Fatty to fitty for the last time

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Fatty to fitty for the last time

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  • Starting a journal to map my journey for the last time. I have generally been fit (and very fit at times) but over the last 10 years then slipped and put on 1-2 stone of weight which I then lose and then put back on over time due to work stress / poor lifestyle.

    I’ve had a enough though now – so for the last time am looking at doing something sustainable and this fits the picture for me as it allows me to still exercise and a lot of vlcd’s don’t.

    Anyway did one first last week, which was successful part from the eating a little bit over for my one meal in the evening.

    Today was my first fast of this week and was ok, and I will be doing my second fast Wednesday rather than Thursday as I have a PT session every Friday and can not exercise the day after a fast.

    Ideally I would like to lose half a stone by christmas and another by the end of January.

    Second fast of the week today and since Monday have just been feeling very very tired. Perhaps not a good time to do this as we also have a redundancy and restructure process going on at work 🙁

    NFD yesterday was ok apart from some m&ms! – trying not to snack but to have 3 meals a day, which is actually ok – as realised I sometimes have my fruit or something else even before I am really hungry!

    Lets see how I get on today!

    Keep hanging in there and have a look at the resources on this website if you havent already done so.

    Its not a quick fix, but a way of life which leads to better health and weight control.

    completed my second fast yesterday, which went well although very tired and struggled to sleep.
    today was my nfd and back in the office and avoided all the food again! so fruit and a sandwich for lunch and home made thai chicken curry tonight.

    tomorrow pt session which is going to be hell as haven’t exercised since getting back from hols!
    and yoga in the evening and spin saturday – so should set me up well for Monday’s fast!

    I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping while fasting. It seems to be better now. However my problem was more that I wouldn’t feel tried.

    Managed to do a 36 hour fast on Monday – although it felt very hard and struggled to sleep again! Moved my fast days around and will be fasting tomorrow. Light dinner tonight and then a light dinner tomorrow evening! Fingers crossed it goes well as have been struggling with feeling very cold, which then means I want hot choc to drink 🙁 but have managed to resist. Happy with weight loss of 1.5kg on 3 fasts so fingers crossed for my official weigh-in on Monday!

    So seemed to have gained back 0.5kg of my loss from last week! A bit disappointed as have started my exercise regime again!! Will see what I weigh tomorrow / wednesday as I may need to cut down on non fast days. Arrggghhhh

    I’m persevering although its been hard and made harder by the cold weather!! Although good side effect my facial skin is looking really glowy and young – so there are some benefits and sleeping ok now as well!

    Weight loss seems to have plateaued but think its due to the time of the month 🙁

    Just feeling a bit crappy due to a cold 🙁 need to carry on though….I’m just visualising how I will look in a few months time – when my spare tyre has gone!

    Back to fasting had a bit of a break over Christmas due to a cold which I can not shift. Its still lingering but today is my first fast day since mid-December! Will may myself next Monday and hope I’m where I left off in Dec!

    So far ok on day 1 fast, although feel a bit queasy!

    Will see if I can do a 36 hour fast to tomorrow morning breakfast!

    Busy day at work so should keep me busy!

    Second fast today – feel better than I did on Monday, where I had to then have my cals in the evening as I felt faint. Am off to bed now, just finished work as have a migraine so maybe I’ll sleep through to the morning!

    Non fast day today and seem to be hangry and eating everything in site!!

    Wednesday managed to fast until Thursday morning so 36 hours!!

    Will be fasting again Monday and trying to exercise!!

    third fast – feel ok at the moment and will try for a 36 hour fast again until tomorrow morning! weight still seems static but I’ve been here before so need to just continue!

    continuing although not had much time to post – two 24 fasts last week and fasted today and just had my cals. finding it hard and weight seems to be up and down like a yo-yo – also I have a cold which is not shifting 🙁

    on hols next week but it will be easier – as warmer so can survive on salads and fruit! will weigh myself for feb challenge and keep going!

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)

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