Food for Thought on a Fast Day – Losing weight and drinking water

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Food for Thought on a Fast Day – Losing weight and drinking water

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  • My take was there is more result than only weight loss.
    I did lose much more fat I believe on 4:3.

    Since were not all the same , when igot used to intermittent fasting . I then started to transition my feed days away from unhealthy foods. I have to wear smaller clothes, and endure compliments about how much better I look. I have still a long way to go. I’ve tried many of the most popular diets. I’m grateful that this one works for me. Basically I eat sensibly go bed wake up and only intake 600 calories. Go to bed again and the fast is over. It’s the discipline of doing the doable that invites me to go further with my feed days.

    If fat loss was my only goal , there are other ways of course. However I found this WOL way of life) to sate me and lose weight in the same week. So yes I’ve eaten big macs and went to buffets and have still lost a pound on the scale. After 100 weeks with many long breaks. I’ve lost 54lbs . Which more than I’ve lost on any other diet plan. As far as the doable part dragging the fat loss over years of time? I’ll just say my personal doctor approves. And I never tire trying to make my feed days either , cancer prevention foods, calorie restriction days, healing foods , and or health food packed with nutrition dense , anti oxidants, and natural probiotic foods.
    The feed days are free to pursue as we wish. Wether it’s a burger or paleo. The point is to practice fasting as a way of life. I believe eventually the weightloss phase is no longer needed, but the benefits of continuing to fast may still have benefits more than just waist management .
    For instance from a typical poor diet I was practicing to changing to two fast days and two fish dinner days it wasn’t a big leap to add two health food feed days and leave Sunday open to a buffet. And it has worked. Nothing anyone will ever say about how it effects them will ever change how it changed me. From just the doable to the confidence of what’s achievable. No matter the timetable.

    Hi there,
    I live in Melbourne, Australia.
    I don’t know if you’ve heard about us?
    Most Liveable city in the world.
    Amazing food, night life and restaurants.

    I’m starting the 5:2 diet, but I’m wanting to do 4:3 instead.
    Friday, Saturday and Sunday are feast days for me.
    I go out on those three days. Eating and partying.
    So this will be a challenge for me.
    I don’t really like driving water.
    I drink lots of herbal teas.
    I found Miso soups are the best.
    I have one with spinach and mushroom. Only 39 calories.
    I love squashed banana with honey as well.

    There are sites on line with fast day food options.

    Hi Speedy,

    I thought I’d check on this thread where we last communicated. Just wanted to say hello and ask how you are doing over there in what must by now be the chilly Netherlands. I’ve now finished the MA, dissertation handed in a week ago. Now all I can do is wait until mid-November for the result.

    Weight-wise, I’ve plateaued again – thankfully at 5-6 kilos lighter than the last one – and I’m trying to remedy it by skipping lunch on fast days, and having no more than 100 cals for lunch on non fast days. I don’t do breakfast. Haven’t done for donkey’s years.

    I’d love to hear from you. Meanwhile keep on ribbiting. πŸ™‚ xx

    Hello Hermaj, Oh I’m terrible not posting so much. Sorry. Are you on the Fleecebook? I’m more often on there, well 95% of my internet time because I admin a group.

    Fantastic about your MA. So impressed. It will certainly be a good result – but the wait is always a pain! I was hearing about something call Khan Academy. It’s a site with good quality courses. I was fantasizing about starting maths again – O level!

    Yep it’s autumn here now. The seasons are in the wrong order! Should be spring, autumn, summer, winter to ring the changes – wouldn’t work planet-wise I suppose πŸ™‚

    Take care Hermaj, great to hear from you. xx

    Hi Speedy,

    If you mean Facebook, yes, I am on there but I don’t post very much. I use it mainly to see piccies of family. I do belong to a group to which I was invited by a cyber friend who used to be on this forum, which was very nice. I joined but I post very little and don’t always remember to look each day. As far as social media are concerned I’m not all that good at it.

    As for taking a course or two, why not? Especially if you would be working with a reputable organisation. You might have a lot of fun and probably gain huge satisfaction from learning new things and/or remembering stuff you thought you had forgotten.

    I’ll pop by this thread now and again to see how you are getting on. xx

    “Ultrasound and MRI studies have shown, however, that if you take the chicken and vegetables and blend them with the water then the stomach will stay fuller for longer, staving off hunger pangs.”
    I am not sure I agree with this, even if it’s a scientific fact…
    If -as we should – we chewed our food properly it would be pretty well blended by the time it reaches our stomach – would be interesting to know if the volunteers quoted in the article had chewed their food properly.
    Apart from being the first too often forgotten step in the digestive process, chewing well slows down eating – leading to feeling full long before having finished a plate of chicken and veg.

    This is my second week on the 5.2 first week lost just under a kilo currently on my first fast day. I’ve chosen Wed and Thurs for my fast days difficult but feel better results may be accomplished by doing this way
    My exercise for getting heart rate up is a 1k walk up hill 1/10 very taxing but can feel the heart pounding at the end.

    Today is my first fast day – wish me luck and detemination. I did get started on this a while ago but lost the plot. I really want to get a grip again becuase I felt so great when following the plan and I found I was stressing far less about food and what to eat each day.

    Today is day 4 for me and I am 1.7 kgs down.
    I tried this before but I think I missed the bit about normal days still being limited to 2000 calories.
    I am using “my fitness pal ” app for tracking purposes.
    For week one I am doing alternate day fasting to speed things up and motivate myself, so far so good.
    It has surprised me how well I have been able to cope with the fasting days.
    I have been getting headaches and am probably not drinking enough water, maybe an increase will help.

    Well done Mimibelle. But you really drink a lot of water. It helps flush the contents of the fat you are losing and keeps your kidneys healthy. It’s easy to not drink and eat at all but do drink lots of water. Good luck.

    Hi Speedy, long time no ‘talk’.

    Glad to hear you’re still OK.

    My weight loss slow, mainly due to not taking care on non-FDs but overall since end January have lost 11kg and 13cm from my waist. Just keeping on keeping on.

    Take care of yourself, Nicky.

    Hey Nicky! πŸ™‚
    Good to catch each other. I’m not been on so much- due to other online things!
    That’s excellent loss. Steady is always good.
    I’ve had a bit of a dip and put on all of what I lost last year. πŸ™ Even 5:2 is not immune from a bit of yo-yoing when the mood gets us.
    But I’m at it again, though not the 100% fasting as I did last year. For me bread is the real baddie on non-fast days. Love bread but hopeless and bloated when I eat it!
    Keep on keeping on! xx

    thanx for your advice

    I am about to start the 5:2, I am 64 years of age and want to be 10kgs lighter to have more energy and not be so tired. Fingers crossed I can hang in there. It’s been good to read all the comments which adds to the incentive to do it.

    Drinking plenty of Water helps you lose weight in several ways. Drinking water at regular interval can help alleviate bloating. Many times thirst can be mistaken as a hunger, causing you to overeat.

    Just started the 5:2 with my first fast day yesterday. I have always drunk 2L+ water a day and coped really well with my first fast except didn’t sleep well and woke super early needing to use the loo. I am excited to keep going and looking forward to hopefully seeing good results as I have struggled with losing weight and keeping it off for years and I am hoping this is something I can maintain as a permanent solution to that.

    Drink lot of water and fruits and veggies for weight loss

    I feel performing high-impact aerobics is the best way to burn subcutaneous fat. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, dancing and skating are aerobic exercises that will eliminate excess fat from your stomach area.

    Just started – Is it advisable to just drink on the fast days ? I know if I start to eat I will feel hungry

    Hi Success – how is the diet going. Just started mine and wondered if you are coping ok with yours

    I am an avid 5:2 diet fan!! I have now been on the plan for about 6 weeks and have lost 7.5 kg! But more importantly for me however is that I am losing Girth!! I have now already lost about 11 cm around my waste. I assume all visceral fat! Which is great! I also do HIIT about 3 times a week on my spinning bike now for a 20 to 30 minute workout! Doing this on a fasting day (before breakfast) really gives me a boost for the day.
    But I have a question; I very rarely if at all transpire or sweat! I live generally in a very dry climate even in summer and winter the outside RH levels are anything between 40 to 50%. And even then I do not sweat; walking at a very brisk pace (6 km/hr) or cycling (20 km/hr +) still no sweating! Getting my pulse rate up to above 80% of my max HR still doesn’t give me any real sweating. Now I know that sweat loss isn’t a measure of weight loss persΓ© but I do feel that my metabolism is at a low level and I feel certain that this has to do with my ‘not’ being able to sweat.
    After all every liter of water evaporated means 6000 kCal loss. And I fail to see that even drinking water after a workout can replace this amount of heat loss.
    Any thoughts on this matter would be very enlightening to say the least!

    Hi everyone, starting my diet this week, not using set days each week for fasting, going to fit them round my plans each week. Thinking this time of year is a good time to start as I love soups and can make some really low calorie soups for the fast days. Measurements done, weighing before bed tonight the will wait 3 weeks before any more measuring. Really excited to see if it works. πŸ™‚

    I have been on the fast beach diet for 7 weeks and have lost 6kgs, my fast days are tue & frid I choose these because they are my busy days, and I have less time to think about food, I drink lots more water but find it easier to drink at room temp .
    Going on a 4 day cruise to Melbourne next week on thur so have changed my fast days to Mon & We’d get them done before I go, hope that will work for me.

    I started a week ago and have lost 3lbs already so very happy. Early days I know but the fast days were ok. I did an ironing to keep busy. I do notice that I feel quite elated. Is that normal ?

    This is only my second day into the diet, so don’t know if I’ve lost anything yet, any amount will be great even if it’s a pound or two I’ll be really happy. Found eating porridge made on water is awful. Am going to try the strawberry & banana smoothie next week, when I have the ingredients in the fridge. I found waiting til a bit later in the morning to have breakfast and then having my lunch/dinner at around 3.30/4pm meant that I found the day not as bad as I thought.

    Drinnking a few cups of black tea, coffee and diluted orange drinks also helped greatly. I tried Slimming World before and it worked great when I did it the first time, but didn’t work at all the second time around. This diet is much easier as you’ve only to be really good for the 2 days. However have decided to cut out the white bread, pastries and choccie on the other 5 days as this should kick start my weight loss I hope as have a Communion, Confirmation and a family Wedding next May, so have to look amazing!!

    Hi Speedy,

    I’m not posting much these days for a variety of reasons, but I thought you would like to know that I finally got my MA result. Ribbit-ribbit-ribbit: I’ve passed! πŸ™‚ My dissertation got me a Merit and, if my sums are right, I will have done enough to get an overall Merit when the full results are formally published in the next week or two. Hope you are well and keeping warm. I know that Holland can be very, very cold at this time of year.

    Nicky, thank you also for your good wishes on the jojo thread. As you must have found wih your doctorate, the worry and the exhaustion were worth it in the end. And of course, a lot of it proved to be great fun.

    Hi Hermajderibbit! πŸ™‚
    No I don’t post much here either. That’s fantastic πŸ™‚ Congratulations. I’m not sure what the Merit means is it like cum laude?
    When you’ve had a break will you do something else? Lovely to hear though.
    It’s been bitterly cold here, now today we have a thaw and much warmer. I prefer frost to be honest!

    Hi Speedy,

    There are three levels of pass for the MA – and probably other post-grad degrees: Pass, Merit, Distinction. So I guess it would be something like cum laude.

    No more studying BUT as I may have mentioned before, one of our MA assignments was an independent research project. Mine was all about the Glasgow Tenement House, a flat in a tenement (which just means a residential block, not necessarily a squalid run-down one) which is now a museum. It was home to one woman for 54 years. She never threw anything away so it’s an absolute goldmine for social historians.

    It was enormous fun to research, I got a lot of help from various people from the National Trust for Scotland which now owns the place, and there emerged some wonderful human interest stories. From very early on my lovely supervisor encouraged me to think about reworking my project report into a book for a general readership. And that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll set the wheels in motion in the new year and start serious work on it in the spring or early summer.

    It sounds really fascinating. I think you have mentioned it because I have Googled it before!
    Especially the aspect of showing how a single woman lived. Family life is more often documented I think.
    I loved visiting the Dutch Open Air museum in Arnhem where houses through the ages have been recreated. They have a row of terraced houses all decorated from different periods. They 60’s spoke to me most! But someone’s house must have a more personal quality. You must feel like you know her I suspect?
    It’s a fantastic idea to make it into a book. xx

    Ok so I have just watched a story on this tonight. I had heard about the diet before but hadn’t really looked into it a great deal – It all sounded too hard. After watching the interview tonight and seeing the effect it had on ones health it has really inspired me to start. I am a working mother of two with a FIFO husband so life is challenging – really looking forward to seeing what this diet can do for my body (and mind!). My mother, father and sister are also keen to try. Day 1 starts tomorrow πŸ™‚

    Hi Kiara_6, I’m sure you won’t regret it!! Indeed as Michael say’s take a selfie of your self and then over a month take another one and check them out. I started on the 1st of October (officially – that logging on to the site and registering myself) and have lost more than 12 kilo by this week. I want to lose another 7 or 8 to reach my goal, but I am achieving it. No real problems! But especially, the big deal is that my blood pressure levels have dropped from about 134/85 P75 down to 119/78 P 58 (average for the week). And my glucose level has dropped and is now on average 5,5 which I find fantastic! I’m sure that all other indicators are also now good.
    Good luck and keep it up! Weigh yourself once a week and see the difference after a couple of weeks.

    If you don’t drink enough water you become dehydrated. And your body will retain fluid as a consequence, causing weight gain and bloating.

    Drinking water daily helps to remove toxins from our body and helps to maintain a natural glow in our skin. We can consume water directly or we can have fruits and other supplements.

    hi folks
    started my diet on the 15th. the fist week weigh-in, i’m down 2.4 pounds.
    pretty for a compulsive over eater!
    i’m a water drinker, so that’s not a problem.

    it’s a mind over matter thing for sure.
    this week is challenging since it’s christmas week, but i’m on track so far.

    my weigh-in is on mondays. i’d like to do 4:3 starting the 29th. that will be a little more balanced for me. i’ll keep posting my progress and reading whatever is written here. . . . i’ve bought and read the book: the 5:2 diet and the fast diet.
    it’s helpful to re-read both books again.

    wishing everyone “food-safe” holidays.

    Nice information I found here, but excess in take of drinking water will effect the people who suffers with cardio-vascular diseases. Also I guess you missed out the uses of warm water.

    I have done 24 hours on just water, black coffee and green tea. Because I am an emotional eater I have found that a large glass of water or the above does quell my hunger. This is probably because what I thought were hunger pangs was actually my body telling me it needed water.after the fluid my hunger pangs subsided. Also on the fasting days (500 calls or less) I have much more energy, so I assume from this that I consume far more calories than my body needs.
    My sister says she imagines the hunger pangs to be little tiny varmits eating away at her fat! It makes her feel good and I guess whatever works for you!

    Hi just starting this tomorrow do you do two days together and do you feel your energy good since starting this plan thanks marcella

    Hi all,
    today is my first day of the 5:2 fast diet. I’ve been on other programs like the Dukan diet. This worked fine the first time round and I lost all the weight I wanted to lose. But it was a huge effort: eating only proteins is difficult in a way, then running or doing other exercises time permitting was ok. But the problem is, if you don’t change your life style and habits you pile all the lost pounds back on. So did I. The second time I tried the Dukan diet was a fail. Just couldn’t make myself eat all this protein… I’ll give this one a go. It seems to be a bit easier and more logical than other diets or fads. Today is my first fast day. So far so good. I’ll be on a Monday and Thursday fast. I hope I’ll be as successful as some of you guys here! Your comments are very encouraging. Thanks and good luck to you all!

    Tomorrow will be my first fast day, following the 5:2 plan. I hope to go through the day without my 500 calories and will eat at supper time. I’m feeling confident. My motto: Food is not in charge. I am!

    Good on you JudithAnne! I follow the same fast schedule as you – no food until 8-9pm. My hot tips: prepare for the hunger to come in waves, drink herbal tea (my favourite is jasmine) and plan a meal to look forward to. Good luck!

    i love this diet. doing it on tuesdays and thursdays. having lots of green tea and coffee helps stave off the hungries. i have lost abt 7 lbs so far. i ve been on it off and on for a few months. i also work out at least 3 days a week with weights and exercise bike as we are inundated with snow here in michigan. also doing skiing or trudging through snow on hikes. i am 66 and working at not looking it!!

    I am really struggling to lose weight with this diet. Just completed week 1 with no difference in weight whatsoever!!!

    I have stuck to my calories on both fast and non fast days and so now feel completely disheartened to continue which is a shame as I found this really simple to follow!!

    Stick with it for a couple more weeks. Also, don’t just weigh; get out the tape measure. Some people find they lose inches before pounds. There are so many reasons weight can fluctuate that it isn’t entirely reliable, especially on a short term basis.

    Good luck!

    Hi little missfatty, I agree with MaryAnn, don’t weigh yourself all the time. It gets frustrating. I have difficulties losing weight, it took me forever to get started. But looking back I understand why. I still took too many calories onboard when I was fasting and also on feast days. To get a feeling for how many calories you consume check the internet i.e. google: calories in bananas or calories in bread. You’ll soon get the idea of the right measures. Also have green tea, lots of cold water, eat lots of salads without the fattening salad dressings in the shops. Make your own. It’s easy. In the summer eat lots of fruit like water melons, they’re low in sugar and calories but you’ll feel full due to the fibre. Stay also away from shop bought juices. They contain loads of sugar and no fibre. Fibre is what fills you up. So eat whole grain foods and drink loads. You’ll see, with a bit of exercise you’ll lose the weight! Good luck!

    You can “google” this is you want….but my suggestion is to add the juice of 1/2 lemon to every 8 oz of water. “lemon juice increases the amount of citrate in the urine to levels known to inhibit kidney stones”. If lemon juice is not your thing then a potassium citrate supplement will do the same thing. I love lemon water and drink it every single day with a teaspoon of raw honey…leave out the honey on fast days.

    HI Fluffy Chenille, yes, I do that. Lemon juice has been found to help avoid kidney stones. Thank you. I also do the honey thing but usually use manuka honey. Thank you.

    Is there any way to avoid or eliminate gall stones?

    I wish! I have a full gb – found in a scan for something else.
    There are many ‘flushes’ advertised on the internet but I think the ‘stones’ people are some sort of saponification from the oil and vinegar that the flushes consist of. I have never found any real research into the flushes though.

    I have only found one piece of real research that says fasting over 14 hours leads to the gall getting saturated and then stones are more likely to start or grow. That’s a real shame as I found 36 hour fasts (before I knew I had gall stones) by far the easier way to fast.

    Oddly the advice if you get when you have gb attacks is to eat low fat – yet eating fat stimulates the gb to empty so the gall gets less saturated.
    I’ve yet to understand this.

    I’m having difficulty getting going fasting but when I’m trying I start the day with lemon juice in water, a gulp of linseed oil (to stimulate my gb) and a ts manuka honey.

    I cant find any evidence that lemon juice in water actually helps gs (dissolves them???) but it is recommended for kidney stones (backed by real research. Although it’s obviously acid, it acts as an alkaline once in the body (I don’t understand how) but it makes kidney stones less likely to form. So may have a similar effect on gs.

    Weightloss surgery (so very fast weightloss) is hugely associated with gall stones. (In some countries they take the gall bladder out when placing gastric bands as it’s so common.) 1 Kilo per week seems to be OK but more can lead to gs. That’s what doctors have said but the 1 kilo is often banded around in every weightloss context.

    Personally I think the prevalence of gs is yet another side effect of our carb rich diet.

    I always write too much. I’m not sure if it’s helpful!

    May I “wake up” the Water Thread with a question? πŸ™‚

    Hi all,
    my question is about weight and water intake: How come that drinking 3 liters of water a day makes your weight go up and your fat still go away at the same time? I do not understand the mechanism of weighing more when drinking much water.

    Have been on IF since November 2014. Lost 25 kg in a year. Have done 5:2, switched to 4:3, back to 5:2. About 8 weeks ago I have started alternate day fasting (ADF) with feast day – water fast (it is called 10 in 2, one zero in two). I do it for health impact and the great feeling I get from it. And there is this jeans seize 27 I bought in August and like to fit into easily (almost there).

    My weight has gone and stayed up beyond goal weight again, though. 3 kg plus (65 kg). At the same time my waist circumference is decreasing (verrry slowly yet it decreases).

    There was a TV self-experiment in which a female reporter drank 3 liters of water over a period of 4 weeks (yes, due to the English lady who did that and looked a lot younger afterwards) beside eating normally. She had the same weight after four weeks yet had lost fat/waist circumference.

    I do not and did not get the context: Why does the water make you weigh more or the same while you’re not really gaining fat but losing it?

    Can someone of you explain that to me? I have asked this in another thread before. Now, here is the Water Thread so maybe some of you folks know the mechanism and context.

    Happy day all
    Mahalo πŸ™‚

    Hi Mahalo,

    I am no expert, just a fellow follower of the 5:2 diet, now for just a year (one year ago I started on the 1st of October). I have in the meantime lost 27 kg (in about 23 weeks) and lost about 18 cm of girth!! (yippee). All my vital heath signs have been reduced to a normal level (blood pressure, glucose etc). I am very happy indeed.
    I believe, that my own metabolism is very much affected (maybe due to age). I never used to sweat (oops perspire), and when one considers that for every ltr of sweat one can ‘lose’ 7000 kCal then I believe that that has a very big influence on ones energy balance!! My own temperature is also always 35.8 deg C (generally speaking 1 degree lower than ‘normal’).
    I do Spinning with HIIT training session to increase my metabolism (and then I sweat).
    But I believe that ordinary walking exercise does not ‘burn’ any calories, one must get ones heart rate up to about 80% of max to have any effect.
    I read that when one drinks water then one puts back on weight what one has sweated, I do not believe that. Of course drinking water does increase one’s weight, that is quite understandable, but indeed, when one either passes water and other waste products then one must also ‘lose’ weight!! It still does not count for the fact that each liter of ‘sweat’ should lose about 7000 kcal (adiabatic cooling of the body).
    So it is of course I believe important to indeed drink water to stimulate this process.
    These are my thoughts on this subject.

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