Fibers during fast – effect?

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  • I do intermittent fasting with an 8 hour feeding window on a daily basis. I’ve read mostly on, where Martin claims that even the smallest amount of calories will make your body get out of the fasting state. So my question is whether you believe that taking fiber supplements during the fast would somehow make the body leave the fasting state too. Specifically I’m thinking about taking
    fibers from plants which “normalize the intestine functions” and is usually taken for irritable bowel syndrome. It helps my stomach to feel good, and if I don’t eat for a long time, my stomach goes bananas. If I don’t eat for 24 hours, then it’s even worse and the day afterward I’m just pissing shit, basically, all day in the bathroom. Unless I take the fibers, that is.

    Shouldn’t be a problem I guess, but since I haven’t really discussed these sort of matters with others, I thought I’d check with people who probably have experience and expertise. Maybe you don’t even subscribe to that theory Martin has, since during 5-2 you kinda eat something during those 2 days right? (which I believe according to Martin would make it somewhat pointless as to the fasting/fat-burning/ aspect of it all at least)

    I finally found the name of the fiber, which is “Sterculia gum”.

    So although it’s usually used as a laxative, in Sweden according to the pharmacies and doctors it can also be used for irritable bowel syndrome and for people who have diarrhea, which is why it works for making my stool more solid (intermittent fasting or not).

    Hey uhm.. 7A!
    I am an advocate for what Martin says, but the inconvenience this gives you justifies taking the supplements I think. Maybe it doesn’t even have that much of a negative impact on your fast because your body doesn’t really go into digestion from the pills because they’re so small…
    Anyway, I’m no doctor, so I can’t judge, but I think you should choose for what your body tells you here, and not some other dude 😉

    Hehe, 7A is okey! 😛

    Well, true, but perhaps other people have had similar problems with their stomachs and gotten around it in another fashion? They are a bit of a hassle to carry with you and get stuck on glasses really fast, so if there was another solution, right? 🙂

    I still sometimes have an uhm… irregular bowel so to say, I haven’t been solid very often the past weeks. But to me it’s not really a hassle and it changes all the time…

    C’mon, I can’t be the only one reading this topic people 😛

    Hi all, Nika, I could not “pass” up the chance to “drop” in a comment about my bowel movements during my fast days. Sad to say they are normal, no “flushing out”, no surprises and no suffering from the “Trots” as we say “Up North”.
    I am a great believer in fibre in my diet but on fast days it stands to reason that our fibre intake will drop significantly from the recommended daily intake. I do not think this is a problem for fasters who do not have any sort of bowel issues but some will have bowel probs. I have no medical training so cannot respond in a medical way to the questions posed by AADA7A save to say seek proper medical advice. Also browse other posters comments such as USA. Some posters research diet in response to medical conditions such as diabetes. Their posts may give some answers for you or point you in another direction. It may be that taking such supplements on an empty stomach on a regular basis may ultimately have some negative effects on your digestive system.
    Good luck.

    Haha that start made me laugh x)

    There are also a lot of veggies with fibers though! So no need to drop your fiber intake so much. Especially some beans, also plums. A lot more than bread actually, some beans have 4x the amount of fibre in 2 slices of bread.


    I have been taking Metamucil (unflavored, unsweetened, in water) every night before bed to help firm me up a bit, because I am always SO soft and messy (not diarrhea, just soft and messy). No matter how much fiber I eat in food, this doesn’t change things, so I keep taking the metamucil fiber. Now that I am going to diet, I’d like to take it 2-3 times a day like they recommend, to try to keep me full and help with appetite control. I wonder how it will affect the fasting at night? Should I take it at least 2 hours before I go to bed, so it’s kinda gone by the time I go to bed? Is the Metamucil slowing going through my system going to mess up the fasting part of my day in any way? If others are taking it, when & how do you take it, etc? thanks.

    Does drinking metamucil break my 16/8 fasting ? I drink the Metamucil twice daily morning 7AM evening appx 8pm, I fast from 5pm til 9am 7 days a week.

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