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  • Hi,
    I start my first fast tomorrow. I’ve prepared some veg for my tea breaks at work but I’m worried about lunchtime, has anyone got some tips and advice for my first day.

    Find something to distract yourself during lunch(like reading, or maybe take a walk, if that’s possible) and keep in mind that you can eat again the next day. The first couple of days of fasting are quite hard, but they get easier relatively quickly. Remember to drink water/tea when you get hungry, it will help. And come here for support. Try not to watch anything food-related on telly. I can easily sit through a Great British Bake Off marathon on FDs (Fast Days) now, but in the beginning I had to avoid stuff like that religiously. They made me instantly hungry.

    Take it 1 day at a time and you should be fine! Wellcome and good luck!


    My first fast day today. I’ve opted for stringing out as long as possible until I eat breakfast. Porridge seems like a no brainer as it keeps you going longer than most things. I have made myself a marmite sandwich for lunch on two pieces of whole bread (no butter or marge) think I’ll eat a tomato with it so as it doesn’t lodge in my throat… That’s 450 Cals down, dinner promises to be utterly delicious then!
    A bowl of home made lentil soup and a small corn on the cob – lucky me!!!

    Any tips on low cal snacks and meals greatly appreciated – happy fasting!

    Do my fasting days have to be 24 hours from when I go to bed or can I eat normally, start the fast at 1pm and end the following day at 1 pm. Then eat normally again.

    Hi 7peas and welcome:

    For 5:2, a day runs from midnight to midnight, not for a different 24 hour period. People following 5:2 eat their 5/600 cal. in a 32-36 hour period. See the FAQ above and this post, which will explain how 5:2 works:

    Good Luck!

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