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  • Good morning friends

    SO glad you are home safe and well Lindsay. Don’t worry about 2 kilos, holidays are for enjoying and you will knock them off in no time. I too am sad about the impact this must be having on the children

    Quacka I am so sorry you are so unwell and a double whammy that you can’t go and see your parents. Get better soon

    Neil I would send those scales back and say they are faulty. How can you possibly have a biological age of 52 when you are so incredibly fit? Ridiculous

    How is your Mum going? It must be so hard for you to not see her

    Sorry you had a horror shopping trip Cinque. Was it the crowds or the empty shelves that made it so terrible? Our Coles have closed half of the auto check outs to enable people to be a good distance apart so the queues are quite incredible. I am ok for everything except paper towels and dratted Maxx has now chewed two brand new roles! My fault for leaving them within grabbing distance but honestly….couldn’t he chew something less precious like some cash or my good jewellery? Ha ha. He is loving having me home but coming up with new and interesting ways to get my attention rather than tapping away on the computer. Sigh.

    I am supposed to go into the City next week but I’m getting mixed messages. On our daily call yesterday my boss (who is the big boss) seemed clear that if you are on the black team (which I am) you go in next week. But then today I was on a different call and one of the senior PM’s said that 80% of the yellow team who were supposed to be in the city this week were WFH. Another bloke said ‘you must not come in as you are not essential services’. They are also recommending that we drive in or get dropped off and picked up but this not practical at all. Anyway hopefully I can get some clarity at our 5.00pm call today. I do NOT want to go into the city and especially do not want to get on a train. I hate driving so there is no way I would drive all that way and I can’t ask Steve to do four trips every day. My dear friend who has CF posted me some surgical masks so at least I have them.

    Our remote access software is not coping with the number of people who are WFH so I guess that is why they need as many of us as possible to go into the City.

    Cali, there are some really terrible figures and stories coming out of the USA. And the president wants to reopen everything as early as Easter. He is terminally crazy surely? I hope you – and everyone – are doing ok.

    Really happy for your current success Betsy. I am maintaining – just – and as the weekend draws near I can feel myself pining for some really rubbishy food. I will resist though. And I’m loving being able to go on the long morning walks with the boys. We even do some jogging around the rugby field (or more like waddling for me!). I have been slowly building up Maxx’s recall with the gundog whistle and finally took the brave step of trying it out in the park with distractions. So far so good; he spins and runs to me every time. If he even ignores it once it can be ruined so phew – so far. We want to make this our emergency “GET BACK HERE NOW I MEAN IT” weapon against him ever running off to chase another dog and running towards the road or children.

    What on earth did we do with our spare time before we got him?

    How are you going LJ? I hope your transfusion went ok and I’m sorry your precious travel plans are now in chaos. Thank goodness you have only put down a small deposit

    Lovely to hear from you Crazy and what an achievement! Size 26 to 18 (or less) in just one year. I think your success comes from never breaking a FD. I must keep this in mind

    Ok, back to work. Please keep your fingers crossed that I can avoid going into the CBD next week

    Hi all, hope you’re doing well.

    FD today, managing okay so far. Apart from a 1/3rd of a breakfast biscuit to take a tablet, if I’m having a “real” FD (i.e., under 500 cals), I usually have a LFD. If I start eating, I know I’ll go over 500 cals and end with a FD800.

    Good to hear from you, Anzac65, with an update. Hope you don’t have to go in to work next week and that the powers that be get their instructions straight! Grr to Maxx for tearing up the paper towels. I presume he didn’t then proceed to eat them? 🙂

    Glad you’re home and okay, LindsayL. Poor Rosy; she must have really pined. You’ll have to feed her up.

    Cinque, just realised what you meant a couple of posts ago – no, I didn’t lose another kilo. I was 600 gms down and didn’t believe it, and the scales the next day confirmed I was only 400 gms down. But after the past couple of days, I’m back to the 600 gms down, and am hoping for slightly more when I weigh in tomorrow morning.

    Neilithicman, weird about your scales. Did you input the correct height? My MBI immediately shot up when I realised I’d shrunk 2 cms and inputted the revised height.

    Don’t be too concerned about the “apparent age”, either. I did one of those using the heart Foundation app, and was appalled at the age, so I played around with it, putting myself as being at my weight goal, low cholesterol, normal blood pressure, etc., and was still several years above my biological age, purely because of the cardiac disease in the family. I am not my smoker parents, but that isn’t taken into account. Initially I felt quite insulted, because I know I’m fit and healthy, but then just shrugged my shoulders and now ignore it.

    CalifDreamer, yep, we are being strongly encouraged now to only go out for essential errands, and otherwise stay at home. Not yet mandatory, but I suspect that will be coming soon.
    Thank you for your kind words re my weight loss. I’m just aware of how much ground I lost when I got so stressed with the research phase of my study last year, and it’s painful to have to re-lose the kilos after all my hard work. Never mind, on the downward trail again now, and I’ll get there. When I reach 72 kg (which is 1 kg lower than I got to last year), you will probably hear the cheers even as far as California, because it will mean I’m finally officially “overweight” instead of “obese” 🙂

    Hoping everyone is doing well, and sending you my best wishes.

    Good afternoon all.

    Thanks for asking – the infusion went well this morning as did yesterday’s FD. Today has been filled with unplanned snacking unfortunately.
    One highlight – My nurse brought me a scoby so that I can start my own kombucha – something to keep be busy for a little while.

    To those of you who have commiserated over my delayed travel plans. With the health crisis that is bombarding our world, it puts things into clear perspective. I think delayed travel is unimportant by comparison and I’ll be grateful if there is still a functioning world left to visit once we get through this.

    Anzac, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can get to WFH next week.

    Lindsay, glad you are home, safe and well. You know how much Rosy missed you if she refused to eat – clearly no labrador genes there.

    Neil, I think those scales sound faulty. I though the only accurate way to measure body composition was in one of those expensive medical devices that look like a giant egg, that you climb inside of. I suspect that the home scale version uses mostly formulas based on averages. It sounds like the one you have can’t even get that right, given the BMI miscalculation.

    Quacka, how are you? I hope you are feeling a bit better that you were last time you posted.

    Cinque, I’m glad the kipper tacos were delicious, but you are right, it sound ghastly. But then I can’t cope with fish at the best of times.
    I do hope you found the energy to make that spanikopita today. I’ve never had warrigal greens – do they taste anything like spinach?

    Hello to Betsy, Crazy, Cali, Penz, Thin and anyone else who is reading.

    I haven’t been for a walk yet today so I think it’s time I got that done.

    Quick second post, as our posts crossed – LJoyce, glad the infusion went well this morning and that you’ll be able to start your own kombucha.

    Stay well all!

    Penguin & Thin, I hope your deputy PM is good in a crisis as he/she might be filling in for a couple of weeks. I just switched over to ABC news to see Boris Johnson announcing he’s tested positive to covid19.

    Good mornimg,

    Lindsay, yes, keep posting, we love so much to have you here. What a debacle getting home. No wonder you need some recovery time. And how relieved Rosy must be to have you back again.
    Isn’t lovely having the kids on skype, or whatever. (Although my feral two just climb over each other shrieking and all I can see is a nose or an eye, and lots of ‘Grandma grandma’.) (Just like real life).

    Good luck transferring your excess 2 kilos to Rosy.

    Anzac, good grief, everyone is scrambling. I do so hope you have your work stuff sorted out… and that you can work from home.

    Well done maintaining! Extra gold stars for doing so with chaos at work and Maxx at home, haha. Maybe you can give yourself one well deserved treat that you can enjoy wholeheartedly, rather than the dreadful comfort of rubbish eating.

    Yay Maxx with the gundog whistle!

    My shopping disaster was not the shop’s fault at all. It was all to do with my illness because a) I had been overdoing things (housework, sigh) and b) it takes me about three hours to get going in the morning, 10 am is an okay time to leave the house, but I left for the shops at 7am. I am still recovering!

    Betsy, Oh no, I did think you had lost 600 + 400g Oh well, let’s take 400g, it is a lot better than nothing. I hope yesterday’s fast day went really well.

    LJoyce, haha even as I was writing I figured I’d think it was a ghastly combination if I read it.
    Did you manage to stop snacking yesterday? If not, today is the day.

    I did make the spanikopita, hooray! They are all in the freezer as I have other food to eat up. Today I am making individual ramekin bakes, hoping the mince hasn’t gone off.

    Nice to have your infusion done and dusted.

    Fast day for me tomorrow!

    Best wishes for a good weekend everyone.

    Quick check-in (really!). Weighed-in this morning – yay! Nearly the 1 kg you thought I’d lost, Cinque – 900 gms down. That’s 3.5 kg so far this month. Unlikely to be more, as I’ll have a couple of TDEE days over the weekend. Still a long way to go, but pleased with progress so far.

    Glad you got your cooking done, Cinque. Sympathise re the early rising knocking your health. I’m not an early riser by preference, and to get to the shops at 7 a.m. if there are things I really want is exhausting, and I don’ have your health challenges.

    Reminder everyone: this current crisis will pass, but we have our weight for a lifetime, so don’t give up. We can do it!

    don’t, of course, not don’

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