Happy Christmas from Michael!

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Happy Christmas from Michael!

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  • It’s been a year since the Fast Diet was published. The interest has continued to be phenomenal and astonishingly it has now sold over a million copies worldwide. What has been really heartwarming is the extraordinary number of posts and reports of weight loss and the impressive variety of health benefits as a result of the diet.

    I am in regular contact with academics who are studying its benefits for conditions like diabetes, cancer and dementia. They seem to be making progress . I am extremely grateful to so many people on this site who have welcomed newbies and offered considered and well informed advice to other Fasters. It’s is great to see such a supportive community. I am hugely impressed and delighted to see how people have made it work for them. Keep up the good work.

    Best wishes Michael

    I am very grateful to those on the forum when I joined in January. They were a huge support and inspiration to me.

    I have found that although the scales are a useful tool,trying on clothes and using the tape measure are equally valuable.I have had weeks when the scales seem to be broken and I came close to throwing in the towel, but remembered one poster on the forum saying that she had gone down 3 dress sizes but hadn’t lost any weight.I have found that rather than fear a plateau, I should welcome it because I am losing inches from somewhere.

    My shape has changed beyond recognition, I now have normal blood pressure, a stunned GP and feel rather fabulous. I have both diabetes and cancer in close relatives and I am keen to reduce my risk factors wherever I can.

    Thank You Michael. There is 23lb and 29 inches less of me.


    Thank you for this amazing lifestyle change! By Christmas even the most serious naysayers complimented me on my (now) 25 pound weight loss. I have dropped two sizes…and feel wonderful! My November labs were all perfectly normal.Going to stick with this for life 🙂

    Thank you,

    Hi Michael

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Still a “work in progress”, but you gave me somewhere to go. Thanks.

    Hello Michael

    and a belated Happy Xmas to you and yours

    I’ve already thanked you via Mimi’s thread but it’s nice to be able to communicate with you directly.

    Myself and my husband watched your documentary on its first transmission on BBC2; I tried to email you via the BBC site to ask you if you were going to write a book about it and I just couldn’t manage to send you that email (I found the site difficult to navigate and couldn’t find a direct email for that documentary).
    Then of course, life takes over and I forgot about it again and it never came into my consciousness again until I bought the other 5:2 diet book almost a year later!!!

    I then googled your book and immediatley bought it; there is no question your 5:2 version is way easier on those of us who are not so saintly in the food and drink scales. I want to lose weight for sure and be more healthy generally but I don’t want to live like a nun.

    I’ve just celebrated losing my first and most important stone and it took a very, very long five and a half months of hard slog BUT everything I tried prior to that had no affect since I joined the ‘Lady Of A Certain Age’ Club.

    So the fact that I have lost an entire stone and have been able to eat and drink (yay) sensibly on other days in the week is quite simply still incredible.

    I don’t know about whether I’ve improved in terms of blood markers but I’ve read about loads of folks who have; so that’s good enough for me.

    I would like (again) to thank you and the other folks who produced that documentary – I bet you are pretty pleased too!

    Oh and I meant to say; this forum is the most important part of the website. We can all discuss the WOE with each other and support, encourage and congratulate each other.
    It is quite simpy invaluable.

    WAY TO GO and All the Best for a fast 2014!

    Thanks Michael, for the application of science to an everyday problem, for being willing to self experiment, for spreading the word in an intelligible way without dumbing it down, and for providing this forum. I think you can give yourself and Mimi a big pat on the back. And all the best to you and yours for 2014.

    Thank you, Michael, for the curiosity, personal commitment, scientific rigour, lucidity and inspiration that you have brought to a range of health topics that matter to millions of us. I echo RoBa’s thoughts. Best wishes to the whole community for 2014, Rodney

    Hi Michael, my husband and I are doing well. I’ve tweaked my program, so now I only eat once a day and I’m super-busy during the day, so I hardly miss meals. I’ve also stopped drinking wine on fast days. I did an experiment and just ate a bowl of soup, but drank a couple glasses of wine with it. Surprise, surprise with the morning weigh-in, I’d gained almost a pound overnight. That was it for me.

    I was almost tempted during the holidays (like a few minutes ago) to have some wine tonight, but this is a fast day and I turned to the forums for support and I got it. No wine tonight. It will be there tomorrow.

    Thanks again, Michael and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

    And Happy New Year. Thanks to you and your wonderful eating plan I feel like a new person and am looking forward to further improvements in my weight and my feeling of well-being in the new year. I am a 68-year old woman who has gained weight over the years at about ten pounds a decade. I was once tall and slim and that was part of the way I saw myself. In recent years I’d been discouraged by my change in weight and had accepted that I was never going to be slim again. Then I happened upon a description of The Fast Diet in a health magazine and thought it worth a try. That was 18 weeks and 18 pounds ago. I am encouraged about being able to continue fasting indefinitely and treat this as a permanent solution to a long-standing problem that had had no solution until now. Thank you so much. I would like to see this take off more in the US and hope that the word will continue to spread. I have done my part in sharing descriptions of the plan to anyone who will listen!!!

    Happy Christmas to you Michael and Team for 2014 Xmas, from a struggler ‘Reldz’ in Perth, Australia.

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