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  • Extra post – no, Penz, the scales don’t groan, except to wonder why I’m on them EVERY day, when I “officially” weigh-in only once a week.

    Hi Thin, Cinque, Merry, LJ, Betsy, Neil, Cali, Anzac, Quacka, Lindsay and newbies, or at least to me, Norma and Penz! Also, hello to long time forum members, Intesha and GDSA if you are lurking!

    I’ve lurked to catch up with your news from time to time, though haven’t had wherewithal to write since last October, just before I set off on travels to California for my niece’s wedding.

    Looking back, around the time I last posted here, I’d been feeling the best I’d felt in years so I decided to get another body scan to analyze my body composition. The morning I went to get the scan I stepped on my home scale and noted that I was 700 grams heavier than I’d been the year before when I went for the same type of scan. This depressed me. I felt like a failure, even though physically I felt fit and well. So, it was with both shock and delight that I discovered why that higher number on the scale was actually a good thing! I found that I’d gained 700 grams of muscle and at the same time shed 1.2 kg of fat including visceral fat and bone density increased over the 14 months since the previous scan.

    The scan allowed me to feel optimistic about fitting into the size 10 Anthea Crawford form fitting lace dress that I’d worn to a wedding the year before where I weighed 57 kg instead of 57.7 kg, the dress actually fit me even though the higher scale weight, which verified in real life the efficacy of that 700 grams weight gain!

    Leading up to flying overseas, I was working very long hours and preparing and packing and getting very little sleep. Mr. M was worried! I kept reassuring that I would have plenty of time to sleep on the 16 hour flight from Gold Coast to LAX! …Unfortunately, I must have gotten all of 10 minutes sleep on board the plane, even with noise cancelling headphones. …And then I had to live through another day when I landed in LA! And after that it seemed I didn’t get quality sleep for the duration of the trip.

    The wedding was beautiful and the engagements to catch up with relatives relentless. I happily remained on the keto diet I’d been following for months.
    However, due to the continued lack of sleep, the night before I was to return to Australia, I awoke with a deep and painful cough which worsened the next day. As per usual; my California to Australia flight left at around midnight and by the time I landed back in Coolangatta I was a walking zombie with a voice so swollen, I couldn’t speak! Thank goodness this occurred early November 2019 which was pre-Covid 19! I was so sick and off work for 2 weeks taking 3 types of antibiotics, Prednisone and using Ventalin and other puffers prescribed, with no appetite and my weight plummeted well below my ‘wiggle room’ envelope which left me very weak.

    Prior to my travels I had been practicing 16:8 and a 5:2 day here and there. Even though I recovered enough to return to work, I still felt exhausted and couldn’t exercise or fast. The exhaustion has been challenging to overcome.

    In February, out of the blue, Mr M announced that he had decided to fast!! I had to demonstrate such restraint at this news. I wanted to jump up and down with glee! However, not only did I not have the energy to do so, it would have probably scared him off fasting altogether, seeing that I would have been making too much fuss for his liking! Mr M fasted that day and has continued a once a week fast ever since. He’s been fasting every Sunday and following his own style with this. He fasts the 36 hours though allows himself a Café Latte or two and bone broth. I did once question him about the Café Latte as part of a fasting day pointing out that he isn’t really fasting if drinking cups of the milky coffee each with a spoon of sugar. He reminded me that he’s following his own fasting program, not anyone else’s! I said no more. I now fast with him on Sundays when I my energy allows.

    Admittedly, since energy recovery from the flu has been slow and so I tend to be more sedentary, I have had weeks of exceeding my goal weight ‘wiggle room’ range, though thankfully I’ve been able to return back down to the range either via 16:8, a 5:2 FD and/or Portion Mindfulness. ‘Portion Mindfulness is another way of saying that I basically practice what I practiced during Thin at Last’s ‘2018 Silly Season Challenge’, which is basic calorie awareness. This has worked as continuing Keto practice has continued to nourish and satisfy the ‘hunger dragon’, so no problems there, thankfully. At the moment I’m maintaining around the middle of the ‘wiggle room’ range and my clothes fit comfortably.

    Neil, great idea! Challenge accepted. Great to hear about your Mum, I used to be an O.T.

    LJ, what lovely neighbours. That’s so wonderful to hear. I’ll be growing colourful primroses, herbs and chilli peppers in a planter on top of the boat. Just waiting for the danger of frost to pass …. The marina is next door to a nursery so we’ve been looking for suitable planter boxes but now I’m thinking of converting a huge wooden bread bin that came with the boat into a planter. DD gave me a chilli starter kit for Xmas and I can’t wait to get started. I also have kefir grains in the freezer box.

    Penz, I lived in NC a hundred years ago. Many happy trips to Florida, I used to love driving down to the Keys. My mother lives in Fla.

    Almost lost my post and, while retrieving, saw there’s a long post from Minka. Look forward to reading that later but must go now.

    Hi all.
    Minka, great to read your post and hear about all that’s gone on in your life. I am so sorry you’ve been unwell, and hope you get your energy back soon.
    Neil sorry, but I can’t join your challenge. Yes, a lot of discussion about you know what. But if it’s what’s occupying our thoughts, then it’s good to be able to write about it I think. Glad to hear your Mum is progressing – best wishes to her for a full recovery.
    I’m leaving your beautiful Lake Tekapo this morning for Christchurch. Thought you’d all like to see what we’ve been waking up to each day. About as far from CV and as close to heaven as we can be.
    How is your working from home going Anzac? Managing your NFDs? I phoned my DS last night – and he was at my house. Apparently his energy company turned off power to their street (repairs, maybe?) all day, and it was his first work from home day.
    Cinque, Cali, LJ, Betsy how lovely to hear of neighbours supporting each other. So many good people in this world, but often we only hear about the bad. Nice to read your stories.
    And now, to pack, for our last move and the drive back to Christchurch. It is a beautiful day for a drive, with such beautiful beautiful scenery.
    Enjoy your day all – and I’ll close with a pic of the stunning NZ wildflowers ….with a cheery big bee about half way down the pic …https://imgur.com/79rxKKL

    Good morning lovelies,

    Ooh Neil, I wonder how long I will last. Surely I can do a few challenge posts 🙂
    (except I have to say how much I am longing to hear from Quacka, and hoping she gets to see her dad this weekend. Ignore Neil’s challenge Quacka!)

    It is a beautiful morning here, my butternut is changing colour.

    LJoyce, I hope you had a good time babysitting. I had a lovely time with my darlings yesterday. I was mostly minding Miss 3 while Miss 5 and her parents had an appointment with a diagnostician as she is far enough along the autism spectrum to need some extra help.

    Penz, good work, enjoy your morning after fast day.

    Betsy, isn’t it hard that even three ripe bananas can cause such wicked temptation. Hooray for individual sized portions neatly wrapped in the freezer.

    Minka, how sorry I am to hear how ill you have been. Much sympathy, post viral fatigue is so hard and can take a long recovery. Do be as careful as you can so it doesn’t morph into CFS.
    Hello to Mr Minka and cheers for his fasting Mr Minka-style.

    ‘Portion mindfulness’ is a great term, I am doing it too!
    Lots of good wishes from down south.

    Thin, your longboat pot garden will be a treat.

    Lindsay, Oh, stunning! I hope your last day in the particular paradise made even packing a pleasure. Aha yes, I spotted the bee in your picture.
    Bees are all over my garden at the moment! My rosemary bush is so full of deep blue flowers and bees.

    Well, how is it Friday already? I’d better get moving. Ooh coffee first!

    Best wishes all.

    Cinque, we have blue flowers on our trailing rosemary too. We have several plants and it looks so pretty. I hope Miss 5 can get the extra help she needs. That can often make a big difference.

    Minka, I’m glad you had a good trip and that the wedding was beautiful. But i’m sorry to hear that you are still recovering from the flu. You’re right, your travels and lack of sleep probably contributed to it. I hope you feel back to normal soon.

    Lindsay, those pictures of NZ are gorgeous! And leave it to you to have included a big bee in one of them. Neil, you live in a beautiful country.

    Thin, you asked my attitude about guns in the US. They’ve been here since the beginning of our government and the right to bear arms is guaranteed in our constitution. But I think in modern times we’d be safer without them. Assault rifles which have been involved in many mass shootings should definitely be banned. But the NRA has such a stronghold on our politicians that even that is difficult. I think they make this a less safe place to live.

    I saw this saying on FB the other day and thought it was a good one:

    Your grandparents were called to war.
    You’re being called to sit on your couch.
    You can do this!

    Good afternoon all. FD today, and I really don’t feel like it. Temptation is calling me from the kitchen, but I am valiantly resisting!

    CalifDreamer, I respectfully disagree with the Facebook post, as I feel we are all called to war, but the arena of our war differs; for us, it’s a psychological war against obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle, and a determination to be our best and healthiest selves. Still, it has a point; we would never want to suffer through a world war like they did, with incredible suffering and physical and emotional maiming. I hope we never have to.

    Minka, so sorry to read of all your health struggles. That’s another kind of war, a war to recover health and strength again. But wonderful that Mr Minka has got on board with his variety of fasting on Sundays. Please try to be kind to yourself, echoing Cinque’s words that you don’t want your situation to evolve into more serious ongoing health challenges. Great that you are now sitting back in your comfort range for clothes, etc.

    LindsayL, what beautiful photos. You must be sad to see your holiday coming to an end. Will you be facing a 14-day quarantine once back in Oz? I’m trying to remember if you’re an Aussie or a Kiwi; I’m thinking Aussie, but sorry if I’m wrong.

    Thin, once your planter is up and blossoming, you’ll have to send us a photo. Sounds like a good plan to use the wooden bread bin. If it’s not of use to you, you might as well make use of it another way.

    Cinque, good to read your post. Hope we get enough bursts of warmer weather to ripen your pumpkin. Noted that you’ve not yet instituted the “separation” from grandmother duties. It’s great you’re still available to help in situations of need, and hope in this case that miss 5 will be able to access the extra help she needs.
    By the way, I’m thinking again of smashing my scales ( 🙂 ), but I can really blame too much carb loading yesterday evening (banana cake). With a FD today, I hope the see at least a small decrease tomorrow morning. Currently 200gms down on last Saturday, which is NOT impressive.

    Neilithicman, note my restraint yet again, but I think, like LindsayL, that occasional venting here may be helpful over the next days.

    Have a lovely day, everyone.

    Good afternoon friends

    It is a very hot day today, currently 34 where I live and it is supposed to get up to 36. I just had a swim and it was glorious….yay for WFH!

    Weigh-in day and I’m down 400g this week. That’s ok, I aim for half a kilo and I’ve been lazy with my exercise so had I done a bit more I would have reached my goal. That is motivation for the coming week 🙂

    Minka, I was so sad to read about your dreadful illness. I do hope you continue to recover but remember to take it easy as you don’t want to regress.

    I’m sitting here with a bowl of carrot sticks and guess who is giving me the eye? Yes, Maxx adores carrots (amongst just about every other food known to man or dog) so I’ll be getting a snout in the knee shortly.

    Betsy, hang in there! It’s just one day and the hunger will wane.

    Cali, I do agree that the NRA has such a stronghold in your country and it is really quite terrifying to me. Each time there is a shooting they blame it on the person – which is correct – but if it was almost impossible to get a gun (like here) then perhaps the shootings just wouldn’t happen? I don’t know what the right answer is really.

    Is it warming up still over there?

    It is heartwarming to read about your caring neighbours Cinque, LJ, Betsy and Cali. I agree with Lindsay that there really are so many good people in the world but we only hear about the criminal or bad ones.

    Lindsay, what a breathtaking picture. I absolutely love the South Island of NZ and have been three times on driving trips. I especially love the fact that you can round a big bend and BOOM there is the most stunning mountain or lake or some other beauty of nature.

    My sister and BIL are getting on a plane in London tomorrow morning our time and will arrive at 6.00am on Sunday. I will be glad to see them home but i know they are sad to say goodbye to my nephew plus their holiday was certainly nothing like they planned. And it had to be cut short. They sent some gorgeous pics of their second last night where my nephew and his g/f took them to the Ritz for dinner. They all got glammed up and had a great time. It was eerie though, in the video there were about 3 other tables with diners and the rest of the restaurant was empty. It looked like something out of that horror movie ‘The Shining’.

    Penz, my hubby calls me the Ham and Cheese Toastie monster because I love them so much. Any news on whether you will be WFH? It really is sensible.

    How is your Mum going Neil? I hope your Dad enjoyed that brisket…it sounded mouth watering

    We are having home-made pizza tonight and I have made the dough for the bases (did I mention I LOVE WFH!!!) so I’m looking forward to that very much.

    Hi Thin, it must be warming up a bit by now? I agree with your comment about isolation having a silver lining. In the times I normally commute I can get so much done and hopefully my decluttering project will escalate a bit.

    I am a mean doggy mum. We have taught Maxx to be very polite around food and he knows if I say ‘wait’ he is not allowed to take the food. Here he is being ever so good

    Ok, need to get back to work. Have a great rest of Friday everyone

    it’s a tradition in our household to do homemade pizza on Fridays. Hubby does the dough and I do all the toppings. I’ll be thinking you Anzac as I enjoy ours tonight! Sounds like you’re being a very sensible doggy mum!! Mine know they don’t eat when the humans eat – they may hang around, but they don’t beg, and they certainly don’t get fed from the table. (They only ever eat outside.)

    Speaking of obedience, little Friday has his Bronze level obedience assessment this Sunday. Wish me well everyone! If he performs like he did in class last weekend, he’ll pass with flying colours. If he performs like he did last night when I was doing some more training, he’ll be busted back to puppy class.

    Still working from the office, but who knows what will happen next week.

    It was positively spring like today and a bunch of us got out at lunch time for a walk around the lake. That always puts me in a good frame of mind.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone!

    [Did I pass, Neil??]

    Minka, you poor thing. Do take care and look after yourself. Yay, Mr M. is a star!

    Cinque, are you going alright? Lots of comments for others but not much about yourself. I do hope you’re well.

    Lovely photos Lindsay, wonderful memories. Safe trip home.

    Anzac, I loved how you described driving in NZ, you just never knew what spectacular sight would be around the corner when there for the first time. Each seemed to outdo the last. Well yes, it must be warming up because I am no longer wearing a scarf and I even had my coat off outside briefly on Monday. Yesterday I just about froze to death while on hold to the bank for an hour; we can’t get a phone signal inside the boat and the members’ lounge is now closed due to you-know-what.

    CalifD, Betsy: I smiled at that FB post. It’s important to remain light-hearted and good-humoured. As you know I’m no fan of PC. I believe it stifles any meaningful, adult discussion on vitally important topics. It’s made us weaker as a race. I think that people really pulled together in the war and everyone wanted to ‘do their bit’ for their country. Nowadays, it’s more a case of ‘what am I entitled to?’. I feel grateful to be part of this tight-knit boating community where everyone looks out for one another. It sounds like many of you have that where you are living too.

    CalifD, thanks for responding about the gun issue. Difficult, isn’t it? They’re not going away. Have the laws been changed to make it harder to buy a gun? I remember choosing mace to protect myself in California as I had a fear of guns and didn’t want one but I lived alone in a dodgy neighbourhood near the Mexican border. I could have just walked in and bought a gun over the counter but, to get a can of mace, I had to undertake a weekend training course! Glad I did it but seemed nuts at the time.

    Betsy, overall it sounds like you and your scales are getting along quite well.

    Penz/Friday, good luck!

    LJ, Neil, Merry, hello, hello!

    Run out of time and the sun’s out so we’re off for a well-being towpath walk. Keep well and happy everyone. This will pass.

    Man, I really need to get on here every day, I skip a couple of days and there’s so many posts to catch up on.

    Great to hear from you Minka, and it’s great that your other half has decided to fast with you.

    Penz, I think you passed 😉. Home-made pizzas always go down well in our household. With a teen and pre-teen boys in our household I need to make more and more these days when I do make it.

    Congrats on the loss Anzac, I’m not expecting one this week, I’ve gone s bit overboard on the carbs over the last few days. I’m having an impromptu fast day today to try and counter it, so we’ll see how I get on in my weigh day.

    Betsy, I’m joining you in the scale smashing thoughts, but I did buy my biometric scale, so in the future hopefully I’ll be able to see what’s happening when I don’t see the weight I expect on the scales

    Lindsay, enjoy the trip to Christchurch, if you’re there for a couple of days doing a trip over to Littleton and taking the ferry over to quail island or diamond harbour for a visit is a nice day trip, or the harbour cruise is nice too.

    I hope everyone is good

    With the challenge I set re not talking about you-know-what I wasn’t meaning to ignore it altogether, but with wall to wall coverage on the news and having it dominate talk on social media, it’s nice to talk about other things as a distraction and to be mindful that there is more happening in our lives. If you need to vent then don’t hesitate to vent, we’re all here to support each other in our lives as well as our weight loss journey.

    As for me, we have a long weekend now for Otago Anniversary Day so we’re going down to the Catlins for a couple of days. I was hoping to get some gardening done today before we leave tomorrow, but the weather is a bit crap so I went to the butcher and fishmonger and now my boys and I will watch some Disney+ with the log burner going full bore.

    Have a great weekend everyone

    Good morning everyone, cloudy here but a lovely easy temperature. Lots of my seeds are up.

    Day before fast day for me. Mindful portions are go (ooh I had a yummy breakfast and just enough to last me nicely til lunch).

    Cali, it is so nice to think of our rosemaries (how to pluralise?) blossoming on either side of the world, and making the bees happy. Mine came from a bush I saw when I was down at Phillip Island many years ago. The strikingly deep blue flowers caught my eye so I picked a piece and got it to strike when I came home.

    I gave an involuntary sob when I read your quote about our grandparents called to war. I do take Betsy’s point, well made Betsy, about our internal struggles needing all the qualities it takes to fight a war. But oh dear, as you say, real live war coming to our country, our cities, is another dimension altogether. This crisis is the closest I have been to such a societal disaster, and it is true that staying home is something we can do to keep others safe.

    Cali and Betsy, Thanks re Miss 5, we do feel that early intervention will make life so much easier for her (and for those around her).

    I have instituted my separation, that was my last visit to my grandchildren for now.

    Hope those scales were patworthy this morning.

    Anzac, good grief, when you can’t even eat carrots in peace!
    Hooray for being another 400g lighter. Enjoy!
    I am so glad you were able to have time with your sisters family, I hope they have a good trip home.

    Penz, best of luck to Friday on Sunday! Haha, I do hope he is on his best behaviour.
    How nice to be able to walk around the lake in your lunchtime. Especially in lovely Autumn weather.

    Thin, thankyou, I am very well.
    So many lovely walks along water in our group at the moment.
    Neil, enjoy yours at Catlins! Hoping the weekend weather is better.

    Bye now,

    Best wishes all

    Good morning everyone.

    I am doing a FD today, so just a pot of tea so far and I’ve taken a tub of scotch broth out of the freezer for dinner. I have fruit available if I need something mid afternoon. I am doing really badly with my NFDs – I’m finding it hard to focus on weight loss at the moment. I might need to ensure I at least maintain until I’m in a more focused frame of mind.

    I am having to stay away from everyone for a few days as I have a mild cold. I feel fine, just sniffly and with a croaky throat. I’m still going out for walks as there is nobody near me and fresh air and exercise are nice. I had planned to go to the hills this weekend to take up several birthday presents – 4 family birthdays in 11 days! however that is now rescheduled to next weekend. The nursing home where my uncle is has locked down completely for the last week and my aunt is quite distressed because she can’t visit him. I’m hoping they will adopt the 30min visit rule soon.

    Penz, good luck tomorrow, I hope Friday remembers all his moves perfectly.

    Neil, have a nice long weekend. We aren’t quite up to wood fires here, it’s been an unusually warm March.

    Minka, sorry to hear you have struggled so badly to get well again. Good news though on the body scan and excellent that your OH has decided you must be doing something right ans has joined in on the FDs.

    Anzac, are you still having to do the week at home then week in the office, or have they decided that everyone should just WFH? Good photos of Maxx.

    Lindsay, lovely photo of NZ. I found the South Island had so many visual treats.

    Hello to everyone else who’s reading. Stay healthy and happy if you can.

    LJ, it must be weird to have a mild cold in these times. When we were still taking public transport to get groceries a couple of weeks ago, I was afraid to clear my throat on the bus.

    Cinque, good. I’ll be fasting with you tomorrow. I seem to have missed something about little Ms. 5. I must go back through your posts only.

    Neil, I also find it hard to keep up here. And it will be even harder when we hit the canals next week. I miss knowing what’s going on in everyone’s lives but snippets will have to do for now.

    Stay well and happy.

    PS Just skimmed your recent posts Cinque and don’t see anything about little Ms. 5. Is she OK?

    I have completed a successful FD500, I’m relieved about that.

    TO make the NFDs easier I think I need to plan suitable foods to have on hand to get through those NFDs with less damage. I’ve cooked some frozen raspberries with stevia and a little sugar and once it’s cooled I’ll add a kilo of greek yoghurt so that I have a fruit yoghurt on hand.
    I also need to make a dip, perhaps hummus, and have carrot sticks already chopped. When I’m in a grazing mood it’s so important that as soon as I open the fridge I see a sensible option. I’ve also put the tub of pappadams at the front of the pantry so that I can microwave some – a really tasty, healthy and low cal snack.

    I cooked an entire kilo of brown lentils last night and froze them on trays. Today I piled it all into a giant ziploc bag. They will now be really quick to use. I’ve kept 4 cups of them out to combine with crumbled tofu and veg to make the filling for a vego shepherds pie tomorrow.

    Thin, when I last saw my GP he was quite clear that without a fever any URTI was unlikely to the covid19, so I feel pretty sure that this is a minor cold. I know what you mean about not sneezing or coughing in public. I saw a fabulous cartoon the other day of a plane in flight with all the passengers riding on top of it. The caption said “somebody sneezed”.

    My nephew’s wife is finally ready to collect my spare craft table (I have two and only want one), which I offered her a few months ago. I’ve just had to clear the huge pile of stuff off of it so my nephew can take it tomorrow. I will finally have floor space in the craft room to set up a permanent exercise station with the yoga mat, fitball, hand weights etc. It will make it easier to do the physio exercise program without setup time – which I’m hoping will reduce excuses.

    Good evening all.
    Hope you have some nice plans for Sunday.

    Anzac, what sweet pictures of Maxx! It looks like you’re training him well. I bet he’s happy for your days WFH.

    LJ, great news that you got the piles of stuff off that extra craft table so your nephew can come and pick it up. We did that yesterday with the table in the middle of our office room upstairs so DS could put her work computer and monitors on it. She had been working on the dining room table but had to add a terminal that needed to be connected by Ethernet cable to our router. The router is way too far from the dining room. The office is packed with our 3 desks and computers and the table in the middle (a glass top one from Ikea) which became a catch-all for everything else in the office. But we got most of it cleared off so she would have space. Now there are cords and cables running everywhere! But so glad she’s WFH.

    All of California is on lockdown now except for essential trips such as the grocery, doctor’s and essential infrastructure jobs. It’s also allowed to take walks or jog, just not congregate and keep a safe distance from anyone you happen to meet. All restaurants and bars are closed except for meal pickup, mostly curbside. We stay at home a lot anyway so it isn’t a huge change for us. I see all sorts of fun things neighbors have suggested on our local Nextdoor.com site. One person put a pail with colored chalk out on their front driveway and suggested people walking by with their children to draw a picture or leave a message on the pavement. They are taking pictures of what people write and draw and posting them on Nextdoor. Another family has a big metal rooster sculpture on their front lawn and they are dressing it up in different costumes every day and posting a photo of it on the website, asking people to name it. One day it was a princess outfit, another day a fairy. Today it looks like the Mad Hatter.

    Another family put up a couple strings of their colored Christmas lights and suggested that others do the same to spread a little cheer in this worrisome and stressful time. We will all get through this. Social distancing is really the only tool we have to flatten the curve right now so hospitals can cope. Most people don’t end up in the hospital, in fact, most cases are mild, but enough do that their resources are stretched so thin. Some ladies in this country are sewing cloth masks for nurses because there is a shortage of disposable masks. They’ve posted photos and patterns online. Sad that a country like ours doesn’t have enough of such a simple thing.

    At this point I’m not stress eating, in fact it’s the opposite. So I’m slowly losing without my regular FD. But I will welcome getting back to normal and hope that won’t be too far away. Be careful, wash your hands and stay well, everyone.

    Good morning, nearly afternoon,

    LJoyce, I have grabbed the fastday baton from you and I am having my cup of tea as I write. Well, maybe my fourth cup of tea 😉

    Congratulations on your successful fast day and what good planning to make eating well easier while you are in grazing mode.

    Sending good wishes that you are over your cold soon, and also that your aunt is able to visit your uncle soon. So glad that no Covid19 had developed at the nursing home.

    Penz, I’m sending good steady vibes to Friday today.

    Thin, Miss 5 is fine. She is on the autism spectrum (her dad is too) and my daughter is following up support for her.

    Cali, so glad you are not stress eating, that is the last thing we need at the moment. I think this will be our new normal for a while, but hooray for the wonderful people working on a vaccine and other things to help. May their research have wings.

    What lovely ideas people are having in your neighbourhood. And hooray for getting the house set up nicely for WFH.

    Yesterday I had such a cool lunch: little patties made from chickpeas (cooked in my darling little pressure cooker) blended with warrigal greens, garlic and egg, the accompaniments were pan fried eggplant and zucchini and steamed carrots and beans. The garlic and carrot were the only veggies that didn’t come from my garden! Oh I had a dollop of (storebought) ajvar too, but I think it is the most homegrown meal I have ever had!

    Off to have the rest of my fasty fast day. Cheers to you all.

    Hello everyone, just completed my fast day, it’s been a year since I started this way of life, I started with size 26 sloppy t-Shirts I’m now down to size 18 with still lots of room there… I’m proud of myself to be honest not once did I break my fast days.. I’m still carrying on not sure when I will stop, I’m sure I will get hints lol as I’m a para it’s hard to get rid of those tummy rolls, and I’m a great one to show this way of life can work with no exercise if you stick with it…

    Now OH had a fall and broke his leg, just under his knee, plaster from toes to hip, very impressive so spent this week between doctors and hospitals really was relieved to get home …

    Take care everyone keep posting I luv reading them all

    Cinque, your FD will be well under way and I’m just arriving. I’ll be making a fasty chicken dinner from the Hairy Dieters cookbook. Thanks for explaining about little Ms 5 and I’m sorry I missed that. What a great meal. I am deciding whether or not to activate my kefir. On the one hand, I feel it’s better in my gut than the freezer box. On the other, I don’t want to use up our precious milk supply getting it started especially when we don’t always have fresh milk.

    Crazy, good for you for never breaking a FD. I’m the same. Managing with 6:1 for 6 months now and staying below 60kg.

    CalifD, it must be a relief to have your DS home. I enjoyed reading about your neighbourhood. What great ideas! The word ‘bored’ has always annoyed me. I’m sure someone will come up with great age-related activities to enable children to be productive & helpful members of society during their lock-down. They’re fit, healthy and innovative. No need to be bored. They have the internet, at the very least, they can be learning something.

    We’re getting a final grocery delivery today before leaving the marina. The company is groaning under the strain and not taking any new customers so I feel very fortunate. There are no more delivery slots for the foreseeable future. It doesn’t mean that everything I ordered will be delivered. People are still panic buying and Britons now have over a £1billion more food in their cupboards than they had three weeks ago. The government is asking them to eat it!

    As someone who always had good food stocks in our home, I have felt quite vulnerable without a proper freezer, having to secure fresh food every few days and the only grocery store in the village often having no milk, bread, vegetables, fruit, chicken, meat, etc. on the shelves. Of course, we will manage. Eventually, people will come to realise that the supply chain is intact and they will stop being so greedy.

    Good evening all. Quick greetings, and sorry not to reply to posts. Ended up losing 600 gms for the week, so my scales survived for this week. Now I’ve had 2 TDEE days for the weekend, before another FD tomorrow. Really, going okay, making adjustments for the long haul we’re currently facing to go through and come out the other side of this crisis. Remember “this too will pass”. Will comment more next time. Stay sensibly well!

    Good morning every one,

    My fast day is over! Chickpea and oat waffles cooking for breakfast 🙂

    Crazy, so good to see you and what an excellent anniversary! https://66.media.tumblr.com/91b2523c7bbbe67afb1d768ff596eb2a/tumblr_nff54tAG6b1t1fmf1o2_500.gif
    Hooray for the loose tshirt 8 sizes down!

    Much sympathy to Mr Crazy. I do hope he heals well. I guess if he had to break his leg, doing it at a time we shouldn’t be out and about is good timing.

    Come the fascinating task of working out when or if to stop 5:2, or what the new parameters for maintenance will be.

    Thin, I am so glad you are nicely ready to set off along the canals. The food panics are settling down here (about time) so hopefully you will find the same. However the booze panics set in when people thought closing pubs included bottle shops. Omg the footage. But that has been cleared up this morning.

    Betsy, 600g is a great loss for the week. More than a 500g block of butter!

    Yes, this pandemic will pass. Hooray for good people to journey through these times with.

    Best wishes, fellow journeyers.

    Good morning everyone
    Sorry for my absence and thank you to those who asked after me.
    I have had the flu for the last 9 days. I am home from work again today and also had all of last week off while I tried to battle this thing. I haven’t been this sick since I was 19!

    I haven’t been fasting at all but really not eating much and have lost a bit of weight anyway. I’m not really concerned with weight loss anyway at the moment as I just want to get better. I have improved a lot since a few days ago but now I feel like I’m getting a chest infection so I’m feeling like I just can’t win at the moment.

    Still haven’t been able to go and see my parents and now that I am sick, it will be a long time until I can go near them. Dad has asked for no visitors anyway as you can imagine how devastating it would be for him to get the Covid virus or any virus for that matter.

    Just wanted to check in and say hi. Will be back to fasting when I am well again. Take care all x

    Good morning all

    I am still largely confined to the house, apart from a daily walk as I still have the sniffles and a scratchy throat. Every day I seem to wake up and it’s same. It gets no worse and no better. I have cancelled all appointments for this week except my RA treatment infusion which is scheduled for Friday – I still have a bit of hope I’ll b healthy by then. I’ll need to make a decision on postponing by Thursday.

    Quacka, sorry to hear you have been so ill, hope you start to feel better soon.

    Thin, glad you are actually getting a grocery delivery today. The delivery system has collapsed here too due to excessive demand. It sounds like you are heading out into the canals very soon – I hope it’s an enjoyable and peaceful trip.

    Cinque, you do come up with some interesting combinations – chickpea and oat waffles! I hope they are lovely. I have to admit I’ve never actually made waffles.

    Betsy, very glad to hear you lost weight – well done.

    My NFD yesterday was an improvement on my recent excesses, which was pleasing. I’m still trying to decide whether to fast today or tomorrow. It feels too soon as I did a FD Saturday, however I will need to fast Thursday if I have my infusion Friday, so at some point I have to do 2 FDs with a single NFD between. As I’m writing this I’m thinking, just get it done today. There we go – decision made! FD today.

    Have a good day all.

    Quacka, what a dreadful 9 days you have had. If your breathing gets difficult, you get straight to hospital, ok? (Ring ahead!) Did you get yourself tested for Covid19? I guess you just presume it might be it, if you didn’t (or couldn’t).

    I hope your precious dad has worked out skyping. How miserable to have these barriers stopping you from seeing him, just when you want to spend as much time with him as you possibly can.

    LJoyce, I’ve passed the baton back to you. All power to you getting through today, You can do it!
    The waffles need a waffle iron, a thin one not that sumptuous thick sort. But they are so light and crisp, and can be made from any raw grains, pulses, nuts and seeds.

    Cheers now – especially to you Quacka https://miro.medium.com/max/960/1*Es1jN6BMjajXWx0xbi6Y2g.jpeg

    Quacka, I’m so sorry to hear you we’re so sick. I second Cinque’s suggestion that you get straight to the hospital or at least an urgent care office if your chest feels any worse. It’s good you feel improved the past few days. https://imgur.com/a/BzZRGC5 (Ignore the cookies 😁) Please let us know how you’re going. Virtual hugs to you!

    LJ, I hope your sniffles go away before your infusion on a Friday. Just eat healthy on your NFD’s.

    Cinque, chickpea and oat waffles sound good. I bet the combination would be good for pancakes too. That makes me think of making potato pancakes one of these days. I haven’t made them in ages. Love them with applesauce and a little low fat sour cream if it’s a NFD.

    Crazy, congrats on a year of healthy weight loss. It must make you feel so much better. Sorry to hear about your husband’s leg. That cast sounds pretty impressive and must be good for lots of sympathy. Does he have any idea how long it will have to remain on?

    Betsy, good to hear from you.

    Thin, your adventures on the canals is about to begin! I hope groceries will be easy to find as you travel. At least if everyone is quarantined, for you, it can be in different pretty places. How is your daughter going through all of this?

    Cases are multiplying quickly in this country, partly because they’re having a few more tests available. It’s pretty worrisome checking the figures each morning. One thing to remember is to check the active cases, not just the overall figures you see on the news.

    Please take care and hunker down, even if it’s not mandated yet.

    Sending you healthy thoughts Quacka and LJoyce. It’s never a good time to be ill, but especially now!

    Sounds like a good time to get back out on the water, Thin.

    Thanks for all your well wishes re Friday. We had such a small turnout on Sunday that the instructor said we wouldn’t be assessed and she’d just pass us all. Friday was really “on” though, focused and attentive so I’m sure he would have passed anyway. I’ve now put him down on the waiting list for agility but as the Club has now cancelled classes until at least after Anzac Day I’m not sure when we’ll start practice. Lots of homework though!

    Good afternoon to everyone. Posting earlier today, in part to keep me away from the kitchen until it’s at least 5 p.m., when I will give my self permission to eat. an FD800 today, so having a bit more than a FD, but still just in one meal.

    @neilithicman, I hope your new scales are working well, and being kind to you. Did they show you at the same weight as your previous scales? That can be a problem with new scales; you can suddenly be lighter, or (horrors!) heavier.

    @ljoyce, sorry to read that you’re still unwell. Frustrating to have something like that, just mild but not improving. Hope it clears by Friday so you can have your infusion. I’ve been meaning to ask – I can’t remember when you were planning your big trip; has the current Covid-19 situation affected your travel plans?

    @penz, yay Friday, graduating to the next level (whenever that may commence!). Are you still working from your office?

    @califdreamer, like your state, Australia is now on much tighter “lockdown” restrictions. Maybe not as strict as California, but all hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, clubs, casinos, and places of worship closed today at midday. Takeaway food can be bought at cafes and restaurants still, so some may stay open to provide that service. This is only Stage 1, so more restrictions may follow.

    Quacka, I echo Cinque’s and CalifDreamer’s words – have you been checked for Covid-19?; and don’t delay in seeking professional help if the infection is going to your lungs. Hope you recover soon.

    thin, did your grocery order arrive before you left the marina? Happy “canalling”.

    crazyartist, yay you, what a fantastic effort to go down so many sizes in a year. You must be so chuffed (and your wardrobe must be looking so bare 🙂 ).

    Anzac65, what cute photos of Maxx. He looks deprived. How dare you eat all those carrots when you know he deserves at least half of them?! Actually a friend of mine had a dog that absolutely adored carrots. He would go bananas whenever she got any out of the fridge, demanding to be given one (which he usually got, too).

    Hi to several folk not seen in a while – penguin, GDayfromSA, Klondi, Intesha, and also hi to merryme and whoever else I may have forgotten. Hope you’re all well, and continue to be so.

    Have a good evening all!

    A quick post as I still haven’t been for a walk and need to go soon.

    Penz – congratulations to Friday.

    Betsylee – I haven’t mentioned the impact on my planned travels for September, but I accepted a few days ago that there will be one. I think it’s highly likely that I’ll need to postpone my plans until 2021. Even if the health impact is largely over by then, I have no idea which travel companies will still be in business and I’m unlikely to be able to find acceptable insurance. Luckily I am only risking a very small deposit at this stage and further funds are not required until mid July – and then I’d need to pay over 10k to keep my booking. So in early July I’ll assess the health and finance risks.

    Cali – as you advise I have hunkered down to a great degree. I’ve cancelled all appointments for the next 2 weeks. Which gives me time to get well.

    I had a flurry of vegetarian cooking yesterday. I made a bolognese with crumbled marinated tofu instead of beef and lots of hidden veg minced into it. I also made a lentil based filling for a shepherds pie and a mash of potato, butternut and carrot. I put the shepherds pie together last night and it was really tasty. Tomorrow I’ll pick several of my homegrown eggplant and turn the tofu bolognese into a tray of moussaka. At this rate I’ll need a bigger freezer!

    Take care all.

    Congratulations on the drop in clothes size crazy. I know you have issues with weighing yourself but dropping 8 sizes in clothing shows you must have lost heaps of weight.

    Sorry to hear you can’t get to see your dad Quacka, I can imagine that is probably harder for you than fighting the illness.

    I’m going to be the same situation because we returned from a reasonably pleasant weekend away to find that the whole country is going into a 4 week lockdown. All schools, transport, and non essential businesses are to shut completely and the whole country is to self isolate for 4 weeks. Mum didn’t quite get out of hospital in time so I probably won’t be able to visit her for 4 weeks. Since my wife works in the hospital laboratory she will definitely be counted as an essential service.

    Have a great day everyone and stay safe!

    FD successful with a little bed time hunger to remind me it was working. 700g down so I’m feeling light, healthy and ready for the week.

    So many posts! Cinque, I might be trying those chicpea and oat waffles. We have a good supply of both. Thanks to all who asked, yes the delivery guy arrived and commented how delightful it was to deliver in such a beautiful setting. He told me the drivers get their temps taken every morning and a mouth swab done. He said there are no delivery slots for two weeks and people are still buying in enormous quantities. Re-useable bags now presenting a health risk! The only item they were unable to fill was tinned sweet corn. I didn’t order TP so I don’t know the state of the nation on that one.

    Neil, isn’t it wonderful when you’re able to escape and not be ‘connected’? But strange returning to the real world to find your country’s in lock-down. I bet you have some great ideas for your boys while they’re homebound. Do share.

    LJ, good job talking yourself into a FD. Hurray for the thread.

    Betsy, well done with your week’s loss, you’re smashing this.

    Penz, congrats to you and Friday.

    Quacka, I read your post a few times but can’t tell whether by ‘flu’, you suspect you have Covid-19. Get well soon. Here we are told not to go to hospital or the GP if suspected but to ring a special number on go online to report and get instructions.

    CalifD, the other thing to remember about the statistics is that many people will have had the virus and not been tested/not even known they had it. Thanks for asking about DD. Her trip to Poland was cancelled and she went back to work to help out. Vets have been identified as among the nation’s key workers. The practice has told them they must attend to farmers’ needs as a priority as they’re supplying the nation’s food. They’ve also been told that, with clients in self-isolation, they may not have enough money to pay the vets – nothing new there, then. They are doing carpark consultations for small animals. She works ridiculously long hours but absolutely loves her job. Last weekend on call, she did her first solo cow Caesarean which is really a two-person job (one to stitch up the cow and one to resus the calf). If a solo vet has to deal with the calf, they then have to scrub-in a second time to deal with the cow. All this is often at 3am, cold, wet and tired. I’m very proud of her.

    We plan to leave on Wednesday. We’ll have a hot shower, fill up with water and diesel, pay our electricity bill and possibly just tie up on the canal opposite the marina for the first night. Or we might venture through the 1500m tunnel and down the first flight of 5 locks if we’re feeling brave. The forecast is for ‘sunny and 14C’ – a heatwave! If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ll be busy working those locks!

    Spare a thought for narrow boating in England with the pubs all closed! Just kidding, it’s a small price to pay I know.

    Stay well and happy.

    Hi thin, the boys will still be getting schoolwork through google docs, so I’m going to try to divide up the day with a couple of hours of school work, some exercise, more school, some fun time, more school, housework, etc. keep them busy. I might even take them out hunting one of the days. I’ve got a couple of rifles and there’s plenty of goats, pigs and deer in the hills around town.

    I’m feeling much better today and have already been out for a walk at 8am, thinking the streets would empty. Where I walked the streets were empty, but there’s a Centrelink office near me and I could see the really long queue waiting for the office to open at 9, it’s heartbreaking.

    Glad I got the FD done yesterday, it turned out to be an easy one. Today got off to a very early start though, as I struggled to sleep and gave up at 5:30. Needless to say I’m craving food today and have already eaten breakfast and morning tea and it’s only just 10am.

    Neil, it sounds like the boys will have a more varied day with you than at school.

    Thin, yes boating will be a both less fun without your regular pub lunches, but at least you won’t be stressing about all the calories.

    Good afternoon,
    I am getting very busy being stuck at home, and haven’t had a moment today to write.

    But here is my chance. Sending out good wishes to you all, especially to you Quacka. I am really hoping that today has been better rather than worse.

    Cali, potato pancakes, ooh yum, and very NFD! Now I want some too.
    It is scary seeing the Covid19 numbers soar in the US. I am so glad you are so safe and well set up. But also thinking of so many people who aren’t.

    Penz, sorry Friday didn’t get the chance to strut his stuff, but congratulations to him (and you).

    Betsy, I’m doing just what you did yesterday. Posting to pass the time til dinnertime.

    LJoyce, so glad you are feeling a bit better. Hooray for an easy fast day. I guess early waking was a sign of feeling better. I was up early too, and there was a particularly beautiful dawn here with red light on rippling clouds.

    You made me realise I need to make some things for the freezer so if I get sick (determined not to, but you never know) I have easy things prepared. I am going to make some spanakopita and my easy chicken soup and buy some frozen pork dumplings from the wonderful little place that makes them (called One Noodle Happiness), if they are still open. That should set me up. If I am not sick in 4 weeks time I can eat them anyway 🙂

    Neil, I am envious of your country’s handling of this crisis. Clear, science based public plans and early shut down. You might have to struggle with similar damage to the economy as other countries, like us, but I’ll bet your health toll will be much smaller and therefore your recovery will be quicker.

    Day before take off, light, healthy Thin. So exciting.
    Big Bravos to your daughter. What an important role she is playing, and omg I can’t even imagine doing a cow caesarian alone. She surely is a key worker. You must be so proud. Ha, even I feel proud by association!
    Have fun with the locks!

    Best wishes and all good things

    Quick “Hi” pre-dinner. CD today after a FD800 yesterday, but really (pleasantly) surprised by the scales this morning, down a further 600 gms. Not sure I believe it, so we’ll see what they say to me tomorrow.

    Good to read all your posts. Glad you’re feeling a bit better LJoyce. Difficult decision re the travel, but I’m sure we’ll have much more idea by July of what’s happening – Covid-19 peak expected May-June.

    Hope you traversed the locks safely, thin.

    Good luck with the boys schooling Neilithicman. The hardest part will be keeping them away from other kids. Not sure how folk with teenagers are going to manage, to be honest. Sorry you won’t be able to visit your mother – hope she’s out of hospital quickly.

    Cinque, definitely start cooking and storing meals. If the worst comes, and you have to self-isolate, you may not feel like cooking, and I can tell you from experience, that even if other kind folk cook things for you, you may well find that it is not food that you would really want to eat, given the choice. Last year when I had the flu, 2 different friends dropped me off some chicken soup – one, absolutely delicious! The other – well, I drained off and drank the liquid part, and smothered the rest with lots of cheese so I could eat it. Oh well!

    Keep well, everyone.

    Betsy, so glad you are still so controlled and seeing continued results. I tried to be sensible today but ate about three times the bread I should have. Oh dear.

    Cinque, Enjoy the cooking and eating (surely you have have one serve while it’s freshly made). I rather like fishing things out of the freezer. I find the trick is to keep things cycling over at an orderly rate. It’s easy to let it get away from you when you live in a single person household. I find I need to have a week each month where I concentrate on eating freezer meals otherwise if I just keep cooking the frozen leftover collection gets out of hand.

    I just watched the prime minister’s announcement of the new restrictions. I feel like I have to keep catching my breath at the rapidity of change.

    Now that my nephew’s wife can’t go to work she’s thinking she’ll keep the kids at home. It wasn’t an option when they were both working.

    Hi everyone

    Sorry for not posting, have been so busy at work and also not feeling very positive about things so I have been quietly reading and enjoying your lovely posts. Having a controlled week this week and doing ok food-wise.

    Take care all, back soon

    Day 1 of lockdown, did the dishes, got the kids sorted with their school work, did 3 loads of washing, cooked morning tea, took the boys for a walk through a local bush reserve, cooked lunch, started a woodwork project with my younger boy, mowed the lawn, picked up my wife, went for a 31 kilometre bike ride and then cooked dinner. One day down, 4 weeks to go 😄

    Our house is going to be spotless by the end of it.

    Anzac, I guess it’s sometimes better to be busy with things like work and not have time to dwell on the news which comes in throughout the day. Will you be able to have more WFH days in the coming month, or is there some work that has to be done on site? Are the trains less busy now as more people are hopefully WFH? Even though we’re under lockdown here, there are a lot of “essential” workers who are still traveling about. I agree that it’s hard to feel very positive some days with this crisis going on. But the whole world is in the same position and you have lots of company. We’ll get through this together. I’m thankful for our little group here. We all have each other.

    Neil, you are an example for all of us, getting so much accomplished in one day of lockdown! I saw a post on the local FB group today that said, “After years of wanting to thoroughly clean my house, but lacking the time, this week I discovered that wasn’t the reason.” 😁 it sounds like you bucked that trend and will have the cleanest house in all of NZ before this is all over!

    Thin, I can’t even imagine your daughter having to deliver a calf by cesarean all by herself. I will remember that when I think I’m having a tough day. But it sounds like she is in her element now, doing what she loves to do. Thank goodness for vets like her who keep our pets healthy through tough times.

    I have been pulling things out of the freezers to make space for more groceries. Last night I made up some minced turkey, sautéed onions, farro and quinoa and frozen broccoli. It turned out very well and was quite a comforting dish while not being too high in calories.

    Hi to LJ, Cinque, Betsy, Crazy, Penz and anyone else I didn’t reply to directly. Hang in there and find ways to adjust to our new normal.

    Good evening all. Managed a CD today instead of my planned FD800, as I had a chocolate bar which was calling my name. However, that’s still okay. Planning a FD800 tomorrow and a FD Friday before I weigh in on Saturday. Scales this morning were still kind to me, not 600gms, but at least 400gms down from Saturday. Hope it will be even better after the next 2 days.

    Re fasting in this current situation – when better? I do agree with CalifDreamer re that quote – yes, I have more time at home now, and no, the chores are still not being done any more rapidly.

    Speaking of which – Neilithicman, well done on day one of your new WOL. I am secretly wondering whether it will be sustainable? I began really well in January, getting chores done, once I deferred my doctorate, but it lasted about 2-3 weeks, and I slowed down to something more realistic. But well done you if you can keep it up. The boys will have to do their schoolwork, anyway.

    Anzac65, good to hear from you, and glad you’re keeping the eating under control. In these troubling times, it would be easy to give up, but you’re managing to stay stable, which is great.

    LJoyce, I’m a bit like you with frozen meals. I did a heap a few weeks ago, but discovered I had some from quite some time ago. They’ve now gone to the top of the pile for eating. Mainly, though, I’ve been managing to buy enough fresh food to keep myself going week by week. I’ll try to eat one of the older frozen meals a week, just to move them out. And then I should still have enough to cover me in the event of self-isolation.

    Cinque, hope you’ve been able to do a bit of cooking for freezer storage.

    Keep well, all.

    Has anyone heard from Lindsay? She was travelling around New Zealand. I’m wondering how she got on with this lockdown, whether she managed to get a flight home or has to isolate in New Zealand somewhere. Last I heard she was on her way to Christchurch.

    Day 2 of isolation, if the weather is ok I’ll start doing some of the garden work, if not I’ll tackle the cleaning in the house.

    A quick one Neil – we got home on Sunday. Chaotic, but I’ll write more later. Thanks for the concern.

    Good morning, Fast day for me.

    I went shopping early yesterday. Good grief, early shopping is not CFS compatible! I recovered just enough to get to the dentist this morning at the Community Dental Health. All the students are away so I got my favourite dentist there and so that was good. And enough time has passed for me to have a hot drink, so it is cup of tea time. Hooray.

    I’ll need to rest after this and then I have a couple of urgent things to cook and about a dozen urgent kitchen and garden jobs. While I am resting I’ll triage them!

    Ok, catch up!

    Betsy, another kilo gone! You are sure making up for that plateau now!

    LJoyce, I’m glad the babysitting decision is made. I worked how to fb call my little grandkids the other day.

    Anzac, sending lots of good wishes to you. These are worrying times. I hope your job is safe. Surely they can use you! From home!

    Neil, what a power house you are. The woodworking project sounds particularly good. Ha, I think there might be lots of household cleaning and sorting and yard tasks done by stay at home people with energy.

    Cali, nice cooking. One of the things I need to make today is a potato, mince (I’ve got beef), and beetroot pie. I’m looking forward to it.

    Lindsay thanks so much for popping in and letting us know you are home Looking forward to your catch up, when you have time.

    Quacka, I think you must be very crook, how I wish the good wishes I send you could be healing ones too. Thinking of you, and looking forward to the day we hear you are feeling heaps better.

    Best wishes to everyone

    This video is about sanitizing groceries that we bring into our homes during these trying times. What do all of you think? Should we be doing this or is it overkill? Now I’m starting to feel paranoid…


    Calif I honestly thought for goodness sake its getting a over the top, but each to their own, you do what your gut tells you, you do know how you would feel, just stay safe

    Giving myself a little break. Hi CrazyArtist! Hi Cali!

    I watched a bit of that video and skipped through some more. I had considered this when I went shopping. Last week I had to work out whether to wipe down the carton of milk my daughter gave me. None of the expert advice recommends this.
    I know the main way the coronavirus is transmitted is through person to person contact: hugs and kisses, hand shakes, sharing food, sitting chatting together, working together, etc.
    The next main way is public places like cafes, shop counters, public transport, seats, stair banisters and escalators etc. where people have coughed, sneezed or spluttered and someone then puts their hand down and then eats a hand held snack with that hand, or touches their eye, nose or mouth.
    It is shutting down these two huge transmission pathways that all the warnings are about.

    Hi all, checking in again before eating. Hope you’re doing okay, and not feeling as stressed. We just have to get past this.

    Cinque, yes, I’m pleased with the weight coming off, but reality check – I’m still not back down to where I was in the middle of last year. About 3 more kilos to lose, then I’m into what I would consider as “real” weight loss, not just catching up the re-gain of last year.

    LindsayL, glad you got home safely. Are you having to self-isolate for 14 days, or did you get in before that started?

    Cinque & CalifDreamer, I agree that the most important thing is good hand hygiene, lots of hand-washing and avoiding touching your face after handling or touching anything which may have infected virus droplets on it, which generally means hard surfaces, probably only outside the house, like when shopping, etc.

    LJoyce, hope you’re feeling better and can have your infusion tomorrow.

    Keep well, all 🙂

    Hi all. Lindsay, I’m glad to hear that you’re back home. Everyone in California is self isolating (or should be) so you’re just like us. It sounds as though that’s about the only strategy to slow this thing down that seems to help. While the number of cases in the world is quickly increasing, it’s important to note that the active cases are lower than that number, both because of deaths, but also 123,322 people recovered so far. That number will increase everyday too, soon at a faster pace as most of the cases we see now are new.

    Betsy, any loss is “real” weight loss and yours seems to be slowly but surely coming off.

    LJ, hope you felt well enough to have your infusion yesterday and fast the day prior.

    Cinque, hope you are feeling well and are doing Facetime or Skype with the grandies.

    Neil, you are accomplishing so much with your boys while they are out of school. Posts by some of our local mums having to do homeschooling for the first time are pretty funny. I laughed at this one:

    “Of course our kids are going crazy. Their teacher now drinks, swears, can whoop their butt and they can’t complain anywhere because she also sleeps with the principal!”

    Well my new scales finally showed up, but I’m not sure I trust its measurements. I stood on both and the new one weighs me about 400 grams heavier (88 kilos compared to 87.6 on my old one) that’s ok, it said my bone weight was normal at 3.1 kilos, that my visceral fat was at a healthy rate at 12, that my hydration was normal at 49%, but then it said my bmi was 30.2, which is way off, with my height and the weight it recorded the BMI should be around 27-28. Then it said my muscle mass was low at 57.6 kilos. I do 300 sit-ups,150 push-ups and 150 bicep curls with each arm with a 15 kilo dumbbell each week, as well as cycling hundreds ok kilometres a week. There is no way I have low muscle mass. Then it recorded my body fat percentage at 32% I’m not sure on that one either, and most insultingly it listed my biological age at 52. Oh well, I’ll use it for a few weeks and see what stats change when my weight goes up and down. Bone weight and muscle mass shouldn’t fluctuate too much from week to week so it should be hydration and body fat that move.

    Neil, those scales sound demented!

    I had a good fast day yesterday and the most delicious breakfast this morning. Fish tacos. Very fusion, as I used tinned kippers haha, but also grilled pumpkin, eggplant, mushrooms, lettuce, and gherkin! I have no idea if this sounds ghastly, but it really did taste excellent.

    Well I thought I could do more at home while I was not going out at all, but I deluded myself, and now I am paying for it. However none of my groceries have gone off yet. And surely I will make the spanakopita today. Yesterday I picked a huge saucepan of warrigal leaves (cutting back the plant and tidying it at the same time) so that was an important first step, and I was sitting in the sun so I got my dose of Vit D too.

    It was lovely to hear of the UK action overnight when everyone came out and clapped like mad for their NHS. Such a lovely (and very British) thing to do.

    Cali, so many good humorous things being sent around. Especially about having the kids at home, haha. As an ex teacher I am finding it particularly amusing.

    Ok, off to tick some things off my lists, all ordered into priority 1, 2 and 3. I wonder if I will ever get to 3 😉

    Looking forward to hearing from you. Do share how life is going.
    Best wishes.

    Hi all. Just a quick post, and apologies for not replying to all. Just wanted to stay posting, so I don’t slip backwards.

    We arrived home on Sunday after a chaotic departure from New Zealand. Instead of the lovely sightseeing day Neil, we spent most of it trying to contact Air New Zealand, which had cancelled our flight without notice. We only found out because my brother and SIL were driving our car out to the airport for us to get home, and checked the flight time. After 5 hours of trying to get through to the airline we finally gave up and booked with Qantas. When we checked at the airport the next morning, we found we’d been rescheduled to a 1pm flight via Auckland. No notice at all about the changed flight, although we have received 3 emails about changing our seats (on a cancelled flight) and this morning, a survey asking how we enjoyed our flight to Auckland (which we hadn’t taken). You have to laugh.

    It is wonderful being home – though next time I am going to a kennel and sending Rosy on holiday. She’s lost 2 kilos (which I gained unfortunately) and is skin and bone. Not the kennel’s fault – they said they had trouble getting her to eat.

    Just waiting for a Woolies delivery – I have no idea what I ordered. As I placed the order, the price kept shooting down, and then up again, as they ran out of stock, I guess. Still, we have the essentials, and my sweet sweet brother left a 4 pack of toilet paper (luxury, too) on the seat of our car. Such a lovely man. DD left us a vegetable curry in the fridge, and a lovely banana and cranberry cake too, so we were feeling blessed. Then this morning DS send us videos of the kids (5 and 2), singing ‘I love you’.

    Funny how kids are dealing with this in their own way. DIL took the little man for coffee before school last week – he raced around the coffee shop shouting ‘I am the coronavirus monster’ (til she took him in hand of course). Now there are no coffee shops, nor school. Miss 3 coughed on the way to kindy and asked if she had coronavirus. Miss 6 is a bit more introspective about it – DD found a poignant little poem she’d written about isolation (spelt phonetically, but the meaning was clear). Sad, children’s little lives are being impacted like this.

    LJ tough to have your travel plans put on hold….but you will get there, if not this year then next.

    Tough too Neil not to be able to see your mum for a month – but perhaps she’s in a safer place than at home, as she recuperates. And those new scales are probably not settled into their new home yet. Give them time.

    And Quacka, a double whammy of not being well, and not seeing your parents when you really want and need to. Hope you are okay.

    OK I will finish here as already it’s already taken me a couple of days to write. Take care all.

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