Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Maybe a bit of both. See how it goes. I’ll mark down what I eat this week so that helps. Got to leave the toast alone at midnight. Lamb for tea tonight😋😋my favourite.

    Dave- that’s a bit weird, weighing every day but not looking at it 😂 Hope you have a better week, & me as well!
    Jean- well done with your gardening, ours is still shady & very wet. Tortured willow is usually pruned now although I don’t think it really needs it this year. Poor SIL not feeling well, and poor Jacqui must be worried, they’ve had a difficult time…😞
    Hemmy- hope you enjoyed your dinner, we must have that again some time…is it drying up at all where you walk?
    Another walk round the fields this morning, couldn’t be bothered to de-ice the car! Met my BIL with Paddy, he’d turned back as the corner of the field was flooded, I climbed over the bushes to get past 😂 Made some bacon, egg & cheese sort of roll things for lunch, a new recipe to try, they were lovely! Tacos tonight, steak for hubby, I don’t do a roast that often any more…think I might be getting son’s cold, hopefully it won’t come to much!

    Hi F B Brits hope all is well in your world.Xxxx

    Its a dry and sunny day but a bitterly cold wind .. I must remember to take gloves when walking .. my hands were frozen.

    Weight good after the weekend .. I am sort of bored with food at the moment..I am finding it doesnt seem to have the flavour these days as years ago.. even things I make … casseroles etc just don’t seem to have that lovely depth of flavour they did.

    I keep asking myself is it the way we are cooking now. Croc Pot Micro etc.. I am very conscious of trying to save energy by not using my oven so much..

    I think I am going to have to make a casserole / stew in the oven go back to the old way.. see if it is that or just the quality of meat now. lolol I have a bee in my bonnet as Kristy would say lol.

    Dave.. Please stand away from that toast lolol

    H H .. Still muddy here .. water s dried up but left mud. Hopefully you will avoid a cold… hard this damp weather .

    Sym.. It sounds like your daughter has a lot to cope with at the moment.. hopefully your SIL will start to feel better soon.

    Nana .. Are you out and about today

    Annabelle .. how are you getting on..

    Hope everyone is having a good day Meet every challenge with strength, only one can win, let it be YOU.Xxxx

    Dave- definitely keep away from the toaster! I think recording what you eat does help…
    Hemmy- I don’t know about a croc-pot, but I don’t think stews in a slow cooker taste as good. I think alot of the food is not as good, fruit & veg especially, they’re kept so long!
    Jean- are you doing your usual Monday FD? And Nana, are you doing the IF & keeping low?
    Had a short walk with Xena- she chose a stick & stayed behind me, it’s really blowy so seemed pointless keep tramping about under the trees if she wasn’t going to have a run about! Took son’s washing over, he’d had a day out with the full time fire crew for extra training, they’d rescued someone from a flat on fire so that was good. Some jobs done, not too much though as my neck’s painful again. Liquid FD here today.

    No toast last night, I weigh every day but only check it on Friday, it will least me know how I’ve done each day and where I could be going wrong. It’s all recorded on my phone.I really enjoyed my casserole don’t in the pressure cooker, very tasty.Hemmy my airfrier oven is very cost effective. I’ll know more when I get the smart meter fitted.

    Morning All..
    Chilly out and got back before the rain started.
    I am not sure what I am doing, cemetery needs cleaning up, planter needs new pansies in, I have them here but see what the weather brings.

    A bit heavy with fasting day yesterday, nearer to 700 but I am ok with that.

    Hope the new way of weighing helps you see were you are going wrong or even right 😁…no toast!!

    James has gone on a weeks sick note and antibiotics.. hoping it saved his job. It’s not good on your first week.
    Hope you are not getting a cold…

    I am still using my oven for bulk cooking. Long and slow. Its built in us 😂
    I like my air fryer but for quick stuff… micro for defrost and heating Charlie’s food.
    Jacqui is chewed up with them both.. it looks like Phil is off with Stress, doc said if he needs another sick note to see him Friday… sometimes I think you have to shake it off and get on with life… but again I am old school.

    Jean x

    Bitterly cold out… cleaned and cut the grass at cemetery.. I have miniature daffs, so they look a lot better now grass is cut. Planter at home to pot up tomorrow..


    Going shopping now to Sainsbury only had 2 cups of tea so far today. Better get moving.

    Afternoon everyone a chilly day here but dry.
    Managed to lose half a pound last week which I’m pleased about. As a poster on different forum that I read once said although you think its not very much visualise it as a packet of butter and they do add up. So yes Hedgehogs I’m still doing IF and keeping to 1300 calories every day.
    Jean a worry with your family. Your poor grandson 🤞 he gets to keep his job.
    Dave I weigh myself everyday don’t think I’d manage without knowing and waiting until Friday.
    Hemmy I use our slo cooker a lot this time of year, OH makes curry in it sometimes.
    A busy day yesterday doing an Aldi shop but had to use a different route to get there because of a couple of the roads we normally use are closed due to flooding. Dropped in on our daughter on the way home and spent some fun time with our two and a half years old step great grandson.
    Usual Wednesday lunch tomorrow and hopefully we’ll be able to cycle up to catch the bus tomorrow as the last two weeks we’ve driven to the park and ride due to very windy weather.
    Nana xxx

    Nana I can go months without getting weighed if I wanted to. Not done a FD for a few weeks so will have to get back to it in a while Going to finish the NHS plan first 12 weeks.I made a corned beef pie, it was very good for a first attempt. Got some left so I froze it. I used ready made pastry so I’ll do my own next time. Must make some smaller pies. Will have a look around and see what I can make next.

    Dave – well done with your pie! & no toast!
    Jean- you’ve been busy again…poor Phil but it sounds as if he has tried to carry on, if he’s getting physically ill as well then maybe he needs a break …hope James’ feet heal soon.
    Nana- well done with your loss again, you’re so consistent! Definitely it all adds up 👍 Nice you could see your family, have a lovely lunch out tomorrow!
    Hemmy- hope you’ve had a good day & the weather has been nice with you too.
    Kept my fast going til lunchtime, we had salted caramel hot cross buns for lunch, from Tesco’s. Rang my HomeStart family, & spoke to my old family as well. Spent a long time on the site I moderate, it’s so busy…made brownies to take to my friend tomorrow.

    Hi F B Brits hope all is well in your world. Xxxx

    Its a dark ole day here started brighter.. We did out bridle path walk between fields today .. not done it for well over a week.. we have been staying in one field. with high grass. .

    OMG it was muddy and slippy we have had soo much water.. will be leaving that a while again..

    its been a chatty morning with peeps .. ..not much done today lol.

    Dave.. you are getting to be the chef now.. nice to try new things.

    Nana .. I will try curry in the slow cooker.. I have only got the croc pot recently I had the old type pressure cooker years ago when I worked.

    H H Oh those buns sounded good .. very moorish I bet lol. Hope your friend enjoyed the brownies… nothing like homemade.

    Sym…It seems like lots of the younger people are suffering with stress or depression.. I think times change to quickly now,, life since lockdown is way to fast .. Its like some are cramming everything in their lives and others .. left feeling depressed.. I was having this conversation with a lovely guy at our local shop… he is not well and depressed.

    Roll on spring.. and in the garden all day . lol..

    Take care all… You have not failed until you quit trying.Xxxx

    Good afternoon everyone. Been bowling for almost 3 hours, My daughter as asked me to go swimming with her next week so I’ll be a physical wreck next Wednesday.Bowling first then swimming in the evening. Only had 2 cups of tea today nothing else. Don’t know what I’m having for tea.

    Afternoon All…
    A busy day up early for our walk then off to visit my sister. She was arguing with her imaginary people but not with me.. she was fussy I went and she wants Charlie to go and see her.
    Snuggled with the boy when I came back.

    I have struggled a bit this week with food so not expecting much on Friday.. I will be fasting tomorrow.

    Well done on moving a half pound.. it all adds up.. our new Aldi has its roof on and car park done, only 10 mins away .

    Glad your corn beef pie was a success looked tasty.. you must try and do your own pastry it’s easy.

    Phil’s going back on short hours next week office based, occupation health has been on the phone a bit of a plan in place.. no lorry driving for a few weeks.
    I don’t like hot cross buns too sweet. Jacqui used to make a pudding out of them with chocolate custard, I think.

    Still muddy about here not too bad on top of the riverbank, the sides of the fields are thick mud and deep puddles.
    No sign of James today so all good I suppose.

    Jean x

    Jean I will definitely do my own pastry,I had some ready made stuff that was soon going to be out of date so I used it. I don’t like hot cross buns either. I like baking so will look out for something else to make. Only trouble is that they usually have a lot of calories. I’ve not had any toast this week also I’ve not had any breakfast or dinner, just tea. So hopeful on Friday I might lose the 2lbs I put on.

    Jean- so hard with your sister 🤗 Good if work has a plan to get Phil back…not been so good this week for me either, hope you can lose a bit!
    Nana- well done losing, so steady 👍
    Dave- I’m rubbish at making pastry, I always buy mine now! Will be nice to go swimming with Claire, is the pool far for you to go? Ours is a 5 mile trek, & then paying for parking, don’t go now although when Bronwyn talked about aqua aerobics I did think I would enjoy going again …
    Hemmy- shame it’s so muddy still, spring is on it’s way now, we’ve had a couple of brighter days. Hope your curry turns out well!
    Yesterday was busy, I met my dog walking friend at 7.30, did some jobs at home & then saw my teeny tiny friend in the afternoon. Her little cockapoopoo is so sweet, had lots of cuddles & a good catch up. A FD today but have had a morning cooking meals for the freezer, hair cuts have been requested later for hubby & eldest…

    HH the pool is about 3 miles away. I taught my son to swim in this pool. I think it’s been done up since I last went. Just had a toastie very hungry today. But not had any toast at night😇. It will be interesting to look at my results of being weighed every day when I will look at the scales tomorrow.Chloe jumped up on the bed at 4am this morning and put her head on my foot and went to sleep. I can’t move when she does this. I will be doing roast potatoes in the airfrier in Sunday.Not healthy ones though. Will do them in duck fat.Very crispy outside and fluffy inside. I’ll do the Yorkshire puddings batter the night before 🤤🤤🤤.

    Afternoon All..
    A dry walk but now heavy rain.
    Hair cut and blow looks a lot better now, a good 1/2 inch off.

    I have lost 1 lb today surprisingly… 3lb more to loose to pre Xmas weight…

    Good luck for your weigh in..,

    Phil is going in 8 till 12 each day… see how he goes…
    Good catch up with tiny friend… you got me going, I made 7 portions of potato and leak soup for the freezer.

    Seeing Jacqui for lunch tomorrow…

    Jean x

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    It keeps absolutely pouring here .. a wet walk and muddy wet dog lol. ..

    Its really too much all the time … we have seemed to have missed the snow and ice this year but this rain is so heavy and makes it feel very cold.

    I have lost a pound this morning.. at my lowest weight for 30yrs. Its a shame really as should be enjoying it.. hunting for new clothes .. I cant be bothered though. I am missing Mum with Mothers day looming.
    I need to shake out of it.. do something different.

    Dave… It sounds like it will be a lovely roast at yours on Sunday..

    Nana .. Are you out and about today ..

    HH .. You are non stop .. I don’t know where you get your energy from. ..They say ” Give a busy person a job to do and they will do it ”

    Sym.. Well done on your pound loss that’s brilliant .. Do you do indoor boules in winter or is it all outside.

    Enjoy your day everyone.. “Little pickers need bigger knickers” lol Xxxx

    HH well done,30 years👍. Baking done for today. Will sample my work soon, I will have to put them up to warm. Got two for the freezer as well.I made Forfar Bridies, sort of mince beef and onion pasty. Hope they are good because I’m hungry.

    Well done Jean & Hemmy with your weight loss…Hemmy, sounds like you should be treating yourself to some new clothes, I hope you can do something to treat yourself on Mother’s Day, will you see Kristy ? 🤗
    Dave- hope all your cooking is good, maybe look for some healthier recipes to try as well though?
    Nana- have a nice takeaway tonight ..
    I’ve lost a couple of pounds this week but it’s only ones which have been creeping back on since Christmas so doesn’t really count! Walked Xena before the rain, it was lovely first thing, then we’ve had torrential downpours & hail, then back to sun this afternoon! Took youngest son out for breakfast, he’d just finished when he had a call, he had to run to the fire station on a full stomach 😂 Got some jobs done then sat with a book this afternoon, reading John McCarthy & Jill Morrell’s story, it’s very good!
    Just a snack for us tonight …

    Good afternoon everyone, got wet on our first walk now Chloe’s taken over my sofa, I should have got a Jack Russell I would have more room. Don’t know what to have for tea tonight. I was looking about portion size for food. If I did what they recommend it would be less than when there was rationing.

    Afternoon All …
    A cold walk but dry.. heavy rain pm struggled to drive in it…

    Lunch at Jacqui’s all very nice, Phil still fatigued it still comes and goes but work on Tuesday am…

    Well done on your pound off.. you are very stable. Mother’s Day does bring the memories out.. try and keep busy.
    Boules is just outside, I must start again as the weather improves… I can’t be bothered at the moment.

    Well done on moving 2lbs…a good amount.
    A good run on a full tummy…

    Yes these big dogs do take over our space.. I wouldn’t change it…

    Crab I think tonight but full from lunch as yet…

    Absolutely throwing it down… wait a bit for walking…

    Jean x

    FD here, about 800cals. Hubby now tucking into chocolate without me 😇
    Slept late for me this morning – past 8am! Later walking Xena & it was busy, had to put her on the lead when children were about, thought she might bark at them…got cleaning done & saw mum, not a very exciting day!

    Good day folks. Nice and sunny here, roast beef tonight😋😋😋.So definitely looking forward to it. Big day at football today the Manchester derby,nerve racking for me Denise says it’s just a game. I turned the formula one off yesterday, more excitement watching paint dry.

    Afternoon All…
    A dry walk chilly but not too bad… kept to the paths today couldn’t face the mud..
    Busy cleaning down stairs.. my filter needs cleaning on my Dyson ..so upstairs another day ..

    Going to settle and have a read….

    Very good holding off on the chocolate…..

    Enjoy your beef dinner…

    I will be fasting tomorrow..

    Jean x

    I think I need to do some fasting, I’ll get plenty of exercise this coming week. Bowling for 3 hours on Monday and Wednesday plus swimming on Wednesday night after bowling😲😜.No breakfast and possibly no dinner on most days. Hope I can swim alright and my knees don’t give way.

    Hi FB Brits hope you are having a good day. Xxxx

    Its been a beautiful spring like day lovely sunshine all day till 5pm..

    A beautiful walk then Pip rolled in Fox poo OMG I really cant stand it.. lol Kristy doesnt mind it lol.

    So our walk in all with the clean up was well over 2 hrs. I thought today I wonder how many hours on paper I do in a year connected to walking and out garden playing with Pip..lolol

    Kristy coming from Thurs day till Monday.. so need to get my act together and get things done.

    H H Well done on your 2 lbs loss last week that brilliant xx Re clothes I have decided to go through my wardrobe and wear all the ” good stuff” have a clear out.. how is Mum.

    Dave.. How was your roast .. A busy active week ahead for you.

    Nana ..Is it a busy weekend.

    Sym… Yes that mud is awful.. so much rain though it will take ages to dry up.

    Do you cook a roast for yourself on a Sunday.. I did a few times but not recently. Its bacon sandwiches here this evening and grapes.. ..

    Enjoy your evening everyone.. A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.” Xxxx

    Hemmy the roast was brilliant, the best roast potatoes I’ve ever tasted. Yorkshire pudding was also very good. Really enjoyed it.City won so a good day for me. Chloe had the same as us and soon scoffed the lot😁.She’s on the sofa sleeping it off😁.

    Good morning just about. Going bowling soon a lovely day for it brilliant sunshine.Everything feels much better when the sun is out. Going to do a fast day today too make up for my roast dinner yesterday. Might try a protein shake for dinner.

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely long river bank walk, Charlie’s has been fast a sleep since we got back.
    Chilly but lovely blue skies.

    I am fasting today..

    A few Charlie blankets on line… I have done a bit of sorting some things going to charity shop.

    I do a roast sometimes but it could be any day..but then I find it too much to eat.. I go for quicker things.. just bought prawns, haddock goujons from my wet fish shop for the freezer, I do the bulk cooking to make things easier.
    I need to make some Yorkshire puds too, handy to have to add to a meal.
    Lovely to have Kirsty coming again to see you.

    Enjoy your bowls… dinner sounded lovely..

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone, hope you’re keeping well.
    Have had a busy day today catching up on some much needed housework. It’s lovely having the sunshine instead of rain but when it shines in my lounge windows it really shows up the dust on our wooden floors and the furniture.
    Managed to gain half a pound when I weighed myself last Thursday with it being the last day of the month meaning I lost one and a half pounds in February.
    Trying to see how I get on not logging my food daily this week well until we go away to Norwich for a couple of days to kick-start my birthday next week, coming back Saturday and then having a curry evening at ours with our daughter, son in law, youngest army grandson and his girlfriend ( whom OH and I’ve not met before) and hopefully eldest grandson and his girlfriend but as his birthday is the day after mine they will most probably be out with their friends which is fine by me – I remember being his age and going out with friends on a Saturday night.
    Dave you’re getting to be really good with your cooking.
    Hemmy nice to have Kristys visit to look forward to.
    Jean hope your fd is going well.
    Nana xxx

    Nana- well done on your loss overall last month! Sounds like a nice weekend & a break to look forward to, Mother’s Day & your birthday 🥰
    Dave- hopefully the swimming won’t be too bad for your knees … Hope your FD goes okay today!
    Jean- well done with your clear out! It’s such a pain all the dog hairs in the washing machine after doing the doggy blankets! Last time I did Xena’s stuff I wiped it out, then did a drum clean wash, then wiped it again & there were still hairs on the next lot of clothes washed!
    Hemmy- Naughty Pip rolling in the poo! I’m glad you have Kristy coming at the weekend, I hope that helps take your mind off mum 🤗 ( My mum is doing okay thank you, a bit up & down but the dementia progression is still quite slow, so we’re very lucky).
    Food-wise wasn’t great yesterday, we had a roast then had apple sponge pudding & custard, it was lovely! Had a long walk with Xena, went back to put a small fire out that volunteers had left smouldering after they’d cleared bracken…caught up with a friend on the phone this afternoon, chatting for over an hour. Have done another liquid FD today.

    Week done HH keeping the fire in the family 😁. Not going swimming now on Wednesday football is on, champions league.Claire dosent work on Tuesday and Wednesday now so trying to arrange for next Tuesday to go swimming. She’s going to start volunteering at Manchester Dogs home soon on Tuesdays, so will have to see what time she does it. Chloe was lay next to me on the bed so when I got up I had a shower and came into the living room and she’s on my sofa. So I stood over her and she just moved to the end so I could sit next to her🤪🫨😁.

    Afternoon All…
    We met up with Oreo and Natalie.. nice to catch up she’s been on holiday. She is starting flying again so won’t see her so much, I will miss her… seeing them in the morning.

    A bit busy sorting Charlie’s food out, so all sorted for a few days.

    Enjoy your trip away and your birthday…and your family get together sounds good too.

    I live in dog hair 😂…yes always a problem in the washer.
    Just bought two heavy cable knit jumpers on line , camel and black… the black will be interesting!! With lots of white hairs!
    Good your mum’s dementia is slow, hope it stays that way.

    Hope Claire doesn’t start bringing the dogs home.. a difficult one…

    Jean x

    God afternoon F B Brits.. Hope all is well with you.

    Its a glorious day here lovely for walking…. Lots of chatting today as the sun got peeps out earlier.

    Still very muddy in parts.. it will take a long time to dry out..

    Lovely to have a line full of washing drying in the sunshine..

    I have e got mince in the croc pot for cottage pies. .. Peas on the base of a clear dish then the mince mixture then topped with mashed potato and cheese browned off in the oven .. It a whole meal in one dish .. Portioned off and in the freezer .
    Nana .. well done on your your last months total loss.

    Dave.. What are you cooking up next.

    H H Sometimes We need a sponge pudding day.

    Sym… You will miss your friend walking.. we get used to certain ones.. Lovely to walk alone then a change to have company.

    Enjoy your day everyone. A healthy outside begins from the inside Xxxx

    Dave- shame you’re not swimming this week, hope you can sort a time with Claire to go…I thought the same as Jean, she’ll want to bring all the dogs home!
    Jean- shame Natalie won’t be around as much…we played with an Oreo today too, a border collie, she’s 11 but was busy running & herding Xena & her ball at the park! You will have white dally hair on your black jumper & black dally hairs on the camel one 😂
    Hemmy- hope your cottage pies are nice, one of my husband’s favourites, I do extra for the freezer too.
    Nana- hope you got all your cleaning done…
    Took Xena out early & had my last call with my HomeStart family, it was put back for a couple of weeks, quite sad as we got on well but wary of keeping in touch with her as she has lots of money problems & is always trying to borrow from friends…I’ve been asked about another family already!
    Cleaned out my fridge, something sticky spilt down one side, lots of elbow grease needed! Ironing caught up with as well. NonFD today.

    Morning All…
    Lovely walk with Natalie… drizzle but not too wet…

    Meeting my friend for lunch we should do it much more.. going through to Kirk Ella very near Jacqui’s house.

    Lovely mince can do it so many ways…I leave mine cooked in bags then decide which way I want my meal…

    Jumpers were a good buy if they look ok..£28 each but saved £43 on each one.. preparing for next winter… Superdry grandsons wear this make.
    You seem to keep going with your home start families, people in desperate need.

    Shower and hair wash time..must be ready by 11am
    Just finish my cuppa..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon everyone. Been bowling in the sunshine. Only had my polo shirt on, no coat but it did get nippy after a couple of hours. Hemmy I’m doing a full roast beef dinner on Saturday.Bought a small piece of beef and I’m going to cook it in the airfrier. It takes about 45 minutes.But neither of us like it pink so I’ll use my meat thermometer and try to get it well done all through. Will do the roast spuds again in the airfrier they were delicious last time. I’ll do the Yorkshire puddings in the normal oven and we having cabbage,peas and carrots with it. First time I’ve done it all. Denise said I’ve not got to ask her anything but just do it then serve it.

    Dave- nice it was warm for bowling…funny doing a roast on Saturday, Denise is testing you then?!
    Jean- hope you’ve had a nice lunch out? Superdry stuff looks nice…
    Hemmy- & Nana, hope you’ve both had a good day?
    Been busy today, a muddy walk again but it brightened up & turned out nice. Shopping done, went to Mum’s to wait in for a stair lift engineer, it needs servicing. Sister came round to do mum’s cleaning so gave her a hand, mum was out to cake club. So nice out when I got home I finally got my car hoovered. Hubby fancied a chocolate & pear pudding so tried a new recipe tonight, it was lovely, but it wasn’t a FD in the end!

    Having a roast chicken dinner on Sunday, I’ll let Denise do that but I’ll do the potatoes. So not much weight lost this weekend.Taking the car for it’s M O T this morning that’s why I’m up so early, way too early for my liking.And Chloe’s 🤣. I’ll take her with me then she can walk back home with me, it’s about half a mile away.

    Morning All…
    A mild walk on the river bank chatted with a few passing people..

    My two jumpers have arrived, I am really pleased with them. A touch on the big side but that’s the style, chunky cable stitch, lovely and long for me… getting ready for next winter really.. but nice for the Spring to wear without a coat.

    I am fasting .. I am finding it hard to curb my sugar in take since coming back off the cruise.

    Phil still not good, he has started back at work on a short 8 till 12 this week, he went to doctors yesterday feeling awful, he has stress, anxiety and depression..he is continuing to work but still gets confusion and goes blank at times.. no way he can drive his lorries at the moment. Its a worry.

    I had a lovely catch up yesterday,must try and do it monthly… food was lovely.
    Your pudding sounds lovely.

    Good luck on your MOT.. mine a week Friday at 3pm .. what a time only one there was… I shall take Charlie and walk him while I am there.

    Have a good day.

    Jean x

    Car passed its MOT so happy with that. My phone contract as run out so I’m waiting to hear from Three and see what they say. I’m happy to continue as I am. Currently I’m paying £8 a month for 25gig of data and unlimited calls and texts.I might buy a new phone in August and give this phone to Denise. She is not really interested in phones, it took her 70 years to get a mobile phone. Also I’ll be changing my energy contract.I get smart meters next week so I’ll be changing to the Tracker tarrif with Octopus. I’m with them now but it should save me money hopefully.

    Dave- haha, an early start for you! Good your car’s done, hope it wasn’t too busy for Chloe? I think I pay £6 ot £7 for my phone, texts & calls okay, only 5gig data, I don’t use all that though.
    Jean- nice the jumpers fit okay, & good you had a nice lunch…It makes me fume with doctors how they dismiss everything as stress rather than look at symptoms properly, it’s too easy, the confusion & blank spells Phil’s having should be looked in to more I think…
    Nana- have a lovely break away!
    Hemmy- hope you’re okay…
    We had a free day so had hoped to go out as it was supposed to be nice, but stayed foggy & grey, always seems to be the same on a quiet day! Took son’s laundry back, caught up on a few jobs which could’ve waited! Didn’t fast either as needed painkillers for my neck.
    Have a good evening everyone 🥰

    Good morning.A cloudy day today, just out of the shower so will get dry then weighed.Chloe was worn out yesterday with 4 walks. Didn’t even jump on our bed just got straight in her own. Must buy some odds and sods for my beef dinner tomorrow.I have bought a Yorkshire pudding tray😁 So it will do 6 bigger Yorkshire’s. Not saying I’ll have that many but I’m sure my son would see them off.Speedway starts this month, the Peter Craven memorial and it’s a great lineup of riders.Bowling starts the beginning of next month so roll on summer.

    I’ve lost 5lbs so extremely happy. Got to be careful not to go mad now. I need to lose a pound next week and I’ll have gone from the 21 stone marker to 19 stone marker.

    Evening All….
    So bitter out .. thermals back on…good walk am.

    Lovely haddock and chip dinner.. it really must be the best in the UK or nearly there….absolutely lovely…

    You can really move the weight when you put your mind to it.. really well done..
    Hope the Yorkshire pud trays work well… I must make a batch for the freezer…

    I think Phil needs looking at more .. it’s so easy to say depression…I know it can hit anyone but he’s never ill.

    Enjoy your break..

    Enjoy your time with Kirsty..

    Jean x

    Really well done Dave! Amazing how much you lose when you cut out the toast!
    Cold here as well Jean, fish & chips, yummy!
    Nana & Hemmy- enjoy your weekend!
    A nice walk round the fields, still quite muddy, spent a bit of time making friends with the sheep! 🐏 Had my hair done, have bought some spring plants & planted up a pot for Mum’s present, got cold! Spent quite a while online with my moderator hat on, was quite pleased I managed to do some technical stuff… it’s so busy now, takes quite a while every day… Finished up the chocolate & pear pud between us so not a FD!

    Good morning everyone, it is still cold, it’s 8°C but feels like 5°. I’m doing the cooking today so must plan it all out. Having roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, carrots,peas and cabbage.Also got to make the gravy. I think timing is the hardest part getting it all done at the same time. The beef must be well done not pink or Chloe will get it all. Got to get some cabbage but will take Chloe out first.

    Good afternoon, can’t get over how good airfrier Roast potatoes are. Best I’ve ever had by a mile. Chicken today so Chloe’s in the kitchen already😁. I’ve ordered a car iron griddle for my air fryer oven. Will be good for doing steak in it. My mandolin absolutely fly’s chopping veg, so easy to use. I wish I could cook mushrooms,I never get them right. Maybe on the griddle they will work.

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