Food for Thought on a Fast Day – Losing weight and drinking water

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Food for Thought on a Fast Day – Losing weight and drinking water

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  • Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting  10 myths about dieting from the article by Michael Mosley in The Times

    Claim 8 Drinking 2 litres of water a day will help you lose weight.

    This myth dates back to the 1940s when researchers calculated that 2 litres was how much water someone’s body used in 24 hours. However, the researchers also said (and this gets ignored) that we obtain much of the water we need each day from our food. Drinks such as coffee and tea also count, despite what many people believe.

    Drinking eight glasses of water a day could help you lose weight if you drink it very cold. Drinking ice-cold water burns through a few calories simply because you have to raise that water to body temperature. Drinking lots of water will also mean you have to get up from your chair more often to go to the loo, which has to be a good thing.

    Water can help you lose weight, if it comes in the form of soup. If you drink water with your meal (a bit of chicken and a few vegetables) then the food will be kept in your stomach for digestive juice to do their bit, but the water passes straight through the stomach and into the intestines, where it is absorbed. Drinking water has very little effect on how hungry you feel a couple of hours later.

    Ultrasound and MRI studies have shown, however, that if you take the chicken and vegetables and blend them with the water then the stomach will stay fuller for longer, staving off hunger pangs.

    In head to head comparison studies, volunteers eating soup reported feeling full for up to an hour-and-a-half longer than when they ate the same calories, but consumed as food and water. .

    Very good advice!
    I use the watery soups of the 100 calorie cans types about an hour after meals on feed days to stay under TDEE.
    For variety, I understand eating frozen fruits such as frozen strawberries and blue berries. Blended into icee may have the same thermic effect. Personally recommending stevia natual sweetener to make it more appealing. Again on feed days to curb after dinner hunger + antioxidants.

    I have just completed my first week on this diet and do find the fast days a bit challenging but find your advice and suggestions very helpful.

    I love this diet – but be aware though that when you decide to fast, as I did, on a water only fast for 24-36 hours how easy it is to drink insufficient water.

    I found fasting for 24-36 hours very easy to do and lost weight really well but I also forgot to drink enough and consequently (I think, Ok it’s just anecdotal!) caused myself a kidney stone.
    You need to drink enough to keep your pee light straw coloured.
    Dr. M says that tea and coffee count, but what you sweat out doesn’t for keeping your kindeys well flushed!

    And talking about stones, I wonder if there is any research into fasting and gallstones. Again especially those of us who fast for 24 plus hours. But having gall sit in the gallbladder without prompting it to empty can cause gall stones.

    Really, this is not meant as criticism, just questions. I love fasting and 5:2.

    sometimes i go as long as 27 hours with no food including overnight is this ok to do

    I have just started this last week and it is life changing, I have used Salad and fish no sauce or one with Olive oil, garlic and cider vinegar with a bit of mustard and honey and found the salads liking and appreciating.

    I found this on a reduced dressing site ad a little goes a long way. The recipe which you can find easy low cal

    A quick hello to my friend Speedy. Hope all is well with you. All last week I was in Berlin – fabulous city – where temperatures were in the 30s, much too hot for my liking.

    For one who never drinks enough it was an absolute joy to be really thirsty and to have no need for any small creature saying “ribbit, ribbit” to remind me of the need for fluid sustenance.

    The diet went out of the window and my drink of choice was a very weak shandy or mint tea, but it was too hot to eat too many naughty things and we did so much walking – fortunately Berlin in 35% green space so there’s lots of shade – that I didn’t gain an ounce.

    I find drinking lots of fluid helpful on a fast day as I think it helps to flush toxins from the body?

    I have been on the 5/2 since mid June and lost a fantastic 16 lbs so far which is great. It’s all in the mind set for me and if your not ready it won’t be easy. Fortunately I like this diet method, it’s easy to do 2 days a week on Monday’s and Thursday’s. I do eat more moderately and drink less beers on the other days which has changed my thinking. Helps I think if your partner participating with you.
    The Horizon program inspired me to do this with other health benefits.
    Thank you Michael

    Been doing 5.2 since February 14, I do find myself drinking more water and find it really helps, approaching my 3rd stone lost……absolute life changer

    Hi @hermajtomomi !
    Only just saw your post. Yes, its ok here. Ribbit!

    Berlin sounds lovely – but too hot. But it’s good you felt the urge to drink.
    I’m still working up to starting again. Oddly I find summer months much harder!

    PS. I had to turn email notifications off – driving me crazy as my normal ‘job’ keeps me on the pc already for 8 hours a day!

    Great going @larry1624 and @garlloyd

    Glad we’ve caught up, Speedy, and that you’re still in there ribbiting. We spent last weekend in the beautiful Forest of Dean in the West of England visiting my cousin and his lovely lady.

    Both of them are fairly successful Fast Dieters but we all agreed to forget all about it during our visit, although none of us really overdid things.The weather was warm so the improved fluid consumption performance continued.

    A lot of Blazing Saddles quotes were flying about, adding to the general hilarity of a great weekend.

    While in Berlin, on numerous occasions I flashed my student card to get reduced admission to museums. Each time, Him Indoors muttered “Student?” to which I replied: “Raisinettes?…pain in the ass!” Remember the scene at the end when the bad guy takes refuge in the cinema?

    Been on the regime since early July and lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks , although I suspect this initial weight loss was down to fluids. Just returned from a weeks family holiday with full on eating and drinking involved (no dieting) and haven’t put on an ounce.
    Life changing indeed,
    Thank you Dr Mosley.

    Hi everyone, I am just starting this week. I plan to fast on Friday and Monday. Looking forward to seeing results soon.

    Hi All

    Watch the Dr Michael Mosley BBC program last night and decided to give this a go.

    Today is day one and I’m so glad I stumbled onto this site, so I can see how we are all travelling.

    I prefer items in balance, so I thought I might try 4:2 days but I don’t want to mess with a winning strategy.

    Any thoughts

    I heard a radio programme about alcohol consumption. Suggestions were being made about appropriate labelling to prevent over indulgence. One was to display calories on bottles of wine etc. Having started this regime of eating, I find it easier to cut down wine intake on non fast days too. Drinking wine means eating cheese with it for me!

    I am on week 1, 2nd day of fasting. I’m happy so far with how it’s going. I’m a woman in her 40’s who’s tried both exercise and weight watchers to move stubborn pounds and the weight hasn’t wanted to come off. Depriving myself daily with no end in sight and very minor success .5lb a week at best is very depressing. I’m hoping this jump start will help me see some bigger losses and the fact it’s not everyday makes it easier to push through the fasting days. Am very optimistic!!!

    Can anyone tell me if the 2 fasting days need to be consecutive?
    I see some in here are choosing dates with quite a few days apart.

    Hi Malcolm, You can choose whatever days suit your timetable. I find Monday and Thursday best for me. One after the week-end and one before. the two days can be together if you find that easier for your lifestyle but I would find that too depriving!

    Hi Speedy,

    Just to let you know I’m now most likely to be found on The Maintenance Chatbox thread, although with still a stone or so to go I don’t really qualify as a maintainer. Things had become somewhat uncomfortable on the LOACA thread, although I have no problem with the LOACA recipe thread which is full of great ideas.

    Hope all is well with you.

    Hermaj xx

    Hi Hermaj,
    Thanks 🙂 I’ll visit you there from time to time – though maintaining a too high weight is what I’m doing at the moment. 🙁
    Just a stone to go is great 🙂 Star!
    I’ll have a look at the recipe thread too.

    Keep drinking water and see you there 🙂 xx

    To Larry
    Your my inspiration. I have 4 st to loose and I’m 1/2stone down after 3 weeks. Until reading your statement I only assumed people with 2-3 stone to loose we’re successful.
    Many thanks

    Have just tried drinking more water by sipping a little each time I thought of it. I drank more than a pint and a half through the day (definitely more than I would have done otherwise). It probably did me good BUT I didn’t get any sleep that night! I was up (to the toilet) every half hour for the first three hours and then every hour hour after that. I may have been able to cope thirty years ago but not now – I’m 82!

    Hello, I am also in my 40s and yeah, those pounds are stubborn. I am also hoping that this works to move them fast. Good luck with your journey to a better you 🙂

    Hi there, I am in my sixth month. I have lost around 1 1/2 stone. I think this diet works best for men. My brother in law whom had similar amounts of weight to lose has lost 3 stone to my 1 1/2 stone. I have just been on holiday and when I got back I had put on a whopping 12lbs onitjust goes to show that yo yo dieting makes you put more weight on quicker. I have fasted two days this week and taken 7lbs of it off and I have 5lbs to now lose. Very frustrating when it has taken me 8 weeks to take off the 5lbs and two weeks to put it on!

    I will always stick with the 5 2 but I do not think it works as well with women,so women, be prepared for it to be slower than all the results of the men you see here. It is generally a good diet as you do not feel as bloated generally

    I have just seen a doco on the 5:2 system. Have joined this site and doing my weigh and measure in the morning. Keen to get this underway as I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. The health benefits alone for me are a major blessing let alone the weight loss I am looking forward too as well. Raring to go and the best thing too is my husband is going to do it also. There is a god!

    I’m in my 50’s and finding the weight hard to come off so I’m always looking for a challenge. So here goes I’m going to do Mondays and Thursday plus going to the gym 4 days in a week.

    Hi I’m very new to this :/ it’s fantastic to hear do many successful stories and I’m raring to start I just wondered with the 2 fasting days do they have to be consecutive or can you split them. ?


    The diet days can be either consecutive or split – your choice:

    Good Luck!

    I am also new to this diet.. I completed my 1st week (2nd day) of 500 calories yesterday. I did find myself getting very cranky by the end of the day.. I was not hungry per se but my head was not liking it… I had my first meal BF this morning and feel a bit off color with nausea (I had some granola with milk and a soft boiled egg ….anyone experienced this?

    Hi franter, did my first fast yesterday and felt this morning as if I could keep going, maybe you in for a flu or virus. As they said earlier on, it’s the mind set:

    Hi Michael
    I have just finished my first fast day and wanted some information please.
    Normally I am not bothered by being hungry and the lack of food wasn’t psychologically an issue. However this afternoon I did have headache and in spite of a reasonable amount of water etc (I was running to the loo every 20 minutes) I was very dizzy and unable to concentrate. I laid down for an hour or so and then after feeling like this for about 3 hours I got up and mixed a small amount of yoghurt with some berries into a smoothie and I felt better. Could this have been low blood sugar or will it pass when I get more accustomed to the fast?

    Hi Cloe
    Well done you for accepting that something must be done about your weight. When I started the Fast Diet 7 weeks ago I was very sceptical about any success but now I have lost 11lbs.
    The best way to get over the hunger pangs is going to the gym, reading a book or looking up something interesting on the internet.
    When you feel hungry your body is using up reserves of fat,which is good.
    Keep up with it,don’t let the fat win.

    Heard about this diet from a friend at work. Excited to start tomorrow. Hope to see good results.

    Hi all 🙂 I have just registered on here. I am starting the diet tomorrow….Monday 22nd although it’s officially that now it being 01:50…think I’d better go to bed!!

    Anyway, am rambling now. Just wanted to say hi and look forward to chatting to you guys and hopefully getting some support. Bye for now. Be back on here tomorrow night. 🙂

    Hi everyone, I’m starting this path today…

    I am also starting today. My sister has had great results with it, and I’m in need of a challenge for my body (and mind). I’m excited to start. I started my day with 36 oz. of water with a drop of lemon essential oil, and feeling very confident for the rest of my day. Much love!

    Didn’t start today. I forgot that I was helping a friend move some rubbish out of shed…and ny own. Been on go all day. Start tomorrow. Definitely! @ Corylebeck..that’s a good idea the water and lemon. Good luck everyone 🙂 x

    Today will be my first day to fast. 36 hrs of thinking about food I can’t eat. But I’ve got this!!!

    Today it’s my first day to fast. I began with breakfast with yogurt, halv l. fruits juice, almondy and honung. Water after swimming! 🙂

    just started to day its my first day how much water should I drink and how much food ist it 500 cals and shuld I mesure my self

    i started the 5:2 diet on monday, i´ve chosen to do tuesday and friday as fast days but i´m confused as to what to eat on non fast days, does it matter if i don´t eat my full daily allowance? also, i´m confused reading about the 36 hours of fasting, how does that work out. i need to eat small amounts throughout the day starting with an egg for breakfast but if i had my last meal at 7pm the night before that means i´ve only fasted for 14 hours, can someone please advise me? thank you

    Hi gay:

    I posted this above, but in case you missed it, this will answer your questions:

    Good Luck!

    hi, thank you for your reply. really enjoying reading the comments and advice, hope to be posting my positive progress on here soon!!!

    I started yesterday, choosing to do Wednesday & Thursday as my fast days. I noticed yesterday (the first day) that I was drinking more fluids anyway. I’m estimating I drank about an extra litre the first day (including water, black coffee and p’mint tea). This was even though most of what I was eating was fairly full of fluid (dates, grapefruit, bananas, cup-a-soup and yoghurt).

    Also consider adequate water to keep hydrated. If your like me you may do most of of your drinking intake when eating foods. So when I cut back on meals.. My water intake was low. I got frequent headaches, but when I made the effort to stay hydrated on fast days the headaches went were much less frequent . Also common head ache pills easily made headaches on fast days go away.

    How can you promote that on non fast days one eats whatever they wish?

    Making it seem that Big macs large fries chicken tikka then icecream etc etc is ok !!!!

    THEN ON THE OTHER HAND>>>>>>> bmr and tdee are promoted!!!


    Or have I misunderstood the process after reading your book 3 times?

    WOULD YOU PLEASE ANSWER THIS concern scientifically

    Hi Lenfabre:

    You have totally misunderstood the process.

    The scientific answer is that 5:2 is a calorie based diet, not a type of food based diet. You can eat your big mac and fries as long as the calories you consume remain at or below your TDEE on non diet days and below your 500/600 on diet days.

    It is really simple.

    Good Luck!

    Hi. I need a meal plan for the fast days. Any ideas ?

    Hi Meal Plan Needer.
    Have you bought the 5:2 book which gives both 500 and 600 cal breakfast and dinner choices, also MIMI Spencer has a cook book which gives a fantastic choice of menus.

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