Fat man going on an adventure…

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Fat man going on an adventure…

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  • Week 50 and getting back on track……

    Weight = 238.25, since last measurement +4.75lbs, total change to date -4.25lbs
    Waist measurement = 112cm, since last measurement +1cm, total change to date -11cm

    My previous “Right, that’s it, I’m starting again” moment didn’t seem to work, so I’m having another go.

    This is the 50th week since I first started 5:2, so pretty much a year. I’ve learned that if you do it, it works, when you stop you go into reverse. Being faithful to the programme for about 4 months I lost 20lbs and things were looking good. Then I started missing the odd FD, the odd week, and progress halted. Then it went slowly into reverse…..

    Over the next 7 months I’ve re-gained mose of the weight (bar 4lbs) and feel pretty rubbish about myself again.

    This time I’m just going to keep it simple, 2 FDs a week – Monday and Thursday – be consistent and try and be “sensible” on NFDs. Last time I started thinking about all sorts of other stuff and over-complicated what should be a very simple programme.

    Fast day today – coffee and water only. Let’s get the adventure re-started……

    Hi Rob,
    Welcome back! I hope you find it a bit easier to stick with it this time. I agree, keep it simple and dont overthink it. The fasting bit does get easier with practice – after almost 3 years I think I would miss fasting now – so just plod on and be patient. You are STILL lighter than a year ago, without 5:2 you may well have been a lot heavier.
    My only suggestion is to try to keep away from sugar and starchy carbs as much as possible. As one who has always loved sweet stuff, I can honestly say that the cravings have diminished significantly. They virtually vanish within a few days if I avoid sugar. Just makes it a lot easier to focus on healthy food.

    Thanks Nama, it’s good to be back. I know what you mean about sugar, it’s my achilles heel ! For now I’m just going to focus on the habit of 5:2, fasting Monday and Thursday, eating reasonably on the other days.

    Once I’ve got a good few weeks of that under my belt I’ll maybe look at the types of food I’m eating on NFDs. I have no doubt I’ll have to address my sugar intake in due course, but I’m trying to ease myself into it a step at a time.

    One of my major downfalls is perfectionism. I tend to decide that from a certain date I’ll be perfect with a long list of things I’ll never do again defining what I mean by perfection. The problem with that is that as soon as I “get it wrong” just once, for just one of those things, I throw the whole thing in and go back to my old behaviour.

    So for now, just focussing on the habit of 5:2. More to come in future !

    Week 51 and a reasonable re-start……

    Weight = 236.25, since last measurement -2lbs, total change to date -6.25lbs
    Waist measurement = 112cm, since last measurement 0cm, total change to date -11cm

    A good first week with a reasonable loss and pretty good eating on NFDs.

    I’ve been reading and watching various things on Youtube. One of these is “Breakfast is a dangerous meal” which advocates a 16:8 eating pattern. Has anyone got any experience of it ?

    I was thinking of giving it a go, either on its own, or still following 5:2 and using it for NFDs.

    Hi Rob,

    Welcome back! And good on you for not guving up. I really believe you will do this because you have tenacity.

    Let me illustrate. I consider that I do 5:2 somewhat imperfectly. Recently someone new to 5:2 told me that I did 5:2 differently to other people they knew doing 5:2. The difference was they did it for awhile, stopped, did it, stopped, etc. without fully committing to it. The difference he saw was I do it all the time, imperfectly, but all the time i.e. I did it through special occasions, holidays, trips overseas, through times of stress, whereas the other people he knew didn’t. I set goals for those times of staying stable, not planning to reduce. To me staying stable means staying on the same weight or a 1kg(2.2lb) increase.

    Despite this time you’ve had off I see you pretty mych doing the same thing i.e. You don’t give up. You keep working on working out what to do. Your sugar thing is something you keep working on while you’re doing it as well as part of that journey. There are plenty of people who would have given up but you haven’t. Here you are having worked out that 5:2 does work for you, and what Thin on the Southern Hemisphere theead calls “naked 5:2″….keeping it simple…5:2 day non consecutive days of the week.

    Being someone who can’t be physical enough to expend as much energy in a day as is normal, and having some specific food challenges, as you have with sugar, and having The Hunger Dragon, ,I’ve been using 16:8 with 5:2. That’s been about 2yrs now, and it’s what I need to stay on my stable weight now I’ve reached my goal. On FDs I eat 1 meal about 6.30pm. On nonFDs I eat after 12noon. I may start anytime between 12 – 3pm, and usually have 2 meals and a small snack. I also use a little Stevia occasionally. I still have burthday cake, a few smaller amounts of things at Christmas, and when on holidays I never have the breakfast and stay away from the dining rooms then. I definitely recommend you give 16:8 a try along with 5:2.

    Onwards and downwards,


    Week 54……

    Weight = 241.25, since last measurement +5lbs, total change to date -1.25lbs
    Waist measurement = 112cm, since last measurement 0cm, total change to date -0cm

    Just over a year since I started this and I’ve come full circle to pretty much no change !

    I’ve been on holiday, so lots of good food and no fasting, but this is ridiculous.


    Sorry to hear that you haven’t made any progress. I can imagine you must be feeling pretty frustrated with yourself. You know the theory but for whatever reason can’t put it consistently into practice.

    I guess you still have your sugar/ carb demons to conquer? But is there more to your inability to commit than just sugar cravings? Perhaps intermittent fasting isn’t for you and you’d be better off trying some other type of diet?

    This ‘what is the right diet for you’d has a bit of science behind it:

    Personally I can’t imagine life now without intermittent fasting. After a lifetime of being on the heavy side, I’ve now been a healthy weight for 3.5 years. I’ll admit I have also hugely reduced my added sugar and refined carbs intake too. But then they were the foods that were making me fat so they had to go! And I don’t miss that daily dose of empty calories that spikes insulin, plays havoc with my blood sugar and has me reaching for another quick fix within an hour or two!

    I hope you find what works for you.

    Thanks Happynow. It’s been an interesting year and although I’ve made progress (initially lost 20lbs), I’ve reversed it all. It’s not been a waste though, I think I’ve learned a lot about myself and what works for me.

    The process I follow has to be simple and clear, with no “wiggle room”. I’m very good at rationalising doing the wrong thing, so a non-negotiable framework works best. I also struggle with thinking about “forever” – i.e. that I have to live a certain way forever. As you say, I’ve also found that sugar is a big issue for me.

    So I’ve come up with a simple program that I’m going to follow until I get to a healthy BMI – i.e. it’s not forever, it’s to hit a target. I’ll review the plan when I get to the target.

    I’m fasting 2 days a week and eating 16:8 on NFDs. I’m also not eating sugar, which I’m defining as any food that’s above 5% sugar (greater than 5g per 100g).

    These are simple and non-negotiable “rules” to achieve a goal. I’m not sure I could do them forever, but hopefully I’ll make progress relatively quickly and this will help motivate me until I get to a healthy BMI.

    We’ll see ! I fasted yesterday and lost 4lbs, so that’s good. I know it’s mostly water, but it’s still nice to see the scales move in the right direction.

    Hi Rob,
    Well done on getting back to fasting, your plan sounds great.

    I get what you mean about ‘forever’ and a reluctance to face giving up certain foods for good. I was firmly convinced that I was born with a “sweet tooth” and nothing would/could ever change that. I only managed to stick to fast days by promising myself that I could have something sweet ‘tomorrow’! However, as the weight came off, I ate less and less of sugary foods on non fast days because I did not want to undo all my good work. Then, after about a year, the miracle happened – those foods lost their allure for me. I still have sweet things, but only as a treat on weekends or special occasions and when I do indulge, I eat far less. My tastes gradually changed and now I no longer crave sweet things. I never, ever, ever would have believed this if someone had told me, had to find out for myself.

    I believe sugar is really addictive and the more we have the more we want and vice versa. But now, thinking my newer healthier choices are “forever” is great, I just dont want those other foods. We are on holiday by the ocean at present and today we had a picnic in the sunshine. We bought some fresh prawns from a fishermans co-op, some crusty bread, some lovely cheese and took chilled mineral water and pears. The prawns were divine, the cheese was lovely with the pears and the bread was also yummy. But that will be all the bread for me for a few days, because I know if I dont limit it, I will start craving it again. And I now know I can happily live without it and I really enjoy being slim and healthy. I really dont want those knee replacements a doc told me I needed!

    Stick to your new plan and I am certain you will also change your tastes eventually. Good luck!

    Week 55……

    Weight = 238.75, since last measurement -2.5lbs, total change to date -3.75lbs
    Waist measurement = 112cm, since last measurement 0cm, total change to date -0cm

    A mostly good week – I followed the plan really well for most of it – fasted well on Monday and Thursday, didn’t eat sugar, did 16:8 on my NFDs. I felt good too, mentally clearer and enjoying the process. I weighed myself yesterday morning and was 236.5lbs, so nearly a 5lbs loss for the week.

    Then it all went a bit wrong yesterday….. I went for lunch with my mother who had made a home-made apple pie. I felt bad refusing it, so had some. Then nibbled on some meringues. Then had McDonalds on the way home for tea. Then scarfed my way through sweets and chocolate as I watched TV late at night.

    It didn’t make me feel good – I almost immediately felt sluggish and mentally foggy, I didn’t sleep well, woke up this morning feeling blah.

    Overall the week was positive, but yesterday was a lesson. I need to avoid doing that again.

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