Fell asleep driving on fasting day

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Fell asleep driving on fasting day

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  • Luckily, very luckily in fact, we weren’t injured and TBH the car wasn’t badly damaged but it was a frightening moment – the only time it’s ever happened and I know it was because I was tired on the drive back on a long hot day on a 50mph speed restricted section of motorway where large concrete blocks have been piled up to line the edge of the motorway – the driving was monotonous, tedious in narrow lanes, quite busy as usual and I was, as normal, tired from it being a fasting day. What I have to take away from this is that I should abandon my fasting on days when I have a reasonably long drive – this was only a 1hr 40mins but it came on top of a long day out, the sun baking down, boring driving conditions where you have to concentrate hard. I can’t believe we were so lucky – it happened so fast – the first I knew was the sound of the bang (my wife was also asleep in the passenger seat) as the front wing hit the concrete block and the car bounded back across the first lane and slightly into the second – fortunately there was nothing in the middle lane – this could have ended very badly and all down to me not having enough awareness that the fasting does – as I well know – leave me noticeably more tired than normal – it’s something I really have to take more seriously and take into account when considering what I am doing. I didn’t feel like I was taking any risks – it never crossed my mind when I got in to drive back that I was anywhere near tired enough or susceptible – I wasn’t when I set off but clearly the conditions (and my condition as a result of fasting) put me at risk. Maybe there is a lesson in this for others too – that’s why – in spite of the embarrassment I feel – I am sharing an account of what happened to me. Take care when driving on a fast day, be smart and factor it in.

    you have to eat more fruits at the time of fasting day…It helps to stay healthy….

    Fasting is possibly dangerous for you, maybe ask Dr for a blood test? Could be something underlying ,if an otherwise healthy adult doses off suddenly on a motorway! Could be a number of things underlying .

    I have never heard of this before ,if its affecting you to this degree, stop fasting. Being too hot in the car cabin and having had a long day out, you sounded dehydrated and you could have easily fainted at the wheel and consequently died or hit a third party and killed them .

    I urge everyone , to NEVER drive on an empty stomach or if you are in the slightest way feeling tired ,ill or dehydrated.

    Losing a pound or two should not mean losing your life. Take care.

    My sister is a diabetic. She is constantly falling asleep. She sleeps all day and all night. If you are talking to her, her head will drop and she will fall asleep. It’s not a deep sleep because if you say her name loudly she will wake up. But 5 minutes later it will happen again.

    When she is home by herself she says all she does is sleep. She has had the sleep test but they say they can’t help her. They don’t know why this is happening. Could the insulin she is taking possibly be the cause of this? Her life is horrible and she is very unhappy. Please, someone, help!!

    I don’t think fasting itself is dangerous for me – I made an error of judgement that didn’t take into account everything – the effect of fasting on top of a long driving and the hot weather (and my air conditioning in the car is not working – it’s going in to the garage today to have that looked at) and the fact that this year I have been very physically active as I have taken on 2 plots on an allotment and they had both been neglected for over a year so there has been a lot of hard physical work to do getting weeds out and digging over the ground – this comes on top of a string of more late nights than usual – I have never slept very much – 4-6 hours is typical for me and seems to be getting less as I get older so YES – I learned that I MUST be smarter and take into account all the factors – and that includes fasting – when it comes to driving – I decided I will NOT fast on any days like this where I have to drive. I had a full blood test in the past month as part of looking into prostate cancer and was told that only 0.3% of the population of men my age have all there individual blood results (there must be over 30 measurements) inside the expected ranges but I’m not surprised – I have always been very fit through exercise and never out of shape – my swimming injury just over 14 months ago (rotator-cuff) is taking a very long time to heal (I will probably need surgery – that decision will be made in 3 months time) and because I was not able to swim and had put on only a few kg I decided to do 5:2 – not just for the weight loss but for all the other benefits – I feel committed to 5:2 for life. I keep telling myself I must change my lifestyle to get more sleep – I just wake up early and have to get up and do things – regardless of what time I go to bed – when I do go to bed I am very rarely tired and have to read every night before going to sleep – I am a voracious reader so always have something to read – I never read fiction – I always read to learn something new – I have always been on the hyperactive end of the activity spectrum. When I do put my head down my wife says I go to sleep almost instantly and I feel like I have a good quality of sleep because I never moan about feeling tired – I did notice straight away when I started 5:2 that I am more tired than normal (in the forums a lot of other people have made reference to this – it is quite common) – so – I have to look at the big picture and realise that I have to take this into account and my decision now is never to undertake a long drive on a fasting day – it’s not a problem to delay my fasting day until the next day.

    Actually, when I got in the car it never crossed my mind that I was tired – I drink plenty of fluids when fasting – it helps stave off any feelings of hunger I might have – it was, I think, the accumulation of a number of different factors that put me at risk when driving.

    Yes – there could have been a tragic outcome – that’s why I posted the story! Hopefully, others will realise that tiredness from fasting is something extra that really ought to be considered carefully when driving.

    I recall I fell asleep during important business meeting. I got problems on work after that. I’ve learned that if I feel even slightly sleepy and/or tired, I better sleep before important thing – just relax and allow my body to sleep and even 5-15 minutes was enough.

    Is it possible to rest in the middle of your road trips? Do you fast completely or allow some calories? If allow, then consuming a little bit of “energetic” drinks during drive might help.

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