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  • Hi everyone, checking in before the evening news, though I’ve gradually been watching less. It can become overwhelming.

    GDayfromSA, wonderful to hear from you, though I’m sorry you’ve been having such a hard time. Don’t regret your study; nothing is ever wasted, but it’s good that your cert IVs are more interesting. I was really pleased to read that you’ll be able to pay off your mortgage. I did that a few years ago, once I had access to my super, and it was such a releasing feeling to know my home was now mine and not the bank’s. Re work, you should be eligible for the $1100 Jobseeker amount, shouldn’t you, with your OH’s intermittent work situation? Don’t be proud. Accept what’s available in this time, knowing that things will change in the future. Whatever, it’s great to have you back on this forum and ready to gradually move into a healthier space.

    Neilithicman, What a lovely idea and visit you had with your parents, and I’m sure they were happy seeing your boys, too. Now I’m retired, like you I have to do something to make the days different, so usually Saturdays are a TDEE or NFD while I do home chores, and Sunday is my relax day when there’s church in the morning (now online) and I read and relax for the rest of the day. Still walk every day and get in my 8000+ steps, but avoid doing chores. Used to like visiting the shops on Sunday afternoons and meeting up with a friend, but that’s on hold for the moment. We catch up by phone instead.

    @ljoyce, good to hear from you. What a brilliant way to visit your aunt, and I’m sure she really appreciated it. Good to read, too, that you feel your NFDs are under better control. I ate too much earlier today, unhealthy food, too, so guess who won’t be eating this evening?! Just at my TDEE so can’t afford any more calories. And, only lost 400 gms this past week. Measurements down a bit, though, so I’ll be thankful for small mercies 🙂

    LindsayL, I’ll look up the blue banded bee; sounds interesting. You need to up your step count around the home, not just depend on when you take the dogs out. It’s possible to do, truly. I’m at 9070 steps at 5:40 p.m. and I haven’t stepped outside my front door as it’s so cold outside. If I can do it, anyone can.

    CalifDreamer, I’ve been very sad to read of the situation in the States. It seems that not enough was done early enough, and now it’s really hard to catch up. The news from New York is horrific. My brother, nieces and families are in Arizona (Phoenix), and I’m very concerned for them, as though Arizona doesn’t seem to be one of the current Covid-19 “hotspots”, that could change quickly. Re my housewalking, I try to have one “set” last more than 30 minutes, as that gets the endorphins moving, and it certainly helps the moods.

    Okay, time to close. Wilbur is going curled up on my lap, so will be upset to be disturbed, but it’s nearly time for the news, plus I have to do my 250 steps for this hour, before 6 p.m. Keep well, all.

    Gday, we must have posted about the same time because I didn’t look back and see your post after I hit the submit button. It’s good to see you back here again. I’m sorry to hear about your job and health problems. I hope you can get some of that resolved soon. Glad to hear that you can pay off your mortgage. I’m sure that will be a relief. We did that several years ago and it was nice not having that payment each month.

    Betsy, the numbers coming out of New York are horrifying. At some point they just have to level off. But the cities are high density and many people ride the subways each day and before all of this started, the streets were always busy. Arizona is a lot lower density and not much in the way of public transportation. Most people use their cars. They have a lot fewer cases.

    Good morning. Starting early (thanks to daylight saving ending) to make sure I write today.

    I have been SO BUSY (for someone who can’t do much in the day) getting garden and food supplies and then doing the garden and kitchen work to avoid wasting them. I have picked all my basil and made four (small) jars of pesto. I have made chicken and vegetable soup, and eggplant dip, and some lovely fresh meals too.
    The cold, wet weather means I can slow down with the gardening, phew. But I am keeping my seedlings alive. I’ve got a couple more recipes to make before ingredients get old, and then I can see how long I can go before I need to do veggie shopping again. (Will just nick out for coffee and milk in a couple of days).

    It is a fast day for me today. Don’t feel much like it, but I will do my trick of just keeping putting off eating until it is obvious the fast day is working…. and then start thinking about how good eating tomorrow will be.

    I think I will do a few posts so I can chat in a leisurely way without worrying I will lose my post. Apologies to anyone who thinks, ooh lovely! lots of posts! and they are all from me. Haha.

    Lindsay good luck with all the new features needed to do that editing. I bet you have them all sorted before you know it. I do hope it is an interesting thesis and a joy to edit.
    Fascinating to see you on that side of it, and Betsy on the other.

    So glad the bees are well and happy. I hope it is a wonderful harvest that you can enjoy from afar and have no stings!

    Such exciting news re the advertisement. Congratulations all round. Those of us who aren’t in Queensland will have to work out a way of seeing it!

    It is so satisfying to fix little things. ie my glasses. Luckily I have three pairs on the go so I could wear my best subscription ones to fix my computer glasses (third oldest pair). And yes, I must have seen this handy little set (in Aldi maybe?) and bought it on impulse.

    Anzac, ooh is anything better than a lasagne made from scratch? And so satisfying to make it perfectly cheesy and then balance it out with a beautiful salad.

    But did you? 😉 😉 😉

    I bet you are enjoying your new towels, and the extra ones for Maxx, the towel king.

    So true, about making the right decision, and feeling the burden fall away. I love it when that happens.

    Gday, so glad to hear from you. So sorry to hear that your health issues are still impacting life so badly, and that you are having to deal with unemployment on top of it, not to mention all the Covid19 restrictions.

    Hooray that you are concentrating on looking after your health. It is so hard to make a stand when everything is difficult and you are exhausted and despondent. But looking after your health, as much as you can, will surely make the biggest difference.

    I can really relate to the frustration and depression and powerlessness that comes from chronic ill health when you don’t know what it is, what you can do about it, and nothing you try works.
    You are not worthless, you are a hero in the terrible part of the journey, when all hope seems lost. You are also the wise woman the hero meets in the treacherous mountains who gives shelter and care when all seems lost. (Can you tell I read a lot of fantasy tales in my youth 😉 ).

    I am glad there will be a doctors appt (eventually) that may explain what is happening and what you can do, but in the meantime the important things you can do are the very basic healthy eating, drinking plenty of water, trying to rest and sleep well, and quieten the judgemental voice in your head. Don’t forget that your brain, especially, needs you to eat carbs, just try to make them healthy ones.

    Having constant exhaustion is the hardest thing. Rest as much as you can. It can be so hard to let yourself do this when there is so much to do, but you are worth it.


    LJoyce, it is just lovely to read about your visit with your aunt.
    What a relief that the overeating pattern has broken. Did you figure out what it was about?
    I seem to be on a good roll at the moment (touch wood and whistle).

    It is interesting hearing people on the media/social media talking about snacking continually now they are home all the time. I hope everyone manages to change that habit quickly, or we will have another health crisis!

    Ah Cali, it was you who mentioned seeing things like the screwdriver set, and buying it and then forgetting. We are soul sisters!
    So sorry to hear of that church with all the people who became ill after being together. It takes a long time and a lot of sadness to learn from experience and so frustrating when we have actually learnt from previous pandemics but are not getting the message out strongly enough.

    Neil and Betsy, such good ideas to make weekends different.
    Neil, what wonderful cordials those berries will make.

    It is a bit weird to be in such a terrible pandemic and still be able to eat so well. That can’t have happened many times in history, but I am very aware of it now.

    Lindsay, Oh dear re the other grandma. What can I say.
    But hooray, hooray, hooray this is your last day in quarantine! Won’t you love getting out into the fresh air tomorrow! And won’t Rosy love her run.

    Well, what a lovely bunch of people you are to spend isolation with. Best wishes all round.

    Hi all, also posting early. Church online finished a little while ago, and I’ve decided for today not to watch any news till later in the day. Did check on my phone app, but that’s just headlines.

    Amazing news from me (well, I’m amazed, anyway) – had a TDEE day yesterday, and weighed in this morning 400 gms lighter than yesterday. I’ll take it. That means 800gms off in the past 8 days, so good progress, plus some movement on the inches, too. By the time this crisis ends, I could be “slim, trim and terrific” – well, slimmer, at least.

    CalifDreamer, thanks for the reassurance re Arizona. I should have thought of the density of population. That’s one thing which has been helping here, I think – a lot of Australian cities are fairly sprawled out.

    Cinque, lovely to read your 3 posts, and not frustrating at all. Good to be encouraged with your communication.

    Hi to all who haven’t posted yet today. I’ll catch up with you tomorrow. Stay well 🙂

    Cinque, good morning from sunny England with a forecast of 19C! I’m joining you in a FD today. Mexican chicken soup 277 cals. So far, in nearly six years, I’ve never let anything get in the way of my FDs so I don’t see why this horrid thing should be allowed to get the better of me. That’s my plan anyway.

    I love the way you described your FD: step 1, keep going until you know it’s working, step 2, start thinking about tomorrow’s food. I expect you’re at step 2 now. I agree with you, it’s a shame people are eating from ‘boredom’. This could be a good time to reflect on all that we do have and compare our frenetic and needy lives to those of our grandparents, perhaps.

    No time for boredom here, sourcing domestic batteries as all four are on their deathbed which is presenting a few challenges, and planting a rooftop garden. Hoping to find some sandpaper so we can start painting the boat.

    Intesha, I saw this and wondered if it’s one of yours? https://imgur.com/YD3bp96

    Keep smiling. This will pass.

    Afternoon all, daylight savings here so it’s getting a bit dark in the evening.

    Lindsay, I’m up in Brockville which is one of the hill suburbs, I’ve been doing laps down to the valley, up to the top of the suburb on the neighbouring hill and then across the ridge to home. It’s an 8 kilometre loop with about 250 vertical meters of climbing. I managed 4 loops today since it was a nice sunny day.

    Today I washed the windows and started to clear out the garage. I wasn’t going to do any work yesterday but our neighbour told my wife that she was worried about her job and the lockdown and she only had enough firewood for s couple of days if the weather turned bad. So I chopped up a whole lot of wood I had in the garage and sent my boys to deliver 4 or 5 wheelbarrow loads to her.

    Tomorrow is back to our new routine after a more relaxed weekend, and a fast day. Have a good week everyone.

    Only got up to about 7C today and rain. But the trees are starting to bloom and there’s a cascade of yellow climbing roses high into the oak tree in the back yard.

    Neil, you are accomplishing so much these days! So nice of you to chop wood and have your boys deliver it to your neighbor. I’m sure it was greatly appreciated. And great job with all the exercise. Hills are difficult!

    Thin, did you manage to find those batteries? That cake design really make me laugh. It would be a good one for Intesha to try. Has anyone heard from her? Is she traveling?

    Betsy, congrats on the additional weight loss. There’s positive news from Australia on the covid19 in that the rate seems to be going down: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/australia/

    Cinque, it sounds like you’ve accomplished so much today with cooking meals ahead and harvesting some of your garden. It sounds like you’re finishing up on your basil while we’re waiting for it to get warm enough to plant it. I love that basil is so easy to grow. We had a great crop in a big pot last summer. Using it regularly helped a lot I think. It goes to seed so quickly.

    If you scroll down to the “Newly Infected vs. Newly Recovered in Australia” there is definitely a downward trend. I hope they keep all the restrictions in place for a while so it continues.

    The US has had over 1,000 deaths today, almost half of them in NY. They are predicting that this week will be very bad. I hope they’re wrong.

    Stay safe and hunker down everyone.

    A cold morning with some clear sun, and hoping to do gardening today.

    It is lovely ‘morning after fast day’ for me. I was very hungry yesterday afternoon, even my generous miso soup didn’t allay it for long, but when I first woke up (5:30ish) I was so full I thought I wouldn’t breakfast for hours, but an hour later I was starving again. How does that happen? Anyway I am looking forward to brekky in half an hour or so.

    Betsy, woot! What a fab week you’ve had! And that lovely feeling of being slenderer and checking out the wardrobe for things to wear.

    Thin, it will be end of your fast day, and I bet the Mexican Chicken Soup went down a treat. (I did get to step 2 nicely.)
    It is good that many people are finding life less frenetic at the moment. The number of people making sourdough has become a joke here. But several contacts have talked about the pleasure of cooking without the rush of normal workdays.

    Oh dear, good luck finding the batteries! And I hope you have a good gardening day too.

    Haha that’s the best toilet roll cake. Sending out cheers to you Intesha, we have missed you.

    Neil, so glad you could help your neighbour out, she would have been so heartened to see the wood rolling in. Here is the fast day baton for you (two metres long, just to be safe 😉 )

    Brrr Cali, so cold, but I am glad Spring is showing you that warmer weather is on the way. Yes, it was time to pull out the basil, it was starting to get black spot, and with heavy rain coming I knew I needed to get on to it.

    Wow, I am amazed you found our Covid19 data, we are often left off world comparisons. But you are right, it has been a huge relief to see the curve flattening so decisively. If we were lucky enough to crackdown before local transmissions started, it should stay flat, fingers crossed, the next couple of weeks will show.

    And what a relief for California that you are one of the few places in the US where the curve is also showing signs of flattening, this was on the news as I have been writing.

    Well, I am off to make breakfast and then see how much manure and compost I can spread on my garden today.

    Sending best wishes

    Good Morning everyone

    Firstly, G’day I’m sending you a great big hug from afar. You are having a tough time and I really hope things will improve for you soon. It’s a good idea to focus on your health and doing the best you can in these times. Exercise is great for our mental health and you have already said you will start off gently which will be better for your body. Take care and I look forward to seeing more posts from you and remember we are all here for you x

    It was a strange week for me last week. After indicating that I would be stood down, my boss did a back flip and now I am still required to go to work as normal. This would be all fine if I actually had work to do but as I already explained there is very little coming in. So anyway, I’ve decided to make the most of it and I’m just going to exercise when I am at work. We have a flight of stairs I can run up and down a few times a day and I will do some strength exercises also. I have done some lunges and also set up a box which is about 30cm high to do some step ups. i’ll do some squats as well when I feel like it – I really hate squats LOL.

    This flu thing I have had is still hanging around. It feels like it is in my chest but not like an infection. I think it’s just a matter of building up my immune system again and hopefully I will get over it properly soon. It’s the fourth week this week so I am well and truly jack of it. Bring on good health again!

    Today is my first proper FD since I got sick. I have been eating pretty well and haven’t put on any weight but I haven’t really lost any either. Although there are days when I feel like throwing it all away because the FD just seems too much, I actually like the feeling of fasting. I like being in control of myself and I like that light feeling. So I am getting back into it today.

    Hope everyone is staying well. Look after yourselves during this time and don’t forget about your mental health too.


    Good morning everyone

    A lovely sunny day here but the air is starting to get the first chill of autumn and we had to don jackets for our walk this morning for the first time. I’m sitting in the dining room working with the balcony door open but also long trackie pants and a fleece. Maxx is curled up on his blanket on the couch.

    Hi G’day, I was so sad to read your post. I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to be so willing and able to work but not able to find a job. All on top of health issues too; I’m so very sorry. Glad you are back with us and I hope we can all help.

    Cali, I do think Maxx in enjoying have me home every day – but not as much as OH is! He gets his lunch made every day, we share the cooking and I am here to keep an eye on Maxx and play games with him when he needs entertaining. Thankfully he sleeps a lot as I am quite busy at work. The numbers are horrifying over there but I was pleased to read that the number of new cases in NY today went down for the first time. I’m glad you are ok but sorry to hear your anxiety is still causing issues including loss of appetite. This will pass.

    I’ve taken my eye off the ball the past few days and lapsed back into snacking. It all got a bit overwhelming and I realised I was reading / watching the news too much. Back on the straight and narrow today. I saw a picture from when we were in Portugal – so right at the beginning of the trip – and my face was so much thinner than it is now. That depressed me and sent me into a snacking frenzy I’m ashamed to say. It’s pretty stupid as surely the better thing to do is to try and get back there? Ugh

    LJ, what a lovely idea to visit your aunt that way. I’m sure it made her feel so much better. 5 B2B FD’s made my eyes widen! That is wonderful and what an immediate result.

    Neil, it seems a few of us are starting to linger back to old unhealthy habits so you are not alone. Your bike riding should negate any extras. Glad you got to see your parents – albeit at a distance. What a fantastic neighbour you are re the firewood.

    My Sister and BIL are free from their 14 day isolation today too Lindsay. You must have flown back the same day as them. Your DD’s MIL’s action made me shake my head in disbelief. Honestly, some people are so blooming selfish and arrogant. And stupid (sorry)

    Oops…..it is b.a.t.h. day for Maxx and he just heard OH getting the shampoo out of the cupboard. For a large, clumsy dog he certainly can turn into a ninja phantom pretty darn quick. He is smelly and itchy so I’m sorry my friend – bath time it is. We use a medicated shampoo to help with his itchy skin.

    Cinque, you have been very busy indeed! Our basil failed largely this year, probably because we weren’t here to take care of it. The only things that really survived well are the mint, sage, rosemary and thyme.

    I am proud to announce that I cut a small wedge of lasagne and gobbled it down with a big salad. I am very NOT PROUD to say I went back for the other half  of which I ate half of the half and gave the other half to my other half. Ha ha.

    Wow Betsy, you really are doing so well. I am so happy for you – 800g in two days is fantastic

    Hi Quacka, I’m sorry this flu is hanging around – 4 weeks is too long. I do hope you feel better very soon

    Thin – 19 degrees! Lovely. My poor nephew and girlfriend posted a video from their tiny 3 room flat of them sitting in front of a big window with the sun streaming singing ‘I got sunshine…..’. They said it is finally getting a bit warmer in London too.

    We did a whole tandoori chicken in the bbq last night (the Tandoor is broken – long story) and we just had chicken salad sandwiches with some of the leftover. Yum! Steak and salad for dinner with a huge pile of chips for OH and about 6 for me.

    Take care all

    Here’s a pic of Maxx getting a towel down after his bath. He loves that part!

    CalifD, good news from California, hope you’re doing alright. We don’t have the batteries yet, thanks for asking, but a nearby marina offered to source them for us and we hope to hear from them today.

    Cinque, sorry you had a tough FD. As it’s harder to plan because I can’t necessarily source the food I need, I just eat one meal on FDs, foregoing the 2pm feeding. It was warm yesterday, although the wind was strong so we kept procrastinating going for a walk. We went at 4pm by which time I was hungry and looking forward to the 5pm meal – which I didn’t get until after 7pm. The long walk distracted me though. Good results on the scales, 57.9kg.

    Lovely photo Anzac, your outdoor area looks beautiful. I think that seeing / hearing too much of this covid-19 news can become overwhelming. Too many numbers, too much gloom. The reason I’m determined to keep my FDs going no matter what is that I couldn’t trust myself if I let them slide. I remember how miserable being overweight made me feel and I never want to be that unhealthy again.

    Neil, loved your story of sending your boys over to the neighbour with barrow loads of wood.

    Best wishes to all who aren’t feeling their best right now. We still have much to be thankful for in the scheme of things.

    Good evening all, hope everyone is doing well.

    GDSA, I agree with the advice already offered, your health is the main priority. Improving that is critical to moving forward with the job hunt. I know you had many months to get used to the looming redundancy but the current economic climate was something you could not have foreseen. I think when you are well everything else will feel more possible.

    Anzac, Snap! I had tandoori chicken tonight too. Mine was also yum. I did 2 pieces so I can just reheat tomorrow.

    Quacka, Sometimes after a very persistent lung infection we can end up with a sticky mucus in our lungs that won’t shift. It makes it difficult to take full breaths and means the coughing persists as you try to shift it. After the last bout of pneumonia that I had I ended up with this problem and the solution my GP eventually suggested was a physio treatment called lung percussion. It’s something that cystic fibrosis sufferers have to have done regularly, and their state web sites can be an excellent source of info on suitable physios – not all have proficiency in this technique as it’s quite specialised. It made a huge difference to me and certainly shifted a lot of the mucus and helped my lungs and breathing feel normal again. If the problem persists, this is worth considering.
    The back flip that your boss did is not unusual – I know several people this happened to a week ago – immediately after the job keeper payment was announced.

    Neil, I love the story of your neighbourly generosity with the firewood. Good lessons you are teaching your boys.

    Cali, amazing that roses are blooming at 7C. I didn’t think that was possible.
    It does look like California’s “stay at home” policy is providing a better result than the rest of the country.

    Cinque, your busyness has reminded me that I too need to pick the basil crop. I though I’d make pistou rather than pesto this year (just basil, olive oil and garlic). For the things I use it in, the absence of nuts and cheese won’t matter. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to bottling it – I just freeze it on a tray and then break it into chunks and keep it in a ziploc bag in the freezer.

    Betsylee, losing weight on a NFD is an excellent achievement.

    Hello to Thin, Lindsay, Penguin, and anyone else who’s reading.

    I had an email today from someone I used to work with who is struggling to get used to working from home – it was rare in the government department I used to work. I suspect that there will be a lot of people who won’t want to go back to the office once this is over – once you get used to it, you realise how much more productive it is to work in the quiet at home.

    I am back to a normal routine of a FD500 every 2-3 days and NFDs between. Thankfully my NFDs have been mostly controlled which is really pleasing.

    Take care all.

    Hello all. Having rejoined the posting community I have been lax in my contribution. The symptoms for which I was self isolating are not coronavirus, I have a Gall Bladder problem. Our health service is going through an interesting time. I spent today in hospital moving between departments and being stopped as they locked down corridors to move the Covid cases. I have to go back, I need more scans and then a solution, so it may be some time before I post again. Weirdly, apart from being bright yellow I actually feel quite fit.
    Stay safe.

    Morning all. I had a weird thing this morning. My body seems to be changing shape. I thought that I was looking fatter over the last couple of weeks than I was before the lockdown. So this morning I took my measurements and I’ve actually lost centimetres. The thing that seems to have been the optical illusion that made me think I was fatter was I’ve lost 4cm off my chest but only 1cm off my waist. So although both have got smaller, proportionately my waist appears to have grown.

    Great to hear from you again penguin, although not so good to hear about your Gall bladder problems. I guess with the rather nasty situation you have over there with Covid19 that everything else is getting pushed down the priority list 😢

    LJoyce, I’m not one of the people not wanting to go back to work. Although it’s been nice sitting at home, my job can’t really be done from home so I can’t wait to get back to work. I’m fast running out of things to do at home and we’ve still got at least 2 weeks of isolation left.

    Anzac, nice pic of Max, our cat is a weird one that actually enjoys being towelled down. She will go into the rain and get soaking, come in and lie down on her towel waiting to be dried, then go outside and get wet again. In fact she’s sitting on my son’s lap with her towel now. I’ll try to put a pic up in a minute.

    Quacka great news on your job! I hope you feel better soon.

    Cali, yes I’ve been seeing on the news that New York is getting 500 deaths a day at the moment. I guess that’s because the population is so dense there that it transmits so easily, hopefully the curve flattens soon.

    Cinque, hope you got your garden done yesterday. Ours is looking pretty good since I’ve been home for 2 weeks.

    Hope you get your battery soon thin.

    We’ll weigh in tomorrow, I’ll try to stand the same way this time to see if I can get consistent results. Even if the biometrics aren’t consistent, at least the weight seems to be.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Good Morning everyone

    Day after FD for me and it feels good to have done a ‘proper’ one.

    Thanks for the info on the lung percussion, LJ. If this thing hangs around I am going to have to look into it. I went to the chemist yesterday and bought some Armaforce and Olive Leaf Extract. I’m not really into taking things but I just feel my immune system needs a boost. If it works, great. If not, well at least I tried.

    Interesting that you know other people that their bosses have done similar back flips to mine. I am also dealing with a Manager in between myself and the bosses and I am getting mixed signals and information from him. I feel like I can’t trust anyone at work at the moment. It’s not a good feeling.

    Anyway I feel bad to be complaining about my workplace when so many others have lost their jobs, so I will stop now.

    I hope you all have a really lovely day today. Look after yourselves. Take a moment out of the day to think some positive thoughts and be thankful for something good in your life. I’m going to do the same. Bye for now XX

    Ooh don’t your son and cat look cosy Neil. Nice, chopping wood for your neighbour and having your boys deliver it. A kind gesture.

    Betsy I always do more than 3,000 steps, but that day was an aberration because I was siting at the computer editing the thesis, and then gardening, which doesn’t register steps. I almost always hit 10000, but if I am gardening I look how much time I spend too, trying for an hour of strenuous activity. It is challenging in these times, but you are right – we can do it. That said, it was so so lovely to have a whole huge park to ourselves yesterday. Rosy ran and ran, and then went running up the creek which runs down the side of the fields. It’s a huge space – to give you some idea, a chap was going around on a rider mower on one of the fields when we arrived – and was still doing the same field when we left an hour later.
    I’m posting a picture of the blue banded native – I could hear it buzzing when I was pruning the allamanda yesterday and it was getting nectar from the dracaena flowers.
    Cinque how lovely to have 3 posts in one sitting …..always love reading your posts and your take on the world.
    Cinque, Anzac …re the other grandma ….here’s another situation. Phoned my dear friend yesterday …who told me her daughter (8 months pregnant, two small children) and husband had taken a run to the coast to get them out of the house. I was actually speechless but she didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with it. Seems the ‘stay home’ message hasn’t stuck at all. Then last night the Mayor of the Gold Coast announced that the beaches were being closed, because of ‘out of towners’ (ie Brisbaneites) who think it is okay to go to the beach for the day. I hope they watched the news!

    That’s an interesting cake Thin. Clearly made by someone with a sense of humour. Good luck with the batteries.

    Neil, when we were in Dunedin we drove out to Portobello, and had the most marvellous walk around the water followed by a picnic on a bench looking at the sparkle. We then drove up up up into the hills for the most beautiful views ,and cows and sheep happily munching. You live in paradise. And now I have been there, I can imagine how challenging that cycling is.

    Quacka good you have a job still, and you can fill your hours productively. How do you manage stairs with your chest still not 100%?

    Anzac Maxx has such a sweet face. And a lovely outdoor area.

    Ooh Penguin, good news about the CV, but awful about the gall bladder. Painful too. Hope you can get treatment quickly.

    Hello to all I’ve missed. Here is my NBN man (I hope). Will be good to get internet issue resolved, finally.

    Penguin, sending good wishes for some prompt and effective treatment for you.

    Quacka, I share your sentiments about focussing on something good. There’s enough gloom out there. I’m thoroughly enjoying the antics of the lambs, twelve teeny ducklings, four white swans and two enormous hares.

    CalifD, there are lots of funnies circulating. I thought you might like this: “Having some states locked down and others not is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool”.

    Neil, my former GP in Perth once told me that it is virtually impossible for anyone to have an accurate body image. Thank you, Neil and Lindsay, the four batteries should arrive at a nearby marina tomorrow or Thursday. Ours are at 13% this morning so not a moment too soon.

    Must go, I can’t concentrate, consumed by the terrible news of our PM.

    Good evening everyone.

    Just finished a bowl of orange and apple slices for dessert. A healthy way to end a NFD – especially as I had to talk myself out of having an easter bun instead.

    Penguin, I hope they are able to sort out that gall bladder quickly. I had mine removed many years ago and can attest that you can get along very without it. Hoping you have a speedy recovery.

    Cinque, I thought of you tonight when I counted the 7 different veggies on my plate – I will admit, I felt smug! I shouldn’t though as there are plenty of meals that contain few or nil veggies.

    Quacka, I think the constantly changing government measures have it made it confusing for both business owners and employees. It not surprising that you have been getting mixed messages. Something that I think you could find reassurance with, is that the business owners preferred to keep you with their business once there was enough government funding available to support that option. It does mean they value you as an employee.

    Neil, now that’s a cat that knows what it wants – and knows it’s family will provide a good rub down. I passed a couple walking a little dog on the weekend and I saw it jump of the kerb and right into a puddle. They hear me giggling and commented that it was worse than a toddler who has to jump in every puddle. I expect it needed to be towelled down when it got home too.

    Lindsay, yes time at the computer definitely puts the brakes on steps. It’s so easy to get absorbed in what you are doing. The only thing I can suggest is a timer that get you out of your chair for a few minutes every hour. The gardening is a good alternative though. I always work on the guide that active gardening (raking, digging etc) equates to about 1000 steps per 10 minutes. https://www.10000steps.org.au/articles/extra-activities/
    I hope your NBN is fixed now.

    Thin, the antics of the local wildlife that you can see from the boat sounds very cute. The news about you PM is alarming.

    I bought a few essentials from the supermarket today and couldn’t resist this treat: https://imgur.com/a/qAcChqt It was so cheerful and just what I needed in the house and most of my orchids have finished flowering now.

    Take care.

    Hi all, hope you’re doing well.

    Neilithicman, I’m sure your neighbour was very appreciative of the cut wood, and good exercise for you, too. Lovely photo of the cat and son – seems to me the son was at least as interested in his computer, but I’m sure the cat didn’t care.

    LindsayL, I jumped over to imgur immediately to see the bee, but there didn’t seem to be a picture, just a caption. Did I do something wrong? Oh, now I get the 3000 steps; you definitely made up for it the next day, anyway!

    Thin, how idyllic your view seems. Hope the batteries are installed SOON! Yes, also concerned about Boris Johnson.

    Quacka, lovely to hear from you. Just enjoy the fact that you have a job, and it’s the big boss who makes the decisions. Hope you can get some help with the lungs, to get them to clear. Have you considered temporarily using some asthma medication to open the lung airways, to help them clear?

    Anzac65, seems like everyone in your household, including Maxx, is enjoying having “mother” at home. It was actually 800 gms down in 8 days – 400 gms after a lot of hard work for 7 days, then a surprise additional 400 gms overnight for day 8. Whatever, I think I’m plateauing at the moment, losing size, but not weight on the scales. Which reminds me, in recent days, I’ve been looking at myself in the mirror and feeling really fat, but the reality is that I am considerably thinner than I was a few months ago. It’s just that the bulges are more obvious.

    LJoyce, there are also more lines starting to show on the face – probably due to the loss of weight, and I’ll accept it as that. I remember you mentioning that once. Better to have lines and be a healthy weight, which I haven’t reached yet, anyway. Still another 1.5 kg to go, to be back to where I was last year. But, with no study pressure, I’m doing much better, and actually enjoying my FDs. Did I mention that I find I’m better to have a LFD, if I want to stay under 500 cals? Can’t remember if I posted that here, or on another forum. Really seems to work better for me, and makes it so much easier to avoid extra calories.
    By the way, well done you to finish your NFD with fruit rather than a hot cross bun – I’d have succumbed to the hot cross bun! Eaten without butter or jam, that’s around 200 cals, depending on size, and I’d have gone for it. 🙂

    Cinque, hope you got some gardening done. It’s so nice to be outside when it’s not too cold.

    Penguin, sorry to read of your gall bladder issues. If you’re looking yellow, it sounds like you have a blocked bile duct, probably due to a gallstone. These days, they can remove the gall bladder using keyhole surgery, very simple. Like LJoyce, I’ve been without a gall bladder for a long time, 38 years or so in my case, and apart from not managing very well with a few fatty meals in a row, it really hasn’t been a problem. Hope the medicos sort it our for you quickly.

    CalifDreamer, I was really impressed that you located the Aussie data. Even more interested to read it. I haven’t seen such well-documented graphs shown on the media over here. The message coming through loud and clear is that we are in this for the long haul. Social distancing and other restrictions are expected to be in force to a greater or lesser degree, for months. Conservatively 3 months, but more likely up to 6 months, so neilithicman, don’t count on being back out and about in 21 days, as NZ has been just as strict as Australia with its restrictions.

    Okay, enough for now. Keep smiling everyone, it’s good for your wellbeing!

    Betsy, I couldn’t see Lindsay’s bee photo either. Forgot to say earlier. I believe I look older since losing the weight but, at this point, who cares really? CalifD, disagrees with me. She thinks people look younger with a thinner face. What is LFD?

    Today, I thought of those of you who go by clothing to assess their weight loss; having taken my thermals off for the first time in months this week (by that I mean not worn them, not that I’ve had them on without removing day or night), my jeans feel very loose.

    At least the PM hasn’t needed a ventilator if reports can be believed. Apart from the personal tragedy, it feels like being on a kayak without a paddle when you lose a strong leader. You need to know that someone’s making decisions and taking direction.

    It’s looking increasingly like return to school for children is the science-based model. In the absence of a vaccine, we must attain herd immunity so it does seem to make sense to let it run rampant amongst the population largely unaffected by it. What effect that would have on their work-force parents wasn’t addressed in articles I read.

    Anyone else still have a gall bladder? I’m feeling in the minority.

    Morena everybody

    I weighed in this morning and I was down 600 grams from last week, so despite some extra snacking last week, I managed to balance it out with exercise. I can understand why people find it hard to keep from snacking at this time. We tend to snack when we’re bored and when we’re stressed. Being locked at home gives you both boredom and stress.

    Yesterday was a bit rainy so we did our exercise inside. The boys’ school put out a list of exercises with one for each letter of the alphabet and you can spell out words by doing the exercises. Of course my younger son who has only 3 letters in his name was insisting we just do our own names, but I insisted that we all do everyone’s names to give us a decent workout. So we push-uped, squatted, star jumped, planked, burpeed and wall sat our way through 45 minutes.

    Lindsay, I love riding the peninsula and that’s the one I’m planning to do as soon as lockdown is lifted. I go up over the high road, down to Portobello and round the harbour back to town. It’s a lovely ride.

    Thin, apart from some wisdom teeth, I haven’t had anything taken out of my body yet, so I still have my gall bladder 😉

    LJoyce, I couldn’t see the picture of your flowers, the link didn’t seem to work.

    Betsy, looks like I’m not the only one that is thinner despite feeling fatter.

    Well it’s a nicer day today so my boys and I will be back out for a walk, but first I have to brave the supermarket again because those lads of mine have emptied the cupboards and fridge this week. I’ll be enjoying a post weigh-in non fast day today. Have a great day everyone.

    Morning all
    Sorry about the bee photo Betsy – it is refusing to upload so I’ll try again later.

    We have been NBNed….but I did something so silly. I had to phone our provider to get the go-ahead to connect, after waiting hours and not getting a connection notice. In the meantime, I cleaned up all the packaging and dumped it. I was able to get my home computer going with a cable, but not my laptop, our ipads, phones. Then just before I went to bed I got an email to say the wireless password was in the packaging! I can’t find it, so another 40 minute call to the provider to reset it, I guess.

    We were really careful to keep physical distance from the technician and gave him access from an exterior door to the office. …..all good….until he asked to use the toilet. Sigh. On the bright side, the bathroom hasn’t looked as clean in ages, after a big scrub with soap and disinfectant.

    OH and I had a telephone appointment with our GP yesterday. He was hugely optimistic about Australia’s control measures and the outcomes. Testing is being ramped up because there are just 32 cases in Queensland which can’t be tracked back to source. He also organised a home delivery of prescriptions. He dropped them to the local pharmacy (both doctor and chemist are in a shopping centre which we are avoiding), who rang half an hour later and organised delivery, by a pharmacist, within the hour. OH has glaucoma drops that need to be kept cool – we were the first stop on the delivery route, so they wouldn’t deteriorate. And our GP is going to drop in to home to do our flu shots. I just don’t think the health service could be any better than that.

    Thin it’s dreadful about Boris Johnson…..if he is in intensive care, surely he’s on a respirator? Is the UK still going down the ‘herd immunity’ path? How does that work though, if as we are seeing at the moment, younger people are contracting the illness, with serious outcomes?

    I love the rural picture you paint Thin ….sunshine and wildlife – a peaceful combination.

    LJ thank you for the link.

    Little Miss nearly 7 has decided to keep a Covid-19 diary. Her entries so far? ‘grandma and grandpa went to new seal and and are now in isolaytin’, and ‘as I mentioned yesterday was my sisters birthday. The best thing about coid-19 is that we got to eat more cake’ (because there weren’t guests at the party, presumably.

    Hello to all I’ve missed – have a good, safe day.


    OK, let’s try this again….the blue banded bee.


    and another.

    Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them

    Good morning, just back from getting my flu shot.

    A bit more complicated than other people have described. Half a dozen patients milling about at the front. Receptionist at the door. Sent around the back to a little plastic gazebo. Nurse appeared to say I wasn’t meant to be in the gazebo but at the door right at the back. Got my jab but then was told to wait 15 minutes to go home. When I looked askance at the suggestion of sitting in the waiting room, she put a chair for me out the back by the bins (with apologies) but then came out after 5 minutes and let me come home. Haha what a relief.
    I was surprised by how many people and cars were out and about, but then I was one of them.

    Penguin, what an awful time to be having gall bladder problems, and eep for being jaundiced. Do you look like Donald Trump? Sending all my best wishes that everything goes easily and smoothly with scans and solutions and not too much pain. We will all be hanging out to hear from you again.

    Quacka, any chance of talking that boss of yours into a couple of WFH days? I hope your fast day was a good one. I know that love-hate relationship with fast days! It is another thing that seems to come in waves, but whenever I have times of thinking that I hate them, I start remembering how I love them!

    So interesting to hear what you said about your chest, and LJoyce’s response to it. It is exactly what a friend of mine described, and she even went to a specialist who assured her the infection had gone, and yet she was still having trouble breathing and bringing up mucus. I passed on that info and she was so relieved to hear that other people have a similar experience and to hear of a possible therapy, even if she can’t access it (she has neck problems from a car accident, that makes massage problematic) (not to mention the pandemic).

    Haha, those squats, so good for you.

    Anzac, I hope you got your snacking out of the way and figured out some nice regime that will allow you to stay healthy while you are working from home.
    It must be hard to see you are not quite as taut and terrific as you were at the start of your holidays. Hopefully now you have had a deep breath and taken the long view and looked at the opportunity ahead for sustainable healthy eating and some lovely fasty fast days.

    Oh the lasagne, such a temptation.

    Thin, hope you have those batteries now!
    Thanks for the sympathy. I have a feeling that the worse my CFS symptoms are, the harder a fast day is. Merry, if you are reading, have you found this?

    LJoyce, good luck with your pistou. I saw a stray basil plant I had forgotten
    and pulled it out, and then remembered I had decided to let it go to seed, and collect the seeds. Oops. But there is yet another plant among the things I have planted near the letterboxes (taking over every spare piece of ground), so I will let that one go to seed. (hopefully)

    (I had forgotten it when I picked all my basil 😉 )

    Ooh those 7 vegetables! I bet that plate looked beautiful!
    And what a lovely orchid to bring home.

    Neil how could you do all that wood chopping and then lose inches off your chest? Fascinating. Good luck finding some really wonderful things to do over the next couple of weeks.
    Love the pic! Lucky cat.
    Have a good shop and a good weigh in.

    Ooh Thin, hello to the ducks, the swans and the hares. What lovely scenes.
    Hoping your PM manages to avoid ventilation.
    Haha yes, I am another one with a gall bladder, although several of my family have lost theirs.

    Betsy it sounds like you are on an impressive downward trajectory, at the moment, not a plateau!
    You might like this site for excellent, up to date, graphs for Australia: https://www.covid19data.com.au/

    Lindsay, the nbn seems to always be harder to get onto than expected, and it always seems to do with that little number on the box! Mine was on the bottom of the nbn modem. In such tiny writing I needed my best glasses AND a magnifying glass.

    Miss Nearly 7 is doing a great job with her diary. It might be an important social document in years to come.

    Well hopefully my life can quieten down now to my optimum pottering around slowly. Hooray.

    Sending best wishes to everyone. Bye for now.

    PS Fast day tomorrow!

    Lovely pics Lindsay! Gorgeous blue banded bee!

    The quickest of posts, before I take Rosy for her run at the aptly named Rainbow Forest Park. I’ll get some pics today – it’s heart achingly beautiful by the creek that runs through the fields.
    Cinque, funny you say that. Miss nearly 7 told her mother than perhaps one day her diary will be in a museum. It is good for my daughter to be able to read what the little one writes. She told DD a week or so ago that ‘Mum, I feel like I have 100 tears in my throat that I can’t cry’. She is much happier at home than at school, and has taken to sleeping with her mum again, which all in all, is fine in these times (or other times too I think).
    What a palaver to get your ‘flu shot. Everyone is learning how to come to terms with the new normal, aren’t they? My doctor yesterday said the ‘flu cases this year were very low so far – another benefit of physical isolation, maybe.
    OK, off to the park.

    Good afternoon all.

    FD for me and I’ve just had my banana and am slowly enjoying a bottle of kombucha (elderflower and lemon flavour).

    Lindsay, what a lovely bee and what an excellent photographer who can take those motion shots – if I attempted that it would be a blur.
    It must be so nice to be able to get to the park now that your 14 day quarantine has ended. I bet Rosy will be delighted too.
    I loved that phonetically written piece from your granddaughter about you isolaytin.

    Cinque, despite planting basil and parsley this year I also had plants of both popping up in unexpected places as some of last year’s plants went to seed. Maybe next year I’ll just rely on those freebies appearing when I least expect them.
    Glad you got your flu shot, despite the confusion – mine is still 2 weeks away and my GP has hired an RSL hall across the road for the flu vaccinations so they can space people out easily.

    Neil, good on you for getting the kids to do everyone’s names – a good alternative for wet days.

    Betsy, yes it was me that commented on the extra wrinkles and also the saggy skin where my second chin used to be. I’m not someone who likes the idea of plastic surgery so I just have to learn to like my wrinkles.

    Thin, I think there’s no better feeling that zipping up jeans and finding they are loose.

    Quacka & Cinque, Lung percussion is very different to massage – much more vigorous. I looked for videos and this one best represents what I had done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxFUPdFc1eM The physio that did mine actually used a stethoscope to locate the particular parts on my lung that needed help. I spent an hour in the car coughing up mucus before I could drive home. I had though I might need several session but I only needed one as it was so effective. It is important that this mucus is shifted as it’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

    Hello to Cali, Thin, Penguin, Anzac and anyone else who’s reading.

    I’m feeling a bit sniffly at the moment as I did the vacuuming, dusting and also changed all the summer linens to winter. My sinuses are NOT happy with me. Despite having all the windows and doors open, it’s never enough to deal with the dust. I hate having carpet in the bedrooms, I do much better with floor boards. I need to go for a walk in the fresh air shortly which should help calm my sinuses down.

    Have a nice day.

    Hi all, hope you are enjoying rain-free days and sunshine.

    LindsayL, amazing pictures of the blue-banded bee – are you in NSW or Qld? I don’t think the bee is as far south as Melbourne. Hope you had a lovely walk today with Rosy. I chuckled over miss 7’s writing about the virus, but sad that she has been so upset about it.
    By the way, great that you can get your meds delivered by your pharmacy. The pharmacy I use is a bit too far from home for them to do that for me. I looked at the free delivery being offered by Australia Post, and decided it wasn’t possible, due to the same reason as your OH – my glaucoma drops have to be kept below 25 degrees, and there’s no way that could be guaranteed by post.

    Cinque, you certainly went through a more difficult process to get your flu shot than I did. Glad you were allowed to sit outside. I chuckled about penguin ?looking like Donald Trump; guess I’m not the only one who thinks Trump overuses the tanning bed.

    Thanks so much for putting up the connection to the stats site. Very interesting to look at the data, to the extent that it exists. As has been said (by Scott Morrison?), it’s important to only look at Australia’s data, as the testing, and the way Covid-19 cases and deaths are counted differs from place to place around the world, plus some data has to be considered questionable due to low testing rates.

    Having said that – I am quite concerned about China trying to re-start everything so quickly. I know they’ve taken a major blow to their economy, but so has everyone else, and I’m concerned, from the pictures I’ve seen of total lack of social distancing over their current holiday, that they may be in for another wave of infection. Well, time will tell. The U.S. wants to get things moving again as soon as possible, for the same reason. CalifDreamer, how are you feeling about the developments over your way?

    Thin, great that your jeans feel looser. Interesting about school in the U.K. The States here seem to be making their own decisions about what is best; the advice from the powers-that-be has continued to be that children are better attending school, but Victoria has decided that most children should receive distance learning, and the only kids attending school should be those of essential workers, or if they have no internet devices.
    Oh, LFD means liquid fast day – as I wrote, once I start to eat, I just don’t manage to keep to 500 cals, so I have 800 cal days, but if I stick to liquids only, I seem to manage to stay under 500 cals. It suits me, might not work for others.

    Neilithicman, chuckled over your younger son’s efforts to reduce his exercise load. Not surprising they’re eating more, with the exercise they’re doing. You’re also doing well with your cycling. At least N.Z. hasn’t introduced the restriction of not going further than 2 kms from home. 🙂

    Hi everyone else who may be lurking. Keep smiling! The muscles it uses have been shown to promote the release of endophins, so the more you smile, the better you will feel. True – scientific fact.

    I was finally able to find a store that wasn’t booked up with deliveries to deliver groceries here today. The delivery charges were high, but were here within about 2 hours after I placed the order online. There were some items out of stock and a couple others they had substitutions for. The shopper at the store sent text messages asking about the substitutions I was able to chose from.

    Another new thing today, I had a routine doctor appointment to renew meds that was switched to a video conference. It was very simple with the iPad. No “white coat syndrome” sitting in my own home. I would hope they continue to use the video even after this thing is over.

    California is supposed to be flattening the curve, but I don’t understand how they come up with that. There were still 1440 cases on Tuesday and 54 deaths. And this was one of the first states to enact social distancing. I heard on the news that we are able to send some ventilators to other states because we had enough.

    Anzac, the pic of Maxx getting toweled down and Neil’s pic of hie cat who loves to be toweled we’re great. And Lindsay, loved the pic of that bee.

    Penguin, I hope they get you gall bladder thing straightened out quickly and send you home. I hope you look better in yellow than our leader does in orange.

    Penguin and thin, very sad news about your PM. We had read that he was on oxygen only at this point and hopefully won’t need a ventilator.

    Lindsay, Miss 7’s comment about having “100 tears in my throat that I can’t cry” is so sad. We don’t always appreciate how much things like these affect the children. I hope she’ll be able to talk through it with her mom and dad and you.

    Betsy, I think the shutdowns should last longer than the end of the month. Social distancing of the only tool we have to fight this thing with. Stopping too soon might just bring it back with a vengene

    I’m going to cut this short and get some sleep. Hi to everyone I missed

    Lindsay, the bee is spectacular. I had to be patient for it to come up so perhaps your first attempt was there after all. Gorgeous diary entry from the grandie. Future blogger!

    Lindsay, about children returning to school vs. young people dying with the illness, as I understand it, that’s just noise in the statistics. I do know the reason that seemingly young, fit, healthy NHS workers are dying from Covid-19 though. It’s because of the heavy viral load. If your body receives one virus (say, because you didn’t wash your hands after you touched something that someone coughed on), it has time to think about what it is and how it’s going to respond. That’s why most young people will not get very sick and/or not know they’ve even had it.

    But, if you’re a frontline health worker, coming face to face with many sufferers throughout the course of a shift, intubating them, fitting their oxygen masks, handling their sputum and so on, your body will receive a heavy viral load that it doesn’t know how to deal with. I probably haven’t explained that scientifically but that’s the simplistic version of what our doctor friends told us.

    Yes, herd immunity is the only hope in the absence of a vaccine; it’s a question of slowing down the 2.5x rate of infection so that healthcare systems can cope.

    Betsy, LFD – thanks! I wouldn’t have worked that out on my own. Same here regarding schools at this point but it will be reviewed after Easter.

    CalifD, what amazing service to get your deliveries so quickly. I believe much of how business was carried out before could change after this. One thing I’d like to see is more local manufacturing of good quality products that last. I’m thinking of when my parents bought items like a washing machine or fridge when they married and it would last decades. We’re going to paying a very high price for all this anyway, so why not pay that high price to have our own citizens in meaningful employment making high quality products?

    Hi back LJ. My jeans are only looser because I removed the underlying thermals I’m afraid!


    Britain’s Campaign For Handling Covid-19.
    This hit my inbox a couple of weeks ago and I laughed until I cried. I watch it everyday to keep my spirits up and it still makes me laugh. I didn’t know how to share it with you because it wasn’t on youtube. But I kept checking and now it is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxjrFuC5BhU

    *going to be paying, sorry

    Cinque, pleased you got your ‘flu jab. I was going to make a joke about Penguin now being King Penguin. Did Penguin say he had died his hair yellow?

    Covid 19 singalong:


    Betsy, thanks for explaining that, I didn’t know what LFD meant either.

    Thin & Penguin, thank you for lifting my mood – I’m still chuckling at the humorous inventiveness of some people.

    Cali, that’s excellent that you finally found someone to deliver groceries. Also glad to hear you have video conferencing for GP appointments, I have a phone appointment with my GP next week too.

    I’m off to bed for a early night after a relaxing bath.
    Take care all.

    Penguin, were you trying to balance my post with a pure, clean-living alternative?

    Thin, not particularly. It had just been mailed to me.

    I just spent my third morning in a row in hospital. More blood tests on Friday and I am going in for a minor procedure next week which will get my Gall Bladder working again.

    Best of luck with it, Penguin.

    5pm and enjoying a coolish beer having just collected the four new batteries from a nearby marina. Nothing happens in a hurry. I wanted to take advantage of knowing we could also fill up with up with water by running the washing machine, so I did two loads before going in. OH will replace the old batteries tomorrow. Next challenge: where to dispose of them. These babies are heavy. It’s not like we can take them on the bus!

    Penguin, can’t they do those tests any faster? I hope your procedure next week is early in the week so you can get back home again. I imagine hospitals are pretty busy now. I still have my gallbladder. The only parts I’m missing are tonsils and a chunk of my thyroid.

    Loved the video links from thin and penguin. Here’s one for you, not a video but some pics of Australians dressing up to take out the garbage. 😁 I just want to know what costumes all of you are wearing?

    Thin, hope you figure out a place to easily dispose of the old batteries.

    Cali. I have been in hospital for a few hours each day for the last three days and have had three different scans. The blood test on Friday is to confirm that I am fit enough to undergo a procedure which will get my Gall Bladder working. Today’s scan confirmed that the Gall Bladder is not my only problem and whilst fixing it they will decide if I need more radical surgery.

    CalifD, thanks for that link! I’d seen the headline just before our signal was lost the other week and then totally forgot to look for it again. Our former neighbours told us that they had ‘driveway drinks’ last weekend and sent photos. Each photos contained a person or couple sitting alone in their own drive. Our old house would have been too far down the road to join in. I suggested they, too, arrange ‘dress up bin night’ which I assumed meant spending the week working on a costume and everyone taking out the trash at the same time of day. Those are so funny! I like the gangster one.

    Penguin, hoping it’s nothing serious.

    Penguin, I thought you meant you we’re staying at the hospital for 3 days. I hope they can fix whatever needs fixing through Laparoscopic surgery. What day next week? Now you have me worried.

    Good morning,
    Just a quick catch up from me on a slow day. Fast day!
    I’m going to make some soup to see me through. So it will be a LFD (I was another one who couldn’t remember what it stood for, even though I think I have used that term in the past!).

    Yay for wrinkles.
    Aren’t they surprising though.

    Betsy, I’ve seen a blue banded bee in my garden. Hoping they might come and visit you. Local community groups have done a lot of work along Merri creek to make a good habitat for them.

    Cali, how nice to get a quick, good delivery. Sleep well.

    Penguin, so glad that a minor procedure should get your gall bladder working again, hoping all goes beautifully. I guess it is good news that they spotted the other problem, fingers crossed it is also easily sorted.

    Off to have a slow pottering around day and venturing into zoom again to talk to my sisters.

    Best wishes all.

    Good afternoon all.

    My FD yesterday turned into a TDEE as I had a hankering for fish and chips, followed by ice-cream. Couldn’t persuade myself to wait until Saturday, so I’m now having B2B FDs to make up for it. By the way, I call them LFDs rather than WFDs as I usually have a couple of low-fat milk drinks, which I prefer to the soup Cinque mentioned. Alack, soup is too like food, which then gets me eating.

    Penguin, hope the procedure to get your gall bladder working goes well, and that subsequent processes needed will lead you to full health again.

    Chuckled at the various youtubes. How do they think of all that?! Guess it’s a case of idle hands but busy brains.

    Thin, great you’ve got your batteries. Ah, the frustration of trying to find somewhere to dispose of batteries safely. Fortunately, the council here in my suburban area will take them, or the local library (when everything is open, of course, not now).

    Cinque, interesting about the bee being in Melbourne. I don’t recall ever seeing one like that before, either in the suburbs or “out bush”. I’ve noticed a few variations in bee appearance in the bees which come to my lavender, but not blue-banded.

    CalifDreamer, great that you could get grocery deliveries at home, and also do video conferencing with your doctor. Will he post the scripts to you, or do you have a regular pharmacy?

    LJoyce, great that you can video-conference with your doctor, too. I guess some video-conferencing may continue after this crisis is over, but surely physical examinations will always need face-to-face consultations.
    Hope your sinuses have settled now. I think we were both writing at the same time yesterday, so posted at almost the same time. And no, I’m not greatly looking forward to the wrinkles, but will accept them, as you have, as the price for better health.

    Hi to all everyone else around. Keep smiling!

    Test because I have been locked out since yesterday

    Thats better. Life is strange at the moment. Yesterday we ha a food delivery from a garden centre.

    Penguin, did that comprise mealy worms, a 50lb sack of potatoes, peanuts in a bird feeder and some dried hedgehog food?

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