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  • I am 162cm tall and weigh 52kg currently however i am still pudgy and oversized(stated by my parents and surrounding people) with a lot of cellulite and i was wondering if anyone has a remedy to tthat? I have this problem where i build bulky muscles really easily and i wouldn’t like that at all. My current measurements are bust waist hips 31 26 36 respectively and i was wondering if anyone has tips to offer in increasing bust size diet wise(foods easily found in asian countries) and any way to shrink the wait for the perfect hour glass shape?
    Thanks a lot!!!!

    Hi. I’m struggling to imagine 162cm and 52 kg as being pudgy. Your “ideal ” body weight if you follow that line of thinking is 50-52 kg so you sound fine weight wise. I’m 165kg and have dropped from 79.6kg to 71.3kg so far and I’m definitely pudgy still ! Is it weight you are trying to change or just your shape ?

    Hey girls 🙂
    I wanted to get in shape to. I did start a few weeks ago and getting the results already. It is very important that you watch what you eat, how you exercise and how you supplement. About eating…the book of this site can be a good guide. What I do is that I eat carbs for breakfast and mostly proteins over the day. Dinner is always without carbs. About exercising…I do a daily workout activity…either running/active dancing (class)/gym + yoga/situps and other exercises. About supplements…with shaping your body it is very important to give your muscles enough food to recover after the training, of course we are talking about natural protein here! 🙂 Contact me for more info about anything at all! =)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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