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  • Thin and Anzac, I laughed out loud at those jokes.
    Ooh Cinque, such expensive slippers. I have ugg slip ons with a firm sole. Cosy and I can whip them off when my feet get hot (assuming rosy doesn’t whip them off to her lair). I got them from Groupon, from memory.
    Ok time for meals on wheels. I can’t really help my kids with babysitting, but I can cook them a meal now and then.
    David Herbert’s chicken and leek pie for my son tonight, with mashed potato and lots of extra veges in the pie for the kids. Not his usual health conscious fare, but a bit of extra carb won’t hurt him. They are all slim.
    Back tomorrow… Good night all.

    Lots of activity while I was sleeping. Good to see you back, Lindsay. So funny about Rosy snatching the duvet thing.

    Neil, the artwork is spectacular. Did you and Crazy Artist meet on this forum? A lot of talent there.

    Anzac, funny about the bottles! Maxx looks sweet in the photo. Keep up the good work, sounds like you need a plan to tackle weekends, not too many rules, a girl’s gotta have some fun, but just some guidelines so you’re not undoing your good efforts during the week. What a lovely memory of Christmas Day – I’ve seen photos of Barcelona during lock-down, hardly recognisable.

    Cinque, nothing like a great pair of Aussie ugg boots. I’m still wearing mine as the oak floors on the boat are cold in the morning. But I was in shorts yesterday, 23C and sunny. Glorious.

    LJ, good news with the rheumatologist. I hadn’t realised that there were no face photos. I take most of the photos and I’ve never been one for having a shot of us standing in front of this or that monument to prove we were there. Spoils the view!

    The figures for the USA covid sufferers seem alarming but, in fact, per capita are slightly better than Holland and slightly worse than Switzerland. No-one’s even mentioning those two countries. Poor leaders around the world, I’m sure they’re working their buns off to try to make the right decisions with something we’ve never been faced with before – and they just can’t seem to win whatever approach they take. Some of those most highly lauded are actually making terrible economic decisions.

    I saw a funny email the other day which was a WWII analogy in which the people of the time were asking questions like, “Why didn’t you have a stockpile of spitfires at the start of the conflict?”; “Does the siren apply to me?”; “The air raid shelter only has M & F toilets and I don’t identify with either”; “Can I have more clarity on the ‘Your country needs you’ slogan, it’s too ambiguous”. Different times!

    We’re not sure about future plans. We loved Perth but it’s just too far from everything and we feared we may not want to (or be able to) endure those long haul flights as we age. The original idea was to sell up, buy a narrow boat and cruise the canals for a year while nipping over to Spain and Portugal to investigate buying a bolthole there. We can now envisage staying on the boat longer than a year. What happens next depends, in part, on whether the UK govt. is receptive to allowing OH to stay longer/re-enter if we can leave. It’s probably a bit odd by most people’s thinking for people our age. But, as I tell friends, the thing I fear most about life is regretting not having done something. So, here we are.

    Good morning,

    For some reason today feels like a whole row of previous wintry Saturday mornings going right beck to my childhood. Radio on, toast with tomato, olives, parsley and cheese, under the griller, coffee. (Okay, it was just melted cheese and tomato on toast in my childhood, and hot milo).

    A weak sun is showing between clouds and tree branches.

    LJoyce, I do think your love of purple was settled somewhere in my back brain, I was so sure you would love the purple and white delicate flowers. So glad I got that right.

    Your Madeira cake looks great. I didn’t like glace fruit until I moved to Thornbury where there is a strong Italian community. Omg the beautiful freshly made glace fruits that sung with flavour of the fruit they originally were! They came into the shops just before Christmas and were still squishy.

    So glad that you can treat your pain properly again. Enjoy this special weekend.

    Lindsay, much sympathy to Mr Lindsay and his foot problems, I know a oouple of people with gout (so I have a better idea of it now, than from Georgette Heyer novels).

    Ooh this is the time of year I would love to be in Brisbane. Melbourne’s Autumn can be glorious, but it is patchy, and we have a cold grey week ahead. I might just pop up through the monitor and pat Rosy in the sunshine. Keeping 1.5 metres away from you at all times, of course! Especially since you might have germs, haha.

    Well done with the thesis. Are you thinking ‘thank goodness, when this is finished, I NEVER have to edit another one ever again!’?

    All power to you sticking with your good food choices. What can we do but get over rough ground as lightly as we can, and when good fortune is on our side we can zoom ahead.

    Thin, with that weather I’ll be popping through the monitor for an afternoon on your narrowboat! You are certainly making sure you have a full and rich life.

    Hi Anzac, chasing Maxx around with the vacuum as I write, I am guessing. Have a great weekend, and won’t you feel good if you can have a light eating one. Be inspired!

    My day went very well yesterday, and I am intending another good one today and a fasty fast day tomorrow. I’m off to roll my feet on a tennis ball, ease my eyes with a heat bag, look after my back with some stretches, take my vitamin D…

    Life, it’s the small things.

    Best wishes all.

    Shout out to you Penguin, do you still have some appetite?

    Hi all, still here in a now sunny Nelson, rained and cold all day yesterday, yuk. Seems to have been busy few days but don’t really think I’ve done much! Had to change plans at the last moment so didn’t make the farmers market unfortunately, I do so love them, but on the bright side I always end up spending too much and buy food I probably don’t need! Spent Thursday out on the bikes, went out to Tahunanui Beach which was beautiful, sunny warm and no wind, bought some fresh fish from a wet fish shop on our return, enjoyed it last night covered in ground seeds, yum!

    My weight has been up and down a bit this week, had some salt earlier in the week and it played havoc, made such a difference on the scales! Feels like I’ve been paying for it ever since. At least I can identify the problem by keeping the food diary.

    We are planning to move on from here on Tuesday, but we are have work being done on both the truck and the caravan fridge first thing in the morning so who knows?! We do enjoy freedom camping to, but at the moment we have to follow the sun for the solar if we are not hooked up in a commercial campground, however, some of the sites around the country are part of the Campground Saver programme, which offers huge discounts so we do look out for them. This current site is quite lovely, small but excellent facilities and away from major highways and roads.

    Time to go and eat something, hope you all enjoy your weekend,


    Well just did a post and cut it short to send because we have a thunderstorm headed in. And it appears that I lost it anyway! I’ll try again later.

    Morning, still sunny here, no-one about, you must all be really busy this weekend?? Off for a bike ride today, especially after this mornings reading on the scales, ugh!

    I’ll check in later to see if anyone is about, must all be having breakfast in bed, hahaha,


    Morning all. A terrible start to the day (well, it’s all relative). I was catching an extra 10 minutes and heard the sound of breaking china. OH had left the kitchen, leaving the hot water bottle on the bench. Its fluffy cover is like a magnet to you know who, who jumped up for it and brought a lovely little old china plate down with her. Then I looked up to some yellow object in her lair – she’d dragged a 25 kilo bag of soil up from the courtyard, before ripping it open and shredding it. Oh well, I guess it is in the garden and not scattered all over the pavers. And then I went to the back verandah, to find my shopping bag had been gnawed, and the handle was missing. She’s in the doghouse. grrrrr.

    Cali what shocking scenes from the US. There is nothing more I can say about it, except it’s a tragedy.

    We had some minor demonstrations around Australia yesterday …..anti vaxers and 5G conspiracy theorists. As the chief medical officer said, you can’t reason with people who don’t believe in science.

    My scales have been kind this morning, as they should have been! I’m down .3 which isn’t much, but I’ll take it. Interesting, Turn, that salt can affect your weight as much as it does. I’ll take that on board, because I do love salt.

    Thin I think it is wonderful that you are so flexible in your future plans. And why should age have anything to do with it? Life is for living and you are such a good example of that.

    Cinque I loved your description of childhood breakfasts. All the foods we eat now that were never available when we were young. Olives is (are) just one. Ooh my grammar is letting me down. Do I talk about them in the collective sense, or the plural? But moving on…..all the herbs we use so routinely now weren’t part of our diet. We used to tease my lovely mother – her idea of a salad was tomato and cucumber. Lettuce was rabbit food, she said. I wonder what she would have made of the wonderful salsa my DD brought around, to go with the salmon she bought us. It was I think an Otto Lenghi recipe …. celery, currants, capers, pine nuts, green olives, parsley, lemon zest and saffron. Oh, so so delicious.

    The family came for a courtyard cuppa yesterday, while my son in law finished chopping the big mango in the front. We are now bathed in winter sunshine again. The house had become quite cold, because it and the lilly pillies we planted as a screen had grown so tall they were blocking the morning light.

    I had a text from my DD a little while later ….she was standing in her living room, listening to Miss 4 (a storyteller, if ever there was one) recount a tale from my childhood to her neighbour. It involved me as a 2 year old, picking up a feather from the rooster, stripping off all my clothes and popping the said feather in the same place roosters carry theirs, and wandering up the street to visit my aunty. No secrets with this little one!

    Cinque it’s a funny thing with this thesis. I am doing much much more than I would do if editing work for a student I didn’t know as well, or for such a long time. I really struggle with how much of it I should change, because there comes a point where if I polish his writing, is it his work or mine? Ditto with vocabulary. I fight the urge to change words he has chosen which are correct, technically, but not common usage, because to do so would change his ‘voice’.

    I went to the nursery yesterday and bought a couple of bags of soil (though only one left) to top up the two planter boxes we relocated to take advantage of the sunshine. I also bought some wonderful punnets of herbs and veges ….red basil, green basil, Japanese red spinach, a couple of nasturtiums, Swiss chard, rocket, and I forget what else. So I’m off to do that now.

    As you said, Cinque. life, it’s the small things.

    Enjoy your Sunday all –

    Good morning everyone

    I went out to dinner last night for a friend’s birthday- another friend was hosting. Just a group of 6 spaced around a large dining table.
    The meal was lovely and four courses! I ate more than I should have. I’m doing a FD today as I have another birthday dinner to go to tomorrow night.
    The Rheumatologist said that it was ok for me to socialise sensibly now that we had no community transmission of covid. I hope they are right because my social life has suddenly exploded. I’ve gone from looking an empty calendar to trying to a squeeze things in – it has my head spinning a bit.
    Today I’m heading down to my nephew’s place for the day. I’ve promised to help his wife and daughter (6) make a quilt. My great niece wants to make one for her 2 year old cousin. It will be made from cotton flannelette, because that’s what miss6 chose. I’ll start them off with a tied quilt because it’s the easiest, quickest and easy for everyone to stitch at the same time. I figured it needed to be quick, I don’t think miss6’s patience would cope with a quilt that took weeks to finish. In fact I’ll be surprised if her attention is engaged for the whole day.

    Cali, I hope you are ok. The news reports we are seeing here are just awful.

    Turn, where are you heading from Nelson?
    I saw on the news that NZ was down to one known case. That must be incredibly welcome news.

    Lindsay, when you started the story about the sound of something breaking I expected a broken cup, not the litany if damage that you discovered. Would baby gates be of any use to contain her?
    I was wondering about the editing – when does it move from suggested corrections to rewriting. My bridge partner used to work for Flinders University and helped foreign students edit their work. She said that far too many of them expected her to do a full rewrite and were not pleased when she said that would not be appropriate. She could offer detailed advice but it had to still be their work. She moved from that role to actually running English classes for the foreign post grad students. She enjoys that a lot more, but it is of course on hold at present.

    Well I’d better go, I need another cuppa before I head off for the day.

    Hope you all have nice plans for Sunday.

    LJ sounds like you’re having a lovely life at the moment…..how good your doctor has given the all clear, with caution, for a more active social life.

    We are getting together with our son and daughter and their spouses and four grandchildren today for a picnic in the park, and just heard the welcome news that intrastate travel has been given the green light. Stradbroke Island, here we come!

    I know exactly what your friend was talking about, with the editing. I have to say that my candidate isn’t like that. He’s been coming to regular consultations with me for a few years as he’s worked so so hard to develop his language skills, which are good enough for him to be doing a PhD, although not perfect. It’s a fine line between helping, and taking over. I remember a student I was working with for my masters in linguistics a few years back, who gave me a beautifully written piece of work for an analysis I was doing. There wasn’t a grammar error in it, and when I questioned him, he wrote me a 10 line email claiming the work was his, but with, from memory, 37 mistakes in spelling, grammar and vocab use. He later confessed he’d joined a church group and the ‘kind’ people there helped him with his work (ie, rewrote it).

    And to answer the other suggestion….we already have baby gates. Sigh. One stops her heading into the dining room and through to our bedroom, the other at the end of the hall to stop her going into the other bedrooms and the laundry where the old cat hangs out. OH had been with her in the kitchen, but went to the bathroom and she decided to help herself to the hot water bottle. I think OH needs training as much as she does. He just doesn’t seem to get it – that while she’s still in this puppy stage, he has to put temptation out of her way, or pay the price.

    Cinque, I meant to ask, how is your sore foot. Any improvement, or too early yet? A frozen lemon can’t be pleasant in the Melbourne weather.

    And Penguin, hope you are doing well with your treatment.

    Good afternoon from pre-winter Melbourne (though it feels COLD!). Nothing like your 23 degree day with shorts, thin. Maybe 15?? Not sure, as I’m on the computer with a snoring Wilbur on my lap (the computer is resting on the arm of the couch).

    So much has happened since I last posted, but it’s only been 3 days!

    Also had a good chuckle at thin’s and Anzac65’s Covid-19 jokes. Ha ha!

    Lovely bouquet you posted, Cinque. Where do you find all the beautiful flower pictures.

    I remember those photos, Neilithicman. Certainly a MAJOR change since then. Well done you!

    Thin, hope this next tunnel is done with lights on, and no scraping.

    Further to the heights discussion, I well remember many moons ago being in Paris with brother, sister-in-law and baby niece. SIL wanted to climb up to the first level of the Eiffel Tower while brother said he’d care for the baby, which left me to accompany her up a set of metal stairs with metal grating around, so clear view of up, down and around. I determinedly stared straight ahead, wouldn’t look down. Then halfway up this wistfully scared voice comes from behind me “I’m scared”, with my response “we can’t go down, look straight ahead and keep climbing”. We reached 1st level safely, wandered around okay. Come time to go down, “How are we going to get down?” – me: “Same way we got here, look straight ahead, don’t look down”. Not sure who was the more relieved when we reached the bottom! 🙂

    LindsayL, sounds like you need to train OH as well as Rosy – maybe start off by making him do all the cleaning up of Rosy’s messes? How much longer before she will be a mature dog instead of a puppy?

    Anzac65, hope the weekend is going okay, and you have kept to your eating game plan.

    For May, I lost 3.1 kg, which is really pleasing, but no loss for the past week, not so pleasing – ate a few salty meals, so I’m hoping it will drop off once I’m off the salt again for a few days. Yes, salt does make you retain fluid, as well, for whoever was mentioning it, as the body holds the water to balance the extra salt.

    Interesting discussion on editing versus doing a re-write. I’ve had the same thoughts when editing articles and also a friend’s master’s thesis. My rule was to correct spelling mistakes and glaring grammar errors, and question written information that seemed illogical or possibly incorrect, for them to check and correct themselves. I would avoid changing words if they were correct, even if not common usage. That was important because as you wrote, LindsayL, it needs to be their work, especially as they are being graded on it.
    On the other hand, when I edited a couple or books pre-publication in China, I corrected everything. Still remember one pamphlet where I corrected the English, then the International Office department head decided to add a couple of comments himself. It was published without me sighting it again. Sigh! Instead of western medicine “being integrated” with Chinese medicine, it was “infiltrating” it. Technically the right word, but definitely wrong usage.

    LJoyce, great that you could have dinner out, and hope today’s quilting goes well. Also good news that you can re-commence taking Ibuprofen when needed.

    Oops, Zoom meeting in a few minutes. Hi to everyone else. BMI still 29.9, yay! Catch you next time!

    Good work on 3.1 for the month Betsy.
    Those couple of extra sentences with one inappropriate word sure changed the meaning. I love the language faux pas. A friend (Australian) with a Chinese wife always asked us to meet at the ‘Crescent shaped poo’ in Ritan Park, only because it used to drive his highly educated, fluent English-speaking wife to distraction that who-ever was responsible for signs forgot the ‘l’ on poo.
    One of my first experiences of Chinglish was when I first had a haircut there. After my hair was washed I had to go to another room to the basins. ‘Beware of landslides’ read the sign….after a while I worked out it meant ‘beware of slipping on the ground, or floor’. And another on a menu, ‘squeeze the juice sweat now’, for freshly squeezed fruit juice. English/Chinese dictionaries have a lot to answer for.
    Betsy, OH is pretty much untrainable ….I’ve given it my best shot, but no progress after decades. He does, however, do a fine job of cleaning up, so no complaints there.
    And Rosy won’t be mature for a long time yet. Like Maxx, the gundogs take forever. sigh.

    CalifD, sorry about the lost post. Please try again.

    Lindsay, the Hairy Bikers have a great recipe for ‘leeky mash’ that substitutes leeks for some of the potatoes on dishes like fish pie, shepherd’s pie and so on.

    Lindsay, Betsy, LG, et al, I did a fair bit of editing in Perth. I started to experience a trend – foreign students with poor command of English wanting me to re-write their work. Some of it was truly awful and was hard to believe they’d reached the level they had. Once I realised what I was doing, I ended it. Education is Australia’s number two export. DD has seen firsthand what happens when overseas vet students fail an exam. The school ‘works with them’ until they pass. The non-commonwealth supported students are paying four times the fees and there’s pressure to get them through so that they don’t have to repeat a year. It translates to providing them with the answers and lowers the standard of our education.

    Lindsay, just read your last post – we have a couple of appliances on the boat with manual instructions translated from Chinese. One of them is literally incomprehensible. We’ve been trying to rid ourselves of disco lights on the radio/CD player since we acquired the boat. I’ve followed the directions countless times and always get the same result. As you mentioned some days back, I’m also going to change how I buy appliances when it’s time to buy everything again for another house. It’s not that the Chinese can’t make quality products, they certainly can, but that middle men can turn a quick buck on cheap junk. The Chinese govt. must be laughing all the way to the bank with our current reliance on them for PPE and bicycles. It seems every man and his dog in England has bought a new bike since the crisis began.

    Betsy, good job for May’s weight loss! I made it through the tunnel, it was a short one and I could see the light at the other end. I didn’t do the best job of keeping it straight, the sun was in my eyes as I entered but I went very slowly so no damage when I bumped the walls.

    LJ, any word on how bridge clubs might resume?

    Cinque, no word from you this morning, are you having a good FD? I have a big spicy soup to take out of the mini freezer for my FD dinner. OH will have a pile of potatoes with his. I’m going to try to limit the milk today although I’m not off to the best start with two milky coffees already.

    I just got home from my sewing day.
    We didn’t start until noon, but managed to get the quilt finished. There was no patchwork involved – which saved many hours of time, just two large squares of flannelette with cotton batting sandwiched in the middle to turn it into a warm quilt. We used a satin blanket edging ribbon to bind the edges. Miss6 actually helped with most of it and was so pleased with the finished quilt. We used the simplest quilting method – tying – using embroidery threads to stitch the layers together and then tying a knot. Once washed those threads will come apart and form a little tassel. This is a photo of my great niece holding up the finished quilt and a close up of the leaf fabric on the back and the bear stealing honey print on the front. You can also see the blue embroidery thread we used for the ties. https://imgur.com/a/KKMzJTn
    Linsday, I thought you might appreciate the bear-bee print.

    I desperately need a cup of tea now. Talk later.

    Thin, our bridge club is still shut down but they are holding online games. I haven’t participated in those. Because there is a mostly elderly and vulnerable membership, they are being very cautious. They will either have to wait until the final restrictions are lifted or find larger tables to space people out to 1.5m apart.

    LJ, such a shame isn’t it? For many in bridge clubs, it’s their life. My former bridge partner also makes quilts and her sewing group is back but with only ten to a room.

    I can’t resist another post – sorry folks. MIA for days, then three (or is it 4?) in one day.

    Thin, Universities Australia has just put a submission to the government to allow international students back in. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry as you say…the leading services industry export, even beating tourism, and third after iron ore and coal. Difficult to see the government doing that, when international travel is banned for just about every one else. There’s been a lot about international students’ language standards in the press lately – much is similar to your DD’s experience. There are such rorts and the prospect of permanent residence is often the driver. Maybe Covid will be the reset button that’s needed.

    LJ lovely photo, and what a great thing for you to do with your great niece. Thank for for the bee image – I did enjoy it.

    And that, I promise, is the last you’ll hear of me today.
    (Cinque, you okay?)

    We ended up getting pizza from Papa Murphys that you bake at home and then watching a movie so I didn’t get back to posting last night. I was up most of the night watching the news of the demonstrations and riots from all around the country. This country is truly in chaos now and I wonder how it’s going to end. The governors of the different states are doing their best to try to control things but no real leadership at the top other than to be more divisive. With so many people out in the streets, most without face coverings, I wonder how many new cases of Covid there will be in the next couple of weeks? California has already broken records for new cases the past 2 days. Some of that may be increased testing but with beaches and restaurants now open in most of the state and many not following precautions, who knows? We’re a ways away from the nearest big city where stores were broken into last night, but it is still very upsetting.

    I’ve been doing my twice weekly fasts for the past few weeks and losing about a kg each FD, but then gaining most of it back on NFD. Anxiety eating again. Most of you are so lucky to live in a country that got everything under control right away and with a population that seems to be very cooperative about following the rules.

    Neil, after looking at your photos of the 2kg difference it definitely looks like the gain is all muscle. That doc, Forks Over Knives is one I watched a few years ago and thought it was very helpful. I will have to watch it again. I think Netflix Or Amazon Prime has it.

    Cinque, I love looking at all the beautiful flower pics you’ve posted. DS has had that planters fasciitis for a couple of years. She says it’s painful to walk barefoot and always wears some type of low healed shoe or sandals, indoors and out. I hope yours goes away and doesn’t last that long.

    LJ, glad to hear you can now get out and do some socializing with precautions. That must be so nice, especially when the weather is cold and you aren’t spending a lot of time outdoors. This last week one of my neighbors picked up a large pack of paper towel rolls for me at Costco when she saw them in stock while shopping. When I went over to her house to pick them up and pay her, we sat out on her veranda, both wearing masks and about 2.5 meters apart and talked for about 45 minutes. It was nice to talk in person rather than texts, phone or email.

    Betsy, I’m sorry to hear about all your water leakage issues. I hope you can get it all sorted soon and that the cost isn’t too high. Terrible having to deal with that.

    Penguin, I hope your treatments are still going well and not making you too tired. It’s good that they’re close to home. I hope the summer weather makes it easier.

    Thin, it sounds like you’re becoming a pro at navigating the boat through the different channels and tunnels. Slow moving or not, that has to be a challenge. I hope you’re getting to see a lot of areas you hadn’t seen before.

    Lindsay and Anzac, I had to laugh at all the antics of Rosy and Maxx. At least Maxx is probably getting to the point of growing out of some of the shenanigans. Rosy’s dirt dragging episode really made me laugh. Who would have thought she’d go after something like a bag of soil?

    Hi to Gday, Turn, CrazyArtist and anyone else I’ve missed. Hope you are all having a good day.

    Good morning my little lovelies,

    It is so cold and rainy here, but inside my little home it is DAY AFTER FAST DAY. And yesterday was quite hard so I am very much enjoying a ridiculous breakfast (plug your ears low carbers) of fluffy pancakes with added finely grated (homegrown) butternut which makes them extra golden, sweet and soft. (And just about adds one serve of veggies 😉 )
    Coffee to go with it, bliss.

    Turn, it is your last day in Nelson, I think, so I hope it is a lovely one. Sorry you didn’t get to the Farmer’s market, but congratulations on saving yourself from buying too much food, haha. Fresh fish was a good buy!
    What interesting things you are discovering from your food diary.
    You must be lovely and fit from your bike riding.

    Cali, how annoying to lose that post, so glad to see your lovely catch up this morning.

    My heart, we are all watching with worry the state of the protests and riots in your country, and in your state.
    It is awful that racism, terrible health outcomes and unemployment have all been triggers, all exacerbated by the pandemic. It has been heartening to see some powerful speeches calling for peaceful action and to keep everyone safe and included. May they prevail.

    And oh, dear, I do hope you may be lucky and avoid a large spread of the virus.

    Thinking of you and hoping you can concentrate your energy to keep yourself healthy and overcome that stress eating bit by bit.

    Re my poor feet, I am glad to say that once I threw away the old flat shoes the pain subsided, but with my warm slippers/boots gone my feet were cold! And now, I am sad to report, after wearing my new ugg boots for a couple of days, the plantar fasciitis is returning. But hoping to get out today to buy arch support inserts, and in the meantime I am wearing my old runners, again. I’m using that tennis ball several times a day, and I am very glad of it.

    Lindsay, That pup! Really, Rosy! Isn’t she giving you some good stories to remind her of when she is older and more settled. (Well, that will teach you to stay in bed an extra ten minutes!!!!)

    Congratulations on the .3 gone, that is a good pat of butter!

    I also understand exactly what you say about editing the thesis, and I remember when I was so young and clueless I was so grateful to people who really helped me out, rather than leaving me struggling, with extra instructions. I learnt SO much and was so grateful for the break. I could see the same thing when I was the teacher working with migrant groups and Aboriginal communities. While I loved to empower people to make their own way, I realised ‘when in doubt, help them out’.

    Haha I still remember the first time I tasted an olive (on a pizza) and couldn’t believe anyone could eat such a foul thing! Then I became addicted.
    Ottolenghi is another cook I love!

    How lovely to have some of the shade gone, not to mention a family courtyard cuppa and a picnic. Miss 4 is a classic. Another reporter in the family, I think.
    I hope those amazing sounding seedlings are all happily planted now.

    LJoyce, what a social life. Very nice, I must say. I hope you have some good rests inbetween. I am so glad the quilt making turned out so well. I love the bee and bear material too! And what a perfect pattern for first timers, no wonder Miss 6 stayed so engaged for most of it.

    Betsy, you were such a hero up and down the Eiffel Tower. Haha re China adding ‘infiltrated’ isn’t English amazing with those subtle differences between words that basically mean the same thing.

    Hooray, Ms Under 30 BMI, here are some flowers just for you, with an insight into how I find them. I thought, what might Betsy like? Maybe a bouquet of the sort of flowers that grow in China. Google china flowers bouquet. The internet suggested this 🙂 https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1bCqVLFXXXXXIXpXXq6xXFXXXk/225626130/HTB1bCqVLFXXXXXIXpXXq6xXFXXXk.jpg?size=52936&height=480&width=720&hash=f85fe513ef3b76df6097144280e4dbe9
    They are made from bone china! But I do remember you talking about roses in China, and aren’t these beautiful.

    Well, I am feeling so happy and replete after my breakfast. Hopefully I didn’t cancel out my fast day. I’ve some lovely veggies and stew and some fish for my next meals and it should be very easy to have no snacks.

    Sending good wishes to you all

    Good morning all, quick post as work is busy

    Thin, I finally had some time yesterday to go back to the beginning of your blog. Sadly our internet went down after I’d read several posts and when it came back up I couldn’t go back in time again so I’m missing a chunk but I love it. You write so beautifully and I feel like I’m right there with you. I laughed often and I can’t wait to read about your next adventures. Your painting is lovely too.

    Rosy! Ha ha – you are making Maxx look well behaved. Although he did steal the paper towels AGAIN this morning. It is to get our attention when we first get up and are glued to our computers whereas a well-rested Maxx NEEDS to PLAY right NOW.

    Cali, I am so glad you are away from the city and safe from the terrifying protests. I said exactly the same thing as you to OH this morning; everyone is shoulder-to-shoulder and shouting at each other but the virus is still a very bad problem over there. Aren’t they afraid? If not for themselves but for elderly friends/relatives?

    LJ, the quilt is stunning and I can’t believe you did it in half a day. How clever you are at so many things!

    Betsy – 29.9! Legendary stuff my friend

    Sorry your foot is playing up Cinque. OH has a foot problem – a joint issue with his big toe and if he wears anything other than very good (and expensive) footwear it hurts a lot.

    So I had a pretty good weekend, a bit too much bread but I stayed under my TDEE I think (I didn’t calculate my calories). I have to confess that I snuck back into the 90’s but have snuck back out now and heading down to my first goal of 84 to get to my weight when we left for our holiday.

    Must run, have an awesome day everyone

    Good afternoon all.

    My social outings have come to an abrupt halt – temporarily. Due to illness – not mine! The birthday boy (4) and his sister have respiratory infections, so no birthday dinner tonight. They are considering a Sunday brunch if everyone is well. I had planned to go over to physio appointment in the eastern suburbs mid afternoon, then to visit my aunt and then onto the birthday tea. Unfortunately my aunt has a lung infection which is getting worse and was heading back to the doctor for a change of antibiotic this morning, so that is off too. Just the physio treatment remains. Never mind, there will be more get togethers, they are just postponed.
    To be honest I’m a bit tired today after two days of outings so I’m not sorry that it’s relatively quiet.

    Anzac, looks like you need a better hiding spot for the paper towel. It’s a good thing that it’s easy to find at the supermarket now.
    I think you are doing splendidly with your eating. Working from home as an ongoing pattern has been a good thing for you I think. Probably a bit more rested and maybe a bit less stressed? That end of day exhaustion can result in a lot of mindless food consumption.

    Cinque, if you hadn’t told us that those roses were porcelain I would have thought they were real – they look real, what a clever artist.

    Cali, very glad you got to stick with your Saturday night tradition.
    Also very glad you go to have that chat with a neighbour. Aren’t the face to face chats lovely. I some of those sitting in the garden with my aunt when we were both isolating where possible. It’s funny how it’s different to a phone conversation. I think it meets our need to connect with others and I think seeing someones face and being able to pick up on body language is part of that – even if we’re not aware that we’re doing it.
    I hope the the situation there calms soon.

    Betsy, I did the same at the eiffel tower – looked out not down. It helped that I went up at night time and the night shy changes the perspective and I find the distance down is obscured somewhat. Looking at the city lights was lovely. I’m pretty sure we went up in lift, not stairs though.
    I’m bad with ladders too. The tallest ladder I own has 3 steps!

    Turn, I hope those repairs go well and you can head off to your new destination tomorrow. Are you heading to the North Island next?

    I’d better stop now as my physio appointment is in an hour and I need to leave very soon.

    CalifD, good to hear from you and to learn that you’re a safe distance from looters and people looking for trouble. And lovely that you got to meet your friend. Is it easy to buy masks? Or let me guess, Amazon? Yes, I am enjoying living in England after 40 odd years as an ex-pat. We’re looking forward to the Welsh border opening so that we can continue on this particular canal. The countryside is very pretty where we are now but OH is experiencing severe allergies to pollens and grasses so I am walking by myself.

    LJ, too bad about your plans but perhaps it’s for the best. It seems so odd to think about socialising. Today, we have more easing happening in England but the devolved govts are not following suit making it hard for people with relatives or who work across borders. Some schools are opening today.

    Lindsay, no apology needed, post away! Yes, it’s hard to reconcile accepting students from countries where the virus is still out of control while claiming to keep borders closed within a ‘bubble’. We could build more university satellites in their countries and offer the courses there.

    Anzac, good job heading back to the pre-holiday weight. Bread’s a killer for me. Thanks for your kind words about the blog and I’m pleased you’re enjoying it.

    Cinque, what a nice breakfast. I had a good FD, did some more boat painting, went for a long walk and had a big soup for dinner. 700g down but still creeping up overall so I will limit my single glass of wine to one night this week.

    Betsy, hope all is going well.

    Quick drop-in, but saw this on another forum and loved it:


    Loved the quilt, LJoyce – great job!

    Pity about the Bridge clubs. Hadn’t really thought, but of course they’re also closed. I play something called Bridge Baron on my computer, so keep up with bridge that way.

    CalifDreamer, stay safe, not only from Covid-19, but the terrible rioting going on. I am praying for peace and calm to prevail.

    Cinque – pancakes? Really? You just wrote that to make us all hungry and envious, didn’t you?! 🙂
    Hope the plantar fasciitis settles again quickly.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the beautiful roses. Don’t remember seeing that soft, gentle colour in China, but I love them.

    Anzac65, yay you to be on the downward trail again. Well done.

    LJoyce, sorry to read of the halt in your socialisation. Re the Eiffel Tower, when I agreed to go up to level 1, I didn’t realise the steps were open to the view around (and down). Not sure I’d have agreed to go up if I’d known. Not sure whether there is any difference now in the way people can go up. The lift I think was mainly to level 2 then, or maybe it was too expensive?? Can’t remember now. It’s maybe 40+ years ago I’m talking about.

    Thin, glad the tunnel was no problem this time. It would be lovely if you are able to go on into Wales.

    LindsayL, yes, many of my international students mention their goal is to gain permanent residence. Maybe if they open the border to students with the proviso that they have to self-isolate in hotels, at their own expense, for 14 days before commencing their studies, it will be okay. (And with monitoring of the isolation!).

    Hi to everyone else lurking and not posting.

    Stay safe and well!

    Morning all

    Wow, I go away for the long weekend and the forum comes to life! I’ll go back this evening and have a read through the posts to catch up.

    Our weekend was good, got out and about with the kids, ate some junk, played some frisbee golf, generally relaxed. But back to the hustle and bustle of work today 🙁

    Good morning,
    Another cold day, but not as bitterly cold as yesterday (so far!).

    Arch support inserts are wonderful! Happily wearing my ugg boots again. Much sympathy to Mr Anzac, food problems are awful.

    Anzac, so glad you are out from under the 90’s again. Onward and downward! 84, here you come.

    LJoyce, enjoy the break to catch your breath, but best wishes that the kiddies, and especially your aunt, improve soon.
    I hope your physio was a great session.

    The china roses artist was brilliant, so delicate, the other china flowers on the page were clearly made of china, and I nearly picked one of those on purpose as they illustrated the joke. But how could I go past the beautifullest ones.

    Betsy, I imagine in China they delight in bright red roses.

    What a lovely clip about the friendly little magpie.

    Thin, I was so busy eating pancakes, I missed that you had made it through the tunnel safely. Hooray. I bet each one will get easier.

    I have some trousers and skirts I don’t fit comfortably into at the moment. Oh dear. And then remembered that I should measure my waist to check how I was going, and then realised I was reluctant to. Shamed. So that has given me a kick up the bum. So I’m officially not maintaining at the moment! I need to lose enough weight to wear all my winter skirts and trousers.

    Fast Day tomorrow!

    Hi Neil!

    One final thing: as well as getting my shoe inserts (and buying catfood), I went to the Asian grocery and went crazy! Dried shrimp skins, yuba, white cloud fungus, shiitake and then I saw a bag of dried yellow stripe trevally (also called yellowstripe scad). Fish! I thought they might go well in my miso soup. It says on the bag that they need to be cooked before consuming, but that is all I know. I’ve googled under every name and phrase I can think of, and haven’t learnt enough to make me confident. Are any of you familiar with them? I am planning to hydrate a couple and then simmer them in my soup tomorrow and see what I think, but I would be so glad of any information, tips or recipes.

    Cheers all, have a good day

    Hi all
    I had trouble getting to sleep last night and knew that may mean I slept in slightly this morning. Never mind slightly, the clock said 10:30 when I woke. I checked it multiple times because I didn’t believe it! So I’ve barely finished my usual morning routine and it’s already after 1pm.

    Cinque, I’m having the same issue with my winter clothes. Too many of them are just too tight to wear comfortably. It’s a FD for me too.
    I can’t help you with the dried fish. I can barely tolerate fish fresh and find the idea of it dried rather unappealing I’m afraid. The only dried fish I have seen used on tv was dried salt cod used in a Portuguese dish. I think they soaked it, with some changes in the water to remove salt and soften the fish. Then they made it into crumbed balls that were deep fried. I think preserving fish requires either salt or smoke (kippers). If you new purchase doesn’t smell smoky you can probably assume it’s very salty and will need soaking to both rehydrate the fish and remove some of that salt. If you try searching for recipes involving dried fish generally you might get more useful information.

    Betsy, I just loved that clip of the magpie. Thanks for posting it, it really brightened my day.

    Thin, glad you got through another tunnel unscathed.
    The return to more normal things here is happening faster in some states than others. We had a major easing of restrictions in S.A. yesterday. This is earlier than they’d planned because we have had no community transmission for over a month and just 2 new cases – both Brits who flew here – one to emigrate and the other to visit a dying relative. Thankfully they didn’t infect any locals that we know about – and the contact tracing has been really good in Australia. We have very few cases where they have been unable to figure out who they caught it from. I realise that the situation with infection spread in the UK is very different to here so I would be taking the same approach as you if faced with that.

    I need to go to the supermarket shortly as I’m nearly out of milk and fruit. I had planned to do that this morning but you know what happened to my morning – I slept through it!

    Have a nice day all.

    Good evening all!

    Neilithicman, great that you had such a relaxed and enjoyable weekend. And now it’s back to work again. Are you still basically locked in at work until you leave to go home in the evening, or are you allowed go out for a coffee now? Restrictions here are gradually easing, but not sure of what’s happening in NZ.

    Cinque – opposite to you, my winter clothes are getting looser and I’l have to ensure I wear them all before (I hope) they become too loose.
    Roses in China? A lot that used to be there along the roads have gone now, as the roads have been widened in a lot of places to accommodate the increased number of cars. Certainly the case in Tianjin, where I lived for several years. Main colours probably red, orange and yellow.
    Good the inserts are working well.
    Can’t help re the fish, sorry.

    LJoyce, like you I have had a few mornings recently where I arose between 10 and 11 a.m., which has meant I lost those mornings, quite frustrating. With keeping to 4:3, I’m more tired than usual, but I have to try to get to bed earlier. Losing the morning wastes so much of the productive part of the day!

    Keep well, stay safe all.

    Weigh-in and I gained back the 700 grams I lost last week, so my last 4 weeks weigh-ins have been 90.7, 90.7, 90.0, 90.7. I’m guessing the long weekend with the visit to the sweet factory, cheese factory, cafes and my sister-in-law’s Indian restaurant had something to do with that gain. Well, back on the treadmill and back to regular eating this week.

    Betsy, we’re down to pretty loose restrictions now. We’ve had no new cases of Covid 19 for the last 11 days in a row and there’s only one active case left in the country. The government is going to re-evaluate on 8th July and if there’s been no new cases up to then, we’ll probably move to level 1, which is no restrictions at all except border restrictions.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good morning, cold, grey and wet is looking like the norm here for the foreseeable future.

    Wednesday fast day. I am channeling you Betsy, to get some nice loose winter clothes. (I’ll let you slim out of yours while I slim into mine!). Good luck to you too, LJoyce.

    I found out about the fish! They are small thin little things https://imgur.com/a/fHJvRFU and they are traditionally deep fried and served with rice and a chili condiment. I tried (bit of oil in the wok) and they are so good! (Given that I like the taste of the fishy sea). They will make a lovely crispy, chewy, savoury addition to meals.

    But none today! It is Fast Day. They aren’t much use for my miso soup. However I have fungi, yuba and seaweed aplenty! It will be a feast of a dish tonight.

    LJoyce, I want to try baccala, and there is a little supermarket nearby that sells it. I presumed it would be a cheap alternative to fresh fish, but no!

    I’m jealous of the rest of Australia (and NZ) at the moment. If Vic could just have a day now and then with no new coronavirus cases! But at least we seem to be catching them as they appear, and stopping a lot more. And I know our numbers are low compared to so many places in the world. So shush Cinque.

    Oh dear Neil, a visit to a sweet factory would be a temptation indeed. It is that tricky transition to maintenance, and sad to say, if you are like me. it is neverending! But sending best wishes for a good week this week. Hoping we can both stick to nutritious calories and as much exercise as we can manage.

    That goes for everyone else too!

    Must rush, it is homehelp today and I really need several hours to prepare so it is all covid safe, but I only have one hour. Wish me luck!

    Best wishes everyone for a good day. And special wishes to you Cali, our news is 90% news of all that is happening in your country. So much to worry about, but hooray for the stories of compassion and kindness.

    Hoping we can all make the most of this precious day. <3

    Good morning all. Feeling a bit down today so warning my post is not very uplifting.

    It’s Wednesday morning and so far I’ve received 5 ‘thanks but no thanks’ emails for the week. I didn’t get the one I was interviewed via zoom for either which really got me down given the admin position was with a specialised industry that I’ve had more than 5 years experience in and I would be very surprised if any of the other candidates would have worked in that particular industry. 3 more jobs came up today that I should be applying for now but I really can’t be bothered at the moment as my motivation level is well below zero. Given most of the jobs are casual with no guarantee of the number of hours per week or part-time of 20 hours per week or less I’m beginning to wonder if it’s worth bothering at all for the small amount of money it will bring into the household. The NewStart allowance along with the associated low income benefits card is looking quite appealing at the moment. Not the right attitude to have I know but I’m beginning to feel like I’ve been thrown on the scrapheap at the ripe ol’ age of 51.

    Neil – great photos and what an amazing transformation – you must be extremely proud of how far you’ve come and your ability to adhere to your fitness routine. LJoyce – did I read correctly that you had posted ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos too? I looked back through your posts and couldn’t find anything – perhaps I misread/misunderstood your post.

    Well it’s been a week of things breaking down. The compressor in our second fridge in the new rumpus room carked it and surprise surprise no one repairs them anymore. The fridge came from OH’s house and is over 20 years old. The compressor has been replaced once before so I guess it’s had a pretty good run. So we purchased a new single fridge/freezer for the house and moved my pidgeon pair fridge and freezer into the rumpus room which has made the lounge/kitchen area in our tiny house look a bit more roomy. Then the vacuum cleaned carked it. I would love one of those little robot vacuums but OH is not convinced (the price is a bit much given our current circumstances too). Was looking at a stick Dyson vacuum which seemed reasonably priced at just under $300 but a friend of ours who works in an electrical store said their back up service is no good (hard to get parts, warranty claims difficult to get approved etc). Has anyone bought a Dyson? Any feedback would be appreciated before we decide on what to buy. They say things come in three’s so wondering what will be next.

    On a happier note – some weight loss – yay! Although I’m not getting too excited as the yo-yo effect is bound to kick in. However, it’s the biggest overall weekly loss for quite some time – 2.5kg. Normally I go up and down daily by 1-2 kgs but this is a gradual loss over the 7 days so fingers crossed it keeps heading in the downward direction.

    Well I guess I need to go and find my motivation for the day and put these job applications together or in the case that the motivation has gone MIA at least find something constructive to do for the day. Happy Wednesday everyone.

    Good morning all

    Sunny today in Sydney but there is a very cold wind that makes it quite unpleasant. Maxx is tucked up in his doona snoozing contentedly.

    I forgot to tell you about my adventure last Thursday. At work we were given the option of returning to the office full time (depending on numbers as only 50% are allowed in at any time), returning to the office part-time or WFH indefinitely. I chose the latter of course. However, because everyone who goes in will need to be spread out, those of us WFH needed to go in and remove all personal items from our desks. Gah. So I went in early and there were only 4-5 people in my carriage both ways. It was so incredibly eerie in the city with empty streets – it made it all feel so much more real. I quickly emptied my desk drawers and scurried home. I am so happy that I will have a whole winter where I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and shiver my way into the crowded, polluted city.

    I had a blip day yesterday with mindless snacking. Again. And the scales shot up alarmingly as they do when you suddenly have a lot more salt and carbs. Back on the bandwagon today

    Hope you were able to get your house ready in time for your home help Cinque.

    LJ, I didn’t sleep well last night either so am feeling a bit ‘sand-in-the-eyes’ today. Hopefully tonight is better

    Will try and post later friends, take care

    I found a bit of my ‘motivation’ and just applied for 4 more jobs. I’m craving carbs and junk food but I won’t give in. Anzac WFH – woho – just keep an eye on that ‘mindless snacking’- I know how easy it is to fall into that trap when you are home all day.

    Talk about extremes. Yesterday I slept in until 10:30 and this morning I was up at 5:30. I don’t know what my body clock is thinking at present – I’d rather like something in the middle of those.

    GDSA, I’m sorry to hear about the job applications. I was feeling confident for you about the one you had the zoom interview for. Sometimes I wonder if firms are just going through the motions and already have someone earmarked for a position. I always got that impression with some government and most university positions.
    I did not post before and after photos online. I’m not really comfortable having my image on the internet.
    I have a dyson vacuum cleaner. It works quite well but I haven’t needed repairs, so I don’t know what the after sales service is like.

    Anzac, what excellent news. I wonder how many will actually want to go back to the office full time. I always enjoyed having the best of both worlds and like to do 1-2 days in the office and the rest at home.

    Cinque, so good that you found info specific to the fish you bought. When I went searching almost all of the recipes were for salt cod.
    Cinque I think the main reassurance that you can have with the Victorian cases is that you have an amazing rate of testing in your state (those that aren’t doing as much may have cases they haven’t found) and you don’t have cases where the source is unknown – and that tracing is critical to community safety. You also have a Premier who is cautious and who seems to be pacing the easing of restrictions with the comparative number of cases in Victoria.

    Betsy, when I first retired I too used to stay up late and sleep in late but I eventually managed to break that habit. I really don’t want to go back to it. Let’s hope we both get our sleeping patterns sorted. I wish I could channel a bit of your diet focus too as mine ins nowhere near as successful at the moment.

    Neil, I’m pretty impressed that you navigated all of those food challenges and only gained 700 grams. You will deal with it in your usual style.

    My eating has been so erratic. I’m still doing alternate days of 800cal and they continue to be mostly easy, but my NFDs are no better. Far too much snacking and a hankering for sweets that is becoming more and more insistent.

    It has really felt like winter here for the last week – lots of rain and a real chill in the air.

    Take care all.

    Thin, you asked what was happening with bridge and I said it was online at the moment. I just received an email from my bridge associations that started with this: “Bridge players across the world are discovering the joys of online bridge. One club in England, St Albans, is arranging international team matches for its members and has issued a challenge to our club. We have accepted the challenge and are looking for you to make up our teams”
    No I won’t be joining I am definitely not up to that standard.

    GDSA, get a Dyson! It was almost a pleasure to vacuum once I got the Dyson. Can’t comment on the replacement parts because ours never failed. I’d be very surprised if parts weren’t available but that would be easy to investigate online.

    Anzac, what a surreal experience going in an empty Sydney on an empty train. Did you photograph it? I’ve only seen photos since our life is basically the same on the canals. Great that you’re able to WFH and avoid those rude commuters. I wonder if they’ll still be pushing in when they return to the trains!

    Woke to rain this morning which is a big change, I think I read it was the driest May on record. We were trying to remember when it rained last. It’s also gone from 24C to 14C today! Glad I got all my painting done over the past few days.

    LJ, good morning, our posts crossed, I thought you’d be commenting on the Dyson! Interesting about bridge. Such a shame, isn’t it? For so many ‘older’ people, it’s their only social outlet and a way of life.

    Good evening. Great to read the most recent posts.

    Neilithicman, sounds like your new muscly self wants to stabilise at around 90 kg. If you can maintain at that weight, it seems a good maintenance weight for your height.

    Cinque, well done in finding out how to cook the fish you found. Hope the winter clothes fit properly for you VERY SOON!

    GDayfromSA, grr re the job knockbacks. Never give up, never, never give up. The right job will be there for you.
    Re Dysons, a friend of mine loves her Dyson stick vacuum cleaner – says it’s ideal for the various cleaners that come to do her house.
    For me, I’ve recently used my Flybuys points to get a “normal” Dyson vacuum cleaner, haven’t used it yet but have been really impressed with the way it’s packaged for sending. It’s got a 2-year warranty, but I doubt if I’ll need it. They have such a good reputation for reliability and it’s so solid. When I broke a wheel off my last vacuum cleaner, I replaced it with an “el cheapo” which was still 2400 Watt. Alack, useless for lifting cat fur, which is why I’ve now got the Dyson. I’ll do my vacuuming this week, so will report more at the weekend.

    Anzac65, wonderful that you can choose to continue with WFH indefinitely. With work being such an inconveniently long commute from home, to be allowed to WFH is ideal. And Maxx will be very happy! 🙂

    LJoyce, I’ve always been a nightowl. What seems to be happening now is that I’m sleeping a lot longer than I used to when I was working. Of course, in those days I always felt tired, almost all the time. Even Once I had a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea (I was in the “grey area” of ?treat, ?not treat) I still often felt tired. I think I’m actually getting the sleep that I’ve always needed now.

    What I’m trying to do is organise myself to go to bed a bit earlier and then get up a bit earlier, while still having that extra sleep. Plus fitting in with Wilbur’s pattern. If I let him out at say 6:30 a.m., then get up myself at 7:30 a.m., I tend to feel a bit sick in the stomach. I can do it if I have to, but not every day. Usually after he goes outside, I sleep again for 21/2 – 3 hours. Then I wake up feeling good.

    If I can just be in bed at midnight and asleep soon after, and up at 9 a.m., I think that will work very well. I just have to ensure that I avoid caffeine after 3 p.m. and I’m off any technological device by around 10:30 p.m., and it’s fine, but I often mess up one or the other of those. Okay, enough. I’ll sort it out.

    Comment re sweet cravings – sometimes they mean that the body is needing extra protein. Try upping your protein content in your meals and see if that helps reduce the sugar cravings.

    Thin, 14 degrees? About what it has been here in Melbourne for a few days. Brr! Winter is upon us. Good to read your comments on your Dyson. I’m looking forward to using my new one.

    CalifDreamer, still a lot of unrest over your way. Hope you’re staying safe.

    Stay well, stay safe all! Goodnight.

    Good morning everyone,

    Gday, that steady loss over 7 days is all your good work. Well done.
    Extra kudos that you kept it up in the face of all those things breaking down and a tiresome time job hunting. (Isn’t it so much easier when someone you know knows of a job). Hooray for picking yourself up and writing more applications. It will happen eventually. Soon I hope!

    Anzac, great news that you can keep working from home! What an eerie trip into the city. I think the public will come back to public transport slowly. Dr Norman Swan says facemasks and the Covid App are the trick to doing it safely.

    Well now you are looking at your future of work from home you can work out your new rules for eating in work hours. Can’t blame workmates for bringing in doughnuts any more!

    I did manage to get organised for home help, and it was lovely to get everything clean. I have now caused chaos in the kitchen, but it is mostly that I made soup and then quince tagine, in the afternoon and then got too tired to stack the dishwasher. So I had celery soup yesterday and all my lovely miso soup ingredients will have to wait for Sunday.

    LJoyce, I hope last night you got nicely inbetween sleep hours, and woke at 7:30.Haha, yes I googled the fish under everything I could think of, and found HUNDREDS of sites selling them, but no-one cooking them. The only recipes where they deep fried them had fresh ones. Luckily someone in our local facebook group knew all about them.

    Oh dear those sweets. That saying I love, about eating beans: ‘The more you eat, the more can eat’ seems to go slightly differently for sweets: “The more your eat them, more you eat and eat and eat’. Sigh. Hopefully you have cleared the house of them all now and can give yourself a break.

    Interesting point about it standing in for for protein Betsy. That makes sense. And for needing to drink water too. Chicken soup must be the remedy!

    Doesn’t sleeping well make EVERYTHING better.

    Haha yes, 14c expected again today. Sun expected though, hooray!

    Well I had a good fast day yesterday, a good breakfast this morning and soup coming up for lunch. Winter clothes, here I come.

    Best wishes all.

    Hi all.

    Gday, good luck on the job hunting (and resisting the junk), I’ve done a fair amount of job hunting recently but now I’m thinking of staying put. Things are better now we have new staff on board and quickly training up, and with the unemployment rate climbing steadily over here due to Covid, it’s really not the best time to be leaving a steady job in search of greener pastures. Congrats on the 2.5 kilo weight loss, that’s a huge loss for a week, just think, that’s 5 blocks of butter less than you were carrying the previous week.

    Anzac, great you get to work from home and avoid the dark and cold…although I’m guessing my idea of cold and yours are a bit different, we hit -7 degrees a couple of mornings ago and our high temperature is supposed to be around 6 degrees on Friday. Luckily we’ve got our new log burner to crank up when it gets cold now.

    Cinque, yes maintenance definitely seems to be the hardest. It’s like our bodies are actively working against us, saying “Alright, you’ve had your fun being slim, now bring back all my lovely blubber” On the winter clothes front however I’m the opposite, This is the first winter I’ve been this size, this time last year I was still around 105 kilos, so I’m really feeling the cold and I had to go out and buy another couple of winter jackets.

    Ljoyce, Maybe try upping your fast days to 1,000 calories to see if that helps you with your non fast days? If you do 1,000 on your fast days and then manage to stick to your BMR on non fast days then that would be better than having 800 on fast days and then having a blowout on non fast days? but definitely try the protein thing as well.

    Thin, hooray for rain, here in NZ the North of the country has been in drought for the last few months. They have had some rain recently, but even so the water reservoirs for Auckland are only sitting on 44% capacity, and apparently they’re usually sitting on over 75% capacity at this time of year.

    Betsy, I didn’t know about the protein thing, but I’ll definitely be trying it when I next get sweet cravings.

    I had a good session at the gym yesterday, I’ve managed to get my running up to 7.6 kilometers in my 45 minutes on the treadmill, I was only doing 6.5 kilometers when I first started, and my legs aren’t nearly as sore after a session now. I think I’ve found out why my legs were so sore when I started out. One guy at the gym told me that running is good training for cycling, but cycling is awful training for running. If you do a lot of cycling it can shorten your muscles because you don’t fully extend your legs when you’re pedaling. So when I started running I was having to stretch my leg muscles back out again to accommodate a full extension of the legs that you get when running.

    Well one day down after weigh-in and I managed to be good with my eating so far, now just 5 and a half days to resist temptation until my next weigh-in 😉

    Good afternoon from sunny (but still cool!) Melbourne.

    Had the plumber here today with his camera to try to check out what damage there is with my drainage. He confirmed that one grate had never had a connection to the storm water system, and that’s why so much water leak under the house.

    The other grating, halfway up my driveway, IS connected, and water is running through it as it should, so that is really good news.

    Unfortunately, his technology failed him so he has to come back, probably late next week. He needs to find where the storm drain is running under the concrete, to know where to break the concrete and dig up the ground, in order to connect up the unconnected grate to the storm water system.

    Does all that make sense? It will still be a big job, but maybe not as much concrete will have to be removed and replaced as was first thought. Once he knows where the storm system runs, he’ll be able to give me a quote for the job (already bracing myself for that!).

    Neilithicman, you are starring with your exercise, and great that you can now run so far in 45 minutes. Well done. Brr, -7 overnight is COLD. I’m surprised you don’t already have your log burner running!

    Cinque, good that you could be organised before your home help came. Whatever else, it gives you a feeling of control. Have you now cleaned up the kitchen and loaded your dishwasher?
    Yes, sleeping well is great. Most of the time I get a good night’s sleep which I appreciate, and I’m not tired during the day, even though I’m not using the CPAP machine any more.
    I stopped using my CPAP machine in January after trying 3 different nostril masks, as the mask which covered my nose had become so uncomfortable to wear. When none of them worked well, I just stopped altogether. It’s so nice to not be waking up with my head covered in perspiration and big lines across both cheeks where the mask straps went (even with padding under the straps). My GP wasn’t too happy, but I told him I just can’t bear it anymore, and he let me be. Not sure now if I need to go back and see the specialist; it will be discussed with my GP early July.

    Irrespective, it’s lovely to be off the machine. I’d wondered if my BP would go up a bit with me not using it, but it’s been okay whenever I’ve checked it, which is wonderful.

    Well, enough waffling on. Where is everyone? I only had neil and cinque to respond to!

    Keep well, keep safe!

    A quick post, because I find if I leave it too long, I think I can’t possibly catch up, and leave it even longer.
    I too did 3.5 for the month of May Betsy, which is good enough. Now I’ll try for another 3 in June. I realise that my dream of a kilo a week is just not going to happen, but .75 is feasible.
    Cinque, is your foot pain better with different shoes and elevation? I have had OH to the myotherapist, and a televisit to his GP, who has given him three days of gout medication (ending tonight) and then 5 days of steroids. We are heading off to our island on Tuesday for 10 days, so hopefully he will be able to stride out by then. The myotherapist said the muscles in one leg had wasted from limping and his foot was all constricted, but she can fix it. Hurrah for skilled medical professionals. Now we are just waiting for the chemist to deliver his steroids …aren’t we privileged to have such wonderful service?
    Betsy, the news sounds better about your plumbing. Fingers crossed for a nice reasonable quote.
    Interesting, Neil, how one form of exercise can affect another. Great work on the treadmill.
    Ah, sweet things. OH and I ate our Lindt easter eggs last night. Just small, but once I’d started, I finished it all. And I felt yuk afterwards. Why don’t I learn (but good I held off til June, with them winking at me from the pantry each time I opened it).
    Can I come to the Dyson conversation late? We got one for home, and loved it so much we replaced it with a newer model, to take the original over to the island house, where it is a whizz with sand. I also have a barrel machine but love love the stick better. I don’t know about service either Thin, because it’s never broken down.
    Gday good job on the weight loss, and for keeping your motivation for the job search. As Neil says, a tricky time to be looking for work, but good wishes a perfect job will come your way.
    Thin it’s a funny thing about international students ….they come overseas for the experience but then often stay in their language groups and don’t mingle much. And who can blame them? They are often very young, first time away from home, and so much pressure on them to do well. A lot of unis have campuses in their home countries, but it’s the pull of permanent residence that brings them here ….a lot of research has found that.
    Cinque I like your approach a lot – if in doubt, help them out. When I first started working with international students I was a bit cynical about their capacity, but then I saw how hard many of them work, and the challenges they faced, and changed my mind. I do think they need better English to get to university here – but that’s the fault of the institutions, not the students (IMO).
    Anzac, how lovely to have the winter to work from home. And I bet it will be much more productive too. It will be hard on our little friends when we have to go back into the workplace. Rosy will happily sit at my feet all day, and doesn’t even like being shut out when I vacuum (if she’d stop jumping on the stick and barking, she’d be able to stay indoors).
    Turn, have you settled in a new place yet? Where are you now?
    Penguin, thinking of you.
    Calif, you too. Hope things start to settle down in the US very soon. The images have been very disturbing – and will be even more troubling if the lack of social distancing leads to a spike.
    OK sorry to anyone I’ve missed. I’ll try to keep up.
    Off tomorrow for a picnic in the park with my three brothers and sisters in law. Covid has kept two brothers in Australia …even though we haven’t seen much of them all since March, it’s been good to have them all in one spot for a long while.
    Have a good evening all.

    Hello everyone.

    I resumed weekly babysitting tonight. The kids were great and my great niece didn’t stop talking to me and showing me things I’d missed the whole time I was there. I asked her if she was happy to be back at school – she said “Yes, Mum’s a boring teacher.” Oh dear – I doubt Mum wants the job either.

    Betsy, Neil & Cinque, thank you for the advice about my NFDs. I went back and had a look at my food diary to see when the problem time was and what I had eaten before that. It was almost always the afternoon and occasionally evening. My lunch rarely has much protein. I looked at how to add protein to my lunch and decided the easiest way was to switch my main meal to lunch time as that’s an easy meal to add lean protein to. I’m hoping that will keep me fuller for the afternoon. Then I can have a big bowl of veggie soup for dinner with sourdough toast and either boiled eggs or cheese for protein. I actually feel positive about that idea so I get to try it on tomorrow’s NFD. It sounds like a healthy NFD and filling meals. I will consider the 1000 calorie limit if this doesn’t work, although I would need to do it most days to have much impact on weight loss as my sedentary TDEE is only 1400, so not much of a deficit. I really do need to drink more water too. I notice in the cold weather I always reach for a cup of tea when I’m thirsty. I need to remember to drink a glass of water before each cup of tea – might slow down the caffeine consumption too.

    Lindsay, hope you have a lovely tie over on the island, I know you haven’t been able to stay there overnight for some time. I hope the feet recover by then.
    The picnic sound like fun too – have a nice time.

    Betsy, sounds promising with the storm water drains. My plumber had to remove concrete to install new pipes at my previous house. Providing they get the location right it should be a really neat job. They just need a large enough angle grinder to cut a strip out of the concrete to install the section of pipe that was missed originally. This should avoid the surrounding concrete being damaged. Then the gap is filled with new concrete.
    Hope you are getting your sleeping pattern under control. I managed to sleep from 10:30pm-8am last night – an unusually long night’s sleep and I was in bed by 8:30 to read a book.

    Thin, I think when bridge does return to the club I will need to do the beginners course again. I am using a bridge app to play, but I’ve forgotten lots of things.

    I had my FD dinner ready to go in the oven when I got home from babysitting. Portabello mushrooms stuffed with tomato, basil capsicum and cheese. I had it with one slice of rye sourdough to sop up all of the lovely mushroom juices. Lovely veggie dinner.
    My determination to have my main meal at lunch time means I’ve already rummaged through the freezer for suitable options. I’ve taken out a tub of lamb & pumpkin curry. I will also put a bag of cauli & broccoli into the airfryer to roast. I’ve also taken out some cooked chickpeas. Most will be added to the curry to add protein and to help me stretch it to 2 meals. I will also turn some of the chickpeas into hummus so that I can base a healthy high protein snack around it.
    Thankyou for all the advice I feel so much more positive about this now.

    Take care all.

    Good morning, cold and clear here, with a pretty winter sun.

    Well, isn’t this thread full of info and helpful ideas. I had soup for lunch yesterday and was considering how I organise my meals and wondering about having soup in the evening. It is a light meal but makes me feel satisfyingly full. My brain was imploding at the thought, having grown up with a light lunch and a big evening meal. I wondered if I could possibly re-educate it.
    But reading your thoughts and plans, LJoyce, after considering Betsy’s advice, I think the same may be true for me: ie a good protein rich midday meal might keep me happy for the afternoon, and then soup in the evening.

    I am going to try it for a week and see how I go. Starting today!

    Neil, haha, I think you are exactly right about what our bodies are saying. So lovely to hear of you needing those new winter clothes though!
    Good thinking about your job. I am very glad your new co-workers are training up nicely.

    Betsy, good to hear the plumber project is progressing and hooray that it looks simpler, and hopefully less expensive, than first feared.
    How wonderful that you have been managing fine without your CPAP machine. Hopefully the next round of tests back up your decision. And losing that excess weight the way you are has to help!

    Haha yes I did clear up the kitchen, mostly by stacking the dishwasher, which was good because I had surprise visitors (since I’d left my phone at my daughter’s and didn’t get their messages) and was able to welcome them to a reasonably clean and organised home. It was my dear friends who I used to drive up to and visit, such a treat that they drove down and visited me. First people outside family to visit for months. We accidentally hugged.

    Lindsay, great work for May! https://cdn.pixilart.com/photos/orginal/a090e651e55bdbd.gif
    .75kg a week isn’t only feasible, it’s brilliant! (Why not take your time getting to maintenance, since maintenance is so tricky 😉 ) I got to the lower end of my healthy weight range by losing an average of .5kg a fortnight, so you are well ahead of me…. and I did fine anyway!
    Hoping your brain remembers how you felt after that chocolate. (My brain has difficulty).

    My feet are SO HAPPY thanks! I put in the thin little arch support inserts, and no pain since! I’m happily wearing my new uggboots all day now.
    Hoping the myotherapist and steroids do their tricks in time for Mr L to be able to enjoy every minute of your island stay.

    Have a wonderful picnic today!

    LJoyce, the kiddies would have been so glad to have you with them again. So sweet. Haha, it might be a good strategy for mum to be a boring teacher and making back to school so inviting.
    I’ll be so keen to hear how you go with the new eating strategy. Good luck today.

    Sending best wishes to everyone!

    Good morning, a lovely sunny day and it will be 20 degrees later

    How can it possibly be Friday already? I’ve read all of your posts but have a deadline so I can’t reply just now.

    Not a good week to say the least food-wise. Scales are up, I am down but enough said. Today is a new day

    Take care all

    Good afternoon everyone. Hope your afternoon is going well.

    Cinque, excellent that you have a solution to the foot problem without having to give up your lovely warm ugg boots.
    How is it going with the main meal for lunch?

    Anzac, sorry the scales were unkind, here’s hoping for better things in the days ahead.

    I implemented my high protein main meal for lunch today.
    To add extra protein I added chickpeas to the curry, made the roti with half atta and half soy flour and I added a dollop of greek yoghurt to my lunch. It was delicious and very filling.
    Now I need to get a pot of soup going for dinner – a cream of veg soup that oddly has red lentils, milk and cheese in it. (I know it sounds weird but it’s lovely and filling. Had it not been recommended by someone else I would never have tried it as the ingredients sound like they won’t work together.)
    I’m still feeling very positive about this change and am hopeful it will help reduce my snacking.

    Does anyone have plans for the long weekend? I’m going walking with a friend tomorrow and am hoping there will be a family brunch on Sunday.

    LJ, I played online bridge for the first time in ages the other evening and couldn’t even remember how to bid at first. That’s after two years of learning followed by a ten month absence. I suspect a lot of people will be the same.

    Cinque, growing up in England, we always had ‘dinner’ at lunch time. At school, we had a hot midday meal (with chairs and tables in a designated dining room to sit at properly). To this day, my brother cooks himself a full midday meal. I think these days, families tend to eat their main meal at night as it’s the only time everyone’s together. I remember being horrified when DD started school in Australia and discovering that children were expected to eat their lunch sitting cross-legged on the floor. Digestion!

    Penguin, how have your last two treatments gone for you?

    A very quick update as I’m heading to bed now.

    I had a good NFD, finally!
    Having my main meal for lunch and increasing the protein really helped. I also got more water on board and a bit less tea. I even had to delay dinner because I wasn’t hungry as early as usual.
    The really big success today was no sweet treats – just 2 pieces of fresh fruit.
    Another FD800 tomorrow and thankfully there is a lot soup leftover from tonight so I won’t have to cook.
    Thanks again to everyone who offered advice, I was feeling a bit desperate and now I feel positive again.

    Good afternoon everyone. So much happening to everyone and so many posts to read.

    After the sunniest May on record it has rained. For once it is welcome. The garden was very dry.

    Thin, the last two treatments seemed to get easier, or I have learned how to manage them. Counter intuitively the fatigue problem has been improved by taking more exercise – I am doing about 12 km a day on the exercise bike. Because the side effects were minimal I have stopped the initial treatment and start something stronger next week. It will run until late August. I have been warned that it won’t be fun but it will improve my chances. The side effects can be severe and to complicate things we have the house on the market and are starting to have viewings. When that happens I have to disappear, I am still in serious isolation.

    Giving that life is about to get complicated I may not be posting very often, but I shall try to keep up with all of your posts.

    Good morning,

    Penguin, It is such good news that your health and constitution and whatever can allow you to undertake stronger treatment. And 12km a day on the exercise bike is brilliant. A steady flow of good wishes coming to you from Melbourne, Australia, as you face those nasty side effects. And a bunch of flowers, ofcourse! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/b8/ed/6d/b8ed6d78294a42bf98f1b792bc9d5698.jpg
    Hooray for the rain.
    Best wishes for the house sale and the house buying. We’ll be hanging out to hear from you, but understanding it will be tricky for a while.

    It was so cold, with a beautiful moon, last night. Even colder this morning and no sign of sun yet.

    Anzac, I hope yesterday was a good day, and this week will be a good week. It sounds as if getting your food intake as you want it will be hard work. Lucky you are so clever and such a hard worker. It is hard and complicated, but you will work it out.

    Thin, good point about the British midday dinners, and I’m thinking it is a good habit to have grown up with. I know the saying “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. But it is still a big step for me! Haha, it does seem strange to me that sitting on a chair would be better for digestion than sitting on the floor. (But it reminds me of a story that makes me laugh every time I think of it. A friend’s family would bring a pillow to Christmas dinner so, when they had finished feasting, they could just roll off their chairs onto the floor). (They thought lying down was best for digestion 😉 ).

    LJoyce, hooray for a good day. Your lunch is great. Lovely roti.

    My proteiny lunch consisted of one of the little bowls I made lined with grilled eggplants, filled with strewed chickpeas and topped with brown rice (Iranian recipe reheated and turned out upside down, gorgeous). Plus some quince tagine (very yummy beef stew) and a small salad of avocado and greens from my garden. I could see it coming, so it made me wait longer until I was really hungry. So that was good. And it did keep me full longer. I still had a couple of hours before soup when I could have happily snacked, but it was much easier than afternoons have been lately.

    My celery soup was great, I did make quite a meal of it, including 2 (small) vegetable muffins to accompany it. But it was delicious and definitely satisfying and I feel this will be a good way for me to eat.

    Today will be almost a carbon copy, but grilled fish as my midday protein, and only one muffin with soup, haha. (There is only one muffin left).

    Well, I am off to have a good day. I might treat myself to an episode of The Beach, to take me away to warmth and space for half an hour, and get me into the spirit of mindfulness. Has anyone else been watching it? I love it so much and channel Warwick Thornton when I go to make a meal.

    Best wishes to you all.

    PS Article in the Guardian on research that people low in vitamin K had more problems if they caught Covid 19. Vitamin K is in leafy greens and fermented products (yay I’ve got kvass and kimchi on the go) and other things eg blueberries.

    Cinque, good to hear the extra protein is working for you. I’m finding that eating my lunch after my gym session is helping me. My meals this week have been a morning coffee before work, 2 gold kiwifruit at 11am, gym session from 1-2pm and then I’m not hungry for an hour or so after the gym so I eat my lunch around 3pm, then I don’t feel like snacking when I get home.

    Penguin, great to hear from you when you can post. It’s great that you’re feeling well enough to do 12ks on the bike each day, I wish you well with your continued treatment.

    I enjoyed a morning trip supporting my local businesses today. I got a coffee for me and some bagels for the boys from the local bagel shop, meat from my favourite butcher next door, fish from the fishmonger, bacon and eggs from the pig and poultry farm up on the peninsula, then the rest of our groceries from the supermarket. I’m enjoying being able to support the local businesses again as the supermarkets had a monopoly on food sales during level 4 and most of level 3 lockdown.

    We had our first hint of snow today, some big splotches on the windscreen as I was coming up the hill from shopping. It looks like we’re going to have a decent winter this year.

    Well date night for my wife and I tonight so I’ll go and start booking things and I’ll catch up with all of you tomorrow

    Cinque. Flowers! I’m a bloke. I don’t think anyone has ever given me flowers!

    Neil, thought you would approve of the bike.

    Good afternoon.
    A slightly challenging FD, a bit hungry. However I can have a bowl of soup in the next hour which should settle my appetite down.

    Penguin, glad to hear the chemo has been going so well that they are about to make it much more challenging. I have probably already mentioned that my RA drug suppresses my immune system in a similar way to chemo and I used to get similar side effects – nausea, vomiting, headaches etc. I found fasting the day before treatment makes a significant difference – anything up to 800cals works for me. I thought this might be worth trying if you get side effects from this new chemo regime.
    There was some UK research on chemo patients where they tried calorie restriction for 3 days, starting 2 days before treatment. It where I got the original idea that it might help me too. After experimenting I discovered I got the same reduction in side effects with just 1 FD as long as it’s the day before treatment.
    Good luck with the house sale/purchase/move. That’s a lot to have on your plate at present.

    Neil, how wonderful, have a lovely date night?

    CInque, I wonder if kombucha counts as fermented?

    My best friend visited this morning and we went for a longer walk than I’ve done in ages. No aches and pains from it which is very reassuring.
    I also get to go to out tomorrow, which I’m looking forward to. There is family brunch up at Balhannah (country town in the Adelaide Hills) in the morning – glad it’s a NFD! I suspect there will be lots of high protein options among all those cooked breakfast choices.

    Hope you are all having a good weekend.

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