From Skinny-Fat with Prediabetes to Skinny-Skinny with optimal glucose control

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From Skinny-Fat with Prediabetes to Skinny-Skinny with optimal glucose control

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  • Just wanted to share my story of how the 5:2 helped me get my health on track. I’m 37 with a family history of diabetes and dementia. I have PCOS but have never considered myself at risk for diabetes because my labs have always been great, and I’ve always been thin with a BMI between 20 and 21. I had a stressful year and gained 5 pounds, mostly around the middle (weighed 127 at 5’6). A life insurance exam showed that my HbA1c was 5.6, with a fasting glucose of 105 mg/dL (equivalent of 5.8 mmol/L for all you guys in the UK). This put me in the category of prediabetic.

    I resolved to do something about it and started the 5:2. My goal was not to lose a certain amount of weight, but to be healthy again. So I bought a glucometer and starting tracking my glucose. Sure enough, it came in at slightly over 100 every morning. After a couple weeks on the 5:2, I started getting readings in the 90’s. Now, 3 months later and 10 pounds lighter, I have optimal glucose readings (in the 70s every morning). I switched to 6:1 a couple of weeks ago and am feeling great with no issues maintaing so far. I don’t crave carbs the way I used to, and the one fasting day each week is so easy. I have to hold back from telling everyone about this diet!

    Thats good to hear Ems232.

    I am quite a lot overweight but went from not even pre diabetic to diabetic within a few months with a HbA1c score of 50 (different way of measuring in UK). I was horrified. I have next bloods in July so that gives me 12 weeks to change my eating lifestyle and see if I can reverse the diabetes. I have a strong family history of diabetes and heart disease so keen to do all I can to avoid it.

    Very glad to hear that you have reversed yours. Nice to hear success stories, it spurs people on :).

    I think you have good results. It was helpful for me to buy a glucometer so I could monitor changes in my fasting glucose rather than wait months for another hemoglobin a1c. At first nothing changed but after about a month I saw the readings gradually come down. Very motivating.

    Don’t hold back too much. Tell people who are close to you and trust you, but tell them that when they get good results that they should also pay it forward.

    great this is inspiring, i am also a overweight and at a risk of prediabetes i am trying my best to lose weight

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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