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  • I have suffered with heart arrhythmia for nearly four years. I have episodes where my heart beats irregularly from once to twice per month. The beats would be all over the shop. Very erratic and it left me feeling weak, tired and a little nauseas. I sometimes had to take a day off from work as the episodes usually lasted for twenty four hours or so. I am supposed to take regular medication to reduce the risk of having a stroke, but the medication gives me bad gastric reflux and so I’m supposed to take even more tablets to combat the negative side effects of the first medicine. Since starting the Fast Diet nearly four months ago, my heart has been beating normally. I have had one episode in that time but it was in the first week of the diet so I imagine my body hadn’t received the benefits yet. I now don’t take any medication and feel great!!! I’m hoping it continues.

    WOW! that is fantastic, its so good to hear of the health benifits that this way of life has brought to so many people, its so much more that a “diet” long may your good news continue Bear xx

    Hi Filthy Bear

    At the risk of sounding like a right old hippie-that is mindblowing man!

    Way to go!

    I have just started and today is my second fast day, I will keep you informed of my arrhythmia. I know that some foods affect it and cold also affects me, but I will watch with interest. I have experienced this regularly with no ill effects for 20 years.

    Filthy The Bear. It is promising that you do not get symptoms from you arrhythmia. I am not a medical doctor, but as I understand it you may still be at risk of stroke even if you do not feel the arrhythmia. It may still be there even if you do not feel it. Even though medication is a hassle, do talk to your doctor again to see if he/she agrees that you are safe without medication.

    My mother suffered from several strokes and TIA. I promise you: you don’t want to be in her shoes.

    Delighted to hear that your arrhythmia has improved and that the diet is working so well for you. As a GP I am a concerned that you have discontinued your medication to control the arrhythmia and would agree with the sensible post by DrLL. Arrhythmias can be asymptomatic so that you are not aware of it happening so you may remain at increased risk of complications without the appropriate treatment. I would very much recommend that you discuss this with your GP.

    Weight loss in its own right is very likely to reduce reflux. Great to hear that the diet is working for you and long may it continue to do so

    well I’ve been doing 5:2 diet since January 2013 and have just developed arrythmia in the form of frequent ‘skipped beats’. It seems to be worse on fast days and I am considering stopping the diet altogether at least until I know what’s going on…

    Hello mrbt

    You will be going straight off to see a medical person won’t you? Take care and let us know if you find out what is going on.

    yes I am going to the doctor, thank you PBB. Will re-post if there’s anything fast-related going on.

    So I’ve had one episode since I posted this. I was on a 2 week holiday in Indonesia and drinking lots of coke. I don’t know why. I haven’t drank coke since I was a kid. Anyway I also didn’t fast for the trip either. Now I don’t drink any caffeine usually. Can’t stand coffee. So I suppose that is what kicked off the irregular beat. Luckily I was on a surfing trip and as I have found that the adrenaline from either catching a wave or sex can return my heart beat to normal (these really are the only two things that help. Normal exercise like running only make it feel worse) I only suffered for a couple of hours. Otherwise there have been no irregular beats. I’ve been to my GP and a specialist and they seemed quite pleased, even when I told them that I sometimes get the little niggling in my gut that used to proceed the irregular beats. It’s a very vague feeling and apparently might be a sign of whatever caused the arrhythmia in the first place. The specialist wants me to call in a couple months time to see how it’s going. I ditched my GP for another as when he left the room I took a look at his computer screen and it was something like “askdoctoronline.com”. I don’t think I mentioned how bad the medication was. It actually brought on episodes! I was getting one per month and that changed to every day while on the medication! I told the doctor and he upped my dose. Worse. So I did some research and found that my medication, if taken in the wrong dose, bring on arrhythmia and hear attacks! So with the daily heart problems and under the threat of heart attack, I stopped. Anyway I haven’t had an episode since my coke bender and all is good. 🙂

    Ok so I still haven’t had another irregular beat episode and its now July 5th! Its brilliant! I’ve spoken to more medical professionals and they all seem to think fasting must be helping even though they don’t know why. Now as I’m not a scientist I cannot say with much authority that the fast diet is what has stopped my condition, but its a pretty spectacular coincidence if it isn’t. Anyway, like my new doctor said, “Well if it works, do it. We don’t need to know why just now. That can come later.” Its now been over a year since I started the fast diet and I’m loving it.

    Hey Filthy

    I’m going to say it again – that is mind-blowing man…………

    Well done you for being brave enough to perservere and I sincerely hope you continue in the same vein.


    Quick update. I decided about 3 months ago to go on intermittent day fasting to lose a bit of weight. I was suprised to find intermittent day fasting actually easier because I get into a rythm with my eating. The 5/2 diet always felt like a bit of a shock when the fast days came around but intermittent days are easy. Ive halved my food bill (which is nice) and have been losing weight steadily. Physically I feel rejuvenated. Its totally unexpected but I’m not as tired as I was before and feel more fit than I have in years. I’m not intermittent days all the way!!!!

    I’ve read many posts here reporting unexpected and unlooked-for benefits. We’ve come the think of eating all the time as normal, but it is unnatural and it seems to have many deleterious side effects. Fasting, like exercise, provides a moderate stress that the body needs in order to maintain normal functioning. It’s hard to stop eating, maybe even harder than getting out of that recliner and out for a run or to the gym. But I think the health effects from fasting and exercise are analogous, though not precisely the same.

    Hi Filthy the Bear, I read with interest your posts here. I am in a similar situation, and I am wondering if you have been doing fine since the time of these posts! I would like to ask you a couple of questions, if you are still here on the forum could you react to this message? Thanks!

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