Hardly any weight loss :(

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Hardly any weight loss :(

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  • Morning folks,

    So I am now about a month and a half into my 5:2 and so far I’ve lost a whole 2 pounds. – I’m disappointed at that.
    I am eating cereal at 9am, then nothing right through until 9am the following morning, twice a week.
    Some days I’ve not drunk enough I’ll admit but still I would have expected more than 2 pounds!

    What am I doing wrong? As I’m about ready to give up.

    What are you eating and drinking on the other 5 days? Have you measured your vital statistics and tried on clothes to see how they fit?

    Hi my diet is:

    Breakfast 9am Small Cereal with Semi-skinned Milk
    Snack 11am Apple
    Lunch 12pm 2x Chunks of Cucumber + SlimFast Shake
    Snack 2pm Skinny Whip Chocolate Bar
    Snack 4pm Skinny Whip Bar
    Various Cups of Coffee + Tea throughout the day
    2x 500ml Bottles of Water + Squash
    Dinner 7pm Whatever’s been cooked for the rest of the family.

    As I know I have a pretty slow metabolism I tend to eat little and often.

    There is the odd day where I might go off the rails, but they are maybe once a month at the very worst.

    I have noticed I can get into a pair of Jeans I only did when I was around 13st (currently 14) so I suppose that’s a plus.

    Ooh sympathy Relaxedmuscle,
    It does seem very odd. I wonder if it would help to measure yourself different ways to help judge changes, especially your waist measurement. Your jeans measurement is the one to focus on!

    You might enjoy reading this too, to know you are not alone: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/really-no-weight-loss/

    I am wondering if I should try eating something light around 7pm on my fast days as I’m still finding it pretty hard going not eating for a full 24 hours.

    I’ve just done a quick Calorie count (not that I’m a fan of that) and with my spec’s:

    36, Male, 176cm Tall, 88kg, Sedentary = 2,166 cpd

    My average daily intake, not including dinner, is roughly 587 cpd so I’m well under.

    I dunno, one thing I am sure about is its not much fun lol 🙂

    So this week I’ve seen a 4lbs loss – I would be rejoicing but as I put 4lbs on the previous week – its only a little win…

    One thing I have found is a really don’t like black coffee or tea – or Green Tea for that matter – How bad would it be to have one cup of tea with milk mid-point on a fasting day? The rest of the time I’d be on water.

    Have you read the fast diet book?

    The questions you are asking lead me to think you haven’t and I think you would find it really helpful.

    @relaxedmuscle I haven’t lost hardly a pound this month, and I think it’s the holiday temptations. Lots of hidden calories are hanging out in “small portions” this time of year. I pop a sausage ball or gingerbread cookie without a second thought (although never on a Fast day), and it’s making me flat-line on my weight loss. However, I did notice about half an inch disappeared from my waistline since last month, so the fact you are squeezing into your jeans indicates the weight is coming off — the lingering weight could be water retention from not enough liquids.

    Have you tried swapping out the cereal with milk meal for something else you enjoy but with lower calories and higher fiber? My body likes the routine meals for a couple of months then revolts, so I’m always having to find something else in the calorie count. I try to stay under 500 even though I’m male, and found it keeps me better on track (and drinking more water). I used to be a breakfast person, but I found in my case that I can skip breakfast and do better with a light lunch and light supper (lots of soups for this time of year).

    If you want, you can join us for the “monthly challenges” found elsewhere in this forum. Despite the name, we don’t really pressure each other there. We simply encourage each other along, because there are times when it appears the weight doesn’t budge and we feel frustrated — but we help each other to keep with it long-term. (By the way, I also hate Black Coffee and any unsweetened tea.)

    I’m wandering around the various groups and found this one, @relaxedmuscle, and wanted to add my two cents’ worth.

    First, I think @northgeorgia‘s comment about hidden calories is huge; you’ll maybe find your total calories are higher than you realize if you carefully count them. Plus, one of the points I’ve read several times is that frequent small meals doesn’t actually do wonderful things to metabolism, and that, in fact, frequent small meals can mess with your body’s ability to lose weight. You might try three 500 calorie meals on your NFDs (or a 300-500-700 combination, or whatever) for two or three weeks and see what happens.

    Second, there is zero need to eat absolutely nothing except for that one meal on your FDs. The 5:2 plan is simply to eat only 5/600 calories, spread out however you choose. So having tea with milk in it at some point in the day is entirely fine. Personally, I haven’t eaten breakfast for forty years, so I simply skip lunch and eat a 500 calorie supper on my FDs. That generally consists of an unbreaded fish filet sauteed with interesting seasonings (or even just salt) in a nonstick pan so I don’t need to add any oil, and a full plate of steamed veggies. Like, a FULL plate. That’s generally around 350-400 calories, which leaves me room to nibble on an apple mid-afternoon, or whatever.

    Third, you ought to read this post, and follow all the links he gives; I’ll just bet you find it wonderfully encouraging. https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Bottom line, don’t give up! This truly does work once you’ve found the balance that works for you! Good luck!

    Thanks for all the reply’s & the encouragement is welcome.

    I’ll take a read through the various links provided, however in the mean time I’ve decided (as I do every year) to take a festive break from any sort of diet and pick it back up once all the various chocolate, crisps and other goodies have been cleared out – though this may take a while looking at the small mountain we seem to have collated this year?? (how’s that happened??)

    I’m also determined to pick up some weights in 2021 – use the age old ‘Summer Bod’ target I think!

    To prepare for times when food may be in short supply, your body is built to hang onto as much fat as possible. Due to this, most people find it challenging to lose weight. Genetics, age, race & ethnicity, food, physical exercise, hormones, and social influences are among the variables at play.

    There are no shortcuts if you battle with weight loss. To lose weight, it’s important to burn more calories than you consume. As simple as that may seem, it rarely is. Making a sincere commitment to your health every day, despite the ups and downs, requires more than just finding time to exercise or picking the salad over the burger.

    It seems to me that such large breaks in food are not only harmful, but also cause a negative reaction, the body is afraid that it will not have anything to eat and accumulates fat

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