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  • Hi people’s,
    First day big day! So far so good.
    As I have been giving up one thing in the preceding weeks, it hasn’t been one big jump. My body is just going oh this week its something else.
    I am opting for Mon & Tues as my two fast days.
    I have read your comments about the period between meals with interest.
    To be kind to myself I am breaking up my 500 cals over three small meals, but am struggling.
    Afternoon is worst as this is my weak time and like to nibble.
    What do u gals do.

    Hi Nebalas, I just keep thinking how tomorrow I will be able to eat! Afternoon is worst for me too. I try to keep busy! Best wishes! You can do it!

    Around 4pm is my worse. I get the pangs sometimes but only got 3 more hours till supper.

    Hi Nebalas

    Welcome and well done for starting 5:2! Think you may find consecutive fast days tough. May be better splitting them..Mon and Wed, or Mon and Thurs. That way you can eat more the next day and a fast day of 24 hours is doable and doesn’t feel like too much of a hardship.

    Drink loads of calorie free fluids and keep busy to take your mind off food.

    When you do eat..savour every precious mouthful!

    Good luck 🙂


    Lots of green or peppermint tea helps me. Especially if I make myself wait for it, which I know sounds a little strange.

    Basically, if I am craving food and immediately get myself some tea, it seems like a poor substitute for what I really want. However, if I feel hungry, and decide to have a cup of tea after I have done something like finished a report at work or washed the dishes, it becomes something that I am looking forward to, and therefore more satisfying.

    I also skip breakfast on fast days because if I eat in the morning, I get even hungrier throughout the day. This saves more calories for later in the day too. Its a matter of preference, but for me trying to fit three meals into my 500 calorie limit is the opposite of being kind to myself.

    Don’t expect miracles! Stick with 5:2 for 3 months. So many people quit too early ‘disappointed’ with results.

    Power thru fast days with black tea, black coffee and loads of water.

    From a 2+ year veteran.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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