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  • Fasting with you today, LJ. Paprika chicken. Mothers’ Day here was held before the lockdown.

    No VE celebrations for us although we enjoyed seeing the bunting and British flags as we cruised along past people’s canal-side gardens. DD reported that one of her colleagues, upon returning home from an on call emergency in the middle of the night, was accosted by drunks partying in her street who, while clearly not social distancing themselves, had the audacity to question her as to whether her car journey had been essential! I’ve just read that Australians went shopping en masse in a ‘covid soup’ yesterday. You can’t legislate against stupidity.

    Good evening everyone. Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers on our forum.

    Cinque, thanks for the picture. I got a real kick out of it. As a progress report, today I am only 0.9 kg over my BMI 30 goal. It’s getting closer.
    Hope you were able to catch up with your grandkids today, even if only via social media/ zoom/ Skype, whatever. You, too, LJoyce.

    LJoyce, re the positive Covid-19 case in SA – the test picks up even dead virus left in the nose, etc. The person concerned no longer had an active case of Covid-19, though he may have been asked to self-isolate for 14 days anyway, as a precaution.

    Nice of you to miss me, LJoyce; I’ve just had a break from the computer for a few days. Needed to rest my eyes. And no, the bibliography is not progressing as well as I’d hoped. Sigh! Can’t settle to a place at home where I can work easily. May end up in my garage room, as somewhere separate from the house (it has a desk and a reverse cycle AC, so wouldn’t be too cold or uncomfortable). I just have to talk myself into taking everything out there!

    Interesting re TKJ replacement comments. I sympathise with it all, having suffered a knee dislocation in a bicycle accident when in China. Think bottom half of the leg (from the knee down) sticking out at a 30 degree angle from the rest of the leg. The lower leg bone came completely out of the knee socket. It hurt. It hurt even more to have someone put it back in without any form of painkiller or anaesthesia, just a few people holding me down. I was repatriated home for total knee reconstruction surgery, but was fortunate enough to get through with plaster then intensive physio and exercise – think around 2 hours of knee exercises each and every day, in 3 lots, for more than 3 months. Without me doing that, I’d have had a non-functional knee.
    So – TKJ replacement: you absolutely HAVE to be diligent in doing your exercises. My knee allows me around 128 degrees of bend. I can kneel but not sit back on the knee.
    I saw a specialist recently about the knee after my doctor freaked out at a baseline MRI I had done early last year, and he basically said that that you only progress to an op. when function or pain become more than is tolerable. He said the state of my knee would definitely warrant surgery, but if function and pain levels are okay (which they are) to hold it off for as long as possible. The older you can be when you have the surgery, the more likely it is that a redo won’t be necessary.
    So, GDayfromSA, re your husband’s knee, only progress to surgery when he absolutely has to, and he has to be ready to work his heart out to get the most function back post-surgery.

    LindsayL, what a beautiful face your Rosy has (as has Maxx, Anzac65, I’m not making distinctions) but what a mischief with the slippers. Your poor slip-on Ugg slipper. I presume you had to wash it??
    Good that the new microwave fits okay.

    Thin, congrats on a successful published article, with only a minor typo inserted. You will become famous among your canalling “colleagues??”. Not sure what the right word is. Great that the solar panels are working so well.

    Penguin, sounds like you’re in for a slightly longer haul than you expected. I hope it goes well. Are you thinking of downsizing but staying in the same area? You seem to get such enjoyment out of your wanders around the local sights, but it would certainly be easier to have a smaller garden area to look after.

    Neilithicman, great you were able to get back on the bike and headed out for a while. What have the scales been saying to you?

    No more news, can’t remember anything else to answer, sorry. Hoping that tomorrow Victoria’s restrictions will be slightly eased. We’ve been in a worse situation than central or western states/ territory.

    Keep well, keep safe everyone!

    Hi Betsy, we have been thinking for a couple of years that we should move but have been putting it off because we have been very happy here. This house needs parents, a couple of kids and some dogs. When we bought it our grandchildren were very young and their parents worked so for much of the time it was full. Time has passed, the grandchildren have grown and these days we tend to visit them. The plan is to move into a smaller more, easily managed house about 25 miles away in town, which would put us within a couple of miles of some of the family.

    A distinct change in the weather today. Yesterday was sunny, 22 C. Today overcast, 10 C with a wind out of the Arctic so it seemed colder. What my Grandmother would have called “a lazy wind” – can’t be bothered to go round you so it goes straight through you. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad first thing so I got in an hour of digging. The heavy gardening is now done so it will only be pottering about when I start the chemo. This afternoon we sneaked out for a walk, apart from hospital only my second time past the gate in eight weeks. The village was deserted, so up the road, round the Churchyard and back again. Nothing ghoulish about going round the Churchyard. It has a really good view across to the Welsh hills.

    Good morning,
    A fresh new day, cool and clear and lots of rainbow lorikeets enjoying the gum blossoms on the big tree on our nature strip.

    I made my version of eggplant parmigiana, which is slices of grilled eggplant layered with a tomato sauce and topped with parmesan breadcrumbs. Very nice, and three more portions to enjoy through the week.

    For those who remembered my new heater farce from last year, I am glad to say that my new heater is wonderful, compared to my old one! I just set it for 18 degrees and it does it. Like heaters are meant to!

    Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes LJoyce. Here is my contribution which we can all relate to! https://imgur.com/a/EOmoMip
    Haha. My daughter gave me it as a card, one Mother’s Day.
    I do hope you had a great day with your mum, Neil.

    Oooh Betsy, you are SO close to your next goal. All power to you for a great week.
    So frustrating not to have a good study area, I hope you can work one out that doesn’t make you freeze to death.
    I also relate to your eye problems, or I think I do. I need heat bags and massage on my eyes and lots of eye drops, and try to blink in front of screens, but it is so hard as anything I have to concentrate on with screens makes blinking go out the window.

    Penguin, it will be nice to find a small easy home near family. Hope you can soon. Brrr, keep snug!

    Well, I had a crook day yesterday and managed it badly. My CFS symptoms were quite bad and feeling dizzy and nauseous I started nobbling (why didn’t I just make my miso soup straight away?) and once I started I kept going. Sigh. So no nice light feeling this morning.
    But it is a new day! And a reminder of why I stacked on so much weight in the first place, so glad I have strategies now.

    I’m keen to hear Victoria’s announcement about our next steps, in a couple of hours I think.

    Today I am putting all my little rules into place and looking after my CFS symptoms too. Good luck with your days too!

    Good Morning everyone

    Sorry for my absence and thank you to those who have asked after me. I’ve just quickly read all the posts and I AM going to put up a post this time. I just haven’t managed to write one for various reasons so today is the day. Best hurry as it’s just past 11am and it will be afternoon before I know it which means I will have to change my greeting to “Good Afternoon”

    Work was hectic last week as we decided it was a good time to do a stocktake as there is not much stock coming in and so I am not very busy in my job. We have two stores so I spent two consecutive days scanning stock. I’m glad it’s over and our stock is now more accurate. It’s helpful when you are trying to find a certain pair of shoes in amongst 10 000 other pairs!

    You may remember I have been having this weird throat thing since I started to recover from the flu I had several weeks ago. I returned to the doctor last week and she has now sent me for a scan called a barium swallow, which I am getting done tomorrow.The doc said if it doesn’t show anything the next step is a gastroscopy which I will have to wait for as the hospitals are not doing them at the moment.

    As a result of the ‘weird throat thing’ (I’m calling it that because I have no idea what it is) I haven’t been fasting. It seems to be worse when I am fasting so I thought I would give it a break. The last time I fasted was Monday two weeks ago and by the afternoon I felt so bad that as soon as I got home I ate everything in sight! I think it helped 😉
    I have been exercising a lot so have managed not to put on any weight and I can feel my body changing shape already. Having said all that, today I am on a fast day. At the same time I stopped fasting, I also stopped taking my Armaforce and olive leaf extract so I want to see if anything has changed and if I can manage a fast day again. Fingers crossed.

    LJ, that bread! It looked so yummy and I laughed when you said you will have to mind not to trip over it when you had it down on the floor. I have been making sourdough for a few weeks now and I have two funny stories to tell you all, both happened on the weekend. So I have a very vigorous starter (which I will have to give a name to as it seems this is the thing to do) which continues to grow even in our very cold fridge with the lid clamped down tight on the jar it is in. I pulled it out on Saturday and gave it a feed and left it out so I could make bread on Sunday. We went to the beach on Saturday afternoon and when we came back the starter had overflowed and was dripping down the side of the jar. A bit of a mess really. My mother in law and I had only been joking earlier in the week about my starter and how I might wake up one morning and it will have grown right up the hall and into our bedroom!
    Then yesterday I mixed up the bread and put it in the sun to rise. I moved it around the house as the sun moved and then early in the afternoon I put it on the back deck on one of our chairs, covered with a tea towel and faced it towards the sun. About half an hour later I heard an exclamation from OH who had gone and sat on it! LOL He just pulled the seat over as it was the one with the most sun (funnily enough, ha ha)and sat down without looking. I laughed and laughed. I should have taken a photo of my now flat bread but I was too busy laughing. It was easily remedied with a series of folds and some more time to rise.
    I am still learning all about this sourdough experience and I can tell you, there is a lot to learn! One important thing? Don’t leave your loaf where it can be sat on 😉

    This post has been all about me. Sorry.

    I have been thinking of and missing you all. I miss your posts and photos and just being in this friendly supportive community. I hope you are all staying well.
    Look after yourselves and stay positive. XX

    PS. I think we are going to go up to see my parents on the weekend! I am sooooo happy.

    Afternoon all, from a chilly but sunny Brisbane. Penguin your walk sounds delightful….it’s good to be out and about again, isn’t it? I love your old churches, with graves from generations past.

    Betsy, yes, the slipper needed some TLC, but is back to normal. She doesn’t chew them much now – just takes them to her lair. So hard, to get that motivation back after a break. And I think motivation is in short supply all round at the moment … I do’t know why that is, but I hear it from so many people. I think the focus on staying safe and cocooning . You will get back into the swing…sometimes it just takes a little time, but once you get your rhythm going, you’ll be able to finish it.

    I’ve had a very good week – 7 days x 800, without a falter, and I’ve lost 2.6 kilos. Yes, some of it is water weight that comes from the very low carb especially, but it’s down, and I feel I have my motivation back. I’m planning 1 kilo a week for the next 10 weeks, then down to .75 kilos a week for the next 10. I’ll keep you posted (and if I go quiet, you’ll probably know why).

    Thin, yes, people can be so so stupid. But my observation is that most are being sensible and observing the guidelines, and even more. I ventured into a Greek shop today (needing cheese, olives, coffee and almonds) as there were only a few people in the store, and all was fine until a pushy man lent over my shoulder to look the olives (in big drums, and now fenced off during). It only takes one stupid person, I guess.

    I was surprised that English is lifting restrictions without really explaining the detail. But also that Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland aren’t following suit.

    Quacka, great to hear from you. Hope your ‘weird throat’ thing is okay and the test tomorrow goes well. Sending you very best wishes. How wonderful, for you to be able to see your parents at the weekend.

    Glad your heater is keeping you toasty Cinque ….what a palaver it was last year, getting it sorted.

    LJ I don’t have cabbage butterflies, but I do have passionfruit moth (or so OH believes, having heard an expert on ABC radio). The fruit grow quite big and round, then crinkle and fall. The answer apparently is to check at night with a torch. Mmmm, maybe when it’s warmer.

    Anzac loved your OH’s song. A good laugh is such a tonic.

    Thin, Kenny Rogers. Toilet. Mmmm, hard not to ask for more detail on that one. Or for the pic….which I assume wasn’t taken in the loo?

    OK II’ll say goodnight – time to run Miss Rosy Dozey. We have been trying to get her used to the lead again (let’s just say she’s a work in progress), and we had a lovely Autumn walk along the riverbank earlier in the afternoon. Bt it wasn’t enough to quell the beast, so off to the park for her play time with other free spirits.

    Funny card Cinque. Sorry about your bad day yesterday. I hope you have a wonderful day today to make up for it. Great that the heater works so well.

    I was hungry all day and, as Penguin said, it was a gloomy old day with a constant wind termed ‘fresh’ here. We lit the fire and hunkered down playing chess and reading novels until about 5.30pm when we decided we should go for a walk regardless. It wasn’t so bad once we got out there but I was back in thermals, beannie and a coat when, the day before, I’d been in shorts painting the boat. A modest 500g loss but I’m not surprised as I drank tea and coffee with milk throughout day. 57kg so all is well and there will be no cherry pie this week (or ever again with luck).

    LJ, how did your FD go?

    Quacka, good luck with those tests and have fun with your parents.

    P.S. Lindsay, that Kenny Rogers thing was so long ago that I only have the physical photo and that’s not with me. Basically, it happened because I’d run down the aisle to take photos near the stage, a photographer had run out of film (shows how long ago it was) and asked me to borrow my camera in return for accompanying him backstage. He took a photo of me and Kenny in his dressing room with a sort of ensuite thing in the background.

    Boris outlined his cautious plan to exit lock down last night on TV but, of course, it’s not feasible to go into the sort of detail that each individual sector requires during a 15 minute public address. More will be done in parliament today. Naturally, the critics can only pounce on the negative which I find so tiresome. I know we have to keep govts accountable but the constant need to criticise and blame just gets weary.

    Yikes! sorry for all the errors in my post …that will teach me to work on my laptop without my specs on.

    But I did want to tell you something else.

    The Grade Two-er has been struggling with home schooling … she needs the structure of school. My DD emailed the little one’s teacher to ask her advice, which she willingly gave. But the teacher went even further. She phoned my little grand-daughter and had a good chat to put her mind at rest. Then on Thursday, a parcel turned up with a handwritten postcard and a bundle of craft materials for Miss 6 to make her Mum a Mother’s Day gift. Now that, I think, is really special. Hurrah for all the teachers, who are going the extra mile to help their students.

    Evening all, well my fast day was mostly forced temptation free followed by 2 hours of immense temptation. I dropped my bag on the way into work today and my glass lunch container shattered, so all my work day I had to survive on a flat white, two cups of black tea and a hot chocolate. But when I got home my wife’s mother had dropped off half a birthday cake, a container of Jalebi, and a half kilo chocolate Easter bunny. I couldn’t resist all of it but I restricted myself to a couple of jalebi, a small piece of cake and a square inch of the bunny while I was cooking our chilli beans for dinner.

    I haven’t been weighing myself this week but I’ll definitely be down on my weigh in on Wednesday because I’ve got a colonoscopy tomorrow the day before my weigh-in, and before I get it they have to empty everything out. That should account for a kilo or so. 😕🥺

    Hi all from a dark and cool Kaikoura, SI.

    Yep, we are still here, I personally could think of worst places to be locked down, but it will be good to get going again soon. Today it was announced that we are dropping to Level 2 on Thursday a.m. but we think we may stay on a few more days to avoid the rush, pretty sure there will be one. Not sure of our plans then, we either explore around Picton/Nelson/Blenheim in the Marlborough sounds (top of the South Island, for all you never been to NZ Aussies!) or we get the ferry across Cook Strait and head for the winter less North, (way above Auckland). We have discussed that maybe we just closely check the short and long term weather forecasts and follow the sun, wherever that may take us.

    There have been a couple of posts recently, (all of which I have been reading, but not posting) that I resonate with. Firstly someone said how they are having to brake the cycle of going on holiday, returning, losing weight, going on holiday, gaining weight, coming home and having to go through it all over again. I spent years experiencing the same cycle usually leaving for our annual three month trip the first week of June, and this month always turned into a frenzy of activity and eating less to try and reach my “holiday goal”. Funnily enough, we didn’t book our early bird flights at the end of last year, as we thought we may have to go back to the UK to visit my sick father, so held off booking anything. Luckily as it turned out. The second thing is what you mentioned Anzac regarding not having the holiday to prepare for, to get ready for regarding weight loss. It’s as though I need an end goal, something to work towards. I guess I am not as self disciplined as you Thin, I do seem to struggle to get it off just to live a normal happy life. I will keep trying though.

    So glad to hear you Mum is doing well Neil and that you are learning to manage your weight. Commiserations on your food today, hope your colonoscopy goes well.

    Funny to hear your story about the bread making Quacka, glad you managed to save it OK, conjured up all sorts of images in my mind! I am beginning to think that I am abnormal in some way as the aroma of freshly baked bread does absolutely nothing for me, I wouldn’t be sorry if I never ate another slice of bread ever, bit different for OH though, he loves bread, think it comes from his Grandparents being bakers.

    You have been hit by some cold weather Penguin & Thin, we used to call that wind a “laser wind”, you couldn’t see it but it cut you in half! Thankfully we haven’t had much wind here lately but we did have some fog on the weekend, funny how it rolled in from the sea yesterday late afternoon. Good luck with all your chemo treatment, I have a BIL going through it at present, all in tablet form.

    The dogs look adorable, both Rosy and Maxx, something we both miss, but see lots out walking here. All the talk of vegie gardens makes me quite envious, I may have to do something if we stay in one place long enough over winter.

    I have spent the last couple of months maintaining, not at my goal weight but it hasn’t escalated either, so, I decided to label it maintaining and carry on. A better weight today though at 75.5kgs.

    Hope you all enjoyed your Mother’s Day yesterday, happy fasting,


    Turn, it’s lovely to have you back. I wonder who else is lurking out there.

    Neil, you seem to do a look of cooking. If I had an Indian spouse, they’d definitely be doing all the cooking, he he. Good luck with the colonoscopy. Is there a history?

    Lindsay, what a kind teacher.

    Hi Thin, no history, just a precaution. The doctor thought I had some internal hemorrhoids a couple of months ago and the meds she gave me cleared things up, this is just to check there’s nothing more sinister there as well.

    Good morning. Brr it is cold outside.

    Quacka, hello, hello! Thanks so much for your post. And good news that you are feeling well, although fingers crossed they can sort out that throat problem.
    Congratulations that you maintained your weight while you had to give yourself a break from fasting. I do hope yesterday went well and you feel great this morning.
    Woohoo no new cases for NSW today! Milestone!
    I am so, so happy you will get to visit your patents this weekend.
    What a vigorous dough! My niece calls her’s Bread Pitt, haha.

    Lindsay, spelling chaos yesterday. I wrote nobbling instead of nibbling. Hmm, I was nobbling myself rather. I didn’t notice your mistakes, only mine!
    Congratulations on your good work for your health!

    What a lovely teacher for your little grade 2er. That will hold her in good stead, and hearing about it made my day.

    Ooh those pesky garden pests, and how devastating to lose passionfruits!

    Thin, kudos for your good fast day in spite of the cold. I am feeling much better and even went for a walk yesterday. Just a short one as I have to build up slowly but I might try two short ones today (around the block). Such a pleasure to be able to walk around the block. 🙂

    Oh dear, I am seeing lots of jokes in the media about the UK’s 51 page plan, but hopefully it is getting clearer for you all.

    Good news here, inspite of a last flurry (hopefully) of tests showing up positive. I get to visit my daughter tomorrow, and realising this is probably as coronavirus safe it will be for the foreseeable future, I am going to make the most of it. I said I would be there at 8am!

    Neil, what a disaster of a day, healthy foodwise! You handled it admirably. Best wishes that all goes well with your colonoscopy today.

    Turn, such a treat to see your post and hear that all is well.
    Hmm, I wonder what end goal you will find to keep you motivated. I think birthdays are mine as encroaching age makes me want to be in peak health (as much as possible) to deal with encroaching decline. Ooh and vanity too, ie clothes I want to wear.

    ‘Laser wind’ is a good name. I can remember when I was little and I was so thrown when my aunty called it a ‘lazy wind’. I could get the joke, that it was too lazy to go around, and went straight through, but it just did my mind in that it was so laser like and the very opposite of my idea of lazy which is basically to give up at the first sign of resistance. It was one of the phrases that fueled my fascination with language.

    Well, time to put my coat on and go for that first little walk. I had a lovely sensible eating day yesterday, and another one planned for today. Sending best wishes to everyone to enjoy and make the most of this precious day.

    Good morning all, have managed to catch up on posts. I don’t know what happened to the last 3-4 days as the time just vanished

    I had another good week last week and lost 300g. I know it’s not much but I figure if I can lose 300-500g per week it wont take long before I feel the results. I know for sure I feel the negative results right now. I need to lose 5 kilos just to be back to the weight I was when we left for our holiday

    Great to hear from you Quacka and I hope the weird throat thing gets better soon. I tend to get a sore throat as soon as I get a cold and they are miserable. But on a brighter note I hope you can get up to see your parents on the weekend. Also, don’t apologise for a post being all about you – we are interested and here to support so it’s a good thing.

    Oh and the bread – I laughed too!

    Hi Turnabout, great to hear from you too. Well done maintaining

    Sorry your CFS has been bad Cinque; but you still always manage to post lovely, positive posts.

    Thin and Penguin, that is a serious temperature change. Brrr. We had a similar change on Sunday. Friday and Saturday were glorious – 27 degrees. Sunday was 18 but the wind chill made it feel much colder.

    Neil was it your birthday yesterday? If yes Happy Birthday!!

    What a fantastic teacher Lindsay. They really do have a hard job and I remember my sister always saying that the work follows you home. She would spend hours and hours doing lesson prep outside of school hours.

    Hi LJ and Betsy and everyone else who I haven’t mentioned

    Must get back to evil spreadsheet so take care

    Hi all

    Well done on the loss Anzac, I’m hoping for a nice big loss this week too when I weigh in tomorrow. No it wasn’t my birthday, it was my little nephew’s second birthday and we weren’t able to go to his party so my ever so helpful mother-in-law decided to drop off a big swag of the party food to us. Luckily my boys are making it disappear while I’m at work to save me from myself.

    The colonoscopy came back all clear thank goodness. One of the questions the doctor asked me was whether I had lost any weight recently, I told him yes but it was planned. When he asked how much I had lost I told him and he and the nurse looked stunned. The nurse was saying “but you look so trim and you don’t even have any saggy skin” That made me feel almost as good as a clean bill of health from the colonoscopy. Of course when they asked how I had done it I took great glee in spreading the joy of this way of life.

    Well back to work have a great day everyone, and I’ll see you tomorrow with my weigh-in

    Neil, good news on the colonoscopy. And great to spread the message to such an open audience.
    Anzac, 300 grams is nearly a third of a kilo. Not to be sneezed at. Those damned holidays bring us undone, don’t they.
    Turn lovely to get your post. I’m the serial holiday going who goes up and down. And I also struggle with socialising. If I go to someone’s home, or they bring something to me, I feel it is just rude to refuse it. I know that sounds crackers to some, but it’s my age and the way I was brought up. And now, who would have thought, covid has also put that particular dilemma out of our way.
    My scales didn’t move today – but I had a good controlled eating day yesterday (and today so far), so tomorrow it will show up.
    Cinque thank you for the flowers …so very pretty. How are you going? Did you manage your walks well? How lovely to be able to visit you daughter. My dear son came on Sunday night after they’d put the kids to bed, but would only sit in the courtyard. He and my daughter are so protective of us. For Mother’s Day, they bought me the most beautifully illustrated print, framed, of Queensland’s native bees….well, a selection. there are literally hundreds. My old favourite the blue banded bee (or blue bum bee as the 4 year old calls it), is there, and the giant teddybear bee, which I’ve never seen, but live in hope. The art is exquisitely drawn and reproduced from the Australian Museum. I always think there is not one possession left on earth that I want – and then they surprise me with something that now I don’t want to live without.
    Having said that about possessions – I’ve lashed out again, and bought a new steam cleaner. Without the cleaners coming, I’m saving $$ but my house isn’t exactly sparkly. I got one that has a hand held bit for shower screens and windows, and a tool to do grout and sliding door tracks. I wait its delivery keenly.

    I have had a couple of days off editing as my student wanted to rewrite his methodology chapter …but it’s just turned up, so starting that will be my task first thing tomorrow. I feel I’ve been on holiday, not having the thesis hanging over me for the past couple of days while I waited for his new work.

    Quacka, do you have any results from your test?

    OK off to take rosydozey for a run with her pals. She slept until 6am this morning…which is better. But only after barking like crazy last night to protect us from this lovely creature.


    Good evening all.

    Lovely to read all your newsy posts.

    Quacka, I sympathise re your “weird” throat, as mine has been sore on and off since last September. It improved for a while, but has been bothersome for some weeks now. I’m carefully ignoring the advice to get tested for Covid-19 if you have a sore throat, as this has been hanging around for so long. Reluctantly, I think I’ll have to have it followed up next time I see my doctor. The last consultation, when I had the flu injection, was awkward, as it was by phone when I was outside the doctor’s surgery waiting in my car, and then I just went into the surgery for the injection. I forgot to mention the throat. There’s always next time.
    It may well be that yours is related to some stomach reflux, which it sounds like they’re testing for.
    Your description of your flattened bread gave me a chuckle. Glad it could be salvaged.

    Neilithicman, also sympathise with you enforced restrained eating day then the evening blowout. Oops. Kind of your mother-in-law, but food you can do without. Great that the boys are scoffing it down. Good news re the colonoscopy. That’s a relief. How are the scales going?

    Penguin, downsizing, moving closer to family, but staying in your local area sounds a really sensible plan. Hope you find a suitable residence. Will you start looking soon, or wait until after your treatment?

    Cinque, chuckled over the card you posted. So sorry to read that the CFS has been playing up more lately – does it get worse as the weather becomes colder? Anyway, it’s a good thing that the new heater is working properly so you can stay warm inside. Enjoy your visit with the grandkids.

    LindsayL, well done with the weight loss – great progress. All the exercise you get trying to tire Rosy out probably helps, too. What a thoughtful teacher your grade 2 granddaughter has!

    Turnabout, good to hear from you. What a lovely idea – to be able to follow the sun. If I recall correctly, Auckland is known to never get really warm in summer, but to have a really mild winter, yes? And it’s not nearly as windy as Wellington. But you mentioned going further north – is the weather there also mild?

    Anzac65, yay for a movement down on the scales, and yes, a steady loss will get you to your goal. Better than yo-yoing.

    Thin, from your comment, you like Indian food? I can’t cope with the curries, or anything spicy, which explains why my cooking tends to be so plain.

    News from me is that when the new heating ducts were being installed, the guys told me there’s water under the unit, some mould and even some toadstools growing. It’s now being checked out via my insurance company, but apparently while they will fix any damage, I have to repair any cause of the damage which is found. So, a plumber came today to inspect the area – he didn’t actually go under the house, but looked at the drainage down the driveway, and apparently both grates into which water is supposed to flow don’t actually go anywhere, i.e., they’re not connected to the storm water drainage system, so water is probably gathering underground and then moving under my house. The result is likely to be that nothing will be covered by the insurance company (one positive – I won’t lose my discount for making a claim), and I’ll have to employ a plumber to fix the problem. It’s all under concrete, so could be a major job.

    None of that is settled yet. I have to wait to hear from my home insurance company first, then move on from there. It’s a bother, but on the other hand, better to fix it sooner rather than later, so there’s a positive in that, too.

    Goodnight all.

    Just realised – no post form LJoyce over the past couple of days – are you all right? Will you be seeing your grandchildren soon?

    Betsy, I did a drive by on the current front runner on my way back from hospital this morning. OH will take me in for chemo tomorrow and we’ll both do a drive by on the way back. When it comes to viewings she will do them. When we have viewings here I will hide in the outbuildings. I have to avoid contact with non-medical people. It is going to be tricky, but we will try do do the move and the chemo at the same time.

    Morning all.

    Well I’m at a loss. Despite eating reasonably well I’m back up 1.4 kilos to well over 90 kilos, currently at 90.6 kilos. According to my scales it’s all body fat. I’m going to stop tracking the biometrics and just look at my weight, because there’s no way that I’ve gained 1.4 kilos of body fat in a week. All I can say is I’m glad my gym is reopening under level 2 tomorrow, because it’s been getting too dark, cold and dewy in the mornings/evenings to go for a ride and I need something to help me stop this bounce-back.

    Turnabout, great to see you on here again. What are your plans for when we hit level 2? My first port of call will be the barber. You know it’s getting bad when your wife comments that your hair is starting to resemble Boris Johnson’s hair.

    🐧 I hope your chemo and house hunting goes well. It must be hard going through that at the best of times without adding covid lockdown and risk of infection in you immune compromised state on top of that.

    Well have a great day everyone, I’m going to commiserate with a coffee and trudge off to work.

    Neil, I share your desire for a hair cut. Mine is normally short and gets cut about once a month, it hasn’t been done for two months and because of the combination of chemo and Covid it won’t be done for at least another three months. It looks as though I may have to let OH have a go, the alternative being some sort of pony tail, which really isn’t me!

    Good morning,
    I’m trying to go and visit my darlings, but my car battery went flat and the RACV threw their hands up in despair ad said I needed a new one, so if I post this mid sentence it will be because they have arrived.

    Anzac, I agree that 300g is good work. A good sized block of butter that would be!

    Neil, hooray for a clear colonoscopy and oh dear the evil imp has got into your scales. That will make life interesting. Hope you have a good week and squish the evil imp next weigh day.

    Lindsay that evil imp is in your scales too. Hope today gives a happy result.
    Have fun with the steam cleaner. And what a good dog Rosy is to protect you from the dreaded (go
    The bee print sounds just gorgeous!

    Good afternoon, cloudy and cool here today

    Oh dear Cinque, what a bummer about your car battery. They always seem to go at the most inconvenient time. I hope the RACV turn up soon and you can go and see your family.

    Oh no Betsy, the water problem sounds bad and expensive. I hope you can get something from insurance after all…fingers crossed.

    Neil and Penguin – I think you should embrace your inner hippy and grow your hair! I think male pony tails are very endearing (best word I could come up lol)

    Good luck with the house sale and move Penguin. What an awful lot you have on your plate right now.

    And gosh those evil scales indeed Neil – as said by Cinque. You certainly don’t deserve it but it does show that weight goes on so much more quickly than it comes off

    LJ – are you ok?

    Lindsay, these pups. Maxx’s newest thing is barking whenever we try to have a game of darts. OH set the board up outside of the back door and now even if in a deep coma Maxx jumps up at the sound of the first dart thumping into the board and runs outside and jumps around in front of the dart thrower. Then it is too dangerous to throw a dart in case it richochet’s off and into the dog. If you close him inside he barks and barks and this is too much for OH’s poor crook ear so we have to let him out. So I am practising calm by standing next to him at the open back door and if he sits and watches OH throw the darts he gets a treat. It is working….slowly.

    We will get there. Someone said yesterday “Oh yes, labs, they mature at around 6 years old”. Sigh

    Good evening everyone. I’m still here, just a bit under the weather. The lung infection came back. I stated antibiotics again so I should be good in a few days.

    Penguin, good luck today. I hope the first day of chemo goes without a hitch and is as effective as you hope.

    Hi all, hope you’re doing well.

    LJoyce, so sorry to read that the pernicious lung infection just doesn’t want to loose its hold. Hope the antibiotics work this time round.

    Penguin, sounds like you may be trying to take on a lot with both moving AND chemo. If you’ve seen one you both like, that sounds really positive, though. And maybe start sorting some of your possessions ready for discard, as you’ll be downsizing? You can shove the boxes in the shed so the house isn’t untidy for the inspections.

    Re the hair, is your chemo the type that makes you lose your hair? Mine was, for breast cancer. That would be “hey presto, haircut problem solved 🙂 .
    I usually have short hair, because it’s curly, so am getting very close to desperation stage with mine, too. I’ve cut the front myself, but can’t do the top. I will HAVE to find an open hairdresser’s soon.

    Neilithicman, brakes on, now. Please don’t go down my route of last year, where I rationalised each creep of a kilo up, till I ended with a gain of 10 kilos and almost no clothes that fit (I’d thrown out my “fat” clothes during the year).

    Anzac65, I’m not optimistic re getting anything from the insurance company, as I was very clearly told at the beginning, as an example – if your toilet were to leak, we would clean up the water damage, but you’d have to get the toilet fixed yourself. Anyway, we’ll see what happens. No communication back form them yet.
    I love reading your Maxx stories. Sounds like you have the darts training in hand.

    Cinque, hope you were able to get a new car battery and go see your little treasures. They would have been longing to see you as much as you’ve been to see them.

    Goodnight all.

    Started my chemo this afternoon. Thanks to all for the good wishes. Betsy, no, wrong type of chemo, I’ll keep my hair. I once worked with a very cheery lass whose hair would be a different colour every few days, red, blue, green. I thought she was a total fruit cake until I learned that they were wigs because she was doing chemo. I wasn’t totally wrong, when she had grown a head of lovely hair she was still a fruitcake. First thing they did today was measure my height and weight. I am two inches shorter than I used to be, now 6’2 1/2″ or 190cm, which is hardly surprising given my age and the damage my body has had over the years. It does, however, mean that my cherished BMI of 24.5 is actually 27. Re-assuringly the medical response was “don’t lose any more”. Neil, I got the same question and response as you “have you lost any weight recently, How Much???” Followed by considerable interest in 5:2.
    I did ask about fasting before chemo to increase the effect – depends on the type of chemo; not a good idea with mine.

    How are you feeling after the chemo Penguin. I don’t know much about the different types of chemo, but I’ve had a friend go through chemo for breast cancer and she said that she felt pretty unwell and didn’t feel like eating much afterwards anyway. Hers was the type that made her hair fall out, and afterwards her hair grew in all curly when it was straight before the chemo. Best of luck with yours, I hope it goes well.

    I’m pleased that I get to have a haircut today, well if the queues aren’t too long. I heard some barbers opened their doors at midnight when the restrictions officially ended and they still had queues at 3am. I’m also going to head across to my gym to see what their restrictions are going to be like during level 2. I’ve enjoyed my cycling and I’ll probably still go for rides in the weekend, but it’s getting a bit dark and dewy in the mornings and evenings for me to be confident of riding safely, and it won’t be long before the frosts start making it even more dangerous. So I’m going to start heading back to the gym at lunchtimes to do my exercise.

    Have a great day everyone

    Good morning, I got my new car battery and then had a lovely visit with my grandchildren yesterday.

    Betsy, so sorry to hear you have a nasty throat thing going on as well. I think the theme of this post might be “One bloody thing after another!” It is certainly true for your poor home, I do hope the drainage will be the last big thing. Oh if only things were done properly in the first place.

    It is OBTAA with my CFS symptoms too, but although winter is hard because I feel the cold so much, I have a wonderful array of thermal underwear and overcame my well trained resistance to putting the heater on first thing in the mornings. So it is actually summer I find harder, I wilt.

    Oh dear, you are so right about how easy it is to justify each little weight increment. I am taking that on board and having a fasty fast day today. I have some veggie soup if I need something in the afternoon, and I have chicken for my miso soup this evening.

    Penguin, one treatment crossed off. Sending good wishes. I hope that carefully checking out your possible new homes, and even moving, will be a nice distraction when you do need to put up with nasty side effects. Is fatigue and difficulty with appetite the two main ones you have to expect?

    I think that currently, until you get your haircut, you might be a rockhopper penguin https://i.pinimg.com/originals/31/52/5d/31525da1ddefa0dd30481b7e5c76e864.jpg

    Neil, yay for NZ getting to Level 2 restrictions today and I am very impressed my your PM having a coronavirus budget ready to go today too. Hoping it is a great one for you all.

    Don’t drop your lunch box!

    Anzac, what great training for Maxx, and dart practice for Mr Anzac as well.
    Yes, haha, of all the times to need my car battery replaced! But so nice now to know I have a good one. The old one came with the car and was old and too small.

    LJoyce, that is bad news to hear, that your lung infection has come back. Sigh. Back to the drawing board. OBTAA! All power to this round of antibiotics.

    Lindsay I am glad you had a couple of days editing break. Good luck with the methodology, at least your know Rosy will keep you safe from the praying mantis while you work.

    Ok I am off to see how busy I can be on this fasty fast day. Sending good wishes to all you lovely people. A big shout out to you, Cali, if you are still reading.

    Well I was hoping to get a haircut today, but the queue was out the door, down the street and around the corner…looks like I’ll have to wait a while longer. I did get in to sign back up to the gym though, the couple that run it are super happy to be able to open again.

    Morning all.
    Penguin, good to know you are on your way to getting your treatment over. Moving house and chemo does sound like a double dose of hard going, so hope you can manage that well. I wouldn’t worry about your BMI being over 25. I’ve read some recent Heart Foundation advice that says over 65s could have a slightly higher bmi than younger folk. (and if you get that pony tail, you must post the pic!)
    Ah Cinque, a lovely get-together with the grandchildren – how delightful. Shame about the battery, but good to know you are now roadworthy for some years.
    Betsy, what a nasty surprise about the plumbing. It doesn’t sound cheap, but who knows, you may just find some plumbers who are keen for the work. I hope so.
    Anzac, if Maxx matures by 6, I’ll be envious. He is after all a gun dog, and they are renowned for their …. playfulness? A jogger told OH yesterday that Rosy had nipped him on the elbow (the jogger’s) as he ran around the field. It was playful and he knew it, but still…. One of her line was prone to pulling out the owner’s earring (this particular owner had Rosy’s grandfather) and tossing it away. One was retrieved one day by a dog judge.
    LJ good to know you are on your way to recovery – what a nasty infection. Hope the antibiotics kick it into touch (I have no idea what that means but I’ve heard enough chaps to say it, to know it means something positive).
    How are you going Quacka? Feeling any better?
    Turn have you motored away yet, or waiting ’til the flurry from the restrictions lifting have subsided. My goodness I’d love to be back in New Zealand. If I shut my eyes, I can just imagine penguin spotting at Timaru. It will be my second holiday after the travel bans lift … the first one will be to Tasmania, to try to support the local tourism industry.
    And talking about supporting industry….I’ve decided to buy local wherever I can. I am shocked when I look at the products in my home, how many come from China. I am not anti-Chinese …far from it. I’ve lived there, and have travelled there often, and love it and the people….and the current disputes with Beijing have nothing to do with my decision. Just a genuine desire to support Australian companies so they can get back on their feet. But I opened a box of Radiant washing machine powder yesterday….made in China. Do we not make that here in Australia? So I did the search, and yes we do. So that will be my choice now. A small gesture that probably won’t make much difference …. but what else can we do?
    OK off to edit.
    Cali, Thin, how are you both? Doing OK?
    Enjoy this lovely Thursday all.

    Hi everyone

    Oh Cinque, I nearly choked on my coffee when I opened that hilarious picture of the penguin. I now have a mental image of you Penguin looking a bit like that. I tried to find a similar picture of a Kiwi for Neil but gave up. I do very much like the OBTAA acronym and will use it from now on if you don’t mind.

    I hope the chemo isn’t too brutal Penguin but sadly I’m sure that isn’t possible. It must be nice to hear that you are at your slim peak and there isn’t any need to lose any more. I want to know how that feels and I WILL.

    So very sorry to hear you are unwell again with the dratted lung infection LJ. Please get better soon.

    Your plumbing issues are contagious Betsy. Ours is all jammed up today and OH is trying to fix it but I think a plumber may be needed. I washed some new sheets and the washing machine spewed water all over the laundry floor because of it. Drats

    Lindsay, oh dear you will need to get the nipping ‘nipped in the bud’. It’s like Maxx’s jumping up; if they do it to the wrong person they could complain to the council and we could get a fine or worse. Maxx can now (mostly) watch us play darts without jumping around in front of us so we have made good ground there. The jumping up? Not an inch. The only thing that stops him is the nose halter and he hates it so we will only use it when dog training resumes. Otherwise we keep him on the leash at all times when people are around so when he leaps OH can stop him making contact. We can see lots of improvement elsewhere too: his recall is much much better and we do a lot of sit/stay’s every day in the park. We go early so we can usually let him off the leash for a run too which is great because it really tires the poor petal out.

    Here he is all sleepy (and yes the cushion is ‘posed’)

    Our next travel plans are to our favourite adults-only resort in Fiji. I don’t think anywhere outside of NZ and the Pacific Islands will be on the cards for years sadly.

    Ok back to ES (evil spreadsheet). Take care everyone

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for your concern and good wishes. I went and had the test on Tuesday and was told that the results would be at my doctor’s today (Thursday). Yesterday morning I received a text to confirm my appointment with the doctor for today. You can imagine how that put me in a panic as I know the doctor doesn’t make an appointment FOR you unless there is an issue. Anyway had a phone appointment with her today and she said I have an acid reflux disease. It can be brought on by high levels of stress and not sleeping as well as other factors. So medication for a month and then we will see how I go. Also cut back on spicy foods (oh no!) and coffee (ok) and fried foods (easy as I don’t eat a lot anyway). The spicy foods thing is going to kill me. I love my chilli….

    OK must run. Just wanted to check in with you all.

    Take care x

    Hi everyone. The past couple of weeks have been full of stress eating and “kreeping kilos”. Now I’m back to fasting properly and started back again on Monday. Tomorrow will be my second FD of the week. Just have to get it off again as I can feel it in my knees and hips. I need to do more walking too, even if it’s just around the house.

    Penguin, glad to hear you got the first chemo session out of the way. I hope you’re not feeling bad from it. There are so many good drugs to deal with it these days. Moving to a new house could be tough when your energy is low, but it might also be a good diversion.

    Cinque, sorry to hear you’ve been crook. Glad you were able to visit with your daughter and grandies though. I hope it wasn’t too tiring. Loved that pic of the colorful penguin. (Was that actually a penguin?)

    LJ, I’m sorry to hear the lung thing came back. I hope it’s getting better now. That alpaca must have been a surprise to see walking down the street! It was definitely cute and looked pretty tame.

    Thin, you kissed Kenny Rogers in a toilet? I did see your later explanation about the camera and film. 😁 Too bad you don’t have the photo with you.

    It seems like all of our countries and doing some limited opening up from the stay in place orders. Australia and NZ numbers are so low that it should be manageable. Here the numbers are still so high, but Trump is pushing for people to get back to work to try to improve the economy, which is a mess right now. Each state makes its own rules and schedule. The county I live in has had 60 cases of covid and no deaths so far. But the state has had 72,905 confirmed cases and 2966 deaths. Most of those are in Southern California, but every county still has a lot of cases. And while your countries seem to be cooperative about staying home, I’m sure you’ve seen all the protests on the news in Calif and some of the other states about the lockdowns being unconstitutional, etc. A few small restaurants in nearby towns just decided they were going to open a couple weeks ago and the sheriff isn’t enforcing the quarantine. No distancing or masks. It’s just crazy. It’s too bad the virus can take so long to show itself because if they do catch it, they go around infecting others. Completely irresponsible. There’s a reason the US has close to a third of the covid cases in the world.

    My sister, who lives here with us cut my hair a week or so ago and did a very nice job, even though she’s never cut hair before. It was just getting too long and tangly after shampooing. It’s growing in white rather than gray, so it isn’t too noticeable against the blond. Maybe I’ll let it go all white. Will have to see how it looks when more grows out. I cut OH’s hair on Sunday. I never cut hair before either, but just followed the lines of the way it was cut before and I think it looks just like it does when the hairdresser cuts it. My sis is talking about me maybe cutting hers on the weekend. Good thing we all have easy styles!

    Well, I’ll have to catch up with everyone else in the next couple of days. It took me a long time to catch up on all of your posts and now it’s getting late. Take care and stay safe.

    Good evening everyone.

    No news yet from my insurance company, so still not sure what’s going to happen, but anticipating I’ll be arranging for a plumber fairly soon.

    Penguin, hope the chemo went okay, and you’re not feeling too many ill-effects as a consequence.

    Neilithicman, hope you’re able to get a haircut soon. I was able to get my hair cut today, and it’s a good feeling. Great that you could subscribe again at your gym.

    Cinque, wonderful that you now have a new battery, and had some quality time with your grandchildren. Like you, I put the heater on first thing in the morning, and it really does make it easier to get out of bed. Loved the penguin photo! 🙂

    LindsayL, I agree with you re buying local, if what you want is available as a local product, even if possibly a bit more expensive. What are you going to do to train Ruby out of nipping?

    Anzac65, oh dear, I didn’t realise I could spread the contagion of plumbing woes! Hope yours are more easily fixed than mine are likely to be (though one can hope it won’t be too bad!).

    Quacka, so relieved that the problem is, as suspected, gastric reflux. Have you been put on a medication such as Nexium? Let us know how it goes.

    CalifDreamer, great that you’ve now put on the brakes and have been able to work on having proper FDs. Well done re the haircuts. I was cutting my own at the front, but didn’t dare touch the top. You must have done a good job with OH’s, if your sister is willing to let you loose on hers!

    LJoyce, sending good wishes your way.

    Goodnight all.

    Loved that Rockhopper. I’ll be there soon. So the next question is where can I get some yellow dye?

    Quacka, Cali, LJ. Cinque. Are we all getting old? The rest must be getting cabin-fever by now.

    Neil, my daughter had breast cancer, the chemo was very aggressive and she was not comfortable. Early days to comment but my chemo is no problem so far. I have some pills to take every day so that may change. They have said that after the first half of my treatment they put me on the more aggressive.

    I have some experience of plumbing problems but I have never met Kenny Rogers in there. My favourite restaurant in Madeira has an old photograph of Sophia Lauren, fully clothed with cap at rakish angle, on the wall in the gents. I assume there is an equivalent in the ladies.

    I really must proof read my posts better before pressing submit.

    Neil, the queues for a haircut in NZ have made the UK news.

    Ha really? I heard that some barbers opened as soon as they were able to, at Midnight on Wednesday and they had queues down the road. I went out at my lunch hour and managed to get mine done. It wasn’t too bad, there were only about 7 or 8 people waiting and they had 3 barbers working so they got through them pretty quick. The queues just looked bad because they weren’t allowing people to wait inside the barber shop.

    I’ve started tracking my food again after two rather concerning weigh-ins in a row, and I just noticed how low my protein intake has fallen. My diet seems to have crept from mostly fat and protein with some lighter carbs to mostly carbs and fats with some protein. Not a good mix. I’ll try and keep tracking my food over the next month so I can make sure that I’m keeping my protein levels up and keeping my carb levels in check.

    Good morning all.
    Can I join the plumbing problem queue? Yesterday there was a film of water over the laundry floor (much to the horror of the cat which sleeps in there). Just the hose from the hot water tap, but it was spraying quite a bit when the machine was on, and leaking a little when it was off. I’ll wash with cold water til I can get the chap who installed it back. A less expensive problem that yours Betsy and Anzac.
    My weight was down finally today – .3 – which takes me to .5 for the week so far. I’d better get a move on if I want to achieve my Monday target of 1 kilo down. But so far since I started Monday week ago, I’ve lost 3.1 which I can already feel. I am pretty much sticking with 800 cal days, and low carb again. But oh, the leg cramps. Back on to the magnesium.
    Betsy nipping hasn’t really been a problem so far so I’ll just keep a close eye on her. She’s been a jumper, but is getting much better at that. Even with the kids on bikes in the park, she just runs alongside them for a little while before veering off. She takes me by the clothes when she wants my attention, but it’s certainly not nipping.
    I had the loveliest morning yesterday with my daughter and her two little girls, who came for a cuppa and sat in the courtyard. I saw OH out with a measuring tape before they came but didn’t put two and two together, til he told them they could sit around the table because it was 1.4 metres square. Better than sitting in the carport, like last time. The 6 year old had a little school container that she had filled with little pieces of banana pancake which my daughter had made before they left. Now that is true love, because she loves her pancakes.
    Betsy, buying local will take a bit of thinking about, initially. For example, most of our dairy companies are owned by overseas companies now. I buy Norco if I can, after seeing a Landline program about how the company supports local dairy farmers. For other products, I’ll just need to check the brands I usually buy, and change if I need to.
    Cali good to hear from you, but troubling how some restaurants aren’t observing the social distancing guidelines. As the restrictions are eased, I guess everyone is holding their breath in case there is a second wave.
    We are waiting to hear that we can go back to our island soon….an announcement this morning, apparently. We probably will still stay at home here in Brisbane, although will have to make one trip because our insurance is void if the house is unoccupied for more than 60 days … which comes up next week.
    Have a lovely healthy Friday, all.

    Good morning everyone,

    Neil, I’m glad you’ve got your welcome haircut. Penguin, maybe you have some saffron in the house to get that groovy rockhopper penguin look, haha.

    Yikes, let’s hope three plumbing problems is the group limit!

    Well, I had a good fast day, except I think I’ve let my ‘milk in cuppas’ content creep up too much, so I will see if I can do better on Sunday.

    Lindsay, what a great resolution to buy locally. I’m inspired. My sister does very well with produce, through her farmers market mostly, but I am hampered by less mobility and less money. However I happily accepted paying more for some things during this time of restrictions, so I will channel that to make more Australian-made choices.
    Hooray for grandchildren time!

    Oh goodness Anzac, there is lots of OBTAA another at your place. Is the ES still expanding?

    Maxx is looking just gorgeous and even looking grown up. Extra pats for dart safety.

    Quacka, so sorry to hear you have acid reflux, I suppose it could be worse, and I am glad it isn’t, but it is always hard to have a chronic issue that might need longterm lifestyle changes to manage it. Fingers crossed yours is easily managed, now you know what to do, and that it will settle down quickly, and yes, go away!

    It is Friday today, are you all set to visit your dad on the weekend? Sending so many good wishes.

    Cali, so good to see you here! But so sorry for your horrible two weeks, well done turning it around and fasting again this week. Your hips and knees will love you. You can do it!
    It is so hard to look after your health when your country is facing such a challenge. I am guessing that is still making life difficult for you. If only we could do more to help. Ah well, looking after our own health makes a great contribution to the country, especially the health system, so you are doing your bit.

    Hooray for your haircuts, have fun mowing your sister, Edward Scissorhands!

    Must run now, it is my turn to set up the Friday zoom meeting with my sisters. Sending good wishes to all.

    Good afternoon all

    Well the plumbing issue turned nasty. Just after I posted yesterday I heard a shout and some very frantic and choice swear words. I ran out to see a flood of water heading out of the bathroom towards the carpeted bedrooms! Luckily we have a large supply of dog towels handy and we managed to stop the deluge before it ruined the carpet. Plumber booked for 8.00am today

    Then last night, I was walking past Maxx’s couch with a glass of wine when I stopped to unrumple his towel. The idiot jumped up through my left armpit trying to get on the couch, knocking the glass out of my hand. (AKA worlds most expensive coffee table). The wine started seeping under the glass top. To make it worse, our chess set that we carried all the way home from Florence (also very expensive) was sitting on top of it also getting wine underneath.

    OH said “so that’s two disasters about water, what is next? The house floats off tonight?”

    Anyway, the plumbing is fixed, the coffee table just has a few little stained areas and the dreaded third water curse has not occurred. Yet.

    So Cinque, never has OBTAA has never been so true

    I had to pull back on the complexity of the ES as it was getting ridiculous and to the point where no-one would use it. My poor developer must surely have a picture of me that he throws darts at as he had undo a heap of code. I went too far down a rabbit hole and I feel terrible but it’s really looking better now.

    How lovely to see your daughter and grand-daughters Lindsay. I hope you can get up to your Island soon – almost as good as a holiday

    Hi Cali, so great to hear you are ok. And a new career perhaps in hairdressing?

    Gah, I’ve talked about myself too long and now I have a meeting to dial into. Hi to everyone and have a superb weekend

    Oooh, Cinque and Anzac, what lovely cheery posts to delight in.
    Commiserations Anzac, both for the water woes, and the complexity of the spreadsheet. Your talent, of course, is (a) getting it to that point (I’m so impressed), but (b) knowing when to pull back.

    I checked the relaxations for Queensland and we can take a day trip only to the island at this point. Fine, I thought, I’ll book a barge and we can have a lovely day. OH can mow, we can take Rosemarie for a gallop on the beach, far from the madding crowd, and fulfill the 60 day insurance void quandary. Yikes. Cheapest we could get, return, for 5 hours over there. was $180. Price gouging…..usually it is under $100.

    Full restrictions are lifted in June, so we will go over for a week.

    Back to you know what…..have a great weekend all.

    Good morning,

    I was so pleased to be sitting in my snug living room this morning, with the clear sun shining through the window, but knowing how icy it was outside (5c is icy for me Cali). I had my delicious breakfast to eat while I read through my morning posts. But Oh dear I failed at mindfulness after that good start, and only noticed when I was taking my last bite. What a waste of a breakfast! I’m wondering if I should do an LJoyce and just concentrate on eating, when I am eating. I’ll try to do better at lunchtime!

    Cali, one thing I didn’t mention when you were bemoaning your countrymen and women who were protesting loss of freedom… even staid little Melbourne had a similar protest! Same conspiracy theories and only 100 protesters so at least there is that.

    Anzac Aaaagh! Hooray the plumbing is fixed, and what can I say about the coffee table except that it now has a funny story and memory ingrained. And wine is the stain with most kudos. Did the chess set escape from staining?

    The ES project describes just how I work. Start off with a good idea that gets more and more unwieldy until it reaches the point of ridiculousness and then, if I am lucky, and usually only after lots of long walks, I get enough perspective to make something elegant out of it. Not sure if that is possible with your brief, but I’m hoping it is, because there is nothing more wonderful.

    Lindsay, so sorry you have to wait longer to get to your island.
    I hope the leg cramps are easing. (obtaa).
    Best wishes for a good day today.

    I have been trying, and not quite succeeding, to give myself good reminders and good talking tos (plural) (like ‘Be mindful while eating your breakfast, Cinque’) and not quite getting them into my thick head.

    So I thought I would put a shout out to you all. Would you be so kind, whenever you think of it, to add a nice little reminder to me about what we are doing? Thin, I love the way you do this naturally, (and Merry, whenever you manage to be here!).
    Be as personal as you like, peeps. I would be really happy to come here and, in the middle of a post see “No second helpings Cinque!” Or whatever it is you are telling yourself at the time.

    Well, I am pleased to report that I have been drinking my morning coffee acceptably mindfully in between typing.

    Sending best wishes for a wonderful weekend.

    Afternoon all.

    Well today was heaven! It was first weekend of level 2 restrictions so I got up at 7am and went for a big ride over the peninsula. There was a beautiful bright orange sunrise when I left and although it was pretty cold (there was the first frost of the year in the valley) it turned into a lovely calm sunny day once the sun rose.

    It’s such a nice ride over the peninsula and round the harbour that I stayed out 3 hours. I was listening to the tui and bellbirds singing while I rode and spotted a couple of large schools of fish and plenty of native birds and even a flock of peacocks on one guys lifestyle block.

    We’re going round to visit my siblings this afternoon and we’ve got some friends coming over for some cards this evening.

    How I missed this!

    Hi all from a lovely sunny afternoon in Kaikoura.

    Lovely to hear from you all, I always catch up on reading all the lovely posts on here, but by that time I have often ran out of time to post and have to get on with something else, so my apologies for not posting as often as I would like. I always look at the images and enjoy a little chuckle to myself, I particularly liked the Rockhopper Cinque, especially the stern look on his face.

    I shall try for my birthday as my goal weight Lindsay, that will certainly give me plenty of time as I turned 56 back in early March, and I was 76.4 then, so that shows how much I have been ‘maintaining’ Ha ha I know what you mean about socialising but fortunately we don’t have that problem anymore do we? We haven’t moved away yet, the site charged us the same discounted rate for another week so we thought we would stay on, plus we had to get a ferry crossing booked, that wasn’t easy, we do have one now, but not till June 8th, that was the first one available to us!! So at least we have 2/3 weeks to play with.

    I wasn’t too bothered with a haircut Neil as I decided to grown my hair out around December time so I don’t desperately need one. I have worn my hair short for so many years I thought I would have a change, maybe a worthwhile decision in hindsight. We had not immediate rushes out on Level 2, fortunately we have our own coffee machine on board so continually stock up on beans, one thing I can’t live without! Love the way you enjoyed your bike ride this morning, the birds are just amazing down the peninsular aren’t they? Enjoy your cards, I wondered if you still play, obviously now without the salty snacks?!

    Sorry to hear about your water woes to Anzac, hope you got it sorted OK. And your lovely chess set, I hope it survived without too much damage, but always a good story to guests. Ours almost was water, found the freezer had defrosted and then the fridge was warm late yesterday afternoon, so had to switch it over to the gas, seems to be working OK now, but none the wiser as to why it won’t work on power, obviously need to get an electrician in.

    Hi Betsy, yes, Auckland is known for it’s usually mild winters and it usually rains there pretty much all the time, but the North Island has gone on to full water restrictions today as they have not had any significant rainfall at all this year! So although we really do want to follow the weather, we may have to avoid some areas so as not to put any pressure on already struggling resources. Quite a lot of the North Island natives are itching to get out and about in their vans and homes to get fishing etc, but are being asked politely to stay home for the time being because of the water shortage, however, because we have all been in lock down everyone is so desperate to get out, so some are not heeding sensible advice and going anyway. The pure selfishness of some people quite astounds me! Your water woes sound quite horrific, can the council come to the party at all? Good luck.

    Although I am still around the same weight as I was at the beginning of the week, I have moved up and down, I have spent all week in the 75’s so hopefully I’m off the plateau.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone,

    It’s been a busy week of locks. I read the posts but couldn’t reply. I wanted to answer some things.

    Betsy, yes I love Indian food and I believe Neil’s wife is Indian.

    Penguin, I was thinking of you on Wednesday anyway and then we passed a boat called The Tipsy Penguin. Have you and Neil considered electric clippers? That Polish hairdresser did me a great favour in November shearing my head. I went five months without the need for a cut. Looks bad now but I’m past caring. Pleased that your chemo got off to a good start.

    Sorry for all the plumbing disasters Anzac and everyone.

    LJ, thanks for checking in, hope you start feeling better.

    CalifD, glad to hear from you. Lock-down may well be unconstitutional but where’s the sense of civic duty? Well, let them go out en masse and develop the herd immunity for us if indeed it exists. Natural selection. Our lockdown was eased from Wednesday and already the R number has gone up from between 0.5 and 0.9, to between 0.7 and 1.0. It’s not hard to see where this is going.

    Neil and penguin, it’s great to shout out about 5:2 especially to medics.

    Cinque, you want a reminder about why we’re here? It’s to improve our health and longevity. There’s no point surviving this mess if we’re going to be overweight, depressed and entrenched in bad habits when we emerge. Just do it! You know you can. See you here tomorrow for a great, fasty FD.

    Thin. A late start today. I didn’t fancy the gloom and ‘we know better” of the TV news so I hit a minor channel. I found Rick Stein on a barge going down to Toulouse, breaking off occasionally to cook. One of my favourite cookery books is “Goose fat and garlic”, so I watched whilst drinking the first tea of the day. I suspect his barge was bigger than yours – professional barge crew and a TV crew – but it looked a good way to live.

    Good morning,

    Another gorgeous morning, cold and crisp in my part of Melbourne, and warming into a beautiful day.

    Yes, it is Sunday fast day, nice and fasty Thin, fasting on until you can wake up and join in 🙂

    Thanks for you bracing words, I read them in the fragile time after my evening meal and before my brain accepts I have eaten enough. A nice counterbalance to the way I have been eyeing those knitted winter dresses I’ve pulled out of the clothes chest, they like to hug my belly. Health and vanity, carrot and stick!

    LJoyce, thinking of you and realising that I have been remiss in sending you bunches of flowers. This time I will keep them coming for several days after you have recovered, to help the recovery stick. Here is a big one to start you off: https://thypix.com/wp-content/uploads/beautiful-flower-bouquets-88.jpg

    Neil, what a glorious day! Your heart and soul and body and scales will all love it.

    Turnabout, so lovely to read your catch up. A birthday is a good deadline to aim for. I bet you will do it! You will be a lovely weight and can get your glad rags on feeling even more gorgeous that you are right now.

    I’m also glad I decided to grow my hair out, it just gets easier and easier. Hoping for lots of rain on the North Island, though. Is your winter generally wetter than summer?

    Penguin, isn’t Rick Stein a treat. I’ve seen that ‘barge in France’ series and loved it. And I’ve just finished enjoying his ‘Venice to Istanbul’ one.

    I’m feeling a lot better today and planning to get to HammerBarn (Bluey joke) this morning to get stakes for my broadbeans and a couple of other bits and pieces.

    I’ve had my morning cuppas so today’s challenge is to have no milk for the rest of the day. I can do it!

    Sending best wishes that your day is a good one.

    Good afternoon everyone. Thinking about eating, as today is a TDEE day, but posting first.

    LindsayL, maybe I misunderstood re Rosy – I thought you’d posted that she’d nipped at a jogger, not hurting, but a gentle nip? Sorry if I got it wrong.

    Penguin, glad that it’s so far so good. Hope that continues for you, and we’ll be waiting with bated breath for house news.

    Neilithicman, great you could have such a wonderful bike ride. You described it so beautifully, I wanted to be there with you.

    Turn, great that you’re able to stay a little longer where you’re currently parked, and also that a ferry ticket has been forthcoming. Strange to think of NZ with water restrictions. We have them so often here, and we’re used to brown fields, etc., but I always think of NZ as green.

    Anzac65, oh no! Two consecutive water disasters, and your poor coffee table and chess set. Did you yell at Maxx? My Wilbur knocked a full mug of (diet) Pepsi off my coffee table last week and I did yell at him and made him go outside while I mopped it all up. Think wet papers, wet table, wet carpet, etc. So thankful because it was diet there was no stickiness everywhere. Poor Wilbur. I felt quite ashamed of myself, actually, but made it up to him with lots of strokes later.
    Hope, as Cinque wrote, that the ES ends up elegant after its expansion then pruning.

    Thin, was your haircut really that short? Mine is now, probably about 1 inch long all over, which is a bit shorter than I wanted it, but it will grow, and will last a while before it needs doing again.

    Cinque, I can’t imagine you not being careful with your eating. Are you sure you’re not just being a bit hard on yourself? Loved the bouquet of flowers you posted for LJoyce.

    LJoyce, are you doing any better?

    CalifDreamer, did you end up cutting your sister’s hair?

    News from here – the “makesafe” people will come on Tuesday to assess the smell and under the house. I was told it was their “duty of care”, and that part isn’t expected to cost me anything (but I’m still not really sure about that). Apparently they can put down lime and sand to kill off any mould and that will eliminate the smell for now. I hope that’s what they’ll do. I’m blocking off the heater return duct with some wood except for when I use the heater, but there is definitely still an odour if I don’t block it off.
    Final positive news – only 0.3 kg to go to reach the elusive BMI of 30. Hope to lose that this week; you’ll definitely hear about it when it happens.

    Keep well all!

    Cinque, I’ve arrived. So pleased you’re having a good day. I just have 9 hours to wait for my Mexican Chicken Soup….. Long hair would also be good to manage. It’s the in between previously styled hair that’s tricky I think.

    Betsy, yes it was, I was not joking when I said I was sheared. I didn’t remove my beannie all through Christmas. I looked like a pixie.

    Penguin, that was a Dutch barge. Friends of ours from Perth are living on one in Burgundy now. The canals and locks are generally too narrow for cruising them here so they’re more common in France. Ours is the poor cousin but we can go anywhere on the English and Welsh waterways.

    We’re booked to go through a big tunnel tomorrow morning. It should be quite an adventure. Today will be spent painting the boat. We’re moored outside the tunnel on the opposite side of the towpath on a beautiful stretch of lawn. Social distancing may be a thing of the past. Yesterday, there were hoards of cyclists and walkers on the towpath but only two people decided to pass on our side.

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