First day Fasting tomorrow!

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  • I am starting my Fast day tomorrow and I work for 14 hours, any ideas for a meal plan that’s portable and easy to do!

    I would rather eat at lunch and dinner time so if any one has any plans they prefer when you are on the go I would really appreciate the help and tips!


    Becky x

    Hi Becky

    This is only my 3rd week but I do long hours too – 12.5 but often run over! I work either from 7.30am or a midday start.
    Whichever shift I’m on I ignore breakfast but keep chugging on fluids; water,fruit/herbal teas & black coffee until about midday when I eat – I find that if I can eat something that looks/feels like it will be filling it helps! I usually have miso soup & a big helping of mixed berries & natural yoghurt, or a veg omelette with lots of herbs & a tiny bit of strong cheese. This is stuff I can take to work & keep in the fridge.

    I make the omelette quite firm like frittata & eat a bit of salad with it. For my later meal break I take a huge green salad & some lean protein (fish or meat). I avoid carbs most of the time but especially on a fast day – they don’t keep me full enough for long enough.

    Hope this helps – good luck.

    Thank you so much!

    I have gone with the yoghurt and berries, then tuna salad for later.

    Massive help, thanks again


    Hope you got on ok @ work today Becky with your fast day. My first fast day this week is tomorrow – yoghurt & berries for lunch plus salad & ‘something’ for tea. Will keep out of team office in case anyone brings in biscuits! Will be doing next fast on Friday or Sunday.


    Finished work half an hour ago and I can honestly say it wasn’t that bad! Thanks for all your help, I may go with the omelette next time! I hope all goes well with your fast day!

    Keep me updated!


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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