 4:3 for a few weeks or so to see if I can obtain some weight loss. My weight is still fluctuating – down by 3 kgs then up again by the same. Just seems like a continuous yoyo but in saying that I’m grateful that it’s not on the up and up. I’m 17kgs up on where I want to be and where I once was before the dreaded menopause sent my hormones and weight gain into overdrive. As I mentioned in my last post I have started logging food again and will go back to the 5:2 (4:3 to start with) WOL as it was this WOL that got me to my goal weight back in 2017.

    Wow, I’d forgotten how stringent I need to be to keep within 500 cals. I went back through some of my old food logs and also went through the food list on my Fitbit app (foods specific to me that I worked out the cals for individual foods and meals that I ate on a regular basis) and was a bit shocked. I guess that proves how much I have fallen off the wagon in regards to the amount of calories I’ve been consuming.

    Oh, the sun in finally making a very slow appearance, think it was having a sleep in this morning. Happy Friday everyone

    Brrr cold here. And wet.

    A short post as it is zoom-sisters day and I need to get my lippy on 😉

    Cali, glad you don’t cop it this cold.

    I’m snug inside though, and have the clothes horse full of things drying nicely in front of the heater.

    I had Miss 3 over yesterday and we had a fine time. And I did some necessary shoppingcentre shopping on the way home. Exhausting! I kept forgetting things and having to walk to the other end of the centre. Lucky it was Northcote plaza and not Northland! But it included buying some gravy beef and I am so looking forward to cooking it today.

    It is lull day for me. No fast day yesterday, and none tomorrow. Mindful eating is go!

    Lindsay aren’t those clothes sizes crazy. The last few years the opshops have been full of brand new things that are clearly bought online (or from previously trustworthy clothes shops?) and then the wrong size. I am a glad beneficiary, but I do think it is terrible.

    Oh I do miss going opshopping, but I have just pulled all my winter clothes out of the wooden trunk. SO MANY! (Three knitted dresses that cling to my tummy 😉 ).
    And I put away the summer things (including some gorgeous things that I haven’t worn once).

    Anzac, there is nothing nicer than having a clean house! Almost. Haha. And it is still fairly clean, even with Miss three and me making a birthday party out of playdough studded with plastic beads and fed to the dolls. The dolls were all very messy eaters!
    Enjoy your smart watch!

    Okay, off to get self styled to impress my sisters. See you later.

    Good morning friends

    Brrr, cold here too Cinque. And windy. And boy did it rain last night! I woke up about 10 times and every time it was pouring.

    I don’t buy clothes online either, for the same reason as mentioned. The sizing is crazy plus I like to try things on to make sure they don’t cling in the wrong places

    I had a bit of a snack attack yesterday and lost my mindfulness briefly. When I recorded what I ate in my spreadsheet I was shocked at how the calories built up. Lesson learnt.

    G’day, so lovely to hear from you. I do hope you can find a good job soon. I am going through the dreaded menopause too and honestly sometimes I think if I ate nothing but lettuce leaves the weight would still be hard to shift. I agree that keeping a log of what you eat and drink really helps. I also record my steps and any other exercise I do to see how much of a difference it makes. And it does.

    Betsy, my goodness – 71! WHOO HOO!!!! There was a time when we were close-ish in weight but now we are a mountain range apart. You are giving me plenty of motivation.

    Thin, very glad the damage was limited. I echo Lindsay – what a life you lead.

    Hi to everyone else, I will try to post again later but if not have a great weekend

    Hi all

    Well done Betsy! 30 BMI and knocking on the door of breaking into the 60s, you must be pleased with that? Mine is going the other way at the moment. I got it down to 27 but it’s back up to 28 now.

    Good luck with your experiment with 800 cals on alternate days LJoyce, hopefully you’ll reap some good rewards on the scales.

    Gday, great to hear from you again, sounds like we’re in the same boat at the moment. I’ve been having to track my meals because my weight has been up and down but moving in an upward trend, and I was shocked by how much my food had been slipping.

    Cinque, yum, gravy beef, what do you do with it? I really like the cheaper cuts because they go so well in the slow cooker or in a nice casserole or stew.

    Anzac, sometimes you need the shock of tracking what you eat, I think that’s why my food was slipping, when I was still dropping weight I had convinced myself that my eating wasn’t too bad, it’s not until you track it and find that a pretty light day of eating is actually sitting around your BMR for the day that you get the kick in the pants.

    I was proud of myself today. I’ve been trying some treadmill work in among my cycling and rowing at the gym, and today I managed to run 7 kilometers in 45 minutes. I was averaging about 9.5 kilometers an hour. I’ve never been much of a runner and I never would have guessed that I would be able to run that much 18 months ago.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Good afternoon everyone. Hope those of you down south are managing to stay warm. I’ve found myself using the aircon to heat the house more often in recent days, although it does bring the temperature up to 21C fairly quickly and then I can turn it off for a few hours. I’m very thankful for the excellent insulation in this place (I suspect that’s normal for new builds), it really does reduce my need for heating and cooling.

    Anzac, isn’t it horrific how much those little bits of food add up to. I am trying to plan suitable snacks on NFDs in advance and putting them out on the island bench at lunch time. It doesn’t always work and they are unfortunately sometimes gobbled up within an hour. At least it has me thinking in advance about what I should be having and how much. I’m also struggling at times with mindful eating because my brain is telling me I’m hungry, even if I’ve just eaten a meal and I know logically I can’t be hungry.

    Cinque, hope you had a lovely zoom catch up. Do you think you will continue that into the future even after the pandemic risks are gone. It does seem to allow you to all get together and chat as a group more often than before.
    Oh yes, I miss the op shops too. I’m hoping there will be lots of lovely things to choose from when I go again – from all the spring cleaning people have been doing while stuck at home.

    Thin, are you able to do the restitching or do you need to find an upholsterer to do a task like that?
    Also wanted to see if you managed to find a dentist that was open – on the blog you mentioned a cracked tooth.

    GDSA, revisiting the old books and the old food diaries can be so useful. It’s easy for us to slowly change our behaviour over time and those reminders can make us away of just how far we have moved from previous behaviour.
    You are very welcome re the knee info. I was lucky to have 3 medical information sources: a rheumatologist, GP and orthopaedic surgeon – in addition to several relatives who had undergone TKRs – it was that personal observation of relatives that showed me how important the rehab was to the final result.
    It was actually something the rheumatologist said that spurred me to lose weight in the first place. I asked him how he thought my knee (and RA) would react to the surgery and what the longer term might look like. He gave me a lot of info about the likely inflammatory response and also the fact that I’d have to stop RA treatment to have the surgery and the impact of that on the RA and the surgery rehab. He was also quite blunt – If I didn’t lose weight the knee would not last longer than 10-15 years. At that time it was only possible to do 2 TKRs on the same knee – any more had a very poor success rate. As I was only 46 at the time that was an horrific prospect – my knee would be useless in my latter years. That’s what spurred me to both delay the surgery as long as I could (I waited until I was 53) and also to find a way to get my weight down for good before surgery. That dose of reality was the motivation I needed.

    I just had a bowl of mixed grain porridge for lunch. When I’m in the mood for porridge I find it so enjoyable. I include rolled oats, quinoa, rye, barley and either spelt or triticale if I can get them. Some of those grains (especially the rye) take quite a bit soaking and cooking, but it’s worth it for the final texture which is a mixture of creamy smoothness with chewy elements. With half a cup of the rolled grains, 2 tblsp skim milk powder and stevia I end up with a huge pasta bowl full of porridge that is very filling and only 1000kj (238cal). I also find it’s one of the mostly grain meals that doesn’t usually kick start my appetite the way many other starchy meals would. I also like normal oat porridge, but I don’t find it quite so filling and it doesn’t have as much fibre as the mixed grain version.

    It was weigh-in day today to see what alternate days of 800cal can do. I lost 1.2kg, which is ok but it proves a point I’ve always know, recently gained weight comes off much slower than it went on, given that I gained the 3kg in a single week. However 1.2kg is better than I ever get on normal 5:2 and the 800cal days are mostly very easy so I will keep going – it basically feels like a controlled healthy choice NFD without the snacks of nuts and cheese that frequent most of my NFDs.

    I thought I’d have to go back to the GP today, but my lungs were clear this morning so I changed the appointment into a telehealth call – too late to cancel it completely.

    Have a nice day all. Hope you have some good plans for the weekend.

    Good afternoon all from a lovely warm and sunny Blenheim.

    It really felt a bit of a wrench leaving Kaikoura after being there for nine weeks and we have friends there too, but it was definitely time for a change of scenery. We gave a lift to a guy from the same site up to Blenheim with us, a Parisienne originally, a photo journalist who has spent the last 25 years travelling the world, amazing life. We are now in a lovely site just north of town with a creek running along side it and lots of trees. We are in the heart of the Marlborough wine region so the likes of Cloudy Bay, Wither Hills, Yealands, Saint Clair, Villa Maria, Allan Scott, and Lawson’s Dry Hills to name but a few are on our doorstep! They are renowned for their Sauvignon Blanc here and it is good. Also one of my favourite breweries is here too, Moa, but might give that a bit of a wide berth, hahaha!!

    Well done Betsy, great news with your BMI, I’m hopefully not too far behind you, sitting at 30.2, but not quite with you being so close to the 60’s. Good on YOU! Wilbur sounds adorable, have spotted a ginger kitten at the site here, pretty skittish though.

    Go for it Neil, running as well as cycling, tennis, badminton and rowing, you should be killing this? It does help to log food doesn’t it, I just forget to look back and read it though!

    Well done on the scales Anzac, and hooray for the fit bit, that should help your tracking in the right direction.

    Dad is home again, thank you Cinque, apparently he was anaemic, cold, always tired and sleeping and very low. He has had iron injections and is now home again, sitting out in the sun when the wind isn’t blowing. I have a younger sister who lives around 3 hours drive away, and an elder sister who lives in France, but his youngest brother is close by and also my cousins, along with my Mothers brother, wife and daughters. I try and chat as often as I can, but the time difference sometimes gets in the way.

    Time to go and whizz the cauliflower soup I just made for dinner tonight, caulis were back at 3.25 the other day, so bought 2! Been out on the bikes today so feel like I’ve earned it.

    Have a great weekend everyone,

    Turn, that sounds like a lot of fun ahead! It seems forever since I saw those beautiful places in NZ. I bet you’re glad that you were able to sell the holiday letting place when you did.

    Neil, your activity level is impressive.

    Anzac, it seems funny when you speak of the cold. It was 26C here a couple of days ago but feels much hotter than a 26C day in Perth.

    Cinque, re the op shoes, I read one of those jokes that circulate saying that since covid, they’ve realised their only hobbies are shopping and eating out!

    LJ, your porridge sounds fantastic. I concur that getting the wretched weight off takes longer than putting it on. You’re on top of it now.

    OH and I are joined at the hip on this adventure which, unfortunately, means grocery shopping with him, a chore I always did alone before. He’s instantly drawn to things like apple pie, chocolate and a host of other junk that I would never have brought home. And then, knowing it’s here, he always wants to consume those things until they’re gone. Yep, I’m blaming him for a bad few days starting with fish and chips and store-bought apple pie on the same day. OK, it’s my own fault, I know I’m responsible for what I put in my mouth but it was far easier when I controlled what came into to the kitchen. I don’t know why he’s so keen on such an unhealthy way of eating. Don’t even get me started on the added sugar. I’m quietly fighting back today – mung beans are soaking!

    LJ, yes I broke a molar on some unpopped popcorn (I also secretly blame OH for that, ha ha, as it’s something else I wouldn’t have bought!). I haven’t looked for a dentist as DD advised me to stay well away from all medical facilities unless an absolute emergency. The NHS website classes it as an emergency but you go round and round in a loop if you want them to find an emergency or NHS dentist. The tooth is broken off but the filling seems intact so I’m living with it for now. My tongue thinks it’s much worse than it is.

    As for the cratch cover, it’s heavy canvas requiring professional stitching and most chandleries are still closed. It’s like when you have damage to your car, it drives you mad seeing it every day but, once fixed, you just put it behind you and forget all about it.

    Have a good day all.

    Where’d everyone go?

    Thinking just the same!?

    I’ve never in over 5 years seen a period of 22 hours with no posts on this thread! All good with you, Turn?

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