Frozen Yogurt?

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  • This is my second week and i have to say it’s a bit difficult. I have a sweet tooth and i crave everything from ice coffee to ice creams on my fast days. So i was wondering if it’s ok to have a frozen yogurt since it’s very low in calorie, containing just 120 calories pr cup (small)?

    The rules for the 5:2 are simple: 500 calories on two days a week from when you wake up until you go to bed. Eat reasonably during the waking hours on other days. If you can’t figure out what reasonably means for you, total daily calories on non fast days should be less than your TDEE.

    What you eat for those calories is not specified.

    Enjoy your frozen yogurt, but include those calories in your daily count.

    You can eat frozen yogurt but try to eat Greek yogurt than eating a regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is not creamy than regular yogurt too. You can also add some fresh fruits to your yogurt but count it on your daily calorie intake. So take some yogurt and enjoy!

    Hello, I’m pretty new to the fast diet as well. So far I’m loving it but am finding breakfast quite boring…I’ve done combinations of eggs & jumbo oats porridge. I am a massive lover of COYO coconut yoghurt, I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on it as it is higher in fat? Whether it would be suitable having on a fast day for breakfast? The raw chocolate version clocks in at 197 cals for a 125g pot so well within calorie intake leaving 300 for dinner.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated

    Thank you x

    The beauty of this way of eating is you can distribute the calories on a fast day however you prefer.

    Go ahead and enjoy your yogurt.

    Hi Gembo, I’m new this week, breakfast for me is – I chop up an apple and an orange add some water and process it in my $30 blender (like the nutri-bullet) It makes a beautiful thick fruit drink. Before I started the diet I would drink this down in about 5 minutes, now i have 1/4 of it to start with, followed by a trunk of water, by about 9.30/10am I’ve finished and I feel great.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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