February Challenge

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  • day 4 Canton OH LFD2

    Quick post as I am so behind today. Will try to catch up later.

    USA Day 4 WFD

    Welcome, REI Woman! I understand very well about boredom eating. It happens to me, too, so I often have to distract myself when I feel that way. I wish you the best. This is a very supportive group.

    Day 4 UK NFD

    Yesterday was acceptable FD at around 750. Despite staying up til v late getting ready for event today.

    V early start, avoided biscuits & temptations. Broke fast at 1pm with small vegan sweet potato & spinach curry, plain rice and lentil dhal, plus homemadelemon cheesecake. Resisted *reward* grocery shopping and siren call of take away – now making green pea pasta with spinach, egg & tomato sauce plus baked apple. Two hot meals in one day feels v indulgent 🙂

    Not read posts – v zzzz – will catch up tomorrow. Whatever you are doing, go gently x

    Day 4, Cheshire UK, NFD

    Yesterday’s FD ended up about 520 cals that’s good enough for me. We went to the cinema to see David Copperfield. Don’t think I’ve ever gone to the pictures and not eaten sweets and chocolates. We just took a couple of cans of Diet Coke, so it can be done!! The film was lovely, really enjoyed it, as did my OH.

    Today will be a CD, a small sandwich for lunch then a nice evening meal of chicken and a tomato/bean stew. If there’s bean stew left, it makes a lovely lunch on my next FD.

    Hope everyone is meeting their goals today.

    Have a happy and healthy Tuesday everyone.

    “Groundhog Day” lovers:

    Here is the longer version of the Super Bowl ad that won an Ad Meter award for best commercial. The town where the movie was filmed is about an hour east of me, and we had heard the news that Bill Murray was there filming a Jeep ad… hopefully to be shown during the Super Bowl, and it was. Woodstock is the town, and during the commercial scenes done on the square do show the Woodstock Jewelry store.


    Hi Nina @rei-woman: welcome to our little group! Taking it a bit gradually is a great idea……good luck and well done for a good start.


    Today was my first weigh day as ive now been doing the FD for one week. It was a great result and giving me the extra encouragement I need to fast today.

    Hope everyone else fasting today has a good one!

    Day 5, NFD, Aus

    Happy birthday @missybear!

    It’s still early in the month but the general sense I’m getting is that people’s fasting mojos are back.

    The forecasters are predicting a weekend of rain. I do hope they’re right!

    Had (another) bad night sleep which I know will tempt me to eat today in an effort to stay awake. But I’ve brought in a healthy salad for lunch. Even though it’s not a FD for me today, I will be thinking of the pocket listers to stop me from heading out to the café for something warm and greasy and not health! AND we have an office morning tea today – more temptations…

    Ohh, how do you find David Copperfield, @saffy420? I love magic shows!! But you saw him at the cinema?

    Well done @dondons1oz.

    Day 5 Country west Australia NFD
    SSSSOOOOOOO happy to be back on the wagon and thinking fellow wagoneers happy that the wagon is less heavy!😬
    Glad to be BAAACCCKKKKKKKK! ( apologies for shouting but it has been a while since I followed this WOL sensibly)
    My wardrobe finally consists of more than 1 pair of snug fitting black pants; 1 pair of ‘ breathe in while I do up the zip and don’t breathe for the rest of the day ‘ black pants; and 2 or 3 tops.
    I plan to get rid of my bigger clothes as I downsize.
    Planning on LASTING results this time round.
    Like many others had a good FD on Monday and looking forward to another FD tomorrow.
    Thinking I might be pre-diabetic after the huge weight gain in past 2 years which is annoying.
    Will have to wait the results of blood tests😥
    Currently have a run of days in high 30s – low 40ºC so don’t feel like eating a lot which helps.😜
    Like @mia139 it seems I and several other have found our 5:2 mojo again which is heartening.
    @funshipfreddie, as others have said, I really like the quote about exercise
    @at I always appreciate your quotes.
    @flourbaby – not quite sure when your birthday is – you might have to remind me!!!!!!!
    @saffy420,@michelinme and others, I really enjoy reading about what others are eating. I do Lurve food – hence the problem…..
    Hope everyone has a good day – fasting or otherwise.

    ‘ If you don’t make time for your wellness,
    you will have to be forced to find time for your illness’

    Day 5 – Japan – NFD

    Did a hard HIIT workout this morning. Only 8 – 30 second sprints, but I really pushed. It wasn’t fun, but now I feel really good. Took a while to recover though.

    Day 5 – CD – Ireland
    🚫 ✅🤸‍♂️
    Hi all, lots keeping me busy these days … trying to be of help to people close to me but also look after myself… but food wise its good as I’m not having much time to think about what else I could be eating… 😂
    Welcome @REIWoman!
    Happy birthday @missybear 🎈 have a lovely day’
    it must also be @flourbaby s soon 🤔 😂😂
    @ccco I’m with you for Febudry 💪 🚫… two party dates may scupper this plan later in the month but I’ll make a call on that then….
    Well done @dondons1oz and @saffy420
    @jacquie B we all learn so much here – not just fasting tips – you’ve made a great lifestyle choice 💻👍👍
    I’m switching 🔁 my normal Wednesday FD to tomorrow as I was hill training on my bike 🚵🏻‍♀️ last night and have woken up hungry 😋….
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @missybear – Happy Birthday! 🎉🎈🎊🎂

    @rei-woman – welcome to the forum!

    @penz – the David Copperfield movie; I haven’t seen it, but it’s not about the magician. It’s a British comedy, based on the Charles Dickens novel.

    And a Happy Hump Day to everyone! 🐫

    Day 5, Emden Germany, NFD

    @missybear Happy Birthday!

    @jaifaim thank you! Are you planning another big cycling tour this year?

    @songbirdme thanks for posting the link. I loved the add, this makes a goord start for the day.

    @rei-woman welcome! You plan sounds very good, it will work.

    Time to get up, we’re having dance class at 9am.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Woke up at 3am and at 4.45am I gave up the pretence and got up slightly earlier than normal. But all good. My walk and stretches are done, and I finished my packing for my Holiday which starts tomorrow.

    As I was awake so early I actually felt hungry so I have just had a small bowl of porridge with chia seeds, cranberries and honey. Yum! Hope it won’t awaken dragons though, but hey ho, last day in work until Monday 17th 👍👍💃

    I doubt I will be posting on holiday so if not, have a great start to February all, and see you on the 17th where I plan an “easy on – easy off” attack!!

    Happy birthday @missybear, and you too @flourbaby (you will have to remind us!)

    Day 5 – Cumbria UK – CD

    Good morning everyone

    What a fabulous day yesterday, the Lake District at it’s best, clear and sunny, little breeze and a nice long walk. Spectacular views over the Howgill fells and the wildlife active. There were 16 or 17 Gray Herons in a corner of one of the fields (a sedge or siege a group like that are called apparently) getting ready to pair up I would think, they nest in the nearby wood. Unusually we saw two albino pheasants later and it was that warm a couple of honey bees taking a ‘cleansing’ flight, local beekeeper told me why they were out this early.

    So two successful FD’s a sensible CD today and FD tomorrow ready for Friday weigh in.

    Take care all.

    Day 5, London, UK, FD,

    Banking another FD this week as I’m out for dinner tomorrow night. B2B2B’s are relatively straightforward for me, it’s the 4 weekend NFDs that give me nightmares!!

    @missybear, Happy Birthday!!!! February is definitely popular for birthdays!!! Dry March sounds like a good idea, I’ve my mum, niece & SILs birthdays to contend with, but I don’t HAVE to drink alcohol do I?? I may persuade myself to commit to it when I’m more susceptible ……………………….. the day after my B’day should do it!!!

    Warm welcome to @rei-woman, gently does it!!

    @funshipfreddie, you never disappoint, I’m happy to see a double humper today!! ………………… no doubt, ‘humper’ is NOT the correct term!!!

    @daffodil2010, we’re definitely in sync ………………. I was up at 3:15, then WIDE awake at 4:25, final clock check said 5:15!!! The phone nearly took a flying lesson out the window with the 6:30 alarm!!!

    Ok, ok, so I’m getting the impression I may have mentioned my B’day a couple of times? My memory isn’t what it used to be. I’ll need to show some restraint for the next 2 weeks as my BIRTHDAY (Final, Final mention!!!) ……………………………. Is on the 24th!!! So, I’m planning to not get too excited, although it’s more for the 3 days in Spain, rather than the reminder that I’m NOT getting any younger!!!

    Happy fasting folks ……………………….

    “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” — Rumi

    Day 5 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD!

    Thank you for the happy birthday wishes. Just enjoying a cuddle with the cat, then we’re off for a walk on the beach, unusual for 5 February but the sun is out, cold but a beautiful bright morning. Having brunch in my favourite cafe overlooking the sea. Village pub this evening and birthday dinner with pudding…..definitely not a FD….possibly a bit of an EFS 😋.

    Hope the rest of you show more restraint than me today! Happy Wednesday 🤗

    Day 5, VA, USA FD b2b2b

    Barely scraped by on that FD yesterday- I got a hankering for a salmon salad (like tuna salad but with a can of salmon) well after I made and ate the thing I started adding up the calories!!!! Eeeep thank goodness even with my huge eyes I only put 1 table spoon of mayo! I’ve been misreading the number of calories in mayo. I realize now it is 110 in ONE tbsp. I did manage to keep everything else in range and it was a delightful salad that kept me full the rest of the day. *thank goodness *

    January was rough but not in the food sense. I crept up 7 or 8+ lbs but also crept back down by months end. So overall first time I’ve had a +1 lb at the end of the month weigh in… need to do measurements tho.

    Woke at 3:50am was thirsty and had to wee. I was quite amused at myself as I headed to the loo and did the wee but also had my water canister in hand and was drinking water while doing the deed. Water in vs. water out ?

    That was one epic pocket list might just battle santas list (now I wonder we were on the good list right?) haha

    Didn’t see the pocket list so here we go.

    Happy hump day Pocket list day 5

    2nd post

    @daffodil2010 enjoy your holiday!

    @missybear it’s only once a year so just enjoy this day!

    Haven’t eaten anything until now so I decided to make it an FD today.

    Happy hump day Pocket list day 5

    Day 5, Cheshire UK, NFD

    Today we’re going to the beach for a long walk with the dogs. We don’t do it very often as it’s a bit of a drive. Sounds great but there’s a tradition in our house that when we go to the beach we have to have chips, while sitting on the seafront watching the ocean (Irish Sea). So I’m thinking that will be all I eat today with possibly an apple for tea. Not the healthiest day but I know I’ll thoroughly enjoy it and that’s the benefit of this WOL. Back on the wagon tomorrow.

    @penz – David Copperfield is a new movie based on a Charles Dickens novel. Like you I love magic and used to watch his specials on TV.

    I’m trying not to go on the scales every day – trying and failing miserably. Still they were kind this morning. Let’s see what they’ll say tomorrow after today’s carb fest😀

    Happy Wednesday everyone.

    Day 5 – Ireland – FD

    Mondays FD went very well, I think I could of done liquid only. I added some ACV to a glass of water in the afternoon, though not very pleasant it did help with a hunger pang. I’m doing a fast day again today as I was planning on doing a 4:3 this week.

    I’m wondering if I one has a lot of weight to loose are there benefits to doing 3 FD in a week ie 4:3. But also wondering what the downsides of this might be ? Any knowledgeable experienced fasters have any thought on this if you have time thanks.
    @missybear, Happy Birthday, enjoy the pudding, savour every bite !
    @daffodil2010 enjoy your holiday, bon voyage.

    @jacquie B & REI Woman welcome happy fasting.

    Apologies having some IT issues that last post got a bit jumbled up

    Day 5 – Ireland – FD

    Mondays FD went very well, I think I could of done liquid only. I added some ACV to a glass of water in the afternoon, though not very pleasant it did help with a hunger pang. I’m doing a fast day again today as I was planning on doing a 4:3 this week.

    I’m wondering if I one has a lot of weight to loose are there benefits to doing 3 FD in a week ie 4:3. But also wondering what the downsides of this might be ? Any knowledgeable experienced fasters have any thought on this if you have time thanks.

    @missybear, Happy Birthday, enjoy the pudding, savour every bite !
    @daffodil2010 enjoy your holiday, bon voyage.
    @jacquie B & REI Woman welcome happy fasting.

    Pocket List

    Day 5 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good FD yesterday – still at maintenance. Off to Silver Sneakers (senior citizen exercise) this morning and some shopping. DH goes back to his oral surgeon, from which he contracted sepsis a couple weeks ago and spent 7 days in the hospital on IV antibiotics. I am really curious to hear if they can say why he got it….

    Onward and downward.

    Day 5- Atlanta, Ga.- USA- NFD

    Yesterday’s FD went well. Waited to eat late in the evening after work. Had baked chicken and steamed veggies . Just had my morning coffee. Forgot to meal prep for today, but I’ll just take something out of the freezer when I get home tonight. Onwards and Downwards!!!

    Day 5 Oxfordshire, UK – CD
    Day 4 NFD
    Day out on the banks of the River Severn. Met DD & partner for house viewing that wasn’t right. Despite eating far too much I did manage a whopping 22189 steps (14.7km). So hopefully not too much damage done.
    Today is a CD. Had emergency dental appt just before lunch so did not eat until just now when injection had worn off. Will keep it soft tonight with some fish so hopefully will be controlled.
    @michelinme – thx for teh encouragement. increased water intake is going well. I’m trying to maek sure I’ve had the 3L by 6pm so I’m not up all night.
    @matpi & @lilymartin- I too am having problems with my plantar fascia, some days are better than others. I use a hard ball under my foot to help with the stretching. I will try the frozen lemon too @betsylee
    @daffodil2010 – have a great trip.
    @missy bear – happy birthday. If you can’t treat yourself on your birthday, when can you?
    Happy fasting everyone

    USA Day 5 WFD

    Wow! I can’t believe it’s day 5 already!! I almost forgot to post as I was so busy reading posts. Happy birthday, Missybear! 🙂 Today is my second WFD of the week and I am doing well! For some reason, all of the sudden, I seem to be able to do 24 hour water fasts without starving, so I will take advantage of this new triumph! LOL

    Adding myself to the pocket list!


    Good fasting, pocket listers, and have a great day everyone!

    2nd post,

    Oops, It would appear that it’s turning into a NFD. You see, there was this bag of winegums ……………….

    ………….. ‘Nuff said!!!

    Day 5: Gloucestershire, UK,NFD:
    For some bizarre reason my posts were blocked as spam today….trying again.

    Day 1 was good , I was really enjoying the fasting .
    On day 2 Super bowl happened and I cooked and cooked and cooked for family , ended up eating way past my fasting window .
    Day 3 and day 4 were worst i had enormous sugar craving and didnt stop eating .
    Day 5 – I am determined to fast – only had black coffee since morning , good thing is that i have lot of work to do so hopefully i will not eat anything before my lunch.

    Thank so much for this forum – when I write it actually makes me think where I am in my Fasting journey.
    Have a great day everybody !!!

    So, @missybear….as I tried to say earlier….Happy Birthday!

    Day 5, Maryland, US, FD

    Here goes my 1st fast day, hubby is doing it with me. I am hungry! Had an egg at 11a, maybe an apple if I need it before dinner. Drinking lots of water and tea. Eeeee! I can do this! @missybear, HBD to you!

    @missybear happy Birthday

    Day 5 – USA – NFD

    Happy birthday, @missybear!

    DAY 6 NFD Australia

    So trying to not binge this morning and so far going well. Am dreaming of high carb foods but will resist as dont want to blow out my calories on a NFD and undo my good work.

    @missybear happy birthday!

    Can anyone tell me what CD means? I dont think I saw it in the list of acronyms at the front?

    Day 6, FD, Aus

    I bowed to the temptation of yesterday’s office morning tea and over indulged. However, I stopped eating at 11am and haven’t had a bite since, so I’m not beating myself up over it. And today is a FD.

    Wearing trousers that feel a little looser across the hips. Tomorrow is weigh day but despite what the scales say I am feeling more in control.

    Had a nice walk this morning with the dogs. Fortunately the weather – tho still quite smoky – has turned cooler. And it was lovely walking under trees filled with squawking white cockatoos.

    Thanks @funshipfreddie, @saffy420. Isn’t that terrible that I automatically jumped to a modern example of the name and didn’t even consider a classic like Dickens.

    @dondons1oz – a CD is a controlled (F)D. More calories than a “normal” FD but less than your TDEE. Being a lot more mindful.

    Day 6 pocket list:

    USA Day 5 WFD

    Dondons 1 oz. CD means controlled day!

    WF going well so far!

    Day 6 country west Australia FD
    I went to a 3 hour meeting after work last night and consumed several unneeded lolly snakes. Sometimes I bite their heads off and just eat them and sometimes I simply suck and suck them until they dwindle in to nothingness.
    Why do they have lollies on the table at meetings?? Especially when my ‘won’t power’ is not very strong.
    @missybear, belated happy birthday. Hope you enjoyed the day.
    I went to Wales many years ago and loved it.I was looking for a souvenir and wandered into a hall where there was a male choir practising . Oh! My! Goodness! The sound was spine tingling. ( I’m in a choir myself and I LOVE hearing beautiful singing).
    The upshot was that whilst others were buying tea towels, slate etc for souvenirs , I bought a CD of a massed male Welsh choir which I still play to this day. Simply amazing voices.
    @penz, joining you for a FD. Isn’t it good to see so many of us getting back in to the swing of fasting or at least being more mindful of what we are eating. I know I am!
    @cavanya, I hope the FD with your OH went well.
    @rabbette, the reason I started to use MFP to count calories – something I had never done in my life before 5:2, TDEEs etc – was exactly because I actually had NO idea where those pesky little calories were lurking.
    I was eating healthily but simply far too much. Once I started to plug the numbers I found my portion control …..wasn’t!
    It was astonishing how much ( calorie-wise) of even the healthy foods I was consuming.
    Crunching the numbers, much as I hate it, I do for a while to get me back on track.
    @daffodil2010, enjoy your holiday. Fun times to be had.
    @saffy420 sitting watching the Irish Sea whilst eating hot chips sounds idyllic to me – enjoy.
    @snowflake56, what sort of dancing do you do?

    Day 5 Canton Oh LFD 3

    Was in training all day and just realized I didn’t post. So far so good with the water and black coffee fast. I’ve felt hunger pangs twice since I started but they quickly passed. I was also able to prepare dinner for my family and wasn’t tempted to break my fast.
    Over the hump and 2 days to go. I feel really good – cold but good. I should sleep well tonight
    Happy birthday @missybear 🙂

    Day 5 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 4 — NFD

    Well, the eating has been somewhat erratic the last two days — I may have gone over, but probably not by much. Fortunately, I was able to do my 10K steps today so that should help a little bit. I did some more research on the web and discovered a couple of things that seem to have helped out a great deal. With any luck, doing them daily will keep the foot pain at bay.

    You all are adding to my culinary vocabulary. I had never heard of lolly bears or winegums before and had to google those terms. One question I have though — are winegums the eggs that lolly bears come from?

    Have a great day all!

    Day 5 Oregon NFD
    Day 4 NFD

    Quick late post just to keep in touch. A long day in the onsite office, it was free salad day so that was great but at home for dinner my husband thought we should celebrate National Nutella Day…yikes what evil genius marketing maven thinks these things up? I measured out one tablespoon and had it on some unsweetened coconut yogurt, which felt reasonable, and an improvement over just attacking the jar with a spoon…which is why I don’t usually keep it around:/
    @funshipfreddy I also loved the exercise quote! Thanks for sharing that.
    Very amazing pocket lists! One day I’ll hopefully be organized early enough in the day to get myself on it. Good luck to anyone fasting tomorrow!

    Day 6: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Well, I had a bit of trouble with this site yesterday. Being the host and all, I cot blocked by some kind of spam-filter…..no idea why I was considered to be spamming! So sorry I wasn’t much able to communicate with you all. I’m hoping nothing will go wrong today!
    @dondons1oz: Where in Australia are you? My daughter works east of Melbourne in agricultural research. CD = controlled day, as said by @ccco

    Day 6: Pocket List Add yourself if you’re fasting (for moral support)


    Good luck xx

    second post
    Had 5 minutes at work between clients and clicked on March 2019 Challenge.
    I may have missed it earlier but just wondering whatever happened to
    @emma Taylor

    I have been MIA over the past few years just dipping in and out of this forum but curious to know how these folk are going.
    I do know that I have seen people such as @debster251 and @rafiki44 on this forum from time to time.
    Client has arrived so had better go.

    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    It’s a beautiful crisp -1C morning and about to go for an early walk. Then in a few hours I fly to the Canary Islands, Lanzarote to be exact, to a week of sunshine with the girls. Average temperature 24C……that’s just perfect!

    @lilymartin, I wonder where all those regular posters go? I know @EmmaTaylor is still posting, but the others…@Debster251 was the host on my first challenge in August 2018 so I have special memories of her. I also miss @annemarilyn…she inspired me to try my first liquid only fast…..plus we both went to Peru within a few weeks of each other!!!!

    Although I won’t be posting now for the next week or so…..I WILL BE BACK!

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @songbirdme – thanks for sharing the link to the Superbowl commercial. Brilliant! Almost as good as the movie!

    @emerald32 – 4:3 is good for a while if you have a lot of weight to lose, or if you hit a plateau, or just want to speed things up. Many people do Mon, Wed, Fri FDs, then take a break over the weekend. You should check out Krista Varady’s book, ‘The Every Other Day Diet’. She also featured in Michael Mosley’s, ‘Eat, Fast..’ documentary.

    Pocket List – Day 6 🍏

    Day 6, Emden Germany, NFD

    although I don’t like going online, I do have the feeling, coming here makes me more accountable. I hope it stays like this.

    @lilymartin we do ballroom dancing. We did it for 4 years before moving and having a much busier life. As it was so much fun and it’s good for body and brain we decided to give it at go again. Forgot most of the steps but it’s so lovely to dance together.

    @daffodil2010 have fun!

    I remember @debster251 and @annemarilyn wrote they were stepping out of the challenges last summer. It seems a lot of the participants only come here for a short while, perhaps they are the ones able to loose weight on their own. I wished I was one of them. After a few months of going online every day I always get tired of having to sign in every day. I’m retired so computers don’t have a place in my life anymore and there are more interesting things to do. Perhaps it’s the same with others who aren’t not posting anymore.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 6 UK FD

    Out all day and evening yesterday so didn’t post but fasted anyway till 7 pm then had beef and veg stir fry so not too bad so long as I don’t count the 5 chocolates I also had!
    Fasting today as also out all day… hair colour this morning and long afternoon at work, so well out of the kitchen!
    Having cataract surgery next Tuesday and the other eye 4 weeks after that. Usually wear contact lenses but have had to revert to glasses in the run up to the surgery. .I can still drive and work but looking forward to seeing the world a whole lot clearer! Anyone else experience of this surgery and the results?
    Good luck to all today.

    Day 6 – Cumbria UK – FD

    @dondons1oz – Sorry I’m possibly responsible for your CD confusion, I should put CFD or MFD, at least they’re on the list!

    Today has to be a FD, going for results of the blood tests and annual results/check, the guy I’m seeing tomorrow morning is a new young chap, but after the reaction of the nurse the other week, should be good! Will report back.

    Take care all

    Pocket List – Day 6

    @lilymartin: Sometimes I also drop out of the challenges. In my case two reasons; firstly….for a long time I’ve been unable to get back on the wagon, and secondly I sometimes get fed up with this site acting up and can’t be bothered with it!
    The main reason I usually hang around is because, well, I like you all…!

    Day 6 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    Scales were ok this morning, no loss but no gain either. So CD and walking must have helped. Today is proper FD. Should be quite busy with Yoga, folk dancing and book club. Just need to eat mindfully at book club later.
    Pocket List – Day 6

    day 6 second post
    @mia139 re cataract surgery. My mum had hers done a couple of years ago and it made a great difference. She had been getting borderline as to whether she would still be able to drive. I can’t comment on conatct lenses and surgery thoguh as she has only ever worn glasses

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