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  • Good morning friends

    SO glad you are home safe and well Lindsay. Don’t worry about 2 kilos, holidays are for enjoying and you will knock them off in no time. I too am sad about the impact this must be having on the children

    Quacka I am so sorry you are so unwell and a double whammy that you can’t go and see your parents. Get better soon

    Neil I would send those scales back and say they are faulty. How can you possibly have a biological age of 52 when you are so incredibly fit? Ridiculous

    How is your Mum going? It must be so hard for you to not see her

    Sorry you had a horror shopping trip Cinque. Was it the crowds or the empty shelves that made it so terrible? Our Coles have closed half of the auto check outs to enable people to be a good distance apart so the queues are quite incredible. I am ok for everything except paper towels and dratted Maxx has now chewed two brand new roles! My fault for leaving them within grabbing distance but honestly….couldn’t he chew something less precious like some cash or my good jewellery? Ha ha. He is loving having me home but coming up with new and interesting ways to get my attention rather than tapping away on the computer. Sigh.

    I am supposed to go into the City next week but I’m getting mixed messages. On our daily call yesterday my boss (who is the big boss) seemed clear that if you are on the black team (which I am) you go in next week. But then today I was on a different call and one of the senior PM’s said that 80% of the yellow team who were supposed to be in the city this week were WFH. Another bloke said ‘you must not come in as you are not essential services’. They are also recommending that we drive in or get dropped off and picked up but this not practical at all. Anyway hopefully I can get some clarity at our 5.00pm call today. I do NOT want to go into the city and especially do not want to get on a train. I hate driving so there is no way I would drive all that way and I can’t ask Steve to do four trips every day. My dear friend who has CF posted me some surgical masks so at least I have them.

    Our remote access software is not coping with the number of people who are WFH so I guess that is why they need as many of us as possible to go into the City.

    Cali, there are some really terrible figures and stories coming out of the USA. And the president wants to reopen everything as early as Easter. He is terminally crazy surely? I hope you – and everyone – are doing ok.

    Really happy for your current success Betsy. I am maintaining – just – and as the weekend draws near I can feel myself pining for some really rubbishy food. I will resist though. And I’m loving being able to go on the long morning walks with the boys. We even do some jogging around the rugby field (or more like waddling for me!). I have been slowly building up Maxx’s recall with the gundog whistle and finally took the brave step of trying it out in the park with distractions. So far so good; he spins and runs to me every time. If he even ignores it once it can be ruined so phew – so far. We want to make this our emergency “GET BACK HERE NOW I MEAN IT” weapon against him ever running off to chase another dog and running towards the road or children.

    What on earth did we do with our spare time before we got him?

    How are you going LJ? I hope your transfusion went ok and I’m sorry your precious travel plans are now in chaos. Thank goodness you have only put down a small deposit

    Lovely to hear from you Crazy and what an achievement! Size 26 to 18 (or less) in just one year. I think your success comes from never breaking a FD. I must keep this in mind

    Ok, back to work. Please keep your fingers crossed that I can avoid going into the CBD next week

    Hi all, hope you’re doing well.

    FD today, managing okay so far. Apart from a 1/3rd of a breakfast biscuit to take a tablet, if I’m having a “real” FD (i.e., under 500 cals), I usually have a LFD. If I start eating, I know I’ll go over 500 cals and end with a FD800.

    Good to hear from you, Anzac65, with an update. Hope you don’t have to go in to work next week and that the powers that be get their instructions straight! Grr to Maxx for tearing up the paper towels. I presume he didn’t then proceed to eat them? 🙂

    Glad you’re home and okay, LindsayL. Poor Rosy; she must have really pined. You’ll have to feed her up.

    Cinque, just realised what you meant a couple of posts ago – no, I didn’t lose another kilo. I was 600 gms down and didn’t believe it, and the scales the next day confirmed I was only 400 gms down. But after the past couple of days, I’m back to the 600 gms down, and am hoping for slightly more when I weigh in tomorrow morning.

    Neilithicman, weird about your scales. Did you input the correct height? My MBI immediately shot up when I realised I’d shrunk 2 cms and inputted the revised height.

    Don’t be too concerned about the “apparent age”, either. I did one of those using the heart Foundation app, and was appalled at the age, so I played around with it, putting myself as being at my weight goal, low cholesterol, normal blood pressure, etc., and was still several years above my biological age, purely because of the cardiac disease in the family. I am not my smoker parents, but that isn’t taken into account. Initially I felt quite insulted, because I know I’m fit and healthy, but then just shrugged my shoulders and now ignore it.

    CalifDreamer, yep, we are being strongly encouraged now to only go out for essential errands, and otherwise stay at home. Not yet mandatory, but I suspect that will be coming soon.
    Thank you for your kind words re my weight loss. I’m just aware of how much ground I lost when I got so stressed with the research phase of my study last year, and it’s painful to have to re-lose the kilos after all my hard work. Never mind, on the downward trail again now, and I’ll get there. When I reach 72 kg (which is 1 kg lower than I got to last year), you will probably hear the cheers even as far as California, because it will mean I’m finally officially “overweight” instead of “obese” 🙂

    Hoping everyone is doing well, and sending you my best wishes.

    Good afternoon all.

    Thanks for asking – the infusion went well this morning as did yesterday’s FD. Today has been filled with unplanned snacking unfortunately.
    One highlight – My nurse brought me a scoby so that I can start my own kombucha – something to keep be busy for a little while.

    To those of you who have commiserated over my delayed travel plans. With the health crisis that is bombarding our world, it puts things into clear perspective. I think delayed travel is unimportant by comparison and I’ll be grateful if there is still a functioning world left to visit once we get through this.

    Anzac, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can get to WFH next week.

    Lindsay, glad you are home, safe and well. You know how much Rosy missed you if she refused to eat – clearly no labrador genes there.

    Neil, I think those scales sound faulty. I though the only accurate way to measure body composition was in one of those expensive medical devices that look like a giant egg, that you climb inside of. I suspect that the home scale version uses mostly formulas based on averages. It sounds like the one you have can’t even get that right, given the BMI miscalculation.

    Quacka, how are you? I hope you are feeling a bit better that you were last time you posted.

    Cinque, I’m glad the kipper tacos were delicious, but you are right, it sound ghastly. But then I can’t cope with fish at the best of times.
    I do hope you found the energy to make that spanikopita today. I’ve never had warrigal greens – do they taste anything like spinach?

    Hello to Betsy, Crazy, Cali, Penz, Thin and anyone else who is reading.

    I haven’t been for a walk yet today so I think it’s time I got that done.

    Quick second post, as our posts crossed – LJoyce, glad the infusion went well this morning and that you’ll be able to start your own kombucha.

    Stay well all!

    Penguin & Thin, I hope your deputy PM is good in a crisis as he/she might be filling in for a couple of weeks. I just switched over to ABC news to see Boris Johnson announcing he’s tested positive to covid19.

    Good mornimg,

    Lindsay, yes, keep posting, we love so much to have you here. What a debacle getting home. No wonder you need some recovery time. And how relieved Rosy must be to have you back again.
    Isn’t lovely having the kids on skype, or whatever. (Although my feral two just climb over each other shrieking and all I can see is a nose or an eye, and lots of ‘Grandma grandma’.) (Just like real life).

    Good luck transferring your excess 2 kilos to Rosy.

    Anzac, good grief, everyone is scrambling. I do so hope you have your work stuff sorted out… and that you can work from home.

    Well done maintaining! Extra gold stars for doing so with chaos at work and Maxx at home, haha. Maybe you can give yourself one well deserved treat that you can enjoy wholeheartedly, rather than the dreadful comfort of rubbish eating.

    Yay Maxx with the gundog whistle!

    My shopping disaster was not the shop’s fault at all. It was all to do with my illness because a) I had been overdoing things (housework, sigh) and b) it takes me about three hours to get going in the morning, 10 am is an okay time to leave the house, but I left for the shops at 7am. I am still recovering!

    Betsy, Oh no, I did think you had lost 600 + 400g Oh well, let’s take 400g, it is a lot better than nothing. I hope yesterday’s fast day went really well.

    LJoyce, haha even as I was writing I figured I’d think it was a ghastly combination if I read it.
    Did you manage to stop snacking yesterday? If not, today is the day.

    I did make the spanikopita, hooray! They are all in the freezer as I have other food to eat up. Today I am making individual ramekin bakes, hoping the mince hasn’t gone off.

    Nice to have your infusion done and dusted.

    Fast day for me tomorrow!

    Best wishes for a good weekend everyone.

    Quick check-in (really!). Weighed-in this morning – yay! Nearly the 1 kg you thought I’d lost, Cinque – 900 gms down. That’s 3.5 kg so far this month. Unlikely to be more, as I’ll have a couple of TDEE days over the weekend. Still a long way to go, but pleased with progress so far.

    Glad you got your cooking done, Cinque. Sympathise re the early rising knocking your health. I’m not an early riser by preference, and to get to the shops at 7 a.m. if there are things I really want is exhausting, and I don’ have your health challenges.

    Reminder everyone: this current crisis will pass, but we have our weight for a lifetime, so don’t give up. We can do it!

    don’t, of course, not don’

    A quick hello to say Woot Betsy!

    Haha yes, why couldn’t they make the special shopping time 11am.

    I made my ramekins and it was delicious having one for dinner last night. Such a relief to have all the vulnerable food cooked and stored.

    Fast day today. Making soup. And doing a bit of henna hair too. Rain should come this afternoon so I pulled out zucchini plants that were going all powdery mildew. The biggest healthy one said “Look I’ve got a big fat boy flower and a big fat girl flower so let me stay while this one grows.” So I will.

    Sending best wishes to you all.

    Betsy, congrats on your weight loss.

    Cinque, glad you got your food cooked that was nearing its freshness date.

    Has anyone heard from Quacka? Quacka, if you read this just a couple lines would be great to let us know how you’re feeling. We worry.

    All ok here except the stress kind of gets to me seeing all the high numbers of cases. I think some over here are people who were infected but are just being tested. Good to see some more “recovered” numbers starting to come in.

    Hunker down and stay safe everyone!

    Good afternoon everyone.

    CalifDreamer, I’m never sure whether it’s better to watch the news so you know what’s happening, or to not watch it for more peace of mind. I’m the kind of person who likes to know, even bad news, so I can adjust to it, so I am watching more than usual. The thing that I ‘m making sure of is that I only watch reputable news sources. There’s also quite a lot of mis-information being transmitted at the moment, plus the scammers who are playing on people’s fears to bilk them of money. Just be wary, folk, of any so-called quick fix or touted cures.

    Cinque, great that you could enjoy some of your cooking, as well as freezing it. That also encourages you to know when you thaw it, it will be delicious!

    Hope everyone is enjoying a restful Sunday. Stay well and rest in place.

    Good afternoon all.

    Strict FD for me, which is going well so far.
    Yesterday was OK as a NFD but Friday was dreadful. My nephew’s wife gave me a jar filled with homemade bickies and mini chocolate eggs and I kept going back to the jar all day. Thankfully I managed to stay away from it yesterday.
    I can tell that I’ve gained weight over the past fortnight. I’m not doing well with my mindfulness commitment for lent.

    Betsy, you on the other hand are a star. 3.5kg for the month is wonderful, you should be very proud.

    Cinque, I did the same. Just kept one remaining zucchini plant with a couple of promising baby zucchini that I manually fertilised, just to be sure.
    Henna, yes that reminds me that I need to deal with the white stripe too!

    Cali, the news is worrying, but staying at home does largely protect you. I think it’s single biggest thing you can do to reduce your risk.

    Hope everyone is healthy and Quacka I hope you are on the mend.
    Have a nice Sunday all.

    Hi all

    Congrats Betsy, 3.5 kilos is a great loss for a month.

    Good news, my mum got out of hospital a day after the lockdown, bad news is I can’t go and visit her. I’ve been keeping busy for the last few days, and since exercise is ok I’ve been out for a few bike rides. Cycling has to be the safest way to exercise. It’s solo, you’re on the road away from other people walking/running.

    Well 4 days down, 3 and a half weeks to go.

    Good morning everyone,
    Day after fast day for me.
    It wasn’t a fasty fast day, I am sorry to say, as I ate a handful of almonds in that bad patch in the afternoon. So that means I don’t get my lovely ‘morning after fast day’ feeling. Consequences!
    Of well, I have another chance in a few days.

    Neil, I am so glad your mum is out of hospital. I can’t imagine how hard it is to be unable to spend time with her, my heart goes out to you. I guess she will get lots of practice talking when you phone her.

    Hi Betsy (woot woot!) and Cali,

    I am thinking of Quacka too, every day.

    Cali, I know there isn’t much good news for the US at the moment, but I did see that the doubling rate of Covid19 cases has gone down from every two days to every three days. That is something.

    It is hard to see how much anxiety and depression is happening in the community, and I see it among my friends. It makes me remember how I felt when I first became ill with CFS. I know that was different, but the things that were similar was the huge change in my life, the being stuck at home, the dreadful falling away of plans and expectations of how life would roll out, the money worries, the loneliness, the fog that was my future.

    I hope that this little community can be a good support during this crisis and while we still work to become healthier. I hope we can manage the balance between talking about the hard things, and also leaving the hard things behind for a while. A tricky balance!

    Sending best wishes
    especially to those who ARE having a lovely morning after fast day!

    Good morning everyone

    Your positive thoughts worked because I have been given permission to WFH this week. They recommended everyone drive in and offered reduced parking fees but that isn’t really an option for me. I don’t like driving any more and would never drive that far and I can’t ask hubby to do four trips per day. It’s about 45 minutes each way.
    Very glad to not have to get on a train

    Glad your infusion went well LJ. Forget about Friday and remember you had a great FD yesterday so that will help. I’m not fasting at the moment, just trying to keep under my TDEE and get some exercise.

    Quacka I hope you are feeling better

    I remember how much CFS impacted my friend Cinque and I do truly sympathise. You are managing the tricky balance very well

    Cali, there are some very scary numbers coming out of the US, stay safe. It seems our rate of infection is slowing and our leaders are cautiously optimistic but no-one can relax the rules around social isolation yet of course.

    Betsy, 3.5 kilos is so awesome! I wish I had your willpower during this time. I’m still maintaining and managed to not eat bad food over the weekend; but my portion sizes of the healthy food were too large. we had a barbie last night with kangaroo with a berry jus and some chicken marinated in thai spices. I made a coleslaw and cooked some fried rice in the wok. I ate far too much because it was all so delicious. Must try harder this week.

    I hope your Mum continues to improve Neil and I’m sad for you as you can’t go and see her. Keep in contact in other ways (which I am sure you are doing of course) and remember, this will pass.

    Hi everyone. Afternoon check-in today. Seem to be on the computer a lot more than usual at the moment – a sign of the times, I guess. Went out to do some essential errands today, but discovered to my dismay that one of my scripts expired mid-March. All the rest are early July, and I’d missed seeing this one. So, re-arranged my next dr’s visit to tomorrow (from mid-April) to get script and flu injection. Apparently I have to call the surgery once I’m in their parking lot, and they’ll call me in when the doctor is ready to see me. Only one person at a time going in. Different days, but I’m glad I won’t be sitting around in a waiting-room.

    @ljoyce, well done for a good FD. I am grateful that at the moment, food isn’t greatly interesting me, which helps, but I’ve appreciated all the support that has come over the past few months.

    Neilithicman, disappointing that you can’t actually see your mother – is she computer literate? You could maybe arrange some zoom sessions with her, and then she can see the grandkids, as well.

    @cinque, I know it’s been a hard road, but you seem to manage your CFS so well these days, and still manage “grandma duty”. Well done you. Of course, not at this particular moment, but it’s great that you can do that, even with CFS.

    @anzac65, great news that you can WFH this week – hope that extends to next week, and the week after, and the week after that, etc., etc.

    Thinking of banks, not all bank branches seem to be open. I went to my local ANZ bank this morning to withdraw some money, as I want to have my credit card (which is at another bank) on zero for the foreseeable future, but alack – doors were closed. I had to withdraw smaller sums from their ATM, and only $20s, no $50s. I’ll need to take a bit more out again tomorrow to finish paying it off. And yes, I know, I could do it all online, but on principal, I refuse to do online banking. Stubborn of me, I know. I’ll use my debit card for anything I buy (groceries, pharmacy) from now on, till this crisis is over.
    That’s okay for me, and I can understand the fear relating to possible transmission of the virus on bank notes, but not all older folk are happy even using cards. Wonder what they’re expected to do?

    Keep well, everyone, and smile – it does your heart good!

    Good evening all.

    I hope the day has been kind to you.

    Betsy, I have noticed quite a few shops insisting on paywave only due to the virus. I resisted internet banking too for a while, but gave in when I started managing my dad’s financial affairs. It saved me so much time that I was sold on the wisdom of it.

    Cinque, if you are looking for something to make for your next NFD breakfast/lunch I came across a delightful recipe today: https://www.notquitenigella.com/2020/03/30/focaccia-pizza-bread/ It’s a foccacia that’s been decorated with vegetables – bread baking and an art class all in one. I just loved the look of this bread.

    Anzac, excellent that you got to WFH. Frankly I can’t imagine coping with Sydney traffic. I only just manage Adelaide’s modest traffic and I still try to avoid peak hour because I’m a stressed mess by the time I get home.

    Neil, glad to hear your mum was able to go home, even if visiting isn’t an option right now. During a pandemic home is safer than hospital, so good timing.

    Cali, hope you are managing and not letting the news worry you too much. The safest place to be is at home, so very grateful that nome of your household are stil having to go out to work.

    I have finally managed to get myself on the straight and narrow and done 2 FD in a row with a third planned for tomorrow (500cal yesterday and 800 today). It just suddenly felt possible to be controlled again. Funny how my brain just clicks into the right frame of mind and I’m never quite sure why.

    Take care all.

    *No internet since last Wednesday and now only hotspots now and then so I can’t read the latest posts and don’t know when this will send. Below is what I tried to post last week so my apologies if the rules have since changed in Australia in this fast moving crisis.*

    CalifD, I wasn’t able to look at your video (about sterilising the shopping) but it’s something I’ve been thinking of for some time. Our Ocado grocery delivery man told me that he’s swabbed and his temperature taken every morning before he sets off. That’s just one person to deal with when the van arrives which is a good thing. All the grocery orders are packed by robots (I’ve seen it on youtube) which seems preferable to buying off the supermarket shelf where packers and potentially multiple shoppers have handled everything and who knows who’s coughed on it. But, like you, I’ve been thinking about what we might be bringing into the boat each time and how far we need to go with sanitising products. What have you been doing?

    Aussies – your govt. guidelines may not be mandatory yet and the figures perhaps deceptively low for now – but this will not last. Consider that, when we left Spain on 25 Feb, there was not one known case of Covid-19; now look at it.

    Besides what the govt. is recommending, it might be prudent for individuals to start following the mandatory guidelines of, say, Britain where possible. We spoke at length to our dear ex-neighbour in Perth yesterday, she and OH are both doctors. She is alarmed that people didn’t seem to be ‘getting it’ (not the virus, the self-isolation information). Another of our dear ex-neighbours (over 70) was still travelling on the bus to the city to buy jewellery this week. She then invited GP neighbour in for tea. Latter’s response, “If you knew I had Covid-19, would you invite me in?”. Other neighbour, “of course not”. GP neighbour, “So, assume I have it and don’t invite me or anyone else in!”.

    Octogenarian family friends in Perth were still eating in restaurants and considering whether to continue with their adult learning classes as late as last week. I was so worried for them. They are both high risk. I said it’s surely better to sacrifice a few classes now than never be able to attend again.

    I was staggered to receive notice of a large company’s AGM in Perth for April. In past years, this meeting attracted hundreds of shareholders, sitting close together and then sharing a huge buffet feast. They’re really not getting it. Hopefully the Oz govt. will relax the law to hold an annual AGM.

    I’m not trying to tell anyone how to live their lives, just concerned for you all – we need to be one step ahead, not one step behind this thing. Until there’s a vaccine, most of us ( at least 70%) will need to get it, survive and develop immunity before this ends. The aim is to knock the top off the escalating curve so that our healthcare systems can cope. Early indications of social distancing mandated in Britain this week suggest it’s working. A glimmer of hope.

    Take care everyone, stay well.

    P.S. Successful FD yesterday. I am determined! It’s more important than ever to stay healthy. 57.7kg today. Look forward to reading your posts soon.

    Me again.

    CalifD, I read that it’s a good idea to limit accessing the news to one time a day just like we used to as in sitting down to watch ‘the 6 o’clock news’. In today’s world, it’s a never-ending bombardment.

    Currently, we’ve been having the opposite problem of not getting adequate phone signals to create a hotspot. This means we couldn’t follow the Canal And River Trust’s daily advice for boaters, which is based on govt. advice. Boaters are a fantastic community all helping each other but it’s good to get official advice firsthand.

    Anyway, the advice to limit the news is based on avoiding information that increases your anxiety. I hope you’re doing OK.

    Penguin, did you get out of Portugal?

    Hi Thin, Our scheduled departure got us out about four hours before they closed the airport. We knew nothing about that until we got home. We were on Madeira, not the mainland, and they didn’t get their first confirmed case until two days after we left. We were back before the panic buying set in and were able to stock up. We get cut off by floods and have electricity cuts frequently enough to always keep a good stock of long life food and gas cylinders for the camping stoves so we will be OK for a few weeks.

    The London based kids and grandkids have minor cases of the virus – not happy but at home. The more local group have suddenly become unemployed. We seem to be OK. I have had some of the symptoms but there are the usual other bugs doing the rounds so that could mean anything. We are keeping ourselves to ourselves, working the garden when the weather permits and quite enjoying the social isolation. The only problem is that the normal structures to the day are gone and it has been easy to get out of routine. I have been reading the posts daily and thinking that I really must get around to posting.

    I share your mobile phone frustration. It has improved over the years but I whenever I see ads for the arrival of 5G I wish for a consistent 1G. At home I can piggy back on the wifi but there are large areas of no signal around here.

    Difficult to find advantages in the current situation, but in the two weeks we have been back I have lost 10 lbs or 4.5 kg.

    Glad to hear from you all. We hadn’t heard from thin and Penguin in a while. Penguin, so glad that you arrived home safely. Home is a good place to be. Thin, I think it would be frustrating not to have internet access but glad you are finding hot spots here and there. I’m watching the numbers, which are terrible, but trying to limit the time watching the news on tv.

    We’ve been hunkered down for a couple of weeks and Trump announced yesterday that he will keep the lockdown in place until the end of April, instead of Easter which would likely have been a disaster. Of course the ones that really make the calls are the state’s governments. Things feel normal in our home other than DS WFM which is a good thing. We can have groceries delivered or place a curbside pickup order, but there is a 6 day in advance delay right now and there can be items that are short so I will probably still have to make some trips to the supermarket.

    Anzac, glad to hear you are WFH. I hope they extend it after this week. Traveling by train does not seem like a good idea.

    Neil, glad to hear your mum is home, even if you can’t see her yet. She will probably be more comfortable there. Does she have someone there with her?

    Hi to LJ, Cinque and Betsy. Take care all, and stay well.

    Morning all,

    Penguin, I would definitely go and get tested even for mild symptoms. New Zealand had its first death from the virus. It was a woman who was 74 but otherwise fit and healthy. She had mild cold like symptoms for a couple of days, then it felt like a flu so she went to the hospital and died 2 days later 😢

    Cali, I’m glad Trump finally let in a little reality. I haven’t really been following US politics much, but I did see a couple of press conference highlights where he was really downplaying the crisis and insisting that things would be back to normal soon. I also heard of someone form the business leadership group saying that a couple of million lives would be a small price to pay to keep the economy up and running 😢

    Thin, checking the news once a day is easy enough, however going on social media several times a day to chat with friends usually bombards you with enough information.

    LJoyce, congrats on the b2b fast days. I’m fasting today ready for my weigh-in tomorrow. My first isolation weigh in. I’ve been eating ok for the last week and getting plenty of decent rides in so I’m hopeful.

    Betsy, most places here won’t take cash, they don’t insist on payWave but you have to use debit cards. I saw one place that accepted cash and they had a separate till set up that took cash only and the checkout operator had mask, gloves, etc and there was hand sanitizer there for customers.

    Anzac, hooray for WFH. I’m actually taking leave at the moment because I had leave booked for the Easter school holidays and since the schools over here have pushed the holidays forward to start this week, there wasn’t much point me taking leave at Easter time.

    Cinque, yes it looks like there is more posting on the forum here so I think we can be supportive of each other in this time.

    I think my mother is getting a bit desperate for company. She invited all the grandkids to join her bubble to have an Easter egg hunt, we had to explain that bubbles don’t work like that. My wife works in the hospital lab so she has a possibility of getting infected, which means the boys and I could be infected, which means she could get infected. The weather has been a bit crap the last couple of days, but it’s meant to clear this afternoon so I’m planning on making some hot cross buns and we can walk round to their place and have a chat over the hedge, keeping the appropriate distance away.

    I have been impressed with how the lockdown has been handled over here. The council has allowed free parking through town for those that need essentials, and they’ve made busses free, the driver has a screen between him and the bus and opens the back doors to let passengers in who have to sanitise their hands and sit with a row in between them and anyone else. The supermarkets only allow a certain number of people in at a time and customers are restricted to 2 similar items to limit bulk buying.

    Well, fast day today and then see how I get on with my weigh-in tomorrow. Have a great day everyone.

    Neil, getting tested isn’t an option here. We don’t have enough test kits for front line medics who are out of the system because they have symptoms but could come back if they were cleared. The supply situation is improving fairly rapidly but we have a long way to go. Our rules are that if you have symptoms you self isolate until it gets better or worse. If it gets worse you seek help. As a result we don’t know how many unreported cases we have. The latest hospital figures suggest that we may be flattening the curve, although everyone agrees that too much should not be read into them just yet.

    To all those who posted when I wasn’t – I’ll catch up!

    Good morning all. Sitting waiting for my Woolies delivery. Lord knows what I have ordered…I am not good at this, so the thrill of the unexpected awaits! Actually, trawling through the options on the website, I was shocked at how much ‘non-food’ (ie processed food) was there.

    Thin, I was not surprised by your former neighbours. I think we all have horror stories. My SIL’s mother and my dear friend are both still going to work (same workplace) , and both over 70. Very cavalier. And my neighbours (he lives near Wuhan, and his wife and kids joined him for the Christmas holidays) came back into self-isolation. They told me they were isolated, just before they roared up the drive in their car, going who knows where. Mostly though, the neighbourhood is quiet. Hardly a car, no gatherings.

    I am struggling with work – we are supposed to be delivering lectures etc online, but my internet transition to the NBN has been delayed because of our isolation, and the current service is intermittent and I am feeling sick about trying to deliver 3 hour workshops using my mobile phone as a hotspot. I am so very tempted to opt out for the rest of the trimester – it is making me feel very very stressed.

    Anzac I laughed (ruefully) at your Maxx’s antics. I have now put a carpet square at my feet, and let Rosy into my office, because otherwise she just runs amok. She’s had no real exercise since we started our lockdown, so she’s doing pretty well….considering. Thank heavens your your employer rethought the ‘going in to work’ option.

    Cinque how lovely to have fresh food to pick – I am sure your zucchini thanked you for leaving them to do what zucchini do! You manage your illness so well, but I guess in these unusual times, you have to do things even though you know they will have consequences. Hope you are getting your zing back.

    Cali hope you are okay. My OH (an ex-journo) would have the news/talk on 24/7 if he could. But now he can’t. The news is fine to keep up to date, but it’s the constant commentary that triggers my anxiety. So we have a rule now that we listen to the 7.45 am news (main ABC radio bulletin), and then the 7pm TV news, and that’s that. He sneaks in the midday news too, if I’m not around. My daughter (also a journalist, as was I) phones me on her way home and we talk through her day, so that’s more than enough.

    Betsy, wow. 3.5 kilos. Take a bow, friend.

    Neil great your Mum is out of hospital. Tough, you can’t see her though. Does she have someone to care for her are home? Can I say too that we are very impressed with your PM, and her straight-talking.

    Betsy I saw a note from Australia Post today, which said pharmacies are arranging free delivery through AP. Can your doctor just send a repeat script to your local pharmacy?

    LJ well done for getting your brain to ‘click in’. I think I left mine in NZ. I just can’t get back on track. But I am cooking (and therefore eating) more, while confined. My 16:8 has gone to 14:10 and I’m eating breakfast again, mainly because of my OH. So we now have 3 meals a day. I am really trying to boost our nutrition, so it’s not all bad. I have got my sprouters on the go – mung beans (very fast to shoot) and adzuki beans (slower). I also had a mushroom box, bought over the Christmas holidays, which I’ve finally got started, though it’s yet to produce.

    I am surprised what we get out of the garden to eat. My lettuce had bolted to seed, but a few volunteers are giving us leaves. Also parsley, basil, chives, lemon grass, other herbs….and our neighbour’s limes from over the fence. I also have some volunteer capsicum and tomatoes, yet to ripen. I am making great use of the diabetes plant, which I’ve cursed in the past because it grows so fast, but now I am using the leaves every day. My blood sugar is fine too, so maybe it’s working even though I’m eating far more carbs.


    Good to hear from you Penguin, and know you are home safe, although not well. Hope it’s just a cold.

    Here’s my Woolies driver …. stay well all.

    Good morning, it is a very pretty morning here.
    However I have already had a screw fall out of my glasses and the washing machine give me a fright with a knocking noise, even when I carefully balanced the clothes. Well my glasses are still propped on my nose and the knocking sound has gone, so hopefully the third thing will be minor as well.

    Lovely to read posts from all around the world. I’m feeling Australia start pulling together and really getting a handle on how to keep people safe and managing over this difficult time. So inspite of my FFS moments this morning, and a bit of heart drop at how long this is going to go on for, I am feeling relieved. The only good thing about my CFS is I don’t need to go through those things I was talking about now. But how I wish I could get a bit more housework done each day.

    Anzac, working from home, as you should be. Good luck getting a nice regime of delicious healthy eating in sensible portions. I’m working on the same.

    Betsy I read Health Department advice on using cash. I will try to find it. (A bit later) Here it is, an Aldi worker posted it on Reddit: https://prnt.sc/rp68jy Basically says danger is low.

    LJoyce, what an absolutely gorgeous foccacia.
    I’m another one who got sold on online banking, and I am so glad to have all my regular bills set up to be paid automatically.
    Big congratulations on your B2B fast days. Isn’t it weird how sometimes it easy and sometimes it is impossible. We just have to surf those waves. Hope you get a good long ride on that nice one.

    Thin, so glad to catch you in a wifi hotspot. Our guidelines are mandatory here, big fines for not obeying.

    I’ve seen a lot of people in despair about their elderly parents trotting around as usual. I think there are a lot of people that age who do find it pretty unbearable to stay at home without their routine and without the energy and resilience of younger people to make new routines etc.
    Sending good wishes to your mum Neil, she will love that over-the-hedge celebration.

    There is a big push here of taking advantage of the lockdown to completely rid all the kids of headlice. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

    Penguin I hope you are all feeling better soon. I hope they figure out a way to test everyone when this is over to get some good data. Wo, 10lb down is impressive.

    Cali, hoping the restrictions start doing their stuff and your shopping orders soon become reliable and easy.

    Lindsay I hope the Woollies order was better than expected, and you did order all the things you need. I saw them advertise an $80 box special with everything a family would need. Full of packages! Nothing I would use, haha. Lucky I have my bit of garden.

    Fingers crossed you can work out the best thing to do for work. The bad internet connections are causing trouble all over.

    Ooh I have to run, I promised to ring my sister at 10:30. Bye now.

    Hi all, Just about time for the 9 p.m. news – yes, I do like to keep up with what’s going on. Good news from me – overall weight loss for the month was 3.8 kgs, yay!

    Re banking, it was only that I had a largish amount to pay off on my credit card, which is at a different bank to my normal one. Oh, I found out today it was only that particular ANZ bank which is closed – a client came in, recently returned from overseas, and was then diagnosed with Covid-19. Which also makes me wonder; was he supposed to self-isolate for 14 days first? As a consequence, all the bank staff are self-isolating for 14 days, and the bank should re-open thereafter.

    Anyway, paid off my credit card today, and I’ll avoid using it until this crisis is over. With Victoria’s stage 3 restrictions, I can only go out for essential errands so will not be tempted to over-spend. Virtually all my bills are direct debit, so I’ll use my debit card for any groceries, pharmacy or petrol, and avoid cash. I don’t mind using cash, but most places are now requesting for payment via card, so I’ll keep to that.

    I know the pharmacy could use Australia Post to post my medications to me, but the eye drops are very heat-sensitive so I wouldn’t risk them in the mail. I only need to fill prescriptions once a month and have enough for a couple of months at the moment.

    It was also to have the flu injection that I went to the doctor’s today, a necessary attendance. They had their patients call them from the carpark and wait in their cars till the doctor was ready for them, then the doctor phones and discusses concerns over the phone, then you only go inside for the essentials that have to be done in person (like getting the injection). Even the prescriptions were written while I waited outside, so I only physically saw the doctor for a couple of minutes. That was all I needed. They’re also doing tele-conferencing now for folk who can’t physically get to the surgery.

    Penguin, great that you left Portugal before they locked down the country.

    Thin, good to hear from you, but how frustrating to only have intermittent access to the internet.

    LindsayL, likewise, how difficult for you to try to work/ teach online with a poor internet service.

    Cinque, hope you can get your glasses fixed, and that there are no negative developments with your washing machine.

    Neilithicman, hope you continue to manage some form of exercise while the self-isolation rules are in force. Over here, the news has shown an ultra-marathoner doing his running (for 7 hours!) in a loop around his house, and another completing a marathon. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    CalifDreamer, glad you’ve been able to hunker down and have some groceries being delivered, even if not all the items that you want. Here, one major supermarket is providing a basic “care” package delivered by Australia Post for $80. Maybe not what everyone would choose to eat, but enough for survival.

    Onward and downwards everyone. We can do this!

    Good evening.
    A quick post before I get some sleep.

    I’ve just finished my third B2B FD – about 800cal today. I was going to stop at 3, but I’ll see how I feel in the morning. As it’s been warm, I’ve been having an iced coffee for lunch on my FDs, made with 1/4 cup of skim milk powder, stevia, instant coffee and lots of ice and cold water – I end up with about 750ml of iced coffee for less than 100 calories. It’s very filling, but I only enjoy them when the weather is warm. For dinner I haven’t been cooing FD meals, just eating a 1/2 serve of a normal meal. Finally the mindfulness I was meant to be practicing for lent is working for me.
    We still have 3 more warm days forecast here so I’m thinking I should make the most of them as keeping to a modest calorie intake will be harder on the weekend when the forecasts drop to 17C and wet. I will probably be craving hot food with lashings of buttered toast then.

    Take care all.

    Penguin, that was a lucky escape. I hope you and your London family are all feeling better. Let’s hope you’ve had it, recovered and developed antibodies. I’m hoping a T-shirt will be widely distributed worldwide, “Had it – survived – immune” and maybe “How can I help?” on the back.

    Cinque, glad your guidelines are mandatory. I was suggesting adopting the more stringent mandates of other countries rather than waiting for the government to tell you. Maybe they are the same now. Here it’s social distancing of 6ft, all non-essential retail shops are now shut, everyone to stay home unless travelling for essential work that can’t be done at home, one form of outdoor exercise per day, no more than two people together outside and from the same household, shopping only for essential groceries and meds – only then on a limited basis. If that’s all going on in Australia, I’m wondering why I haven’t had a notice that that Perth shareholder meeting’s been cancelled/postponed? Perhaps it’s different in different states.

    Lindsay, maybe that’s it. Cavalier attitude. Today, our dear friends sent us some pointless graph from the newspaper proving that WA was ‘well behind the other states’ – the implication being that they needn’t worry yet. Sigh. I totally agree about the array of alien items available when online shopping. I guess I must have avoided those aisles in the supermarket so I never knew. I found it interesting to see what suggestions they offered me before I completed my order. And who knew there were so many cleaning products?

    Betsy, that’s good to hear about the GP surgery, not so good about the infected ANZ customer.

    LJ, what’s brought on all this B2B fasting? Good job anyway.

    Anzac, still WFH this week? How are you?

    CalifD, hello.

    Quacka, give us a sign.

    Neil, that’s what I meant. Treat the social media as we would have the old 6pm news. Limit it. But that’s only if the news makes you anxious. There’s just no end to the statistics! As soon as I’m told, I forget them.

    The thing that’s hard for me to read about is how our investments from the sale of our family home have plummeted by a third. It will get much worse. And, when this is all over, I know which sector of the community will be paying for all the massive handouts. Those of us who lived within our means, saved all our lives and put something away for someone else’s rainy day. Not bitter!

    So, there’s my whinge. But hey, I have much to smile about too. The sun is shining, the forecast is for 18C this weekend! We have a phone signal. There are teeny lambs skipping and tumbling over each other in the green, rolling fields outside our portholes. The fiesty one is no. 6. A man just ‘ticked over’ past us playing a drum with two whippets and three ferrets on board. Another boat called, “Infectious” passed earlier. That made me laugh. I bet everyone keeps well away from him. Two kayakers and three white swans floated by. It’s peaceful and idyllic. A nearby marina has agreed to sell us diesel and pump-out our waste tank. And, if our four domestic batteries are all croaking as OH suspects, a nearby closed chandlery will ship us four more and the post office will deliver them to the canal with just a postcode and a bridge number. How cool is that!

    Take care all.

    Morning all.

    Thin, life on the canals sounds great (apart from the patchy internet). I wouldn’t be too concerned about your investments, once the quarantines round the world end and people get back to normal the markets will bounce back with a vengeance.

    LJoyce, funny how our perceptions differ. To us down here in the south at this time of year 17 degrees is a lovely warm day. We’re supposed to get 18 here today and I’m planning on getting out into the garden. Let us know how your next weigh-in goes after all those fast days.

    Weigh in today and I’m about the same as last week. I think I know what went wrong last week. I was bent over looking at the screen of the scales so it was reading me as shorter than I was and reading more fat. This morning I stood up straight and got different readings. My bone weight, hydration level and biological age was unchanged, but it registered my BMI correctly at 27.8 because I waas standing in a different position I got different readings on my muscle and fat percentage too. My fat percentage went from 32% to 29% and muscle went up from 57 kilos to 62 kilos. I’ll try standing in the same position next time I weigh in to see if I get the same result.

    Good morning from a beautiful sunny Brisbane.

    My Woolies shopping was a success! I now have a bowl of fruit and a fridge of fresh veges. I also ordered OH a little dark Lindt bunny – oh, actually, one for me too. But a very healthy shop, nonetheless.
    I’m not ordering meat on line. We had a full freezer before this started, and eat much less meat than we used to.

    I am also finding little treasures in there each time I delve…..including a duck (out of ‘use by’ date, but I’ll cook it anyway at some point) and a Christmas pudding (it can stay there). It was our anniversary earlier in the week and I cooked an amazingly delicious little lamb roast ….not sure what the cut was, but it was only 250 grams, and absolutely no fat on or in it…and baked veges. My OH found a bottle of 2005 Old Vines Shiraz in the cupboard, and we reflected on what a blessed life we’ve had.

    Thin, you paint such a lovely picture. I can close my eyes and see the scene. Perfect. I can also understand your concern about your investments. But as Neil says, the market will come back. It always has, so no reason to think it won’t this time. And the wild daily fluctuations show that the market isn’t behaving in a logical way. Hold tight, it will recover, as it did in 2008. Yes, we will end up with a huge bill after all the stimulus spending, but unusual times, unusual measures.

    Cinque, I too see people working together, despite some random acts of bad behaviour. This is an interesting read, if you have time. (I say that with a smile – it’s one of the good things, how much time we now all have)

    Betsy I think many of us are looking at new ways of exercising. And Cinque, you are right about routines. OH has dusted off my treadmill for me (although Rosy tries to come on board) and I very kindly had 3 cubic metres of mulch delivered on Day 2 of our isolation, so OH wouldn’t be stuck for something to do. He thanked me – sort of. 🙂 But….our garden is looking happy, and because he has time he’s not rushing things, and therefore being really thorough. Without an activity to drive him, he’d be prowling like a cat.
    Win win.

    Neil that all makes sense with your new machine. Delicate little things, scales, aren’t they?

    Quacka, LJ, Cali, Crazy, Merry, Intesha, Anzac, all others I’ve not mentioned…..hope you are doing well.

    Good morning everyone.

    Some good and bad results greeted me this morning.
    The bad first – I gained 1.3kg over March. I was hoping that 3 FDs B2B might have at least bought me to a nil result, but unfortunately the excesses on too many NFDs caught up with me. Surprisingly the weight gain has spurred me to keep going with a few more 800cal days – a result like that usually has me heading for the fridge. The good news is that my daily walks have been keeping my exercise levels up. I did 253864 steps during March. That brings my annual total to 799k steps and roughly 609km. Still well on track to meet the 2020km target for this year.

    Lindsay, funny how a full fruit bowl can bring such joy. When I filled mine on Saturday it made me so happy I took a photo of it! https://imgur.com/a/xsdFfpj
    I love the way you describe finding unexpected meats in the freezer – I find the occasional surprise, although I can be sure there are no ducks hidden in mine, but small chunks of lamb leg waiting to be turned into a single meal roast – absolutely!

    Neil, very glad you figured out how to make those scales behave. I’d be bending over too so I could actually read the numbers!
    I don’t mind 17C in fact I prefer gardening in those temperatures to warmer weather, but for much of March we’ve had 23-30C most days. It’s just my hunger which always seems to accelerate when the temperatures drop.

    Thin, if your internet signal allows, you might find this article interesting: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-04-01/coronavirus-wa-cases-fall-as-wa-begins-to-flatten-the-curve/12107326 It basically says that as WA has been so successful at flattening the curve it will need to keep it borders closed for a very long time to maintain that.
    The thing that prompted my B2B FDs was noticing that I felt bigger and my clothing was tighter. My NFDs were mostly bad and the only days I had no trouble with were FDs, so I thought I’d stick with them for a little while.
    The passing traffic on that canal sounds rather interesting.
    Also, I wouldn’t panic about investments, you only make a loss when you sell and the one guarantee is that eventually the equity and property markets will rise again.

    Betsy, You deserve that wonderful weight loss. Your commitment has spurred me to do better this month.
    I also have 2 credit cards that aren’t with my main bank, but I can pay them with ANZ internet baking using the BPAY codes on the credit card statement – saves walking around with a lot of cash on you. You can also transfer funds to any other bank account as long as you have the BSB and account number – doesn’t matter if it’s a different bank, that’s how I pay sole traders like the lawn mowing man, the plumber etc as they don’t have BPAY codes. I’ve been pleased with how much of my finances can be managed with internet banking – it’s really only the few things I need physical cash for that require a trip to the bank these days (mostly birthday gifts).

    Cinque, Hopefully the washing machine behaves itself – not the time to be needing tradies in the house.
    I hope that last fertilised zucchini is growing nicely. Mine is already a fraction bigger than I would normally have picked, but I decided I’ll leave it another day as it will give more fresh veg then.

    As you know I’ve been walking everyday (just 30-45mins) and although I don’t cross paths with a lot of people, I regularly see the occasional person, often with dogs or kids in tow. Yesterday I saw two men walking down the street with a large upright freezer on a sack track! I said to them “I’ve seen people taking kids and dogs for a walk, but you’re the first I’ve seen walking a freezer.” It was two friends who lived around the corner from each other and one didn’t need their old freezer so it was going to a grateful new home.

    When my lawn mowing man arrived yesterday I went to the front door to chat with him – delaying him from mowing as he can’t hear over the noise. When I apologised for delaying him he said that all of his lawns are taking longer at the moment as people are going stir crazy in their homes and jump at the chance to chat to someone.

    Hello to everyone I haven’t mentioned so far. Take care.

    Hello everyone

    Overcast but still muggy here in Sydney. I even went for a swim yesterday as the solar heating had it up to 27 degrees. It was a bit cool getting out though so winter is slowly approaching

    Hi Thin, yes thank goodness I am still WFH. Anyone who doesn’t feel safe can WFH even though it is putting a strain on our remote access software. Your lifestyle and stories are so incredibly interesting and I could just picture your surroundings with the lambs and the other boatees.

    Wow LJ, three B2B FD’s! You must feel amazing. I am happy to maintain at the moment and I’m glad to say I’m managing that. A nice long walk every morning helps

    So glad you are stocked up Lindsay. My Sister and BIL are also still self isolating and can’t leave the house and had a Woolies delivery this morning. They actually got a phone call apologising for having to substitute: champagne ham with leg ham, cheap quince paste with Maggie Beer and Abbotts bread instead of Woolies brand. And the good news is they were charged the lower prices! So they are very happy about that but really miss the grandkids of course. We had a family video chat yesterday morning as it was my nephew’s 35th birthday (I simply can’t believe he is 35) so he and his lovely girlfriend were at home in their teeny little flat in London with party hats and lots of decorations.

    Glad your scales are behaving now Neil and awesome congrats Betsy on your loss last month.

    Work is busy so I need to get back. Have a safe and happy day everyone

    Good Afternoon everyone

    It has been a bit of a wild ride. Sorry for not posting earlier and thank you everyone for your concern and keeping me in your thoughts.

    It’s been well over 2 weeks now since I first started feeling sick. I went back to work last Tuesday but the boss sent me home for the rest of the week. I went to the doctor that afternoon and despite all the symptoms that I described to her, she was not worried I might have “the” virus. Didn’t even consider doing a test. I’m feeling much better but still have a cough and a weird feeling at the top of my throat.

    I came back to work yesterday and was quite busy and then this morning have been very busy again, but I’m expecting it all to drop off now. My bosses have cancelled most of the orders so there won’t be much stock coming in. I think once this wage subsidy comes in that my bosses will stand me down. I won’t have lost my job but I won’t be required to come into work until this thing is over. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing. I have a hard time fasting at home but on the positive side I can do a lot more exercise (once I’m fully better).

    Hope you are all keeping well. Thinking of you all especially in these time. Take care, friends xx

    Quacka, so glad you are finally feeling better. The only thing I can suggest with your throat is to keep it lubricated. It won’t stop coughing but can ease it.

    Anzac, how lovely that you managed an online birthday party.
    Well done for keeping your weight stable, as I know you prefer to do FDs on days in the office.

    I am doing another FD800 today. I feel like I’m in the groove at the moment so I don’t want to break a pattern that’s working.

    Quacka, sooo glad to see you back here and know that you’re feeling better. Good to hear that you’ll be at home until this thing is over or at least calmed down. I’ve worked from home for over 30 years so that’s where I started fasting. You can do it too. It’s just a matter of getting your mind in that direction.

    Anzac, good to hear that you’ll be WFH too. It’s safer for everyone. The more people that can stay home, the better. Australia still has time to flatten the curve. The online birthday party sounds like fun. Isn’t the technology today amazing? I try not to take it for granted.

    LJ, you’ll get that 1.3kg of weight off that you gained over the month with all of your FD’s and reduced calorie days. You have so much determination.

    Lindsay, a bowl of fruit is always a good thing!

    Hi all, decided to check in before going outside to mow the lawn (not that I’m procrastinating at all 🙂 ). The sun is shining and the weather is lovely, but Melbourne is expecting rain tonight and showers for the next 5 days, so it’s today, or leave it for at least another week.

    Neilithicman, glad you worked out what was happening with your scales. Your new results make more sense. Surprised, though, that the scales measure your height as you are standing on them. For mine, you manually enter your height and age, so then it doesn’t matter how you stand on them, the readings don’t alter with position, a good thing for me as I (like you did) lean over to read the measurements. When I realised I’d shrunk and inputted my new height, it did make a noticeable difference to my percentages (sniff, sniff, boo-hoo), which also change slightly as I increase the age each year. Well, a useful guideline, at least.

    Thin, great that you’re in a position where the practical boating needs are being met. Your description of the life passing you by sounds idyllic. Re your investments, I echo Neil’s comments – they’ll go up again. I sincerely hope so, as many of us are in the same boat with super pensions relying heavily on the stock market. It’s certainly not a time to make changes, though.

    LJoyce, appreciated your comments re banking. I did ask at the bank yesterday re what was possible, and they told me much the same thing, and I do have an online account, just never use it. Maybe I might make some changes there, too. I have to be honest about one thing – I have never understood how BPay works, but I do have bank details for any accounts I might want to transfer money into, so I could so that much.

    LindsayL, I, too, am discovering new “treasures” in my freezer. As I’ve been finding places to put new items I’ve cooked up, it’s surprised me what I’ve found already in there that I’d forgotten about.

    Anzac65, how lovely to enjoy a family video chat time! And good you can continue to work from home.

    Quacka, glad to read that you;re feeling better and have been able to return to work.

    Keep well, everyone!

    I wrote a big ramble this morning and lost the signal just as I pressed submit. Grrrr. It’s happened to us all. I will now try again and hope I don’t miss anyone. Strangely, no-one has posted since.

    Quacka, so glad you’re feeling better but how annoying to have been that sick and it not be the Covid-19.

    Neil, Betsy, Lindsay: Thanks for the reasurrances. Apologies for being so self-absorbed when people are worried about their health – I was really only giving that as an example of news I like to avoid. OH likes a minute by minute account and can’t resist reading aloud (which he literally just did as I wrote that!)

    Yes, the stock market will recover but I can’t share your enthusiasm that it will come back with a vengeance, I fear it will take many years to recover from this. We wouldn’t consider selling now and we’re fortunate that we don’t need the funds while we’re here. We’ve told DD who had some money saved before leaving to buy, buy, buy. Neil, you have youth on your side whereas we’re knocking on and, when we do return to Oz, we’ll need to buy another place to live. We might be narrow boating for longer than we thought – fine with me.

    LJ, well done for not being defeated by the scales. It’s even more important to stay healthy and strong now. Thank you for the link, I haven’t read it yet but the implication is encouraging. It was so hard to say goodbye to those friends last year (due to their advanced ages) but who could have dreamed of a threat like this? What’s the status of your trip this year?

    Anzac, those were good substitutes in the grocery delivery. Great online birthday. I had other things to say to you but have now forgotten. Hope you’re doing well.

    Lindsay, you sound much happier so I hope that’s a sign that you’re feeling better. I actually prefer selecting my own fruit and veg. but I’d be very happy for a delivery of a big bowl of fruit today. Although they said that existing customers would be given priority, I can’t even get online to order with the company we were using now. One day I got to 1500 in a queue and then the signal dropped.

    After losing my missive, OH and I walked 5 miles through fields to a tiny village here in Warwickshire where the man with the ferrets on his boat had told us there was a small shop. Three people could be in there at a time. All they had in the way of fruit and veg was tomatoes, potatoes, onions and lemons. I didn’t need any of those. No bread. I thought of Neil because there was plenty of Australian wine (which you mentioned before). We came back with a dozen eggs and a snickers bar to share. I can’t even remember the last time I had chocolate but I felt I earned it and it wasn’t my fault there weren’t healthy choices. It was a good walk and a great view from the top of the hill. I will sleep well tonight.

    Cinque, are you well? CalifD, alright?

    I can’t remember what else but best wishes to all.

    It’s good to hear from you Thin and to know you are safe in your rural idyll. The numbers coming out of the UK are so worrying. And the USA too, Calif. And Thin no need to worry about being self absorbed. These are the things that bother us, particularly as we get older and the opportunity to replace what we had diminishes.

    I am feeling happier, thank you Thin. My holiday certainly helped, and oddly, the isolation isn’t troubling me at all (apart from wanting to hug my kids and grandkids, as do most of us). I made the momentous decision yesterday to opt out of work for the trimester. We don’t have internet – NBN debacles too tedious to even write about – and I am trying to manage by pairing with my phone. Fine for some quick emails and banking, but not so good for delivering lectures and 3 hour workshops. And to make it worse, I hadn’t had the training because I was away, and it all was troubling me mightily. So I wrote the letter, and felt the weight lift. I am still working a little…..I agreed to edit a PhD dissertation for an international student who’d been with me for at least 3 years, so that will be my focus.
    (Now it’s my turn to apologise for being self absorbed).

    LJ what a pretty fruit bowl. And my favourites, nectarines. Good work on the steps. Your body must be very happy with so much regular exercise. BTW, my other freezer find? A cooked turkey breast, taken from a whole bird. Now we haven’t had the past two Christmases at our house, so I’m hoping it’s left over from last year’s Christmas in July. I don’t care for turkey, but I cooked some of it in a sauce over some pasta from the freezer, and Rosy is enjoying the rest.

    Betsy I was pleased to read you are finding things in your freezer too, although I am sure you are a more organised cook and don’t find things (ie ducks) that are 5 years old!

    Anzac I too think Woolies is doing really well, managing home deliveries and substitutes. They have left Coles at the post, that’s for sure. Coles still hasn’t organised its priority delivery service…..a slow response I think.

    Quacka great to hear from you, although I am so sorry you’ve been so unwell. Do take care – we are much more vulnerable to other bugs, when we are recovering from a prolonged illness as you’ve had.

    OH has finished moving his mulch. Just the back garden to go now. I offered to have another 3 cubic metres delivered, but he declined. What is wrong with that man?..haha.

    Thursday morning, and I didn’t manage to write yesterday so now there is so much conversation to jump into. I’ll just be as brief as I can though as I have already written a long email to my sisters and the day will be half over (again) before I know it.

    First. Priority number 1. Top topic. QUACKA! I am SO glad to hear from you, I was starting to visualise you in ICU. So good to hear you are recovering, but a bit sorry you are back at work, you need to be home. I wish you had been tested. Really I wish you were tested, Covid19 positive, then tested until it was clear you had recovered and then you could go and see your dear dad. Oh well, we just haven’t got our testing up to scratch yet, and at least you are well. Just pace yourself gently at work, ok? You will learn to fast well and eat well at home. You will!

    Now to the rest

    Remember I said I lost a screw from my glasses and one arm fell off? Well, later I was putting things away and thought ‘what is that dusty box on the shelf, I think it belongs with my tools’. I opened it up and there was the cutest tiny screwdriver set. I have NO memory of buying it! But I fixed my glasses, Yay!

    Thin, I think you might have the best possible way to ride out the shutdown. It is lovely reading your posts. Sending good wishes to your daughter. My cat might be developing dermatitis on her paws so I have been thinking about vets!

    Neil, so glad the scales are not demented after all.

    Lindsay, lots of good news. Excellent decision re work. Haha re the mulch. How are the bees?

    LJoyce, sympathy for your March gain. But maybe not too bad over a stressful month, and now you are on a roll to make this month work better. You have a lovely bowl of fruit!
    I picked a lovely fat little zucchini from my last plant, and then she started another one yesterday, but I will have broad beans ready to put in tomorrow so this is really the last one for the year. How I have loved them!

    Anzac, they’ll have trouble getting you back into town when the shutdown ends!

    Cali are you still working from home? I know you are home, but still working? The weather must be getting friendlier, you will love your yard this summer.

    I am glad to say that our ‘curve’ is showing signs of flattening, although figures might go up again sharply as a result of a couple of hotspots not avoided. And we know the hospital loads and the deathtoll rises are still to come. I know all your country men and women will be looking anxiously at the charts. Sending lots of good wishes.

    Betsy, I hope you got the lawn done, it will be wet this morning!

    Must go now and do some stretches. Best wishes all.

    Hi everyone, I’m online earlier than usual, but thought I’d post anyway.

    Good to read everyone’s posts. Frustrating for you, thin, to have a long post fully written and then lose your internet service. I think, considering the length of your walk, there and back, a shared Snickers bar isn’t a fast-breaker!

    LindsayL, glad you’re feeling better. Removing the stress of uncertainty re how to teach or lecture using an online format with unreliable internet has, I’m sure, aided that. Echoing Cinque, ha, ha re the mulch, and how are the bees? I guess you’ll leave them be as we approach winter and maybe consider robbing them again late spring? Sorry if “robbing” isn’t the correct term; it’s what my father always used, when he was removing some of the honey.
    Oh, and by the way, maybe not old duck, but a couple of cooked meals stored since 2018 – have eaten one with no ill effects, so will polish off the others soon.

    Cinque, yes, the lawn was mown, so that’s a good job out of the way for a while. What a surprise finding the set of tiny screwdrivers so you could repair your glasses yourself. Good news.

    LJoyce, yes, a lovely photo of your fruit. More than I would eat, as I’m not a big fruit eater, but enjoy! 🙂

    Keep well, everyone! Best wishes.

    Hello everyone.
    I’n writing from my new computer, and procrastinating as I know I need to start editing this PhD, but am wrestling with new features.
    Betsy and Cinque, the bees are humming up a storm. I even saw a blue banded bee in our front garden the other day. It’s larger than the honey bees, and an Australian native, I believe. It has buzz pollination, which is audible. I peeked in the hive the other day and the bees are clustering on the top of the bars which indicates I need to put in more (bars) to reduce the overcrowding or they will swarm (ie, half depart with the Queen). It will also mean one more honey harvest (‘robbing’ is a fine term which is also used still) before winter. My DS and SIL are talking about coming over at the weekend to do it (SIL is desperate to have a go), with me on the back verandah directing through vision on our ipads/phones. It’s a very long garden, so no chance of breaking our isolation (which technically ends noon Sunday, although we will keep practising it in the interests of our, and others’ safety).
    I have some exciting news – well, all news is exciting in this isolated environment. DS is in advertising and his agency is doing an advertisement for the government, promoting a ‘care army’ to help older people at home. We recorded some vision of OH, and sent it off, and he’s been selected. I’m looking forward to seeing it – nice to do something that’s positive in these times. I also recorded one, but my technology froze and I didn’t get to send it til the next morning, and the editing had already been done.
    Cinque, how lovely to (a) have the tools and (b) be able to repair your glasses. You didn’t need your glasses to see the little screw? Isn’t it satisfying, to be able to fix things.
    It it a quiet post day, or am I missing something. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    Good afternoon all

    Very quiet here today! Another Friday rolls around in our strange new world. I hope everyone is feeling ok and safe….well as much as it is possible.

    I am very sorry to hear that you have been so unwell Quacka. Sending healing thoughts and I hope you are 100% fit and healthy soon. I also hope you are ok job-wise but as always you find a silver lining in that you will have more time to exercise. Take care

    Cinque, yes, I will hate going back into the City after this ends. I love my home so much and I am really enjoying my decluttering project. It is early days as I don’t get much time during the week but we just took delivery of some new sheets and towels and once they have been washed we will need some cupboard space. We are short on dog towels so the older towels are heading his way and I am going to be brutal with our old sheets and cut them up for rags or use them as dog dust covers for the couch.

    I’ve just made a lasagne from scratch. Well so far I’ve done the meat sauce and the cheese sauce and hubby will make my lasagne sheets just before we assemble for the final cook. It also has a double layer of frozen spinach (just to make it healthy – ha ha). Very fattening with all that cheese but I’ll only have a small wedge with a nice big salad for dinner.

    Lindsay, you always know when you have made the right decision if that burden immediately lifts. I think you have done the right thing as you would have been stressed and frustrated for the entire semester trying to deal with bad internet. And no-one should think they are being self-absorbed; that’s what we are here for 🙂 – Oh I just saw your new post, how exciting that your hubby is going to be on t.v! When the ad comes on we’ll all have to guess which one he is. Shame you didn’t get your video there in time.

    It really is SO annoying when you lose a post Thin. And as I typed that I copied and pasted my post into a new email just in case. I am also worried about my superannuation and also house prices. But as the others said, it will come back eventually. We are thinking about buying some bank shares while they are low and sitting on them for a year or however long it takes for them to go back up again.

    You really are in the groove LJ, awesome! April is going to be a big (or rather SMALL) month for you 🙂

    Hi Cali, Betsy, Neil, Penguin – and anyone else who might be reading but not posting – hope you are all ok.

    Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a good day in this new era of isolation.

    LindsayL, I was interested in your mention of a blue-banded be. Not sure I’ve ever seen one of those. It will be exciting, as Anzac65 said, to see the ad and be trying to guess which one is DH. Wishing good luck to your SIL in adding another bar to the beehive. Hope she avoids being stung.
    I’ve had some bees buzzing around my door recently, as they harvest nectar from my hoya’s flowers. Before that, it was the lavender which was attracting them. I love to see the insect life around.

    Anzac65, at least there is one silver lining to the current situation – decluttering is being done. Great that you can WFH and do other tasks during the time you would usually be commuting. Hope the lasagne lives up to your description of it – and do share with us whether you managed to stick with a small wedge! 🙂

    @penz, I have a unit, not an apartment – one of those where a block was sub-divided into two. I have the back unit and a long driveway – which reminded me today that one way I can ensure I get some fresh air plus exercise would be to walk up and down my driveway. It has a slight slope, so will stretch me a little more than walking on the flat when I “housewalk”. It’s something I can do when there’s no sun. And gardening, too, of course.

    Hope everyone else is doing well. This forum seems to have hit a quiet spell – LJoyce, are you okay? Cinque? Others?

    Keep well, keep losing those pesky pounds, and keep posting.

    Oops Betsy, I meant son in law, not sister in law. So my son and son in law will do it. Google the blue banded bee. It will do your spirits good, to know such things exist. so pretty, so good for the planet. Anzac, Betsy, I wonder if you’ll see OH – it’s for the Qld Govt.

    Hello everyone

    Betsy, yes I’m still alive and kicking – and a little damp as I got wet going for a walk this afternoon just before the rain started – wasn’t quick enough to get home.
    I think walking up and down the driveway is an excellent idea – steps and fresh air done on the safety of your own property.

    Lindsay, I agree with Anzac, letting go of a task that was giving you that much worry was always the right decision. Hope the next honey haul is good.

    Anzac, I love lasagne but rarely make it. I usually end up with a moussaka-lasagne hybrid with a single layer of pasta through the middle of a moussaka to soak up any juices that are too runny.

    Cinque, I have one of those tiny screwdriver that I’ve held onto for exactly that purpose – isn’t it excellent when a tidy up yield such a good find.

    Thin, the government in WA is getting tough now. They have decided that not only will they keep turning non Western Australians away at the border, they’ll also turn Western Australians away to keep the state safe, with very few exceptions.

    Cali, hope you are still coping with your home isolation.

    After 5 FDs B2B I finally had a NFD today and I’m pleased to say it has been controlled, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my meals today and eaten them slowly and mindfully. I feel like I’ve broken the previous pattern of overeating for now. I weighed again this morning to discover I’ve already lost that 1.3kg gain so I figured it was safe to go back to something closer to a normal routine.

    I drove up to the hills this morning and sat on a garden chair next to my car in the driveway of my aunt’s house while she sat on the bench seat by her front door – about 6 metres apart and we hd a nice long chat in perfect safety. Being confined to the house and not able to visit my uncle who was recently admitted to a nursing home for palliative care has been challenging, worrying and very lonely for her. It was good to be able to visit but do it safely. I’ve told her that the next time we get a warm day I’ll repeat it – I can’t have her sitting outside like that unless the weather is good.

    I’m just heating up turkey chilli con carne with spelt couscous that I pulled from the freezer this afternoon.
    Have a good evening all.

    Good Morning all. I have returned from being MIA – have no idea how long I’ve been missing for but it does seem like quite a few months. Just read the last page of posts as a quick catch up as I haven’t been lurking either.

    Today is a milestone – my first day of being unemployed in my 51 years of existence and it’s not a good feeling. Have applied for so many jobs over the last 6 weeks and only managed to gain one interview and wasn’t successful there. It’s depressing and fills me with a sense of being worthless when I know I am more than qualified for the positions. I’ve resorted to applying for jobs that I don’t want, cleaning, fruit picking etc – anything to get some $$. I did receive a voluntary redundancy but will be using that, along with some money from OH’s super to pay off the home loan so we can be debt free and at least in these uncertain times will only need to worry about paying utilities and putting food on the table. OH’s workplace has already laid off many staff and those that are left have had their hours reduced by half so not looking good there either.

    Earlier this week I completed my last unit of my Diploma study and received word yesterday that I have passed so that’s one thing out of the way. Unfortunately now that I no longer work for government the Diploma is completely useless – 2 half years of study for nothing. I did manage to get my department to pay for 2 short TAFE courses as part of my redundancy so I have just commenced the first one and it is so much more enjoyable than the Diploma study which was quite boring stuff.

    Health wise – well no improvement there unfortunately. My weight is still increasing by the day, so much that the fitbit scales think I am OH as I am now only a few kilos lighter than him. OH has easily been maintaining weight which is depressing me even further. The iron and vitamin B tablets I’ve been taking for the last 3 months haven’t improved my energy levels at all. I still feel so tired, aching etc. My sleep, which has always been good, is now patchy and often I wake at 2am unable to go back to sleep, leaving me feeling even more drained that I am have been. You may remember that blood tests earlier this year indicated many issues which 2 different Drs dismissed as being of no concern whereas the nutritionist I’ve been seeing did see them as a concern. I received a letter from my original Dr a few weeks back saying he needed to see me about the blood tests. Apparently the test clinic were concerned with one of the markers that they ran further tests which took a while to come back. I’m unable to get an appointment with the Dr at the moment to go over the results as he is only seeing the most urgent of patients. There is a severe Dr shortage here with 3 surgeries having one Dr and the other one has 2. So that’s 5 Drs for all the surgeries and the hospital to service a region of about 17,000 people.

    I will be honest and say that I have been struggling to keep away from carb foods lately. I think it comes from feeling depressed and the pressures I’m feeling at the moment. A creamy pasta or risotto beats a green salad anyday for comfort food. I have been eating healthy but with the added carb hit every few days. Exercise is non existent too. I’m going to try really hard to make this weekend my last hooraah for bad food choices and being physically un-motivated. Start afresh on Monday – a morning walk, some HIT on the treadmill and light weight work – will build exercise up slowly so I don’t put more stresses on my body. Create a healthy meal plan for the week with minimum carbs. Spend time outdoors in the garden and get back into yoga, which I have missed so much. I really need to res-set my mind and my body and not worry about the things I can’t change. Now that I have no work or study pressures I need to concentrate on my health and wellbeing as I feel like I’ve been on such a very slippery slope that if I keep going this way much longer it will become near impossible to climb back up.

    Still lots of chores to do a home to finish off our renovations and landscaping. A few weeks ago we purchased the rest of the materials for the main big jobs. If the retail shops end up closing down then at least we will have what we need to keep working. Last weekend we planted the vines and creepers that will cover the new structure in the back yard which OH and I built ourselves – quite proud we are too of our efforts. Today will plant 2 avocado trees and a pomegranate which I have had in a pot for a few months waiting to go in the ground. Have relocated some of our citrus trees so the orchard section of the garden in a bit more organised and is better placed to have permanent watering connections to the rainwater tanks. Were putting everything on watering systems to reduce work and it has worked a treat with the vegie patch – regular consistent watering is the key. Picked the last of the zucchini last weekend as well as all of the pumpkins – 28 in total so we won’t have to worry about buying pumpkins for quite awhile. The tomatoes are just about at the end of their growing season and I now have jars and jars of sundried tomatoes which is great. Today will also be spent rejuvenating the vegie patch soil and planting out the winter crop.

    Looking forward to checking in daily from now on and getting up to speed with everyone’s lives once again. Hoping everyone is safe and well in these uncertain times. Take care x

    Hi everyone. Hunkered down and not much going on around here. My weight has stayed about the same because I haven’t been eating much during the day and the evening meals, while certainly not all low calorie, aren’t enough to make me gain. Anxiety is still causing the lack of appetite. I will begin fasting again if I gain, or if my appetite improves.

    The numbers here are horrible and I wonder when things will level off. California was one of the first to go on lockdown, so hopefully we will see some improvement soon. The problem is that there are still people out there thinking it’s only the flu and rules don’t apply to them. A church in Sacramento held services and 71 congregants came down with the virus, including the pastor who had to be hospitalized. One thing that is positive is that the number of recovered people is starting to increase. There are over 228,000 recovered people in the world as of a while ago.

    Neil, glad you got your scales figured out. We have one that is supposed to measure fat but it never seemed to work right. I just use it for weight. I can figure out if I’m gaining too much fat by the pinch test and how my clothes fit.

    LJ, what a wonderful way to visit with your aunt. I’m sure it was good for her to have you there, while still being safe. And good for you as things can get pretty mundane after a couple weeks of lockdown. Someone posted on nextdoor.com today that their car is getting 3 weeks to the gallon in gas mileage!

    Cinque, happy to hear that you found that little repair kit for your glasses. I often buy little things like that and then forget that I have them. How lucky you we’re organizing right at the time when you needed the little screwdriver.

    Lindsay, that blue banded bee is really pretty. I don’t think we have them here. Good luck on harvesting more honey.

    Betsy, housewalking or walking on your property is a great way to get exercise. I need to do more of that. It’s good for the mental attitude as well as the body.

    Anzac, Maxx must be getting really spoiled by now, having you WFH everyday.

    Take care everyone, Hunker down and stay safe.

    Morning all, well almost afternoon here. The days sort of merge in to each other with this stay at home situation so since this is officially the weekend I’m going to try to make it different by not doing any work around the house. Last week I managed to stay on top of the regular chores of laundry dishes and cleaning and also get the outside work done. I’ve been getting out for regular rides and I’ve now ridden over 1700 kilometres this year. I should hit 2020 by the end of April. I’ve been taking the boys for walks every day and I’ve been round to see my parents a few times. They stand on their back porch and we stand on the other side of their hedge so we’ve got a good 5 meters of distance between us.

    Gday, sorry to hear about your unemployment, although having your mortgage paid off will put you in a decent position. I’m the same with eating at the moment. Mine is through boredom mostly. It’s tough to keep away from sugary and starchy snacks when they’re sitting in the cupboards calling to you and you’re sitting in the house listening. Hopefully things pick up for you soon on both fronts.

    I’m going to make up some cordials today with some of our frozen fruit. We still have some red currants, black currants and gooseberries in the freezer, and since our cranberries are almost ready we’ll need to make some room.

    We’ll have a great weekend everyone and stay safe.

    Hi all
    Oh dear Gday – I’m really sorry to hear you’ve not been travelling too well, and on a lot of different fronts. As Neil says, paying off the mortgage will be a big weight off your shoulders, and hopefully there will be some government support to help you through. Don’t worry too much about your weight at this time. Yes, starting again on Monday with renewed focus will be great. But there is too much going on in our lives at the moment to try to fight on all fronts. (I’ve been drawn in by eating too much, at too many meals, and much higher carb, too, and it’s showing. But I can’t control everything all at once). Focus on your health and well-being. Glad you are back on the forum, where you can get plenty of support.

    LJ your drive up into the hills to sit with your aunt sounds like a lovely thing for you both, and safe too. How good to have this type of workaround arrangement, where you can see each other, while observing physical isolation – particularly now your uncle is in care.

    I’m having a little stew here today, about people who won’t listen to the social isolating advice. It’s little miss’s 4th birthday, and we of course can’t see her. But her other grandmother invited herself to the little party DD,partner and the two little ones were having at home. DD’s mother in law actually said, flippantly, that it was better to die of the virus than of boredom. How utterly stupid! Nothing could dissuade her from calling in. My DD is an essential worker so still has to go in to work, but all staff now have to report who they’ve been in contact with. Now, she’ll have to report the visit. And Cali, what about the church in Sacramento? Why are they even holding church services with physical congregations?

    Betsy good you can get some exercise and fresh air without leaving your property. My step count yesterday was just over 3,000. Diabolical. We are on Day 13, so by Monday we will drive to the local fields and let Rosy have a run, while we walk and walk and walk. It’s a huge open area with bush and little creeks and although there can be quite a few people and dogs there at weekends, there is so much room we can easily avoid every other walker by metres.

    Neil, I like hearing about your bike rides, because after having been in Dunedin recently, I can picture you riding over the hills. What part of the city do you live in? And great to visit your parents, while all staying safe. How is your Mum doing?

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